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What CAN be done to fix TS4?


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    [Deleted User][Deleted User] Posts: 0 New Member
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    Ansett4SimsAnsett4Sims Posts: 75 Member
    I hope vehicles will come back... I do miss vehicles drive in the driveway than disappearing like on The Sims 3. I hope it will be just like The Sims 2. :)
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    vampiricdreams31vampiricdreams31 Posts: 219 Member
    * Ghosts should have two types of skills/traits- "Haunt" & "Possession".
    * Sims should have a clairvoyant trait- the ability to see spirits and communicate with them.
    * Dishwashers, Trash Compactors and Mixers returned in the game.
    * Laptops, Burglar Alarms (Even if its just for decor).
    * Cooktops, Built-In-Microwave Ranges, Wall Ovens
    * Animated Curtains (Closed at night/open at day)
    * Nanny, Firefighter, Police Officer, Burglar, Personal Gardener
    * Curved Staircases, Spiral Staircases, Staircases w/ Landings
    * Basements!
    * Cars, Bicycles, Scooters, Driveways and Curved Driveways, Garage Doors
    * Washer, Dryer, Ironing Station
    * Sprinklers for gardens
    * Graveyard/Cemetery w/ Funeral Event/Activity
    * COLOR WHEEL!!!

    I'm certain everything I mentioned has already been mentioned a dime a dozen, but some of these would make the game feel more complete.
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    weebl_101weebl_101 Posts: 101 Member
    Sims 4 is great, only things i would really want them to fix would be neighbourhood sizes need to be a bit bigger and all with the same amount.. Not 2.. 2 is stupid..

    Also, adding toddlers... I hardly ever start with babies.. and if my sims have a baby i age it up instantly.. I loved going from baby to toddler.. Bring it back.
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    MasonGamerMasonGamer Posts: 8,851 Member
    Now that we've listed all the problems, yet again... what do you all really want? This is your chance to put what you want in the game, how should the the color wheel look? where will it fit? what kind of cars? toddlers manipulation points, clothes outfits, if you guys don't back up what you guys want with detail, you'll be very disappointed.
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    blueasbutterflyblueasbutterfly Posts: 3,425 Member
    MasonGamer wrote: »
    Now that we've listed all the problems, yet again... what do you all really want? This is your chance to put what you want in the game, how should the the color wheel look? where will it fit? what kind of cars? toddlers manipulation points, clothes outfits, if you guys don't back up what you guys want with detail, you'll be very disappointed.

    Fortunately, there is precident here. They know most of it already because we are asking to have things brought back. It's up to them how they implement. If they understand the spirit of the request, they should be able to figure it out. It's not our job to be programmers or game designers and getting too specific risks clashing with what's already in place or what the engine can handle. They have entire teams whose job it is to say "can we make a family tree?" And then to figure out how it should be done and how it should look. It's not up to me to tell them how to do their jobs or how to make features appealing, I'm just letting them know what I feel is missing.
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    Legobatman3609Legobatman3609 Posts: 604 Member
    Open world could and SHOULD be added to the base game. No Expansion pack or game pack. Free and just a plain simple update.

    Please EA
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    Zolt65Zolt65 Posts: 8,272 Member
    a stake through the heart?

    hey, just an idea :p

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    marymargaretmarymargaret Posts: 3 New Member
    I want more color and material options for furnitures ,just like S3 .
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    [Deleted User][Deleted User] Posts: 0 New Member
    The user and all related content has been deleted.
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    pythonpunkgirlpythonpunkgirl Posts: 240 Member
    I think it would be in the game's best interest if they were: to randomly select actual simmers, have them agree and sign a non-disclosure agreement, let them test out expansions & game packs (for free, obviously) ahead of time, and report back on what works/doesn't work. Having the random simmers would give them a chance to know what the general community would want and it would give the community a better shot at being heard. The gurus can only read so many posts.
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    simslover45simslover45 Posts: 20 Member
    bigger lots and i want different terains also would be fun if sims could interact with your friends sims
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    Rukola_SchaafRukola_Schaaf Posts: 3,065 Member
    1. tiny lots 5x5, 10x5

    2. a possibility of a closed group !
    situation now : two sims on a romantic date have to deal with randomly stopping by sims participating in romantic interactions, please enough of that !
    i won't be participating in the forums & the gallery anymore - thanks EA
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    davina1221davina1221 Posts: 3,658 Member
    what changes CAN be made to make TS4 a game you would like to play for a "base game"

    1. Body hair category
    2. More trait slots
    3. Turn ons/offs
    4. Favorites and Astrological signs
    5. Way to set relationship as Boy/Girlfirend or fiancee
    6. Piercings
    7. Scroll bar for traits
    8. Option to assign initial skill levels for sims
    9. Scroll Bar (or a Wider Display) for swatches. (They tend to get cut off if the asset is the last on the list)

    1. Basements
    2. Vehicles (with animations)
    3. More color option (especially ones that match)
    4. Increased floor limit
    5. Chests for storage of collectibles (fossils, slides, crystals, flowers...)
    6. Tilt control, for TS4 camera
    7. Less picky lot requirements

    1. Town Editor (especially way to add lots)
    2. Lots bigger than 50x50
    3. Larger neighborhoods (more than 5 lots)
    4. More venue types (grocery stores, movie theaters, restaurants, clothing stores, hospital, cemetery, arcade, coffee shops, town hall)
    5. Things that make going to the library/Gym better than simply building one on home lot [CoffeeKatt: pg.4]
    6. Option to rename the worlds/workplaces/schools

    1. Family Tree (and increased recognition of relationships: in-laws, first and second cousins)
    2. Way to lock doors (room assignment)
    3. Way to paint custom pictures (TS2 style)
    4. Way to paint posed portraits, and still lifes
    5. Alert for multiple births (for better naming)
    6. Urns/Graves and ghosts for sims that die off-lot
    7. Service Sims (firefighters/police/burglar/newsie/nanny)
    8. Reactions to events (cheating/death/divorce)
    9. Better tuning for time-consuming multitasking (like eating and talking)
    10. Allow babies to be removed from bassinets
    11. Option to change last name after marriage
    12. Option to change babies' clothes
    13. More interactions with babies (like bathing them)
    14. NPC's generated for bartenders, maids, and mailmen. (explicitly shown in townie listing for editing)
    15. Game consoles
    16. Carpools & buses
    17. Way to influence other sims (TS2 style)

    1. Fully adjustable lifespans
    2. Toddler lifestage
    3. Pre-teen lifestage
    4. Story Progression
    5. Remove load screens between lots (if possible)
    6. Increase population cap
    7. Increase 20 sim load limit
    8. Create-a-world (if possible)
    9. Recolor tool (even if external program)
    10. Less linear, more sandbox
    11. More mature sense of humor (no more poop jokes)
    12. Control of non-user initiated romantic relationships (too much cheating occuring)

    Left the ones I liked. Love these, but feel that some will be added in EPs/gamepacks and not as free add ons in a base. I know some were free in some basegames, but we received the punching bag in replacement of something else. Not meaning that it was alright to leave everything out that they did, just that it is a diff basegame. So, I still would love at some point to see:
    Dishwashers, trash compactors, landline phones, slides and diving boards for pools, Hot Tubs, Cooktops, Built-In-Microwave Ranges, Wall Ovens
    Illness (TS2 style), Way to add tattoos outside of CAS,

    One can go in and delete households not playable so I left out the townie parts as you can just go in and delete them anytime.

    Cheating: Maybe a faithful trait could help with this and any sim with a marriage or boy/girl friend relationship with this trait won't accept romantic interactions from other sims and it will equal a negative instead.

    Train thing/tram: It would be nice to have real trains & trams with stops.

    Go to work button: Already have this; it is the icon in the work section; just click it and auto ques a sim to go to work.

    Love how you request the gallery cc to be an option turned on by those who want it and to be off for everyone else and not be forced on simmers like with S3 exchange where game-breaking bad cc was put in our games right off the official game site.

    My wants not listed:
    Didn't see bed assign or locked gates for fences.
    Faithful trait.
    Adoption building at some point would be neat.
    Home parties sometimes list drink criteria, but poor or non-drinking sims won't have bars, so I feel having serve drinks should be left off for home parties as a requirement.
    Come here needs to work for all sims, even those going somewhere. Goodbye and ask to leave should be on the front interactions always and ask to leave shouldn't be negative.
    curly hair, curly hair and cute hairs for kids and toddlers like seen in S3 cc,
    instant connection feeling interaction that gives a huge boost in relations when a sim feels he/she has found the one.
    sliders for like and romance columns & turn off button for locked content.- Some like to wait forever and some want sandbox. If I have a storyline, then I don't want to put it on hold to max up or do things to get content. Could add pulldown menu in gameplay for likes romances and be allowed to adjust as wish.

    Personality point system (TS2 style) What is this? Never heard of it.
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    [Deleted User][Deleted User] Posts: 0 New Member
    The user and all related content has been deleted.
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    davina1221davina1221 Posts: 3,658 Member
    Also, I meant to put shorter showers. They should only take 1/4 an hour, not a full sim hour. Super hate these time consuming showers. I mostly can overlook many things, but this bugs me. :)
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    ShadyProShadyPro Posts: 227 Member

    Snow and Rain! :)
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    SkylarMaraSkylarMara Posts: 21 Member
    edited January 2015
    Could we do something about harvestables on community lots? I think having to be on a lot to get them to start growing and 60 hours of growing to get a lemon is ridiculous. I hate to admit it but I use a cheat to show harvestables in the catalog. I can't wait around on a community lot for them to grow. And while we are on the subject of growing. I think spliced plants should produce more and faster. I have a fruit plant, grafted with all the fruits, and it is NEVER ready to be harvested. If I can plant a single lemon plant and get more lemons faster than my spliced lemon plant, it is silly to splice them. Splicing is convenient so you don't spend days caring for your garden.

    I would also love to be able to rotate ENTIRE lots instead of just homes. I can't tell you how many times I've download a cute house from the gallery and it places backwards.
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    nanhugnanhug Posts: 12 New Member
    > @catloverplayer said:
    > FusionFang7 wrote: »
    > Hey guys, (lurker here), I think it's obvious by now that the community is not entirely happy with the game as it stands now; and those who say they are still could have better feelings about the game.
    > I've read the majority of the "disappointment thread" and the general consensus is that we want TS2 sims in a TS3 world with the improvments TS4 has made like CAS. Obviously a lot of that is no longer possible to implement like Create-A-Style or a fully open world without a complete overhaul of the game engine which we know EA is not willing to make.
    > So here's my question to you all: what changes CAN be made to make TS4 a game you would like to play?
    > Let's make a concise list that the Devs can use as a guide for direction in the future.
    > CAS
    > * Body hair category
    > * Way to hide undesired CAS assets
    > * Way to disable CAS assets for random townie generating
    > * Random Trait generator
    > * More trait slots
    > * Basements
    > * Hip-roofs with overhangs
    > * Smaller Telescopes
    > * Auto-roofs
    > * Vehicles (with animations)
    > * Option to display map in color instead of white as it is now.
    > * Town Editor
    > * Way to split funds when merging/splitting households
    > * Way to manage townie generation amounts by lifestage
    > * Family Tree
    > * Way to lock doors
    > * Way to paint custom pictures (TS2 style)
    > * Memories
    > * Alert for multiple births (for better naming)
    > * Urns/Graves and ghosts for sims that die off-lot
    > * Option to enable the display of CC in "my library" by default.
    > OTHER
    > * Fully adjustable lifespans
    > * Toddler lifestage
    > * Pre-teen lifestage
    > Add a way to set relationships in cas to boy/girlfriend and finacie
    > Add piercings
    > Bring back story progression and familie ties.
    > Bring back open restaurants,cars and hot tubs.
    > Bring back cuddling,spooning and making out in bed.
    > Bring back the slow dance and update the regular dance so sims can face each other.
    > Add a way to place lots and bigger worlds
    > Bring back the sofa cuddle from TS3 so they stay cuddled.
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    nanhugnanhug Posts: 12 New Member
    "we want TS2 sims in a TS3 world with the improvments TS4 has made like CAS." Absolutely! Very well put. I think that says it all!
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    HephaestionHephaestion Posts: 1,445 Member
    i have advice fatigue in trying to help out ea. if they're this clueless... i'm just going to have to be happy with skyrim and sims 3 for awhile longer.
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    LatinaBunnyLatinaBunny Posts: 4,666 Member
    edited January 2015
    i have advice fatigue in trying to help out ea. if they're this clueless... i'm just going to have to be happy with skyrim and sims 3 for awhile longer.

    OMG, Skyrim is the best! (And Morrowind's older in the series, but it's a goodie, too, if you can get past some outdated/clunky stuff.)
    Even though its uh, sort-of "family play" is barely there, I still enjoy that aspect. I just love seeing my Dovahkiin dude having children running around Skyrim, lol. :) I'm planning on building a house, but I'm using a mod to have a bigger house in Whiterun and to be able to adopt 4 children instead of 2. :smiley:

    You know another game that allows you to do RPG dungeon-crawling AND choose a life-partner AND have a child? Rune Factory 4. :blush: I love, love, love this game! If you don't mind some linear play and a JRPG storyline, of course. Harvest Moon series are another one, but with farming and less dungeon-crawling. All of these games have some linear play and storylines, but they provide a nice lite "family play" like Skyrim did.
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    AurievaAurieva Posts: 83 Member
    I said this on another thread but I'd LOVE to have specialised career options (careers that you can't join with no skills upon entry) so you either have to max a skill set or be a university graduate (on that note, University life expansion? Please?! :D)
    Another thing that could be interesting, that ties more into the emotion side of the sims is I think it'd be cool if they remembered things, like traumatic or happy parts of their past they could revisit and dwell on or it could affect how they make the rest of their choices. Give them a kind of autonomy. For example if they caught their partner cheating, a simple 'apologise' may not work for a long time and relationships with that person will be harder to build. If they have an argument with someone, they could distance themselves or moan about them to other sims haha. A tense day at work, or being demoted may make them 'pull a sickie' if it gets too bad. I mean obviously you can still force them to go to work or whatever, but I'd like sims to have a bit more... personality? Autonomy? The emotions section of this game is too cool to not take advantage of. I'd love to see a more indepth side to it. I know not everyone is crazy about it, but personally I kind of love it :P
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    simgirl1010simgirl1010 Posts: 36,361 Member
    I didn't read the entire thread so forgive me if these have been mentioned.

    1. More storage options for collections.
    2. Ability to adjust motives individually (fill and drain).
    3. Skill journal that keeps track of recipes learned, meals cooked, fish caught, etc.
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    Angel195Angel195 Posts: 1 New Member
    The things i want to see in the sims 4 that should've been in the base game;
    1. Toddlers, pushchairs and nannies - cant believe they took this life stage away!
    2. Cars - if they do bring them in later there will be lots of changes to made to my lots
    3. A wedding cake you dont have to make, a proper two tier beauty!
    4. Careers where i can actually go and do the work
    5. Basement tool would be good
    6. The babies are like the sims 1 babies, lame, bring back the babies they had in ts3, a pram would be cute too.
    7. Larger neighbourhoods with more emty lots
    8. Swings and slides and more kiddies stuff.
    9. More traits and better careers - it lacked in this
    10. Heights of sims
    11. Burglers, alarms, police plus more services, a gardener, mechanic.
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