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S4 BuildnShare Winners Circle


  • lindaylinday Posts: 1,332 Member
    Congrats to @gmcrozier and @ChaosSimmer86!
  • maryjane2joemaryjane2joe Posts: 294 Member
    @ChaosSimmer86 Congrats!!... congrats to everyone else too... I think this was an interesting build and Everyone's was Awesome!!
  • masajomasajo Posts: 4,989 Member
    Congratulations @leochick123 @ChaosSimmer86 @gmcrozier awesome work all round :)
  • ChaosSimmer86ChaosSimmer86 Posts: 65 Member
    Oh wow, I never expected this, thank you so much!!! @BuildnShare I am really glad you liked my build and will take your suggestions to heart!
    Congrats to @leochick123 and @gmcrozier for winning your categories!
  • gmcroziergmcrozier Posts: 1,037 Member
    Thank you everyone for the congratulations and congrats to @leochick123 and @ChaosSimmer86 as well!
  • mannannamannanna Posts: 443 Member
    Congrats to the win, all three of you @leochick123 @gmcrozier and @ChaosSimmer86. Great job!
  • BuildnShareBuildnShare Posts: 3,577 Member


    What a lovely name for the restaurant! Suong Mu looks like a tropical Asian oasis in the midst of downtown Willow Creek. The landscaping is sumptuous and definitely draws you into the restaurant. And the architecture leaves no doubt that this is Asian inspired. The two patio dining spots are inviting and I like how you have brought all that greenery inside too.! The layout seems efficient, and it was wonderful to see all the Sims enjoying themselves! Nice work! :smiley:

    Suggestions: It was hard to discern any European influence in the design of the restaurant, though it is a great Asian fusion look. And we rarely expect to see cutaway walls in your presentation. Most of your shots should have been with the walls up so we get a real sense of being inside the restaurant (if you don’t know how to take pictures in cameraman mode, go to the first page of our forum thread for advice), and each image needs to be labeled. I’m sure a lot of detail was lost with the missing walls. Also, there was no need to have the grid lines showing, but we do require that you do top down shots of each level of the restaurant; there was only the top down shot showing the roofs (which were spectacular, by the way!).


    The façade of Cina Italia certainly has a minimalist modern Japanese look to it! I love the lighted tree branch wall decorations. And it’s lovely to discover inside that you are essentially still outside! The downstairs patio with its exuberance of delphiniums, playful fountains and statuary is delightful. The upstairs area is a delight as well. With the fountains and floor lights, I’m sure it is magical at night! Nice effort! :smiley:

    Suggestions: The gray color of the walls and floors seems monolithic. Perhaps breaking them up with some natural wood tones would have softened them and added a bit more of the Asian influence to the design. Some landscaping around the building would have been nice, too. If you haven’t read the first page of our forum thread, we encourage you to do so, because we expect all images to be labeled (so the judges know what they’re looking at!) and we generally expect walls to be up and no grid lines showing. We also expect top down shots of all levels of the build (without grid lines showing) so that we can understand the layout. It’s always best to bring a Sim onto the lot to take pictures so that you can use cameraman mode (hit the Tab key) to take your shots. I personally would have liked to have seen many more images of the restaurant (focusing on the details, for example). There is no such thing as too many!


    Wow! The King and Pie has an eye-catching modern exterior. I love your choice of exterior wall textures contrasting with the wood fencing and vines/ivy. Inside is an explosion of color and texture, and the Zen garden is exceptional. I love how creative you were with resizing ceiling lights—a wonderful effect. The layout inside has a cozy yet vibrant feel to it. You did an amazing job without the Dining Out pack! :smiley:

    Suggestions: I’m not totally sold on the oak tree growing into the fence, but you could have made a better case for it if you had put some terrain paint under it. Also the entrance stairs needed some kind of walkway coming up to them—again, maybe some stepping stone terrain paint might have looked nice there. I rarely use the podium, but as a host station it looks like it’s facing backwards. Shouldn’t the host be facing the customers as they enter the restaurant? And finally, remember to label all images (and I would have liked to have seen a lot more of them!).

    The Winner is of this challenge is ....

  • maryjane2joemaryjane2joe Posts: 294 Member
    edited March 2018
    !!YAY!! Congrats @VagueNightmare !! I loved it too !!

    @BuildnShare Thank You very much for your compliments and mostly Your input!! That's why I'm here... to learn and what you've said is very important and yes... i'll read the camera knowledge... little by little I feel like I am improving thanks to you and everyone else here whose so helpful :)

    PS: I'm gonna try and fix my most recent Back to Basics entry with all that you've told me and hopefully it won't take too long.. once again Thank You !!
  • VagueNightmareVagueNightmare Posts: 67 Member
    Oh wow Thank you @BuildnShare ! this means alot to me! it will actually be the first build challenge i have won here haha. i actually didnt think i would win there were so many other great restaurants and everyone worked really hard on their builds! im happy to have competed against all of you!

    thank you for the feed back! alot of the time when i build things its during the AM hours when i am starting to get tired so my brain forgets small things like terrain paint or walkways and things haha. ill make sure to keep those things in mind when i build next time!

    thank you @maryjane2joe for the congratz! :smile:

    i look forward to more buildnshare challenges!!

    Check out my Speed Builds! [img][/img]6JqfrhK.jpg
  • ShadowFairy74ShadowFairy74 Posts: 44 Member
    Thank you very much for the feedback!
  • gmcroziergmcrozier Posts: 1,037 Member
    Congratulations @VagueNightmare , well done!
  • VagueNightmareVagueNightmare Posts: 67 Member
    Thank you @gmcrozier !
    Check out my Speed Builds! [img][/img]6JqfrhK.jpg
  • BuildnShareBuildnShare Posts: 3,577 Member

    I like the shape of The Silk Palace. Good job on adding some interest to the roofline and creating realistic pitches. I like the landscaping and how the color story is carried over from the front of the building to the area around the patio dining. Nice interior layout. Love the bar area and divider/sculpture separating it from the rest of the dining room. The color palette inside is very serene. Nicely laid out kitchen. Good job bringing in both East and West design elements for the fusion restaurant.

    Suggestions: Add roof trims to make your roof look more polished. Work on adding some close-up/detail shots in your slideshow to highlight different areas and include more photos overall as this is how we primarily judge your build. I feel like a lot of your budget went untouched which could have been used to add more high-end items and decorative elements.

    The Winner is of this challenge is ....


  • BuildnShareBuildnShare Posts: 3,577 Member


    Sim Challenge: I was very impressed by your thorough research into the names of the couple, the meanings you came up with and how you used this to develop your characters. The traits you have chosen are very appropriate for each of them as they both aspire to be Master Chefs. I love your wardrobe design and how they compliment each other, just like twinnies! You have presented this awesome couple beautifully, I really hope they do well in their new restaurant.


    Wow, Maison Sinigang is absolutely stunning with everything anyone could ever wish for in a restaurant. The facade is spot on using different textures and trims which compliment each other beautifully. The roofing is first class and I love your choice of a large door and windows. The entrance is well lit up and very welcoming and the pots on the verandah are wonderful detail which add to the attractiveness. The planted borders really enhance the build, the reduced sized trees look so good here, as does the front paving design. You really have thought the design of this restaurant out thoroughly, the side entrance for staff is a fantastic concept and I love how you've left a couple of chairs out here. I also really like how you've disguised the rubbish bin, very neat and tidy. Going inside I can feel the beautiful ambience of this place, very elegant in blue and gold tones and very soothing. What a great idea to sell desserts at the entrance to take out. Fantastic layout using columns and spandrels to divide the different areas, this really adds authenticity as well as spaciousness. Very impressive also to use different sized tables to cater for varying sized groups.

    Suggestions: I am struggling to find any fault with this place. My only suggestion would be to add some type of trim to the planted borders in the garden dining area, perhaps those little stones found in debug would edge it off nicely.


    La Belle Asie is such a beautiful fusion restaurant with it's modern Japanese design. Wonderful textures of natural stone and different shades of wood chosen for the exterior walls, the minimal fuss of decoration here really makes a statement within itself. The Zen style landscaping around the build gives an air of serenity and peace and I love the water feature by the curved corner to the entrance. The rear patio looks very chic and stylish and the greenery provides lots of privacy to this area. Fantastic interior layout using an open plan design, this provides a great air of spaciousness and light and I love how you have separated the different areas using the slate tiles as dividers. The neutral base tones are cleverly brought to life using vibrant pops of colour in a subtle way and I love how you've used decals to differentiate between male and female washrooms. Great idea to provide different sized tables to suit varying sized groups, very well thought out.

    Suggestions: The vase in the foyer looks a little too large to me, I would suggest reducing the size to make it more in proportion with the nearby furnishings. My favourite area in the restaurant is the bar/lounge which I feel needs a little more decor, ie maybe some fruit on the coffee table and perhaps a plant or a bowl of lemon and limes placed at the bar.


    Absolutely love the name 'EurAsian' very unique just like it's design, a lovely structure with a good solid roofline. The modern facade looks very earthy with the green and brown tones which compliment each other beautifully. I was most impressed to see you'd incorporated the two continents into the landscaping using traditional plants of the west and trees from the east. The Zen vibe was further enhanced with your choice of lights and fountain. I can almost hear the windchimes welcoming the guests to this beautiful restaurant. Going inside I am hit with a very happy and lively vibe, the bold and bright colours really speak fiesta! The high walls add to the spacious feel and provide an airy atmosphere. Wonderful layout with areas separated well by cleverly placed dividers and windows. You have put a lot of thought into guests using this restaurant, I love the idea of singles tables and the fact that high chairs are available. I also love the outdoor dining area, the water feature is wonderfully soothing.

    Suggestions: There are a lot of orange chairs used which is fine but I would have alternated these with the turquoise version to add more interest. There is also a long line of singles tables, I would have broken this line up a little by placing a plant in between at intervals.


    Palais de Fusion is an absolute delight to visit, what a beautiful restaurant! I love the French style architecture, so decorative and ornate with your choice of roof trims, windows and balcony railings. I also really like the two-tone brickwork, this really enhances the build. The outdoor dining is the perfect spot to sit and watch the world go by, the floral arrangements look so pretty here. What a great idea to include a couple of parking spaces on the lot and the rear garden .. fabulous! The thought of home grown fruit and veg gives this restaurant so much appeal. The interiors instantly give an Asian vibe with the dark wood and pops of red. The bar and bakery is a wonderful waiting area or a place to enjoy a drink and a light pastry. The enlarged picture behind the bar, the bonsai plant and wall hanging at the entrance to the dining room all add to the theme, as do the moo'd flowers. I also love the enlarged shelf with stools underneath, very creative. Amazing interiors throughout, I didn't know where to look first, the attention to detail is incredible!

    Suggestions: Very difficult to think of anything more you could do with this fantastic place other than furnish and decorate the empty room (which I see you have done outside this challenge). Also, maybe a rug or two would break up the wooden flooring in the dining area.


    Wow, Wasabi Bistro is everything I'd expect of a modern pan-Asian fusion restaurant. A very unique and interesting structure with fabulous contrasting exterior finishes of dark wood siding and concrete, brought together with steel. Perfect choice of large windows which will allow for a light and airy interior. There is just the right amount of greenery at the front and it's good to see you've mixed traditional planting with oriental. The tall fencing provides much privacy for the rear patio. What a beautiful place to dine, I can almost hear the fountains of the water features and I love the planting sculpture on the wall. It totally speaks peace and tranquility! Going inside is a dream, the restaurant oozes elegance and sophistication. I love the different dining levels and the high ceilings, this creates much spaciousness. The cleverly designed flooring divides the tables up very nicely and it's good to see you have catered for varying sizes of group diners. Fantastic detail in the exhibition kitchen, the smoke detector and fire extinguisher are very important features and it's good for customers to see the food prep.

    Suggestions: I honestly wouldn't change one single thing about this restaurant, in my eyes it is perfect! However if I were to 'nit pick' I would continue the wooden flooring under the planting box on the rear patio and use a 'nicer' looking bin at the front, perhaps the CanOFlage one.


    Sim Challenge: A very handsome couple who you have shown to look devoted to each other. I love the Asian features of Tiaowu and the French appeal of Clotilde, they will make very fine restaurateurs. It was truly wonderful to share their night out, they sure do have lots of fun. The outfits you have chosen suit the couple well and really bring out their characters.


    La Zui Hao Restaurant is a very appropriate name for this beautiful place, it certainly lives up to it's title. The exterior instantly brings France to mind with it's shuttered windows, balconies, awning and window boxes. The wonderful contrasting finishes make for an absolutely delightful facade. The outdoor dining area at the front looks a lovely place to sit and watch the world go by. The surrounding lights are welcoming decoration and the umbrellas provide good shade. The ivy climbing up the walls enhance the authenticity of the building and the fire escape at the rear is a superb idea. The entrance door gives us a taste of the fabulous Asian interiors and the blossoms in the reception area are very pretty and welcoming. I love the dark wood and red in the dining room and the varying sized tables which will cater for any customer groups. Fantastic sushi bar, awesomely designed and it's great to see this included. I also love the kitchen, well laid out and very spacious.

    Suggestions: It would have been nice to see the empty room furnished and decorated but I do understand the budget! The flat roof at the side also looks a little 'lost'. This would make a great roof terrace to relax with food or drink. Regarding the interior I would have added a few rugs here and there, particularly in the dining room, to break up the wooden floor and provide more interest.

    The Winner is of this challenge is ....


    Second place goes to ....


    The Winner of the Sim Challenge is ....


  • masajomasajo Posts: 4,989 Member
    Congratulations to @VagueNightmare @MsLeo @KittKat7147 @pronterus and @Ainsleyf your creations are all fantastic :)
  • gmcroziergmcrozier Posts: 1,037 Member
    Congratulations to @MsLeo @KittKat7147 @pronterus and @Ainsleyf . @BuildnShare thank you for the feedback.
  • StSciurusStSciurus Posts: 1,580 Member
    Congratulations everyone! You all did a super job! :smiley:
  • AinsleyfAinsleyf Posts: 880 Member
    Hey everyone!! Back from sunny Ireland and England!! Beautiful restaurants and sims and I'm so very thoroughly wowed with the new challenge entries that I may not even try! (I know that's silly, I may just try to come up with something a little off-center and have fun with it) Congrats to @VagueNightmare @MsLeo @kittkat7147 @pronterus and @me!!!! Yay! Thanks so much @BuildnShare for yet another great challenge and taking the time to review all of our work. Awesome thread with a whole lot of awesome people.
  • abelhinha35abelhinha35 Posts: 2,156 Member
    Congratualation @KittKat7147, @pronterus, @Ainsleyf, @MsLeo and @VagueNightmare well done. <3 Thanks for the feedback, @BuildnShare. :)
  • kilra0kilra0 Posts: 629 Member
  • pronteruspronterus Posts: 2,166 Member
    Congratulations to all the winners @KittKat7147 @MsLeo @VagueNightmare @Ainsleyf ! Thanks to everyone and to @BuildnShare for the feedback :)
  • KittKat7147KittKat7147 Posts: 1,942 Member
    Wow - the builds for this challenge were all so inspiring! I can't believe I won 1st in the very competitive Expert category - what an honor :) Congrats to all entrants and to @pronterus @MsLeo @VagueNightmare and @Ainsleyf for your wins !
  • KementariKementari Posts: 923 Member
    Thanks for the feedback BnS :) Congrats to the winners, you all did amazing jobs!
  • CJSimmieCJSimmie Posts: 310 Member
    Congrats @MsLeo @Ainsleyf @KittKat7147 @pronterus @VagueNightmare !!!! Your Restaurants and Sims were AMAZING :)
  • MsLeoMsLeo Posts: 25 Member
    Thanks guys, it was fun and challenging. Still playing the restaurant. 4 stars now!
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