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What do you want in Sims 5



  • EnkiSchmidtEnkiSchmidt Posts: 4,666 Member
    I want the game to simulate the environment, things like weather, crime rate, employment chances, work performance and so on, but not my sims' thoughts and feelings. That should be for the player to decide. Additionally I want the ability to define my own laws (curfew, fineable actions, number of allowed marriage partners), both with ingame means (careers, voting) and in a Create your Society editor.

    Realistically, though? Mod support so that I can come as close to my ideal game as possible.
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  • Sarah26CatSarah26Cat Posts: 23 Member
    I'd like for you to go back to the TS1-3 style look. With the Blue box interface and similar format to what we repeat players know. The Sims 4 interface looks like its makers were trying to reinvent the wheel. Completely unnecessary, and too difficult to learn. I think its that way because someone thought players would be using touch screens to play. :s With the newer one designed to do just that, I hope they can program in different screens if you use a mobile device or a PC. Windows 8 was misdesigned for this purpose. Learn from Microsoft's Mistakes, Please.
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