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SweetieWright's Save File (Picture Heavy)

SweetieWright_84SweetieWright_84 Posts: 234 Member
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Hello Everyone! I made a save file with only my builds and my sims, and I decided to share it with the community.

A few things before I get to the pictures though.
  • This save file has taken me well over a year to do (redo, and do again). I have made two versions:
  • Populated: For those who want to play with stories and sims they didn't create. With over 100 households, I'm sure someone can find a household they like. All households have backstories but are left open-ended, so you can decided how the stories play out.
  • Non-Populated: The non-populated version has all the houses, community lots, ect, just no Sims. This is for those who love making Sims but aren't fans of building.
  • You can have both save files in your game because they're different slot numbers (75 and 84, respectively).
  • I don't use mods or cc so there are none (or even remnants of them in these saves). Unfortunately, since I don't use mods, the populated version starts out late into Sunday night on the first day. I had to do this to make sure the relationships were representative of the story lines for each household.
  • There are some households that have stories that intertwine, there are families that have some family members living in other worlds. Some households are inspired by (or spoofs of) characters and story lines from tv and movies.
  • Lastly, I assume everyone knows how to install a save file but if anyone has any questions, I'll gladly help as much as possible.
  • Edit: I forgot to mention I used ALL of the packs.

Here are the links:

Side notes:
  • Do what you want with these save files, kill sims, marry them to whomever you see fit, whatever you want. Just please do not upload the save files or their contents anywhere. If you want to share with friends, link to this page.
  • I know I'm not the only one who has ever made a save file. I just wanted to challenge myself as a builder and sim maker to see if I could stick with it. Any similarities between my save file and others out there are coincidental. I didn't intentionally copy anyone, these are stories and houses I wanted to make; ones I found interesting.

If you want, you can bookmark this thread. As new packs/worlds release, I will update the save file and let you know in this thread. If you play with either save files, let me know what you're doing. I want to see how everyone interprets the stories. Tell me all about it, show pics. If you play it and don't like it, tell me what needs improved upon.

In the next post will be the pictures of the worlds and a few households I can't wait to play with.
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