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Rebuilding Worlds Vol. 2


  • OJennOJenn Posts: 8,391 Member
    @tipsycowplant - Nice to see we are sharing a braincell lol, I decided to go the same route with an unfurnished lot. So far so good and I hope to update soon. I think the overlays add a nice touch so I don't mind them at all!

    @MayaRose1138 - Everyone looked like they really enjoyed prom, I loved seeing all of them together for one last hurrah. Excited for the upcoming birthday update too, are you planning a double party for Aspen and Winter?

    @amadazulsim - I miss you so much, it's great to hear from you! I hope things are going well for you. I completely understand not having much sim time anymore I barely get much myself but I enjoying reading everyone's updates ❤️

  • MayaRose1138MayaRose1138 Posts: 1,697 Member
    @Ojenn - Aspen and Winter’s birthdays were three days apart so no, couldn’t do a joint party! I had to keep Aspen in the house though because he was going to inherit it. I’d planned on Winter and Snow moving out together but circumstances changed that as they both ended up with partners that I didn’t expect 😆. I’m hoping that when I get back into the save that all the children will have babies so that Storm can host toddler playdates!
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    San Sequoia - GEN 1.1 - The Palumbo Family
    Warning - Heavy infant spam ;)


    The welcome committee brought over fruitcake (like why not a plate of cookies?) to welcome the newest members of San Sequoia.


    Landon wants to be professor, so he took a position as a substitute teacher.


    Liz and Landon wasted no time in expanding their family.


    Most evenings, Landon could be found on the back deck grading homework.


    Liz is entering her second trimester and they decided to find out the gender.

    IT'S A BOY!


    While Landon was at work, Liz explored the city. Even earned some tips while playing the piano.


    She also ate her weight in egg rolls. Cravings.


    And lots of napping.


    Liz is now entering her third trimester and it involves a lot of massages from Landon.


    The two also explored the neighborhood together.


    That evening Liz went into labor at home. She opted for a home birth and welcomed their baby boy.

    Welcome Duke Ennis Palumbo.



    Family dinners were a nightly thing in the Palumbo household and tonight was egg rolls.


    Having Landon home meant that Liz could spend some time painting while he had the baby.


    Duke looks so much like his mother with the black hair and green eyes.


    Duke received the Sensitive trait but it goes against his personality. Interesting.


    Now a family of three <3


    I'm obsessed with the infant update.


    This quirk is annoying.


    Since Duke doesn't like being put down, it means that Liz and Landon take turns keeping him happy.


    Liz and Landon sit down to discuss money. They currently cannot survive off of one paycheck, so Liz needs to decide if she will take a position as a palette cleanser or register as self-employed so she can be home more.


    Proud parent moment, Duke can now sit unassisted!


    Because of his trait, Duke is supposed to be a picky eater, and so far he likes everything but smashed peas.


    Multi-tasking at its finest.


    The family decides to visit the Community Center before Landon start his new his new position as a teacher.


    Liz made a new friend and they hit if off, maybe even best friend status soon.


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    @Luclylu OMG your founders! And the baby boy <3

    I'm so impressed by everyone's building skills. I've built a house but it doesn't look great (the roof was just impossible for me), so I won'tshare pictures :D if anyone wants to share their build, I'm a happy downloader :)

    I'm on Gen 7 now!
    Here's a picture of my heir and his wife.
    I've decided to play both challenges at the same time but since I don't like my heir that much (look wise!), I'll leave them be and play my new household on a long time span and check in every now and then. Little spoiler: They have 5 kids apparently :D

    But let's focus on my new founders for a second:
    We have Julie and Dominic who have met on a drunken night.

    Since I do want to play the lawyer career, Julie wants to become a lawyer (how convenient!) while Dominic is aiming to be a pro-gamer.

    They have an amazing chemistry and although Dominic was pretty much a serial romantic, he actually gained the loyal trait while I was playing.

    Obviously I they couldn't wait, so Dominic popped the question.

    Julie is currently pregnant but since MCC doesn't work properly for me, I can't take a peek and have to wait until she gives birth.
    But as you can see it won't take too long - she's in the third trimester already <3

    Happy playing everyone!

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    @Luclylu - aww, Duke is so cute! I agree, that quirk of being held all the time would be difficult. I haven’t played much with infants yet but they are very time consuming and not wanting to be put down would be hard!

    @Wentcrazy - Five kids! I only have MCCC set to let families have three if I’m not playing them! At least you’ll have a good choice for the next heir 🤣. Julie and Dominic look like a great couple. I can’t wait to see what their babies are like! The interior of the house looks good. When I get to San Sequoia, I think I’ll do plan B since everyone’s having so much trouble with A’s roof and my building skills are still not the best 🤣.
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    @Luclylu - Oh my goodness that is such a cute and near idea to have a header like that! Hope you don't mind me taking that idea ♥

    Landon has such a great view while he is working on grading papers. Duke is such a cute, this infant update is the best omg. Landon and Liz look like such sweet parents to their baby boy.

    @wentcrazy - I feel like my last family playthrough went by so fast for Evergreen Harbor. Especially once I heard about the new pack :joy: Julie's freckles are everything! It was one of the first things I added when I made a sim lol.
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    @MayaRose1138 haha let's hope I like one of them :D it's 3 single birth and a set of twins - 3 boys and 2 girls if I remember correctly. Will pop in and take pictures of them as they should be toddlers now :)

    @OJenn I love the freckles! So had to give them to Julie :) Not a big fan of the hair growth though. Half of the time Julie looks like she has massive arm hair growth and Dominic looks like a builder with a full on beard. Plus the back hair - I didn't select any and now it's growing like crazy.

    Does anyone else have issues with MCCC? I haven't been able to play with it as my babies won't age up when I have it in my game.
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    Wentcrazy wrote: »
    @OJenn I love the freckles! So had to give them to Julie :) Not a big fan of the hair growth though. Half of the time Julie looks like she has massive arm hair growth and Dominic looks like a builder with a full on beard. Plus the back hair - I didn't select any and now it's growing like crazy.

    Does anyone else have issues with MCCC? I haven't been able to play with it as my babies won't age up when I have it in my game.

    The hair growth is an option in CAS, you have to uncheck it! I was feeling the same way and went investigating last night. I left it checked for my sims legs but unchecked it for everywhere else.

    So far I haven't had any issues with MCCC, are you on the latest version?
  • WentcrazyWentcrazy Posts: 128 Member
    Omg, you are a life saver! I've unticked the box now and I like it way more!

    I do. But I wonder if any of my other mods is conflicting with it. Just reinstalled it and will see if my issue continues.
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    @OJenn Thank you! The roof was tricky but I managed to figure it out (normally I would of scrapped it and went with a different floor plan). Definitely! I couldn't figure what I wanted to put as the photo so why not a family banner. I just finished a new one this morning.

    @tipsycowplant Your house looks amazing! I enjoy the overlay/text you did. I've never seen that interaction like she had with Lewis and the fact he called her tuna head LOL

    @MayaRose1138 Thank you! I'm struggling with a storyline for them and so far just enjoying playing with the new expansion. I hope to get one going soon because I'm already pretty far into gameplay haha Yes that quirk was terrible and fingers crossed I never see it again but that's probably wishful thinking. YAY for prom! My sims have never gone and enjoyed seeing what happens. Looks like everyone had a blast!

    @Wentcrazy Thanks! Wow 5 kids! Yay for the incoming baby! I do enjoy having MCCC so I can take a peek, I don't like surprises aha
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    So I have been slow (as usual) getting things started and off the ground overall with my saves. I took a while going back through and updating my Greene's and moving them all around Evergreen Harbor. This took more time than I had anticipated since a lot of them have remarried or aren't married at all but I really wanted them to take up the housing there. I will say in working on families I noticed a lot of them didn't have great compatibility :lol:
    First lets check back with the Greene's of Evergreen
    First we have Abraham Madrid-Greene and his gallery wife Antonina. They only had one daughter, Stella who is a Serial romantic and has remained happily childless for some time now. JCKoA.png
    Abraham's younger brother Josue married his long time girlfriend and had twin boys. One of them, Jona, stayed home to work on his career.

    While the other, Grady, moved and has a family of his own and a successful career as a writer. His own son still lives at home with his grandson.

    The Gen 8 heir's brother, Nova, found love in the jungles of Selvadorado and eloped with his current wife Camila.

    Their daughter, Jami, went on to marry a world-famous athlete Usain! They had one son later in life and named him Armando.
    Meanwhile over in San Sequoia Maddeline has just moved into the Hopewell Hills neighborhood
    It seemed like the welcoming committee wasn't very welcome. JBXCi.jpg

    Maddeline brushed it off and tried to focus on the positives, a fresh start in a new city! JBXug.jpg

    She is an active sim so she spent a lot of time at the community center working out, she is totally in her element on the rock climbing machine JCaBU.jpg

    Bowling is also kind of a new thing for her but she made it look easy and effortless

    Her chosen career is military at the moment and she seems to be enjoying it so far since it keeps her active.
    Eventually, Maddeline saved up enough money to furnish the first floor of her new place (well some of it anyway)
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    San Sequoia - GEN 1.2 - The Palumbo Family

    Things definitely took an interesting turn that I was not anticipating :D


    Duke is now crawling around and pulling himself up on furniture. His birthday is nearing and soon they will have a busy toddler on their hands.


    Allie Perkins and Liz have become best friends. She visits frequently and dotes on Duke.


    Still so much like this mother, Duke aged into a toddler with the Independent trait.


    Liz decided to register as a self-employed Artist. This way she could pick and choose her hours, and not be restricted.


    Once the children were in bed, the parents go out to play. Allie was always inviting Liz out. Tonight involved dressing up, cocktails and karaoke.


    With Duke's birthday tomorrow, Liz and Landon miss having a baby in the house. They were financially stable and able to both spend more time at home, Liz not needing to paint as much and Landon was able to work from home when he did work. They were ready to have one more final baby.


    Liz got to work to make Duke a chocolate cake for his birthday. They would be having a small party for him with Allie and her children.


    Happy birthday to you, happy birthday to you, happy birthday Duke!


    Duke received the Goofball trait, and the Mind and Body aspiration.


    Liz and Landon were having a little more difficulty this time around.


    After a few tries they received a positive test. They bought Duke a bike for his birthday and every evening she would watch him as he learned to ride it on the driveway. Some times going into the night because he was determined to learn.


    They decided to find out the gender again and it was another boy. Liz was sad because she was hoping that it would be a little girl, hopefully with Landon's blue eyes, since this was their last baby. Oh well, she would love the baby regardless but she just needed a little time to come with terms she would be a boy mom.


    Duke successfully learned to ride his bike!


    Liz was struggling to sleep and went outside for some fresh air when she went into labor.


    They welcomed a boy and named him Cody Palumbo.


    With a new baby in the house, it was time to move Duke into his big boy room and out of the nursery.


    Cody aged up looking just like his older brother, expect he was a bit more chunky.


    He received the Cautious trait.


    Landon received some big news, he received a promotion and was now a lead lecturer, and on track to accomplish his career goal to become a professor.


    Then the most shocking news came. They were not trying but it happened, Liz was pregnant with twin boys.


    After school they told Duke the news, they would be having two more babies and that when Cody was older, they would be sharing a room. They said that but were thinking of renovating the basement. With the age difference between Duke and his younger siblings, it might be nice to give Duke his own space when he's a teenager.


    Duke asked his dad to help him with his school project.


    Another baby that likes to be held ALL THE TIME.


    Duke has completed the Mind and Body aspiration and is about to complete the Whiz Kid aspiration.


    Liz is a seasoned pro at this point.


    Welcoming Carter and James Palumbo to the family.


    Duke made his first friend, his name is Jamel Mohr.


    It's fall but Duke wanted to go to the Community Center and play at the splash park. Liz took Duke on a solo trip for some one-on-one time.
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    I can't wait to read y'alls updates (and post another one of my own), but I'm going to be super busy this week -- my parents took in a stray cat a couple months ago, it was pregnant, and now they have kittens! The cat had three last week, then another surprise kitten today! I had no idea that was even possible, but according to google it's not uncommon for them to deliver kittens 1-3 days apart. This cat was pushing 4 days though, and she was having complications, so my parents took her to the vet. She had to have emergency surgery, but it went perfectly and she's already acting like her normal self again. Mom needs me to help give her meds every day for the next week or so, and my job is annoyingly busy right now, so I'll be MIA for a little bit :tired_face: Until then, if anyone wants to see pics of the kittens, I posted a couple on my tumblr (here) :smiley:
  • tipsycowplanttipsycowplant Posts: 1,754 Member
    edited March 27
    Oh I wanted to warn everyone too -- apparently there's a major bug involving cas.fulleditmode right now. It only triggers when you enter CAS with that cheat enabled, but it can completely corrupt your save and possibly even other saves. If you use MCCC and have it set to 'always enabled,' you might want to disable it to be on the safe side! Also, since this is a genetics challenge, I wanted to mention that there was also a genetics bug related to the teeth feature from Growing Together. Whenever a kid lost a tooth, it would change their genetics and they would age up with tiny skinny noses and weird 'corrupted' looking faces in general. Supposedly EA removed the feature in a hotfix update last week while they're working on a fix for it, but if you had any child sims lose teeth before that update, be on the lookout for broken genetics :grimace:
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    @OJenn - Maddeline seems to be off to a good start and is having plenty of fun. I like the black/white/green colours of the living area!

    @Luclylu - Four boys! When you were only aiming for two kids... oops :lol:. It'll be interesting to see how they all get along now we have the new compatibility stuff and family dynamics. I've noticed you can get family dynamics outside of the household - my Cottage Living family were getting dynamics - mainly Jokester - with their grandparents and first cousins (as the game still doesn't recognise any relations beyond that!).
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    I got sidetracked and made a Gilberts descendant :lol: I was hoping that we would get one but my impatience won out.
    Here he is if anyone wants him!
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    @Kiwicantdie I think of Prom Jester as the funniest or most mischievous/rebellious kid in school, but you could totally say the other students voted for her as a prank for story-purposes lol. That pic of Melina yeeting herself took me out :joy::joy::joy: Tasha straight-up tried to abandon her baby and move in with the newlyweds omg lol. Tasha GO HOME :lol: At least AJ's terrorizing the neighborhood and not the brand new house/furniture? :sweat_smile: I keep forgetting they updated the babies to have genetic skin/eye colors too! Olivia is the cutest lil thing omg :heart: ALL THE BABY PICS OMG I'm dying from cuteness. I have the exact same thoughts about San Sequoia - I wish they'd 1) made the bridge red since its based off the Golden Gate Bridge anyway (there's a mod for that and it looks gorgeous), and 2) added more collectibles/fishing spots/etc. I'm also lowkey really made there aren't any is it really THAT hard to make some big trees? Mt Komo had a whole bamboo forest! c'mon EA lol

    @OJenn Yesss I love the idea of modern farmhouses for HoB! Lol great minds think alike. Being broke and having to earn money for furniture is just part of the fun for me - I'm a rags-to-riches player at heart :lol: Maddeline is STUNNING omg I love her so much. Adding a rock climbing area to the community center is genius - definitely stealing that! She just looks so cool with her shades :sunglasses: Your houses are always so perfectly decorated :love: I especially love the boho vibes of the poufs with that coffee table and rug, and the HSY bed. Definitely adding your Gilbert descendant to my game, thanks! :smiley:

    @Wentcrazy Maybe a beard would make you like Keenan's looks more? That's what I do to hide a weak chin/jawline on my sims, and to be fair I think a lot of guys do that irl too :sweat_smile::lol: I've never played with a lawyer - at least that should be fun for you! Omg 5 kids, that would be so overwhelming to play - I'd definitely start a new fam and just check in once in awhile as well :lol: I love your new founders!! And already pregnant YAY! I can't wait to see the baby :smiley: There's a new MCCC update today if you're still having issues btw!

    @MayaRose1138 Aw I love that! Camelot names are so perfect for HoB and spellcaster sims. Now you're making me want to start yet another challenge - that sounds so fun!! Isolde is GORGEOUS! And Branwen is so cute with her lil buns and cat dress :blush: Congrats to Winter for winning prom royalty! The prom pics are so cute. I need to remember to add photo booths to my community lots (especially party/event spaces) cause they make the best pics for decor lol.

    @Luclylu I love your founders so much! And the house turned out great too - I love what you did with the big angled window so it matches the roofline. And the interior--all of it is just perfect :love: Ok I definitely need to steal your idea of a header image! It's so cute (and practical :lol: )! I'm so jealous you got a welcome wagon!! It never showed up for me :confused: Congrats to Landon on his new job, and Liz on the BABY!!! I need to hurry up and have some in my game cause y'alls are just so cute :love: Duke aged up so quick ahh!! He's such a stylish lil toddler :sunglasses: 'Self-employed artist' is perfect for Liz! We love a chunky baby lol, Cody is a total cutie. Landon looks so fancy in his new work outfit! Omg twins?!?! Making up for all those failed attempts I guess :sweat_smile:

    @amadazulsim Long time no see! I've been MIA for a long time too (I changed my username but used to be JordanNicoleJJ). I hope life calms down for you soon & you'll get some time to relax and play :blush:

    Now I'm off to write my own update - I have soooo many screenshots from the last time I played (literally weeks ago lol) and I finally had time to edit them today :smiley:
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    San Sequoia: And they were roommates...

    How did Kyle Kyleson the Grocery Deliverer get Nova's number? No idea. But of course she said yes when he invited himself over :smirk:

    She may have forgotten that she has literally no furniture until Kyle showed up and pointed it out...oops lol.

    Two seconds into him arriving, they were already flirting up a storm :smirk:

    So at this point I'd waited a whole day and a half for the Welcome Wagon to show up, but it never did, so Nova went to meet her neighbors the old-fashioned way lol

    Turns out she has a lot in common with the Michaelsons! They're actually co-workers and bonded over their shared hatred of Lewis :lol:

    They also have the cutest baby ever. (I also had to sit myself down and have a good, long talk about not stealing Mr. Michaelson from his lovely wife because that man is foine...I mean, both of them are...and they all have AMAZING compatibility...but this isn't a Free Love neighborhood so I'm just gonna leave that alone :sweat_smile: )

    Nova woke up the next morning with the world's worst backache. Turns out the floor isn't comfy - who would've guessed? :tongue:

    Kyle had some ideas for how to fix that though... Lin-Z, play WooHoo Jams

    The day only got better from there -- she got a promotion on her first day of work!


    Nova and Kyle headed into the city to celebrate.

    Apparently it was date night for all the San Sequoia couples :lol:

    The food was *chef's kiss*

    By the end of the date, Nova got a new milestone: she was in love :bawling::heart:

    Nothing could ruin her mood -- not even Lewis calling to brag about his promotion and all the fancy new stuff he bought. She might be a little competitive though, cause she immediately made Kyle go furniture shopping with her...

    The man knew what he was doing. New furniture = new woohoo spots :smirk::lol:
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    @Luclylu the joy of unexpected pregnancies :D Duke is such a cute toddler though <3 Can't wait to see the other boys as kids!

    @tipsycowplant I've actually tried giving him a beard but he still looks off to me. Well, I'm gonna manage - let's hope I like the looks of one of the kids at least xD And yes, 5 kids is a lot! I haven't really played them yet but I think I will get back to playing them when they're kids - don't want to deal with 5 toddlers at the same time because apparently they're close in age as well.

    Generation 7

    Gently reminder that those are the parents


    I've given him a makeover but forgot to take a picture... just imagine him with a beard now :D

    Kiddos as toddlers under the spoiler tag.

    First born is Luke, followed by his brother Max (I was still playing them by that time).


    I actually think Max is a cute toddler. Hopefully he stays that way :)

    Next up we have Maja, who was born while I was playing with my new founders.
    She is the only one who has inherited her mom's beautiful red hair. Otherwise I'm not a fan of her yet - she reminds me too much of her dad.

    Lastly (and hopefully they won't have more kids), there's the twins: Nico and Lilly. I have no idea who was born first and they do not look that much alike.

    oh and this was Keenan (my heir and their dad) as a toddler. He actually didn't look too bad as a toddler, so I don't know what has happened to him xD

    Any favourites so far? :)
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    I’ve created a wheel to choose new child aspirations (Well, I edited one that was on there with the previous aspirations): There’s also a careers wheel on that site which I’m using to choose careers for sims, since the randomiser on the first page doesn’t have that option (and also hasn’t been updated yet for GrowTog).

    @tipsycowplant - That challenge was lots of fun; I’m hoping to eventually get that challenge written up and posted on the forums so other people can try it. Thinking ahead to starting the San Sequoia version of this challenge, I think I’m going to go with Welsh/Irish names throughout the generations and since Isolde is a spellcaster, have her start a coven of sorts in the town; each heir will then have to complete one of the two magic aspirations to take over as coven leader. I need a new map of where all the sims towns are in relation to one another for storytelling purposes. Hmmm, I could even send siblings out to other towns to create covens of their own and see how much of the towns are spellcasters by the end of ten generations 🤣🤣🤣

    Infants are so cute! I’m currently playing some in gen 7 - Storm has had all her kids now and boy, are they a handful! One of them is a snuggly sleeper so doesn’t like being out in a crib to go to sleep - I think it took four hours to get her to sleep the first time!

    Wow, Nova’s story is going on such a different direction to what I expected! I’m curious as to whether she’s now going to end up with Kyle or still end up with her work rival??

    @Wentcrazy - I like Max and Lilly so far. Lilly’s face is wider than the other children’s so I wonder how that will turn out as she grows up?
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    Hi all <3 I've been super busy since the last time I posted but now that I'm home for Easter I finally have time to chill and play some more. I'm here to drop an update on my household and tomorrow I'll be back to reply to all of your lovely updates (that I've already read eheh :mrgreen: )

    San Sequoia - Generation 1: this birthday's on fire

    Baby Olivia's birthday arrived before I could explore all milestones, but I think I got enough of them for the first infant ever.


    I legit didn't want her to grow up lol.

    Melina and AJ decided to throw a birthday party with all their past acquaintances. Of course Tasha was a must :wink: Olivia isn't technically her first grandchild, since she didn't adopt Melina. I'm working on a new family tree for this mess of a fam.


    Melina Simstagramming her bundle of joy one last time before the birthday party :tongue: she's definitely one proud mama.


    Among the guests they decided to invite there was also Agnes Crumplebottom :joy: I should have known that this was going to spell trouble, but... oh well :joy:


    Only once I had AJ change Olivia into her birthday dress I realized that I hadn't unlocked the bedroom to keep out everyone. And... of course, everyone decided that this was the best room ever :neutral:


    Also Tasha's adopted baby boy, little Cornelius, came along to meet Olivia :relaxed: he's such a cutie.


    It was finally time to blow the candles <3


    At first Olivia was sooooo confused OMG I love her :bawling:


    But then............................. spit rained on the cake :joy::joy::joy::joy::joy:


    I had tears in my eyes, I swear :joy: I was laughing so hard :joy:


    Toddler!Olivia is in da house.


    ... but as soon as I exited CAS after giving her a makeover, tragedy struck.


    Apparently, one of the guests decided to light the fireplace and, consequentially, set on fire the entire living room.



    I waited and waited for the firefighters to arrive, but then I had Melina save the day to avoid certain death.


    Of course the firefighters arrived once she had extinguished everything lol.


    Agnes was not pleased to say the least :joy: for a second I feared that she might go on the assault :joy:


    Olivia had the chance to eat her birthday cake nonetheless and, thankfully, no guest actually run away.


    Fave cutiepie is still the cutest, even as a toddler :bawling:


    The fire made everybody tense in the neighborhood, apparently, because starting from that night every passerby was waltzing into their backyard to take their anger out on the poor trashcan. After the 1283712781331 time she had to come out to clean up the mess, Melina decided to strike back.


    Sorry not sorry.


    Olivia developed a quirk that almost made me go insane :sweat_smile: not cool, Olivia. Not cool.


    I also let her loose and allowed all the autonomous misbehavior possible, since AJ needed to reprimand her for the aspiration. Let me just say that... AJ wasn't really good at teaching her daughter how to behave :joy:


    Melina was actually the one that began to check Olivia, which led her to develop the Strict family dynamic.


    But she herself wasn't overjoyed.


    She decided to counterbalance it with tons of loving mom-daughter moments <3





    Also, she got a room on the first floor. I... still feel sooooo rusty with build mode, so bear with me :sweat_smile:




    A few days later, Melina and AJ decided it was time to expand the family even more. They "need" three little nooboos for Melina's aspiration, after all, and now that Olivia is much more independent, they can afford to have a new infant in the house.


    Time for a new science baby! I went with the name of Melina's first familiar, which, somehow, disappeared altogether from my game lol.


    AJ went full goth mode with their baby boy :joy:


    Also, apparently, he's genetically reeeeeeeally similar to Olivia: same skin tone and same eye color. I heard him cry during the night and OMG he was howling like a puppy :bawling: 100% werewolf confirmed <3


    Olivia noticed sudden changes around the house and, feeling no longer the center of attention, decided to wobble downstairs to see what was going on.


    Oh no :bawling: she was not happy to know she was the bigger sister lol


    I'll end this update with the screens of the most relaxing night ever lol :joy: when they can't sleep because of a baby, they can't sleep because... werewolves :joy:



    BUG TIME: I just wanted to warn you that I'm experiencing a super frustrating/game breaking bug and I don't know how to fix it. I've seen it reported already in the forum and apparently it's not caused by mods. Basically... my pregnant sims lose their "second/third trimester in X hours" moodlet and stay pregnant forever, without the pregnancy ever progressing :tired_face: I hope you're not experiencing it too. I have it and I want to flip the PC out of a window.
    Origin ID: Kiwicantdie
    Willow Creek | Evergreen Harbor
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    Rebuilding Brindleton Bay Gen 5.13
    Second last post for this generation! We start off with Aspen's YA birthday!! He gained the Cat Lover trait and the Musical Genius aspiration, and joined the Entertainer career at level 4. He doesn't look like it but he got all his features from Rose.

    Emerson finally finished his Extreme Sports Enthusiast aspiration!!

    The cats are still around and still getting into trouble. Love the fight in the second pic where the sims aren't the least concerned about what the cats are doing :lol:

    Storm got promoted to level 3 in the computer club.

    Cohen doesn't have very long left so Emerson went around to visit his father. Brant, one of Mabel's cousins, had died around this time, and so did her brother Arthur :disappointed: .

    The school got new uniforms, and Storm met cousin Max (blonde hair) and new crush Harlow Pines :love:

    Naomi was invited around to age up and then Aspen proposed!! They can't get married until Winter moves out though!

    Storm invited Harlow over and though it took some doing, eventually they ended up as girlfriends :love: Not entirely sure why they were interacting in the bathroom though!!

    Joon-Gi was not impressed in the least that Storm had broken up with him but it didn't stop him from socialising with her and Harlow.

    Winter's YA birthday! She got a fairly good mix of genetics, despite Emerson's colouring, and received Lactose Intolerant as her last trait and will enter the Politician career.

    Harvestfest! I actually got my sims to dress up for this but none of the guests did :( It was Cohen's last social event - they found out after the party that he had passed away :disappointed:

    Molly Prescott came over and Winter discovered that her crush was reciprocated! They were girlfriends by the end of the party :lol:
    And I'll leave it there for today! Final installment to hopefully come this week with Winter's proposal, Snow finally getting some romance, one more prom, and the twins aging into YA ready to start gen6!!!!
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    @Kiwicantdie - Oh nooo that pregnancy bug sounds awful! I am playing so slow that it will probably be fixed by the time I have a pregnant sim :lol: Melina looks so proud to have successfully put out the fire and the spitting on the cake to 'blow out candles' took me out LMAO Olivia is absolutely still the cutest, can't wait to see how her sibling turns out though!

    @MayaRose1138 - I love how Winter turned out, I feel like she is a pretty good mix of her parents ♥ Love the spinning wheel too, such a good idea.
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    Hi all, back with an update on how Maddeline Founder is getting on in San Sequoia (yes her last name is Founder :lol:) If anyone wants Maddy I can totally upload her. So far she is settling into her new place and surroundings nicely and is over the moon that the first floor is furnished now
    She loves to ride her bike around town and one beautiful sunny day she ran into Theo. He loves fishing, probably more than people.

    But Maddy has been working on her social awkwardness and wanted to make a new friend so she struck up a conversation with him and even joined in on the fun.

    Maddy also got herself a new trait too! Sort of helps with the social awkwardness I think

    She also got a new skill as well!

    Despite how large the town was Maddy and Theo kept running into each other. And eventually she warmed up to him, social awkwardness aside

    After that they were nearly insperable, video chatting and hanging out often as friends. (sidenote: I wish the movie theater wasn't a rabbithole :cry: )


    Anyway Maddy is an active sim so she loves getting outdoors to get a good workout in. I downloaded a community center from the gallery and it's been great for that with a nice covered area to work up a sweat. She's even started to try and make some friends in the neighborhood as well


    I didn't get a picture of it but Theo totally admitted to having a crush on her and asked her out. And she said yes

    There first date was in a casual park date, they spent most of it staring into each others eyes. It was very cute.
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    Is anyone else having trouble with getting toddler skills up? The toddler slide and stuffed big toys (dragon in this case) seem to be glitched; the slide doesn’t add anything to the movement skill and the dragon doesn’t even allow my toddlers to talk to it 😔. Getting the toddlers to top notch toddler (which hasn’t shown up yet for the oldest child) has been very difficult without those two items, not to mention trying to get plenty of milestones!

    @OJenn - Maddi looks like she’s having a great time! Theo looks cute so I hope that relationship works out!

    Edit: apparently the slide bug will get fixed in today’s fix update, along with the one where they can’t get the “learning numbers” milestone, but I don’t know if the communication one will be. I’ve been having my toddlers learn numbers but that explains why none of them got the milestone for it.
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