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What's your hair color?



  • elinnnstarelinnnstar Posts: 36 Member
    I dyed my hair dark red 1 year ago and I still have the same color. I really like it
  • BrandontaylorBrandontaylor Posts: 3,793 Member
    What hair I have left is black, but I'm getting some grays already, and I only turned 30 this year. :lol:
  • KingOfEyeballsKingOfEyeballs Posts: 50 Member
    Rn my hair is dark blonde/brown (dark blonde is what some people call it since it's a desaturated brown, or that's what I tend to call it lol.) but I've had it in an array of colors. I've had it black, green, blue, pink, purple, red, and white. (As well as it fading from colors into like a blonde-green, and dying it a slightly different shade of brown at one point, lol.) I think I'm probably gonna go for a half shave hairstyle next, since I've been growing it out, and either do red or platinum white again. I liked both of those the most.
  • Kenny_vanCullenKenny_vanCullen Posts: 22 Member
    I'm ginger, sometimes I wish I had black hair, but usually I'm quite happy with it :)
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