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  • To be honest, I don't know, I usually just sort by category and find the one I want. Or use one of the colour filters on the right side menu (search is on the left). Although, I think the search option only works on buy objects and not on build objects (such as walls, floors, windows etc). but I've never tried. I only use…
  • The gallery interface has been a bit wonky lately. I've also seen weird thing. Like a lot that I built and uploaded this year having a date on it from 2014, I think even before the game was officially released. I think they're still working on updating the gallery, but changes come about slowly.
  • @simgirl1010 It's mdianasims.tumblr.com (it's also in my signature, but I can imagine you set those to invisible ;) ). As for the ranch, this is how my Sim currently lives, it's not great, but it's better than that sleeping bag she had at first ;)
  • @maggiemae8135 Thanks, I hope you enjoy playing in it! @Ziafar Thank you :blush: @simgirl1010 I do plan to share it on my simblr, I might share some of that here. But the current state is not much improved from the original :joy: My sim sleeps in the stable attic and she got one stall ready for one horse, otherwise…
  • I'm mostly looking forward to being able to add more households to smaller worlds and make more effective use of large lots. I've done some prep work already. Del Sol Valley: StrangerVille: Newcrest: I've also got plans for Britechester, Willow Creek, Brindleton Bay, Henford on Bagley, Evergreen Harbour and Glimmerbrook.…
  • It has taken me ages, but I finally have a build to share :sweat_smile: I built an abandoned ranch on the large lot in Chestnut Ridge. It's sort of meant for a gameplay challenge I set for myself. Which is to restore the ranch by unlocking sections of it and learning skills and making friends to fix it up. A bit like those…
  • Selvadorada will probably always be my favourite. With Britechester and Henford on Bagley as close second.
  • I can come up with quite a lit of things that were asked for by the player base in general. A lot of the more recent packs give us things we asked for. But rarely in the way we expect or envision. Nevertheless I do feel the players are being catered to. Something I want to point out in this regard specifically. And most…
  • I know I'm the minority here, but I always play with walls down. I prefer to be able to see where my sims are. I know cutaway sort of gives you an option for that, but I find it annoying. I do put walls up for screenshots though.
  • There are some really big ones on the list! Let's hope all the fixes work perfectly.
  • I've never read anything about the number being updated after the 800. That was around the time of Discover University. Given how wary the devs are of features that impact game performance (the newer worlds are all rather small because of this). It wouldn't surprise me at all if it still is 800.
  • I recently took out most mods and only left mccc and default eyes and skin. The game is still quite playable and fewer mods are much easier to maintain. Any major annoyances can be banned with mccc tuner, so no need for countless tuning mods.
  • I'm working on building one for my own game. It will probably take a few days before it's finished. But I'll let you know when I upload it to the gallery.
  • Enter me please. Thank you 😊
  • Sounds like you've locked a camera position on the 9 key. You've probably pressed ctrl+9 at some point and thus saved the camera position. To remove it, press alt+9. Same goes for any saved camera positions on the 5-8 keys.
  • My sims infant had trouble learning to crawl as well. He pretty much instantly learned it by going to another lot and trying to teach him to crawl there. So I think it's kinda buggy and needs some resetting of sorts. But not the regular reset sim cheat, that didn't work for me.
  • After accidentally clicking yes one time, I've found the easiest way to deal with this is just say yes. Then cancel while on the move-in screen. It avoids the hurt sentiment and your household can still stay the same.
  • If you have issues with curtains snapping to the windows when you don't want to, there's a trick to avoid it. Temporarily move the window to a completely different place. Then place the curtains. Move the window back to its original place. Also, seeing as windows and curtains are both non-functional objects, it's…
  • I've found that this is exactly how it works. Everything you can separately alter in CAS can be inherited from either parent. Leads to interesting results a lot of times.
  • I thought they were in debug? Under the decorations tab, in either misc or clutter. There might even be just one plaque object with different swatches. Several debug items show up in those categories as opposed to only through the search option. But I might be wrong though, I usually scroll over them. And it's been a while…
  • You have to be in the area before 5 AM. What I usually do is take a tent and have my sim camp there for a night.
  • Plants have to fully mature, which can take quite some time. And then you have to be in the area at 5 AM, because that the daily spawn moment. It only works slightly differently in destination worlds where in season plants will often be mature and ready to harvest upon loading the area. They will only respawn harvestables…
  • I think this might be what you're looking for? https://whyeverr.tumblr.com/post/189665722783/vanillafreezerbuns-a-brindleton-bay-christmas It's a Christmas style makeover of Brindleton Bay.
  • Since you have mccc, it has an option to randomise visiting sims. I always have that on by default so I don't see the same 10 sims everywhere I go. I don't know exactly where in mccc that option is, but I think it's the population module? Or maybe the base module.
  • In my experience, it's only useful to bring more sims if you control them/they're in the active household. And then their only use is to get through temples faster and clear excavation sites faster. If you just want to explore the jungle or get a taste of Selvadoradian food, just go alone.
  • I saw this workaround/fix on tumblr the other day. It may help resolve this issue. https://at.tumblr.com/lumenniveus/the-no-mods-no-cheats-fix-for-missing-apartment/ca9ua02c3laa
  • If you like occult and spooky, vampires is a great pack. As for the sale, Black Friday is coming up in a few weeks, so I expect there to be another sale around that time.
  • Retro is my absolute favourite. I love the music from the old sims games. Metal and Strange Tunes are also favourites.
  • I generally have one lot trait/challenge for each neighbourhood and then (before they separated them into traits/challenges) two more for the lot itself (based on who lives there or what the lot looks like). I do sometimes deviate from that for community lots if they're in a mainly residential area. But, depending on what…

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