Anyone know how to get the Lustrous Entainer Statue?



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    Moinesse wrote:
    I can't get any Sims to listen or watch me play the Laser Rhythm-A-Con, I've tried everything.
    I went so far as to host a maxed party, put them all in one room, went into build mode and deleted the door, removed the radio, put a All in one bath room in the room and played my Laser Con. They danced, and talked but didn't pay attention to me playing.
    I did this for 10 Sims hours, finally gave up and (cheat) ported my self out and left them there, maybe if they get hungry enough they'll listen to some Music!

    LaserHarp+Watch+Definition - ITUN has a wrong entry for advertising fun. So there is no reason for Sims to watch a Sim playing the Instrument.

    It looks like this.

    <Change type="Fun" advertised="0" locked="False" actual="25"

    Guitar as example looks like this.

    <Change type="Fun" advertised="25" locked="False" actual="25"

    I made myself a Override file with 25 instead of 0. Now Sims are watching my Sim playing the instrument on all lots even at parties and are tipping also if he plays for money.
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    THANK YOU to everyone who commented in this thread. I had the hardest time getting this particular Statue to work for me but going to the big park did it.

    I just had a party at the big park in town and viola!
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    I had one sim get it by accident....plumbot with the Musical Machine chip randomly playing in Dragon Valley.
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    I got this statue by finding a popular public lot with very few distractions, and had my sims play all day there.

    Large parks work well in this case, like central park in Sunset Vally (with out Seasons installed).
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    I know this is a VERY old topic, but I still hope someone might be able to help me out? I have used all the tips from this thread, placed the Performance (Big) Park and played for tips there while at level 10, and had nearly 20 unique sims watch my sim play. Still no Emit, still no statue. Does anyone know what I am doing wrong here????


    It turns out that one (I don't know which) of my Nraas mods was changing something fundamentally about what registered as a sim paying attention to my sim playing the laser harp. This lead to a lot of views but none that appeared to be valid for the statues challenge. More details here!
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    I'll close this thread from here as it is necro'd just a tad. I can see you have started up a new thread on this. Please feel free to continue this conversation on the thread you've linked in your post above @AlHollandiyah as it's new and more relevant to your issue. :) I hope you can obtain the Entertainer statue but If you aren't able to find a solution, I would suggest popping over to Answers HQ and recreating this thread there as well. There are trained EA staff and super helpful tech savvy Simmers checking those boards.
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