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What's your hair color?


  • MirkaKaroliinaMirkaKaroliina Posts: 135 Member
    I'm a stereotypical Finn with blonde hair and blue eyes.
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  • LyricSimsz15LyricSimsz15 Posts: 13,038 Member
    Brown but since my parents said i can dye it i might ombre my hair purple sometime.
  • Savage_Patch_KiddSavage_Patch_Kidd Posts: 2,936 Member
    Red but I've kept it jet-black since high school.
  • EmilyLouise95EmilyLouise95 Posts: 27 Member
    My natural colour is a medium brown with undertones of orban. But i've dyed/bleached my hair blonde for about 3 years. Never been 100% happy with it, tried bleaching it light enough for it to take a platinum colour but it just won't take and i don't want to get bleaching my hair as its no good for my hair. Been a barbie blonde for a while now and i actually think it suits me best. Just the roots that can be frustrating as there so in your face but i've managed to grow my hair out past my boobs now, takes a while but its worth it.
  • DellaDella Posts: 80 Member
    Dark brown, I used to dye it black (for several years) but I've come to really like my natural hair color. Suits me better than black, especially now that my overall style has changed from gothic to earthy.
  • BariSaxyBariSaxy Posts: 4,517 Member
    Black, which is actually my favorite hair color so I haven't really ever thought of changing it.
  • Dreamie209Dreamie209 Posts: 3,165 Member
    I'm the oddball in my family lol. I'm a natural strawberry blonde in a sea of brunettes (well my older sister dyed her hair blonde after feeling 'ripped' off due to my random genes lol). Technically I think i'm more blonde than red, but I personally feel more like a redhead :lol it's weird I know.

    Remember that old "This dress is gold! the dress is blue!!" debate?....that was pretty much my hair in the 1st grade :lol: . Kids would literally debate on weather I was a blondy or redhead lol. One day I actually attempted to dye my strange hair to a more fully red, blonde or even brunette and everyone was like "NO! Never ever ever dye it! Ever!." and well my hair really hasn't changed lol.
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  • TrowiciaTrowicia Posts: 1,981 Member
    edited July 2017
    Dark brown. Every so often I'd get a strand of gray hair, no big deal though. :lol:
  • SunnyyesjamsSunnyyesjams Posts: 524 Member
    Black. Been thinking to dye it to light brown though because my wardrobe is almost all black and my black hair on top of that makes me look so... monotone.
  • yodamiiyodamii Posts: 106 Member
    dark blonde/light brown/old gold type of colour. I've only ever met one person who could identify the colour properly in my whole life (a hairstylist) and she said it's old gold, so yeah. It's like if you had a gold coin, then left in for a 100 years but it kept clean, that's what my hair is.

    Though I don't think I'll dye it anytime soon (I don't think I've fully enjoyed it yet), I'd love to have straight up gold hair at some point, then snowy white.
  • SonjaCopelandSonjaCopeland Posts: 65 Member
    My hair is a dark brown but I want to dye it a dark red :smile:
  • Sheii-RiSheii-Ri Posts: 14 New Member
    I have very dark, almost black, brown hair. It looks lighter now though because I put blonde highlights in it. I would love to have a silverish-purple hair color though
  • majibbymajibby Posts: 285 Member
    a goldish blondish color

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  • xGallifreyanGirlxxGallifreyanGirlx Posts: 57 Member
    My hair was platinum blonde when I was a child and now that I'm older it's just a ugly dark brown. I really wanted the blonde back so recently I've started bleaching my hair.
  • Sweetpooh1993Sweetpooh1993 Posts: 112 Member
    Black hair
  • DeafSimmerDeafSimmer Posts: 2,422 Member
    Natural brunette, but colored it dark blonde so it still looks natural.
  • ShyllowwShylloww Posts: 298 Member
    Light brown
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  • naninani Posts: 5,563 Member
    Dark blonde
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  • MadRadMandeeMadRadMandee Posts: 110 Member
    It was golden blond as a child, and now it's a deep brown :) I just recently cut it, it was almost to my butt! haha
  • emmaburrowsukemmaburrowsuk Posts: 31 Member
    My hair is a natural strawberry blonde, not many of us left. ☺☺
  • MadRadMandeeMadRadMandee Posts: 110 Member
    @emmaburrowsuk My mom's hair is strawberry blond! I've always been jealous of her for it. haha ;)
  • emmaburrowsukemmaburrowsuk Posts: 31 Member
    @MadRadMandee It is a lovely colour, my daughter has managed to be born with the same colour. Shame it's a shame yours changed colour as you got older, it's weird that hair does that.
  • LyouflnLyoufln Posts: 10,637 Member
    I've got honey-brown hair. I used to be very very blond as a toddler. I would still find a very light hair sometimes when I was in my early teens.
  • PunkJadeePunkJadee Posts: 213 Member
    my hair is black and then half way down its blue/green
  • Rachaels_SimsRachaels_Sims Posts: 16 New Member
    My hair is a dark brown with natural bits of red that you can only see when I'm standing in the sun.
    The tips are still bleached, dead, and still slightly green from Halloween of 2015 when I last dyed it. I need a hair cut.
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