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What happen in your game today/most recently?


  • hushfireflyhushfirefly Posts: 1,914 Member
    @Conclue So cool to hear you're back into it and enjoying yourself :blush: Totally get the special something Sims 2 has over the other Sims titles! Very impressed you still have your original families from the beginning, wish I still had mine. I miss this country farmhouse I built and the family ran this cute little bakery in Bluewater. I tried redoing it but it's not the same :disappointed:

    @Demery27 I do the same thing with Mary Sue. I would kick Daniel either out of the house or give him the couch, get Mary her old job back and eventually pair her up with Darren. Though since Freetime, I get her back into pottery and make that her job. Something she loved doing before have the twins :smile: Nina was always a lot sweeter and nicer than Dina so it doesn't surprise me she looks after Dina's kids. Nice that she has her own now, though boo on Dina for being neglectful and wanting more :confused: Always love when the parents get the Want to see their kids married and you can manage to do it! Would love for at least one set of Legacy grandparents to live to see their grandkids older than toddler. They live really long but I can never seem to time it, might have to spend their points on Elixir Of Life one time. Looks like you've been making a lot of progress!
    Once you've met someone you never really forget them. It just takes a while for your memories to return.
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    Pic Spam!
    Aeolus called his sister up to his share his discovery! I forgot this was a feature of Bon Voyage. It was sweet since their dad found that conch on their beachfront when he first moved in :blush:
    Blodwen has the Pleasure Aspiration so was constantly rolling to have dates. Called the Matchmaker and splashed out the cash!
    Even though she paid the max amount, they had no chemistry? Just complete rejection of everything and their conversation was so poor. So Blodwen had a fail first date.
    Branwen decided to take advantage while the Matchmaker was still around and tried her luck!
    She did much better than her sister but still struck out and had a bad date :disappointed: One thing, when I was asked to pick a gender for Blodwen, I took too long to decide and it just chose for me? I did the same with Branwen. Didn't click anything, waited and again it just moved onto price. They both got girls. So does it always pick the same gender of the person asking? Does anyone else know? I don't mind, I quite like the feature if it is a feature! I hope it picks randomly, so it feels more like they were choosing what they wanted instead of me deciding.
    Blodwen went to cook dinner, I guess to cheer herself up. After awhile the phone rang and it was her failed date calling to talk. I went to check on everyone else and suddenly had the picture in picture window come up and heard the fire alarm. I thought Blodwen had cooked dinner and ate it before answering the phone but nope, she left it in the oven! Burnt roast turkey. Obviously Blodwen was not having a good night!
    The twins decided to leave dating to their adult years and concentrate on their future careers. For Blodwen that was buttering up her mentor which she will eventually usurp :naughty:
    With Branwen, she was in politics and wanted to be Mayor. Of course, every Mayor needs to learn how to lie so she asked her mother, the criminal mastermind, for some lessons!
    I was getting a bit bored running out the days until everyone ages. I noticed everyone was out at work one night, except Aeolus and Blodwen. So I had them pillow fight and then watch a movie :smile:
    When Branwen came home first, Blodwen decided to start a water balloon fight! Haha, her expression is so evil. When their folks got home, I got them all to join in! Glad I did. I kinda forget to let the family, be a family and do fun things together. I get caught up in trying to rush through this Legacy challenge and then I get annoyed with routine. So yea, going to try to play each generation as it's own thing because it was really cute watching them all have fun :smiley:
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    Once you've met someone you never really forget them. It just takes a while for your memories to return.
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    @hushfirefly Your pictures are awesome😁 and yes I might kick Dina out and have Nina raise her Sister kids by herself she has taught them their toddler skills and what not and she's really attached to them even though they're her nieces
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    @Demery27 I spend more time taking pics than actually playing :lol: I've been trying to cut down as that story album is going to have to house 26 generations worth of pics :sweat_smile: I find that interesting about Dina. I was going with the neglectful parents story. Aderyn and Sterling have one nice point, are pretty mean and no interest in the twins. Aeolus raised the twins and spends all the time with them, yet they have 100% relationship with their parents. I think it must be because the twins also have only one nice point and mean interactions make them happy and raise their relationships :lol:
    Once you've met someone you never really forget them. It just takes a while for your memories to return.
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    Kaltenschnee I
    Sofia Kaltenschnee (neé Bjergsen) got her first set of twins (Anna and Thomas). Frank M. D. is so happy about being a father. He can even think of more kids. That is why they are remodeling their house. The grandparents Edith M. D. and Andreas M.D. are very happy, too. With all these M.D.s in the paternal family it is clear that both babies have to become doctors once they are adults. Let's see if they agree on that.

    Kaltenschnee II
    Henning M. D. and Dorothea von Sonnenburg bought a castle. They are busy furnishing it and leveling up in their careers (doctor and scientist). They also got engaged recently.

    Morty Roth turned into an elder without knowing his beloved second son Don-Carlos is not his but Don Lothario's. Stella will turn into an elder soon and she is willing to keep this secret (Don-Carlos and Kordula being Don's kids) forever. Alessio (I renamed him) is preparing for university. He is a nerd and is looking forward to attending uni but at the same time he will miss his brother Don-Carlos. Despite their age gap they are very close.

    Swen turned into a teenager and Dustin moved out. Beau is happy that the place is not as crowded any more.

    Daniel and his second wife Kaylynn Langerak had their second baby. A girl named Julie. Or so Daniel thinks. The actual father of the baby is Gilbert Jacquet.

    Ida turned into a teenager. Ava is preparing for university. Calla and Elsa are members of the Tri-Var-Sorority. Bjorn and Clara are both elders and think about to getting retired.

    Hugo and Max are trying to get along. But Max is extremly furious that his "girlfriend" Miranda left him. Max cannot cope with his anger. Is this the best environment for Hugo's adoptive daughter Sebastiana? What does social service say about that when/if they find out? Luckily Luna went off to Sim State university so she does not know of all this trouble. However, at a party she meet a guy she seems to be very interested in. His name is Don Lothario.

    Jules went to Sim State University and is very unhappy that the only dorm room available is in the same dorm where her ex-boyfriend Jacob Martin and his new girl Sandra Roth live. However, she does not want to stay at home either as her father Gabe found a new love after his divorce from Jules' mother: Miranda Capp.

    Darren turned into an elder. Dirk moved back in after graduatiing. He wants to become an actor. Will he ever find out that he has got a half-brother (result of an affair with Nina Caliente)?


    Ruben I
    Steffanie Ruben gave birth to her first child. A girl called Johanna. Joshua would have been even happier if it was a boy. But I think they will give it a second try.

    Allegra Gorey gave birth to her first child as well. It is also a girl. Castor and Allegra named her Celestine Nova. They are running a small store downtown Bluewatervillage to sell their work of art.

    Ashley Pitts got married to Brittany Pitts neé Upsnott. He is working as a natural scientist and she as an artist.

    Pleasant II
    Dustin Broke and Lilith Pleasant moved into an apartment together after her graduation from Sim State University. Dustin is working in the criminal career while Lilith is still thinking about what she might want to to for a living.

    Gavin and his girlfriend Angela Pleasant moved into an apartment together after both graduatd from Sim State University. Gavin already found a job as a journalist.

    Ruben II
    Martin and Jane are living in a small house together. The engagement happened when they were still at university. None of them is talking about marriage or children yet. Jane Stacks is pushing her career as a psychologist (others would call this career "paranormal") while Martn has no clue what to do with his bachelor degree in Mathematics.

    Kevin is working as a lawyer and his girlfriend Heather Huffington as an actress. While he is thinking about getting married and having kids, she wants to pursue her career.
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    List of my TS4 games:
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    Wow @Erja888, you have so much going on :o So many amazing families and you've given them each their own stories :heart: I don't know how you can keep up with all of them! Really like you paired Dustin and Lilith together, always thought they were much more suited for each other than Angela.
    Once you've met someone you never really forget them. It just takes a while for your memories to return.
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    @hushfirefly oh wow and I love seeing pics I wish I can upload pics Everytime I try they end being small so I rather type out the stories lol @Erja888 Awesome story hope to see more I like seeing other players have pleasantview characters meet other characters from the other neighborhoods
  • Demery27Demery27 Posts: 180 Member
    I moved Angela, Dustin and their Adult Daughter Luna into a Townhome. Angela is now an elder, Dustin will be an elder the following day. Luna is engaged to be married to a guy Named Cooper. I also moved in Angela's Parents so they can be closer to their granddaughter. I plan to age up the following Sims (technically some of them are supposed to be dead lol) Don Lothario, Cassandra Lothario, Dina and Nina Caliente and Kaylynn Langerak. Brandi and her Husband are about to Die soon. I went back to Lilith and Dirk's household (in previous threads Lilith and Darleen were pregnant at the same time and gave birth on the same day a few hours apart from each other) I aged up their sons Luke (Lilith and Dirk's son) and Rashad (Darleen and Darren's son) to kids and will age them up soon so they can be ready for college. Lilith and Dirk are now elders as well. I had Dirk redo his wife's restaurant named after their Daughter (it was too big and spacy).
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    Hi, Everyone :mask:

    Doggonit... I made comments but didn't save draft. :cry:

    @playermarko456 He's Adorable! :heart:

    @Conclue Hi, Nice to see ya! :mrgreen: I've never been able to keep a Sims 2 Sim very long. Sounds like a Great neighborhood.

    @Demery27 Are you sharing the snapshot or the thumbnails? Thumbnails are for the ingame story editor. Not that the snapshots are bigger these days but they work nicely. :smile:
    Your Stores are interesting though. I like have involved your neighborhood is with the original families. :cookie:

    @hushfirefly I just love your picture updates. Your Sims are adorable and have interesting lives. :heart:

    @Erja888 How Fun! A full neighborhood and subhoods. :+1: Is it a Megahood or just subhoods? Either way, Love it. :mrgreen:

    I've added a New family to my BaCC. I'm playing sporadically so it's still on the first week (fall). :(
    It's a Legacy challenge family with a side of a Wantacy added. The Twist: I'm following the Simmer who has been my favorite writer for years - Candi02065. Yes, I'm doing a Copacy. :lol:
    I won't be marrying in the Same Exact Sims but they'll be Imperfect Clones I make in CAS turned into Townies.

    I'm pretty sure she used face 2 and I named him James Copacy:

    He's a Pleasure Sim with a LTW of 50 1st dates (so much easier than her 50 dream dates). Being a Wantacy in a BaCC, and knowing he'd never want a business but knowing it's the best way to meet a lot of Sims, James opened a Bowling alley, it went with his outfit, too.

    His first date was my Simself (Not Planned) and she's so dumb she thinks swimming and skiing use the same hand motions. O.o
    They just bowled.

    I finally opened up the Service option so he could use the Matchmaker. (I made a smaller version of Candi's house. I don't really know the layout so it's just a trailer) :mrgreen:

    He did meet his future wife at his bowling alley (she is a Romance Sim). I wanted her to be his last date but it never works out how I plan.
    Her name is Mandy. She wants to have 20 Simultaneous loves. :lol:

    They are hitched and it was an interesting wedding. :heart:
  • Demery27Demery27 Posts: 180 Member
    @Rflong7 I was trying to upload snap shots from imgur by going through my neighborhood folder but Everytime I try to upload it some of the pics are small and some of them are Regular size And Thank you I love playing pleasantview 😀
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    @Demery27 Always find it sad when the first adult sims you play age into Elders :disappointed: I just want to play them forever but it gets a bit weird when all their kids and grandkids are adults too! Unless you make them all vamps :lol: With regards to your pic problem, I went with Postimage.org for uploading since there's no log ins and just use the Hotlink For Forums, tho I just copy the "img-/img" bit so no advertising or watermark. Just make sure you're picking the snapshot labeled ones in your file, when I'm uploading I sometimes make the mistake of picking the thumbnails :smile:

    @Rflong7 That's usually the reason why I fail Legacy challenges haha, I want to play out the stories I have for them but time is a big factor in Legacy challenges and I don't want to cheat. There needs to be a book printed with every Sims Challenge or maybe I am just so behind on all of them! I do abide by the general Wantacy rules already just for fun because it totally changed my way of playing and I love that it kinda makes them their own person. Have to say I found the 20 Simultaneous loves really easy to do. Whoever you meet just call them on the phone and just talk, which gets the relationship up to 100 for me, then just invite them around and entertain-flirt! Woohooing 20 is the trickier one for me. Sometimes the game bugs and doesn't count them :angry:
    Once you've met someone you never really forget them. It just takes a while for your memories to return.
  • Demery27Demery27 Posts: 180 Member
    @hushfirefly Thanks for the tip! And yes it's weird for the Sims to be the same age lol that's why I need to hurry and age them up so I can make room for the next generation
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    I'm a crazy (outside the box) builder. While finishing up a world/hood (new) I decided to build my own billboards. I took a vacant lot and some columns (multi-story) some clear flooring (so I could place a wall above them). I painted the 'billboard' with some wallpapers that made a mural or some ad like posting. Viola, now have some billboards around the hood seen while in neighborhood view. No cc needed. I do stuff like this all the time. In one hood I put the alley pieces as backroads (asphalt ones) driving up to the Maxis hood decor of the factory. Built a parking lot around it (with the alley pieces) and placed some custom hood cars in parking spaces. lol :p But sometimes I get carried away with making immersion for my hoods, and have to remember the more I build for immersion or place in the hoods the more it has to render and may slow down scrolling etc. But I loved TS2 because it's where my imatination never ends.

    ETA: And a shout out to a wonderful person over at MTS who had uploaded parking lots to place near your won lots. Forgot their name, but they inspired me for me to do the same. So, now if there is a community lot that looks like it should have had a lot of parking I place vacant lots near there (it will look connected to the lot if placed correctly) and used MOO to place the NL cars. They look great from hood view and from lot view.. I know it takes up space in a hood, but TS2 hoods are so large we always have the space. :D Another trick I learned years ago with the rock wall that I think came in Seaons? If you put it on the very edge of the lot then a lot next to it, you can continue this fence so that will also look like part of your Sim's lot..no lot extenstion necessary (unless you just want one) so you could make a farm look like it has Beck's horses beside it or behind it etc. or whatever. That fence is the best one to do that.
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    "Games Are Not The Place To Tell Stories, Games Are Meant To Let People Tell Their Own Stories"...Will Wright.


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    I went back to Alex Goth and His Family took them on Far East Vacation where Aiden found a map to get to the wise old man (secret location) they listened to the Dragon legend from the wise old man and went back to their Hotel. Brooke learned how to give massages from the masseuse, while Alex was too busy enjoying the Sauna. Cortez and Prince was watching a movie together and enjoying their sibling time. I added the Ottomas family to my rotation I realized I sent the oldest David to college early on in the game. when his parents are near the elder stage I'll bring him back to pleasantview I moved them into a big house with 4 bedrooms and 3 bathrooms Samantha had her twins a boy and a girl who I named Maddie and Madison. I grew Tommy into a child since he had learned his toddler skills already. I changed Peter's Career (His lifetime want is to be a Chef) Dora lost her job as Substitute teacher Because of a chance card 😒 so now she's just helping raise her grandkids. Samantha wants 10 Kids but that's not going to happen! lol.
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    That is a really awesome idea, @Cinebar!!! I would have never thought to try and build my own billboards. You're so creative :blush:

    @Demery27 Learning how to give massages takes forever, right? I'm used to them learning things quick but everything they learn on vacation is a much longer learning time. Gah, I want to make some new families so bad reading about yours and everyone elses on here haha I always do rotations and it's been real hard to just stick with this one family.

    Speaking of this one family, it's finally the twins birthday! Blodwen, as the oldest twin goes first. She pretty much looks the same. Honestly they both do haha Blodwen will be my heiress for this Gen. She is a Pleasure Sim with a LTW in the Slacker career, of course :expressionless: I will achieve that but I do want to take her down the Path Of Darkness and see what Sims 2 witches are like because I never bothered to play them before.
    Branwen doesn't look any different as an adult either. I think their faces just got a bit longer. She is a Popular Sim with a LTW of becoming Mayor, which I'll do for her. I thought it will be interesting trying to run while you're sister is the Wicked Witch :tongue:
    Blodwen decided to kickstart her love life and met Phaedra at the Lost in Love Hedge Maze :wink: She was shy about talking to her but they hit it off and even went on date! I don't know why all sims on dates want to Slow Dance even when their relationship is really low. Thankfully, Phaedra agreed. Blodwen looks so happy there, it's really cute :love:
    Next step was becoming her childhood dream and her Uncle's girlfriend was happy to help :naughty:
    Once you've met someone you never really forget them. It just takes a while for your memories to return.
  • emorrillemorrill Posts: 6,509 Member
    Part of me really wants to play Sims 2 for a little while again. Some of y'all have some amazing looking Sims and objects and I am curious where y'all find your CC. :blush:

    I just don't want it to distract me from writing my Sims 3 story. :p
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    I started playing The Sims 2 today! I got two essential mods: one for shorter pregnancies and one for an adjusted lifespan.

    In my first household of six total in my custom town, my sims had TWINS!!! I was confused because, as far as I know, it’s nearly impossible, but then I checked the pregnancy mod with SimPE and saw that it added a 10% chance of twins for everyone. I guess I just got lucky! (I’m also lucky that the mother has the family aspiration!)

    In the second household, one of my sims got fired on the first day of work! I wasn’t expecting that either! The Sims 2 is not playing around!
  • Lucy_HenleyLucy_Henley Posts: 437 Member
    Sooo, I’ve decided to reinstall Sims 2. I had a story idea I wanted to implement. I will probably need to get Fraps to take good-quality screenshots, and I may yet download a couple of mods. I’ll give you a quick overview of what I’ve done so far...

    I opened Pleasantview and linked it with Sim State University, and created a household. I called it “Good Friends” for want of a better name and moved them in to a custom dorm rather than one of the pre-made ones. The members of the household are Carolyn Schuster, Martin Parker, Lydia Conners and Ravi Chandra. They’ve just finished their first exams... screenshots will be coming later, not the greatest quality, but still.
  • Demery27Demery27 Posts: 180 Member
    @hushfirefly Your Sims look like they're enjoying the birthday party I love how your sims look and yes learning things on vacation take so long lol I can leave my desktop to tend to something come back and they're still learning something while on vacation lol @Lucy_Henley I can't wait to see what kind of story you'll have for your Sims. @Simtown15 Congrats on the twins! Hopefully your sim that got fired will get back on their feet. @emorrill I hope you do give us some more Sims 2 stories in your spare time I miss playing Sims 3😢 hopefully when I get a better Desktop I'll be able to play it
  • hushfireflyhushfirefly Posts: 1,914 Member
    @emorrill Noo, don't get distracted, keep writing!!! Flee from this thread :tongue:
    @Simtown15 Whaaaat? There's an adjusted lifespan mod :astonished: Why did I not think to look for one before! This will help me so much with the teen lifespan, it is just way too long. Thanks so much for bringing it up :heart: Are twins really that rare? I admit I never got a lot of twins in my fourteen years playing but I didn't think it was that special? Well, congrats on achieving them! Sorry your sim got fired, maybe it's a sign to choose a new career path :smile:
    @Lucy_Henley Looking forward to reading about your story idea! Always great to have new inspirations :blush:
    @Demery27 Fire Dancing felt like eternity! I had to bring my Sim back the next day to learn the rest because their motives were so low. Agree with you on getting a new Desktop, I'll be back to Sims 3 too. I miss the customisation so much, writing stories and posing sims for pics :disappointed: Tho, Sims 2 still has the best charm to it. I never get bored unlike the others. There's always some new feature or quirk to see!
    Once you've met someone you never really forget them. It just takes a while for your memories to return.
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    @hushfirefly I saw in a tutorial video that there are only four ways to get twins.
    1. Aspiration reward for family
    2. Cheesecake
    3. Genetics
    4. Forcetwins

    So I wasn’t expecting them at all!

    Also, I shortened the teen stage as well. It’s now just 8 days instead of 14! As for the sim that got fired, unfortunately, the career he was in was the one for his lifetime want, so... I guess he won’t be achieving it. :(
  • Lucy_HenleyLucy_Henley Posts: 437 Member
    I think I once had twins without using the cheesecake cheat, which is how I usually get them. (Usually after I’ve used testingcheats to crank the cooking level to 8 so that cheesecake can be made in the first place). I’m actually tempted to get a multiples mod (one on Simbology by twojeffs) which could even get me triplets or quads :D what can I say, I love big families. Although I can see myself using cheats to keep everyone’s moods up. Four screaming babies is enough to drive even Family Aspiration Sims mad :D:D

    I don’t usually play with premade families, at least not for very long. I might start doing that, though. Not sure who to go with.
  • Lucy_HenleyLucy_Henley Posts: 437 Member
    Carolyn, Martin, Lydia and Ravi met in high school. When it came time to go to university, they thought it'd be cool to move into a dorm together. They went to a photography studio to get a fun group photo before they started, but were a little confused when there seemed to be no-one behind the camera.


    They'd been attracted to "Funki Dorms" because the rooms had ensuite bathrooms. They'd had enough of shared bathrooms through summer camps to be put off sharing communal toilets for life.
    So, they moved in, and claimed their rooms. Carolyn and Martin were on the bottom floor, and Lydia and Ravi went for the top floor. Carolyn was nearest the entrance, and Martin nearest the kitchenette, which would be perfect for late-night snacking.


    As a Knowledge Sim, Lydia was the first to declare her major. She knew she wanted to be a journalist, as she'd enjoyed contributing to the high school newspaper. Hoping to get some answers to Life's Big Questions, she enrolled in the Philosophy major.


    "Are you looking forward to college?" Martin asked.
    "Oh yeah," Carolyn replied. "Imagine... no more math. I hated Algebra and Geometry, they gave me nightmares."
    "Same," Martin shuddered. "Have you decided on your major yet?"
    "Nope. No idea what I wanna do after college... I should check the course catalogue. I'm staying the heck away from Mathematics though."


    Martin left the room, and Carolyn hopped onto the computer. "Majors, majors, majors... ugh. So many choices. Wait, I always enjoyed drama at school... the acting kind, not the OMG-Taylor-and-Jake-Broke-Up-AGAIN kind. Yeah, think I'll go for Drama."


    Carolyn was intrigued to spot a ballet barre on the top floor. She'd taken ballet class as a kid, and wasn't sure if she remembered all the moves. She grabbed the barre, and the memories came flooding back! "Wow, this is awesome! And being flexible and able to dance will surely help me with my major."


    Despite having his own desk in his room, Martin decided to use Carolyn's desk to complete his assignment. Carolyn was too dead to the world to care.


    OH HELLO. Turns out Martin had long had a crush on Carolyn, since being together in tenth grade Geometry, but had never quite had the courage to make a move. After flirting a little, which Carolyn happily accepted, Martin did what he'd wanted to do for years... kiss her!!


    Viola, one of the college cheerleaders, had been only too happy to visit the newest batch of freshmen and introduce herself. She was less than impressed, however, when a rogue cow mascot also popped by. She'd never understood their aggression and rudeness, but was only too keen to prove herself.


    Time passed, and the first exams were soon looming. Feeling a little nervous, the group went off to the exam room, and were ecstatic a couple of hours later when they learned that they had all achieved an A+ grade, earning 1,200 Simoleons each plus a spot on the Dean's List! All of them determined to do the best they could for the rest of their degrees.




    Carolyn - Drama
    Martin - Biology
    Lydia - Philosophy
    Ravi - Economics


    Carolyn - Music and Dance
    Martin - Tinkering
    Lydia - Music and Dance
    Ravi - Sports

    I've also got Fraps now, so hopefully the screenshots will be much better quality in future.
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    emorrill I hope you do give us some more Sims 2 stories in your spare time I miss playing Sims 3😢 hopefully when I get a better Desktop I'll be able to play it.
    ^I'll see what I can do. ;)
    Aww, I'm sorry you're unable to play Sims 3 right now. :( Wish I had all the money in the world to send you a brand spakin' new gaming laptop. <3

    emorrill Noo, don't get distracted, keep writing!!! Flee from this thread :p
    ^Lol! :lol: Thanks for the smile. :blush: I guess I should huh? But but... :lol:
    I can't remember if you've read my stories on the main Sims 3 thread. :)

    I started playing The Sims 2 today! I got two essential mods: one for shorter pregnancies and one for an adjusted lifespan.
    ^Yay! :smiley: Would you mind sharing where you found those mods? Or are they on MTS?

    @Lucy_Henley Hey chica! :grin:
    Carolyn, Martin, Lydia and Ravi met in high school. When it came time to go to university, they thought it'd be cool to move into a dorm together. They went to a photography studio to get a fun group photo before they started, but were a little confused when there seemed to be no-one behind the camera.
    ^Lol! :lol: That was cute.
    I like the name Ravi. :)
    "Are you looking forward to college?" Martin asked.
    "Oh yeah," Carolyn replied. "Imagine... no more math. I hated Algebra and Geometry, they gave me nightmares."
    ^I feel Carolyn on this SO much! Exactly why I too stayed the heck away from Math when I was at college. :p
    Aww, that kiss! <3
    And the cheerleader fighting the cow mascot! :lol: Ah, I miss this game sometimes.
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