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Removing IP Lag



  • cianeciane Posts: 15,163 Member
    Someone asked about how to delete the ports in another thread, so here's what I did:

    If there is a houseboat attached, you delete that first in edit town mode.
    Once deletes the boat. Twice deletes the boat platform and the lot attached to the port.

    I just went in and... the easiest way
    testingcheatsenabled true
    enablelotlocking true
    click on port in edit town mode
    click on lock to unlock port
    change from community lot to residential
    return to edit town
    bulldoze/delete lot
    (I left behind an empty residential lot. This should keep sims from going there.)
    enablelotlocking false
    testingcheatsenabled false
  • emorrillemorrill Posts: 4,877 Member
    @ciane Thank you thank you BUNCHES for providing your fixed IP save for the rest of us to have in our games. :star:

    I tried fixing IP up on my own (followed all the tips out there) and the world was still quite laggy that I found no joy in playing it. :(

    I added your fixed save in and replaced some of the townies with my made over versions of them (via Evict in Edit Town, added my made overs in, then deleted the old family from the clipboard). Will that cause lag replacing the "coded in the game" families like that?

    Because I played for a while in Live mode and there was still a bit of lag... I do use NRaas Mods and added your fixed save in that didn't require all the EPs and store content.
    So now I'm wondering what's up? :pensive:
    Could it be my 10 year old computer trying to still run the game? Could it be all the taxi boats because I swear those have routing issues and there's no way to get rid of them. :confounded:
    Or could it be that I switched out the families?
    Will IP always have SOME lag no matter what you do!? :weary: I just don't know...

    Please help? :heart:
  • cianeciane Posts: 15,163 Member
    You should NOT delete the families from the clipboard. NRaas has a much safer way to remove them if you really feel you need to. I find that just not playing them after moving them off houseboats is usually enough. However, the pregnant sims can cause problems as they try to change into work clothes while pregnant. So, you could use Master Controller to fire them from their jobs.

    The problem with deleting the coded-in families is that the game with try to spawn some actions with them. So, like a sim who can't route somewhere, the game exhausts a lot effort and is always pulling more RAM to do something with the missing sim(s).

    If you have the latest NRaas mods, then that's as good as it gets for taxi boats. However, you could give every family their own car(s) and boat(s) to help out will the auto spawning vehicles.

    There will always be hiccups and some lag as so many sims are trying to do different things at the same time. Eventually, some of the sims will migrate and you'll have fewer sims pulling at your RAM.

    You can periodically reset the whole town. Some people like to do that every week during the late night when fewer sims would be out and about doing things.

    Also, I play with the seasonal elements turned off, so I don't get snow lag. I just turn on the snow for snowflake day. That way my sims can enjoy playing the snow one day, but I don't have the overwhelming amount of snow always falling.

    I also turn off all the animal and occult options. I can still play with any that are already around or that I add, but I won't have NPCs doing a lot of magic or horses spawning where they can't maneuver.

    Check any fenced-in areas and see if they might have sims and animals spawning where they can't get out. Some spots aren't problem areas all the time, but can be. If you ever sent your sims to work at the science building in Sunset Valley, you might have been surprised that they missing work. Zooming in their shows they disembarked into the bushes out front and got stuck there. It happens for field trips there too. So, I delete the bushes there and have no more problems there.

    It could be I missed a spot that becomes a problem later, particularly for the large family with the toddler in a small house where the mom is pregnant. Who knows where another a baby might spawn?!

    So, after Overwatch runs the first time and cleans up everything, you might still need to fix things now and then.

    Also, just a possibility, but maybe the sims you added in have high poly hair that take a lot of time to render. A lot of high poly hairs together in one spot could also cause lag. I try to only play up to three sims with hair that has a high poly count or large file size (4MB or more).

  • emorrillemorrill Posts: 4,877 Member
    Thank you @ciane . <3

    Good points and information! I didn't think about the high poly count hair causing problems... :confused:

    I saved your Fixed Save to a backup folder so maybe what I'll do it start that whole new save again, and instead of replacing the families with my other ones, I'll just make them over again (with your cautions ;) ).

    Besides, making over is fun, even if I have to do it again. :blush:
  • UhtredUhtred Posts: 22 Member

    So I did this - "Make a new folder in your Sims 3 Saves folder called IPonlyRdy.sims3 and copy these four files into it: https://www.mediafire.com/folder/hh78ai99s6a1y/IPonlyRdy";

    After doing this, I entered the game and there was no lag, but whenever I tried to save I got Error 16. So I quit and noticed that TravelDB.package had moved into the CurrentGame.sims3 folder. I figured that I had accidentally put it there, so I removed it and tried again, being extra careful this time that the files go in the right place. When I loaded up the game, the same thing happened. And when I quit, TravelDB.package had moved into the CurrentGames.sims3 folder again, and this time I'm 100% certain I didn't put it there by accident. It seems it is moving there by itself.
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