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August 5th- Friday Highlights


Have you guys seen July? 👀🔍 It went by so fast, I didn't even notice another month started! ⏱️✈️ innit?

What are your plans for the weekend? Here might be sunny, so I'm thinking about enjoying outside. While you make plans, how about taking a look at the topics I prepared for you this Friday? ⬇️

Stylish Erik, by @GalacticGal.

🔸Today the weather is so beautiful here that it even sharpened my inspiration. So, wherever you folks are, how's the weather right now? I will tell you what: tells us about it on the topic 'What's the weather like where you are?'. Created by @BabySquare, long time ago, and still active, as it should be. 🌞🌧️

🔹Now that we are all up to date with the weather, let's talk about the ⭐star⭐ of today's featured photo: Erik. Created by @GALACTICGAL, you might have seen this familiar face many times around our "What happened in your game today?" thread and if you haven't, I'd recommend checking out. I've been following Erik's path for a while, and I can agree that its really difficult having to balance personal life, studies and career at the same time.🎤⭐ Obviously, I was never a star, but I've been there once, so I understand the struggle. The most recent update about their path, describes this exact scenario. Check it out! :wink:

🔸Despite knowing that there are many challenges involving multiple Sims generations, I bet that many of us was never able to get past the second generation, ever and ended up giving up (maybe I did xD). Fortunately, it wasn't the case with @FAIRY_HAPPY, which persisted and focused on succeeding. Lets join their thread and celebrate this amazing achievement. Congrats! 👏

🔹Calling all our wonderful builders out there, to help @dogzdinner with tips & tricks on the best way to handle "Curved walls are hard work!". Let us know how you guys deal with those stubborn but lovely construction assets. 👷🏗️

🔸Let's finish up our Friday Highlights with a The Sims 3 convo. @PalmArrow wants to know if 'there's something you often do in your Sims 3 gameplay that you don't think many other players do?'. Why not share with us in their thread "Little peculiarities of your sims 3 gameplay"? :blush:

I hope you enjoyed these discussions. And like always - if you have any recommendations for next week's Friday Highlights, send them my way!

Have a wonderful weekend and take care! :heart:


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