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Are these used components good enough for TS4?

monia_vukmonia_vuk Posts: 121 Member
edited November 2018 in PC - Technical Discussions
Hey, all! First of all, I'm so so sorry if this has been asked before, because it seems like a common thread, but I honestly haven't been able to find a similar thread.
Also, again, for some reason I can only post to certain categories, so I apologize if it's a wrong category.

I'd like some advice from people who know their way around computers :)

I'm trying to build a new PC. I'm studying animation, so I model and animate but aside from that I really want this new PC to handle TS4 smoothly.

The thing is, the components aren't going to be new, they'll be ~3 years old, so my question would be, could they handle the game smoothly (on high settings) even though they are old that much?

Here are the components:

Intel Core i5, 4 x 3,4GHz
8GB DDR3 RAM (I might upgrade to 12/16gb instead)
ATI Radeon or Nvidia 4GB
500GB hard drive
Probably going to install Win7.

Oh, and it's going to be a desktop PC, not laptop.


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