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What happen in your game today/most recently?


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    @Simtown15 Thanks so much! 🤗
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    Four screaming babies is enough to drive even Family Aspiration Sims mad :D:D

    Tell me about it! The twins’ mother has the family aspiration and had both a want AND a fear to have a child!
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    Anyways, in order to keep the sim population in check, I’ve come up with a childbirth game rule.

    Family Aspiration: 3 kids
    Romance Aspiration: 1 kid
    Other Aspirations: 2 kids

    Also, out of the 7 babies born in the first rotation, there are 5 girls and only 2 boys. Any ideas on what to do with the extra girls when they’re older? Maybe I could have a boy with the romance aspiration impregnate all of them? Hmm...
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    Hey @emorrill ! With three different versions of Sims on my laptop, it’s going to be hard splitting my time between them all...

    I just ordered Apartment Life off eBay. I’ve never had it before so I’m excited! Rather unfortunately I lost the manual for Bon Voyage so I couldn’t install it. I’m not too bothered by it, though. I much prefer Sims 3 World Adventures!
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    I’ve figured out what I’m going to do. I’m going to have one of the girls have the romance aspiration, but have her be a lesbian and cheat on her wife with the other girl.
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    Since I've been stuck in quarantine for about 3 weeks now, I decided to do a brand new rotational play of all the premade families in Pleasantview. I just had to share the epic disaster that just occurred on my second round through the families.

    I'm playing the Ramirez family. I was allowing Checo to continue running the furniture store, his wife got a job in the Medicine career, and Tessa is a straight A student who loves playing the piano. It's a quiet night, Lisa had just left for work, Tessa was in her room doing homework, and I tasked Checo with tuning the piano and fixing the TV. Checo had tried to fix the TV the night before and had electrocuted himself, so I had him get a couple of points in the mechanical skill. Unfortunately, because the business is not making much profit, we didn't have enough to just buy a new TV and I needed something to build fun fast.

    Needless to say, Checo got electrocuted again and died. Because Tessa is only a child, she can't plea for his life. Ok, I'll accept this.

    Then I get a notification that it isn't a good idea to leave Tessa home alone. I assumed that the game would just spawn a babysitter so Lisa could finish her shift.

    Next thing I know a SOCIAL WORKER arrived at the house to take Tessa away.

    Now, not only has Checo died, but Lisa has lost custody of Tessa!

    I could leave things like this, but that is a nightmare and I had only played them for a few hours of their three day total, so I'm just going to reload the last save.

    But it's stuff like this that makes TS2 so much better than TS4.
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    I've been having fun with Fraps. Enjoy this screenshot of Martin! I can see why Carolyn has a crush...

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    @Simtown15 I forgot all about the cheesecake cheat! I guess my legacy ones must be genetic coz I didn't do any of those! Though I believe the game was punishing me because I only wanted one child per generation :unamused: I give Family sims two kids but that's it, get a pet if you want more kids :lol: You could use/earn his points to get the "Plead With Boss" reward in the work area of Lifetime Aspiration Benefits? Or just reapply and ignore chance cards!!! Thank you so much for linking the Aging download :heart: Maybe now their parents will still be adults for their grand kids, instead of elders and dying immediately after their born :angry: Fully on board with your cheating idea :wink:
    @emorrill Yes, I remember you from when it was just the Sims 3 forum :blush: I used to post stories in the A Writer's Hangout but that was many moons ago :tongue:
    @Lucy_Henley Hope you enjoy Apartment Life when you get it! It is my favourite Neighbourhood to play and love the premades too :smile: It's really sweet your story focuses on a group of friends learning together. Though I'm sure that can also make for a lot more drama to happen hehe :naughty:
    @classicXcrime Oh man, I'm so sorry that happened! I always forget about the kids needing babysitters until I get the warning. I don't know if I would've reloaded or saved and played on with just Lisa but yes, it's something unpredictable happening like that is why I love Sims 2! Hope you have better luck with them this time :smiley:
    Once you've met someone you never really forget them. It just takes a while for your memories to return.
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    A couple who have been dating since they were teenagers recently moved in together. Now they're young adults and want to see if this would be a long term thing. Things were going well and then I don't know how or why but the boyfriend got abducted by aliens and gave birth to an alien baby. Since I wanted to see if the couple would be able to take care of a baby they kept it for a while before returning it to home world.
    I still don't know how he got abducted. As far as I can tell he never interacted with any aliens. Unless they were disguised as the people he talks too. Just how many sims can say they have a mermaid as a girlfriend and gave birth to an alien baby.
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    @hushfirefly I don’t tend to have much drama happening in my Sim’s lives. Maybe I could come up with some! I tend to want my Sims to be happy, but life doesn’t always go super smoothly...
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    Just recently re-installed Sims 2 on a new desktop, and immediately started a Trailer Park Challenge :lol: (for anyone interested: https://fuzzy-spork.livejournal.com/54535.html#cutid1)

    The challenge itself requires 4 pregnancies per generation, but the very first pregnancy was triplets!!! And no cheats, oh boy! Surprisingly no one got taken by the SoWo lol but then the second pregnancy comes around, and what do I randomly get? Quads.. FREAKING QUADS!!!!!! Seven kids in two pregnancies, and still two more to go, all without using cheats?! It was a nightmare but (thankfully) the babies glitched out and I could only find/feed three of the four so I exited without saving and ended up with a single :lol: but now the triplets are uncontrollable teens and I'm losing my mind, so I figured it's time to begin another project to work on, inspired by my fave Sims 2 writer, Candi020765: my very first Uglacy!! I've only made my founder and got her married to Charlie Tang so far, but hopefully I'll get some good pics and we'll see just how ugly we can get >:)
    The world is quiet here
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    My neighborhood kept having too many girls. The girl:boy ratio was 4:1! When another girl was born, I got so upset, I destroyed the current family’s house and dumped my chips into my couch! I’m thinking of going back to Sims 4.
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    @Simtown15 wrote: »
    My neighborhood kept having too many girls. The girl:boy ratio was 4:1! When another girl was born, I got so upset, I destroyed the current family’s house and dumped my chips into my couch! I’m thinking of going back to Sims 4.

    Save right when she starts going into labor and then quit without saving. The gender is random in TS2 and can change. It can take a few times.
    *If you're not playing a challenge. :)

    It's nice to see all the new faces! :cookie:
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    I’m sorry, but I think I’ll have to return to Sims 4. I ended up raging more than ever and deleting the entire neighborhood. Goodbye.
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    I agree it's easier in Sims 3 or 4 where you can influence the gender of babies. In one Sims 4 family I had, the parents had six kids... five of them girls. This was a while ago so things may have changed since then.


    I've been taking screenshots with Fraps. Many of them contain the UI, hopefully that isn't a major problem.

    After coming back from their first exams, Martin knew that there were bills to be paid, and went to sort them out. Each of them had received 1,200 Simoleons for achieving top marks in their exams, so there was enough money to pay them.


    Even though Lydia's predestined hobby was Music and Dance, she also loved playing on the pool table. Sometimes, she even plays on her own, just for practice.


    Carolyn was relieved at passing her first exam, and decided to relax on her bed whilst reading a book that had nothing to do with her course. (I also decided to revamp the rooms a bit following the exam; I gave each one a different carpet and duvet colour according to their favourite colours. I always give each Sim one main colour that they wear).


    Martin had a crush on Carolyn, but wasn't entirely sure if she fancied him back. Luckily, she did. "I mean... dude, you've got red hair! Maybe I'm biased, but I've always found red hair cute on guys!"


    Unlike Lydia, Carolyn often gravitated towards activities that were to do with her favourite Music and Dance hobby. Putting on a leotard and proper ballet shoes really helped her get into the ballet practice mindset.


    As you can tell with the UI, Martin really wanted to fall in love. So, when he wasn't skill-building or working on his degree, he spent time with the woman he had a major crush on.


    Using some of the money she'd earned for good grades, Carolyn bought a little stereo for her room. Even though she didn't have a particular career in mind, she knew she wanted to do well; after all, if she got 1,200 Simoleons every time, it would serve as a useful nest egg for the future.


    It didn't take long for Martin to fall in love. It seemed almost inevitable that he would want to get engaged as soon as possible. After some thought, he decided that it was too early to propose, as he was still only a freshman. This was also partly influenced by the fact that university students were not permitted to marry whilst studying. Maybe I'll wait till after we graduate, he thought.


    None of the four students had a particular aptitude for cooking, so they were grateful for the fact that they had a small cafeteria in their dorms. They didn't often eat at the same time, but when they did, they enjoyed having a catch-up session. Carolyn loved discussing her favourite songs.


    Martin hadn't had much interaction with the Cow mascot, so was shocked and upset when the mascot lobbed a water balloon at him out of nowhere. RUDE.


    Word had somehow got out that Lydia loved spending time playing pool, and she was rewarded with a membership to Games of Glory. Whilst pleased with the membership, she decided that she should also spend some time on her predestined hobby. After all, wouldn't it be awesome to have membership cards for TWO hobby lots??


    This story has been a little focused on Martin and Carolyn. But, Ravi and Lydia seem to enjoy each other's company too! :)<3


    Regular smooching wasn't enough for Carolyn, so she initiated a steamy make-out session. It was then she realised that she truly loved Martin, and also wished to get engaged. Thankfully they're on the same page about getting engaged early, and are happy to wait.


    All too soon, it was the end of their freshman year.


    Success! All of them passed, again with top grades. Lydia felt an urge to investigate yet another hobby, Nature. She'd never really noticed all the fascinating birds at Sim State before.


    This time, with the earned money, I gave everyone new wallpaper. I also moved the ballet barre to Carolyn's room.


    Unlike Lydia, Carolyn was only truly dedicated to Music and Dance, and was rewarded with the appropriate membership card. University life was going brilliantly... top grades and a cute boyfriend.


    By now, Carolyn and Martin had been best friends for a long time, so it was no surprise when it developed into BFF status. Plus she was great friends with Lydia and Ravi. Although an outgoing Sim, Carolyn had always preferred smaller groups to large ones.


    Not wanting to solely limit herself to ballet, Carolyn decided to purchase a violin. She'd never played before, so was a little scratchy.


    The group decided to hang out, something they hadn't done in a while. Rather unfortunately, both Viola the cheerleader and Yoosung the mascot were on the same lot, which never boded well. Eventually, the pair had a full-in fight. The group discussion, however, was so engrossing that the young students didn't even notice that two people were fighting right in the middle of their discussion.



    I have a vague idea where I'd like this story to go, but I'll wait until they've all graduated to let it happen. Hopefully Apartment Life will arrive soon, and I can use some elements from that in the story...

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    I tried to return to Sims 4, but it just felt so bland in comparison to Sims 2, so I’ve decided to return here again. Unfortunately, I deleted my custom neighborhood while I was raging. Is there any way to get it back? The tutorials are all for premade neighborhoods, like Pleasantview.

    Update: It’s possible, but only if you have a backup, which I don’t. Does this mean I have to start over?
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    @Simtown15 wrote: »
    I tried to return to Sims 4, but it just felt so bland in comparison to Sims 2, so I’ve decided to return here again. Unfortunately, I deleted my custom neighborhood while I was raging. Is there any way to get it back? The tutorials are all for premade neighborhoods, like Pleasantview.

    Update: It’s possible, but only if you have a backup, which I don’t. Does this mean I have to start over?

    It depends how you deleted it.
    Did you delete it from within the game? Did you delete the EA Games folder with all your Save info?

    @Lucy_Henley Love your Pictures and Store! :cookie:
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    Carolyn and Martin decided it would be great to study together. Which is great in theory, but really they spent a lot of time looking at each other rather than their books. Oh, young love...


    Here we see both Lydia and Ravi working on term papers. We can also see what their favourite colours are...


    A rare shot of everyone eating at the dining table! They appear to be discussing how great it is to be on the dean's list.


    It's winter, and that means SNOW!


    Everybody passed their exams, and they made it into their second semester of their second year. Nearly halfway through their degrees!!

    Lydia, however, had been tired when she took the exam, and had barely clambered into bed when she had to get out for a 4pm class. Such is life.


    Ravi's predestined hobby is Sports. Much of the time, he watches the sports channel on the TV in his room, but today he decided to play on the basketball court... in the snow. He can barely even see the court...


    There had been little drama in Emerald Dorms (I renamed it a while ago), but suddenly, one evening there was a fire! (I didn't quite catch what set it off). Luckily, the person who built the dorms had been smart and installed a smoke alarm directly above the stove, as opposed to waiting until there was a fire to install an alarm. *ahem*


    Ravi and Lydia had been spending a lot of time together, and fell in love! Neither rolled an immediate want to marry the other, although both have since rolled fears of a proposal being rejected.


    Exam time rolled around again, and Ravi was sadly the only one to not maintain his 4.0 GPA average *sad trombone noise*. Still, 3.9 is impressive!!


    After deciding he wanted to earn a little more money, Martin asked Sinjin Hogan if he could work in the cafeteria for a few hours. He donned his new uniform and began work.


    Ravi was desperate to get a good grade this time around, so he studied hard. He panicked a little when he realised that he only had five hours until the exam, but he took a few deep breaths and carried on with his term paper.


    And... relax! Everyone earned an A+ on their exam, which was a huge relief.


    Carolyn loved that she could incorporate her favourite hobby into her degree.


    Both Martin and Carolyn needed to earn one more level of logic skill this semester, so they happily sat down to play chess together.



    They are currently just a few hours away from entering Senior year. The finishing line is in sight, guys! Keep going, it will all be worth it in the end!

  • Lucy_HenleyLucy_Henley Posts: 432 Member
    Sooo... quick update, all of them graduated and now live in Pleasantview.

    Spoiler... Martin proposed to Carolyn before they left university. Unfortunately Carolyn received a negative engagement memory! Apparently it’s a known bug with FreeTime. After a little research, I managed to fix it using SimPE! I’d downloaded SimPE before and not really understood how to use it, probably because I’d never needed to really use it before. I downloaded a engagement memory bug fix mod to prevent it happening in future. But I know how to edit these things in SimPE anyhow.
  • Lucy_HenleyLucy_Henley Posts: 432 Member
    OK. When I said "just a few hours"... it was actually 29 hours, more than a full day.


    Turns out, chatting to your professor can help raise your class performance meter...


    Aaaaaaand.... they're all Seniors! Lydia's first semester class is "Who Controls the Pie Menu and Why?"

    A) Me
    B To ensure you pass your exams and don't do stupid stuff.
    Hope that helps, Lydia.


    Sinjin was rather unimpressed when a streaker showed up randomly one day, name of Ratna Riley. "We weren't like this in my day... put some clothes on, young lady!"


    I bought a piano for the dorms, and Lydia was the first to test it out.


    Martin had rather a late-night class that semester, that ran from 8pm - 10pm. And, to make things worse, he was so engrossed in chatting with his buddies, he was actually LATE to his first class. Tut tut, Martin.


    Aside from befriending all her dorm mates, Carolyn also befriended another Sim, Jaqueline Grove. She has the adult female voice as opposed to young adult, so she can't be a student. Must be a townie. Anyway, Carolyn invited her over one evening, and all the girls decided to play pool together.


    Another exam, another group shot outside the dorms... it's now the last semester before graduation! *cue The Final Countdown by Europe*


    Oh dear. Looks like Martin's senior thesis is about the Cowplant. Careful, Martin! Don't get eaten!!


    Finally, Lydia got rewarded with the membership card for her predestined hobby, long after she got the Games one.


    The night before the very last exam, Carolyn decided to throw a party. The bubble blower proved to be a huge hit!


    Time for the very last group post-exams photo! Everyone passed with honours; Carolyn, Martin and Lydia with Summa 🌺🌺🌺🌺 Laude and Ravi with Magna 🌺🌺🌺🌺 Laude. Congratulations, guys, you worked very hard!


    Martin knew that the time was right to ask a very important question, consisting of just four words...


    The unfortunate glitch that occurred...


    ... and now it's fixed!


    Carolyn wanted to buy herself a new wardrobe. She didn't really like the beige-y brown of her dress.


    Meanwhile, over in another house in Pleasantview...


    So, that's TWO weddings coming up. What will adult life bring for Martin, Carolyn, Lydia and Ravi? Career success? Babies? New friends? We'll have to wait and see...

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    I wasn’t able to recover the deleted neighborhood. (For those asking, I deleted it from the main menu.) I created a new neighborhood and guess what? It’s even better than the old one! So far, there are 3 baby boys and 3 baby girls, and I’m using SimPE to make a backup after every rotation!
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    Question for you guys. When you do a full rotation of a town, how much time do you spend with the households in University. I'm doing a full PT of Pleastantview and I have my first batch of kids going to Uni soon. I've been doing a 3 day rotation in town and I was planning on doing a semester of school for each rotation, but I feel like some of my Elder parents (looking at you Daniel and Mary-Sue Pleasant) will die before their kids graduate from Uni.

    Should I spend a year in Uni for each town rotation? Or should I just stay in the University town and get them all through it before returning to the main hood?
  • Simtown15Simtown15 Posts: 3,470 Member
    @classicXcrime I’d suggest that you stay in uni until everyone graduates.
  • Simtown15Simtown15 Posts: 3,470 Member
    One of my romance sims was cheating on his wife with the neighbor. His wife caught him cheating and fell out of love with him. Later that day, she wanted to make a friend, so I invited over the neighbor’s husband. Right after they became friends, he spontaneously KISSED her! I was in shock! This would never happen in The Sims 4! By the end of the rotation, both couples were divorced, the cheater had moved in with his mistress, and the two sims being cheated on had gotten engaged and moved in together. This was the craziest rotation yet!
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    Carolyn and Martin, Week One

    I've been playing the Parker household for a week (in-game) now. And BOY has a LOT happened!!

    University regulations meant that nobody could own a car on campus. Martin was delighted to finally be able to indulge properly in his predestined hobby, Tinkering, and bought a beat-up old car to restore.


    Naturally, Carolyn indulged in her hobby too. She'd fallen in love with the pale pink tutu when she'd spotted it in the boutique.


    Martin soon found a job as an elementary school teacher. As he went off on his first day, he was excited but nervous. Would the kids be well behaved?


    Once he returned home, the lovebirds decided that it would be the perfect time to throw their wedding. It seemed like everyone was available last minute, and the pair were soon waiting under the wedding arch.


    Exchanging the rings...


    "You may kiss the bride!"
    "Don't mind if I do..."


    Carolyn: "... and when I saw him, the love I felt was like being hit by a train..."
    Lydia: "Dude, what? If you got hit by a train I'm pretty sure you'd be dead. In fact I know you would be."


    All too soon, the wedding was over, and the guests left. Carolyn and Martin immediately decided to go and test out the marital bed.


    Even though she wasn't as career-oriented as her husband, Carolyn was intrigued to find a job in the Dance career track. She could earn MONEY doing her favourite hobby? AWESOME!


    Uh oh, Carolyn didn't feel too good. Was it the cake?


    The couple decided to adopt a cute little kitten. This guy is Ebony.


    In the early hours of the morning, Carolyn suddenly felt restless. She got up, and was utterly astonished to see her stomach expand. She was pregnant! (Didn't anyone tell you about the birds and the bees, Carolyn?


    Carolyn is a very outgoing Sim. So, when Ravi was over (and using her ballet barre), she was phoning Brandi Broke. Carolyn knew that Brandi already had two children and wanted some tips.


    One of the bonuses of having a Tinkering Sim in the house is that you can save money on the repairman when stuff breaks. Martin managed to fix the shower and the dishwasher without incident. Sadly, the TV repair didn't go quite so smoothly. Not only did Martin get electrocuted, the TV caught fire.


    Carolyn again felt restless early on Saturday morning. She desperately needed a pee... but it was actually labour!


    Oh! What an adorable little baby...


    CORRECTION. That's BABIES, in the plural! Three little boys. Oliver is in blue, Joseph is in green and Daniel is in yellow.


    Hilariously, both Martin and Carolyn rolled wants to have 10 children. Yeah, I'd concentrate on the THREE you have right now first.


    Ah, the classic simultaneous Want and Fear of having a baby...


    As if they didn't have enough on their plates, they acquired another cat. (I created Ginger in CAS and added her to the house that way).


    I'm pretty sure I'm going to have to use testingcheats at some point and max everyone's motives, and make them static. There is no way otherwise I'm going to teach everyone their skills...

    One thing that may not be noticeable is that Oliver and Joseph have slightly darker skin than Daniel. I was initially confused by this... until I twigged that Carolyn has the lightest skin tone, whereas Martin actually has skintone 2. I'd been playing them all the way through university and not twigged that they had different skin tones... :#
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