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What CAN be done to fix TS4?


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    [Deleted User][Deleted User] Posts: 0 New Member
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    AmazingamphyAmazingamphy Posts: 1,733 Member
    1) As an addition to the Medical career, Sims at high enough levels can learn to: Tell baby's gender (Or one of babies if twins), Tell due date (day and hour), and tell how many babies and the gender of each one.
    2) Open world neighborhoods, so there's no loading screen to visit the guy next door.
    3) More solid color options (For things like the Teen Dreams bed)
    4) More traits/trait slots

    That's all I've got.
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    LatinaBunnyLatinaBunny Posts: 4,666 Member
    edited January 2015
    I'm having to use a few mods to tweak some of the things that have bothered me in the game:
    1) Sims are not reacting to the baby, and don't take good care of the baby on their own.
    2) Emotional deaths! Really? Why?!
    3) Flunking kids are taken away and deleted?! No, don't keep taking away my choices, even how I educate the children, darn it!
    4) Less linear goals; more sandbox play
    5) Of course, more family play and family interactions--and toddlers, no surprise. :wink:
    6) No jealousy? No long-term reaction to deaths? Why?! Aren't emotions important in this game, lol?
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    FKM100FKM100 Posts: 886 Member
    1. Open neighbourhoods (semi-open world);
    2. Story progression option for those who want it;
    3. Less linear goals, more sandbox play;
    4. CASt - even if only on a limited scale.

    And last but not least:
    5. No more 'nannying'!! - for example, let us put what we want on our community lots. If I am stupid enough to build a bar without a bar counter, or without enough toilets, that is my problem. I'll find out where I went wrong soon enough. Let me discover what works best! That sense of discovery is part of the fun of the game.
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    EllessarrEllessarr Posts: 2,795 Member
    edited January 2015
    my new list for a base the sims 4:

    - fire off current maxis develop team and hire peoples who can give what the customers want and not what their want.
    - respect with the customers and give a proper support in forum or site
    - stop to only speak in fb and twitter, i have both but dont like to use then i hate being forced to go to that places to speak with a dev or to learn news or really angry when i see peoples which are not part of the staff bring news to the OFFICIAL SITE BECAUSE THE STAFF DONT DO IT"
    - hire peoples which actually know what their are working in the game, because we are at 4 months of the release with a game full of bugs and most the bugs are here from the beginner we get 3 patchs and their still here with more new bugs, this show only the level of incompetence of dev team while in others games we can se emergencial or hotfix patchs being applied just after the big bugs appear and not need to wait months to have a fix.

    this is the most basic thing the sims 4 need, really a decent staff to work on it, not that current staff which only "listen us"...

    now in game content:
    toddlers - i never played others sims but i true feel the pain of the peoples which come from sims 2 and 3 and the lack of toddlers
    fix family tree, no mor bug of broken relationships happenning(poeples forgetting who their are family and act like their are strangers)
    more variation of relationship in family like this mod:
    but also working with outside family sims, you can meet your worst enemie and meet your soulmate at first sight(your first meet can be enough to set to enemies or true lovers) not just the basic relationship bar
    - storyprogression - with option to turn off for played sims(with green plumbob), the turn off sims will act like current, no kids, no relationship, not moving, no job, if you turn on the all the sims will, develop relationships, kids, family, move from places, get jobs, make friends or enemies.
    - more smart and a true ai - where sims right reacts to things like death, cheat, break, decisions like have babies not being so cheap sims care for their lifes, if a sim make a child and dont proper take care fo that child she can become a troublesome or can hate the sim, if you pregnant a sim and try to avoid the sim he can force you to pay a insurance like in real life to take care of the child
    - OPEN WORLD - option where the player can set what he want to load: only house and streets(the in game current), the whole hood, the whole city or the whole world or be able to choose what hoods he want to be active with his current one.
    - age lengts: being seted in numbers, instead of a arrow you can just put how much in numbers you want each step
    - in game time spam - to be able to choose the pace of the game time that current 1 to 1 for some peoples is horrible even if all the sims where like that(well the sims medievel not was), we have peoples like me who dont like this and feel the things too much fast then have a more controllabe time could be good, then we can set the speed to be like : 1, 2, 3, 4, 5- if you set 5 then each in game minute will take 5 real time seconds to pass to make sure dont make too much easy, then if the person set the time more than 1 this increase the lenght of the actions by 0,5 seconds, like if a action take 4 real time seconds to happen in the 1 second set, then if you set the time to be 2 or more this will take 6 secs(4+2) the action will take in game 3 sim seconds but outside will take 6s the we gonna get in game a 1s gain, this will make speak with others sims more doable without we get scared to the time go aways crazy.
    - option for "special relationships" same sex and cousin, you have 2 options(one for each) where you can turn on and turn off that sort of relationship
    - world customization
    - more collors options(the wheel collor)
    - support to 64 bits
    - less load screens
    - less load screeens
    - and before i forget less load screens.
    - police npcs
    - securty guard ncps for places like museum or library
    - workers npcs for all the places(a personall trainner in gym, a curator for museum a chief to make food)
    - more venues like restaurants, arcades, lan houses, pool clubs.
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    ts3semlts3seml Posts: 440 Member
    edited January 2015
    Lots of great ideas.
    • Fix the bugs. At times the game just isn't playable for so many people. It isn't about MODs or custom content. There are always going to be bugs and glitches in games but there are just too many. I shouldn't worry that updating my game from EA will result in no bars/bartenders working.
    • Painting - custom painting
    • Photography - I miss the way we could hang big pictures on the walls taken with cameras with posed photos. Being able to get your group to pose in particular spots was great. My sims walls were covered in family photos over the years. I loved it. I loved that they could order photo albums from vacations. I liked some of the photography from Sims 3 but it never came close to TS2.
    • Toddlers - we just need them. It feels like a broken record but I'm missing the connection by jumping from infant to child. People can age up early if they don't like toddlers.
    • Dishwashers - who lives like this anymore? My sim can live in a million dollar house but is still handwashing. It is insanity. :D
    • Driving - I miss cars and driveways. I miss mopeds and biking. I know the ship has sailed on the open world and I'm okay with that because I lost other things when we went to the open world, but if we could make the changing screens to be more active like watching my sim driving or traveling on the trolley. I would love to be able to ride the street car!
    • Travel on vacation - I'd like more vacations like Bon Voyage. Camping, beach, lake, etc. Foreign locals are fun, too. I'm not a super fan of the puzzle aspect from TS3 because it was always the same but I know my son loved it.
    • Apartments - I loved apartments in TS2. I'd like to see them back. Almost all my sims started out in an apartment. They were fantastic. I never liked them in TS3.
    • Family trees - sims should be able to recognize family members including step relationships, cousins, etc. For me, the generational aspect of the game makes it interesting, fun and real. This was a big loss.
    • The "poop" jokes and like may be funny and I'm just not getting it, but they have all either gotten old or are just too silly. Not that the game is real life but I feel connected to my sims. They can feel real to me which is one of the main reasons I keep playing. It just seems unnecessary and pulls me out of my sims life. I don't know if that makes any sense at all.
    • Elders are not on their death beds. Can we stop treating elders like they are useless? My elder sim died on his wedding night. My other 2 sims could barely go for a run any longer. I know plenty of "elders" who are in better shape than me. I'd love to see gradual aging. One step farther, I'd love to see gradual aging of everything. A couch that ages over time visually. So cool
    • Seasons - missing the snow and rain
    • Would love to be able to assign skill points to adult and elders. They would know some things.
    • Customization of age stages. My sims aged up to elders while their kids were still in high school. Mom actually died. It was all very sad but avoidable. The kids were born the day she turned into an adult.
    • Sims needing glasses :)
    • Restaurants similar to TS2
    • Planned vacations and honeymoons

    There are so many things that could be fun. In the end, if the glitches were fixed and some basic features like dishwashers, toddlers, family trees, another world with more places to go, etc. were added without charging everyone more money, I think people would be happy. The lots are smaller, not a lot of things to do/places to go. Some things should have been base game like pools which EA fixed. I think the game still has good bones and potential. I have hope that EA will treat the game right and do right by the fans. Hope I'm right.
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    blueasbutterflyblueasbutterfly Posts: 3,425 Member
    edited January 2015
    @ts3seml‌ agreed about the jokes. I love making characters and family from classic literature, which was totally feasible in ts2, even easier in ts3 - but they're just too goofy in ts4. Imagine Charles Dickens (wow I can't even name the author of Oliver Twist without getting plummed???) characters taking angry poops and peeing like champions, loping around or fuming the way these Sims do :( it's just not right.
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    ts3semlts3seml Posts: 440 Member
    @blueasbutterfly - you made my night. I'm still laughing. :p
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    blueasbutterflyblueasbutterfly Posts: 3,425 Member
    I have to admit, it makes me smirk a tad to think about it, but actually creating such events would be akin to blasphemy ...
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    JoxerTM22JoxerTM22 Posts: 5,323 Member
    101Gamer wrote: »
    Ability to see Emotional Aura of items.

    Because of a bug, if a room is not rectanular, auras tend to fail - either are not present at all or have an effect outside of the room, sometimes even on another floor.
    - This option would at least show us if auras are where we expect them to be, so I'd like to have this feature.
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    Doors need to be fixed. There is no ability to lock the doors. My sim goes to visit friends, she knocks on the door and then she is automatically in the house. This is really freaky. I would not want someone to just knock on my door and then just walk into the house. You should have the person answer the door and then invite the other sim inside. We definitely need to fix this. It is a privacy issue.
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    > @catloverplayer said:
    > Update SIM pics so when they take them together they can be hung on the wall.
    > Add an online dating feature and bring back the 🐸🐸🐸🐸 matchmaker for blind dates.

    I completely agree with @catloverplayer. We should have the ability to look at the pics that we take with our phone and hang them on the wall. Is the 🐸🐸🐸🐸 matchmaker for blind dates from Sims 2. I did enjoy the online feature from Sims 3,
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    [Deleted User][Deleted User] Posts: 0 New Member
    The user and all related content has been deleted.
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    thefairosethefairose Posts: 67 Member
    I know alot of these were previously requested but EA needs to know whats important to their fans:
    1.The set bed interaction
    3.Photograpy skills, in fact just more skills
    4.Randomize traits
    6.More traits
    7. Schedules, setting their betime ect
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    mikmakermikmaker Posts: 2,145 Member
    edited January 2015
    The LOL on the first comment it's mine, because of the complaint of the poop joke :disagree:
    On topic: I really want to get an commando to get Sims directly out of my house or a ' stop doing that' interaction like in the Sims 3
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    LadyBug05102LadyBug05102 Posts: 2 New Member
    Buy-able and usable cars for the Sims. And more edit options for the town mode top my list. being able to add lots and move around the map..I mean you can see more land around your map, land that is perfectly able to put more lots on but you can't select them. Lets say I have a 30 x 40 house I want to place but all the lots are either full or too small for my house...there is no where to add a lot so I can place my really cool house unless I tear down a preexisting house.

    Also I noticed that every time I buy a tea maker it ends up disappearing. I do not know what happens to it. I have a tea maker and a coffee maker, the coffee maker is always still there its the tea one that keeps disappearing. And I'd love to see firefighters/police officers/maids/babysitters and I'd love to be able to buy a burglar alarm for if my tea maker is getting ripped off then the alarm will alert my Sims and they can call the police or if they are a police officer they can assist in stopping thieves in their own homes.

    I have seriously considered going back to TS3 and deleting TS4. At least with TS3 and earlier games you could edit the town with adding lots/buildings/households and add in decorations to the town. Also choosing to view map before you tell your Sim to go somewhere is helpful. I am sure there are others that should be addressed but I cant think of them. and in some ways I am reiterating things that have already been said. oh yes I also would love to see more fabric and color options for walls/floors/furniture.

    And yes it goes for the base game.
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    sparkfairy1sparkfairy1 Posts: 11,453 Member
    It would be really awesome if a guru could go through these threads and let us know what would be possible with the engine. I see a lot of requests for open world/CASt but according to my reading, neither are actually possible because of the way the base game was designed. If we could get more information about what's actually physically possible, we could give more informed feedback and alter our hopes/expectations accordingly.

    I agree, but we already know some things aren't possible because of the way the game was originally designed. I think some of us are asking for a redesign to make them possible. What I'd like to know from the gurus is whether or not EA will consider that.

    I'm sorry but if EA created the engine and made it essentially unfit for purpose when it comes to some of the most beloved sims features why was that allowed to happen? I'm sorry but that's ridiculous to me as a customer.
    If it's the case they need to figure out a way to change that and quick. It's no good having a weak foundation as your base.

    Personally I don't buy it. I think all the talk of feasible is because EA haven't wanted to invest sufficiently in this base game so we are suffering at the hands of those decisions! If they were given a proper budget of money, time and staff they should be able to do much, much better!
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    MasonGamerMasonGamer Posts: 8,851 Member
    the ability to rename towns and edit public areas and locked doors.
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    neuropsychoneuropsycho Posts: 1 New Member
    Though all of this has probably been mentioned
    1. Split level possibles for building
    2. Create a style tool - so sick of crappy looking items
    3. faster/better multi-tasking
    4. more pool items (slides, diving boards, etc.)
    5. more jobs
    6. skill books
    7. cars/garage options
    8. family lines
    9. room assignemnts
    10. Where is this "fireplace channel"?
    11. issues of adding a family to the neighbor hood and that family not actually living there when you try to visit
    12. Base skills (like music - get to a certain level with that skills, and start higher in a specific instrument when your sims starts playing it)
    13. toddlers
    14 pre-teen stage so we have more time to build skills
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    surraaaaaasurraaaaaa Posts: 859 Member
    I think there should be an option to kick out Sims, under the mean panel probably. If two Sims are in a relationship and live together there should be "break up" which just ends the relationship, and "kick out" which can give the option to stay in the relationship or break up too.
    I know there are a lot of bigger issues and complaints with this game, but I still think it would be nice to have this option.
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    ULIBABA66ULIBABA66 Posts: 2,062 Member
    - Better user interface, more similar to The Sims 2 and 3 (especially the Build mode and camera buttons should be down, not in the upper corner)
    - Toddlers who can cuddle each other, play with each other and with children, teens, adults and elders, lots of objects to them (especially the Bunny object from Sims 2!), ability to create own clothes for them, strollers for babies and toddlers, interactvie objects (especially the objects we got from The Sims 3 Store Premium Set), ability to bathe them in the normal bath (similar to The Sims 2), changing table
    - Option to play the game in a more non-linear way
    - Better, improved Family Tree (relationships, career history, the age when they died, traits, aspiration status etc.)
    - Ability to go to other lots in the same neighbourhood without a loading screen (if it's possible). Many people want this if a fully open world isn't possible in The Sims 4.
    - More worlds, ability to place lots to neighborhoods, better world view (similar to The Sims 1,2 & 3)
    - Ability to control population (the culling annoys many people right now if I remember correctly)
    - More venues (restaurants, coffee shops, farmer's markets, movie theaters, bakeries, etc.)
    - Ability to put pre-built skills for Sims in CAS (like level 10 in the cooking skill if a Sim is master cooker etc.) for storytelling players
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    rosehrtgirlrosehrtgirl Posts: 252 Member
    I would like to see a earned or bought faithful trait added to the game. A sim with the faithful trait well only accept romance like flirting from spouse only unless romantic relationship with spouse is low.
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    blueasbutterflyblueasbutterfly Posts: 3,425 Member
    I would like to see a earned or bought faithful trait added to the game. A sim with the faithful trait well only accept romance like flirting from spouse only unless romantic relationship with spouse is low.

    I had thought "romantic" would be more like the hopeless romantic trait from 3, where it didn't necessarily mean unfaithful - I wanted my Sim to be a hopeless romantic who would swoon over her prince charming. But instead she ended up being a cheap huzzy -.-
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    FusionFang7FusionFang7 Posts: 90 Member
    It seems more and more, as I read all these new comments, that there is less and less unique suggestions that I can add to the list. Which to me goes to show that there are a lot of things that the community can agree on as an "improvement" to the game, and making a satisfactory base game is really not as difficult as it might seem.

    Just to clarify some things, I didn't list:
    • Things that could be argued to be expansion pack material
    • Things that the Gurus have previously stated would never be in a sims game (natural disasters, teen pregnancy, etc.)
    • And over explained things, I did the best to get the basic idea without cluttering the list
    Happy Simming
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