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What's your hair color?


  • K4siesK4sies Posts: 264 Member
    Mine is black to dark brown. It depends on the light I guess xD
  • vamppanicvamppanic Posts: 34 Member
    Mine is currently bleached white, but due to school rules I'm not allowed to dye my hair blue :( (the kind of blue you see all over this site)
  • KendranaKendrana Posts: 2,156 Member
    edited January 2018
    My hair is naturally dark brown, but I currently have it a dark blonde/light brown shade with lighter blonde highlights all over. I've been having it dyed professionally in different shades of brown, blonde, and red for a number of years now, because it's fun to experiment especially when you're a hair stylist.
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  • SweetJennSweetJenn Posts: 167 Member
    Medium Brown
  • AngeliqeueAngeliqeue Posts: 87 Member
    Dark brown :#
  • PlaidygamiPlaidygami Posts: 51 Member
    Dark brown. I used to have very light hair, but it seems to have gotten darker with every year. I considered dying it when I was younger, but I'm kinda glad I never went through with it. I honestly can't imagine myself with blue hair, ha ha.
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  • IrishAussieIrishAussie Posts: 63 Member
    People have been arguing about my hair colour a lot! I consider my hair to be strawberry blonde hair
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  • Missmagoo2Missmagoo2 Posts: 717 Member
    My hair is dirty-blonde? It's not technically brunette nor blonde, so, I just dye it a medium blonde.
    I used to have almost white hair as a kid, so I feel more comfortable as a blonde XD
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  • KassidyBauspiesKassidyBauspies Posts: 44 Member
  • iiomqilovesimsiiomqilovesims Posts: 281 Member
    Light brown with tips of blonde.. I didn't dye it so I was born with it :0
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  • HappyFuzzyKittyHappyFuzzyKitty Posts: 452 Member
    My hair is blondish, but it's gotten (and getting​) darker. So pale brown?
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  • AdelineRobbinsAdelineRobbins Posts: 140 Member
    Chocolate! Which is a dark brown, of course. I actually looked it up to be specific and that's the name given, so I'm now using it~
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  • Xavy_CatXavy_Cat Posts: 345 Member
    edited May 2017
    My natural hair is a dark auburn sort of color. Right now it's dyed a bright little mermaid red, though.
  • SandraJohnSandraJohn Posts: 1 New Member
    My hairs are blonde purple& pink well I recently dyed my hair to this. Before this my hairs were dull brown as I get the discounted coupons on beauty services from reecoupons so I just availed this & dyed my hairs in a very cost effective way. :)
  • omy8ceomy8ce Posts: 15 New Member
    currently ash blonde highlights on medium brown hair :)
  • JiminnieJiminnie Posts: 165 Member
    I'm a bottled-natural black!
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  • SparklePlumleySparklePlumley Posts: 1,061 Member
    Brown but i used to dye it red, yrs ago.
    Might have to go back to the dye soon. I found a dozen grey hairs not too long ago. I bout fainted with each one. :o
  • MadameLeeMadameLee Posts: 31,571 Member
    a Weasly redheaded
  • DatLlamaDatLlama Posts: 282 Member
    Black, like my soul.
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  • tsukienvoytsukienvoy Posts: 9 New Member
    My hair was originally a really light blonde but lately I've been dyeing it ginger. People have actually told me it looks more natural than my real hair color, and I'm really enjoying having ginger hair!
  • alexandra5alexandra5 Posts: 234 Member
    My hair is blue-black. Im ok with it but i want to bleach it and dye it silver/white...one day T_T
  • BethanyShoneBethanyShone Posts: 310 Member
    Blonde and I'm super happy about it because it took me so long to get it as light as it is :'} part of me wants to put some pastel pink in the tips but I'm not sure work would allow it :(
  • OakOak Posts: 363 Member
    My locs are black but I dyed half of it like a burgundy color.

  • BorntorunBorntorun Posts: 76 Member
    Naturally almost black. Currently platinum blonde
  • MRSMLOGMRSMLOG Posts: 19,479 Member
    Blonde with some gray mixed in.
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