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Forum Rules & Guidelines

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We want our players to feel at home on all our EA Forums. Anyone should feel comfortable asking for help, sharing their tips and tricks, and having fun with other players. We have a community of global perspectives and different passions all united on one thing: playing fun games. That's why it's important that everyone feels comfortable expressing themselves.

To keep our games and communities safe and fair we have to put a few rules in place. Our guidelines show you the type of behavior we need to create a fun, safe community for everyone. That includes things like:
  • Stopping any toxic behavior.
  • Keeping things fair.
  • Creating clean content.

These guidelines don't include all behaviors, and moderators can decide if something is toxic or unfair based on the context.

For a list of the rules you agree to when you sign up for an EA account and use an EA Service, read Section 6 of our User Agreement.

Any questions? Ask an EA Community Manager via Direct Message.


Our forum moderators oversee all posts. Posts that break the rules and guidelines may be removed. If you break the rules, we also may need to sanction your forum account. If you want to appeal a ban or moderation decision, you can use our steps on EA Help.
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    These are more serious don'ts. That means if you do something from this list, we might ban you right away.
    • Don't discriminate. That means no sexism, racism etc.
    • Don't link to or discuss pirated and/or harmful content: Such as Trojan horses. That's not allowed and will result in account action.
    • Don't be a troll, bait or flame. This includes deliberately trying to cause an argument by making sarcastic, off-topic, rude or disruptive posts, and discussions.
    • Don't do anything illegal. To ensure everyone feels safe, it's important that you follow the local laws when playing our games. This not only includes keeping things legal, but reporting anything you see that breaks the law or promotes doing so. This means no:
      • Identity theft
      • Identity fraud
      • "Swatting"
      • Doxxing
      • Stalking
      • Making personal threats
      • Blackmail and extortion
    • Don't promote or discuss activities that are against the EA User Agreement. This includes software piracy, "hacks", "torrents", game "cracks", and more.
      • See that happening on the forums? Report it directly to a Community Manager.
      • See a website that sells or promotes such activities? Report it directly to EA.
    • Don't post anything that references adult materials. This includes linking to adult-themed mods for games. We've got young gamers on here, too.
    • Don't ask for or giving out CD-Keys/Product Codes. Missing the code for your game? Head to help.ea.com to contact us.
    • Don't share accounts. Sharing accounts will get you banned.
    • Don't post copyrighted material. This includes images as well as text from game guides. If you don't own it, don't post it.
    • Don't create more than one forum account. Accounts created for inappropriate or unauthorized reasons will be banned.
    • No Coin Buying / Selling / Promoting / Gambling. These are all against our EA User Agreement.
    • Don't post real-life threats.
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