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What do you want in Sims 5

FirewestgamerFirewestgamer Posts: 30 Member
I would like to see better trait system like from Sims 3
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    IamJIamJ Posts: 44 Member
    I would like to see better trait system like from Sims 3

    I wouldn’t want a trait system at all but a personality system like in sims 2, but more in depth. A memory system like in sims 2 as well but also more in depth. The emotions from sims 4 I think they can scrap.

    I think seasons should come with the base game in sims 5, and so should apartments, and they should be like in sims 2, not like in sims 3 or 4. I think they would need a lot of focus on the gameplay. And also the base game really needs to include a lot because after four previous games people have expectations, and so they can’t do what they did in sims 4 and scrap pools and toddlers or something, they really need to take their time.

    For the expansions I think they should do what they’ve done in sims 4 with regards to travel, but from the beginning. Make all worlds livable and all worlds able to be traveled to, and then just create a travel pack with like hotels, tour guides maybe, some adventure stuff, markets, etc. And of course create different worlds with different climate and stuff to do and such, much like in sims 4.

    I really think sims 4 did the city pack well with the festivals and the clubs from get together really well too. That content should probably merge into one city pack, also with restaurants and coffee shops. And online dating, like in sims 3, but much expanded on.

    Sims 2 did business best. For that pack the system of sims 2 should be followed but expanded on. Things sims buy when you are managing a shop need to appear in their inventory later when you play those sims, and for a business pack there really needs to be a _lot_ of craftable items so sims can sell those. Lots of room for cross pack gameplay as well. Like running a hotel, a restaurant, a spa, a club, etc.

    I really think sims 4 made get famous really well. A similar system but with more than just the acting career, maybe music or modeling as well. Music would be really cool: you could like book celebrities to preform at clubs you own and your sims could buy concert tickets to go see famous music sims preform and stuff.

    I think sims 4 did the parenthood pack really well, and sims 3 did generations really well. A combination of the two for a generations pack, but with more in depth focus on the after school activities for kids (dancing, drama, scouting, maybe a sports team).

    The high school pack is awesome, they should totally do that again in sims 5. Of course pets as well. The cottage living pack is also great. University needs to be there, hopefully much earlier than in sims 4. I at least can’t even play a game that doesn’t have university; I send all my sims to university. I think sims 4 did the university pack really well, except for the stupid dorms that aren’t customizable and you can’t even have your own room. But I like that it’s a challenge, all the clubs and activities, and the two different universities.

    Sims 5 needs to have much more customizable worlds though. Much more. Ability to place lots anywhere, ability to decorate your world, like in sims 2 and 3.

    Just off the top of my head. There’s probably much more.
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    FirewestgamerFirewestgamer Posts: 30 Member
    @IamJ I would agree with everything but the trait thing. Maybe it could be mixed
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    Metior_IceMetior_Ice Posts: 3,103 Member
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    sh3nanigans___5sh3nanigans___5 Posts: 4 New Member
    So many amazing thoughts! I think most of us are on the same page when it comes to expectations. Here’s a few things I’d love to see that I haven’t seen mentioned much which is sad as it doesn’t give me much hope 😂

    - Being back Neighbourhood worlds like TA2! I loved having the main world (Pleasantview) with the sub-neighbourhoods attached (Downtown / University towns etc)
    - However, I for one LOVE the freedom we have with so many worlds and lots combined in TS4. Maybe there could be a merge of the 2 ideas?
    - If so, the main worlds/neighbourhoods should be connectable via some mode of transportation (plane/ trains/ ferry/ cruise ship) and affected by a time difference (set by players) for instance: travelling from Sulani to Mt Komorebi shouldn’t take a few Sim minutes. However travelling between the sub-neighbourhoods should take little to no time.

    They deserve love too! I actually squealed when we saw the dentures at the Sims Summit! Here’s a few things I’d love to see added into their gameplay:
    - Bingo
    - Garden centres with pottery classes (taught by elders / and attended by all)
    - Proper book club, I know we can make our own with the Clubs in TS4 but they can do better.
    - Gossip culture! Nana’s love to spill the tea
    - Looking through curtains to be nosey
    - Photo album as decor but fully interactive: showing family/grandkids and possible moodlets: bored, inspired to speak to family, in awe at stories, sad about death etc
    - Zimmer frame, mobility scooter, walking stick (WITH the walking styles from TS3)
    - Getting ill/ medications
    - Spoiling grandkids
    - Telling stories / war stories / family gossip
    - Afternoon tea
    - Elders exercise class (using chairs / light yoga)
    - Care home/ Health and Social career
    - Day long coach trips to rabbit holes (like the volunteering in TS4)
    - Sorting pension when an adult
    - Wills (I know you included this but it gets a second vote)
    - Golf

    - More mens styles, decent wearable clothes please!
    - I love MM so I really hope we don’t see a change to Alpha. A good combination of soft alpha with less clay hair!
    - Bags! Rucksacks, handbags, bumbags, purses, backpack reins for toddlers, briefcase, school bag,
    - Think TS2 trait points (neat/slob, active/lazy, nice/mean) but for the things you’ve already mentioned too - I miss this!
    - Turn on/offs deffo need to be brought back! And they could also be affected if you find the sim of your dreams and you don’t seem to mind their blonde hair, or you suddenly find freckles a turn on. Equally you could loose/struggle to build romantic relations with someone if their favourite decor is Cosmolux and you love French Country!

    - PLEASE please please just give us Rabbits as pets! It’s so common in the UK just let me live my pet dreams.
    - Loved the rodent cage in TS4 but the gameplay could be better, think: hamster ball that can roam the house/room, taking home the class hamster, taking them to the vets or pet store for treats / cage decor.
    - Pets should absolutely have a thirst requirements

    - Would LOVE to see resorts make a come back, some of my favourite gameplay was building a resort up from scratch in TS3
    - Bring back the pool bar!
    - Firewalk pit
    - Please bring back memories
    - Would love to see individual (not just household) bios brought back.
    - Bank accounts! Or individual funds (phone app or piggy bank?)
    - And last but not least, please give us a functioning fruit bowl!
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    greydonngreydonn Posts: 717 Member
    I want a better base of traits. I want all the life stages that are going to be in the game to be in the game at the start.

    I want better aliens!!! And most important, I want it to be a stupidly good time.
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    HomeMamaHomeMama Posts: 484 Member

    I would love to have multi-player, which I believe they mentioned Yayyyy! Not heavily multiplayer, but kinda like Minecraft does, where one person hosts a game and a small group plays together. I think that would be amazing!!

    I would love for it to be harder, and more game like, where you earn the things within the game. I know they do this for careers, but I'd like it to be available on a mass scale. I'd love to have some motivation to stick with one family.
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    logionlogion Posts: 4,719 Member
    edited October 2022
    Here are the things I probably would want the most:

    Mod support.
    Developed primarily for PC/Mac with single player in mind.
    Dark mode for the UI.

    Open world mechanic or open neighborhoods, amount of lots can be configured in the game settings.
    Events can happen like people needing help with something, can be configured in the game settings.
    Sims are able to travel in the world with cars and public transport.
    Sims can be seen doing things in the world, like neighbors mowing the lawn, kids taking the school bus to school etc.
    Townies are using saved outfits.

    Ability to combine clothes like shirts and jackets.

    Art style:

    Slightly more realistic art style, more detailed hair, skin details and eyebrows.

    Live mode:
    Jobs can be interactive or you can send your sim to a rabbit hole if you don't want to control that sim.
    More than 20 sims on a lot, can be configured in the game settings.
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    sam123sam123 Posts: 4,539 Member
    My top things would be:

    - An open world OR semi open world. I don't want what they did with TS4 the game still feels so enclosed and I barely make me sims leave their house. While in TS3 I was always out doing things.

    - Way better sims AI. This is a must and they really need to work on this from the ground up. Our sims have been so dumb for so long and it feels like they all have the exact same personality. They don't feel different or unique. They really need to focus on this at the core of the game and I really hope they are. No more random pushups, using toilets to wash dishes, always going on the computer, dancing at funerals, etc.

    - A big upgrade in graphics. I assume this game will be releasing within the next 2/3 years and I really hope they up the quality of the graphics. TS4's art style has yet to grow on me even after 8 years and I really hope we get a mix with realism/cartoonish. There should be a perfect balance. Honestly I loved the way sims looked in the sims medieval, if they could do that with a mix of TS4 I think that would look good.

    - Vehicles. We need vehicles back, transport, school busses, police, etc.

    - Unique life stages with lots to do. Not everything should rely on a pack, we need many activities for all life stages in the base game.

    - Less control, I hate the fact that we are in control of every single detail within our sims lives. Planning a wedding in TS4 is a nightmare because you have to do every single thing manually. We NEED more autonomy back.
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    HollyBonBonsHollyBonBons Posts: 2 New Member
    In sims 5 I would love to see:

    ~ Open world would be amazing - I miss being able to have a sim at home working on school work while another sim was out at a bar or ANY other lot. I miss the multi tasking and being able to jump in between sims. The situation in sims 4 feels so restricted.

    ~ More chaos. Sims 2 was so chaotic and unpredictable. I loved this! It definitely made things more challenging. Or maybe it just seemed harder because I was significantly younger during the sims 2 days. I think this would create better stories!

    ~ Color Wheel customization

    ~ Spiral Staircases

    ~ memories / better needs and wants system

    ~ Horoscopes

    ~ School bus, work carpool, and cars in general. Baby strollers!

    I feel like I could keep going with Ideas. But mainly I am desperate to have an open world again. I want free range sims! :) I do love sims 4 - but I loved all the sims games and I was sad that we lost some of the best / most creative parts of some of the previous installments.
    I am not mad at all the DLC but I would like to see things more complete. For instance the pet stuff pack was a disappointment - that should have been lumped into the expansion pack.
    Final note: Kits make me very sad. I refuse to buy any of the clothing kits when I can just get CC for free. I am guilty of buying build / buy packs - but please, the micro purchases upset LOTS of people!

    I am seeing lots of great ideas on this thread.
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    PlayerSinger2010PlayerSinger2010 Posts: 3,267 Member
    - Aliens. And don't nerf them no matter how other people whine and cry.
    - Chaos and unpredictability
    - Art style like TS4. No realism.
    - Weirdness. I don't need this game to be a 1:1 on real life.
    - Avoid any real diseases like cancer, or things like car accidents, mental illness, etc.
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    SucomSucom Posts: 1,709 Member
    The most important things I would like to see in Sims 5 are:

    1. An open or at least partly open world where I can follow any of my sims around if I choose to. This means that one of my sims may be at the park but decide to meet up with another of my sims as they come out of work, or leave school. I can't run around the countryside alone in real life but I was able to do it in Sims 3. It was so freeing!
    2. Colour customisation so that I can match the wood colour of one object AND match the fabric colour as well. This is so limited in Sims 4! I would say 'too' limiting.
    3. I would like to be able to place lots down in odd areas on the map to create my own smaller neighbourhoods within a town.
    4. Having a town, similar to Sims 3, would be magical for me. Rabbit holes never did bother me and I would welcome them back although I did always enjoy the rabbit hole doors and/or rugs (by models) which allowed me to place the actual rabbit hole underground or out of the way to allow me to build the exterior of a building in my own style.
    5. Cars, taxis, bikes, buses, driveways and garage doors would be excellent
    6. Edit town - Why did you ever take this away?
    7. The ability to create public lots which attracts npc's who would use whatever object the player placed within the lot so that the player can create whatever lots they choose, such as a hotels, shops, cafes, swimming pool, cinema, restaurant. For example, I could create a cafe/hotel where my sim cooked the meals and tidied up behind locked doors, and any npc visiting the lot would eat the food because it was there or sleep over because beds were placed there. And of course, be able to live above the cafe. I wouldn't need all he extra content - just the option to place objects which npc's would use is totally enough to set my imagination going in my own story in my own head.
    8. If I create a sim who mooches around, I would not like to suddenly see them bounce around as if they have had a sudden change of personality from the one I originally created for them. It breaks my immersion to see sims change character without my control. Likewise, clothes. Don't change the clothes I choose for my sims. It takes a long time to find what I'm looking for to fit a character and if the game changes the way they walk and the clothes they wear, I lose all control of the characters I create and therefore also lose all control of the story I have created in order to play the sims in my own way.

    I'm sure I will think of other things but these are key features for me.
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    canitbemancanitbeman Posts: 396 Member
    An open world and Create-a-Style. TS2 style restaurants and cars.
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    simmeroriginsimmerorigin Posts: 1,398 Member
    edited October 2022
    Speaking generally, I really need built-in support and consideration for rotational gameplay. By that I mean all households that you add to your rotations list have all progression and aging completely frozen until you then play them. I need a "save state"-like equivalent so that they are completely resumed in the exact same action and position as if I never left.

    Why? If a household is in my rotations list, they've been added so that I have complete control over them. I also want time to "shift forward" for the universe (i.e. all NPCs and unplayed households) once I've completed every household in the rotation. This allows for time and aging synchronicity of the town.

    Disclaimer: This is not an unsolicited idea or feature request for Project Rene as EA cannot use them. This is my personal perspective/ desired feature(s) in the life simulation genre.
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    Nate_Whiplash1Nate_Whiplash1 Posts: 4,123 Member
    The problem as I see it with TS4 (and the one thing I'd love to see fixed in TS5) is that there are too many autonomous actions hardwired into the game.

    For example; if you give your sims a stereo, they will automatically dance to it, even if you give them the "hates dancing" trait. And if you send your loner sim to the bar, they will still seek out and chat up strangers, even though their moodlet suggests they dislike it.

    Sims need to start acting according to the traits they were given--this is what I want to see in TS5.
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    simmeroriginsimmerorigin Posts: 1,398 Member
    The problem as I see it with TS4 (and the one thing I'd love to see fixed in TS5) is that there are too many autonomous actions hardwired into the game.

    For example; if you give your sims a stereo, they will automatically dance to it, even if you give them the "hates dancing" trait. And if you send your loner sim to the bar, they will still seek out and chat up strangers, even though their moodlet suggests they dislike it.

    Sims need to start acting according to the traits they were given--this is what I want to see in TS5.

    This is why I prefer personality sliders (active/lazy, playful/serious etc. ) forming core personality. AI and what sims do autonomously should be influenced by this universal rubric on which every Sim’s personality is graded. Specific niche quirks can be coded with traits “on top” of core personality.
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    Chicklet453681Chicklet453681 Posts: 2,435 Member
    edited October 2022
    @Nate_Whiplash1 I agree 100%! That has always been one of my biggest pet peeves with the sims in TS4. It does NOT matter what traits you assign them, because the coding overrides most of them so that ALL SIMS act the same.

    I don't mind my sims occasionally dancing on their own, but not to be obsessed with it. Same with the phone, them pulling it occasionally to "check the weather", check email, look up recipe, would be fine, but having it attached to them at all times like another appendage is OBSESSION in my eyes.

    That's the #1 issue I have with how the game is coded in TS4. The EXTREME obsession with EVERYTHING!! I don't know if the devs thought this would be funny or they honestly don't realize how it overrides everything but any time they add anything new, the sims gravitate towards it always! Now if the coding was like this for NPCs on community lots where you could place all kinds of different activities and they actually did them rather than just your controlled sim doing it because you directed them to do it, that would be different.

    And like you said, Loner-Traited sims should ALWAYS want to be left alone and not seek out socialization unless directed to, and then they should be really ticked off because of it.

    Traits need to matter!

    I would love it if we had some sort of trait "numbers" we could assign.... where the player can determine exactly how much influence a trait has for that individual sim

    Like say for example 10 check boxes to use in any way you want:
    Lazy = 5 Checkmarks
    Outgoing = 2 Checkmarks
    Jealous = 1 Checkmarks
    Loves Outdoors = 2 Checkmarks
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    BrandontaylorBrandontaylor Posts: 4,773 Member
    I’m hoping the Sims look better than the Sims 4 ones. They aren’t bad, just not as good as they could have been.
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    Jessica_Jessica_ Posts: 1 New Member
    I would like cars back or stroller's for the baby's like in sims 3 😁
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    simmeroriginsimmerorigin Posts: 1,398 Member
    I'm most passionate about a universe that takes place some years after the events of Sims 2 and continues the lore of the premade households of Pleasantview and Strangetown. Basically all the teens and kids would be adults by now with many of them married/parents.
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    Colton147147Colton147147 Posts: 10,454 Member
    Justine Keaton. o:)
    Your Justine Keaton Enthusiast and the Voice of the Sims Community.
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    Sk8rblazeSk8rblaze Posts: 7,570 Member
    I want the game to feel like a game again.

    Make it challenging, give us risks, meaningful rewards, random events, a changing neighborhood beyond story progression, etc.
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    friendlysimmersfriendlysimmers Posts: 7,546 Member
    this is not an idea but just sharing my ideals for the base game of the sims5 project rene

    1 laundry with diffrent choice of washer dryer retro and modern top loads and front loads

    2 seasons and pets and vacations in basegame

    3 furniture and diffrent choices for appliances including cooktops and built in ovens as well as regular stove

    4 cars and (*toggles to give players more control in there game {*like exemple for story purpose you went your sims to be well advance in there carrer before they start there family or do not went ghost or vampires in the save your playing you can turn them off for curent save or fully off for players that do not went them in game and as respect for those that plays super natural they could have the same toggles if they went there world to be a ocult world only so it would be a win win for all players those are only the base since list is very long **but like i said those are not ideas mearly my ideals since i belive as a player that as players we should all get what fits or playstyle for the game[/u}
    If you went the sims5 to remain offline feel free to sign this petition please note that it is also to keep the gallery

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    DkaffeDkaffe Posts: 27 Member
    I'd really love to see in-depth character customization with tons of options from the beginning -- and maybe the option to unlock more customization while progressing through the game. Kinda have it a bit more RPGish I guess. 😅
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