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What do you want in Sims 5


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    EnkiSchmidtEnkiSchmidt Posts: 5,360 Member
    I want the game to simulate the environment, things like weather, crime rate, employment chances, work performance and so on, but not my sims' thoughts and feelings. That should be for the player to decide. Additionally I want the ability to define my own laws (curfew, fineable actions, number of allowed marriage partners), both with ingame means (careers, voting) and in a Create your Society editor.

    Realistically, though? Mod support so that I can come as close to my ideal game as possible.
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    Sarah26CatSarah26Cat Posts: 171 Member
    I'd like for you to go back to the TS1-3 style look. With the Blue box interface and similar format to what we repeat players know. The Sims 4 interface looks like its makers were trying to reinvent the wheel. Completely unnecessary, and too difficult to learn. I think its that way because someone thought players would be using touch screens to play. :s With the newer one designed to do just that, I hope they can program in different screens if you use a mobile device or a PC. Windows 8 was misdesigned for this purpose. Learn from Microsoft's Mistakes, Please.
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    MeigMeig Posts: 27 Member
    Seasons should be there at the start, as well as things like university and apartments. Maybe expand them with future packs, but at least have the world be somewhat realistic. I'd also appreciate more complicated personality/traits and possibly more variety in jobs.
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    MeigMeig Posts: 27 Member
    Another thought - I'd like toddlers at the start, and also a new age: tween/middle schooler. There are a lot of differences between early in adolescence versus later, and the sims 4 has them just go from generic kid to teen that looks almost like an adult. Some more nuance would be nice to cover a variety of different activities, scenarios, and features for gameplay.
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    DragonAge_300905DragonAge_300905 Posts: 1,945 Member
    edited December 2022
    I want what's not possible in sims 4. To be able to build a 4 floor small bathroom with a enclosed shower, toilet, and sink without having to use the MOO cheat when you put a door in.
    X is the door and .. is empty space because even the forum can't do it.

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    horsekehorseke Posts: 28 Member
    Functional curtains, or at least the ability to raise/lower/open/shut them. I don't really like the shutters in TS4 because they are either too far down, or all the way down. So if you're playing with the house in daytime, you can't look outside, you're always looking at a closed shutter.
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    JALJAL Posts: 1,080 Member
    • A richer base game, with things that matter for world building and game play creation in the base game itself rather than in packs.
    • A game rich of interactions and options, for all ages not just YA
    • A variety of through through ages from the get go from newborns that can be changed on changing tables, carried around and brought on vacation to elders with lots of gameplay.
    • A more complicated and rich traits system that have an inpact on gameplay.
    • Lots of ways to customize the game to my liking (while still being easy enough for those who'd rather not).
    • New inventive DLC instead of a repetition of the same ones all over again.
    Moreover, I advise that the cart button must be destroyed!
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    MayumiJuneMayumiJune Posts: 12 New Member
    May I have free roam bunnies? T_T
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    LeGardePourpreLeGardePourpre Posts: 15,338 Member said : "The Sims is always fertile ground for great bugs"

    Maybe it would be time to change this reputation.

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    trastelltrastell Posts: 72 Member
    edited December 2022
    1. More interactive social activities - like go for a walk together, jog together, hike together, ride bikes together, walk a dog together, sunbathe together

    2. The ability to go hiking or take a walk anywhere, not just in certain worlds.

    3. Memories that frame personality traits - so if you have a traumatic moment it shapes your Sim personality later

    4. Ability to overcome bad memories or negative traits, and then change traits. Send your Sim to therapy. Then you'd have a trait like "recovered from" that maybe gives your Sim the ability to "relate" or "empathize" in social interactions, plus a new positive trait to replace the negative one.

    5. Ability to "ask if single" without it being cheating on a partner. Maybe ask about relationships, ask about family or something like that.

    6. Would also be cool if there could be a reaction to Sims being asked questions like "ask about family" or "ask about partner" - like if a family oriented Sim doesn't have a partner or kids being asked about it makes them sad or angry, or if an ambitious Sim is asked about career they'd be upset or ashamed if they are unemployed.

    7. I'd pay more to buy pre-upgraded objects, or I'd love the option to hire a service person to come and upgrade my stuff for my non handy Sims.

    8. Better quality food and drinks at vendor stalls. Why is it always just "normal"?

    9. And bring back golf and billiards! - I'd also love to see tennis and the football goal net - more sports generally - softball especially

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    VenusABatsonVenusABatson Posts: 929 Member
    CARS!!!!!!!!!! :)
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    Coconut27Coconut27 Posts: 860 Member
    I'm sure I've written stuff in this thread before, but I have more thoughts haha.

    1. I would actually like museums like The Sims 4 BUT only if they are interactable with the option to "tour gallery/tour guide" and have a souvenir shop, similar to TS2 Bon Voyage stands.
    2. Actual open-lot shopping. Like how there are clothing racks in TS2 and TS4 HSY pack. Or produce stands for groceries. And you actually must wait in line and be rung up by the cashier. Having shopping bags in hand. Little details like this make the gaming experience so much more immersive.
    3. Bring back interaction toggles like TS2. Sims slow dancing? there's toggle options to kiss, rest head on shoulders, etc. while doing so. Again, it's all in the little details!
    4. Stop with the set dressing please I beg. If there's one shell building here or there, then ok fine...but please none of this half of the worlds being empty shells to make them feel less empty and more alive nonsense.
    5. Please do not make the life stages younger than YA an afterthought. They deserve care and attention too.
    6. Would love to get world design templates to create different vibes but to also add your own customization. Forest, Swamp, Tropical, Snowy, Creepy, Suburban, Metropolitan, etc.
    7. Season customizability to go with no. 6. Four season slots, and you can choose however you wish, just like in TS2.
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    ChubbychuckChubbychuck Posts: 214 Member
    There are lots of things i'd like to see in The Sims 5, but Open World tops most of my wishes for the next game in the franchise..

    Since the game will have the option to co-op online with friends, that's a necessity.

    Sending your sim out for a 1hr jog, or a drive around town in their brand new car, or simply have them drive to work etc was immersive. The current 'sealed off' world of The Sims 4 isn't immersive whatsoever.

    I'd like for them to add the option for friends to work at the same work place etc in co-op.

    I'd very much like to see them add the option of building buildings taller than 3-4 floors high.

    They need to implement the The Sims 3 elevator system...

    I could make a much, much longer list but a lot of the stuff i wish for has already been mentioned, so i'll leave it at that.
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    mollie1998mollie1998 Posts: 446 Member
    everything in the sims 1 2 3 and 4 please
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    SimsILikeSimsSimsILikeSims Posts: 1,634 Member
    edited January 2023
    These are NOT new ideas, they are just on my wishlist and WCIF mod and custom content list for both Sims 4 and Project Rene.
    I would love to see an official ideas board for upcoming content. You know, so you can actually use ideas in the official game without worrying about who contributed what and when? Like Curseforge, maybe you could tag official ideas with "planned" or "not planned", or "under consideration".

    * Bring vehicles back! Usually these tend to come in with car company endorsements. If there isn't one here, maybe bring in a used car dealership, a shady salesperson, and let our Sims repair their old junkers, have them towed, or spend as many simoleons as the old thing cost to repair them at a repair shop. (IRL, this is known as an insurance write-off). Door dings in the parking lot could also be a thing.

    * Make teleport locations credible. Unless we have magic involved, Sims should not disappear into thin air when moving off-lot or taking an elevator. Make them at least enter a bus, trolley, or a subway tunnel.

    * Keep the apartment elevators in, but make sure the Sims do not teleport until the elevator doors are CLOSED.

    * Batuu was a great crossover, I would not mind more of these, but please stop pestering players to visit the vacation lot whenever you use a new household. This was the same story with World Adventures: once you visited one of the world adventure lots, you were pestered everyday to go on an adventure quest (like the easy one with the baseball).

    * Mobile fashion games, and home/garden design games (including match-3's) would make great crossovers! Online MMORPGs too, especially dungeon crawlers/exploring: Bring the detailed armor and statues on! (One knight suit is not enough!) Speaking of which, one of my fashion games has features like veils, leglets, anklets, head accessories, and back accessories, as well as handheld props. One of these props is a hand fan, and another is a clutch, for instance. Some even have shoulder bags. Separate coats and scarves might also be nice. The separate coats come in very handy when we have shawls or translucent lace or gauze cloaks. There is also a certain pink floral dress for a teen that I am craving, along with a snowflake necklace.

    * Right now, to use poses, one must use a poseplayer mod, like the one by Andrew on It would be so much more convenient if one came built into the game.

    * Add escalators (like stairs), make new elevators that can be placed elsewhere in any building to get from one floor to another. Animations would be nice on the escalators, but Sims could just walk up the broken escalators I suppose: if that was done by anyone, it would just be an easy reskin/recolor. If we have less and less opportunities to visit brick and mortar stores, and malls, give our Sims MORE opportunities to visit them. I love doing things with my Sims that I miss IRL.

    * I would really enjoy ladders that work like manholes or trapdoors, with the trapdoor decor built in at the top, and the top of the ladder hidden. (Yes, custom content creators, this is a WCIF, maybe just a new mesh would work). I have tried putting rugs, using move objects on, on top of the ladders, but you could still see the rails on top of the ladder. However, medium statues seem to hide it fairly well. Unfortunately, Sims don't usually move through statues or bookcases, though they do seem to be able to clip through other Sims.
    * WCIF: a candy shop?? My Sims have a sweet tooth too! But they cannot seem to find any gumball or jelly bean machines.

    * I like Twisted Mexi's TOOL mod because you can edit the decks of certain Eco Living apartments. I would also love the ability to turn a storage room into a working laundry room in one of the San Myshuno apartments.

    * There probably won't be time travel to the 70s, but if there was, there would be wall to wall avocado 🐸🐸🐸🐸 carpeting, earth tone furniture, flower patterned wallpaper, earth tone appliances, rotary phones that don't require electricity, off-the grid typewriters, popcorn ceilings, textured walls, touch tone wall phones, incandescent bulbs that burned out after several months (but were not hazardous waste), and telephone booths at all major shopping centers, restaurants, and busy public areas: in other words, about everywhere you find coffee shops or bubble tea shops now. You could actually find circuses back then with tamed large animals. And the clowns actually were funny back then and worked with other clowns. The only thing that might be scary about them was their looks: clown makeup is designed to look like a mask. Musicians actually knew how to sing instead of relying on autotune and studio magic, and actors actually knew how to act instead of relying on special effects (at least until 1977). There were several world fairs displaying the best of each nation, and a national anniversary celebration. Bored children of the 70s had to play outside, read books, doodle, color, or play board and card games, or visit an arcade and play pinball or skeeball, at least until Pong and the Atari 2600 came out with 8-bit games. Otherwise, all they could do in school was watch the clock, look out the window, daydream, draw on the back of their papers, and count ceiling tiles (yup, guilty of all of these in grade school). Dang, I feel old.
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    Atreya33Atreya33 Posts: 4,464 Member
    edited January 2023
    Here what I think would make a good Sims game

    - all age groups present at launch, with babies as persons not objects
    - height difference between teens and older lifestates
    - Pets not taking up slots for family members. Let them count separately or increase the maximum household size
    - 5 trait slots for adults, not just 3. Make traits matter and not have them constantly overruled by emotions
    - food preferences, favourite colours,... from the start
    - allow more family relations in CAS, like aunts and uncles, but also boyfriend/girlfriend next to husband/wife (same sex options as well obviously)
    - proper genetics with recessive genes
    - family trees
    - colorwheel for skintones and hairs at the very least. Preferably color wheels for everything in CAS and BB

    - being able to travel between worlds. I want to visit places added by DLC without having to move there. Ideally like the downtown area and shopping districts we had in the sims 2. You could add those to the main neighbourhood if you wanted too, then they became part of that save. but you didn't have to use them in every save
    - open neighbourhoods. Not everything needs to be loaded at once but if entering surrounding buildings in an area without loading screens would be great
    - being able to add lots to worlds and allow us to edit them like we could in sims 2 and 3
    - option to set climate and perhaps hemisphere per world

    Build mode
    - build system based on rooms like we have in sims 4. With the building cheats for those who want to
    - color wheel would be nice. If it has to be swatch at the very least two separate channels for one object like we had in sims 2 (for example choose bedframe and sheets separately)
    - an in game way to exchange buildings like the Sims 4 gallery
    - a complete build mode from the get go with terrain tools, ponds, swimming pools, basements, round walls and round pools

    - a calendar in base game with days of the week and job overview. Being able to plan events like weddings and parties ahead of time is something I would sorely miss
    - jobs with stay at home options
    - restaurants we can enter like in the sims 2 and 4.
    - hotels we can enter like Sims 2
    - owning clothes in a personal wardrobe as in the sims 2. Having all the clothes in the world for free in your house is soooo absurd
    - Memories like we had in sims 2
    - activities like gardening, fishing, crafting objects (woodworking) painting and music in base game
    - don't cut the corners on animations. Let sims open drawers and car doors like in the sims 2.

    - all the basic occults: spellcasters, werewolves, fairies, plantsims (proper plantsims like in sims 2 and 3) and vampires. I understand if these are DLC
    - when you get around to pets, don't forget occult pets and animals like dragons and unicorns
    - give us some unnatural skintones, hair colors and pointy ears in base game to ease the pain of waiting for occults. That way we can at least pretend.

    - OPTIONS, options for a lot of things. Options to turn occult on and off so they don't get nerfed to please die hard realism lovers. But also options for age lengths per age. Options to turn off aging for played households and other households separately. Options to turn story progression on or off, with more detailed options per household. Weather options, options to turn off seasonal effects on plants. Option to turn off DLC gameplay mechanics if we just want BB and CAS of a specific DLC
    - keep the general quirkiness of the franchise
    - keep the game stylized. Don't go hyper realistic or alpha
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    Vivi_WillowTreeVivi_WillowTree Posts: 452 Member
    I would like them to hire Carl and make him sims lead development maybe then we'll get a game worth buying. Carl has been with us since the first sims game. He knows what the sims community wants as a hole.

    This is what I don't want (much shorter list)....

    Is it to much to ask for fully fleshed out dlc that isn't broken day one? If something breaks fix it before adding new content.

    No more kits, stores, game packs. Just full expansions and stuff packs. If they release content it should be to build upon the base not shiny pretty distractions.

    No reusing content and animations unless absolutely necessary. Ts4 is just paying for a lot of the same things already purchased.
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    shinshinshinshin Posts: 6 New Member
    I would like there to be a story mode. It would be cool if it was like the sims 1 & 2 ps2 games where you start out at your mom's house and move out. I think that would be fun.
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    BourbonVanillaBourbonVanilla Posts: 7 New Member
    PLEASE READ THIS :D I really really want Horses to be added in the sims 4, Possibly sims five as well. think of an equestrian expansion pack. you can buy a horse using a computer or phone, there will be a new world new build mode items and new clothes (equestrian related, Helmets riding pants and shirts, Preferably English show jumping style etc..) A new aspiration would be great as well, such as professional show jumper or Barrel racer. two new careers (professional show jumper or Barrel racer) the careers would be similar to how the actor career works in get famous where you audition, but instead of auditing you go to horse competitions, with the option of go with or send alone. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE ADD THIS. <3 <3 I REALLY NEED AN EQUESTRIAN EXPANSTION PACK.
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    BourbonVanillaBourbonVanilla Posts: 7 New Member
    ~ Spiral Staircases
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    DKguruArtistDKguruArtist Posts: 300 Member
    I want the living world experience and not the doll house experience in sims 5, sims 4 feel frustratingly like a dollhouse where you have to initiate everything that happens, even things that involve NPCs or non controlled character the neighborhood stories basically revolve about your responses.

    Wish sims were much more organic and made life sim experience part feel more organic and something to be interested about.
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    CMDR_SimCMDR_Sim Posts: 6 New Member
    Mine’s pretty simple.
    Finer character mesh for precision / refined CAS customisation and for even more immersion, different character heights. Yeah yeah just make more clothing fits and animations.
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    ColineSurrayColineSurray Posts: 6 New Member
    I really wish on TS5 we could see a more dynamic growth you know... like 2 or 3 small stages on each life stage. I wanted to see a baby learning to walk and talk and actually see them growing, like height and all, if they eat a lot they'll get chubby, if not, they're gonna grow thin. If they're well educated they're gonna grow smart and quiet or polite, if not, they're gonna grow loud, messy or disrespectful. Watch them go to primary school...
    Kids slowly growing into preteens, stop playing with toys and start worrying more about looks and teen stuff, first crush...
    small stages between each life stage...

    It seems complex but it would be the greatest uptade of all TS generations. It's about life simulation after all.
    Also I wish we could slow time in the game. Things happen too fast.
    The rest is rest.

    We crave, build mode, seasons, generations, pets and sometimes supernatural stuff.
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    Horrorgirl6Horrorgirl6 Posts: 3,256 Member
    1.Open neighborhood
    I want open world back, with the ability to go to different neighborhoods in the same file.I think going back to a close world was one of sims 4 biggest mistakes.

    2.I want deep personalities.I want a better trait system with different personalities.I want sims to be complex and change over time..

    3.I want create a neighborhood a big drawback. Sims 4 is not having a world maker.I like how all the worlds are connected, but we should have a way to create new extra blank worlds.

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    DijktafoneDijktafone Posts: 775 Member
    The one thing I want the most is for the sims to become the actors of the show anew, as opposed to the props they are in TS4. This'll go a long way to rekindle my interest.

    No matter what I do, I always feel like I'm doing it for myself, in TS4, as opposed to doing it for the sims themselves, simply because the game doesn't give me anything to quantify how well I'm doing for them.
    They're all blank, like clay for players to create screenshoot-based stories, while the previous sims (esp sims 2 sims) were telling you how they wanted things.

    I'd be a happy gamer if we go back that route for the 5.
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