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What CAN be done to fix TS4?


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    Zolt65Zolt65 Posts: 8,272 Member
    What CAN be done to fix TS4?

    Nothing, I fear.

    The object of life is not to be on the side of the majority, but to escape finding oneself in the ranks of the insane.

    Marcus Aurelius
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    SpradaciSprojSpradaciSproj Posts: 1,272 Member
    edited January 2015
    ledfut360 wrote: »
    CAS: Initial skill points would be great. Always found it hard to believe that a person could reach adulthood knowing nothing (although I have known a few people that make me wonder...)

    Brilliant idea! :)
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    [Deleted User][Deleted User] Posts: 0 New Member
    edited January 2015
    The user and all related content has been deleted.
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    sparkfairy1sparkfairy1 Posts: 11,453 Member
    g01denswan wrote: »
    A way to assign skills in CAS. It never made sense to me that adults have no skills. They should at least have what a teenage who graduated from high school would have. I understand that some players feel that skilling is challenging and fun, however, I find that doing the same thing over and over again is not challenging, but boring. If I want to repeat the same thing over and over, I'd go find an assembly line job. :D
    ledfut360 wrote: »
    CAS: Initial skill points would be great. Always found it hard to believe that a person could reach adulthood knowing nothing (although I have known a few people that make me wonder...) Also the TS2-style astrological setup and likes/dislikes were always handy. Add to that the ability to scope a room. I used to love that function. The other suggestions I could take or leave.
    This is the problem with creating adults or elders. They're still completely unskilled louts despite their advanced age. Dad is working as a toilet scrubber in his mid-40s and Mom manages to set fire to boiling water. The kids are stuck inheriting the starter house and unable to afford something bigger. Sooner or later the holy wars over the toilet from cramming so many Sims into a starter house lead to someone dying of embarrassment. Real funny, EA!

    End result: We have to create as a Young Adult, and then EA sees more YAs being made and focuses the game towards the "party it up and sleep around" people.

    Pre-skilling would allow us to completely pre-make a family.

    Also - the ability to order guests to do things at parties to fulfill the goals. I need you to get playful, so laugh, plummit!

    Yes! Totally and utterly agree!
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    JeefrkPJeefrkP Posts: 2 New Member
    Not sure if this was mentioned yet, and as much as fishing through pages of threads sounds exciting, I'll just risk repeating ideas.

    I understand the open world concept would be very difficult to suddenly throw in. I'd be happy with much bigger towns with subdivided neighborhoods. Currently, the base game has like 3 random neighborhoods and 4 town lots. Why not make the world larger, but then subdivide it into sections? It won't be "open world" per say, but there will be a lot more to do in each neighborhood and it wont just me "rich" "middle-class" and "poor" areas either. You also wouldn't have to edit the current neighborhoods, but just add new ones that we could download or something. The ability to travel to different towns is nice, but not entirely "life-like" especially since each town starts out with the same attractions. You could make a shopping district with the grocery store, book store, etc; then a service district with schools, police, fire, hospital etc; and then a recreation district with the town pool, gym, spa, etc and then maybe 10-15 different residential zones. Each district/zone would only have the 4-6 lots that are currently in the game to cut down loading time, but it would be more open, and it would seem bigger.

    Also, when each neighborhood is loaded, it would be nice to at least see the others surrounding it and have everything match. Currently, the objects and lots on the entire map don't always line up with what actually surrounds you on each particular lot (I'm talking, outside of the 4-5 lots in each section. To ensure life-like scenes, I would love to see the actual downtown as it is in perspective on the map. This would make the world seem more open too.
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    ledfut360ledfut360 Posts: 83 Member
    ledfut360 wrote: »
    CAS: Initial skill points would be great. Always found it hard to believe that a person could reach adulthood knowing nothing (although I have known a few people that make me wonder...)

    Brilliant idea! :)

    While I have always thought it, never have I mentioned it in the forums. Brilliance goes to the OP and those he has gotten the suggestion from.
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    blueasbutterflyblueasbutterfly Posts: 3,425 Member
    Great suggestions so far!! You all know the game so well and it's lovely to see so many people in agreement :)

    I have a few suggestions for how things should be changed as well. For one thing, the linear gameplay. They should add the tracker back in like they had in ts3, the one that kept track of how many masterpieces your Sim had painted, etc - and use that as an alternative to the list system they have now. There could be an alternative to working toward the aspirations that would allow you to choose more traits up front, and then track progress in similar ways to the sims 3 log.

    Whims should automatically re-roll the way they do in 2 and 3. They should be more based off your sim's personality and situation, and they should provide some whims with greater payout so that players aren't forced to rely on completing aspirations for rewards. Higher mood should have slow, steady point accumulation as a reward, as it did in 3. All of this will help the gameplay feel more natural and progressive.

    Family trees: since this is the sims 4, give us an upgrade to family trees. Let us click on a sim's portrait to see a profile - sim bio, longest worked/highest achieved career level, amount of money earned in a lifetime, major achievements (let *us* choose which ones to display at their death), and let us write a little memorial when they die, so that generations can learn about their ancestors.

    Toddlers: there are so many threads with awesome ideas about toddlers. Don't bring back ts3 toddlers, we want ts4 toddlers - they should be better than ever with more trouble, more interactions, more stuff to do - more of what makes us love them! I want toddlers very much but I don't want them half-plum'd.

    Less focus on drinking and carousing, please! It really sets my teeth on edge. As someone who does neither, there's very little in this game that I enjoy doing. My dates end up going to the library and I'm afraid to rotate families for fear my faithful couples will cheat :(

    Tone down emotions. They're way too variable and in your face. For example, if a Sim is changing from one to another, let it be gradual. If there are dirty dishes, give us the moodlet, but give us a chance to clean up or go to another room before it kicks in. There do not need to be sound effects when they change. Furthermore, the emotions don't currently do a whole lot except make the sims mope around like drama queens (way over exaggerated.) If it were me, I'd scrap them and go back to the more complex and detailed and variable moodlet system. But at least tone them down and correct them.

    Fix the UI so it's customizable, let us move stuff on the screen and scale it. It's absolutely enormous on my monitor. I can barely see what my Sims are doing. Also, fix it so you can side scroll over the UI.

    Tweak multitasking so that it's possible to disable it. Fix the fact that it takes an hour to eat. Let us click on the fridge and say "eat a quick breakfast" and give us the option to grab leftovers or cook something fast. Right now, the stuff that can and can't be multitasked is really stupid and random, and multitasking takes so much longer, when it is supposed to be more efficient.

    Autonomy is broken. Why shouldn't smarter Sims know to go to the bathroom before going to bed?

    Sims are too needy. Why do they get so miserable when their bars are *half* full? Has nobody told them that it's pessimistic to see it as half empty?

    I would really like the option to use sliders in CAS. I find it annoying and less exact trying to drag pieces of my Sims' faces and having to focus on the one piece I'm dragging makes it harder to see the overall effect. I'd also like customizable hair, skin, and eye colors. Better matching color choices for clothes would be very welcome if we can't have the color wheel.

    This is long enough for now xD I might add more later but I think the other posters already covered most of it.
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    White NinjaWhite Ninja Posts: 1 New Member
    edited January 2015
    Some ideas for build/buy mode, not sure if they've already been mentioned but they aren't in the list so here goes:

    - Split level foundations, like those seen in TS2.
    - Platforms, like those seen in TS3.
    - More staircase options, such as:
    * L-Shaped
    * Grand Staircase
    * U-Shaped
    * Circular, at multiple degrees, i.e 90°, 180°, 270° & 360°. (Also with the ability to widen these)
    * And the return of these stairs from TS2 (The image doesn't want to work but the stairs from Mansions & Garden Stuff)
    - Tools to make custom sized furniture.
    * For tables, a tool similar to the square pool tool. Where a 1x1 piece is placed and then has arrows allowing you to widen and lengthen it.
    * For couches, similar to the way counters can be placed.
    - Allowing doors to be moved by a half tile.

    That's all I can think of right now, hopefully these and many others already mentioned make it into the game at some point.
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    jooxisjooxis Posts: 515 Member
    For what it's worth I've been a simmer since The Sims 1 first came out and I really do love the franchise.

    I seem to be in the minority since I don't care at all for open worlds, bigger lots, CAST, toddlers, create-a-world, family trees, story progression, etc.

    What's important for me is to be able to play the game without lag, and be able to delete sims/edit stuff without breaking the game. If they do add family trees/memories/similar stuff I hope we can still be able to delete sims in-game without screwing things up.

    Now that that's out of the way...


    - Weather/Seasons
    - Animals
    - More careers (especially "normal" ones likes education, military, law enforcement, medical, science, etc.)
    - More neighborhoods
    - More variety in community lots (bowling alleys, diners, a pool table, spa, etc.)


    - Lockable bathroom doors. The amount of times that sims walk in on each other and everyone being embarassed all day is just ridiculous.

    - Tone down the emotions. It creates frustrating gameplay with the constant jingles and sounds of them being uncomfortable about the less-than-perfect quality of the hamburger they just ate and being really uncomfortable about the boombox that JUST broke two seconds ago. Give us at least a chance to fix things instead of dealing with these never-ending drama queen mood swings.

    - Being able to assign rooms/beds/objects to certain sims. In Sims 2 I used to use the OFB door options to control this. I don't want the son sleeping in the parents double bed, and I don't want dad playing on his daughter's computer when he has his own office.

    - Sims leave too many dishes and books and garbage all over the place. And whine about it. Once in a blue moon they autonomously clean up, but it's really not enough. Even the neat and perfectionist sims leave their trash everywhere and then cry about it. I spend 50% of my gameplay directing them to wash dishes, mop and clean trash piles.

    - Stuff breaks way too often. I fix about two appliances per day, that's too much time spent on boring stuff.

    - SLOW DOWN RELATIONSHIP DECAY. It decays unrealistically fast. Within like a sim week I need to re-introduce myself to my neighbor and friend three times because they forget they ever knew each other if they don't spend time together every day. Come on.

    - Facial and navel piercings. Since we have tattoos, these would be nice too. I like making diverse sims.
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    HephaestionHephaestion Posts: 1,445 Member
    sims 4 needs to be buried en masse out in the new mexico desert next to the atari failed game burial site.

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    JoxerTM22JoxerTM22 Posts: 5,323 Member
    edited January 2015
    Not sure if devs will ever read anything in this thread and if it's just another smokescreen, but I'll bite.
    Assuming changes are not complicated, expensive or highly timeconsuming.

    1. Major problem of Sims 4 are not design decisions. The game offers plenty of different content, some designed well (economy system) some designed bad (grinding). All shortcomings can always be enhanced through expansions. What is impossible to mend within expansions are - numerous base game bugs. Fixing bugs in this game should be of the uttermost priority. I mean cmon Maxis. In three months definetly 90% of bugs could have been addressed. Especially generally annoying ones with known cause. For example, why is solid purple lens bug still unpatched?

    2. According to rumors on internet, Gallery is hijacked by illegal (pirated) copies. Dunno is this is true, but the amount of garbage there suggests it is. Piracy cannot be stopped, okay, but please Maxis, protect the Gallery from the abuse. Seems that tunneling through Origin client was not the best idea. Maybe a separate online site like Bioware's Dragon Age Keep would do the trick.

    3. Family tree should have been an essential thing in the base game. Or even better - relationships tree where we'd see not just who is who's daddy, brother, lover, little boy but also who's friend and who an "enemy". I'm unsure how this feature got neglected in the release version. Aren't Sims games about relationships? Of course they are, well, give us an options to see them in one place, as I really can't remember which one of my sims made BFF with Alexander Goth!

    4. Culling on 180? 180 of what? Degrees? Dear Maxis, we're now in year 2015. Culling on such low number with machines that usually have 1TB hard drive is simply unacceptable. Move it on at least 500. Of course, let the game check how much of free space HDD has, if it's an ancient toaster, do keep culling on 180 or something, just don't punish us for having plenty of spare free space instead of using ZX Spectrum or C64 for playing the game.

    5. New game, load game, save as, savegames... Currently the whole system is horrible. Polish it! If I want to backup just my last family, tell me what savegame should I copy elsewhere? Yes, I need to do trial-error process to determine that. Make the system easy to understand. Standardize buttons, noone uses floppy drives or media any more. Oversized icons (ugly big green triangle) don't necessarily mean it's better design. It is not!

    6. We lack of two ingame options. One is to disable tutorial annoying tooltips. Yea, I know you don't think those are annoying but brilliant, and it's okay. But some of us hate those. Please, let us click on a toggle option in the game to prevent them from showing, the additional switch in Origin client is crap design. The second important option is disabling fat/muscle changes. Again, I'm certain you believe it was an amazing feature to have in the game, but I assure you it's execution is so poor many players are using a mod that disables it. Why should we have a mod for something like that? Let us use a simple ingame option that enables/disables weight change.

    7. Finally the inventory system. Not just sims inventory, but also house inventory, bookcases, toyboxes, etc. You cloned the horrible system from Sims 3 / Sims Medieval. Please change it into something more modern, less annoying, filterable and sortable, as I said, it's 2015., there is no excuse to keep this outdated horrible system any more.

    That'd be it from me.
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    blueasbutterflyblueasbutterfly Posts: 3,425 Member
    Adding this from another thread, about how to fix multitasking:

    "Remember in ts3 when they had options on how to do things and also that sort of slider on the icon so you could keep doing something until the skill increased, or "catch 5 fish" if you didn't want to fish forever? That could be really helpful here, if they added options to eat a "quick" meal (meaning only do this) or the option to hover over the current action and click "disable multitasking" - even better, give us the option to disable it entirely for awhile. I would find that very handy. On the whole I think they should just tweak it so the multitasking doesn't make things so inefficient."
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    [Deleted User][Deleted User] Posts: 0 New Member
    The user and all related content has been deleted.
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    qcfruscianteqcfrusciante Posts: 66 Member
    There are so many suggestions already... I agree with most of them. :D

    Here's mine:

    I think "favorites" should make a comeback.

    Loves/Hates: color, music and food.

    A sim being forced to eat something he dislike would be uncomfortable and perhaps receive context interactions: "lie about meal" and "complain about meal". Nauseous moodlet.
    Eating something he loves he'd get happy and get an interaction to "thanks the chef". Satisfied moodlet.
    Sims will autonomously pick their favorite food if available and avoid food they dislike unless directed by player or called to meal by host.
    Whims: cook sim's favorite food, eat favorite food

    Music genre:
    Listening to a music genre he hates would make a sim uncomfortable, or tense or even angry(if he's hot-headed). Interaction: "Complain about music". Listening to music he loves would make him happy and boost any other positive emotion he already has. Interaction: "I love this song/That's my jam"
    Whim: listen to (genre) for 2 h

    Being in a room filled with objects or painted in a color he dislikes would give an interaction "complain about decoration" that could make the house owner upset/angry/offended if they're not good friends and receive moodlet "Rude guest, like I care for his opinion". If they're good friends, house owner would receive feedback positively and a moodlet saying: "Free advice, it's great to know I can count on my friend." Color could boost or reduce points from an emotional state.
    Whim: Buy (color) stuff. (rare whim or it would get annoying),

    Speech/thought bubbles should illustrate above situations.

    Zodiac Sign should comeback too.

    Provided that your sim asked about zodiac sign or food or music or color, being compatible should increase the likelihood of interacting romantically autonomously with a sim.

    Discovering compatibility could boost flirty emotion.

    If all favorites and signs are/are not compatible both sims receive a moodlet:
    "Destined to each other...friends or something else?"(from being near a perfect match);
    "Opposites attract?!" (from being near a completely opposite sim) and still forcing your sim to flirt.

    Thanks for the initiative @FusionFang7 ;)
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    Blue_KeikoBlue_Keiko Posts: 5 New Member
    edited January 2015
    When going through the Reward Store, after each selection you make, the cursor goes back to the top. Can it be adjusted so that after a selection that it stays where it is, so you can select a second reward a lot quicker? It's very gawky the way it is now.

    Another thing, and this counts for everything in the game, when 2 different Sims want to use something that can only be used by 1 Sim at any given time, (toilet, kitchen sink, chair, etc...), the Sim that chose last, it's action, is cancelled. Can that be adjusted so that in such an event the action goes in queue? Would be much better if you ask me. Thank you. :)
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    DEXDEX Posts: 11 New Member
    Height slider, We dont care how hard it is to code in but do it or Try EVEN

    No Cheep ways out like removing open world

    All bugs,crash and error fix

    No loading screens for neighbourhoods when going between house cause putting loading screens is lazy

    I dont care what you guys say bring back CREATE A STYLE

    more realistic colouring/ or put in shaders like you did in SimCity

    Its the fourth generation we need things that was not in the last games... like remove the rabbit hole design and put real services in the game police station, hospital, fire station (non rabbit hole)

    hair colours

    not bigger map but HUGE maps(the size of the willow creak map in to city size with +100 lots keep the name though)

    not a lot placement tool but a way of creating new lots but in game size where you can make your own lot size e.g 47x23, 150x150, 10x10,etc

    landscaping tool and cheat constrainFloorElevation

    more wall & floor style, especially Carpet because theres only 2 texture

    shorter unlock item cheat

    split level foundations

    Toddlers (dont be lazy)

    Map maps maps map maps more maps


    Events: Christmas, father day, mothers day, thanks giving, etc.

    TV channel depending where you play in the world e.g BBC channels if the game play is in the uk or Fox for american players

    Curved wall tool come on EA you should of added this by now

    curved window for curved wall tool

    Out door entertainment

    Dates of birth so they age on those day but make it so they go though 3 birthday before ageing up to next age
    like e.g teen then 3 birthdays later young adult

    when sims die they get 65% chance to go heaven and 30% to go hell and 5% chance of becoming a zombie (that will make the game fun)
    this will depend on how your sims has lived and it personality

    a setting option to make the sim days longer but keep the needs bars the same


    injures broken arm/leg

    elevators, spiral staircases, shallow an steep settings

    a §100.000 Simmons cheat like motherlode but it gives §100.000 here are some words you could use for them >> LotteryMax, CheesyFeet, moneytreeoverload, BINGO!

    Trangender chance

    bigger households from 8 to 16 cause if you can have more bed than 8 might as well as add more sims in

    Dip dyed hair colours

    even more funky and funny walk styles

    interests like if there into card trading or fashion

    ik its hard to do because of copyrighting but put real brands in like Panasonic, Addidas, IKEA, Xbox

    put a option on the pc that say watch SimTube(Youtube in sims)

    Multiplayer maps

    object wearing so TV gets old or rugs fade

    WEATHER: rain, hail, snow, sun, wind

    an option in setting game play >> Natural Disasters like tornado and earthquakes and a slide on how rare or how common they are

    add harp to instruments choices

    to be able to place multiple small windows on the same wall tile

    more cake types >> car cake, unicorn cake, doll house cake, football cake (would work great for child birthdays)

    Onesies =D in the clothing for CAS at least 20 different styles(Dino, cat, dog, monkey, pikachu, plain,etc) in the colour pick part and a second version for hood up or down and its for all ages child to elder

    very clear! more furniture

    more floors at least up to 15 floors so we can have skyscrapers


    more places to go

    more greenery

    walking sticks for elders

    more modern style windows

    in stead of 3 different heights do a slider like for what you did in the foundation area

    more fire places

    one last thing another slot on the multitasking place

    Thats all I want anyway.
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    SimmerDafreakSimmerDafreak Posts: 35 Member
    Wow you guys just listed things that werent even in the sims 3!!! the sims 4 does need thinhs but its only been a few months
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    ULIBABA66ULIBABA66 Posts: 2,062 Member
    Expanded gameplay features, such as:
    - Town/World editing tools (place lots freely in your worlds, change the terrain of the world, etc.)
    - Create a World tool (sorry, this might have been said already xD)
    - Terrain and water tools
    - Seasons
    - Something new, fresh and exciting that has never done before in the Sims series (Water Park, Zoo, Space travelling/ability to travel to other planets like in Spore etc.)
    - Being a mayor in your Sims' town (I want that Town Life expansion pack from the survey, AND some important things mentioned in the survey in a free update for the base game (Population control options, basic world editing tools etc.)
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    ULIBABA66ULIBABA66 Posts: 2,062 Member
    I also wish that we could get an Open World with this way:
    - Semi-open world mode (the one we have currently)
    - Fully Open world mode
    This is what many people seem to want, including me. Their resources and technology could be enough to do this feature possible/feasible, including Create a Style or similar feature. PLEASE Maxis, make our wishes come true! :)
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    MarrisaJMarrisaJ Posts: 2 New Member
    Not have this idea of having to "unlock" certain items when Sims get to a certain point in their career, very strange addition...
    Be able to tilt the camera like in TS3
    Have private schools for children and teens in addition to boarding school
    I would love to see EPs from TS3 Ambitions, Generations, Late Night & Seasons to be reworked for TS4!
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    101Gamer101Gamer Posts: 131 Member
    edited January 2015
    Ability to see Emotional Aura of items.
    Post edited by 101Gamer on
    The Sims 4 is about Emotions and reduced CPU power consumption. Right?
    Also, complete agree with this.
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    FluorescentSoapFluorescentSoap Posts: 1,472 Member
    I don't know quite how to suggest this, but making it more a combination of TS3+TS2. That's all I ever wanted from the Sims. The two games combined with newer graphics and features. They need to make it semi open world at the least, and give us all the missing items and features we should have in a base game but EA are stingy and decided 'it's difficult' which seems to be their general excuse with the mess they've created.

    ⌠ Team Holy Hêll ⌡ [Currently playing TS4]
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    blueasbutterflyblueasbutterfly Posts: 3,425 Member
    It would be really awesome if a guru could go through these threads and let us know what would be possible with the engine. I see a lot of requests for open world/CASt but according to my reading, neither are actually possible because of the way the base game was designed. If we could get more information about what's actually physically possible, we could give more informed feedback and alter our hopes/expectations accordingly.
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    harobed7756harobed7756 Posts: 83 Member
    It would be really awesome if a guru could go through these threads and let us know what would be possible with the engine. I see a lot of requests for open world/CASt but according to my reading, neither are actually possible because of the way the base game was designed. If we could get more information about what's actually physically possible, we could give more informed feedback and alter our hopes/expectations accordingly.

    I agree, but we already know some things aren't possible because of the way the game was originally designed. I think some of us are asking for a redesign to make them possible. What I'd like to know from the gurus is whether or not EA will consider that.
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    blueasbutterflyblueasbutterfly Posts: 3,425 Member
    It would be really awesome if a guru could go through these threads and let us know what would be possible with the engine. I see a lot of requests for open world/CASt but according to my reading, neither are actually possible because of the way the base game was designed. If we could get more information about what's actually physically possible, we could give more informed feedback and alter our hopes/expectations accordingly.

    I agree, but we already know some things aren't possible because of the way the game was originally designed. I think some of us are asking for a redesign to make them possible. What I'd like to know from the gurus is whether or not EA will consider that.

    Yes this would be good too. I think they grossly underpowered the sims 4 engine, it should have been more of a side game like the sims stories, which were designed go be laptop friendly.
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