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Rebuilding Worlds Vol. 2


  • OJennOJenn Posts: 8,409 Member
    @MayaRose1138 - Maddison's hair is from Growing Together, it's one of the new ones!

    Give us all the posts! I really love seeing how your sims are getting on in Brindelton Bay, its one of my favorite worlds still to date. The High School pack really added some much needed life into the game I think. Can't wait to see everyone all decked out for Prom ♥
  • MayaRose1138MayaRose1138 Posts: 1,742 Member
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    Played a bit today with my HoB family and it mostly went well except I seem to have major issues with the calendar. I think it’s probably MCCC causing it as I’ve taken all the other mods out (but cc remained for the moment) and the calendar is still messed up. At least the save isn’t losing time or days as it was to start with. I think it went from Tuesday to Monday, and loaded in at 8pm but listed the girls as still being at school. That seems to have stabilised. Now contemplating whether it has anything to do with using MCCC to slow down game speed (which I have always used through sims 3 & 4). I’ll try and experiment more tomorrow.

    In other news, potential San Sequoia founder Isolde got the Good Appetite and Destructive quirks! She also gained Aggressive but I deleted that one! Her twin got Picky Eater and Hates Wake Up Time. Neither twin got Top notch Toddler upon aging up though despite having hit all but two milestones (couldn’t work out how to make a childhood friend) and maxed all skills 🤷‍♀️. Only a couple of in-game hours away from baby Branwen being born (and depending on how she turns out, she might end up as heir rather than Isolde).

    @OJenn - I haven’t investigated the CAS stuff yet so good to know :). Probably will get in there tomorrow to give the twins their makeovers. If I have time, I’ll see if I can post another update tomorrow!
  • tipsycowplanttipsycowplant Posts: 1,754 Member
    @Wentcrazy Their partners are all so cute! And I'm so glad you chose Keiran for heir, cause he was my fav :smiley:

    @Army008 Claire is such a cutie! Especially passed out on the floor :lol:

    @JBAG521 I tried to build floorplan A, and I couldn't get the roof right either! I think some real life roofs just don't work in the sims. I'm excited to see what you built!

    @OJenn That roof was such a pain! I tried to build floorplan A too but gave up once I got to the roof :sweat_smile: I think you did a great job! The windows you picked are perfect too. Your founder is so perfect omg I'm in love :love:

    @MayaRose1138 We can't resist the new shiny world :joy: I hope your migraine clears up soon - my bf has migraines too and I can't imagine him having one for three days straight :flushed: You're right - we totally forgot to add Henford on Bagley! How did we miss that :lol: I LOVE the names of your HoB sims btw. LOL poor Rose getting attacked by all the wildlife :lol: I love the family cheer team - what a supportive fam lol. Emerson is REALLY getting into it in that last pic too :joy: I'm so glad one of your HoB sims is going to be your San Sequoia founder, mostly because I'm just obsessed with their names lol.

    @Kiwicantdie YAY an update!! I love how complete opposite Melina and AJ are. Literal polar opposites :joy: Poor Melina had to WORK for that first kiss :joy::joy::joy: The weird prom hat AJ is wearing isn't a real life prom thing btw. It's a reference to court jesters (google says the Italian term is buffone di corte but correct me if I'm wrong :sweat_smile: ). In this context "jester" just means prankster - AJ basically won the title of "prank queen" lol. OH NO NOT A FULL MOON PROPOSAL :joy::joy::joy: What a beautiful wedding! Who needs guests anyway, more cake for them :smirk: The house looks amazing :love: I love a good tactical tree :lol:

    I started playing tonight and will post an update soon! I spent all of yesterday giving the San Sequoia townies makeovers, and now they're some of my fav premades in the whole game :love: I've been using a new mod (Sim Spawn Overhaul) to control the random townie generation in my game, because NPCC was giving me too many issues. It works great - so far I've only seen San Sequoia townies walking throughout the world, and it even assigned the grocery deliverer job to Kyle Kyleson instead of generating a new sim! It does still allow random townies to generate though, so I need to create or download a bunch of big families before I visit any community lots, or the game will probably go nuts generating them :tongue:
  • KiwicantdieKiwicantdie Posts: 1,304 Member
    Here back for the comments I skipped the other day :tongue:
    Just letting y'all know that I'm OBSESSED with infants, I was literally melting yesterday while playing, so beware of future pic spams from me :joy:

    @Wentcrazy I feel like I missed so many posts from you while I was gone from the forum, I'm glad to see you're already on gen 6!!!

    @Army008 Claire is such a little cutie <3 love the pic of Damien shaving eheh I stopped playing before we had hair growth on sims and that's really really cool to see.

    @JBAG521 floor plan A survivors unite :sweat_smile: I'm glad you liked the house, it's still suuuuper work in progress tho. Can't wait to see yours!

    @OJenn I don't understand the new forum etiquette either but it kinda makes sense, considering how I remember certain threads. I guess too many pics in one page slow down too much the forum and might take a long time to load (I had a few issues of that kind here, when we were all super active and spamming like crazy). I love your house! We went for the same floor plan but by the looks of yours it seems that you placed the rooms of the second floor somewhere else? I was sooooo confused when I built mine, I probably couldn't read the floor plan accurately :joy: it was definitely a challenging build for a "comeback" build after more than a year lol --- also, Maddison is so gorgeous! Love that we both went for the teeth gap in the front :mrgreen: I do not remember if children born in game can inherit that genetically...

    @MayaRose1138 first of all, many thanks for the tips on the age spans in game, I needed that information lol. I think I'll extend the infant stage for a little while for about 2 days, just so I'll be able to explore it without feeling too rushed. Btw don't worry, you did suuuuuuper well choosing the houses for the challenge! It's ok even if it's hard to build lol I like it that way <3 --- what a gorgeous family photo btw! My god what is that Aspen cheerleading selfie?? I never saw something like that in game but hey I haven't played in more than a year lol- what a king! I can't wait to see more tho I should totally do a re-read of your past posts to get back on track with your family. As for your question... I really don't know? I've played a ton with the EP yesterday but I didn't get any "sign" about their compatibility, I don't know whether I'm experiencing a bug or whether the new feature is simply "developing" as I play. I'll keep an eye on that!

    @tipsycowplant I can't wait to see any update from you! <3 ahaha I still remember your Greenies fondly. Thanks for the clarification on the hat AJ was wearing! So I assume they voted for her as a prank? I might grab that Sim Spawn Overhaul mod too :tongue: I already spent at least 1 hour yesterday giving random townies makeovers. Also, floor plan A survivors unite :joy:

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  • OJennOJenn Posts: 8,409 Member
    Hmm I think we could do with another five gen world, I'll do some investigating and update the main page to add HoB. I'm thinking modern farmhouse style homes, very Johanna Gaines from HGTV :wink: It's meant to be rainy today so I won't be able to go out for our family walk. Which sucks but it gives me time to work on that.

    Please look forward to it 🥰
  • WentcrazyWentcrazy Posts: 128 Member
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    Here we finally go:
    Nova Levine
    Adding Zoey into the mix as well as I love her:

    @OJenn this kiss option is when you take a picture - it's really cute though!
    Your house looks great!

    @MayaRose1138 I'm still in my old save but I'm considering doing both at the same time :D haven't moved on to San Sequoia yet but leaning towards it.

    @Kiwicantdie I love your founders! They're so cute but so different. Their wedding looks like a dream!
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  • WentcrazyWentcrazy Posts: 128 Member

    Generation 6

    Short summary of my gen 6!

    Iza and Keiran only got one son: Keenan

    I'm not a fan of his looks at all but since they live in an apartment and I wanted to get through this gen, I stuck with him as my heir :D
    This is him with his cousins: first his brother's son and then Nea's daughter.

    This is Keenan as a Teen/YA - like I said, I'm not a fan but well.

    Him and Zoey (they're best friends)

    Oh and to show you how similar Luca and his son look, here is Keiran with Luca and then with his nephew.

    Since Keenan turned into a YA already, I've moved him to the new lot. He wants to be a lawyer, so that justifies at least the mansion :D
    Origin ID: mrskariakay
    Family Tree Evergreen Harbor
  • OJennOJenn Posts: 8,409 Member
    @Wentcrazy - I still have yet to play a sim that is a lawyer, I almost forgot it was there until I was making my founder lol. Wow Luca has some strong genes it seems 😅
  • OJennOJenn Posts: 8,409 Member
    Does anyone know of any mods that remove the lot trait bulbs and plus signs?
  • OJennOJenn Posts: 8,409 Member
    Ok I changed Maddison a teeny bit, she actually met a few sims she has good compatibility with which I was totally fine with until she met one that she had AMAZING compatibility with and I am so excited to see where things go with them ♥
  • MayaRose1138MayaRose1138 Posts: 1,742 Member
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    I love seeing all the posts! Yay for this new pack giving everyone the incentive to play again!!

    @Ojenn - looking forward to seeing who Maddison picks as a spouse! Btw, with HoB - love the plans so far! The pics of the houses wouldn’t load for me but most of the plans did (can’t currently see the gen 2 plans. I’ll try on the actual computer later). Btw, which is the founders lot? And if we were doing this as a 5-gen challenge, what would we do with all the other houses?

    @Wentcrazy - Keenan looks a little sad but still pretty good-looking. That’s the thing about Evergreen Harbour - I like big families so I’m not sure I could play a family with only one child! Come join the club of doing multiple rebuilding challenges at the same time 😆.

    @tipsycowplant - because my HoB sim, Rylee Goth, married Morgyn Ember, I decided to go with a Camelot naming theme, so the kids were Merlin, Avalon and Nimue. The challenge was to run a farm on the biggest lot on HoB using Simple Living and Off-the-Grid lot traits for the entire generation, and build a house with at least 3 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms, and only selling items either in town or with the selling table from Eco Living. That worked well, and I like Avalon, so I decided to continue on with that on a second lot, see how much money I could make. Since I like Aspen a lot, I brought him in as the husband and he ran himself ragged for a few weeks running the farm and raising the kids while Avalon went to uni for a Biology degree 🤣. I only intended for them to have three kids but as it seems to go a lot, the third pregnancy was twins 😏. And then infants were going to come out so I decided I might as well have one more 🤦‍♀️. Wasn’t expecting them to be all girls though, so I was scrambling for female names from the Camelot stories. I’ll start the San Sequoia challenge within this save, I think, so that Isolde will have all her sisters around.

    @Kiwicantdie - thank you! That cheerleading selfie is at the competition venue. You’re supposed to be able to take photos with others but Aspen couldn’t, so he got one by himself. I’ve discovered that the higher fitness level you have, the better you’ll do at the competition, which is why Emerson was so good - he’s been at level 10 fitness since he was a teen! Yes, go back a few pages and catch up on this generation - I love this generation 🥰. It took a while to sort out who would be heir and when I did, who Storm would end up with, but I’m happy with how it went! Looking forward to the pic spam of infants! If I can sort out why my calendar is so messed up and fix it, I should be able to play with an infant this afternoon 🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰.
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  • OJennOJenn Posts: 8,409 Member
    I love seeing all the posts! Yay for this new pack giving everyone the incentive to play again!!

    @Ojenn - looking forward to seeing who Maddison picks as a spouse! Btw, with HoB - love the plans so far! The pics of the houses wouldn’t load for me but most of the plans did (can’t currently see the gen 2 plans. I’ll try on the actual computer later). Btw, which is the founders lot? And if we were doing this as a 5-gen challenge, what would we do with all the other houses?

    You can do anything you'd like with the other lots, could be cute to set them as vacay lots too or make them libraries etc. Founders lot is Cordelia's Secret Cottage, updated that on the main page now :)

  • MayaRose1138MayaRose1138 Posts: 1,742 Member
    OJenn wrote: »
    I love seeing all the posts! Yay for this new pack giving everyone the incentive to play again!!

    @Ojenn - looking forward to seeing who Maddison picks as a spouse! Btw, with HoB - love the plans so far! The pics of the houses wouldn’t load for me but most of the plans did (can’t currently see the gen 2 plans. I’ll try on the actual computer later). Btw, which is the founders lot? And if we were doing this as a 5-gen challenge, what would we do with all the other houses?

    You can do anything you'd like with the other lots, could be cute to set them as vacay lots too or make them libraries etc. Founders lot is Cordelia's Secret Cottage, updated that on the main page now :)

    Okay, I’ll give that some thought if I ever get to rebuild that one!
    Incidentally, plan B for the gen 5 house is exactly the same as one of the ones in gen 7 for Brindleton Bay. I know this, because it’s the plan I’ve used for the next gen!!
  • MayaRose1138MayaRose1138 Posts: 1,742 Member
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    So, it took me about 90mins of taking mods and cc in and out of the mods folder, and reinstalling MCCC several times, to fix my game. I also reverted to an earlier save, made before the update, and that save seems to be now working properly, with the calendar fixed and everything. I still have to reinstall most of the cc but so far, all is good :). I had to replay a couple of days but Isolde and Igraine aged into kids - almost identical but slightly different eyebrow shapes and Igraine has freckles. And little Branwen was born and immediately aged into an infant. She’s so cute 🥰. I haven’t had time to play with her though because of all the stuff earlier in the afternoon. Out of the five kids, Guinevere and the twins got red hair while Morgana and Branwen have blonde. The twins were the only ones to get Avalon’s brown eyes and the others got Aspen’s grey eyes, so they’re all a pretty good mix of genetics.

    Here's Isolde and she is now and then aged up in CAS:

    And here's her little sister Branwen:
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  • OJennOJenn Posts: 8,409 Member
    Updated the main page again, starting to go cross-eyed looking it at as much as I have :joy:
  • MayaRose1138MayaRose1138 Posts: 1,742 Member
    OJenn wrote: »
    Updated the main page again, starting to go cross-eyed looking it at as much as I have :joy:

    Poor thing - you’re almost done though! Just got to fill out those remaining spots for the San Sequoia gene pool 😆.

    I like the new house plan for HoB - if I ever do that challenge, I’m picking that one! And I like the new founders too.
  • tipsycowplanttipsycowplant Posts: 1,754 Member
    @OJenn Here's the mod I use - it's called No Lot Trait VFX. I also like No Call-to-Actions which removes the pulsing red outline around items like the Eco Lifestyle voting boards.

    I'll be back with an update tomorrow!
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    I threatened you with pic spams, so here I come with another (infant heavy lol) update :mrgreen:

    San Sequoia - Generation 1: I got that baby fever

    Melina and AJ came back from their honeymoon in Tartosa and San Sequoia welcomed its newest lesbian couple with a nice rainbow. Pretty fitting if you ask me.


    This is Melina yeeting herself into orbit knowing what's gonna happen to their household in a few updates :sweat_smile: but for the time being... much more inside the spoiler tag!

    Apparently, a couple of jokes between them were enough to spark a new family dynamic. Melina and AJ do joke around a lot when they're together, so this was super fitting.


    Not even one day after settling in their new home, with their Tartosan tan still fresh, good old Tasha decided to leave the darkness of Moonwood Mill's forest and see how the girls were doing.


    ... but one minute after her arrival, she dropped the bomb :joy: ---- I was kinda speechless, lol. She had an infant back at home! And I'm pretty sure she didn't have the funds to pay a full-time babysitter over the span of five days, but ok I guess :joy:


    She was moping around quite a lot. I guess poor little Cornelius was giving her hell.


    Melina decided to cheer her up by cooking a meal together, just like they used to when she was still a child (also yes I made a few renovations to the kitchen area so that I have space for a lot of family photos).


    While they were cooking up a storm, Tasha dropped the second bomb :joy: ---- YOU HAVE A BABY BACK AT HOME TASHA. HE'S WAITING FOR YOU :joy:


    Of course Melina had to refuse. Not only is she enjoying her newlywed life away from mama Tasha, but she couldn't allow poor little Cornelius to be abandoned like that lol. Her rejection impacted their sentiments quite a bit, but whatever.


    Speaking of Cornelius, Melina decided to call and see whether he was still there in the good hands of a nanny, or whether wolves had already taken him during Tasha's absence lol. He managed to arrive on his own two wobbly feet as a toddler. Tasha immediately brightened up like "oh right, I still had a kid to take care of!" :sweat_smile:


    As they brainstormed for the right time to grow their family, they realized they had a bit of an issue---- having a werewolf in da house :joy:


    RUN TASHA :joy: RUUUN :joy:


    Not gonna lie, I would love for the gen 2 heir to be a werewolf so that AJ could potentially create her own little pack. But who knows. For the time being, she enjoyed terrorizing her new neighbors by rampaging in the middle of the day :joy:


    Moving on, not many days passed before the girls decided it was time to expand the family. They both have family-oriented aspirations, so there was no point in waiting around translation: that was me myself and I being super impatient and wanting to play with infants already ahahah. They decided to try for a science baby two days before Tasha's stay came to an end so that even she could meet their bundle of joy.



    ... well, that was easier said than done lol. On that day, it rained so hard that it was almost impossible for Melina to reach the hospital.



    After too many attempts to count and too much money lost, I realized that MCCC Woohoo was conflicting with the science baby feature, so I had to pull it out even tho it said it had been updated. Finally, they were able to get to the hospital!


    I was juuuuuuuust a tiny bit bummed that it was a girl, 'cause I had envisioned them having a little boy first, but whatever, the disappointment disappeared soon :joy: the girls were over the moon, while Tasha was feeling even more depressed by the knowledge that she had to leave soon lol.


    After a closer inspection, I realized that Olivia had Melina's skin tone and AJ's hazelnut eyes. I LOVE the baby update that came alongside the infants. Don't know about you, but I NEEDED this genetic revamp of the babies! It's little, but it's still something compared to before.


    The day after, Olivia aged up into an infant <3 ---- pic spam incoming :joy:
    I think I got pretty lucky overall with her traits and quirks.


    Genetically speaking, on the other hand... she looked like a mini AJ :bawling: it was love at first sight what can I say :bawling:<3 I hoped for more genetic variation in her, but hey, I'm not complaining :joy: fave sim of the year got a mini-her.


    Tasha had the chance to bond with little Olivia for a while before packing her bags, and I was already bawling 'cause of the cuteness. Look at what the game has done to me *sigh*



    I never wanted to squeeze a sim more lol.


    I'm obsessed #1.


    Anyway, here are all of Olivia's quirks. I found them all adorable and not stressful at all. Maybe I got lucky???




    Also, due to Tasha's visit, this was Olivia's very first milestone :relaxed:


    ... Tasha being Tasha, texting Melina while she was still in their house :joy::joy::joy:


    When Tasha left and the family had the chance to refocus on their baby, they immediately started working on her milestones. I tried to extend the age span for infants on MCCC just to be safe and explore the life stage more, when I realized that there was no option for that yet :bawling:

    Melina wanted to put Olivia on the high chair asap, so she worked on tummy time. The first time seemed to start really well.


    But then Olivia slammed her head on the floor lol.


    And it all went downhill :joy:


    AJ decided to take care of tummy time next just to see if it could go better, but I guess Olivia remembered how horrible it was lol.


    After a little bit of struggling, she was finally able to lift her head and then even roll over. I guess AJ is the better teacher :mrgreen:


    Melina enjoyed giving her baby a nap whenever AJ had to go back to work on her handiness skill and craft a few wooden items. So far, they've been able to pay back their mortgage by selling AJ's work. I have to say... I think that'll be enough for them, no need to get a job (at least for now).


    It's their favorite spot. I'm obsessed #2.


    Also this moodlet was pretty interesting: apparently even science babies have been in a womb, even if for only one hour?


    Olivia burned through her milestones pretty fast. Soon enough, she was crawling around in search for new toys. Her "I'm gonna get you" stare here killed me :joy:


    Then she was standing.


    And eating her own foot. I'M OBSESSED #3 <3<3<3


    It was finally time for the infamous high chair! AJ was once again back in charge of exploring foods. She started with lemon (mainly because I was super curious when I saw that in the list... like--- why? :joy: )


    One spoon later, it was already a no.


    Yogurt, on the other hand... a big yay for Olivia <3



    (poor Melina developed a headache and she wasn't even the one that had to go through all the baby foods lol)


    I'll end this update here with a couple more screenshots of Olivia playing with toys 'cause... have I already mentioned that I'm o b s e 🐸🐸🐸🐸🐸 e d??? :joy:



    I have one thing to say about the infant life state: I tried them both in the free patch pre-Growing Together and with the EP released and they're 100% a whole different thing without the EP. The pack feels totally worth it, tbh, and I still have soooo much more to explore. One thing I didn't particularly enjoy, tho: the world. It's definitely pretty, but the first neighborhood is just... empty? Where are all the collectibles? Why can't my sim walk among the trees??? It's really a pity.
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  • LuclyluLuclylu Posts: 436 Member
    I'm soooo glad I decided to get caught up on this chat while my game updated and downloaded the new pack. Instead of returning to Sulani and I am starting over in San Sequoia like many others. I've already completed the floor plan (went with A) this morning and then the interior this afternoon, finally got some photos to share but wanted to reply to posts before I get into game mode LOL Didn't go back and catch up from my old post because that was A LOT of things to read and I'm eager to play :D Pretty much read from the new expansion and seeing that we can start in the new town.

    @OJenn Your house looks amazing! I also chose floor plan A and it took a bit to figure it out where it was seamless and no clipping. Can't wait to see inside. Ooooooh I love Maddison!

    @Kiwicantdie I love the different contrasts of Melinda and Aj <3 That proposal! LOL That had me laughing. Also love the house! I enjoy seeing everyone's take on the floor plan. OMG BABY OLIVIA!!!!! I was going to wait for babies but after seeing your update, babies are incoming fast :D

    @MayaRose1138 Isolde aged up is so pretty! Seeing all these babies has me eager to start playing.
  • LuclyluLuclylu Posts: 436 Member
    San Sequoia - GEN 1.0 - The Palumbo Family


    The newest residents of San Sequoia drove along the coast to their new home. Both were ready to settle down and start a family.


    Liz Palumbo and her husband Landon Palumbo.


    That's about all the game play I've done. Below you will find the house tour.

    Outside the house.



    The entryway and mudroom.


    Living room with stairs upstairs and into the basement (no photos and minimally furnished) and kitchen.





    Mini hallway that leads to a half bathroom (not photographed) and master bedroom.


    Master bedroom with walk-in closet and bathroom.






    Upstairs landing.




    Upstairs bathroom.


    Nursery for future babies.




    The second bedroom is empty.
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    @tipsycowplant - Oh my goodness thank you so much!

    @Kiwicantdie - That rainbow omg ♥ The newborn update was soooo needed, Olivia is absolutely adorable. Definitely agree though on the first neighborhood. The lake is nice for fishing but I haven't found any collectables :(

    @Luclylu - You did such an amazing job on the house omg!!! It turned out amazing ♥
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    San Sequoia: Nova's Story Begins
    (Disclaimer: Please let me know if you absolutely hate all of the overlays/text -- I've been playing around with this editting style over on my tumblr, but I can post plain screenshots here if ya'll would prefer that :sweat_smile: ) Ok, onto the story now --



    Nova's settled into her new home quickly -- mostly because she had no furniture to move :sweat_smile: Thankfully the house came with a lot of built-ins, like this desk :wink::lol: She threw her sleeping bag and suitcase in the master bedroom, then unpacked her laptop so she could get a head start on work.

    Literally two seconds into checking her new work e-mail, she got a call from her old college rival, Lewis. Ugh.

    *insert eyeroll emoji*

    She played it cool on the phone, but honestly, Lewis really knows how to get under her skin.


    When she finally calmed down, she ordered a grocery delivery. She asked the delivery guy about the suspicious lack of sequoias in San Sequoia, but he started rambling on about partying in Moonwood Mill??? OK Kyle lol.


    Honestly...she was into it :joy:

    She ate dinner then brushed up on her programming skills until it was dark enough to go stargazing -- she comes from a long line of space-enthusiasts and even has a few aliens in her family tree!

    The San Sequoia bridge is gorgeous at night :love:

    Overall her first day was a success--now she just has to get to work and get that first promotion :sunglasses: (And maybe get to know Kyle better... :smirk: )
  • MayaRose1138MayaRose1138 Posts: 1,742 Member
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    @tipsycowplant - what a great start! I don't mind the overlays at all. The house looks good and it's a different kind of start because we usually all furnish the houses before playing, regardless of funds :lol:

    @Luclylu - the house looks fantastic! Your couple seem very cute together - it'll be interesting to see how their story goes! Thank you for the compliment on Isolde; I just love her :heart: . It's going to be hard finding a spouse that deserves her :lol:

    @Kiwicantdie - Olivia is just so cute!! Her quirks are great! I haven't played far enough for little Branwen to develop any, but Isolde and Igraine developed some interesting ones. Isolde ended up with destructive, hates being carried, and good appetite :). That 'hates being carried' one is annoying because if toddlers have to have a bath, the parent always carries them and then it puts the toddlers in a bad mood! I had the same problem with the science baby in one save that I was using to test my mods, and I couldn't get the couple to have a science baby. However, they could get one as a single parent. So I'll have to rethink what I was going to do with Storm, at least until MCCC Woohoo is fixed for that.

    And since everyone is posting stuff, I will too :)

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    Rebuilding Brindleton Bay Gen 4.12
    PROM!!!!! Snow was working but turned up later.
    There was an interesting mix of outfits at the prom. I think Storm's was the most formal there!

    Storm and Joon-Gi did all the usual things - photo, dancing, first kiss, before Joon-Gi asked Storm to be his girlfriend. (You can see Aspen and Naomi dancing in the background of a couple of those pics).

    Then the great excitement of who would be Prom royalty! Each of my sims voted for one of their siblings, so it was interesting to see who won...

    Winter!! And cousin Sullivan (Arthur's youngest) was the Jester!

    Aspen had fun too, taking a photo with Naomi and sharing their first kiss. (I think that's cousin Brianna looking on in approval :lol:)

    Snow finally arrived for the last hour or so.

    The teens were all invited to the after party at the carnival. Winter was tired as, since she gets up really early for her job, but the rest were fine... mostly :smiley:

    There were some visits to the Love Tunnel. I didn't write this down but I think Aspen and Naomi had a good ride but Storm and Joon-Gi's ended in a bit of embarrassment. Snow and Winter decided to try the Ferris Wheel.

    Photos from the prom!

    Emerson still spends a lot of time with the cats.

    The day after Prom, Naomi and Joon-Gi came over to visit. Aspen and Naomi started officially dating, and he was promoted to Level 3 Pro-Gamer, thus finally completing his aspiration the day before his birthday!

    Rose is the absolute boss of table tennis :lol:

    Storm gets a start in learning the cooking skill for when she leaves home.

    While Aspen autonomously fixes the fridge.
    And I'll end it there because next up is Aspen's YA birthday!! Should be able to have his and Winter's birthdays next time, and have some romantic drama involving the twins! Only 6 in-game days to go before Storm ages up and takes over as heir!
  • amadazulsimamadazulsim Posts: 1,800 Member
    Hi All! It has been so long since I have been on the forums. I have definitely been MIA for a long time. I see a lot of old faces and new ones. Nice to see that the challenge is still going on strong. I am not sure if I can commit to playing yet because RL is still busy as ever. I need to make time for myself and get back to playing. Who knows maybe the new pack will get me playing again. @OJenn I really miss reading your updates and seeing your houses. I hope life is treating you kind. @JBAG521 I am glad that you are still playing as well and I hope all is well with you and your family. @Kiwicantdie Nice to see that you are still playing as well. I hope all is well with you as well. Hello to all everyone else as well. I will try and drop in much more to keep up with the challenge.
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