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What Happened In Your Game Today?


  • ryttu3kryttu3k Posts: 1,024 Member
    Today and yesterday was mostly taking story caps and working on my Giant List Of Builds I Like, but I did get a few other bits and pieces in there!

    Ted Roswell has been doing some renovations. Nice to see some home improvement!

    Ophelia Villa looking super aesthetic on a snowy night.

    Bella challenged Cass to a duel.

    It didn't end well.

    Cass, Sofia, and Luna hanging out at home...

    ...and in slightly weirder gossip locations.

    And, some extended family! Dahlia (Caleb and Lilith's Mum) at the desk, Caleb and Johnny standing, on the sofa is Raylan, Chester (Vatores' father), and Maria (Chester's mother), and standing on the right is Emanuele, called Manny (Chester's dad, Raylan's... grandson). Lilith had already bailed to exercise.

    @sunblond a new challenger arrives! Ooh man, that surname censorship will be frustrating. Man, the thing with Trent definitely sounds like there's some history there! Poor guy. Wow, moving up in the world - leader of Ten Pin Teens! It's good that his dad stuck up for him, yeah.

    I love the overheard things - great worldbuilding just with little snippets! Happy birthday to Than!

    @haneul thank you! They were really fun outfits to set up! I didn't even get everyone in:


    @Duvelina ooh, congrats to Hugo! But yeah, he and Luna definitely need to talk, and oof, I hope Nelson is okay!
  • Simmelina1Simmelina1 Posts: 2,626 Member
    Daniel Vera Le Chien
    Met aunt Hyolyn Vera St. Feu at the lounge in Willow creek.
    Grandma Lina Vera Allocco kept cycling outside.
    Why didn’t she come inside to talk with us?
    Stopped by the bar in Oasis springs on my way home. Had a nice talk with bonus mum Leia Lu Le Chien there. She is also alien and my bonus mum since she is my dads wife.
    Mira Punk Scott came home with me from school today.
    We had a waterballoon fight since it is heatwave in Magnolia promenade right now.
    Mira told me she hopes she can live in this student house someday as well.
    I brought aunt Paulina Vera Allocco to the beach to play. Brought her home when I realized it was almost midnight.
    Making breakfast can be dangerous. Almost burned down the house today.
    Suddenly I felt mortified & just wanted to hide in bed.
    But I had to go outside to feed the cowplant.
    My brother in law Eric Lewis stopped and talked with me. He told me being mortified is a period teenagers are going through. He adviced me to go to school to focus on something else. I followed his advice this time.
    I felt much better after spending time with friends at school.
    David Vera Benali & I went to the beach after school. We have to enjoy the heatwave.
    Mira Punk Scott invited me to bowl.
    But we talked with some knights instead.
    That is when my sister Britt Behr Sterling invited me to a late night dance party.
    Met uncle Filip Vera Lobo there. He talked about how his dream is to get a son, who can keep the Lobo name in the next generations. His 5 daughters will probably take their husbands last name in the future.
    This is the most beautiful scenery David & I have seen in our lives.

    Origin id: Simmelina
    The life of my sims. Elina & Don.

  • Kellogg_J_KelloggKellogg_J_Kellogg Posts: 162 Member
    In Futurworld (and I really should remember to screencap a few moments) I spent the day with new Willow Creek resident, Sally Howard.

    Sally owns J&B Clothiers down at Magnolia Promenade but...somehow....didn't get a good night's sleep the previous evening so, as a successful shop owner, she could take the day off and get some extra nap time.

    Once that was done, what to do with her day? Being a snob, her own house bores her. Even purchasing a few paintings couldn't lift her spirits so she headed on down to the art gallery to see great works...and hopefully meet someone interesting. It must have been a slow day because only one other person was there: Brilliant scientist, John Robinson, recently returned along with his family from a 3 year space voyage.

    A visit to the bathroom led to another worry for Sally: Was she carrying a bit extra around her hips? Well, there was a lot of feasting at Travis and Summer's wedding the previous day...so a quick jog around downtown was in order.
  • BlueSeaWavesBlueSeaWaves Posts: 3,401 Member
    @ryttu3k p728 thank you. Ophelia Villa looks amazing on the snowy night!
    @AlwaysAsking p730 Good eye ;) Owen isn't a townie, I created him a while back. I wanted someone to fit that hairstyle and he appeared :D . The gang didn't want to come back, but had to for a reason, I'll explain in the update. She couldn't join, but Adonis was just curious. As for Archie, only Adonis and Sylvia know. As for them Sylvia and Owen, I like to spice things up. She is being cautious because of Tim but we'll see what happens. very cool spellcaster house you built! Looks amazing! The inside is so nicely decorated and bedrooms designated colors. Really like it! Very interesting between Diego and Hermes. Simeon explaining everything too. Poor Deigo, hoping everything works out well.
    @haneul p731 thank you. Dysis looks really down. Hope she feels better soon, must feel horrible to feel no purpose. Her playing video games and feeling down made me chuckle a bit

    Elsewhere, Tim's squad were plotting their next move. Dimitri told them about Ari's recent imprisonment and decided they should break her out.ooDpzIe.png
    Tim was against the idea, him and Araceli have long broken up, and she had left on her on accord to do a heist. It was her own fault she got caught he said.RTsh4S4.pngDimitri convinced him though, he said Ari had been a member for a longtime and they owed her that atleast. Tim decided he'd figure out a plan, and he knew just where to checkVeeeEzI.pngHe stopped by Sylvias old apartment, he was hoping he'd be able to make a deal with herh1eQz8n.pngJust as he was about to leave, he was met by AdonisaLvL4yi.png He told him he was looking for an old friend. Though Adonis didn't buy it. He quickly decided he would where Tim would lead him if followed him. Though by the time he exited the building he lost him.DGhxO2U.pngTim headed out to park, he remembered taking Sylvia before.He was just wallking around hoping to bump into her. He was going to ask her since she's in law enforcement, if she could have Ari trasnfered to a different jail and him and his team would intercept the transporation. He thought there'd be no chance she'd do it, and he was kinda hoping for it. Him and Ari split up after the whole Hoskins matter and she was putting him and his friends at risk. When he stopped walking, he looked up and arrived just in time to see a firework set off. 8dp8bPh.pngIt just so happened to be a wedding venue tooOd50wBY.png

    Back at Sylvias home, Owen had a nice evening getting to know Abigail. He left after a few hours. He was hoping he left a nice impression with her.5UkX9D9.png
    Weeks gone by, and Owen was always going to the club to have fun. He went on his day off and ordered 1 too many to drink.FGzw0IX.pngAfter hours he met Jade Rosa4ZjnqAZ.pngThe two danced togetherhTYakJ7.pngand chattedlkZHcZ1.pngWhen he just started to flirt with herBU0zub4.pngShe made a suggestion and he accepted6WI3FVg.pngHe went home and slept and had little recollection of the night before but when he received an invitation to go out from Jade, he remembered a little bit. He went to tell her he couldn't see her , but she managed to convince him otherwise when she invited him into the hot tub.vayc526.pngThe next day she asked him to train her and he accepted but he was really tying to end things as well. As he was training her, he was telling her, he has someone already.gfM7J3h.pngWhen he suddenly saw Archie dancing waiting for him to finish working, he cut to the chase, and told her he couldn't "train" her as he was transferring to a different gym. Trying to be discreet with Archie being around. Jade was astonished.5oQG6NJ.pngHe quickly took Archie aside and asked him what he doing there, and Archie said he wanted to hang out with him.rmIVe4J.pngHe left Jade there, happy to have ended it there. He took Archie out to a diner, and Archie asked him if its true he's leaving to a different gym.9fWMml1.pngHe told him it was, but he would still be around to spend some time with him.9fWMml1.pngArchie asked him, then when he was older, if he could make him stronger :D He agreed, anything to make sure he doesn't remember seeing Jade.65R4sCv.png
  • BlueSeaWavesBlueSeaWaves Posts: 3,401 Member
    He brought Archie back home right after, he didn't want Sylvia to be angry with him. VxKgjiW.png
    He started saying things to make her feel happy so she wouldn't suspect anything.aLF63r8.pngSylvia was in a good mood so she left him stay the night. The next day he was still upset with himself. So he went out to make an important purchase. He got prepared the whole day, so when night came, he went back to visit Sylvia. He wanted to make things better so he got down on one knee and propsed to her.CBjIHGE.pngShe said yes.e2Wqe6j.pngOwen really believed he could get away with it. He regretted his decisions and was trying to make things right. Unfortunately as he was walking home, he saw Jade waiting for him outside. Visibly pregnant, Jade told him she has a boyfriend so there's a chance the baby may not be his,but she wasn't so sure.u5S0O5f.pngHe couldn't believe his luck.ZHiddXu.pngHe had to come clean to Sylvia, when he told her he wanted to tell her something, she knew fom his tone of voice it wasn't good. a7aRK5Q.pngShe was very disappointed.A3vjnAs.pngHis attempt to downplay his actions didn't workqMgbQ2k.pngHe wasn't sure what to say when she asked him, if the reason he proposed was to make things better incase she found out about his fling.otcEOIe.pngHe tried to express his disappointment in himself as well but Sylvia had enough, she called off their engagement. xQLLdue.pngHe walked away sadXvoVXzS.pngSylvia was just heartbrokenCZ8xt2I.png

    Afterwork, Sylvia headed out to the bar. She was feeling down about what happened. She went outside for some fresh air.ypMGcWN.pngAfter a few minutes, she heard a voice saying she was indeed hard to find. She turned around and was too sad to be suprised to see Tim.4sJaEqe.png
    Tim told her he was glad to see she was safe from the predicament he left her in. But he quickly added he needed a favor.Jsw2nJs.pngSyvlia wasn't saying anything, so he started speaking. He said he was wondering if he could arrange a transfer for Ari, so him and his friends could free her.mUHwXuX.pngSylvia told him he was crazy if he thought that would actually work, not to mention the police were no doubt looking for him and his friends. He said though he promised they would leave town straight after and never come back. Sylvia told him she was no longer a detective, she quit after everything that happened with him.I6eBb25.pngUnbeknownst to them, a sim happened to be looking at them.ReCXpjQ.pngTim hearing she wasn't a detective relieved him. He began telling her, Ari went crazy after what happened. She was putting him and his friends at risk of getting caught. She asked him if they were still dating, he was happy to say they broke up. He added he was glad she never got pregnant either, she probably would've used a child to make him stay with her.li9Vt3w.pngSylvia asked him if he didn't want kids at all. He said he didn't mind but he wasn't exactly a good role model for any kids. Sylvia took a risk and told him he was a father, and their son was just as troublesome as him. Tim was suprised but happy to hear that.213kScR.pngThey sat down for a moment and chatted, Tim told her he had to leave though. They were going to leave Ari behind since there was no way to free her. Sylvia still thought his plan was crazy. sDAI7nH.pngBefore he got up and left, Sylvia asked him if he didnt want to atleast meet Archie, Tim declined. He said it was better off this way. Wzldvm0.pngThey got up to leave seperate ways, but before they did, Tim told her it was goodbye for good.LBKTeoe.png
  • DeafSimmerDeafSimmer Posts: 2,234 Member
    By the time the teenagers returned home, the news media was buzzing with rumors of what had occurred in Sulani. Heather took advantage of the rumors and portrayed Jasmine as a crazy, jealous gold-digger. However, she didn't stop there. She had proceeded to call Ralston a dishonest player who hated commitment. Ralston wasn't surprised when Viveca fell hook, line, and sinker for such gossip. She had always seen the worst in him, and had not loved him as a mother should.


    "You're still in love with the trailer park girl. She's a gold-digger," Viveca said.

    "She is not a gold-digger!" Ralston retorted.

    "Some women marry men for money. Also, you should never have gotten yourself involved with trailer trash."

    "Jasmine is not trash. You are."

    "You never listen!" Viveca sneered. "I told you that Heather was a suitable choice, yet you still go for Jasmine!"

    Ralston rolled his eyes. "And for a good reason!"

    "The reason being?"

    "You know what? Why do I even bother trying to change your hardened heart?"


    Then, Ralston approached Heather. "We're not dating anymore, okay? I'm not interested in you."

    "Fine," Heather replied.

    "Just leave the mansion."

    "Unlikely. I've become friends with your mother and that gang."

    Ralston pointed to the door. "I said, leave the mansion. You've done enough already."

    Heather snorted. "Whatever you say."


    Meanwhile, at the trailer park, Jasmine's parents were confronting her about what had happened in Sulani. She rose her hand in annoyance, then said, "Can't you understand? The news and whatever the gang is up to doesn't have to stand in the way of true love! Ralston is a good man. If you met him, you would have changed your minds."

    "You will not talk to us like that, young lady!" Josh replied.

    Millicent crossed her arms. "Jasmine, you need to listen to us, or you'll be grounded."

    Jasmine rolled her eyes. "Just give Ralston a chance, or else! You two-"

    "That's it. You're grounded."


    Jasmine groaned. "Oh, come on. Guess I'll take desperate measures. I'm a spellcaster and I've used aggressive spells in the past! No need to be so concerned about me."

    "Go ahead," Millicent said.

    "You know what? I will leave if that's what it takes!"

    "Actions have consequences."

    "Too bad. I'm not staying."


    Once Jasmine's parents were inside the trailer, she stormed toward the street. If her parents refused to see the good in Ralston, then she wouldn't speak to them for a while. It was as if she had to fight hard for love. She would show her parents. And they would regret judging him. First, the news media's obsession with the "other relationship" would have to stop first. What she didn't know was that at the same time, Ralston was leaving his own residence.

    Ralston wouldn't regret leaving the mansion at all. He had always wanted to live somewhere else, and this could be the chance to do so. San Myshuno was one of his options. The catch was that he had to deal with not having any money and moving into the cheapest apartment in the city.
  • DeafSimmerDeafSimmer Posts: 2,234 Member
    Once Ralston and Jasmine discovered a cheap apartment in San Myshuno, they began getting used to life in the city. It was what Jasmine had always dreamed of. Many times when she had watched TV shows and movies, cities were often portrayed as being filled with life and activity. She hadn't informed her parents, and she preferred to keep her current location under wraps until she was officially an adult according to Simnation's laws. However, the young couple's makeover caused them to appear older. Perhaps it was because they chose to wear darker colors.


    "Tomorrow is my first day of work as a retail employee," Jasmine said.

    "Yeah, and I'm gonna do some manual labor," Ralston replied.

    "Someone better not catch on. We don't need that craziness to return."

    "Aren't you gonna inform your parents? From what you've told me, they sound like they could tolerate me."

    Jasmine shook her head, her ponytail swaying from side to side. "I don't think they will. They grounded me, but I snuck out anyways."


    Ralston twirled Jasmine around. "Maybe they'll come to their senses someday. Ever heard of video calls?"

    "Perfect idea," Jasmine replied. "I'll talk to them, and we'll schedule it. However, they could still be angry at me."

    "We don't know their current thoughts."

    "I guess you're right, yet we should stay off the radar for a while."



    They slumped onto the bed, and Ralston pulled Jasmine closer. He said, "I'm a little tired, so I'll take a nap."

    "That's okay," Jasmine replied. "I'll prepare dinner. I haven't learned to cook, so we'll go with a salad."

    "You didn't have to be an expert at cooking."

    "I know that."


    Jasmine walked into the kitchen. The apartment was still cluttered, and the furnishings were a little tacky. She could get used to it, as there wasn't anything to complain about. Besides, the rent wasn't overpriced. If she and Ralston ever got full-time careers someday, they would move to a nicer apartment. And if they were old enough, they could get married, and... She visualized the little redheads running around, then chortled.


    Jasmine gathered the vegetables and took out a cutting board. It was another clear afternoon outside, and the traffic was being chaotic. There wasn't as much traffic in the trailer park. She could strike it rich if she followed her dreams. She sliced the vegetables, humming to herself. Due to not having much money, a cooking class would be out of the question. Would the young couple's background catch up with them? Was the gang searching for them? What about Heather? What was Viveca Theriault planning next?
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    @BlueSeaWaves isn't it pretty? I totally recommend checking out other builds by maydussa, they're one of my favourite builders!
  • sunblondsunblond Posts: 800 Member

    Excerpts from the Journal of Omar Benali

    -Lucas came through for us, he got Alex a job at that place where he used to work as a barista. So Alex is still part time there, but he does also have some clients at the gym now too. Alex kept going to the gym here in the city, the big nice one, and eventually got the guy that runs it to let him train clients there. I had no idea that Alex was a certified personal trainer either. That guy is full of surprises. Anyway, I take it that he has two clients, both middle aged married women who are kind of, you know, plain looking. But, it’s a start.
    Iggy also has a part-time job, he works for some landscaper who caters to the high-end crowd, plus he’s going to college part-time.
    That leaves me as the only unemployed one, and it’s driving me crazy, I’m having a hard time finding stuff to keep me occupied. You can only play games so much. (sigh)

    -I’ve been seeing a lot of Becca since I got to the city, we’ve had a few dates. On our first one, even though I asked her out, I was new to the city and so I asked her if she had any idea of what we might do, I figured she knew the city way better that I did, having lived here longer. So, we went to a karaoke bar, Ok, full disclosure here, I can’t sing, Salim is bad too, so it’s a genetic thing. But, I’m really bad, so I know you are definitely not supposed to refuse to do stuff when you start dating, like guys who hate dancing still do it when they go on dates. You know, you do not want a girl to see you as boring or a stick-in-the-mud. But still, so, I told Becca that I was really bad, when she signed us up for a duet. She said, thank goodness, I’m pretty bad too, I was afraid you were going to be a good singer. Then she told me, the trick to it is to pick a country song because they’re easier than a love ballad or some rock anthem. So, we sang really bad karaoke together for our first official living on our own in the city date. And the date went really well, it was kind of fun and since we were both pretty bad, well, it helped me be less self-conscious, I guess.-

    They had fun, in spite of a bit of booing.

    -We were sitting around the apartment one night and Iggy mentioned that once we get everything unpacked and squared away, we should focus on decorating the common areas a bit. Yeah, me and Alex have unpacked boxes of stuff still, and I am fully aware that I have plenty of spare time to take care of it, thank you. What Iggy meant was pictures and knick-knacks, I guess. Alex thought so too. So, thing is, my decorating experience is limited to getting my pink room repainted and taping posters to the wall. See, Uncle Kyle, well he kind of always did that for me, OK, so he still does. I got a set of sheets and new bedspread yesterday from Uncle Kyle with a note that said that this was not too girlie or to manly so maybe a certain girl would be as comfortable with it as I would, subtle, Uncle Kyle.
    Then I remembered something, I told Iggy and Alex that I remembered when I was younger that they had this flea market on Sundays. And I remembered that sometimes artist sold their paintings way cheaper than galleries and that there was lots of other decorative stuff and furniture that was cheap to buy there too. So Alex looked on the city website and saw they still did it, so we decided to go to the flea market the next time they had it and try to get stuff for the apartment.
    Then I got ambushed, Iggy said, look Omar, you totally can do whatever you like in your room, but as one of your oldest friends, I gotta tell you, dude, you have a dead fish hanging over your bed. Like, do you really think a girl wants to look up from the bed and see that? Alex added, Oh, yeah, that needs to go Benali, I mean seriously. Then Iggy continued, maybe we could hang it in the bathroom and get a picture of a river or guys fishing or something, so it would be like a theme. Alex then said, Iggy you got a real talent for this decorating, that’s a great idea, its sporty but not something a girl would mind when she sees it. So, we hung my fish in the bathroom.-

    -Speaking of fishing, I was trying to think of things to keep Alex busy when we stayed at my house before moving to the city. So, one day I took him fishing, there’s a spot pretty close by the house that we went to. Then right before we left, Brett Hawkins showed up, he was passing through on his way back from a job interview and just stopped by, so I asked him to go fishing with us and we took off. Well, that was a mistake, not the fishing, not it itself. Brett had to leave after a couple hours and I had to go really bad, so we called it quits.
    Meanwhile, Uncle Kyle was at work and Salim had walked over to the community garden behind the house to talk to the gardener. That’s their new thing, gardening, Salim and Uncle Kyle, I mean, I guess it’s something they can both do together. That left Than at home alone, so when Becca showed up, out of the blue, Than answered the door and proceeded to “entertain” her, apparently for a while until the rest of the family showed up.
    I had come in through the back door because it’s closer to the bathroom, so when I got done and went to see where everyone was, I saw Becca standing in the front yard surrounded by my entire family and Alex, cr*p, I ran down to steps to her and what I caught of the tail end of the conversation made my blood run cold, Becca was saying something about Tara Flynn, holy mother of….. Please no.
    Alex winked at me, but I was not one bit reassured, I took Becca’s arm and ushered her into the house and kind of hugged her and started talking to her really casual like. But of course everyone followed us in. Uncle Kyle asked Becca to dinner, but she said she really had to leave soon, and he thankfully took off to the kitchen.
    Of course, Alex, Than and Salim stayed right there, Salim proceeded to grill Becca, literally, about her degree, her grades, where she was from. It was like he was a policeman trying to get a confession from some criminal. Then, Than asked her if she was “one” of my college girlfriends, of course he did. Alex, thankfully interceded and suggested he and Than go upstairs so Than could show him his latest drawing. Thank you Alex. Then Uncle Kyle called out for Salim to come in the kitchen. Thank you Uncle Kyle. I gave Becca a little kiss before she left, without an audience.
    So anyway, that’s how Alex got totally hooked on fishing, (see what I did there) and now he wants to go fishing again, but I’m just not sure whether there is any spots around here in the city.-

    Becca meets my family.

    -Alex has made it a mission, I guess, to get me and Iggy in shape, so he takes us to the gym with him sometimes and mentors us. Iggy loves it, he gets lots of exercise at work already though, and, honestly, I’ve never been a gym person. I just jogged in college, but I don’t want to get fat either and I’m pretty sedentary now. So I let Alex drag me to the gym and coach me, besides, I wouldn’t mind if I had more muscle definition and less body fat.-

    -I really want to ask Becca to be my girlfriend, so I’ve been thinking of thing to do, you know romantic stuff where it might be good to bring it up so I was kind of waiting till the romance festival happened. The Becca calls me and invites me to eat at a restaurant with her and before we even placed our order she says, so, Omar, are you seeing anyone else? I said, no, I was not and had not dated anyone else since college, I told her. Because, I’m not either and I was thinking it was maybe time we were exclusive, that we promised to not date any other people. Is that something you would be up for? Then I told her I wanted the same thing and about the romance festival and how I planned to ask her to be my girlfriend there already. Ok, she said, then we’re on the same page, then she and I ordered-

    -OK, so now the pressure is on, like, I want to ask Becca to spend the night. I want her to spend the night really bad and think about how to ask and, you know, other stuff, constantly. But, to be honest, I have no idea how to tactfully broach the subject. And I can’t really ask my roommates, that’s a no. Or Uncle Kyle or Salim, too much info there. But this is kind of new territory for me.-

    -So last night I invited Becca over to the apartment, I promised to cook dinner for her. I have a couple recipes Uncle Kyle taught me back in college that everyone likes, so I knew one of them would be safe. I’ve tried cooking new stuff since I moved here and there’s been some successes and some failures. It’s kind of hard with Alex because he’s a vegetarian, and a lot of the food Iggy and I like best has meat in it. But for Becca I wanted a sure thing, so I stuck with one of my standards.
    So the guys had other plans, well, supposedly, so we had the place to ourselves and finally, after dinner we were on the sofa talking, and then kissing, then making out, then I made a move and asked her if she wanted to spend the night. Yeah, I know, not original or clever, but at the time it was the best I cold manage. Anyway, she said she thought I would never ask, and said she had wanted to for a while. That her place was not good cause it was small and her roommate was in the next room and the walls were thin, so yeah, not ideal. And she didn’t want to invite herself, to my place. Plus, she wanted to be asked, not just assume. So, we went to my room and she spent the night.
    Unfortunately, at some point the guys got back and kind of figured out I was not alone, somehow. Then Uncle Kyle came over with towel sets for us and, well, they kind of had to tell him I wasn’t alone. They said he got kind of red in the face and left soon after, forgetting to leave the towels. So that happened.-

    -Alex, got a real job, Mr. Landgraab called him and told him to go to the Other Sports Team and see this guy, some alumnus of UF. Anyway he called and made an appointment and the man gave him an interview for a position as a personal trainer to the team. So Alex gets ready and he is not wearing a suit or even have on a port coat, and both Iggy and I told him you really need to wear a suit to this. But, of course, Alex doesn’t have one, luckily Iggy is about the same size, so he found a sport coat that fit well enough so Alex looks kind of professional. I guess the interview went well, because a few days after, Alex gets offered the job. It’s a really good job, the benefits and pay and Alex is totally doing what he went to school to do. So I’m kind of happy for him but kind of jealous too, because I’m not always the kind of person I want to be, I guess.-

    -Iggy graduated, he has a Communications Degree, he had a job lined up through the college and is working for some news blog already. And, I’m jealous of him now too, I’m kind of thinking I need to some job till I can find something in my field. I don’t like just spending money without some coming in, although the guys told me they totally had me covered, which made me feel worse somehow. (Sigh)-

    -I got a call from a firm I had sent my resume to and they wanted to interview me, it’s not robots, but the actually make computer chips and small parts that are used by servos and robots. So, it’s a start, the guy that interviewed me, Mr. Worthy was really impressed by my degree I could tell and the next week I got offered a job. OK, so it’s not ideal, but it’s in the ballpark and I officially start my very first job tomorrow.
    So, about the money thing, I went right out and bought a workstation like the one Mr. Gilly had, as soon as I got offered the job. It is work related plus I really wanted it. But, yeah, not the most responsible move I ever made. And I totally know that the workstation takes up a lot of space in my bedroom, and obviously is a bad decorating choice, judging from Iggy’s face when they delivered it, but I totally don’t care.-

    Omar admiring his new workstation.

    Origin ID is: sobenewbie
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    @ryttu3k awesome, I'll check them out!

    I been playing as a new couple, but I haven't posted anything about them. There was a kinda funny incident because of seasons so I decided to share: Valentina Mallory is an actress. She wants to be the famous but keeps losing the star awards. mNU3iDV.png Her husband is Calvin Riverwood, and he works as a politician. He was persuading potential voters when he met her, and it turns out they both had matching views, so they really hit it off. They've been together since.1pAacCF.png
    However due to their work schedules they had few times to see each other. And because of her jealously trait, she is constantly tense when she doesn't see him. It's usually visible while she's busy at work.ddjDsmT.png
    For one of her gigs she had to train her fitness skill, so I did the mistake of taking her to the gym during winter. After an hour of training, she ran outside and many sims started freezing to deathUswJKfT.png9Rl5t64.pngI was sad when I noticed Don Lothario was one of the victimslhPdz4f.pngValentina almost froze too9TjHPwi.pngAfter many hours of sims just passing away I couldn't leave the lot either because of deaths happening, there were so many urns scattered aroundXSOPcW7.pngEven someone who froze to death, came back as a ghost to watchMtezlqc.png When Moira Fyres was next, my sim plead to Death to revive her, so that all the deaths could be over with. She had the sad moodlets for 2 days already, and she had a job the next day, she couldn't go to work in such a bad mood.XglpQid.pngLuckily, her pleading helped, he revived Moira.fNLLYYB.png By the time it was over, she had witnessed 11 deaths. She was still to sad the next day so she didn't do too well at work sadly.But she saved someone atleast :D88DE0Qi.png
  • BlueSeaWavesBlueSeaWaves Posts: 3,401 Member
    Sad update on Valentina and Calvin. I really don't know what to do next. The couple tried for baby and they had Theodore Riverwood, Teddy for short :)zfbbrHG.png
    Her jealously certainly made for an interesting shot :D She was with Teddy and cause she needed to know where Calvin was, she was very tense :Dw97vRLU.pngBut when Calvin arrived back from work, she was happy to see himloeC1Ii.pngTeddy's so cute!ofxv26Y.pngValentina was hoping that she would win an award for her roles, but again didn't win anything9vJ8dfq.pngCalvin was very supportive of her thoughx9SkDiO.pngHe was working very hard to gain supportsN2WYojp.pngValentina was pregnant a 2nd time, and I'm not sure if it was hormones or her jealousy trait, but she was angry Calvin invited a woman to their home so he could gain her vote.3gjvLwD.pngThe real problem is this though, she gave birth to a healthy baby boy, Damian. Right after giving birth, 1 hour later she had an audition so she couldn't feed him and he got sent to daycare right away.kTmMEnM.pngShe got the role so started preparing herself and Damian, still the 1st day, was very hungry, I got a warning to feed him. Calvin was asleep and I didn't want to wake him, and Valentina was far away to feed him. So I was hoping to do the cheat to fill his needs...and accidentally clicked a blank option and he got taken away. :#:#:(Qyr7HQB.pngI'm so shocked, I wanted to exit the game but I don't think I saved for hours so I decided to just accept it.Valentina still has the moodlet from new baby, so she's pretty happy right now despite having her newborn taken away. :# I'm not sure to continue and pretend the newborn was kidnapped and is gone for good or something else. :sJOQm3F5.png
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    This is a preview of the fifteenth chapter. The full chapter's in the link: https://deafsimmerssims4stories.blogspot.com/2020/07/star-crossed-hearts-chapter-15-trailer.html

    The months shifted into another year. Josh and Millicent hadn't heard from Jasmine, and their daughter must have been angry at them. Was the teenager holding a grudge? Maybe Josh and Millicent had been too hard on her. No wonder the girl stormed off. Hopefully, Jasmine would find it in her heart to forgive them. One day, someone pounded the door just as Josh changed into his regular clothes.


    "Open the door!" Joakim demanded.

    "What do you want from me?" Josh retorted.

    Maxuelle scowled. "You heard him. If you don't open the door, the consequences will be unlike anything you've ever seen!"

    "My wife and I have magic, and we're not afraid to use it on you crooks!"

    "Magic? That explains why your daughter tricked us a few times."

    Josh cracked his knuckles. "I figured that you would try to hurt Jasmine! Have you done something to her?"


    Millicent crossed her arms as she lingered in the doorway. "What's this I heard about Jasmine? I hope the gangsters didn't do anything to my little girl! Had Ralston been involved?"

    Josh swung the door open. "You filthy thugs will regret it. Leave us alone or else. Once again, have you hurt my daughter?"

    Joakim's shoulders bounced with laughter. "The two of you are so fiery. Oh, and the little lady behind you is so gorgeous."

    Josh shoved Joakim backward. "You will not hurt my wife, either!"
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    edited July 2

    Unsuspecting, Brodie opened to mailbox in front of his Sulani home. A brown envelope was the only thing in it. Brodie’s name was in it, so he was the one who opened it.

    A stack of pictures came out of the envelope, the next one as compromising as the last one. They were pictures of his wife, Christin, in the arms of Max Villareal.

    Brodie felt angry, no, furious even. How dare Max hit on what’s his? Brodie already took his gang and now he was going to teach him a real lesson.

    Meanwhile, Max sat in the bathtub, smiling contentedly. Any moment now, Brodie would open his mailbox and find the pictures Max had taken to hurt him. And oh, he hoped it would. He even started humming a little. If everything went according to plan, the gang would soon be his to reign again.

    Later that day, the gang had a meeting on the agenda. Max knew this, of course, and everyone showed up as usual. That included devilishly angry Brodie. As soon as he saw Max, he got all up in his face, demanding answers.
    The first punch was thrown by Max. Brodie should learn some respect and Max would teach it to him. First lesson: Stay on your own turf and don’t come into Max’s aura.

    This made the gang leader dangerously irate. He pushed Max in his stomach, down to the floor. He went too far this time.

    Brodie got one good punch in, but Forrest pulled him back, trying to stop him from causing any more harm.

    Forrest wasn’t strong enough to pull Brodie back on his own, so Christin had to step in to get Brodie off of Max. Max could have fought back more but he decided to let it happen. It’s what he needed to achieve his goal. Veronica stood in the back, looking at the scene in front of her with a horrified expression. What had gotten into her brother? She didn’t know him like this and she was sad to say, he scared her.

    When Brodie finally got off Max, he started yelling. He wasn’t done and he needed Max to know that his revenge would be sweet.

    In return, Max scoffed. He announced he was taking his gang back and anyone who agreed should say ‘aye’. A chorus of ‘ayes’ came up. Brodie’s anger turned into defeat and sadness. He felt betrayed. Veronica would vote against him? His own sister? He expected something like this from Christin, but Veronica was as pure as they come. She had always been on his side. How did the tables turn?

    Max told Brodie to get off his property. Right now. The Hounds had no need for him any longer. Brodie knew when he was defeated. This was one of those times. But Max should watch his back because one win doesn’t mean he won the entire war.

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    One day, when Ralston visited a karaoke bar, he ran into Heather. The girl had a new look, but she had the same personality. No makeover or amount of foundation could mask her ugly heart. Did she seriously think she could win him over? Boy, was she mistaken! Was she here to frame him again? She had shared rumors with the public before. She flipped her hair, then smoothed her dress. She proceeded to pucker her lips. In response to this, Ralston rolled his eyes.


    "You're going back to Oasis Springs, whether you like it or not!" Heather shouted.

    "You can't make me," Ralston replied.

    "Your mother is worried sick."

    "Then why did she not call me ever since I left? It just shows how horrible she is. She's not a good mother."

    Heather snorted. "Who cares what you think?"


    Ralston crossed his arms. "Are you trying to manipulate me? Your intentions are loud and clear, you snobby little heiress."

    "Snobby?" Heather clenched her fists. "I'm fashionable, and my daddy always gives me gifts!"

    "I bet your parents never disciplined you. Is it any wonder you're acting like an entitled brat?"

    "Excuse me?"

    "You heard me. I bet no one has ever pointed out your attitude. You could drive a man crazy, and that would turn him off."


    Heather grabbed Ralston's hair and led him toward the street. "You're coming with me! Jasmine doesn't matter!"

    Ralston broke away and distanced himself enough to create some space between them. "I just told you! I'm not going back home, alright? You can get out of here. If you don't like Jasmine, just go away."

    "Ha. Very funny. I thought all the guys would prefer rich blonde girls with bright blue eyes."

    "Not all of us do. It doesn't matter what you look like. It's the content of your heart that turned me off. I won't date a girl who disrespects others and is such a spoiled piece of work."


    Heather lowered her brows. "Is that it? Is it why you hate me? I'll return with a vengeance, so watch your back!"

    "I won't be surprised if you wind up single and alone," Ralston replied.

    "You know what?"


    Ralston scowled. "What is it? You're so unbearable."

    "Let me finish. I'll date one of those gangsters when I'm older," Heather said. "Since no guy wants me!"

    "Go ahead and do it. I'll sit back and watch."

    "I'm going back to Oasis Springs. I'll send the gang here at one point."

    Ralston stormed toward his car, muttering under his breath as he scooted into the driver's seat. At least Heather didn't go after him. He would have found that annoying. Besides, he loved Jasmine more than he would ever love Heather.
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    Everyone doing okay? It's been pretty quiet!

    @sunblond ahh, that post-graduating 'what the heck do I do now?' thing is always fun! Honestly, bad singing at karaoke is really fun, you can actually get positive moodlets for it XD (Once my main got 3/100 in the karaoke contest. I was so proud.) Aww yeah decorating! And yeah, uh, the fish isn't cool XD Ohh jeez, the Big Brother Interrogation! But yeah, glad Omar and Becca are working it out. Great work with the job, too!

    @Duvelina ooooh jeez Max is up to no good! I almost feel bad for Brodie.
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    Hi guys!

    Sorry I've been MIA. My daughter is still here. She was going to leave on Tuesday morning, but she changed it to today, Thursday morning, and then changed it again to tomorrow morning.

    So I haven't been on the thread at all. Hopefully tomorrow afternoon I can get there and start replying again.

    Thanks to everyone who commented on the Diego and Hermes drama. That's not really a story line that I had planned on writing, so I'm not sure what will happen with it.

    Especially since I can't think of anything that Diego would have been gone doing that was so dangerous and would keep Hermes safe. Lol

    Anyway, I'm going to be back, I haven't deserted the thread!

    Gallery ID is ARIANNANEAL
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    Hi @ all,

    Right now I'm busy with some RL matters (it's my birthday today ;) ) and haven't much play sims since a week. When I have some time for sims, I stare at the screen and try to rebuild the family home, but honestly I'm not really happy with the result of it, so I'm in the lurker modus now and give awesomes to everyone here.
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    [long post ahead]
    → I'm sorry if it's not written well, but I've been having internet issues for the past hour and honestly, I just want to get this uploaded tbh.

    Ngl I'm not 100% sure where I left off, but I think it was with Max (renamed from Maaike), Jordy, Persephone, Athena and baby Lilith.

    Before I start spamming pictures (lol), I just want to say it's REALLY annoying trying to customize a hybrid. I have a few alien-vampire hybrids and ugh. So annoying. Outfits not saving, saving the wrong outfit/look for the wrong occult sub type. Pfffffffffff. It worked out for Lilith, but Esmee will remain in her Dark Form for now.

    So Persephone was the first one to leave the student house and settled with a guy she met in college. She was pregnant in her last semester (of college).
    She moved in a suburban neighbourhood in Windenburg with her husband and child.

    Athena followed shortly after and moved in a suburban street in Willow Creek with her fiancee

    Next up Jordy (now Jordynn) the mermaid. Before her transition she was dating a married woman. When she told her she was married Jordy decided to break up with her, Jordy was heartbroken.
    She graduated and became a Style Influencer. When interviewing sims about fashion she found herself flirting with a pizza delivery guy, who she later married.

    After moving in together she started her transition.


    Then Max started dating Lanula (no idea how to write her last name). When they moved in together, it appeared as Lanula had won the grand prize as she came with a million simoleans. I removed said money bc there would be no reason to play with them at that time, lol. Let's just say they donated it to charity. They both are very good people so I could definitely see them doing that.


    After a couple of sim weeks they had a daughter called Moana. She inherited the terribly difficult last name.

    I move from household to household pretty quickly, because I get bored fast. Went looking at some of my other families and I noticed quite the few teenagers. So I had them move out into apartments in Newcrest. The idea is to live together with some classmates of the same age to study together and go to college together.

    I split it into 2 households because there were quite a lot. So far they're all female, but that's because the boys are still toddlers/kids. Well born female I should say. The last sim identifies as non-binary.
    To do this I replaced quite a few lots in Newcrest with modern apartments, downloaded from the Gallery.

    Household 1:

    Here's Lilith, the vampire/alien(/servo?) hybrid. She's the daughter of J and Audrey


    Then we have Esmee, also a vampire/alien hybrid. She is the biological daughter of Dewi and Maaike.

    Then we have ... Natalie(?). I'm sorry, I'm terrible with names. She is the adopted older daughter of Dewi and Maaike.

    Lastly Lotte, daughter of Persephone and Kenny;

    Household 2:
    As I said, I'm bad with names. So I'll just mention their parents.

    This is the adopted daughter of 2 servos. Both servos dated Saar back in the day. After her death the 2 servos hooked up together and adopted 2 children. This is one of them.

    Next up are the twins from Ophelia and her firefighter husband;


    They're identical twins, but personality wise they differ a lot.

    P.S. I graduated college myself. :p

    Edit: This is probably the first time I've had this much LGBTQ+ representation in my game.
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    The months continued passing by, and the gang hadn't found the young couple yet. Maybe Jasmine could invite her parents to San Myshuno at one point. However, apartment life was proving to be more expensive and noisy than she thought. Sometimes the neighbors held parties at midnight, and she would have to bang the door hard enough to get their attention. The amount of time she spent with Ralston had caused them to be closer. Since they weren't eighteen yet, they hadn't gotten to that point in their relationship where they would make life-altering choices.


    There were times when the city's current mayor suggested questionable policies, so Jasmine and the others would take to the streets and organize protests. Once, the mayor attempted to pass a bill that would allow apartment living to become more expensive. This had angered the people who lived in San Myshuno. Someone hadn't even considered the fact that the poor were struggling to make ends meet. Jasmine and her boyfriend were one of the poorer individuals.


    Later on, Jasmine and Ralston changed into their other outfits and visited a park in another neighborhood. They dribbled the basketballs and talked about everything that came to their minds. Maybe, just maybe, Viveca would eventually forget about what was on the news. Yet Heather was obsessed with revenge. The heiress was jealous because Ralston chose Jasmine over her.

    "It's not everyday that a pair of seventeen-year-olds would live in an apartment together," Ralston said.

    "Yeah," Jasmine replied. "I'm sure we're destined to be together."



    Jasmine widened her stance and prepared to throw the basketball. "We'd have to elope, then go to Glimmerbrook, though."

    "Glimmerbrook?" Ralston replied. "The mysterious forest village?"


    "People say that there's something special about the small village."



    Ralston nodded. "Of course. About magic... do fairytales happen over there? Sleeping Beauty, Snow White, something like that?"

    Jasmine chuckled. "Who knows? Magic is real. I'm a spellcaster. However, it shouldn't be public knowledge."

    "Sure, it's private knowledge."



    The young couple approached the water, and as they gazed at the ocean, they held hands. Then, Ralston said, "I hope we'll be together for the rest of our lives, because you're my true love. You're the one for me."

    "That's sweet of you to say," Jasmine replied, blushing.
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    In my "Superstar" save, proper celebrity Carina Rollins won another award for her work in film.

    Her daughter, Francine Rollins, just aged up to a teen and I think she turned out gorgeous :)

    Her father is John Stamos... so, chances were likely she'd be pretty attractive haha.

    It's Winterfest time in the Rollins household. I went with a modern approach with the estate, but tried to give it a warm vibe during the holidays...

    That's basically it. I plan to follow Francine to university and make the rich family even richer :wink:

    Happy simming!
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    Thanks to everyone who commented on Mina and Caleb - I still have a million screenshots that I need to edit on what happens next, Caleb continues to finally express himself - he's such a funny sim (as in unusual!). I will do comments with that post.

    Just a quick update on my 100 babies save. My current sim is pregnant with baby 89. I will be so happy when this is over but will also miss it - its like playing a time management game (but full of toddlers).

    When a new sim takes over I usually redecorate the house but this time I built an entirely new house because Quin inherited so much money -
    Quin's new house:

    Quin loves his kids and being a Dad, I don't have to fight with him cancelling my choices when it comes to interacting with them. He loves to care for them autonomously too (unlike his mother and grandmother!).

    He also had the first mermaid child in the family.

    Quin is up to 16 children with 10 fathers - he is so charming that even before he earned beguiling and the reward from completing the serial romantic aspiration - he had no trouble romancing people... including
    Mark Eggleston (0ne of my favourite premades )
    Morgyn Ember (after a quick adjustment in CAS just for this challenge only)
    and Paka'a Uha

    Some are incredibly romantic - Alika came rushing in the house and swung Quin over like this and caught myself and Quin by surprise.
    and others can't deal with the fact that their time with Quin is over - poor Wolfgang was sad to see Quin flirting with someone so ran off to cry in Quin's bed - only to find Gavin Richards asleep in the bed. Awkward is an understatement

    Not everyone is a member of the Quin fan club, my poor sim Minty was MCC married to Morgyn. You can see how impressed she was to find them trying for a baby.

    Poor Rohan,
    who is perpetually stuck as a teen, has trouble seeing all Quin's boyfriends. Especially as they still retain a pink romantic relationship from when Quin was a teen.

    He stops by and cleans autonomously...

    and interacts with the children..

    one day he almost died when he got stuck behind some equipment in Quin's gym.

    Thankfully, some of the romantic mods let Quin give him a little affection so they can maintain their relationship until we get to baby 100 (which I intend to be Rohan's - ( as a young adult)

    Quin has never looked at any of the other sims quite like this.

    Random things
    This daughter was treated very poorly by the game when she aged up (curse you bad MAC makeup!)

    So she became one of the rare sims that got a big makeover - usually I fix colour clashes or the odd piece of clothing / hairstyle.

    My evil. mean child also got stuck behind the gym equipment - it was tempting to leave him there as he caused chaos in the house.

    And this happened for some reason...

    Brytani Cho decided to do her walkbys dressed like this - perhaps she went to the Emperors New Clothes boutique.

    I caught one of Diego Lobo's sons pretending he wasn't looking, while staring and texting like crazy. That is one sneaky facial expression.

    And unfortunately this had to happen - I hadn't used Johnny in previous generations (not expecting Malcolm's child to be the heir!) This would never happen in a more reality based save but I wanted every male premade so I am just ignoring the implied family connection.

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    Months later, the young couple visited the lighthouse in Brindleton Bay. It was a crisp morning, and the breeze whipped Jasmine's ponytail. Everything was calm... perhaps a little too peaceful. Almost as if it was the lull before the disaster. She didn't want to think about it. Especially not now. Not when she was trying to have a wonderful romance. She intended for them to have a future together, not apart.


    "Are we going back to Oasis Springs at one point?" Jasmine asked.

    "I don't know," Ralston replied.

    "My father's supposed to take down the gang. I've tried talking to him on the phone. As far as I know, the coast isn't clear yet."

    "Is he a police officer?"

    "He's a secret agent. Somewhat like government work."

    "He must be important."

    Jasmine nodded. "He is. Even the president approves of him."

    Ralston chuckled. "I can imagine that. Has he ever worked in the military?"

    "No. He's more focused on fighting the criminals, especially high-profile crooks."


    "I feel like we have to go back at one point. We can't run forever," Ralston explained.

    "There could be remaining hostility between your mother and my parents," Jasmine said.

    "When I first saw you..."

    "What, now?"

    "You stole my heart."

    "You're the best boyfriend a girl could ever ask for."


    Jasmine released Ralston. "Also, I have never been to Brindleton Bay. Let's say we take a tour around this sleepy harbor town, hmm?"

    "Perfect idea," Ralston replied.

    "Yeah, for sure. First off, let's visit the legendary mansion. Since I have a sixth sense, I might sense the ghosts lingering in the grand halls."

    "Eh, who knows? I've never encountered a ghost once in my entire life."


    Jasmine playfully punched Ralston's shoulder. "What would you do if you see one, though?"

    "It depends on my mood," Ralston replied, chuckling. "You're being ornery again."

    "What you see is what you get." Jasmine smirked as she pulled Ralston into a tight embrace. "Now give me that kiss."

    Ralston kissed Jasmine, and it became a passionate makeout. When he pulled away, he said, "You're so endearing whenever you tease me."

    Jasmine blushed. "Haha, thanks."


    Ralston backed away. "Alright, let's get to the town right now."

    "As long as things are okay, we'll spend the entire day in Brindleton Bay," Jasmine replied.

    Or would they?
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    @ryttu3k I love your premades in their Pride outfits <3

    I forgot to add this above
  • ryttu3kryttu3k Posts: 1,024 Member

    So that's Chester Vatore, father to Caleb and Lilith. The Sim calling him is his mother Maria. Manny is Maria's husband and Chester's father.

    "Hi, Mum! Yes, it is nice I became friends with Dad, isn't it?"

    @AlwaysAsking glad you're still around! Yeah, family visits can be like that, heh. For Diego's mission, hmm. Maybe he was going undercover to spy on anti-magic people or... something?

    @Daravi happy birthday!!

    @Becka28 "poor Wolfgang was sad to see Quin flirting with someone so ran off to cry in Quin's bed - only to find Gavin Richards asleep in the bed" Oh my!! Although Wolfgang does have the Gloomy trait, so maybe he was just Like That? You're getting near the end, good luck!

    And thanks!
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    @Becka28 You're a braver woman than me - I couldn't do that. With Johnny, I mean. Knowing that he's his uncle... I couldn't. :lol: But hey, you have a mission to accomplish! Good work so far, Quin's doing fantastically. In my challenge, Safiya (Salim's daughter) was the most motherly and domestic out of the 4 matriarchs and autonomously did a lot for the kids, as well as Kini's daughter with Cameron Fletcher. As a teen, she helped out tremendously. Kini herself wasn't very maternal, sadly. Seems like there's always at least one who's well suited for the job!

    @ryttu3k Not only was your post on those select premades for Pride Month the greatest, but it was educational, too! I didn't know what "aro-ace" meant for Raj so I looked it up and learned a lot. Love everyone's outfits, too.

    @Duvelina Congratulations to Hugo, that's quite the accomplishment! (And it is - I can't begin to count how many times my active sim has been nominated and has never actually won!) And whoa, I hope Nelson's ok.
    Though my soul may set in darkness, it will rise in perfect light;
    I have loved the stars too truly to be fearful of the night.
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