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What's your hair color?


  • BabySquareBabySquare Posts: 7,869 Member
    Natural brunette, though underneath the black dye it's slowly turning grey.
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  • Sophiebear2002Sophiebear2002 Posts: 67 Member
    Dark brown, not black though :)
  • FruFralerFruFraler Posts: 27 Member
    My natural colour is light brown, but for the past few years I'd been dying my hair in red, because it suits me better. :)
  • britpopsimsbritpopsims Posts: 26 Member
    naturally dirty blonde, i dye it bright purple now (although it's faded to a light blue)!
  • Linds6606Linds6606 Posts: 72 Member
    My natural color is super dark brown. Right now I have black hair with dark purple underneath. Absolutely love it!
  • naninani Posts: 5,563 Member
    dark blond hair
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  • awesomemonicaawesomemonica Posts: 14 New Member
    My natural hair color is an awful dishwater brown, which is why I have it dyed a deep, dark brown
  • SuxelaSuxela Posts: 93 Member
    > @nani said:
    > dark blond hair

    I love your post
  • SuxelaSuxela Posts: 93 Member
    My natural hair color is dirty blonde and I've never had it dyed but I so want it to be platinum blonde. I think it'd suite me better.
  • MangAnimeJeMangAnimeJe Posts: 563 Member
    My natural hair colour is black, but it'd like to have a shade of red.
  • naninani Posts: 5,563 Member
    > @nani said:
    > dark blond hair

    I love your post

    well thank you
    any reason you like it ?
    A french girl who's been hanging out on the english sims forum for a year now.


  • JennyggJennygg Posts: 1,574 Member
    Red but Iv'e been thinking about dying it blonde or blue.
  • BabySquareBabySquare Posts: 7,869 Member
    Increasingly grey
    Gallery ID: babysquare
  • caralina1324caralina1324 Posts: 51 Member
    Dark brown, I wish I could pull off a black with blue undertones.
  • Rae357Rae357 Posts: 922 Member
    Brown. Sometimes dark, sometimes light. It's one of the only things I do like about my physical appearance.
  • umbralshadowsumbralshadows Posts: 212 Member
    a teal color . ... i like my hair cuzz i like blue. looks good with my steel blue eyes to.
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  • ToulouseGooseToulouseGoose Posts: 75 Member
    blonde :'(
  • sdtfmsdtfm Posts: 333 Member
    Dark brown ~~
  • madampolarpopmadampolarpop Posts: 31 Member
    Dark brownish... Blonde?
  • xBob18xBob18 Posts: 7,893 Member
    Light to medium brown, depends on the lightning.
  • BMSOBMSO Posts: 3,195 Member
    Naturally dark brown with red tint. It's deep burgundy now a days.
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  • kaykekayke Posts: 7 New Member
    I'm redhair!
  • marbergmarberg Posts: 52 Member
    Dark brown with a bit of red
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  • BiggieCheeseBiggieCheese Posts: 435 Member
    Potato brown
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  • millerolsenmillerolsen Posts: 629 Member
    Brunette, i wish i could dye it green but my school has a no un-natural hair colour policy

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