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Which Sims game is the best?


  • simmey1simmey1 Posts: 580 Member
    The sims 2.. If I could have the gameplay of the sims 2 with the look of sims4, that would be perfect... :)
  • BabyloveBabylove Posts: 62 Member
    @Alfie90 It's hard but totally worth the effort! You have to look for the rainbow at night and follow to were it leads. Then you have to befriend the unicorn enough times to make it your pet. You got to try it!
  • Alfie90Alfie90 Posts: 1,477 Member
    Babylove wrote: »
    @Alfie90 It's hard but totally worth the effort! You have to look for the rainbow at night and follow to were it leads. Then you have to befriend the unicorn enough times to make it your pet. You got to try it!

    Thanks @Babylove will have to give it a go :smile:
  • BabyloveBabylove Posts: 62 Member
    @Alfie90 You're definitely missing out if you don't!
  • PhoibePhoibe Posts: 66 Member
    The Sims 2 with cc. I love the open world in TS3 but TS2 has much better gameplay.
  • RadBagelRadBagel Posts: 5 New Member
    It depends on the person. For me, the earlier games are the best.
  • LoopmoonLoopmoon Posts: 1 New Member

    The Sims 3. There's no arguing about it, whether you liked the others or not.

    TS1 and TS2 paved the way by gradually adding mechanics and refining the gameplay, until we got something that felt complete with TS3 -- provided you got all the extensions.
    1 and 2 both have mechanics of their own that made them interesting, but globally TS3 is the pinacle of the serie.

    I'm not mentionning TS4 since it's just a marketing, money-grabbing piece of 🤔🤔🤔🤔 that will be forgotten.
    You can thank EA for that, they've been buying and sucking the life out of successful studios for 20 years now. Literally half of the best studios of the 90's and early 2000's have been bought and destroyed or turned into a massive pile of 🤔🤔🤔🤔 to satisfy EA's hunger for easy and short-term profit.
  • EgomouseEgomouse Posts: 69 Member
    TS4 for me. It has the most game time for me on the PC (I can't say which I played most of console, but I would say The Urbz overall probably has the most game time?). It caters towards my gameplay a lot more. I don't really fumble around with terraforming too much (but I did enjoy using them when I needed them), so I'm fine with flat lots. It gives a lot more building tools for me. I like the ease of building now and its less frustrating for me (sometimes). I like the gallery and being able to upload them a lot easier. I like knowing I can plop down any uploaded lot easily now without needing to close the game. I love the reference paintings and selfies and putting them all over my house walls. I'm able to put an employee wall in my retail store and it's pretty awesome. I love the Sims don't complain as much when trying to get to a certain place (their pathing seems to be better and overall seem smarter). The direction Sims 4 is going fits more towards my game style of playing the young adult life and just wanting to get better at jobs, working, etc. It forces my Sim to be more social as well. I like being able to enlarge objects and move objects manually.
    TS3 is the second for me. I'm not much an open world guy, tbh. But this was the first Sims PC game I played and it was pretty cool. I only had Pets unfortunately, but I had a blast playing it. It got slightly boring after awhile, but I went into build mode and I really liked placing lots and building all sorts of stuff. Due to the large world, it was easy to do. I really hate that you couldn't save during edit worlds and the load times is just blah. Unlike in Sims 4, it gets rid of wishes and progression when trying to switch active households so I didn't really bother switching. I didn't really like how empty Sims 3 felt. Neighbors never really visited me and other lots were a lot emptier than Sims 4. I became a hermit mostly with a pet dog lol. Also, no to in-game store.
    TS2, I didn't really play much. The graphics just don't look that nice (normally graphics come last for me and gameplay first though, so I didn't throw it away just because of that). TS2 loaded pretty slow and I had some issues with it due to being an old game. I was surprised I couldn't put a deck and stone foundation on my lot and have my Sim transition between them. In Sims 3, I used that a lot so it was weird for me. I thought the hangout option was cool and I liked that ants showed up on thrown chips on the floor. Neighbors were frequently visiting. I didn't really like that the Zodiac sign was connected to my Sim's traits. I can't really say much about Sims 2 because I didn't really play it. I just felt like going back to Sims 3 and now that I have Sims 4, I don't actually feel like going back.
  • Namaya92Namaya92 Posts: 934 Member
    I definitely spent the most time on The Sims 2, though I can't imagine playing without story progression or open worlds anymore at the moment so I am gonna say Sims 3 is better, but ONLY with some NRaas mods installed (and Awesomemod to make sure NPC's dont all have the same face >.>).
  • peterskywalkerpeterskywalker Posts: 553 Member
    The sims 2 will always be the king for me. It had it all! Family play, sims that were aware of their world, different personalities, great expansion packs, and more.

    sims 1: Never played it, but I heard it was great. While graphics are dated and you spend a lot of time filling needs, the humor was top notch and there were some crazy fun things you could do.

    sims 3. Loved the open world (when your computer is good enough that it doesn't lag), and CAST was great, but the sims felt too robotic. Also hated how you had to reconstruct the world every time a new EP came out to fit in the new gameplay, or move entirely to a new neighborhood.

    sims 4: Sims got a little less robotic (still not as good as sims 2), and the world and sims look great and detailed. Can also visit any world whenever which is awesome. However, gameplay is lacking. Every sim feels the same regardless of personality, and emotions don't change sims behavior (just voice and animations). Family play needs improvement (kids are good, but babies and teens need work). Finally, EP's are more limited.

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    The sims 2 forever
  • NellythekiddNellythekidd Posts: 251 Member
    For me they are:

    1. The Sims 2
    2. The Sims 4
    3. The Urbz
    4. The Sims: Bustin Out
    5. The Sims 1
    6. The Sims 3

    I have liked The Sims franchise since the beginning and I'm looking forward to see where it evolves in the future. I hope there will be more sims games. :smile:
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  • youcrAzy13youcrAzy13 Posts: 213 Member
    The Sims 2 hands down.
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  • SimTrippySimTrippy Posts: 7,558 Member
    I'd say TS2 was the best because it was complete, less buggy, funnier & had the most advanced sims :) I would've gone with 3 because open world is just so cool, but it's really very buggy which can get annoying. Then 1, and last 4.
  • SimChickeeSimChickee Posts: 402 Member
    TS2 all the way! TS3 is a close second, TS1 for nostaglia, and TS4 last.
  • Viperinelight50Viperinelight50 Posts: 17 Member
    Definitely TS2. It is a huge step up from TS1, and has a lot of replay value and awesome features. It's the only game I actually bought the expansions for. TS3 isn't far behind, as I love the open world and Create-A-Style, but the shockingly low performance and the sheer amount of problems prevent this game from being as great as it could be. TS4 is honestly the worst Sims game I've ever played (after SimCity 2013, of course -_-). It's lacking in so many features we loved from the other sims games, and it's too focused on Young Adults and stupid trends. The Create-A-Sim changes didn't appeal to me, and the graphics don't improve the game one bit.
  • TS2 by a LONG SHOT. They where just so smart! TS3 was okay i liked the eps but it was so buggy it was unplayable. TS4 is more looks than meaningful gameplay and that says a TON because i played TS4 for EVER and then i got TS2 like a month ago and i have so much fun i play for hours a day
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  • DivineDefenceDivineDefence Posts: 1 New Member
    I've played 2-4 and I think 2 is my favorite. I've been playing it since 2007 and I still play it to this day.
    I would love 3 if it didn't have so many problems. I don't know if it's just my computer or mods messing it up, but 3 is just sooooooo slow.
    It takes forever to load. Which I'm pretty forgiving about. But what really bothers me is when I give my sim a command and they stand there for an hour before moving. And the fast forward button doesn't go nearly as fast as it does in 2.
    If the speed was fixed I would play it way more often. I have almost all expansions for 2 and 3 and I think there are so many things to do in 3 that I haven't done yet! It's just that if I want to play it I have to put aside 20 minutes for loading it up, and then after playing an hour or two I feel like I haven't done much.

    Sims 2 never seems to fail me though. I don't know. It's much simpler yet it can keep my attention for a long time and I always seem to go back to it.

    My opinion on sims 4.. I only have the base game. And the idea of having emotions seems pretty cool and all. But the base game just seems to lack content. I really can't play it for more than like 30 minutes without getting bored. The customization of your sims is nice I suppose. But I just feel like EA is trying to milk this series without putting any effort into making it worth my time.

    So as of right now. 2 wins for me!
  • americanwarrioramericanwarrior Posts: 1 New Member
    I would have to say the sims 3. It is open world so very little loading screens, which makes it very immersive, and has awesome expansions packs to go along with it.
  • Uzone27Uzone27 Posts: 2,808 Member
    Sims 2 Was best overall.
    However, to the poster who said they were the smartest? Go pry the nanny away from the crib, and have her tell the paperboy to dig the homework (and last weeks old newspapers) out of the bushes, then make her try and stop the kids from jumping on the bed long enough to do it. B)

    (Sims 4 Sims are by far and away the smartest)
  • canitbemancanitbeman Posts: 392 Member
    edited November 2016
    The Sims 3 is the best. You just can't beat an open world and the Create-a-Style feature. Although, The Sims 1 does fill me with Nostalgia, I still prefer The Sims 3 (yes, even over The Sims 2). The Sims 4? What's that? :|
  • ClosetPrince2015ClosetPrince2015 Posts: 210 Member
    Sims 3 for me
  • LatinaBunnyLatinaBunny Posts: 4,666 Member
    edited December 2016
    Depends on my moods and what features I want that day.

    I feel like they each have their pros and cons, and I like to play all of them for different reasons.

    If I could only play one sim game pure-vanilla form, it would be Sims 2. With mods, it depends, as Sims 3 can be enjoyable in its own way.

    In general: It really depends on what features one loves and tastes.

    I personally don't really care about Story Progression and I wouldn't mind losing that and maybe some of the Open World, if I could have my time-frozen lots back and more details and animations back, so yeah.

    CASt/customization options and and beautiful worlds and great many mods (and some exclusive content like mermaids) are the only things keeping me in Sims 3. I can't play sims 3 vanilla anymore. depends. If it's just standalone, pure vanilla (no mods at all), and gives me the sense of happiness and bliss, then I would choose Sims 2.

    Otherwise, I usually rotate between Sims 2 and Sims 3. Whenever Sims 3 gave me headaches or frustrated/angered me, I go back to Sims 2 for a little bit, and then return for the beautiful worlds and exclusive content like Island Paradise, Into the Future, and other EPs:
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  • SaraStrange22SaraStrange22 Posts: 35 Member
    The Sims 2, hands down. You can tell how much heart went into that game. The newer ones just don't have that magic.
  • slynnskislynnski Posts: 2,316 Member
    I can't choose. I love all 4 of them in their own ways. That's like trying to pick a favorite child. Not gonna happen.
  • MiataPlayMiataPlay Posts: 5,615 Member
    Sims 3 is my favorite sims game for it's open world, full access to unlimited creative expression and graphics/art style. Sims 2 was pure magic...but I broke my game with several thousand packages of cc..sim2 was the beginning of my cc addiction. :/:)
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