Accurate list of new and not returning features in Sims 4

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First the list of features not making a return. The list of new features can be found in posts 3 and 4 or by clicking here:

Here is an accurate list of features that won't make a return in the launch of Sims 4. I'll post incorrect items and their reasoning as well.

This will be a community effort; if you feel I have placed a certain item in the wrong place on this list please feel free to discuss the issue and make your case. If you have any sources to contradict anything on the list please feel free to provide those as well. Also feel free to discuss any other features not found in the launch of Sims 4 that were in the launch of other Sim games.

Please do not make an argument that something on the list "isn't important." Please remember that just because something isn't important to you doesn't mean it's not important to other people.

Do feel free to point out if an item in question is ridiculous because it could spawn 1000 "missing" features. For example listing an individual Sim that was in previous Sim games but aren't in Sims 4. Such things do nothing but pad the numbers.

Let's get started!

List of features/game play missing from Sims 4 launch that were in previous Sims games at their respective launch:

--No create a style (CAST)
--No swimming; no pools and no swimming in other bodies of water.
--No terrain tools other than paint
--No toddlers
--No open world; loading screens between lots
--No animated hair
--No aspiration failures
--No bookstores
--No cars
--No changing tables
--No diseases or illness
--No gardeners for hire
--No grocery stores
--No tragic clown or social bunny
--Fewer floors/levels
--Smaller lots - Lots are limited to 50x50 instead of 64x64
--No cinemas
--No dish washers
--No trash compactors
--No color wheel
--No acne

--cloths shopping:
While shopping for clothes does appear to be out a Guru said clothes can be unlocked.

--Smaller worlds:
While the worlds in Sims 4 are indeed smaller your Sim can now freely travel (won't lose needs or relationships) to multiple worlds so the lots available to them won't necessarily be fewer.

This is misleading as babies have always technically been objects. They didn't do anything on their own, you couldn't actually control them directly. However I'm leaving this here as a missing feature because it is true they don't have needs any longer and you can't carry them from room to room.

--No bikes:
Kind of pushing it including no cars and no bikes but we'll leave it.

--No multi-tone hair color:
Partly true so I'm leaving this here. Sims can have different colors in their hair but the user can't choose which different colors. This is going by the CAS demo so maybe it will be different in full version?

--No eyelash length slider:
Partly true. While there is no actual eyelash length slider you can choose different eyelash lengths for sims. Again this is going by the CAS demo.

--No cemeteries:
Someone said that while there are no cemeteries in the game a Guru said players could make a cemetery. I couldn't find a source on this so I'm leaving it here for now.

--No move object cheat:
The source for this says:

"Moveobjects is not currently included. They are having some issues at this time, but they are working hard to get it fixed. Free placement cheat is included, and yes, they know it is not the same!"

Last we heard moveobjects cheat was not in Sims 4 but it's a feature they want in the game and they are working on putting in the game. So at least we know it's not a feature they want removed.

--No random deaths:
Someone has mentioned that there are indeed random deaths but you will have the option to cancel the death so the Sim won't die. This actually works exactly how it worked in previous games with the death flower; you could make a Sim immune to dying. However as of this time we do not have a source on this so I'll keep it here for the time being.

--No story progression:
Even though I don't agree with it being here the least they should have done was make it an option so it would satisfy everyone.

Features removed that didn't do anything or had their purpose replaced by a different system:

--No favorites

--No zodiac signs:
In Sims 1 and 2 Zodiac signs determined default personalities for Sims. In Sims 3 and 4 you can alter your Sim's personality via traits. Other than personalities the only thing signs did in Sims 1, 2 and 3 was play a small role in how well Sims got along with other Sims depending on their signs and this once again appears to be affected by traits and emotions.

--No interests:
All interests did in previous games was determine what Sims liked to talk about when they were talking with another Sim (the speech bubble above their heads) and that seems to have been replaced via traits and emotions.

Wrong information:

--No modifications to p-u-b-l-i-c space:
This came in a patch in Sims 3 after the launch.

--No way to create/place new lots:
This came in a patch in Sims 3 after the launch.

--No male body hair:
This came in a patch in Sims 3 after the launch.

--No opacity slider for makeup:
This came in a patch in Sims 3 after the launch.

--No bartenders:
There are bartenders in Sims 4

Misleading information:

--No nursery items other than basinet (cribs, highchairs, etc.):
Bassinets are cribs, highchairs aren't used by babies but rather toddlers. There are decorative items in Sims 4 where players can create a nursery.

--Law enforcement, Medical, Business, etc. were removed:
Sims 4 has different careers; this is not a "missing" features.

--No comfort needs:
While there isn't a comfort "need", comfort will have an effect on emotions.

--No garage doors:
I'm pretty sure I've seen screenshots of Sims 4 with garage doors. If we mean no "functioning" garage doors (they are just for decoration) then this should already be covered under "no cars."

--No rabbit holes at all:
1) There has been talk of rabbit holes (rocket ship for example.) 2) We've already covered the world isn't a "true" open world like in Sims 3 so why would there be rabbit holes?

--No repo man:
While there are indeed no repomen there are now other consequences to not paying your bills; namely your power and water might be shut off.

--No way to watch the sim commute to work/school:
We have already established there are loading screens so it should go without saying that you aren't going to be able to watch your Sim go to school/work.

--32-bit executable:
Many games were released in 2014 that use 32 bit. This is not out of the ordinary.

--Incompatible simpoint currency:
A lot of countries have banned virtual currency in recent years with many other countries thinking about it. It only makes sense for any company to steer clear of virtual currency whenever possible.

--Premium Membership required to get certain sets on release day or at all:
This is not a "missing" feature. A lot of game companies do something similar.
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