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S4 BuildnShare Winners Circle


  • Laireen35Laireen35 Posts: 46 Member
    Congrats to all the winners... Each and every one of you deserve this. All the builds in this round were truly out of this world. Tough call to make, so YAY for the judges... and ... @BuildnShare I agree about the prints in the common room. I was really in doubt whether to include them or not.
  • PallystylePallystyle Posts: 2,415 Member
    Huge congrats to the expert winners! These builds were crazy good!
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  • jadeiamjadeiam Posts: 146 Member
    Congratulations to all the winners! The builds were so creative!
  • itguyinscitguyinsc Posts: 5,765 Member
    Congratulations WINNERS and ALL Contributors! The entries in all categories have been impressive and most creative.

    Thanks BnS for the feedback. I appreciate the opportunity to add to my creativity!
  • abelhinha35abelhinha35 Posts: 2,083 Member
    @glen1974 - apologies, I used gmcrozier as a placeholder for the formatting and had a bit of a brain melt, it's all fixed now.

    @abelhinha35 - perhaps it's because I was 'outside' the alcineat area when I tried, each time I clicked on something, the only options I got were those for the element, or perhaps it behaves differently when placed from the gallery?

    @BuildnShare it must be because you were outside, cause when you inside it all works on my computer. "Shoo, .......wipe off brow". Will have to test downloading from gallery this weekend. :)
  • trashdockatrashdocka Posts: 138 Member
    Thank you guys so much! :smile: i wasnt expecting this! And congratz to all the other winners!! ❤️ So many amazing entries!
  • WrathofCathWrathofCath Posts: 4,332 Member
    edited June 2018
    Congratulations @gmcrozier, @trashdocka, @kilra0 and @linday! Fantastic entries! :smile:

    Edit: Yikes! I must have Saturday brain... I also wanted to say, Thank you for the feedback @BuildnShare! And I just have to add that all the entries were amazingly unique and well built. :blush:
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  • BuildnShareBuildnShare Posts: 3,435 Member
    edited June 2018


    The smiley face of stones made me giggle, awesome touch
    The airlock area is a great touch, well thought off, and totally agree on that
    What I miss with this build are knick knacks and technical items. Air Vents for air circulation etc. There are some awesome items with the Get to Work expansion pack (and seeing the items you used, you own that) that would be perfect to show that.
    The overall flow of the build is really thought through and shows you really put thought into it. And even though the furnishing is a bit bare, it fits the idea of being on a different planet, you can’t bring a lot of stuff with you that isn’t necessary. Great build

    Keep an eye out if you zoom out too much when taking pictures, it creates a fish eye effect that distorts the room. If the room is too small, either try a different angle or maybe from a bit more above.


    Wow! What an impressive first glance! Modern and techy.
    Love that even though the outside looks very techy, and the inside is well equipped of technology as well, you managed to give it a homey feel as well. Not too sterile.
    Not so sure about the see through floor especially in the bedrooms. Aside from having to share the bedroom, it doesn’t give you any privacy from other rooms, and.. What made me think, they could look up your … well pj’s when you get out of bed.
    The addition of the control room was a very wise one. All the systems and air has to be regulated from somewhere. Great touch to the build.
    (Also yikes! Haunted by failed test subjects? :open_mouth: )


    I really love the round shapes for roofs you used. I can imagine it’s easier to withstand sandstorms or other storms because the wind can just glide over it. I always imagine sandstorms on Mars, don’t even know if that is true.
    Also, great job on no floor 3 ;)
    As a suggestion I could give you that some areas/rooms seem fairly dark. With extra lights or maybe even the debug lights if you can find them would go a long way.
    The addition of that pond is great. As well as the rocket. But my favourite part is the entry area, with the mannequins for their suits.


    Very Spacey! I really like the overall shape of this build. They look like clausules that are linked to each other with common space.
    I really like how the kitchen is mirrored to add to that feel of clausules or prefab.
    Great use of the industrial items throughout for decoration and equipment. Like the addition of video monitoring/communication.
    The rec room is fairly colourless and the rugs are quite bright compared to the rest. I would have liked to see more harmony in it.
    Overall I think you thought this build very well through, I’m very impressed with all the technical rooms and how you thought of that the Sims can’t bring too many personal items.


    Love the edited image you made for your build. Impressive!
    The roofing of your build works really well! The layout is very basic, but works well and is practical. The mannequins for they space suits are a great touch.
    Having the harvestables at the centre creates a welcoming community area. And the sprinklers for humidity is very smart.
    While I love the exterior, I miss a little creativity in the interior. Especially in the common bedroom. It doesn’t feel as welcoming or private as it might could be.
    Love the lab, it has just the right amount of knicknacks, warning signs and equipment to really feel like it’s a proper lab.


    Love the addition of that ufo thingy above the build.
    That mars rover is brilliant. Great show of creativity and MOO. Everything is so well thought off, the plants without soil station, the water filtration, the addition of the droids
    As a suggestion, I think there are quite a few clutter items, maybe a bit too much for a Mars station. Getting there will be an amazing adventure, and to take that many clutter items is maybe too much. They do add to the lived in feel of the station though.
    Your whole build is cohesive and impressive, job very well done!


    Love the greenhouse!
    I like that your approach to decorating the interior is different than most of the others. You made it homey with the use of wallpaper and brick. And that is also a reason why the SSA asked you to create a base, to make something different.
    Tip, make sure you have the other floors up as well (all the way up to the roof) when taking in game images. That will make sure you don’t have the sky up there where you should see the ceiling.
    Your layout is very basic, but it has so many research rooms. This will definitely make sure that there’s plenty to discover on Mars and that all the research options are available.


    Love the little solar panels on the roof
    Your interior architecture is captivating and interesting. Great play with bridges and overlooks.
    The exterior seems a bit bland compared to the interior. It could do with some details, it misses that same oomphf as the interior.
    All the details in the compression room are well thought off and the greenery is awesome, you used it well. It really sells this build.


    Amazing build. Loved they layout and the exterior has an interesting shape but looks very functional. The details you put in are just perfect. Thought the hand scanners near the bedroom doors are just brilliant.
    Some rooms feel a bit too cluttered in my opinion. I love all the trinkets and such. But I think in some cases it can be a bit too much considering the theme.
    Great work on the build. While I loved the interior, I think the exterior is my favourite part of your build The build flows well and it has everything you need!

    And the winner is!
    Sim challenge

    Your Sims look amazing. I love the diversity between them.

    Loved seeing a little in the life of your Sims. The thourough background and profile really gives an great idea who we are dealing with.
    You even listed their skill levels. Which is of course very handy to know if you were to send them to Mars.
    I think I may have a little crush on Mateo ;)

    Really enjoyed meeting your Sims. Seeing them spend time in your amazing build. They all look gorgeous!

    And the winner for the Sim challenge is!

  • lindaylinday Posts: 1,332 Member
    Thank you so much, @BuildnShare, for your time and comments! I appreciate it! Big congrats to the other winners as well. I was blown away by you all, so much creativity!
  • PallystylePallystyle Posts: 2,415 Member
    Congrats to the other winners of the ESTABLISHED category! I know this was a hard one to judge. I saw stuff I loved in all the builds! Thanks for the feedback as well!
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  • SoulGal7SoulGal7 Posts: 1,785 Member
    edited June 2018
    Congrats to @MaryJane2joe, @Pallystyle & @Cebu2cool for your wins in the established category. So wonderful. For those who entered, but did not win, I am sure that this was a hard category for the judges to judge because I felt all of the builds were amazing. Thank you @BuildnShare for the feedback, which is greatly appreciated. Wonderful builds everyone!
    Congrats to @4Sanne for the wonderful sims and their backstories. Everyone's astronaut sims were great, so job well done everyone!
  • masajomasajo Posts: 4,568 Member
    Congratulations @gmcrozier and @maryjane2joe awesome creations :)
  • gmcroziergmcrozier Posts: 1,019 Member
    Thank you everyone for the congats and congrats to all of the winners. @BuildnShare thank you for the feed back and for putting up with all of my questions.
  • WrathofCathWrathofCath Posts: 4,332 Member
    Congratulations @maryjane2joe, @Pallystyle and @Cebu2cool! Such creative and gorgeous creations from everyone! :blush:
  • kilra0kilra0 Posts: 612 Member
    oh wow! :star: congrats @gmcrozier & @maryjane2joe :star: Woot! and also for placing @pallystyle @cebu2cool @trashdocka and @linday

    So many many many cool builds :o everyone did an amazing job, it was such fun to look through
    and thank you so much @BuildnShare there is a happy bunny over here :smiley:
  • BuildnShareBuildnShare Posts: 3,435 Member


    Very impressive facade to Dresden House with the large decorative windows, balcony and grand entrance, very elegant and stately looking. The climbing plants enhance the build and add more interest to the front. The rear garden is wonderfully spacious and I absolutely love the labyrinth. The large garden plot will provide many delicious home grown goodies and the sitting area will be nice and cosy around the firepit. The flower beds are very pretty and it's good to see you have created pathways to the different areas using terrain paint. Going inside the magnificence continues with the entrance hall divided well using columns and spandrels. The library looks wonderfully antiquated and I can almost smell the old dark wood in there. I also really like the spacious dining room, certainly big enough to entertain many guests and the 'shelving' feature looks fabulous in this room.

    Suggestions: Remember to turn off gridlines (unless stated otherwise) when taking pics, the kitchen and pantry would have looked so much better without. Regarding the master bedroom there seemed to be a lot of wooden floor on show and plain walls. More rugs and pictures/wall sculptures would really liven this room up.


    Echoes of Old Brindleton is such a beautiful and majestic build with it's large ornate windows and grand entrance with columns. The formal front garden is very attractive with your choice of colourful plants and shrubs lining the pathway. The kitchen garden at the rear is well stocked, orderly and neat, the hedging separates it very nicely from the rest of the garden. I absolutely love the pond with seating, perfect for reflection or chatting with others. Fantastic interior layout, I really like the corridor for the servants to bring food upstairs to the dining room. The library design is great also, looks very peaceful and cosy as does the kitchen with the open fire. The built-in icebox is a wonderful feature! There is just the right amount of red in the house without it being overbearing and this really adds to the regality of the home.

    Suggestions: To add more interest to the exteriors I would have broken up the surrounding wall using hedging perhaps at intervals. On one of the side walls the windows looked 'off balance'. I think a form of symmetry with windows always looks good. Regarding the interiors there are a lot of wooden floors. I think more mats/rugs would benefit and enhance the rooms.


    Wow, Barton Hall is a very stately and magnificent build with a wonderful decorative roof design. The columns at the front are very much Regency style, as are the ornate gates. Wonderful variety and choice of windows and the combination of perfectly clipped hedging and walls surround the home beautifully. The upper terrace from the master suite gives further structure and interest to the architecture. The rear is very well designed, the patio leading to the natural pond and a maze leading to the fountain area which looks such a peaceful and tranquil place to rest. The formal interior design is well thought out, decorated and furnished most elegantly. I absolutely love the indoor pool which could well be a Roman bath with your use and placement of stone objects and greenery, very serene looking. The servants staircase is a great idea as are the different coloured and themed guest rooms, makes them all the more special.

    Suggestions: Regarding the landscaping I would have used terrain paint, combined with what you have used already, to create curved pathways. This would look more natural and add even more interest to the home.


    Brook State has a very regal and majestic facade which oozes elegance with it's perfectly placed columns and varying roof trims. The symmetry of the build gives a very balanced appearance and your choice of fenestration is spot on. The formal landscaping at the front provides the grand entrance deserving of such a stately build and the statues greatly add to the interest. Wonderful interior layout with all the rooms easily accessible. You have really nailed the Regency style with the decor and furnishing. The rooms are lovely and spacious with just the right amount of red so as not to be overbearing. I really like how you've provided colour themes for the guest rooms and also dedicated a whole floor to the master suite thus enabling total privacy.

    Suggestions: I absolutely love the front landscaping but the pathway at the right seems to lead nowhere. I would have surrounded the house with a combination of fencing/hedging/walls to provide security and perhaps added a gate at the end of this particular pathway. Otherwise a tree placed there with a bench underneath would suffice.


    Jane's Simberley is one mighty and magnificent house, totally basked in true Regency style The front entry gate to the drive is very creatively designed with the appearance of sliding gates and I love the combination of fencing, hedging and stone walls here. The elevations of the house are grand and stately with a wonderful combination o f wall textures. The fantastic roof detail and design tops the build off fabulously. The rear landscaping certainly has the 'wow' factor! The sunken rose garden is absolutely stunning, very formal and symmetrical and the arches provide lots of interest. The veggie garden is also superbly designed with the old well as a centrepiece and the cemetery is a wonderful addition to the home. Going inside is such an awesome experience. The large 'open' hallway is very regal with the columns and stoneware and the servants quarters are just what I would imagine for the Regency period. Each and every room is immaculate and uniquely designed. Your attention to detail is incredible, even down to the 'drip' apparatus in the master suite!

    Suggestions: Every single aspect of this beautiful build has been well thought out and the detail you have provided is amazing. There really is nothing I can suggest to improve this build other than a little decor on the front porch, perhaps a door mat or greenery/flowers either side of the door. I would also suggest you try the Expert category in future submissions.


    Stokesheath Manor has a mighty impressive and regal facade and I really like the combination of wall textures for the 'main' part of the house, sides and garage. Good choice of windows with the columns adding decorative interest and the dormers further enhancing this. The layout of the front landscaping is beautifully neat and formal, very true to the Regency period. There is good balance with the parking on one side and fountain on the other, what a lovely place to relax and reflect. The bin storage area is tucked away very nicely so as not to detract from the beauty of the build. I also love the rear garden, the gazebos add elegance whilst the fountains provide tranquility and peace, I can almost hear the water trickling here! Great interior design and layout with a wonderful 'open' hallway, very magnificent. Good to see all the rooms are focused on the style of the Regency era and I love the dumb waiter for food and laundry, very creative.

    Suggestions: Overall a fabulous build but I would have liked to see more decoration to the interiors, ie more mats/rugs especially to the wooden flooring and lots more pictures/wall hangings in the rooms. If the budget was the problem experiment using a combination of varying wall textures in the rooms and creating unique and bespoke rugs using a variety of floor tiles, this would provide more interest but not necessarily expand on the budget.

    The winners of this challenge are ....


    Room challenge


    LadyBug Master Bedroom has a wonderful entry, the half walls define this area well and the pops of red and lovely and subtle. The bedroom is decorated beautifully using classy decor and furniture and I love the four poster bed feature. Superb idea to create a little dressing room, fantastic floor pattern here. Gorgeous bathroom, lovely and spacious with just the right amount of clutter to maintain the elegance.


    Jane Moore's Bedroom is very regal and stately with your choice of furnishing and decor, the whole room exudes elegance. The red and gold scheme provides colour and warmth and I love the guard placed before the fire, fabulous idea! There is certainly an air of speciousness in this room and your choice of windows enable the beautiful view of the ocean. Perhaps a partition or two here and there would have divided the areas and provided even more interest.


    Regency Elegant is such a beautiful room, full of charm and sophistication. The wall coverings and flooring are very fitting for the era and the fireplace brings warmth and cosiness to the room. I really love the design of the four poster bed, very creative and the placement of curtains and plants give a very attractive appearance.

    The winner of the room challenge is ....



    Sim challenge


    Sim challenge: Fantastic job of creating all the characters associated with Jane Moore's home, they are all so wonderfully unique and fit their roles perfectly with your choice of traits. Their outfits are spot on as are their appearances. I love the stories behind each of the members and seeing them in various parts of the house is absolutely wonderful.

    The winner of the Sim challenge is ....



  • SimTresaSimTresa Posts: 2,548 Member
    Congrats to @Rostri-Jodu, @jhgkjhgkjh, @FidgetyAtom and @lisabee2 for your wins.
  • JojoMOMSTERJojoMOMSTER Posts: 953 Member
    edited June 2018
    All the builds were lovely
  • BlueJeans04989BlueJeans04989 Posts: 75 Member

    The winner of the Sim challenge is ....



    Congratulations @lisabee2 !

    Also congrats to all the winners. Those were some fantastic builds! Way outta my league but totally fun to look at and dream...
  • SoulGal7SoulGal7 Posts: 1,785 Member
    Congrats to all the winners! All of the builds were fantastic. It was a very hard build for sure! @lisabee2 @FidgetyAtom @Rostri-Jodu & @jhgkjhgkjh - fantastic job everyone!
  • Rostri-JoduRostri-Jodu Posts: 669 Member
    Oh, wow, how awesome! Thank you, Team BNS, and congrats to all the winners and builders! Such lovely, period perfect builds, one and all. Cheers, Ro
  • jhgkjhgkjhjhgkjhgkjh Posts: 256 Member
    Congrats to @Rostri-Jodu! And to @lisabee2 @FidgetyAtom!
    All builds and entries were absolutely fabulous - great eye to details!

    And thanks @BuildnShare for the feedback and a grand second place! Made me smile and cheerful after a long day of work. This was a fun challenge and a great opportunity for me to step out of my comfort zone. :)
    You can't use up creativity. The more you use, the more you have.
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    Please excuse my English and feel free to correct any mistake you find. :) It is not my native language.
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  • lisabee2lisabee2 Posts: 3,375 Member
    TY Judges for your lovely remarks on my wacky simmies. I am tickled that you liked them ... Simmers were so curious that they will get their own story soon :) WHAT FUN. TY BnS for the inspiration! <3

    Congrats to @FidgetyAtom , @Rostri-Jodu and @jhgkjhgkjh <3
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  • FidgetyAtomFidgetyAtom Posts: 128 Member
    @Rostri-Jodu and @jhgkjhgkjh Congrats on your wins and placement! What beautiful houses, I want to live in them :lol:

    Thank you for the kind comments on my room. I'd like to have it as my own xD - just in purple instead!
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  • kilra0kilra0 Posts: 612 Member
    :star: Congrats @lisabee2 @FidgetyAtom @Rostri-Jodu and @jhgkjhgkjh on your wins and placement. Great job everyone :smiley::star:
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