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    A year passed since Ralston and Jasmine last saw each other. At one point, a rich girl named Heather began dating Ralston. In response to this, Jasmine tried to prove to him that the blonde girl wasn't nice or humble. He wouldn't listen, as he felt obliged to fulfill his mother's idea of a future for him. What had gotten into him? So much for thinking about him that night after the first date... The teenagers decided to go to a festival in San Myshuno, and despite Heather's aversion to most kinds of food, she agreed to go with Ralston.


    "This is okay, I guess. Not as good as those nutrition smoothies I take daily," Heather said.

    "No wonder you're so thin," Ralston pointed out.

    "Ral! Don't insult my beautiful visage!"

    "Just saying. You're barely a hundred pounds."

    "Alright. I'll get two more plates of this just to satisfy you."


    Jasmine sat by herself, eavesdropping on the conversation. She expected their relationship to not work well, which didn't surprise her in the least. Despite the heavy coating of makeup and possibly the amount of time put into a fancy hairstyle, Heather had an ugly attitude. Did Heather seriously expect to be adored by every single person in the entire world? Perhaps. It was true that the girl was dangerously skinny. If a huge gust of wind ever blew in Heather's direction, the snobby heiress would crumble to dust.


    Heather and Ralston entered the cafe. Then, she said, "You are so handsome. As usual. I actually ate food for once... satisfied now?"

    "Well, that's great," Ralston replied. He almost smiled at Heather's unawareness of his forced enthusiasm. Deep inside, he didn't like Heather's personality. She was prissy and arrogant. Also, she had this tendency to be naive and ignorant.

    "Aw, I like a man who encourages me."

    "I'm just congratulating you."

    "It's sweet either way. Care for a kiss?"

    "Yes, Heather. Let's do it."


    Jasmine spied on the teenagers through the door. They were unaware of her existence. Had she been wrong to think that there was a spark between herself and Ralston? Did she trick her mind into having a crush on him? How could Ralston go against their friendship? Did they go on a first date for nothing? Why would he do this to her? Men who played games would always lose a girl's heart. Shaking her head, she strode into the alley. A sob escaped her throat, and her bottom lip trembled.


    Jasmine became aware of her surroundings. What was she doing here? And why did the hairs rise on the back of her neck? Was there some sort of danger in the vicinity? Footsteps approached her from behind, and she whirled around. To her horror, she saw the gangsters. She thought they wouldn't bother her again... yet they were here.
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    I decided to play a Sim I'd created; that MCCC had picked as a townie, and had moved into an apartment in San Myshuno. Noticed that with randomized traits (all positive; which is rare) and skills; she had completely maxed out the photography skill (Level 5); so I decided to try the Freelance Photography career from Moschino Stuff that was the whole reason I got the pack. Last time I tried it, my Sim (with Level 1 or 2 skill) failed miserably, but it's going quite well with this Sim. Is this cheating?
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    edited June 28
    @KiniHokulani thanks for your comment - I went backwards and forwards on whether to do a male heir but as in my universe men can and do have children I decided it fitted. Plus when I knew that Malcolm was the father I was certain the genetics would be good (as long as you don't get his little pursed mouth, (which Quin didn't get thank heavens) the genetics are virtually identical to Johnny Zest's). Also I just got sick of playing females for so long. Quin is a delightful sim - he is a goofball and romantic and all the other sims want to be friends (and lovers) with him. So much easier thyan his grandmother Kathlyn who was always complaining about her noncommital moodlets.

    @Nushnushganay yay another chapter - I know what I am doing tomorrow. I hope yousaw my comment when I caught up on the 9 or 10 chapters I missed while I was really unwell - I know notifications don't always happen on here. I also love your signature - I have ordered a poster of it a few days ago for my office because I think its such a powerful message.

    @AlwaysAsking we cross posted again so I missed Diego's story. I love the serious conversation and how it played out. Ricardo is such an unpleasant character that I don't think Diego needs to worry too much - I think Hermes may come to see his true colours without any intervention from Diego. And Diego is so sweet (when he is not raging) that I am sure he could win Hermes heart again even if Hermes doesn't remember him. Your writing was very powerful - my animal brain was wanting to be distracted by Simeon in his hot pink pants (which were extremely distracting) but my thinking brain wanted to read what you had written.

    As for your comments / questions: Yes the sim I was referring to was Brock but I know it was so long ago that I have written about him that I didn't think most people would get the reference if I said his name. Rowan is there almost every 2 or 3 days - mopping floors and cleaning potties. I will just die if he has a layer cake in his personal inventory like Brock did.
    Quin is a good nickname - I have been calling him Quinny in my head which wasn't appropriate for the forum - I never thought of Quin (sometimes you miss the obvious) - but it is canon in my head now that that's what his family call him. (older romantic partners call him Quinny though LOL).
    Yes its the same Nanny that looked after Venetian, because they are immortal like pizza delivers and mail people (unless you marry them of course ;) ). I am so happy we got a good one from my library.

    @Koteyka Thankyou for your comment about Venetian and Tony. I like having your little family together and happy but Venetian was so insistent that this was the sim she wanted above any other (and he was alone) so in the end I let them get together. I still have so much catching up to do with your story. I am still not back at work (I am sick of feeling sick) and have good days and bad days so I wait for a day when I can concentrate and engage with what I am reading.

    @cody6268 I don't think its cheating - adults don't go skill-less into the world at 18 - there is a lot of learning before you become a young adult so I think having some skills represents this. I really like the photography career but there are a couple of jobs that just won't complete - the client always rejects your shots - but when you know which they are just avoid them, and you get so many choices of job - it doesn't matter. My photographer just bought a 150,000 simoleon house plus she owns her own photo studio/ gallery - so it can be a lucrative career.

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    Jasmine didn't think the gang would find her in San Myshuno. What if they had been following her from a distance? Joakim, the leader of the gang, scowled as he flexed his biceps and made eye contact. In the dim light, the men seemed intimidating. Lucian, Maxuelle, and Jack waited on the bench, as if anticipating their cue. Apparently Ralston and Heather weren't aware of this, as the two lovebirds hadn't seen the alley yet.


    "Look who's here," Joakim said.

    "The same redhead from before," Lucian replied.

    "She might have outsmarted us," Maxuelle suggested.

    "Maybe," Jack muttered.

    Joakim squared his shoulders. "Just so you know, Ralston belongs to Heather now. So don't be pining after him!"


    Jasmine froze in place as the other three men stood behind Joakim. "What do you want from me? I was just walking through the alley, so just leave me alone."

    "Haha... why should we leave you alone?" Joakim asked. "You still chicken?"

    "Go away!"

    Jack shook his fist. "We don't take orders from tiny ladies such as you!"

    Lucian rubbed his neck. "That's right. Tiny ladies have no rule over us."


    Jasmine began running. The gang swiftly gained on her, and she raced even faster. They wouldn't give up. Maybe they somehow remembered her magic, yet none of them mentioned it. Where was Ralston? Oh, that redheaded boy was flirting with his precious little heiress... she clenched her jaw. She couldn't just date a guy who was undependable and fickle. Her mother once told her that a guy's actions would reveal his character. If it was true, she was sure that Ralston didn't know how to decide. Romance aside, she had to get away from the gang as soon as possible.


    By the time Jasmine reached the railing, she considered running toward the port and jumping into the water. She didn't want to use magic in public. It wasn't because she was a coward. Instead, she would rather not be tracked down due to being a spellcaster. And why were women always attacked in this part of San Myshuno?

    "What are you doing with your hands?" Joakim demanded.

    "Is she a witch?" Lucian asked.

    Maxuelle pointed at Jasmine. "She's a witch! Get her before she outsmarts us again!"

    Jack clenched his fists. "Perfect idea. Let's get on it."


    Jasmine levitated the men into the air and swung them around as they screamed. Soon enough, the men rammed into each other and descended to the ground. She could have tossed them into the ocean, yet she chose not to. Then, she released her magical charge. At least she didn't explode with magic like last time. For a moment, she devised a way to break up the romance between Ralston and Heather. But that would make her the villain, not Heather... at least from the Theriaults' perspective.
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    After The Hounds was taken from him, Max focused on digging up crystals and finding frogs wherever he could. He went to all kinds of places, hoping to find something to sell. Saving up money was the most important thing to him, so he could finally buy himself a place to call home. While he was working on gathering resources, a plan started to form in his mind. He knew exactly how to win back his gang. He’d have to get into everyone’s good graces and The Hounds would be his once more.

    The first victim was Forrest. Max was a fervent chess lover and he knew Forrest could appreciate a good game as well. They hung out at the park together and talked about anything and everything while playing. Max hated small talk and being nice wasn’t his forte, but he knew it had a good cause.

    Veronica was up next. And you know what? Max liked Veronica. She wasn’t so bad. She was a bit naïve and innocent for his liking, but he could appreciate that about a person. This activity was his favourite one since it didn’t involve a whole lot of talking. They went to the spa in San MyShuno and meditated on the rooftop together. It was calming, but Max mostly pretended like he knew what he was doing. In his mind he was already onto the next person. Veronica was one of the hardest to get on his side, her being Brodie’s sister. Going to a spa wasn’t something Max would have done without Veronica’s input and he felt stupid at first, but Veronica seemed to like him for it.

    The last person to convince was Christin. Christin was Brodie’s wife but she also got along great with Max. They had a connection. Both of them were ruthless and did what needed to be done. That was the foundation of their debatable friendship. They decided to have a beer together at a night club. The conversation flowed easily and Max didn’t need to pretend around Christin. They got along anyway.

    Later that evening, Max and Christin ended up in the corner of the night club, talking to each other. Max tried to make a move and put his lips on Christin’s but she rejected him. She told him they were friends and she liked him just fine, but she couldn’t do this to Brodie. It wasn’t happening. Max took it nicely and backed off. No problem.

    Normally, he would have freaked out on her but this time, it didn’t matter whether she said yes or no. The person Max hired for the job took the pictures anyway and they looked pretty compromising. Brodie would create a stink no matter what. He didn’t want to do this to Christin, but Brodie would mostly get mad at Max which is exactly what he needed for the final blow.
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    My bby Jamie got featured by the official Sims Insta account today :D Woke up to over a thousand notifs and it's about to hit 2k!

    @Nushnushganay heck. I literally blushed.

    @sunblond heh, no one likes 8 AM classes. ...God I'm having flashbacks to my first semester of uni. (Monday mornings - three consecutive classes from 8 to 11 AM.) New roomies! Kayla could definitely help with the Bot Savant stuff. Oof, Alex is kind of being pretty gross there! Cleaner bots sound so useful, like really souped-up roombas! Huh, interesting talk with Alex. I really like how even minor characters are well developed. So off to San Myshuno next, huh? Salim would know what it's like, at least, and everyone's got to start out somewhere! Congrats on Omar's graduation! :D

    @Duvelina ah, finally the image from your signature! Oh jeez, he's being awfully manipulative. Of course, it does fit his traits...
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    When I got the vampire pack I started a save with Mina - a professional photograher who was turned into a vampire by Caleb. She eventually married him and they had 3 children together (Marquis - name chosen by game, Baron & Duchess - I continued the theme).

    They were happy but there were a few issues in the relationship. Backstory in spoiler
    1. Lilith doesn't get on too well with Mina and won't come to visit at the family home - they have to meet on other lots. (Lilith is making sure Mina knows who the alpha female is).

    2. They are both good parents and love their kids (Caleb helicopters over them), but Caleb often won't let Mina do things and snatches the children away if they are having fun with her.

    3. Mina has to work long hours at her career as they had no money - Caleb chosing to not take any from Lilith, and that takes its toll on the relationship.

    4. and Mina had an ongoing affair with Morgyn Ember, which made Caleb sad, but he kept forgiving Mina. Mina broke off the affair when she finally married Caleb.


    Caleb didn't help himself as he would be upset for half an hour then forgive Mina totally with barely a hit to their relationship.

    Mina earned enough money that she bought her own photo studio / gallery and she and Caleb were able to move to this lovely Victorian style home after their wedding.


    The story continues (I apologise for the UI covering some shots or making the cropping weird - I forgot I had it on until I saw my shots :( )

    For a while they enjoyed a blissful honeymoon period.
    Then one morning, Caleb was enraged and starting slapping Mina - she was shocked and couldn't even react.

    The problem was standing at the doorway glaring, Morgyn. Displaying his usual contempt for personal boundaries and the inconvenience of Caleb's presence.(Caleb's moodlet was caught spouse cheating - which definitely hadn't happened since the wedding - he had caught them over 2 sim weeks ago! Mina had been woohooing but with Caleb - go figure)

    Morgyn ignored Mina and the tension in the air., choosing instead to discuss how Caleb was finding married life and having his wife to himself.

    Caleb felt himself falling for Morgyn's charm despite himself. Until he remembered that this was the sim who had been trying to prevent his marriage and steal his wife and he asked Morgyn coldly to leave.

    Morgyn had achieved what he wanted. Caleb and Mina were on shaky ground again and he knew that both of them would have hoim on their minds.

    Mina was furious - at Morgyn for being himself and at Caleb for the slap and lack of trust and herself most of all - she had brought them to this point,she had to confess. The very things which made Morgyn so exciting - his disregard for rules and boundries were what made ending the affair so frustrating.

    Caleb tried to repress his feelings by throwing himself into helping Duchess to improve her mental talents.

    He went back upstairs knowing he and Mina had to have this out once and for all. As usual, she tried to derail him for any serious talk by using her charms to confuse his mind.
    Marquis came up to them and started chatting about voidcritters and whatever mundane child thing he was excited about. Caleb's resentments at Morgyn's presence in their life boiled over and he found himself yelling at Marquis to shut up and habve some respect couldn't he see his parents were talking.

    Mina couldn't believe that even the thought of her and Morgyn could cause Caleb to act so out of character. She hurried MArquis away, telling him his father wasn't feeling well and needed some peace. Marquis was hurt and confused- this wasn't his father but he trusted his mother.

    "Stupid, stupid man. What came over you! What have you done? "


    Mina welcomed his apologies with open arms.

    He loved her so much - he didn't think properly when she was around.

    Mina assured Caleb that all his worries were foundless - she had kept her word and had been avoiding Morgyn.

    At the mention of Morgyn's name, Caleb felt his rage flare again. Resentments that he had held for years came bursting out.

    Mina let him rage
    and when he ran out of words suggested that perhaps they needed some space, that Caleb needed time to decide what he wanted and that she would go away for a few days. He had wanted her to cry and beg forgiveness not coldly walk out. "You're not going to him are you?" - he couldn't bear it.

    No, if you think I am then you haven't understood me or this fight at all.

    She didn't want to leave but couldn't think of anything else - the children would suffer if they stayed there yelling.

    She went to Vlad, she was too ashamed to go anywhere else. He was extremely happy to offer her space to stay and to ruffle Vatore's feathers by taking in his wife.

    It was not a happy night for Mina.

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    Ralston and Heather visited the Stargazer Lounge. They ordered a few rounds of drinks, then sat on the barstools and began chatting. He sipped his drink, and as soon as he did, his mind shifted to Jasmine. A vision came to him, and he shrugged it off as a part of having random thoughts. Sure, he liked Jasmine, but they were getting older, and sometimes puppy love didn't last for long. A small part of him wanted to know why he had the vision.


    "Jas- I mean, Heather," Ralston began. "Five years from now, where do you see yourself?"

    "I will still be a popular socialite. Lots of money and high-end fashion... what more could a girl want?" Heather replied.


    "Is that the only thing you could say? I expected more of a response, such as, 'I totally see you as a gorgeous socialite' and 'you go, girl.' Not just one word."


    Ralston cleared his throat. "Okay, Heather. I totally see you as a gorgeous socialite, so... you go, girl! Satisfied now? Or do you still want to police my speech?"

    "Right, I won't control every aspect of your life. I still adore you," Heather replied.

    "Enough to nitpick everything about me?"

    "You misunderstand. I won't be doing that. It's just that I'm attracted to men who are supportive of my lifestyle."

    Ralston placed his cup onto the counter. He was unable to stop thinking about Jasmine, no matter how much he tried to push her out of his mind. He knew how the gang could be when it came to potential friends who weren't as rich as the Theriaults. His mother, Viveca, had tried to control his social life for as long as he could remember. Would he ever be allowed to spread his wings and have more freedom in his life?


    Jasmine entered the cafe. The barista wasn't here, and the place could be closing up in several minutes. She shrugged. At least the gang didn't follow her here. This was where Ralston and Heather sat earlier. Maybe they had gone to a famous lounge in uptown San Myshuno. If they did, they were probably flirting under the stars. She began visualizing what those two could be doing over there...


    "Ralston, do you love me?" Heather asked.

    "Yes. I bet we have a future together," Ralston replied.

    "Aw! You made the right choice!"

    "You're much more beautiful than that redhead from the trailer park..."


    Jasmine flew home and strolled through the trailer park. It was dark out, and there was no car on the street. The lamps did little to illuminate the area. Tears streamed down her cheeks. Perhaps she and Ralston weren't meant to be, and that she should let him date Heather until they were old enough to marry. She entered her trailer, changed into her pajamas, and jumped into bed without brushing her teeth or taking a shower. If Ralston truly liked her, he would have rushed to protect her from the gang. Instead, she had to fend for herself. She could go for the poorer guys, as they didn't live in huge mansions and weren't expected to marry rich girls.
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    @duvelina Your screenshots are always so beautiful! Do you use a specific shading?
    @becka28 - I was wondering how Mina and Caleb were doing! Apparently things have not been going well for them! First Mina was flirting with Morgyn and then Caleb lol! Sounds like Vlad wants to make a claim for Mina too! I hope she and Caleb can patch things up soon.

    Ok. So here's what's been going on in my game. I downloaded the Ecoliving pack and had all the new patches. I know there have been a lot of glitches associated with them and I wanted to get to know the new Ecoliving pack before playing my main save. I'd be devastated if anything happened to my sims in that save! So I started a new one in the time being. I have been secretly shipping two of my main sims together since they share a lot of the same character traits, Simeon Silversweater and Joanna Fontenot. Both are happily married to other people in my main save and I have no intention of splitting them up. So why not see how things work out? :smile:

    So long story short. I downloaded my version of Simeon into the new save. He's just like the original but I changed the Snob trait to Genius ages ago. He moved into a pokey little apartment in San Myshuno. I then downloaded Joanna into Vlad's household and set her as his daughter. I actually like cranky old Vlad and its nice to give him a few family members. He always seems so much happier. I imagine he adopted her lol.
    Simeon and Jo met at one of the festivals, I think Geekcon. No screenshots. They hit it off pretty well! They quickly became an item
    They adopted an awesome looking cat, Salem. Salem is a British Shorthair and Manx mixed breed. DAEjekf.png
    He's Jo's familiar.
    Theh Proposal
    Since Joanna is a scientist in the upper levels, they make quite a decent living, they moved into a swanky apartment across from the Jangs. As usual with Simeon, he proposed almost right away.
    Jo said yes! osUndZ7.png
    The Offspring
    I didn't feel like going through a bunch of pregnancies so I made some offspring in CAS. I tend to go overboard with big families so now they have 4 lol! I see a particularly cool looking child and can't stop with just one lol. They moved from San Myshuno to a big house in Oasis Springs. Anyway. Their oldest, Tobias
    He's a genius and geek like both his parents. He generated with that hairdo. No worries, I changed it later on
    He's learning how to cook 4BPTdwH.png
    His younger brother, Myron. Myron spawned with that outfit! He's a hunk E8UbqJD.png
    Myron is a genius and bro Un575E1.png
    Most of their children tend to inherit Simeon's face and Jo's physique. She tends to be on the muscular side and its hard to keep weight on her. I seriously wish I had that problem lol!
    I have been playing with aging on Long with this save. Tobias is 3 days older than Myron (so I guess they'd be a year apart?)
    Their younger 2 children. Phoenix the girl, and their youngest son, Roland. dKPEW5a.png
    Also 3 days apart. Both are geniuses. They are really awesome kids
    During the course of their adventures, they took in Darling Walsh. XGpBafY.png
    I have MCC move outs and marriages turned on in this game. Akira and Miko apparently ditched poor Darling. I found her living on her own!
    She's adjusting beautifully
    Jo and Simeon keep their family fairly busy U5UC8cL.png
    Vlad likes to come over and watch movies with them. Jb9S4Pi.png
    Apparently they are terrified of scary movies. Really?
    Jo had just been promoted to level 10 of the scientist career so they went out to eat to celebrate! 1zl8nTj.png
    So Much Magic
    Unfortunately, even though Simeon is a former Sage of Practical magic and virtuoso, his knowledge of all the spells disappears when you upload to a new save, so he's having to learn all the spells and potions again. Thankfully he's still the same level though. I gave him a nice magic work station and complete library
    He knows a ton now! I wound up having him learn the potions of rejuvenation and immortality. So he won't die of old age and can keep apparently youthful appearance. Jo doesn't have that problem since she's a witch/vampire hybrid.
    They spend lots of time together practicing and experimenting with their skills 8qs86gq.png
    With varied success
    That batch didn't end well 8e7xlwt.png
    Simeon was sick for awhile KBrUUs4.png
    And Jo picked up a curse OKaxjws.png
    But the Curse removing spell comes in handy
    They love to duel with each other too oqRE8kh.png
    Jo has always been quite the dueler. She wins most of her duels Zd2G7wu.png
    That includes her vampire duels too. q4fxgRC.png
    Although, to be honest, in my experience, Caleb usually loses most of his duels lol lUOM2vW.png
    Their 2 older boys Tobias and Myron are learning all about magic too. These two boys tend to a bit competitive. cEcVu4z.png
    Myron won the duel. He let the win go to his head. I guess he thinks he's hot stuff JPh46fT.png
    No worries, Jo puts him though his paces. They had an epic showdown in the front yard
    He got a good shot in. ovL8PZI.png
    But she showed him who's boss kPaQV59.png
    And won that round! I was laughing so hard at Tobias clapping at his brother's defeat! XD mLYZv46.png
    I don't know about their younger 2 g3P1ENL.png
    They had just become Partners in Crime under the mischief socials hence the evil laughter animation. They are registering as spellcasters, but its too early to tell. Its kinda creepy because they usually do the same things at the same time so their animations tend to sync up. Watching them can be tad unnerving.
    The Wedding
    It was time for Simeon and Jo to finally tie the knot! Especially since they have 2 teens rapidly approaching YA. (I figure Jo is pushing 40 even though she doesn't look like it, as she doesn't age). I went with the vampire gown for her wedding dress. It only seemed appropriate. Vlad volunteered to have the ceremony at his house X8t1zSi.png
    The weird light animation buzzing around Simeon's head is due to the immortality potion. It shows up on occasion
    I was laughing so hard because MCC married Vlad to Catarina Lynx. Which , oddly enough I think they are well suited for one another! uAhNzEU.png
    Jo meets her new stepmother gGFHjMr.png
    They tie their knot CGKTHEv.png
    The reception was nice! They chowed down. AqDbx0w.png
    I was laughing so hard because Cat's cats kept walking all over the table lol!! XD
  • DuvelinaDuvelina Posts: 725 Member
    @sarabeth2984 Thank you! I use my own preset which included a lot of trying until I got something I liked. Other presets didn't quite do it for me.
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    I love all your stories, everyone. I never grow tired hearing what is happening to your sims.

    I gave myself a self-imposed build challenge because I was bored.

    In my save with L and Morgyn married she is pregnant and Simon Silversweater married my sim, Cristine. Christine married Simeone while I was working on Max Villareal who lost his dad Jaques. With Luna and Hugo out of the house. He got adopted out. The game sent him to The Landgraabs. I can see it being Geoffry's idea to try to save the boy and lead him away from the dark path he is on by adopting him. He is getting along smashingly well with Malcolm. It's like its a battle to see if he can change or not.

    With Christine married to Simeon, I decided to try for a baby with them. She and L are great friends. L came by to share the news. She shared her news with L too. I plan on fixing up their kids. I know I can check to see if its a boy or girl but I want to be "surprised". Now I just need a game with Morgyn and Simeon having a baby together and I can see how their offspring differ in power and strength, Yes I know I can always combine their households in a future game or when they end up on different worlds go into one of their households and try and try for a baby with them until they succeed. However, I don't think that would be fun for me. I would rather it happens on its own. Then compare the bloodlines.


    A close up of her

    Playtesting - not just tabletop games and card games any more. Really that should have been playtested in Beta and not [img]just with accounting and marketing but actual players. https://i.imgur.com/t48COW6.jpg[/img]
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    edited June 29
    @Becka28 wow, that's some definite drama :-\ I think the three of them need to sit down with someone to mediate (so no one murders anyone else!) and seriously talk about what direction they want their relationships to go in. Caleb slapping Mina is awful and lashing out at the kids is just unfair, Morgyn is absolutely stirring things up, and Mina didn't exactly help with the affair!

    @sarabeth2984 I mean if you can't ship your characters with premades in the Sims, when can you? ;D That's a huge, fun family! Heh, what curse did Jo pick up? Poor Caleb, he does tend to lose his duels pretty often XD (Especially against Lilith!) Oh dear, those younger two are going to be an interesting combination! Vlad and Catarina? ...I can see it. Fill the big ol' house with cats! ...Yup. those are cats alright XD Oh man Darling what are you wearing XD

    And now, here is a fic-style Pride celebration! For those not familiar with it, this is a side story for my Simstagram account for Caleb, living in San Myshuno with Lilith and Johnny (he and Caleb have been dating for a year and a half or so). They're all in their early-mid 20s (Caleb and Lilith were turned quite recently - only four years earlier, when they were nineteen). He's working as a Trend Setter (style columnist at Parasol magazine) and does social media, and he and Lilith have recently become close to Morgyn (very close, in Lilith's case!). Unfortunately, I can't share the link to the account because of some adult content. Still, this post is forum-safe - enjoy!

    ('Overheard' format inspired by @sunblond , thank you!)

    Scenes from San Myshuno Pride 2018

    Saturday 30 June, 2018
    Myshuno Meadows, San Myshuno

    Excerpt from commencement speech by San Myshuno mayor, Maryam Asayli

    "This Pride, now more than ever, we remember and recognise the pioneers that lead to this moment. For those no longer with us, we remember their fight and applaud their courage. We acknowledge the bigotries of the past and the future they gave us. We recognise the struggles and sacrifices, and we grieve those taken from us too soon.

    For those here today, we welcome you and thank you for everything you've done, for every hard-fought right. We remember and acknowledge your struggles, and we hope you are able to celebrate today as your day, and our glorious rainbow community's day."

    Excerpt from Parasol magazine's Pride Sparkles in the Park by Caleb Vatore

    ...not my first Pride, but the sights and sounds strike me every time. Pride is an expression of the self, an opportunity to show the world who you are. This isn't a perfect world, and there can often be an undercurrent of fear in being yourself - even in San Myshuno, one of the most progressive cities in the United SimNation!

    Pride lets us be ourselves. For myself (bi trans man), my sister L (aromantic pansexual), my boyfriend J (gay), and our friend M (nonbinary pansexual), and for everyone around us, we can let our true colours fly.


    In this article, I'll be showing off the looks and stories that make our queer community amazing...

    Overheard, Brent Hecking

    "Mm-hmm, it'll be our third anniversary in September. Early fall in Brindleton Bay was just the most glorious time to have a wedding, you know? Oh, the colours! Oh haha, no, we don't really get confused. At home we mostly call each other Big B and Little B. Not that I'm that little, haha! I'd say I'm a solid Twunk, and Big B - Brant. I mean - is Otter leaning to Bear?"

    Excerpt from Parasol magazine's Pride Sparkles in the Park by Caleb Vatore

    "Polyamory is ethical non-monogamy," Eva describes, gesturing to herself and her three lovers - Jade, Marcus, and Paolo. "It's definitely not cheating! We all love each other, and we're the core of our polycule - a poly molecule - and then others can come and go as life goes on. The key is communication and trust and love!"


    Overheard, Paolo Rocca, Caleb Vatore, and Morgyn Ember

    PR: "...so yeah, we just kind of fell in together. Me and Eva started out in high school, then Jade showed up in our last year, then Marcus. I mean, you were nearly with us too, right, Caleb?"

    CV: "Right! Heh, I actually had my first time with Paolo and Eva!" (The sound of a high five between Paolo and Caleb.) "And we're still all friends, so it's pretty cool."

    ME: "Ah! It sounds like it was a good experience for you all..."


    Overheard, Lia Hauata, Morgyn Ember, Lilith Vatore, and Caleb Vatore

    LH: "Hey, Professor Ember! Wow, that is some outfit!"

    ME: "Ha, you should have seen some of the things I wore in the sixties. Lia, this is Lilith, a friend of mine. Lilith, Lia is one of my students at the Academie. She hails from Sulani."

    LV: "Hey, nice to meet you! You been to San My Pride before?"

    LH: "Mm-hmm, last year. Wouldn't miss it! Hey, can you take a picture of me and the professor?"

    LV: "Oh, sure!"

    CV: "Ooh, when you're done, can I borrow your flag for a hot second?"


    Images from Caleb Vatore's photo roll


    Excerpt from Parasol magazine's Pride Sparkles in the Park by Caleb Vatore

    The concept of being queer isn't just for the four letters that make up 'LGBT', though. Over the years, the acronym has expanded as it's acknowledged those who have always been a part of the community, but who we've only relatively recently had the vocabulary to describe. Asexuals, for instance, were listed along with lesbians and bisexuals as early as 1970.

    "People claim that ace people are some modern phenomena and that calling ourselves queer is invading a space," says Yuki Behr (demiromantic, asexual, and genderqueer). "Which is totally fake, because we've literally always been here. Yeah, you might not have heard the words 'demiromantic' or 'genderqueer' being used in the earliest days of the queer rights movements, but we were still there. And so were the asexuals!"


    Overheard, Candy Behr and Lilith Vatore

    CB: "Heeeey, gorgeous! Looking hot!"

    LV: "Hey, Cands! You look great - you doing a set tonight?"

    CB: "I'm the headliner! Selfie and a kiss for old time's sake?"

    LV: "Ooh, let's see, do I really want to kiss a gorgeous woman... haha, c'mere!"


    Excerpt from Parasol magazine's Pride Sparkles in the Park by Caleb Vatore

    ...and public faces are becoming increasingly common amongst the community. While many of my readers know of my boyfriend J's wild success in the comedy industry, media personalities of all stripes (including some fetching rainbow ones!) are here to show their pride.

    While artists everywhere live in fear of critic Diego Lobo's sometimes-harsh eye, his boyfriend, stylist Izzy Fabulous, has no such issue.

    "Babe, he's a puppy at home," Izzy promises, eliciting a laugh from Diego.

    "Hey, hey, I have a reputation to keep!" he teases. "But really, I don't see it as any kind of conflict. As a critic, I share my true thoughts on people's works, whatever that may be. As a boyfriend, I share my true thoughts and feelings as well. The person you see before you is what you get!"


    Overheard, Oliana Ngata, Yasemin Tinker, Tane Ngata, and Olive Tinker

    ON: "Yeah. Flight wasn't too bad. Tane got a bit of a headache from the altitude changes, though, poor kiddo."

    YT: "Oooh. Our Olive is a pretty good traveller, but we were just coming by train. Evergreen Harbour is a bit easier to get to from here!"

    ON: "Man, right? Wouldn't give up the island for anything, but getting anywhere is a pain in the a-- hey, kids. Tane, you and Olive getting along?"

    TN: "Uh huh! We traded some Voidcritter cards!"

    OT: "Mm-hmm! I swapped my other Suintor for Arcticorn, now I have all the Water cards!"

    Excerpt from Parasol magazine's Pride Sparkles in the Park by Caleb Vatore

    ...and while it can sometimes be intimidating to newcomers, being accompanied by more experienced friends can help smooth the way, as it is for sisters L and H (initials used by request).

    "My sister and I were raised in an emotionally abusive household," L explains steadily, and touches one of her butterfly earrings. "She wasn't allowed to express her gender, and I wasn't allowed to express my sexuality. So we're wearing these earrings to spread awareness for abuse survivors. I don't think I'd be here if it wasn't for S."

    S, a three-times veteran of Pride at eighteen years of age, nods and squeezes L's hand. "They've both had to overcome a lot of bad stuff that's been kind of... internalised a bunch. L lives with me and [flatmate] C and we see H almost every day, and I'm just... super glad they're both starting to heal."

    H smiles carefully, brushing back her shoulder-length hair. "Being able to be ourselves is the most valuable thing. I've started going to culinary school, I can grow out my hair without being called slurs by our father and younger brother, I can present as femme as I want. It's been liberating."


    Overheard, Caleb Vatore and H Villareal

    CV: "So you're still working out a name?"

    HV: "Yeah. Nothing really feels right yet. I've been one thing for so long that it's just... this big mental adjustment."

    CV: "Watcher, yeah. I was lucky that I was pretty little when I transitioned. So like, I've been Caleb way longer than I ever was Rose. I can give you some resources, if you want?"

    HV: "Thanks. Next Upper Crusts meeting? Mila's been talking about this chocolate-hazelnut torte that I'm like, drooling over..."

    Overheard, Morgyn Ember, Cassandra Goth, and Johnny Zest

    ME: "Ah! Cassandra!"

    CG: "Hello, Morgyn! Wow, you look different."

    ME: "Haha, Lia said much the same thing. That's a wonderful dress! Johnny, this is Cassandra Goth, eldest daughter of my apprentice, Bella -"

    JZ: "Hey, we've met, I think! My Dad and your Mum were at a work thing and I babysat you and Sofia?"

    CG: "Oh, yes, I thought you looked familiar! And not just because of the TV!"

    JZ: "Nice. Small world."

    ME: "It is indeed. I've known Cassandra since she was born. Watcher, I've known her father since he was born..."

    JZ, laughing: "...Man, you're old."

    ME: "Mm-hmm! Cassandra, may I take a photograph? I want to see if I can work some inspiration from your outfit, I love the way that lace falls..."

    CG: "Of course! Also, when you see Mum, tell her that I got the Britechester information?"

    ME: "I will. Smile!"

    CG: "...Do I have to?"



    Excerpt from Parasol magazine's Pride Sparkles in the Park by Caleb Vatore

    But not everyone goes for bright, dramatic displays - Pride doesn't mean going all-out just to be yourself. One more subdued couple are Ulrike Faust-Haas and Maaike Haas-Faust, a married couple who show up in (more or less) their regular clothes. While they do have small pride flags, they see them solely as accessories rather than entire identities.

    "We're Ulrike and Maaike, first and foremost," Ulrike explains. "Yes, I'm a bisexual trans woman. I'm also an artist, a goth, a former wild child, a perfectionist, a fan of Odder Things, indie music, and orange blossom tea, a wife, and a human!"


    Images from Caleb Vatore's photo roll


    Excerpt from Parasol magazine's Pride Sparkles in the Park by Caleb Vatore

    In the end, there's no one right way to celebrate Pride. You can bedeck yourself in glitter and sequins, put the 'loud' in 'loud and proud', or you can dress as you normally are. You can celebrate with lovers, spouses, friends, family. Party all night or go home to bed early.

    Pride is for everyone, for our entire glorious rainbow community. Gay, lesbian, bisexual, pansexual. Aspec people in every form. Trans or cis, binary or nonbinary, no gender, some genders, all the genders. Polyamorous or monogamous, first-timers or old hands, young and old, all races and colours, all lifestates, all faiths and creeds.

    Pride, in the end, is about us, and for us.

    Happy Pride, San Myshuno. Happy Pride, everyone.

    Overheard, Caleb Vatore and Johnny Zest

    CV: "Yeah, see you at home. Enjoy Candy's set! Tell her I say hi! [...] Looks like it's just you and me, huh?"

    JZ: "Yeah, haha. You okay with not going to watch the set?"

    CV: "Mm-hmm. I'm a bit socialed out."

    JZ: "Aww. Too socialed out for kisses?"

    CV: "Please. I'm never too socialised out for kisses. [...] Hey."

    JZ: "Mm?"

    CV: "Love you."

    JZ: "Love you too. [...] Happy Pride, Cay."

    CV: "Happy Pride, Johnny. Let's go home."

    Images from Caleb Vatore's photo roll

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    Excerpts from the Journal of Felipe 🌺🌺🌺🌺

    Felipe 🌺🌺🌺🌺 is a teenager.

    -I’ve decided to join the teen bowling club, Ten Pin Teens, it’s the hardest one to get into, I know, they’re the official Bowl-Mor Lanes team, and all. But that’s the one I want to be in, first of all, because Omar started it, so it’s kind of a legacy thing, sure, but second of all, no, most of all, it’s because Roxie’s in it. She’s, like, my dream or ideal girlfriend, yeah, get in line dude. I’ve been secretly crushing on her since we were little kids in the League of Adventures together. Like, when I first really started noticing girls, there was Roxie, and only Roxie since.
    And, I totally know I don’t stand a ghost of a chance of that happening, she’s super popular and a “social” at her school and would be at my school too, for sure. And I’m the Hispanic guy on the soccer team who warms the bench, so barely considered a “Jock” by high school standards. She’s older, which means, I’m beneath her notice, pretty much. That’s how it works, guys usually date girls their grade or lower. Girls tend to date up, Popular girls date way up the chain, so there’s that too.
    But, someday, a couple years difference won’t be a big deal, and I might have a shot to go the distance with her. So, I wait. That’s why I have to get on the bowling team, I need to be around her, to keep being her friend, so that I’ve got skin in the game. When we were both in the League of Adventures we were friends, and we’ve known each other our whole lives, because our families are really close. But since then, we see less and less of each other, so I need to stay in the game.
    I have a plan, I begged Papi and Mami to teach me bowling, that team is kind of a big deal among all the adults, and both of them are bowlers, so I knew that they’d be on board with it. What I hadn’t counted on was papi making me agree to letting him teach me to sing in return for it. Mami, tends to let him have his way on stuff like this, so expecting her to be in my corner was a no win situation, so I agreed. Papi has this thing about me being musical, I’m not, it was never my thing, but I did use to sing with him on the karaoke machine when I was little, so he had me on the ropes and I agreed. Fine, we will now be having family bowling nights, so I can get good enough to qualify for the bowling club, there’ll be an opening soon, and I need to be a slam-dunk for the open slot by then.-

    -I’m getting better, at first it was pretty bad, I was a total wash out, but I kept at it and listened to mami and papi and the other adults from their teams too. The singing lessons are not going as well, I think I actually hurt papi’s ears, but a deal is a deal, unless papi throws in the towel first I’m no welcher,.-

    -Mami had a lot of work stuff still to do one night, so papi and I were the only ones going bowling. Then, Roxie showed up at the door, she had heard I was planning to try out for the bowling team and came over to tell me she was going to go to bat for me with Thomas Bachelor, the guy that runs it now. That’s the thing, a girl like Roxie isn’t usually willing to help someone like me out, it’s just not the way the game is played. But, she’s not like that, she never acts stuck-up around me or anything. Then she agreed to go bowling with us, but papi had something he wanted us to help him with first, he wanted to get Trent Evans, the foster son of my old nanny, Nanny Prescott, to join his music club and he wanted our help. Papi and Mrs. Calente, Roxie’s nana, never call that woman granny or grandmother, btw, as well as the other members had all agreed to open up their membership to teenagers. Specifically, so Trent Evans could join, he’s really into music, I guess, they want to help him with that, Papi says that the club could do more than just be a place for adults who are into music to hang out, it could do some good. Papi’s like that, he tries to look for ways to be helpful and he always sees the best in others.-

    At the Prescott’s, Trent, Roxie, and me were in his room and the adults were talking around the dining table. We were just hanging out and talking and I started to monkey around with him, you know you kind of shove each other then you try to slap each other on the face. It’s a thing I do all the time with my friends, well guys, it’s not something you’d ever do with a girl. Anyway, suddenly after I got Trent really good, he yells cuss words at me and is really angry, I immediately apologized, but he stomps out of the room. I looked at Roxie, who shrugged at me, she didn’t know what was up either. We both went after him and he was setting right at the table between the adults.. I heard Nanny Prescott using her nanny voice, the one when she meant it, she was telling Trent to go to the bathroom and do his exercises, Mr. Prescott added, do your breathing Trent, remember the breathing exercises, son. Trent got up and I guess he did what they told him to, but he looked like he had been crying besides the angry thing to me a little too. Roxie started, I’m honestly not sure what happened Nanny Prescott, Felipe and Trent were just horsing around like boys do and all of a sudden, I cut Roxie off, I guess I slapped him a little harder than I thought Nanny Perscott. I’m really sorry, I never meant to hurt him. Ah, I see, she said, that’s what triggered him then. Mr. Prescott added, still with the bad language and sighed. Papi said, so this is a trigger for him, I take it, and both Prescotts nodded. I looked at Roxie, because it was like the grown ups were talking in some code, I had no idea what they were talking about, but she looked just as clueless as me. Papi started talking about the music club then, how Trent could get coaching from him and the other members and that he could expand their musical horizons with his knowledge of underground bands. Nanny Prescott, clapped her hands and said, that would be so wonderful for him. Mr. Prescott added, I know it doesn’t seem like it but joining the bowling team has helped so much, I’m sure that music club would be good for him too. Apparently Roxie and I were going to be left totally in the dark over the whole thing.
    I heard Trent saying something in the bathroom, like repeating some phrase over and over and eventually he came out. He seemed to have calmed down. Nanny Prescott said, Trent do you have something to say to Felipe now? Trent turned to me and said, I’m sorry I lost my temper and used bad language. I said to him, honestly, I was just horsing around, I totally did not mean to upset you, I do that with guys all the time. Nanny Prescott quickly said, Now boys shake hands and we’ll put this all behind us. So we did, Then Mr. Prescott said, well, we do need to have a talk about your resorting to bad language Trent, but that we can do later after our guests leave. I felt really bad, getting the guy in trouble and all.
    Papi then said, so, Trent, I understand you are a music fan, and that you are learning to play a couple of different instruments. You may not know this, but I’m a musician myself, it’s how I make a living. Trent excitedly answered, I totally know who you are Mr. 🌺🌺🌺🌺, you are, like, a big shot with the Symphony and everything, Charlotte has some of your music and lets me listen to it, sir. Then Papi added, well then, perhaps you would consider joining my music club. We recently decided to allow teenagers to be members and we were thinking you might be a good fit for us. I understand you have a great deal of knowledge about underground bands that would of interest to me and the other members. We are always looking to broaden our musical horizons. Papi was using his Concert Virtuoso voice, not the one he uses at home or with friends. Trent looked like papi had just given him 1m simoleans or something, not offered to let him join some lame club, and answered, I would, I mean, uh, then he swallowed and continued, I would really be honored to be in your music club, sir, like, it would be totally rad. Papi answered, good, it’s settled then, welcome to the Major Chords, Trent. We left shortly after that.-

    Trent’s meltdown.

    -A couple days after the Trent thing, Papi came into my room right before I was about to go to sleep, he sat on the bed and said, I think you and I need to have a little chat about what happened at the Prescotts. Since it was just papi, it meant I wasn’t in trouble, when I am about to get punished both papi and mami show up, ‘cause they always have to present a united front against me. He continued, I wanted to give you time to think a bit first, do you know what all the conmoción was about, Felipe? I had been thinking about it, a lot, but was still really in the dark over what exactly was going on. Not really, Papi, I mean I really didn’t mean to upset Trent, I was just horsin’ around with him the same way I do with guys all the time, I answered. I know that Felipe, probably Trent knew that too, but, you see, this boy, well, he has probably suffered some abuse in his life, real violence against him. Perhaps his father was like my papi and thought a spanking was the way to discipline his child and overdid it, or he could have been the victim of bulling at the group home or at other foster homes he was in before he came to live with the Prescotts. And because of that, he becomes very angry anytime he encounters any kind of perceived violence to himself. He has difficulty with controlling his temper even under normal circumstances so this makes his reaction to such things very extreme.
    So, like his dad, is a criminal in jail, so I can totally see him as the kind of guy that would beat up on a little kid, I said. Papi didn’t say anything for a minute then continued, do you see your abuelo as a violent man, Felipe? I shook my head, I was scared where this was going all of a sudden. But you see, he spanked all his children me included, many times in fact, sometimes with a belt sometimes we would have to go into the yard to find a switch from a bush or tree for him to use on us.
    Papi continued, before you were born, when you were still in your mami’s belly, she made me promise to her that I would never lay a hand on you. She was not raised this way in her family. She made me swear to her on my mami’s grave that I would never resort to spanking like my papi did. This was not something that was up for debate, you understand, and I had learned that this was not a good way to make a child behave by then. I really was uncomfortable now and was kind of feeling scared or something.
    Papi continued, when you were very small, before you went to school, you would take off all your clothes and run outside, sometimes it was too cold to do such things, but this did not dissuade you. Your mami and I, tried many things to make you stop this, it was something that bothered me very much, Jade less so, I think. And there were the neighbors, they would talk, it became a subject of gossip, and I am ashamed to say, this was one of the things, which was of great concern to me. I was afraid it would have an effect on my career, that people would loose respect for me over it, you see. This is very shameful to me now, but there it is.
    So, one day it was cold, you were running all around the yard naked, the ground was wet from rain the night before. Jade was preparing to go to work, so I was chasing you around the yard to bring you in the house. I kept slipping in the wet grass and could not catch you, you would laugh at me and were not obeying me when I told you to stop or to come to me. I became very angry, so when I caught you and you were squirming to get free, I raised my hand to strike you on the bottom as my papi had done to me and his to him. But before I did this thing, I looked up and saw Mrs. Landgraab, who used to jog all around this neighborhood in the mornings. She had stopped jogging and was watching me, she had a raised eyebrow and a smirk on her face and her arms were crossed. I know she was waiting to see me strike my little boy and break the oath I had made on my mami’s grave, and this stopped me. Then, I carried you into the house and gave you to Jade and went upstairs and cried like a woman.
    I tell you this, even though it is very shameful to me, because one day you may have a child and perhaps you will think to strike them in anger. Then you will remember this story and stop. Also, so you will understand that this man, Trent’s father, it is easy to blame him, to make him the scapegoat for Trent’s behavior. But Charlotte tells me that Trent loves his father very much and that she sees that this man has great affection for his son when he visits him in the prison. So, we must be very careful to make no judgements without knowledge, just because it is easy and convent to blame this man. Now, get to sleep my little hijo, it is past your bedtime already. Then papi left the room.-

    Father son talk.

    - It was finally the night I had to qualify for the bowling team, my fmailia had gone bowling earlier for me to warm up a bit first. so, when it was time for the practice to start, Thomas put me on a team with him and Roxie. I made a point of talking to the other team members, even Trent, who I knew somehow had had the same teacher as I did for math, so I asked him if there was any advice he could give me. I introduced myself to the other two people that were there to try out for the team too. I acted as relaxed as I could in spite of being nervous as h***, that is one of the good thing about being into sports, I was used to having to perform in spite of my nerves. I totally lost, Thomas scored way higher than me, but I was only a couple points behind Roxie, and my score was not bad, it was about average, so I don’t feel like I dropped the ball. I don’t know how the others did, but at the end of practice Thomas told me I was in. Roxie and Trent were both giving me the thumbs up before Thomas even spoke to me, so I guess they were both in my corner.
    Afterwards, I was setting on one of the benches changing out of those god-awful bowling shoes and Trent sat down beside me. He kind of cleared his throat like he wanted to say something. So, I said something like How’s it going? Look, Trent said, I’m sorry if I got you into trouble with your dad or anything. We are totally cool as far as I’m concerned. No harm no foul, dude, I answered. Good, I’m glad, he said, for what it’s worth, I knew in my head that you weren’t trying to hurt me, but my head doesn’t control my temper sometimes the way it’s supposed to. Then I said, actually you’re doing me a huge favor by being in my papi’s club, he has less time now to try to teach me to sing, and I kind of laughed a little. Then Trent said, actually, I wanted to ask you for a favor, which you totally don’t have to do. I answered, I kind of think I owe you one, ‘cause I think you helped me make the team, so ask away. Well, you probably would have made the team without me backing you anyway. You got friends in high places I hear. But what I wanted to ask, is if you would teach me how to do that thing, the slap face thing. I see other guys doing it all the time and I, well, I really want to be like other guys and be able to horse around like they do too. I had no idea what he meant by friends in high places, but I said, Ok, but first you really need to learn how to put up your dukes and defend yourself ‘cause, dude, you leave yourself wide open.-

    -Last Sunday, Thomas called and asked me to come by his house before practice because there was something he needed to discuss with me in private. This kind of thing is usually bad news, so I was really nervous when I got to the Goth’s house. What happened then was a total surprise, Thomas started by asking me if I was aware that he and Trent were graduating soon, which I kind of new, but hadn’t really given much thought too. Then he said that that meant that someone else was going to have to take over, there’s an election, but usually this was something that got decided beforehand. For all intents and purposes, the election is just a formality, because the new leader was pretty much always a lock going into it.
    Normally, the senior member of the team gets picked as the new leader, which would be Roxie, who just became the leader of that girls club, Paragons, and it’s a big job because she is basically rebuilding it from scratch with her sister, Miranda. So, she doesn’t want to be the leader of the bowling team too, that leaves Kristian Clarke-Perales, who says he doesn’t want to be leader. He was once the president of the League of Adventures and hated it, he much prefers just being on the team without all the leadership responsibilities.
    Then Thomas said, that both of them and Trent all suggested me as the next leader. He told me that is was a big responsibility, with him and Trent leaving soon, we would be loosing our two strongest bowlers and that replacing them wouldn’t be easy. Then he said that he also thinks I have real leadership qualities and that I know how to be a team player and inspire that in others. And that even though I’m younger than some of the other team members, Omar was younger when he was leader too and he still managed to make it the official league team for Bowl-Mor Lanes. Then he asked me if I wanted to be the new leader, because if so, then tonight he would put my name up as his replacement and he would step down as leader, that way he and Trent would be around awhile to help me. And I really wanted it, I wanted it the minute he asked, I had never considered it really until that moment, but I did want to be the leader of the team, I really wanted it.
    I should have called my parents and asked thier permission, but there was a chance mami might say no, so I didn’t, sometimes asking forgiveness is better than asking permission. So, after practice I was unanimously elected the new leader of the Ten Pin Teens.-

    Miranda Denney also had a birthday.

    -So I am incommunicado, no phone, console, or PC, and I have to come home straight after school because I am also totally grounded until further notice. Mami was absolutely fuming mad, way madder than I had thought she would be when I told them about the election. At one point she started talking like she was going to make me step down as leader, so I spoke up, something I never ever do when I get punished. And I begged her not to make me give up the leadership of the team, I even got kind of teary and stuff, which is not something I do, I mean I rarely cry or even tear up. Then something happened, something that is even rarer than me crying. Papi took my side, he said a lot of stuff about learning leadership and teamwork being important life skills for me to have too. That getting elected unanimously showed how much confidence my teammates had in me and that my own parents should have no less. And then, he actually called mami a hypocrite, since she was instrumental in forming the team and making Omar the leader of it when he was around my age. Mami didn’t speak, she just gave papi the look that meant he is totally in the penalty box with me now. That part I feel bad about, getting papi in trouble, but a part of me really loves that papi stuck up for me, for what I wanted for once, especially in spite of the fact that it got him in big trouble.-

    -It took almost three whole days, I had decided to read one of Tio Salim’s books, I always meant to, I mean, knowing a famous author I should actually read his books. Mami saw me and then told me that the short stories were her favorite, she said that Tio Salim put his heart and soul into those stories, so even though those books are not his most popular, she likes them the best.
    Then she sat down and talked to me, she said, that sometimes she was perhaps a bit overprotective, I kept my mouth shut. That unlike Tia Dina, who had 3 kids, she just had me and that meant that I got all her attention and that sometimes it was hard for her to know when to let me take on more responsibility and risk failure or when to protect me from it. But, if this is that important to me, then as a parent she will do everything in her power to help me succeed at it. She told me she knew a lot about how the blowing league politics worked and all the rules and regulations and that I had to promise to come to her with anything I needed advice about and not be afraid of her making me quit anymore. Because if I’m going to do this then I need to use every resource at my disposal, including her. Which I promised to do, then I asked her if she had any advise on how to go about picking replacements for Thomas and Trent. And we talked about it for awhile, she mostly listened and asked questions and told me some stories about how the women on her team came to be on it, she didn’t actually tell me what to do. Which, in hindsight is kind of her letting me make my own decisions and come to my own conclusions, to start being a leader.-

    Origin ID is: sobenewbie
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    The following night, Jasmine visited the Forgotten Grotto after finishing dessert. She came here to take a break from the drama in her life. There was something about solitude that could help a person to recharge. It was due to a lack of distraction and stress. Her thoughts kept shifting to that night, and all the times she and Ralston had been together. One problem that would prevent a romance from blooming, would obviously be Heather, the rich and snobby heiress.


    Right then, a plan crept into her mind. Jasmine could try and make Ralston jealous. Pretending to be interested in another guy had worked for other women in the past. Or did it? Flirting with a second guy just to make your romantic interest jealous... Should she do that? Footsteps echoed off the cavern walls. Light emerged from the ceiling. It seemed magical, at least in her perspective. As she gazed at the water, a hand touched her shoulder, and she yelped.


    Jasmine whirled around, then scowled. "Ralston! You can't just sneak up behind me like that! Seriously..."

    "Sorry about that. I know you girls get scared more easily, so... okay. I'm not interested in Heather," Ralston replied.

    "Then why did you flirt in the cafe? And where were you when the gang chased me? A real man would protect his woman! I felt unsafe in the alley."

    "Heather wanted to go with me... and Mom wants me to marry her someday. Well, guess what? We're still teenagers."

    "That's your excuse?"


    "Actually, what?"


    Ralston crossed his arms. "You know full well that I would never hurt your feelings. I'm a good guy, and not like the others."

    "Prove it, then!" Jasmine demanded.

    "Let me explain my side of the story."

    "Go ahead."

    "Heather and I aren't official. The public thinks we are, yet I don't even want to date her. You are my type. Heather isn't."


    Jasmine stomped on Ralston's foot, then shoved him backward. "If you know what you want, you could at least stand up for yourself and not let your mother decide everything for you."

    "Don't be angry at me forever. I'll take my future into my own hands and not let others choose what I should do and what I shouldn't do," Ralston replied.

    "Really? Do you promise? People can make empty promises, so you better be honest with me."


    Ralston pulled Jasmine into an embrace, then gripped her wrists. Instead of pulling away, Jasmine allowed him to kiss her. For a first kiss, it was passionate and filled with emotion. It was his way of telling her that he would choose her over the heiress. Maybe, just maybe, his mother would at least accept Jasmine... yet Viveca wouldn't warm up to girls who lived in trailer parks. One kiss wasn't enough; he wanted a genuine relationship with Jasmine. When he released her, they paused for a moment. Then...

    "Wow," Jasmine breathed out.

    "You know me," Ralston replied. "We're meant to be together."

    "All I can say is... it does indeed feel like a Romeo and Juliet situation."
  • haneulhaneul Posts: 144 Member
    I think my mentions aren't working/being seen so I'm going to try doing them in a shorter post.

    @Nushnushganay I got all caught up on The Curse of Forgotten Hollow. Great stuff. I look forward to seeing how Caleb develops. Out of all the characters, I like your portrayal of him best. The way you incorporated his back story with Miss Hell was a nice touch too.

    @RedDestiny92 I hope Don is able to enjoy what he has without worrying too much about things he can't change.

    @sunblond I'm still loving your excerpts from Omar Benali's journal. I think it's so well written, but I find one thing about Omar's voice kind of strange - and I hope this comment isn't offensive, but especially given Omar's ethnic background, I think it's odd that when he meets new people, he rarely points out that white people are white, but he often points out other people's races. He doesn't always do it, but it's often enough that it caught my attention.
    there’s one other guy who is a grad student named Colby Lucera, and he’s a beardy, redheaded, freckled guy. There’s Kayla Matheson, a heavyset blond girl who is a physics major like me, but is more into computers than mechanics. And, Violet Dillon, a pretty girl with black hair, I think she may be a “feminist”. Colby has a girlfriend, an Asian girl whose name is Pippie Lim, of all things.

    Anyway, I hope Omar is careful of Alex even though they seem to be good friends. Alex sounds like the kind of guy who causes a lot of drama and gets his nicer friends into trouble.

    @Duvelina Beautiful captures! I'm curious to see how Max's manipulations will pay off or if people will realize what he was doing.

    @Becka28 What made Caleb and Mina like each other in the first place? I feel like they're going to have a hard time rebuilding trust, which is kind of sad, because now that she's innocent Caleb is losing his mind. I love Vlad's look, by the way.

    @sarabeth2984 In my save, Caleb is also awful at dueling. I don't think he's won once. At any rate, I enjoyed reading about your new save. What a big, fun family. Minus the cats on the table, the wedding reception seemed perfect for a magical/vampire couple.

    @ryttu3k Love your shots for Pride. You did an excellent job showing different aspects of the community.
  • GracelishGracelish Posts: 84 Member
    The Maddox family cat, Nacho. We'll miss you.



    Also, my sim Marisol is pregnant. I might name the baby Chester or Francesca? (Both sound like cheese to honor Nacho.)

    here's hoping we collide
  • RedDestiny92RedDestiny92 Posts: 5,744 Member
    @Becka28 Mina sure has made a mess of things I can't help it with Morgyn he is just so loveable to me that even being a selfish minx I love him, that said it's like Caleb was thinking of himself even falling for Morgyn and thinking what's better. That is wondering if she was actually running to him after he went off on their son. Poor thing.
    @sarabeth2984 how cute I love their family, I also like to occasionally just make the whole family in cas, sometimes it makes the save last a little longer if you have issues with generations. They also clearly have the best cat, at least according to Sabrina the teenage witch, I never thought of Vlad and Cat she gets around in my game with that mod. I think he needs someone else on purpose.
    @hanuel who knows not everyone handles that reality well, and he's certainly that sort.

    Now all I have is
    These two have no business being this cute.
    Johnny's son is also adorable I like the genetics in this save it's been a while since I played in a long save.
    As for this family, Axel has Max helping him with laundry and that's just cute, I forgot they had three younger brothers, since Anaya had Terry and Leon had twins.
    Reddestiny921 on the gallery...still not sure if I capitalized the second d..lol
    Hundred baby reached ten

  • DeafSimmerDeafSimmer Posts: 2,235 Member
    Jasmine looked away, and so did Ralston. For now, they should keep their kiss a secret, as there was still some hatred brewing between her family and the Theriaults. Well, Viveca was the only Theriault who hated the trailer park residents. What would Heather resort to if the heiress discovered the young couple's secret romance? Using the gang against them? Or something worse? She peered over her shoulder. Ralston wasn't looking in her direction. That aside, it was getting late, and she had to be home soon.


    "So..." Jasmine said, blushing.

    "So..." Ralston replied.

    "Anything else? We should be in bed by now."

    "Okay... what time is it?"

    "Five minutes past twelve, maybe?"

    "Mom will be mad."

    Jasmine chuckled. "Mine would be rather cool about it."

    Ralston shrugged. "I hope someone didn't follow us here."


    "I don't think anyone did." Jasmine walked toward the exit. "We'll see each other again... soon."

    Ralston nodded. "Yeah, we will. Before coming here, I was looking for you. Saw that the entrance was open, and..."

    "You got in, of course."


    "Good night."


    Later on, Ralston went to the beach. At the same time, Jasmine had visited Sulani. And so did the heiress... Heather led Ralston to a smaller island, then proceeded to flirt with him. He was rejecting her advances, yet she didn't seem to understand the message. Heather accused him of playing hard to get, which wasn't even his intention at all. He wanted to end their relationship.

    "Look, you're not the girl I would marry someday," Ralston said.

    "Then why did I get some gifts?" Heather replied.

    "Mom was the one sending gifts. And she would include a letter with my name, so that it would appear as though I'm the one doing it. She's trying to force this along so I would marry you."

    "You're funny."

    "I'm not joking! I'm serious!"

    Heather giggled as she winked her eyes and tossed her hair over her shoulder. "You're so endearing, and I love it. Especially if you play hard to get."


    Once Jasmine was in the vicinity, Ralston left Heather by the water and approached the redhead. "She's trying to flirt with me, and I rejected her."

    "Good. I don't like her anyways. She's a nuisance," Jasmine pointed out.

    "For sure."

    "Can we just run away together?"

    "We're still young, and haven't mastered the necessary life skills needed to survive outside our homes."

    Jasmine grabbed Ralston's hands. "I've heard of teenagers who ran away and made a life for themselves. Sometimes they wind up successful by the end of their teen years."


    Ralston pulled Jasmine into an embrace. Then, their mouths met, and he tucked her hair behind her ears. He had a feeling that Heather wouldn't let them off so easily. So much for planning to lay low when it came to their relationship. However, to Ralston, Jasmine was irresistible. He couldn't imagine being away from her for a long period of time. The moment Heather finished talking on a phone, Jasmine pulled away.

    "And who did you call?" Jasmine asked.

    "Backup," Heather replied, smirking.

    "Meaning the gang?"

    "You two are so distracted by your own feelings that you fail to see the danger ahead of you! Good luck fighting off the gang."

    Jasmine would use magic to fight off the gang, yet something held her back. How would Ralston react upon finding out that she was a spellcaster? What if her magic got caught on camera? She was sure that using up too much magic would cause a dangerous overload. Last time it happened, she survived, yet it was painful. Perhaps she should have brought something with her in case the gang was in the vicinity.
  • DuvelinaDuvelina Posts: 725 Member

    Today was going to be a huge day for Hugo. He was nominated for a Starlight Accolade for Best Video. His cooking channel has been doing incredibly well and his hard work started to pay off. The awards ceremony was in the evening though which meant Hugo had to get through this entire nerve-filled day first. He started by upgrading the washing machine with an additive tray. Better smelling laundry would be a plus. He never thought about doing laundry much but ever since his lifestyle started becoming healthier, he was more interested in his clothes smelling fresh and clean.

    After completing the upgrade successfully, Hugo sat down for some food. But when he actually sat with his thoughts he became a sad mess. He thought about Luna and how she had betrayed him with his (now ex-)fiancée. He couldn’t believe she would do something like that, but she did and he wasn’t sure what to do with himself now. Luna hadn’t come to him to have a conversation yet. He didn’t even know if she would. He knew Luna, she was his twin sister after all, and she hated confrontation almost as much as he did. He hated how things were left between them and he resented Luna for not stepping over her inhibitions and coming to him to talk things through.

    The rest of the Sunday passed by uneventfully. When evening fell, Hugo put on his best outfit, put some gel in his hair and went over to the awards ceremony location. He was the first one of the nominees to arrive so he sat down and looked at his nails indifferently. He certainly didn’t want to come across as nervous. He wanted to win this prize badly but he didn’t want that desperation to come through in his attitude. As soon as everyone arrived and seated themselves, the ceremony begun.

    And even though Hugo could only dream of an opportunity and a nomination like this, he actually won the award. He jumped up and gratefully took the golden star from the presenter. He thanked everyone at home, since this was a recorded event, but didn’t say much else. Hugo was happy with his win but he would always be humble. This award was a symbol for his success and it would get a special place in the apartment.

    After returning home, Hugo wanted to share his good fate with Nelson but he heard loud yelling coming from the Charm’s home. Hugo knocked to draw attention to himself, but no one came to open the door for him. Not particularly wanting to try again, he slunk off back towards his own place next door. But he had to wonder, who was Nelson fighting with and about what?
  • Silverofdreams30Silverofdreams30 Posts: 5,180 Member

    That hair color looks great on him.
    cute toddler.

  • sunblondsunblond Posts: 800 Member

    Conversations overheard at Than Jeffries’ birthday party

    Than’s a teen, well, any moment now.

    Jade 🌺🌺🌺🌺
    For heaven’s sake, a three tiered birthday cake, shrimp cocktail, and ceviche, what kind of kid’s birthday party has that! It makes the rest of us look like we aren’t even trying.
    Well, I know, you’re probably right, it’s the empty nest thing, with Omar moving to the city now and Than’s birthday right on top of that, it’s got to be a lot all at once.
    Felipe, well, he’s well on his way to becoming a young man now, I worry he takes on too much outside school, but, I don’t want to be a helicopter mom.
    Well, at least give me credit for making the effort, OK. Sometimes I’m proud of him and of how he’s growing into a man, not just the shooting up like a weed thing, other times, I miss my little boy so much.

    Katrina Caliente
    Yes, it’s an adjustment, at first I didn’t know what to do with myself, but I do keep busy. Plus, now that I’m retired, I’ll be a lot more help when the baby comes, they’re going to need it, that should keep me pretty occupied.
    Oh, I have the music club Hector runs and, well, I’m going to an anger management group with Trent Evans, the nanny’s foster son. We’ve formed a friendship, unlikely as that seems, he loves music, and he actually enjoys hearing the stories from my career and all the famous musicians I met and preformed with over the years, things my grandchildren won’t sit still for.
    And, its high time I quit blaming my temper on my red hair and try to do something about it.

    Retirement here I come!

    Salim Jeffries
    Well, he has to make his way in the world now, Kyle and I, I hope we gave him all the tools he will need. But, I do wish we’d had more time with him back home, that’s all. Now this birthday, Than is growing up so fast, too fast it seems, where does the time go?

    Lucas Munch
    Yeah, that’s right, I’m an old married man too now.
    No, not anytime soon, we have our careers to think about first.
    Right, you don’t always get to plan these things, do you? I mean, take the Denney’s, I don’t think they planned on this one, did they?

    Dina Denney
    No, I’m not due for a while yet, and I know, I’m huge, believe me I know.
    I probably did say that, all those years ago and I meant it at the time too, so, yeah, we definitely were not trying. We were both shocked, I even asked the doctor if she was sure when she told me.
    This is way harder than I remember too, I’m tired all the time and I practically live in the bathroom. My ankles swell up along with the rest of me, and my mood swings, it’s like I’m a different person sometimes.
    Cristian, oh yes, he was over the moon, he wanted four kids, I wanted two, so we compromised on three. Definitely, man makes plans and the gods laugh.

    Alex Mapoli
    This is the best food, Kyle is a whiz in the kitchen, I never ate so good before in my whole life, till I stayed here.
    You bet, we already promised Than that he could come visit and stay with us in the city, I can’t wait, there’s so much to do there. I’m going to show that little guy the time of his life.
    Oh, yeah, I’m a personal trainer for “the Other Sports Team”, it’s a great job. I tell you, I really got lucky, thanks to Mr. Landgraab, he got me the interview.

    Hector 🌺🌺🌺🌺
    He is very excited, Jade worries the he takes on too much, what with being on the soccer team and now running the bowling team. But, when I saw how much it meant to him, how much he wanted to be the leader of the bowling team, well, I could not take that away from him, I won’t deny my son something he wants that much, not if I can help it.
    Oh, well, perhaps I am a little bit proud that his teammates have so much confidence in him, OK, maybe a lot proud.

    Kyle Jeffries
    I know, it’s a bit much, but I won’t get to do many more of these now, so I pulled out all the stops, only the best for my boy.
    Oh, I realize the other parents are shooting daggers at me with their eyes, but we’ll see how they feel when their babies leave home for good. We’ll see how well they deal with saying goodbye as a huge part of their lives walk out the door for good and take a piece of their hearts with them, won’t we.

    Roxie Denney
    Yeah, me and Miranda have to share my room now, her’s is set up for the baby already. It totally blows, the two of us are like, I don’t know, what’s that old saying, oil and water, she can be totally alone all the time. Not me.
    It’s called Paragons, it’s one thing that both of us likes, clothes, makeup, stuff like that. So I figured I’d ask her to be in it right away and she was totally into it. It gives us something we can to do and talk about in common, see.

    Iggy Pancakes
    I wouldn’t miss this for the world, I spent a lot of time here growing up, I kinda feel like I’m part of the family, Plus, Mr. Jeffries will load us up with leftovers and we’ll eat like kings back a the apartment for awhile.
    Communications, I want to be a reporter, I’m almost done, I graduate at the end of this term and I can finally start my life as a grown up.
    Well, technically, but as a student, you sure feel like you aren’t fully grown yet, I can tell you that.

    Cristian Denney
    Sure, at first I was thrilled, I always wanted four kids, but then, the doctor gave us these pamphlets, “Your High Risk Pregnancy” and “Warnings Signs to Look for in a High Risk Pregnancy”, stuff like that. And since then I’ve been worried sick, so many things can go wrong, for Dina or the baby or god forbid, both.
    And the kids are no help, Roxie and Miranda are at each other’s throats since they’ve had to share a room, they are polar opposites personality-wise those two. And Tucker, he’s such a needy child, worse that the girls ever were.
    Plus, Dina is having such a hard time, her mood swings, she is sad or mad, mostly at me, so much of the time. Katrina is a big help, she seems to know what to do or say, nothing I do is right.
    Anyway, to answer your question, I want to be happy, but there are so many other things that get in the way of it this time.

    Than Jeffries is a teenager.

    @haneul Please feel free to ask me anything you like about my postings, one of the reasons I wanted to do these is to generate discussions about Sims and the way I play the game.
    To be honest, I had to think about your comment a bit. Then I realized that not everyone else’s games looked like mine. What I mean by that, is that I have a couple mods that affect the random townies that get generated, in addition to the sims families I manually add in. One, MCCC, uses sims from my library instead of letting my game create random townies, among other things. The other overrides the naming system for sims, so that the city Living names are way less than the default. (I don’t have Island Living) It essentially gives the majority of townies american/english type names.
    What this means is that, in my game, the majority of sims are in fact white, just as the majority are straight. Although I do have settings for same sex marriage as well as populate my game with ethnic or culturally non-white sims, these are in the minority. Omar, essentially grew up in a simulated American mostly white upper-middle class suburb.
    So, to answer your comment, he, like most sims in my game, would not think to point out that a sim is white any more than he feels the need to point out that they are straight, since those make up the majority by a sizable margin.
    The other thing about that specific comment, is that what Omar finds odd or unusual is that although Colby’s girlfriend is Asian, she has an american/english first name, and not one of Asian origin. In my game, most of the non-white, ethnic or cultural sims have culturally appropriate names, because 80% of the sims in my game are manually named by me . i.e. Indian sims have Indian first and last names, Asian sims have Asian first and last names etc., so the fact that her name is Poppie would strike him as odd or unusual, based on his experience.

    @ryttu3k Thanks for the shout out, loved your Pride post!

    (Note: Sorry for the back–to-back posts, but my ISP was down for 24 hours and I am a bit behind in uploading my updates.)

    Origin ID is: sobenewbie
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    Once Heather alerted the gang, Jack began leading the gang toward the smaller islands. Maxuelle trailed behind. Lucian and Joakim were in the middle. Prior to coming here, the gang had stolen the boats and threatened to attack a shop owner if the witness so much as told on them to the cops. For the teenagers, what had begun as a relaxing day at the beach had transformed into a complete disaster. Why was the gang so desperate to ruin everything for Ralston and Jasmine?


    "Jasmine will be so shocked," Jack said. "She isn't expecting our arrival... let alone in the middle of the ocean! Ha!"

    "So true," Joakim replied.

    Lucian snickered. "Let's show her what we're made of."

    Maxuelle sighed. "She somehow outsmarted us every time."

    Lucian squared his shoulders. "Perhaps we'll discover her secret. I swear our memories get stolen whenever we ambush her."


    Jasmine grabbed Heather's blonde curls, scowling. "You are a horrible person! You need to leave us alone!"

    "Too late. The gang's here," Heather retorted.

    "You've got to be kidding."

    "I hope you drown in the ocean."

    "Well, I hope you starve to death."

    Heather yanked Jasmine's hair. "Are you serious? I only consume water, air, and nutrition smoothies. Nothing else."


    Jack, Joakim, and Maxuelle surrounded the girls. Heather wrapped her fingers around Jasmine's throat, then said, "I bet you intended to be the third wheel when Ralston took me to the festival in San Myshuno. I'm the one who brought the gang in case. Viveca sits behind her desk a lot. As long as you don't snitch on us, you won't suffer. Ralston is mine, and he was never yours to take!"

    "Ralston liked me first," Jasmine said.

    "Sure he did. No wonder you were childhood friends. Well, we're growing up! Don't expect him to be your future husband!"

    "What did I ever do to any of you?"

    "I just explained it."

    Jasmine stomped on Heather's toes, causing the girl to release her. Then, she punched Heather's chin. The heiress stumbled backward. As she prepared to summon her magical charge, the gangsters took her by surprise, preventing her from completing the spell.


    Jack swung his large fist at Jasmine and connected. "Looks like you're using some sort of weird trick again. Well, guess what? My friends and I got smart, so you ain't winning this time!"

    Jasmine fell onto her spine. Pain shot through her body as she observed the men. "I wasn't here to provoke anyone, you crazy thugs!"

    "We're bigger and stronger than you, so don't take on all of us at once. The consequences will be horrible. Now, leave Ralston and Heather alone... or you'll pay the ultimate price."

    "Is it a threat?"

    Jack's large shoulders bounced with laughter. "Threat? I bet you're scared now that you're on the ground."


    Jack shook his fist. As the three other men stepped forward, Ralston jumped in and attempted to protect Jasmine from the gang. Jasmine's gaze was fixated on Jack's fist. Heather was no longer in the vicinity. The heiress was probably laughing about the ambush.

    "So you do like her..." Jack muttered through clenched teeth. "Ralston, your mother will be ashamed."

    "I've never loved Heather. I choose Jasmine," Ralston replied.

    "Are you for real?" Jack shook his head as he glanced at his cronies. "Let's go, boys. We'll get them next time."

    Once the gang left the small island, Ralston helped Jasmine to her feet, and her gaze met his. He could have done this in the alley that night. Heat flooded her cheeks as she grinned. Perhaps there was indeed something... a spark, perhaps?

    Ralston led Jasmine toward the water. "Jasmine, will you be my girlfriend?"

    "Yes. You're an awesome guy," Jasmine replied.
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    This happened in my game Yesterday!

    _My sim got promoted to Business Tycoon
    -Some random generated sim died outside of the gym because she was freezing, luckily it was an unknown(Izumi Yoshida) but it still made everyone that was in the gym run outside and cry!
    -Finally got Zoe Patel to be my girlfriend!
    -Had first kiss, first woohoo and got Zoe to move in with me all within the first week of dating her!
  • simimpsimimp Posts: 68 Member

    Yesterday I got my triplets and their older sister (who was only born three days before them lmao) to each max out all their toddler skills without using any cheats! It was stressful managing four toddlers at once but in the end they all got level 5 in everything just before their birthdays, so I feel really accomplished and relieved now that it's over.
    in my defense i did try to put a gif here, just didn't know how to do it
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