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Which Sims game is the best?


  • VershnerVershner Posts: 59 Member
    At the moment I'd have to say Sims 1, although that may change when I get some of the expansions for Sims 2. I'm just playing the base game right now.

    TS2 is graphically better and I love the community lots. I like the ageing too, but it's not implemented perfectly. There needs to be some mechanism for ageing the townies. TS2 has also been much more buggy than TS1, and many of the problems present in TS1 have not been fixed in TS2. The terrain editing is a welcome edition, but the restrictions on building make this as frustrating as it is rewarding.

    It's easy to forget now, how revolutionary TS1 was. It created a new genre of game, and its pathfinding was leaps and bounds above other games of the time. Near-perfect pathing, in a dynamic, user modified map, in three dimensions, is a real challenge; and TS1 absolutely nailed it. It wasn't just a technical showcase though. It was a genuinely fun game too, and the first game I can remember that created emotionally moving moments.

    For me, TS3 & 4 are disqualified because I don't want Securom or Origin on my system. That also means I won't be getting the later Sims 2 expansions.
  • PRINCESSReyPRINCESSRey Posts: 403 Member
    edited September 2018
    Myself and a few other friends are arguing about which Sims game is the best. We want to settle this argument. Whichever game has the most 'votes' is the game we decide is best. Tell us your favorite Sims game and why it's your favorite (if you want to).

    Here's my opinion

    Sims freeplay and Sims 3( Cute babies movable control other sims bad side in realtime.)

    The Sims Mobile ( Incredible graphics High Definition more details bad can't have more then one baby, Baby stuck to bassinet compared to The sims 4 babies that has onsies, Can't control other characters in both games, Mods can be added to pc game but once it updates then lost, can't mod mobile games)

    Either way Sim 3 wins for me customization etc. Tried my brother Sims 4 game just to try and love the babies but why can't they crawl?

    This is my opinion I do dream of owning sims 4 myself trying to save money or wins the sims base 4 contest if anyone has one.

    Either way both games have good and bad being having a Chronic Illness mobile games are more easier for me which I dream my The sims mobiles babies have customization, hold and no bassinet restrictions for babies etc.

  • gamerjamie112gamerjamie112 Posts: 2 New Member
    i feel the sims 2 was the best Just by the far gamplay and anaimations it was fun and made you plan ahead like buying food to cook and paying your bills quick (whirch he rest have but no shopping in sims 4) however this is my opion and should not come as insult I still love the rest and own them just for me the sims 2 was the best
  • gamerjamie112gamerjamie112 Posts: 2 New Member
    i cant spell lol
  • StutumStutum Posts: 1,146 Member
    They're all great, but I'd have to say Sims 2. In my opinion, that was a game very well put together. Here's hoping for a re-release, I miss it. :)
  • WolfGirlWolfGirl Posts: 37 Member
    I think for me the best Sims was Sims 3 but I would trade their graphics for Sims 4 any day. Granted I've never played Sims 1 or 2 before. My opinion is from what I've played.
  • GoTripOnAKnife01GoTripOnAKnife01 Posts: 1 New Member
    > @RollTide156789 said:
    > Myself and a few other friends are arguing about which Sims game is the best. We want to settle this argument. Whichever game has the most 'votes' is the game we decide is best. Tell us your favorite Sims game and why it's your favorite (if you want to).

    well personally, i believe the FOURTH sims is the best
  • StormkeepStormkeep Posts: 7,632 Member
    I think they are all great, but which is best depends on which aspect of the game were' talking about:

    For sheer novelty and genius, especially for the time: The Sims 1 is best
    For scope and quality of active gameplay, and the ability customize and have control of every aspect and sim in the game: The Sims 2 is best
    For best world design and variety of worlds and exploration of Worlds: The Sims 3 is best
    For artistic style, ability to customize Sims (CAS), ease of building, smoothness of animation and overall expressiveness of Sims in gameplay: The Sims 4 is best
    Sims 4 is also best in terms of the actual quality of CAS and BB items provided by the devs, but both TS2 and TS3 did a better job of letting you customize style of said items.

    Each has their own merits...a dream Sims game for me would be if they could combine the best of each into one Super-Sims game.
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  • AntoniummsimmerAntoniummsimmer Posts: 8 New Member
    I think TS2 because it was like the simulation of life it just like real life also I think That with the TS4 it all fun and games and you have no worries accept some and thats not as realistic for ecspecially if its suppose to be the simulation of life
  • Scarbo27Scarbo27 Posts: 125 Member
    TS2 for sure, I played all 4 of them since I was 11. I still go back to the Sims 2 from time to time (every 6 months or so).
  • Stardust123Stardust123 Posts: 127 Member
    The sims 3 is my fav game, if it wasn't for the bugs I would be a lot happier with it. I enjoy the open world play style over the moving to different areas through a load screen

    I think they could have fixed the sims 3 problems and the game would be perfect
  • MindsimscreateMindsimscreate Posts: 414 Member
    Sims 2 :O
  • LaneBoy1995LaneBoy1995 Posts: 133 Member
    edited February 2019
    Top The Sims Games:

    1-The Sims 2
    2-The Sims 3
    3-The Sims (first game I played)
    4-The Sims 4

  • greatmorgangreatmorgan Posts: 38 Member
    The sims 3 for me but it is always so buggy and lagging and crashes. So the sims 2 but if the sims 3 doesn’t crash then I think the sims 3 is the best. In the sims 3 you get to have an open world which I love. And so many other things.
  • WildIrishBansheeWildIrishBanshee Posts: 2,102 Member
    It's almost a tie between S2 and S4 for me. S2 coming out just barely ahead of S4 at this point. I loved S1 too, Makin' Magic is still my favorite EP, but I never really looked back after S2 came out. S3 I skipped totally, I just can't with that game. I'm a control freak and a micro-manager, S3 was not geared towards my playstyle at all. And those graphics, blech. Though it did have some nice features, I'll grant y'all that. I just couldn't justify spending the money. Not sure how I feel about an S5 yet.

    So to sum up:

  • simgirl1010simgirl1010 Posts: 35,368 Member
    I probably already answered this since the original post was made in 2016.

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  • LaneBoy1995LaneBoy1995 Posts: 133 Member
    1st-The Sims 2
    2nd-The Sims 3
    3rd-The Sims
    4th-The Sims 4
  • Foxy_Foxy_ Posts: 37 Member
    tossing up between the sims 4 and 3 because the sims 4 has better graphics and the game is just better categorized and organized, but in the sims 3 you can do so much more than the sims 4
  • VoraginousVoraginous Posts: 69 Member
    It's between sims 1 and 4 for me. But that being said, the sims have come such a long way that the two games barely resemble each other. I think if I want to relive old memories and have fun without thinking too much, the sims 1 all the way. If I want serious story-telling/challenge completion, then sims 4 is my go to.
  • Simsister2004Simsister2004 Posts: 3,536 Member
    Still The Sims Medieval and The Sims 4.
  • mikamika Posts: 1,732 Member
    Sims 2 followed by Sims 4. I never liked the art style of TS3
  • Jordan061102Jordan061102 Posts: 3,918 Member
    I think we can almost all agree TS2 is the best.
  • Sims_fanatic64Sims_fanatic64 Posts: 10 New Member
    Well, I can't REALLY vote, because I only have TS4, but I think that TS4 would be my fav anyway (I think!!!)
  • DeadManHBKDeadManHBK Posts: 117 Member
    It's really hard for me to pick - I want to say TS1 because of the nostalgia, and it was the first version I played. However, TS3 has the most to it, and is the preferred version I have played since I first got it in '09.

    So...yeah, I guess TS3, followed VERY closely by TS1.

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  • B325JOBB325JOB Posts: 1 New Member
    All sims are great but i remember sims 2 and of course sims 3 had something special in them......
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