Which Sims game is the best?

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Myself and a few other friends are arguing about which Sims game is the best. We want to settle this argument. Whichever game has the most 'votes' is the game we decide is best. Tell us your favorite Sims game and why it's your favorite (if you want to).
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    I can't grammar to save my life. :/
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    I feel as if the Sims 3 was the best version of the game because in my opinion open worlds were the best thing to come to the Sims. Sims 2 comes in real close, but I have to say that the Sims 2 is LESS buggy by a long run.
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    I'm going to have to agree with @clyson. The Sims 3 is my favorite game followed close by The Sims 2. The Sims 2 had a ton load of gameplay and charm, but the open world and story progression were a major game changer for me. Sure, The Sims 3 is super laggy, but ever since I use the NRaas mods to optimize the game and try to cut down on CC, the game is playable and I just keep coming back. The worlds created by the community and other CC keep the game fresh and to this day I have yet to have discover/do everything.
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    Not having ever played beyond Sims 2, it's hard for me to say. I honestly don't remember much about the original Sims, as I was a kid myself when it came out and my mother got it for me. I mean, I know I loved it right off the bat, but beyond that, I just don't remember. Then when I was older, The Sims Deluxe came out, and I bought that for myself and LOVED it. After that I got the Sims 2.

    Well, the reason it's hard for me to choose between the Deluxe Sims, and The Sims 2, is that while yes, it's a lot of fun creating my own Sims and doing their hair and makeup and changing their facial features, and seeing how much more there is to do in the Sims 2, well, content-wise, there was a lot more included (at least, it felt that way) content included in The Deluxe Sims. I know I can have a fish tank in The Sims 2, but if I remember right, the Sims Deluxe had the ability to get a hamster or guinea pig or gerbil or something, and the kids could take care of it. There was also more for the kids to do outside than a swing set or a pool. I seem to remember there was a playground set they could use. And maybe this is in the Sim2 as well, but in the Deluxe version you could buy two different types of decorative water fountains. I haven't seen that in things available to buy in the Sims 2.

    So, each has their pros and cons, and there were different things I loved and disliked about both. But I will say that the Sims interact better with each other in the Sims 2.
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    I vote Sims 3!
    (I love them all, though!)
    I like the open world, graphics, how I can place things at an angle, how your career and skills affects the interaction menu, and different skills (like journalism and gardening).
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    Sims3 is good for creating worlds and customising everything but you only play one family, so gameplay becomes boring.
    Sims2 you can go round all the houses with the different Sims all interacting when they meet on Community Lots and personally I find this most enjoyable. If I feel like just playing one family, I can opt and play a legacy family in their own neighbourhood.
    I also enjoy getting Sims "In the Zone" for their favourite hobbies such as Cooking, Gaming, Tinkering, Gardening, Music & Dance etc.
    Sims2 also has different interactions depending on the Aspiration/character of the Sims which you don't find for all Sims - try checking out what is available when on a date e.g. Darren Dreamer and Cassandra Goth doing 'love talk'.
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    > @LadysimPlayer8 said:
    > Sims3 is good for creating worlds and customising everything but you only play one family, so gameplay becomes boring.
    > Sims2 you can go round all the houses with the different Sims all interacting when they meet on Community Lots and personally I find this most enjoyable. If I feel like just playing one family, I can opt and play a legacy family in their own neighbourhood.
    > I also enjoy getting Sims "In the Zone" for their favourite hobbies such as Cooking, Gaming, Tinkering, Gardening, Music & Dance etc.
    > @Monasuniverse
    > Sims2 also has different interactions depending on the Aspiration/character of the Sims which you don't find for all Sims - try checking out what is available when on a date e.g. Darren Dreamer and Cassandra Goth doing 'love talk'.


    Sims 2 definitely has interesting aspirations. Petey just recently became a teen, and I was surprised to see that one of his aspirations was a "first kiss," and I thought, "OK, now how do I manage that???" lol. I did make him sneak out for the first time. That was kind of cool.

    Oh, I've got a question about the career rewards. There's one for a garden. What career do you have to have to acquire that? Cause I would think that should be under the Culinary career like the Candy Making Machine (which I just got, and Joan's already made about $40 from it) but I'd love to get the garden center thing.
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    I think the garden center thing is the Slacker Career Reward.
    Personally I don't really care for this reward - it's mainly decorative than functional and your Sim can't use it for building skills, making dosh or even just being fun to use! :)
    The Candy Making Machine is one of the best as it is fun for the Sim and fun for the player to watch as their Sim struggles to keep up with the conveyor belt and gobbles some of the chocolates! :)
    I also enjoy the Medical Career Reward where the Sim practices surgery and all sorts of rubbish come out of the dummy's body and when the Sim has to resuscitate the dummy when it has heart failure! :(
    If your Sim has the Business Career Reward, playing golf is fun for building charisma and if you have Freetime installed, my Sim usually gains entry to a hobby club - Platinum Gym?
    The Athletic Career Reward (the Punch bag) is great for building the Body Skill and fun too.
    I think there is a cheat you can use to unlock all the Career Rewards but if you use it, I think it effects all the Sims in the household; so later on in their life when they might qualify for a Career Reward, might not get it as it has already been used.
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    Thank you. I just couldn't figure out what career that thing accompanied. Now I know. I don't think I've ever had any of my Sims choose the slacker career, however, considering Charlie's personality, it might be the only career he's suited for, lol (he's the grumpy, grouchy kid of the family. Everyone's always encouraging him to be more outgoing and NICE)

    Oh man, poor Petey! He got so socially deprived that the bunny guy showed up and had to cheer him up and got slapped at first for his troubles!

    And at least two of the kids have accidentally skipped school at least once this week. Petey being the first! There goes his chances of getting into Private School! (that's one of his repeat aspirations). Any suggestions on how to succeed in getting the kids in private school? I tried once back when I first started playing the game and FAILED miserably at getting the kid in! I also seem to have trouble giving successful parties.
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    Before you invite the Headmaster over (he comes at 5pm): -
    1. Clean the house - everything must be spick and span - no toilets, sinks, baths, counters can be dirty.
    2. All garden plants need to be trimmed or insert some new plants for kerb appeal.
    3. One of your adult Sims should have a high Cooking Skill (preferably 8 skill points or more). This Sim is best to start preparing dinner just after 4.30pm so it is ready when the Headmaster arrives. If you have the Season's Expansion Pack installed, you Sim can prepare the meal prior to the Headmaster's visit and place in the fridge to be served as leftovers.
    4. The Sim with the most charisma should be chosen to greet the Headmaster and entertain.
    5. This Sim should schmooze about school; give tour of four of the best rooms in the house (click on the headmaster and "show room") then call for dinner by clicking on the headmaster.
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    Interesting, thank you! That could be why I always failed in the past, lol.

    Joan is in the culinary career and has maxed out her cooking skills, so that's an easy one. The charisma is a bit harder. That would be Byron's area, but I need to work on his charisma level a little more (he's in the Politics career, so he's the best one for that job). With five kids, keeping everything clean will be hard, but I think I can do it. The kids seem to be neat freaks and someone is always cleaning something after the maid leaves for the day, lol. I'd likely need to replace the shrubs or have Petey (can he do that now that he's a teen?) trim the shrubs since I'm still trying to figure out the gardener's schedule.

    As you've seen the pics of my house, which would you suggest are the best rooms to show off? I'm guessing that Julie's room would be one of them since that's one of the most decked out of the rooms, and the sitting area could be another. What would be the other two? The library/reading room and the art room? They're small, but clean usually.
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    I use the ground floor rooms - lounge, study, bathroom and dining room - Headmaster Vince is usually impressed! :)
    Pictures with a good environment score of 10 in any of these rooms will help; as will any furniture that not only has comfort but an environment score too. I had Bella play the piano when Augustus showed Vince the lounge - I am sure it helped! :)
    Even though your Sim has maxed the Cooking Skill, don't let her make Lobster Thermidor if she hasn't prepared the lower level dishes e.g. Turkey first. There is a high likelihood of the lobster burning if you do! :(
    I got my Sim to make Turkey and got 45/50 for the meal element. Even if you select a meal that less cooking skills are needed to make it, because your Sim has maxed the Cooking Skill, a good score will be given by the Headmaster.
    Good luck with entertaining the Headmaster! :)
    P.S. Save your game just before 4.30pm, so if things go wrong (I hope they don't!), you can exit to the neighbourhood without saving and have another try at entertaining the Headmaster. :)
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    Thank you, LadysimPlayer8! I am as always, grateful for you insight and ideas! I wish I could choose insightful and awesome for you, but the system only lets me choose one! I guess I'll go with the Art Room, the bathroom (should I remove the baby potty temporarily?) the reading room, and the sitting room. The reading room and sitting room are usually spotless, and I did choose comfortable furniture, and tried to decorate the walls to match. They're small rooms, but comfortable. My sims tend to choose to nap sometimes on the sofa in the reading room when they remember it's there, lol. Same with the sitting room. Yeah, I have not had Joan make lobster thermidor more than once so far, but she has made turkey, so I'll go with the turkey. And she makes the lower level meals all the time, either for herself or for her family when I make her do it, lol.

    I'm still going to try and wait until I can get them all in better moods before I invite the headmaster over, though. Also, do the rest of the family (besides Joan, Byron, and Petey) have to have dinner with the headmaster, or can I hide them somewhere in the rest of the house? lol.
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    Have you now entertained the Headmaster?
    If not, I would remove the baby potty into the nursery on a temporary basis and let the household members who nap in the reading and sitting rooms not to on this occasion. If possible, instruct them to do homework, work on skills, play piano or chess - I think the Headmaster will be more impressed. :)
    I would also have a couple of household members have a meal with the parents and Headmaster. The "chatty" ones can add to the schmooze score. When I play the Broke family entertaining the Headmaster, Brandi makes the meal and has a high cooking skill but I usually let Beau the son do the tour and talk with the Headmaster. There are few rooms to show in this house, so I generally put a fence/gate round the house and show the garden, then three rooms inside the house but not Brandi's bedroom - he doesn't like it! :)
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    im sorry to derail this thread but im not able to post new threads on the forum yet...I need help installing the sims 1 complete collection..i installed it but every time I click to play it a message pops up that says "fatal error" the default graphics card doesn't support thousands of colors. Exit now" could someone please try to help me or direct me to where I could get help... I really wanna play the sims 1
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    It's a tough one between Sims 2 and Sims 3 for me. Ahh I can't choose, they're equally the best sims games to me for different reasons!
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    The Sims 3 :smile:
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    For the time it was released (base game), I'll say TS2. It was a huge leap forward for the series and I still play it occasionally. But overall, for long-term play value, I'll say TS3 since that's where I spend most of my simming time. The huge open worlds and Create-a-Style were and still are great.

    The original The Sims was a groundbreaking game yet I never played it much because I found it clunky. I haven't bought TS4 and have no intention of doing so; I've played it and think it's a hot mess.
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    Whichever game you're enjoying at the time. 30ljqkw.jpg
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    I have only play The Sims 1 & 3, and it is a lot harder to pick between the two than one would think :D TS3 is way more detailed, but it has a lot of glitches and is almost too detailed, making gameplay more difficult. TS1 is very simplistic yet still has many details, and is not hard to play at all. I would have to go with TS3, though because I like spending a lot of time is Create a Sim, and there are so many options for building a house :)

    -Nick Mason (Official)
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    TS2!! No comparison.
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    TS4 :D
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