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What happened in your sims 3 game today?


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    @texansky thanks. I’m not a builder that’s the only problem lol. So I’ll need to have practice for my hotel.
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    Just redownloaded the Sims 3 for the first time in a few years so not much yet. Rebuilt a 2 bedroom home in sunset valley to accommodate 4 sims. Moved in a 7 sim family. Killed off two in the backyard pool, (for the storyline of course). Now, the main sim is a rebellious orphan who lives in a cramped flat with her overbearing aunt, passive uncle and evil cousin.
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    Life got really busy, but I did finally get this build finished for Disney Magic Kingdom.

    Nestled in the woods of the wilderness zone is Walt's Campground and Theater. A fun adventure awaits the nature lover in this campground. I had my large tester family visit the lot to test it and they seemed to have a good time. I hope your sims enjoy as well.


    I love this first image as you can see the Contemporary Resort and Astro Orbiter in the distance. I build in a blank world and then to take pictures I usually put it in the world that has all the current builds. I love moving around and seeing all the fabulous builds as they come to life in the world with just homeless sims wandering around with my testers.

    These are views from the lakeside. The cabins are built so the back porch faces the lake. I gave each cabin some outdoor furniture. In my build version I removed the big green tree in edit town from the lakeside. I wanted a better view of the lake, but forgot to remove it in this version. Note to self!

    I'll be honest, I didn't like the pics of the outdoor theater I found on the Disney sites, so I used my imagination for this. I hope y'all like it.

    I love having my sims play Gnubb. Such a fun game for them.

    It wouldn't be a Bekkasan build without something for the kids. :grin:

    Bathroom overview

    Cabin one. None of the cabins have bathroom facilities. I remember camping as a girl and we all had to use the one big bath/shower room. So, my sims gotta do it that way too. :lol: All the cabins have a fire-stove. This cabin has a bunk bed, single bed and a separate sitting room which could be converted to another bedroom.

    Cabin 2 and 3. Cabin 2 is cozy with a bunk bed and love seat. Cabin 3 includes a cot and highchair for a baby/toddler.

    The lake will provide many activities for your sims including windsurfing and fishing. A dive spot is nearby but has not been completed yet.

    Sims can prepare meals at the grills and tables are available for eating outside.

    An evening bonfire is a great way to end the day.

    Custard checked
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    @texansky I see you're still enjoying your current game. I'm a bit stuck at the moment. I was getting all excited about being finished with my sims in the various worlds. Then I decided I really should have a good look at Cake Island as I didn't really remember much about fixing it. Well, it turns out that would be because I didn't fix it - I just visited briefly and made sure it was populated. It is populated, but when I send a sim to it the entire world looks totally empty. Lucky I sent my sim there twice and the second time I waited a while for the houses to suddenly appear. There are a lot of toddlers in Cake Island and they've been toddlers for way too long. That's because I haven't been playing this world. So for the last few days I've been in a house there and I moved all of the toddlers and children in the world into that house and they've been doing their skills and reading toddler books. I set one of the children to work to discover how to make the potion to make the imaginary friends real. She hasn't discovered it yet.

    There are 8 toddlers and 6 children in the house with single adult sim. That adult sim was is an imaginary friend made real. I remember making her real. It was just before I added the mods to let me have more than 8 sims in a household. And her transformation into a real sim kept failing because I didn't have the mods set up to let there be more than 8 sims in the household. So she became real. She's also the 'father' of one of the sims I have in another world. More of that story later.

    I have the spreadsheet set up as a database. All of the sims are on one sheet. I do use other sheets for other purposes. I know heaps about spreadsheets and databases and I spent 20 years building them.

    Across the top, in a single row, I have the headers for the database. This is a series of unique words, usually only 1 or 2 words, to describe what the data in the column below is about. I add new headers as I need them.

    As an example, the column headers I'm using are:
    Name - Family name of the sim

    First Name - Given name of the sim

    Mother - Full name of sim's mother ( often blank if the sim has no parent which is usual for many sims)

    Father - Full name of Sim's father (often blank)

    Gender - m or f

    Life Stage - Baby, Toddler, Child, Teen, YA, Adult, Elder

    Occult - Human, Fairy, Genie, Witch, Werewolf, Imaginary Friend plus others such as Plumbot, Ghost, Simbot

    age - Sim's age when I last looked - this can be a calculated field. But my formula didn't work for all occults so I will need to fix it. At the moment it's just the age when I last looked at that sim.

    Days to age up - Just a number at the moment but it might become a calculated field depending on what I end up doing with the age field

    Relationship to Patience - Patience is the founder sim. The relationship includes: none, son, daughter, grand son etc....

    Relationship to Marty - First husband of Patience and founder with 10 children, 5 with Patience and 5 with Marcie

    Relationship to Gobias - Patience's ex partner. Gobias has about 10 children. 5 with Patience, 4 with Haley and at least 1 other the game gave him since I last played him

    Relationship to Ted - ex partner of Patience. He had 4 children with Patience and 4 with Helena

    Relationship to Christopher - ex partner of Patience. He has 2 children with Patience

    Current World - where that sim is now in the game. This is 'home' if they are in their home world, otherwise it is the name of the world they are currently found in. (initially used to cater for sims attending boarding school in a different world to their home world)

    home world - where that sim's home is (this helps me return children in boarding school to their parents)

    address - where in the home world that sim lives (this helps me return children in boarding school to their parents)

    Where Are They Now? This is a calculated field. The calculation picks up the name of their home world if the value in 'Current World' is 'home'. If they are not at home it shows the name of the world that I have left them in. This is usually sims at the boarding school in a different world from their home world.

    Townie? y or n. This helps me remember if it is a sim I made or not. I found it useful when I 'captured' a few sims that were made by Maxis and shipped with other worlds.

    Original Town - the town they came from. Useful if they are a townie otherwise not particularly useful. I try to remember which world I was playing when they were introduced to the game or where they were born if they were born in game. Often if the child is born to a pair of townies I will say they are a townie too. But some townies are played by me, such as Christopher Steel and Gobias Koffi so I consider them to be Townies and not townies and their children are not townies.

    LTW - The Sim's lifetime wish

    LTW Achieved - y or n depending of they have achieved their lifetime wish or not. Helps me know if Sims need some attention to assist with their lifetime wish. I often ignore it but it can be useful

    Toddler School - y or n. This tells me if they got their toddler skills or not. Usually at boarding school but not necessarily.

    Primary School - y or n. This tells me if they got their child skills or not. Usually at boarding school but not necessarily.

    High School - y or n. This tells me if they went to boarding school as a teen.

    Nanny - y or n. This tells me if a YA or older sim was at the boarding school teaching or taking care of students. These sims learn skills while at the boarding school.

    The next few headings all refer to skills a Sim learned at a toddler. It is blank if the didn't get toddler training. If they read their toddler books then there is a 'x' in the cell under the book title.

    Headings in the Toddler section are: Walk | Talk | Potty | Xylaphone | Peg Box | Fingerpainting 101 | Don't Stay Within the Lines | Handprints of the Masters |Frank I'm Not | Blueish Eggs with a Side of Pastrami | On the Destinations You Will One Day Briefly Visit | Squares are not Triangles |
    Being Smart for Fun and Profit | Counting for Those who Cannot | Charisma | Handiness | Logic (the charisma, handiness and logic skills can be learned as a toddler from the playpen or walker)

    The next few headings relate the skills learned as a child. Only Cooking and Blocks need to be specifically taught the rest happen automatically depending on the child's activities in game.
    Cooking | Blocks | Homework | Ballet | Child Athletics | Child Bass Guitar | Child Drums | Child Gardening | Child Guitar | Child Piano | Scouting (I've noticed some Young Adults that I made in CAS can gain some of these child skills - must be a bug I suspect)

    The next few columns are all skills. I've only got headings for skills I've found my sims have some skill points in when I use Master Controller to check their Skill Status. I usually record the skill level but don't keep this constantly up to date. It is helpful if I want to see generally if a particular sim has a lot of skills or if I'm looking for a sim with a particular skill. There are a lot of skill columns as they include hidden skills.

    Then there are some columns pertaining to Plumbots. This is helpful so I can keep track of what chips a Plumbot should have as they tend to lose them occasionally.

    Plumbot Quality - a number showing the plumbot quality

    Limitless Learning - y or n depending if they have this chip

    Columns for each of the different chips a plumbot could have. If they have it I put a y in their row

    Then I have columns relating to Imaginary Friends made real

    IF Owner - who was the original owner of an Imaginary Friend

    IF Original Name - the original IF name of an imaginary friend before I gave them a new name after they became real.

    IF Born in game - y or n. As I get more Imaginary Friends made real I am getting more born in game imaginary friends. I like to keep track of them as there are getting to be too many of them for me to rely on my memory and sometimes I like to know.

    The next few columns relate to cloned sims.

    Clone of - name of sims who provided the DNA for the cloning process

    Cloned By - name of sim who did the cloning

    Updated - when I updated the age and days to age up of the sim. This will help me when I fix the forumla in the days to age up field. I want to know if a sim is about to age up to the next age stage so I can make sure they have basic skills. This is complicated by the fact that they only age when I play the world. So I suspect I'll have to keep populations in worlds fairly small to let me quickly run through the world to fix their ages when I start playing. I'll have to think about this and work out how I want to play them or if I really want to bother too much with it.

    Need to travel to new world - this is just helping me flag the sims I want to move out of a world because of issues with the game performance caused by overpopulated worlds.

    Notes - just helps me remember things I've noticed while updating the spreadsheet and those things are not covered by the data under the headings. Saves adding new headings for things that don't happen often.

    This spreadsheet is supject to constant change depending on things that interest me at the time I make changes. Sometimes I lose interest in some columns and stop updating them but leave them in the spreadsheet as they do contain data I might want to look at some time.

    I'll try to post with some pictures soon.

    I'm also thinking about putting together a video showing some of the things that happened during this time I've been giving the game a much needed huge overhaul.

    Happy Simming

    EDIT: The castle is not a fairy type castle. It's a really old fashioned castle. I call it my Battle Castle. Lots of room for a small army in there.

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    Not sure whether I need to introduce myself again after all that time :lol: . It's been a while.
    No comments for the moment, as it's already very late here (or rather early), but I'm finally done with ME (@Sprottenham That's Mass Effect for you, the first trilogy in its legendary edition), yeah!

    I've already played a bit. Given Ethan is mostly done, I turned my sight on his oldest offspring, which happens to be Stephen, a son by Jun Xu.
    Stephen: I'm not sure I like to be in the center of your attention.
    Me: Well, this is the end of your dolce far niente.
    Stephen: Ugh. That's what I feared.

    Anyway, he's been doing well. Here's a pic of where I am with my gameplay at the moment. Maybe, I post a bit of how he got there in the future.
    I should go now (well, I'm mentally still not quite done with ME yet, it seems). And sleep :smile: .
    I wish you all the best!
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    I'm glad to hear that you were able to successfully move your story families to their new world.

    Very nice update for River and Haruo. I can understand why you get your muse behind the wheel. What else are you going to do while waiting for your wife?

    Welcome back! May you get much enjoyment from playing. I look forward to your updates on your rebellious orphan.

    Love Walt's Campground and Theater. It reminds me of camping with my family as a child, and summer camp as a youth. I think you've covered everything, including a bonfire!
    I seldom buy Gnubb in my games, but I find it hilarious when the Sims get bonked on the head.
    Awesome play area for the kiddos.
    I like that you provided a screenshot of the Custard check showing the file is clean. Thank you for doing that.

    Thank you for taking the time to provide me with detailed information on how you track all of your Sims. I would have never thought to put everything on one tab. I guess it makes it a lot easier to sort the Sims by life stage, for example, to check if the toddlers or children have their training. Or to see who is about to age up soon, so you can plan a party for them. I was going to track my Sims by having a separate tab for each family unit, but I can now see the disadvantage of doing that. Your system is a much better idea.

    I can't think of a use for your castle right now, but I think I'll download it and poke around. Maybe it will inspire me to create a medieval story. That time period is one of my favorites. I tend to read more time-travel romances than any other type in that genre.

    I remember the last post of Ethan was him being the feast at the party. I think he looks better with the facial hair.
    Stephen is handsome. I look forward to his story. Write it when you're ready.
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    I played a full Sim day in my Simselves game. I added four new males to the neighborhood, including the @TinySpaceFox household. I just need to add pictures so I can create the posts. There will be three and then I am done with Week 2. I'll post them as I complete each section.
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    @Devalaous They look awesome! Strangetown was always a favorite of mine! I had a legacy on it a few years back but I lost my save when my computer whomped out on me and I've been trying to restart it again, but I'm not sure I'll be able to get back to where I had it, sadly.

    I finished the PC residents thanks to the uploads in this thread driving me to actually 'finish' my work, I have a whole bunch uploaded now in a thread in the Builders section. So thanks for the encouragement guys. (Not to mention an actual EA account featuring the University guys I posted here!)
    Rebuilding Sims 2 inside Sims 3 one lot and sim at a time.

    See my Sims 3 studio for latest progress.
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    The previous Simselves post was originally 6.6 but should have actually been 2.19. Somewhere along the way, I messed up my numbering system. :lol: I have gone back to all of my Week 2 posts and corrected the numbers. So instead of this one labeled 7.1, it is correctly numbered 2.20.

    SIMSELVES 2.20

    Week 2, Saturday, part 1

    Nikkei Simmer and Cami Kat just started dating. He's still listed as single.

    Nikkei was leaving his home at about 3:30 AM. He went to Aleister's, then turned around and went back home. He didn't even acknowledge Cami Kat on his way to the street.

    Josh & Becky Black-Tanner are expecting another baby.

    I think she may suspect something. Maybe she smells Nicola Stanford's perfume?

    I have moved the Bishop brothers into the game on Saturday at 7:23 AM @CravenLestat

    Meet AJ...

    ...and BJ Bishop.
    NOTE: BJ is the Sim of @CravenLestat - BJ's name in CravenLestat's Studio on the Exchange was "Silver RenameMe". When I realized he looked a lot like AJ, I decided to make them brothers, thus AJ & BJ Bishop.

    The first thing AJ did when he moved in was to prepare waffles, while BJ sat on the couch to watch television.

    BJ Bishop's Lifetime Wish is to be a Professional Author, so I had him practice writing. Then he had a wish to take a writing class, so off he went to the business offices.

    AJ Bishop had a wish to learn writing, so I sent him to the writing class.

    Once both had completed the class, they went to City Hall to register as self-employed writers. (They both got the following notification, so I will only post it once.)

    And then they both sat down immediately to surf the web. I guess they are both researching their first novels.
    NOTE: BJ's blue laptop was glitchy (it was in the house when they moved in), so I sold it and he has a white laptop now.

    Lexi Rykins is stalking Craig Clarson again.

    Rodney took Celina downtown to the library.

    And Rodney has fleas!

    Josie & Gavin Vulpis-Pinkerton were seen arm-in-arm in town.

    I found Josie at the Fall Festival.

    Gavin was at the tattoo parlor. It appears he was getting a tattoo.
    But I checked when he was done and he had no tattoos, so I don't know what the tattoo artist was doing to him with that machine.

    @Nikkei_Simmer - @mailin32 - @mycami21 - @king_of_simcity7 - @Charlottesmom - @CravenLestat - @Zinniavanilla

    *Edited to tag Simselves creators.
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    Sorry for so many notifications without pictures.

    SIMSELVES 2.21

    Week 2, Saturday, part 2

    Happenings Around Town:

    Nikkei Simmer has partnered with Cami Kat.

    Sprotten Sprottenham has increased his unmentionable skill.

    Happenings Around Town:

    Betty Simovitch has been writing.

    Nicola Stanford has been promoted to Cutpurse.

    Emmaline Simself has a new landlord. Gavin purchased her home at 6 Floodplain Lane.

    Craven Lestat has been promoted to Vegetable Slicer.

    Al Calavicci has been promoted to Ingredient Taster.

    AJ Bishop was paid §14 for the first few chapters of 2075.

    Jamel Fin-Beckett has celebrated his birthday and is now a toddler.

    Lexi has improved her Charisma.

    Meet our newest arrivals:

    Martin Flannagan:

    David Arellano:

    Phoenix Flannagan:

    Martin & Phoenix's bedroom:

    David's bedroom:


    Living Room:

    Dining Room:

    Martin Flannagan had a wish to join the Education career. As soon as he was done choosing his job, he started playing chess.

    I had David Arellano choose the Military career as his Lifetime Wish is to become an Astronaut.
    And then he went to bed and dreamed of pleading the court for something.

    Lisa Dawnlight was talking with a neighbor about her latest book and where her inspiration comes from.

    @Nikkei_Simmer - @Sprottenham - @CravenLestat - @king_of_simcity7 - @emorrill - @Hemera123 - @TinySpaceFox - @lisasc360

    *Edited to tag Simselves creators.
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    This post concludes Week 2 of the Simselves saga. I hope you have enjoyed the Simselves stories so far. I might play another Sim day tomorrow.

    SIMSELVES 2.22

    Week 2, Saturday, part 3

    Honey Darnell was promoted to Lead Guitarist.

    Mark Woods and Emmaline Simself had twins!

    Meet Harold Simself!
    Harold Simself, son of Mark Woods and Emmaline Simself.
    Born: Week 2, Day 7
    Sign: Cancer
    Favorites: Epic Music, Veggie Burger, Yellow
    Traits: Genius, Artistic

    And Alana Simself!
    Alana Simself, daughter of Mark Woods and Emmaline Simself.
    Born: Week 2, Day 7
    Sign: Capricorn
    Favorites: Pop, Mushroom Omelet, Yellow
    Traits: Loner, Friendly

    Emmaline Simself left Harold at home with the babysitter and took Alana to meet her father, Mark Woods.

    It didn't appear to go well. She tried to talk to him about the universe and he wasn't interested. So she went home.

    But they are still together.

    Emmaline Simself and Gavin & Josie Vulpis-Pinkerton have been hard at work renovating their property to accommodate the new arrivals. The outside got a paint job:

    NOTE: Emmaline Simself's household inventory was literally STUFFED with household goods. I couldn't put any more in there. I went through the inventory, upgrading furniture, appliances, and bathroom fixtures. I kept all the unique books and added them to her new bookcase. I added pictures from her inventory and sold the rest of the inventory. I changed out the wallpaper in most of the house and got rid of all of the cat decorations, bowls, three cat beds, and a cat jungle. I'm happy with the results.

    Some changes in the living area to make room for two cribs:

    The bathroom:

    The kitchen:

    The bedroom:

    The creative corner:

    Happenings Around Town:

    I found Sam Fin-Beckett playing chess with Cami Kat.

    She won!

    Cami was just learning the game and increased her logic to level 1.

    And Sam increased his logic to level 3 and still lost the game.

    Sprotten Sprottenham and Alouette Bird have broken up.

    Kenji Midden and Nicola Stanford are dating.

    @Thuggishsplicer - @emorrill - @Zinniavanilla - @mailin32 - @mycami21 - @Sprottenham - @king_of_simcity7

    *Edited to tag Simselves creators.
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    @texansky - I dunno…maybe go browse Walmart or check out Dollarama. 😁

    …or sleep. 🤣

    Those appear to be my other options.

    I find writing is a bit more productive. 😁
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    So after setting up a household for young adult Henry and his brother Link in a save without the main family from the save they came from in 2017, I actually paired Link with Pearl Yang, and Henry with a girl named Grace who I gave the martial arts lifetime goal since I'd never done it before and I wanted to explore new aspects of the game. I hadn't added their sister yet because she had slipped my mind, but I sent them to China to get Grace started on her martial arts abilities. Unfortunately, I then cut their visit to China short and sent them straight home when I remembered their sister Aria, who was closer to Henry in the old save than Link ever was, since Henry and Aria were children together while Link was a teen. I needed to reunite Henry with his best friend and sister.

    2017, child Aria in werewolf form, teen Link in back: THROW BACK

    Their original family, with their moms, a genie and werewolf couple:

    This is young adult Aria in 2022: (I changed her bottoms when she got into game, because they were glitching and so now she's in shorts with a CaSt'ed purple camo-type pattern)

    Henry running with his girlfriend back to the place they stay in China, he's nothing special to look at as a young adult, shame since he was such a cute kid. But he's a genie, so he's useful. He likes mixology a bit much for someone who can puff food and drink out of mid-air. (Aria wasn't added back to their family yet, I had to send them home first)


    They got home from China, Aria joined the family, and Grace's practice continued with the stuff she brought home!

    She gained the ability to meditate (I hadn't edited their house intensively yet :lol:)

    On a whim, and because they live right on the beach with amazing access and an amazing view, I sent Link out to have some fun!

    Back at the house Grace was stinky showing off her latest belt:

    Link had a moment out on that water. He decided he's ready to be a married man:
    He then immediately wiped out the second I tried to take video of him :lol:SO I sent him swimming home to go play video games.

    I had left my game on all night while Link was windsurfing, and I had fallen asleep, but I had save as'd again since then and my game was running fine, so when Aria and Henry started playing darts together on the dart board, that made me decide randomly to edit and CaSt everything, matching wood, and changing things and replacing the lone tile of wall behind the stove with an entire half-wall, etc. It poured out into CaSting the dining to match, and then started on the area Link started playing video games when he got in from the beach, but I had to draw a line because I needed to stop and close my game lol
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    @bekkasan Awesome build again. Not that I would use any camping spots in my games :lol:

    @texansky Thanks. And yes, Ethan looks better with some facial hair, even if part of the issue were the exaggerated facial expressions of those animations. He's since got some fuzz back. Your simselves stories are looking good, even if I don't know who three quarters of those people are :wink: . By the way, I never bothered making a simself of mine, so there's nothing to share from my side.

    Here's how it started with Stephen. He had just become a YA when I took over. In Bridgeport, Jun Xu is living with Ace Wilde and Barry Tenderlove in a very nice three bedroom apartment at the start of the game, and they were some of Ethan's closest friends, and Barry was his colleague. Jun Xu got Stephen from Ethan at some point, and the apartment was nicely set up to raise a child. As expected, Barry was the one who mostly took care of the toddler and child. Then Jun and Ace started a short fling, and SP, in its unfathomable wisdom, decided that they would move out with little Stephen. Into a one bedroom apartment where Stephen got a bed in the master bedroom. So those three sims moved into a tiny apartment that was already too cramped when they moved there, while Barry sat alone in a big apartment he couldn't pay for with his job as a fledgling cook. I had to play him for a moment to get his finances on a more solid basis.

    Stephen needed to get a few of his skills started at the library, and the guitar is always good for two things: getting lots of friends and, especially in Bridgeport, lots of money and LTW points.
    Next thing on the list was moving back in with Barry, who was kind of his "father", anyway, and had a few spare rooms.
    There was a fishing spot not too far from the apartment, too.
    SP had already chosen a job in the music career for Stephen, and here he is going to work as a lowly fan.
    Of course, he could also visit Ethan. You know, for the things the kids who moved out usually have on their list during visits: plundering the fridge, rummaging through cupboards and wardrobes for stuff to "borrow" indefinitely... Barry accompanied him, given Ethan and he were each other's bosses.
    Unlike many of his siblings, Stephen never had a highschool sweetheart. Here we have Kim Maloney, who tried hitting on him a few times. However, she was his half-brother Kelly's girlfriend, so he didn't want to go that way. Also, Polly Maloney had lots of kids.
    Another option was Jenni Bijou, whom Stephen met during his higschool graduation. She looked as if she could easily wrestle him down. Well, there wasn't any chemistry between them, anyway, and I had other plans for Jenni.
    Speaking of wrestling down, Stephen had to work a bit on his physique. Here we can see that the luster was off with poor old Matthew Hamming.
    It was the end of an era, anyway. Lots of the older generation of original Bridgeport residents were dying, and some of the next generation would age up. Here we have three town "personalities", Rafael Striker as the gigolo, and the two King's, Lisa, the town "Slayer", on the left and her mother Johanna, leader of the "Helsing", on the right, both on their last days of "office". They were, mostly unsuccessfully, working on the problem of getting rid of the town's vampire infestation.

    Stephen's next stop was university, originally, because I wanted to get his musical career kickstarted. Here he is sitting with Che in class.
    Things developed a bit different though. I never went the "rebel" route, so I tried to do that this time, given the game threw them at Stephen left and right.
    Of course, university is all about art and not so much about music.
    Stephen also used his room with the locked door to work on his street art skill. He was sure the university wouldn't mind his "improvements" to their infrastructure.
    Dorm life was interesting, as always. Two of his more volatile roommates, Derek and Tammy, doing what they do best.
    As for the love life, the game tried everything to make things not happen. Here Stephen is watching the stars with Ye, but Ye is watching the stars and doing everything else with everybody else, anyway.
    He had only a single one-time success during his whole stay with one of his roommates, a rebel. She wasn't any serous option, though, given she had commitment issues and, more importantly, can't stand art. Not the best outlook for a fledgling artist.
    Of course, there was Milly Grubb, who would try her best to get Stephen's attention. He tried his luck with his newest "gadget", but Milly wasn't impressed (I cannot understand why :lol: ).
    Anyway, she wasn't deterred in the slightest.
    Stephen turned this around though.
    University went well, and not too early, given the space in Stephen's dorm room was running out.
    Home to Bridgeport it was.
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    Oh boy, it's been another hot minute my friends... :grimace: My head is feeling a tiny bit better. (Even got a little writing done. Woot! :star: ) I think I got a lot of fluid build-up in my ears or something. Anyhoo!

    @GraceyManor Your new story is cool. It's different than stuff I normally read that's for sure. :lol: But that's not a bad thing. ;)

    @Brandontaylor Enjoyed your posts as always. :) How's work going? ;)

    Feel better soon.
    ^Thanks girl. :kissing_heart: Slowly, but surely...That's how it feels like anymore for me. :pensive:

    @Nikkei_Simmer Impressive writing (from your car even!? :open_mouth: ) as usual. :star:
    Oh dude, I get inspiration for my stories when I'm driving ALL the time! It's normal; embrace it. ;) Discover the awesomeness it brings! :mrgreen::lol:

    @TinySpaceFox Girl! You've got decorating skills! :star: And I love how you recreated the Sims 4 "Get Famous" stars for Sims 3. (Sorry you lost you had to redo. :( ) They look great! :grin:
    *Oh hey, I've been meaning to ask you for a while...but was kinda shy about it. I'm not exactly sure why. :p Would you mind sharing David and Martin's sim file links with me too? :blush: I'd love to have them in my game. <3 And I'd take very good care of them. :blush:

    @texansky Aww, such awesome comments you gave out to everyone. <3
    Yeah this whole wobbly-dizzy feeling that comes and goes when it feels like and getting worse after I chew a meal and my ears get clogged up, is just weird. :confused: And it is very much keeping me from doing certain things that I need to get done. My eyes and head are actually handling being on the computer and reading this morning so that's good. 🙌 Hopefully it's "slowly but surely" getting better. :star: But yeah I may go see an ENT cause I imagine when I let my Doc know the symptoms are still present, he may send me to one. Thank you for the well wishes. <3
    I dunno...I don't see the mustache rubbing off on Penny. :lol: But if others see it like you do it's totally those "handlebars" I tell ya! :joy: It's one of many reasons why I made Harvey get rid of it. :p (Well, guess he has the mustache again now, but never handlebar style again! )
    I actually have a notebook where I will jot down story thoughts (and create my outline). :blush:
    Awwww! Look at my sim babies! :smiley: They are adorable! <3 I am loving the heck out of reading your simself gameplay! :star: I also love that Mark and I hooked up. :lol: He's my buddy on here so I think he'd get a chuckle over it too. :blush:
    Cute that Cami Kat and Nikkei Simmer are together. I miss @mycami21 <3
    Sam and Kami playing chess and getting all competitive was super cute. :blush:*Sigh* I love seeing my Sam. He's so so sexy!! :love:
    Welcome Tinyspacefox's sims! :)

    @bekkasan LOVE Walt's Theater and Campground! Very creatively built and gorgeous scenery all around! :love: That is the coolest outdoor theater! :grin:
    It wouldn't be a Bekkasan build without something for the kids. :grin:
    ^Oh of course! ;):smirk:<3 I love it!
    Yep, the bathroom and showers separate from the cabins. 👍 That's how it was when I went to girl's camp for church in my teen years. I was SO glad we didn't have to camp in tents! :grimace:
    Beautifully decorated cabins too. <3
    Hey blonde Shane! :love: Always nice to see you. :mrgreen:

    Not sure whether I need to introduce myself again after all that time :lol: . It's been a while.
    ^Lol! ;) It's great to see you back. :blush: Hope you're doing well. :)
    Stephen is very handsome. :love:
    LOVE that wintry scenery! <3
    Your recent Uni post was a very fun and enjoyable read! :lol::star:

    @polrbear I've been enjoying your posts. :) Great to see you posting again too. I like how you have your signature Sims logo on each picture. :blush:

    This was wonderful to "chat" with y'all again. :blush: Keep the interactions and posts coming.

    Happy Simming! <3
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    edited May 2022

    Thank you, it has been a bit of
    work. I enjoyed the recent update, if you want I have two of my most popular
    male sims on my exchange, they have no cc and the name is the same as on here.
    I have used cc on them when I played them, but on the exchange, they have no cc.


    Jun xus son is handsome!
    I have been busy playing rune factory 5 on Switch,
    just so much to do and it takes some time to figure stuff out too hehe.


    Good to hear!


    lovely build,!


    Great post! lovely screenshots!
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    @emorrill, I’m wondering if those symptoms of dizziness involve perhaps an inner ear infection which should be assessed by a doctor. Dizziness not caused by “illness” - a fever and a general feeling of malaise, can potentially be attributed to something affecting your Eustachian tubes and the fluid within them. I’d get it checked out.

    Yeah, it’s nice to get the muse all cooperative since evidently it likes car rides. I swear it’s like a kid.

    Even my JAG muse is active mode when I go for a car ride. Helps move the stories along though. And I’ll have plenty to “screencap and story filler to set-up an year down the road hence when I get my computer.

    I plan to pick up a PS3 along with Sims 3 and NHL 2004 to tide me over until then and I can see about moving screencaps over from there. The NHL screencaps will add to my Selfacy story for the hockey game part of the story.

    Still debating on whether to get a gaming laptop first then to pick up a gaming PC (desktop). But it won’t be new. Will have to look through the FB Marketplace for a used gaming PC. Anything that can play current games with a good GPU should be more than adequate to handle Sims 3 and SWTOR, my two main games I play and maybe a little FSX.

    @bekkasan - OMG. so much to do on that lot; so many activities. It’s a beautiful lot and I want to download it. (when I get a computer to replace the one that broke). It’s gorgeous, placed right beside the lake like that. Those cabins are wonderful. Probably the perfect getaway from the hustle and bustle of the rest of the Disney Magic Kingdom park.

    I’ve never been to Disneyland or Disneyworld in real life so I really don’t have a framework of reference to base my impressions on, All I see is a wonderful Sims 3 creation that took a lot of time and effort to create.

    …and again, @bekkasan, it’s absolutely beautiful. Awesome work.
    The "Sims 3 Forums" Resident "River McIrish" Fanatic.
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    What do you think of what is happening with your Simself in my game so far?
    So far so good. I see my SS is still a stalker and I also see that the guy that she was stalking is now a stalker himself... :o

    Sorry that I haven't been commenting for awhile but some real life stuff has come up that takes me away from home for a few hours a day with the exception of Sunday. So I don't get a whole lot of time for myself nowadays to be able to play my games as well as be on the computer all day now and it'll probably be some time before I can enjoy doing that again as I have to go take care of my mom and try to get her house ready for the hubby and I to move in with her.
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    We have now officially started Week 3. Sunday has been an interesting day.


    Week 3, Sunday, part 1

    Kenji Midden and Nicola Stanford are in love.

    Vallari Chandra and Sam Fin-Beckett are drifting apart.

    Craig Clarson and Tiffani Strong are an item.

    Sam & Hemera Fin-Beckett are inseparable.

    It looks as though Gavin & Josie Vulpis-Pinkerton will be doing some remodeling of their own, as they are expecting their own baby.

    Apparently, Martin Flannagan didn't want to be a teacher after all. He joined the Music career instead.

    Craig Clarson is now level 6 in Charisma.

    I found him in the junkyard.

    And then he went to the Lexington Grounds park. Why is Craig Clarson giving flowers to Sugar Tee right in front of Tiffani Strong?

    Sugar Tee turned them down.

    Tiffani Strong didn't say a word. She just turned away and left him standing there.

    Sugar Tee tried to take his hands, but he backed off.

    Then Craig Clarson tried to take Sugar Tee's hands and she refused him.

    Craig Clarson then went outside and took his frustrations out on Janie Preston-Burton.

    Tiffani Strong comes over and she and Craig Clarson flirt with one another.

    David Arellano has the Athletic trait.

    @king_of_simcity7 - @emorrill - @Hemera123 - @Zinniavanilla - @TinySpaceFox - @MamaSimTee - @KevinL5275

    *Edited to tag Simselves creators.
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    @emorrill its based on an otome game I downloaded for my phone called obey me.Wasn’t sure if I would like it and I ended up loving it(the guys are cute!!!!! And funny 😜 and I may or may not be fangirling on some lol)
  • emorrillemorrill Posts: 8,071 Member
    @Nikkei_Simmer They checked my ears and didn't see an infection, just a little fluid in there so I've been taking some decongestant. When the doc checked my ears again, the fluid had gone down, yet I'm still having issues. Guess it must be something deeper within... 🤷‍♀️
    Doubtful I have an ear infection cause this issue started when I was on antibiotics already due to an infected sebaceous cyst the Doc removed from my head. I can't help wondering if that is tied to all of this somehow. I just don't know. :confounded: For now I'll keep taking the decongestant (per nurse @bekkasan 's instructions :blush: ) for the next week and if things don't improve, I'll see my Doc again. The pollen count is extremely high in the state of Arkansas right now too so that is most likely the biggest contributor to this issue. Especially when this is our first year here in the Spring and our bodies aren't used to all this pollen. :p Thanks for the well wishes. <3

    Sounds like you have a good plan in getting your next computer, be it gaming laptop or gaming desktop. :) I prefer desktops personally, but laptops seem easier to afford these days which kinda blows my mind because I remember a time when it was totally the other way around... Anyhoo! :p Have fun with your writing muses. :)

    @lisasc360 We totally get it girl. :kissing_heart: I get the feeling a lot of us lately have become much more busy because life has been demanding it and some of us have had to work more to make ends meet due to inflation and it's all keeping us away from our beloved Sims 3 game. :( That's why the thread has been so quiet...
    For the first time in 15 years I am looking at getting a job again once I get my story finished because...yeah...we need a little extra income. Money is tight these days. And it's always lovely when car or medical expenses pop up when you really don't have the money for them and then they just keep on popping up to add insult to injury. :confounded: "When it rains, it pours" as they say and lately for us it's been painfully true. :pensive: Anyhoo, sorry to share all that. I hope all goes well with the move in with your mom.

    @texansky Whose SS is Hemera? That is hooking up with my Sam? (Or is she a game character?) I am curious. :) She is a very lucky gal. :smirk::mrgreen:

    @GraceyManor I remember it was based off of a game on your phone. ;) Oh I don't doubt you are fangirling over some of the guys. :smirk: Remember me when I first discovered Quantum Leap? :lol: I still melt like butter when I see Scott Bakula on the screen. :love:
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    @emorrill Sad to hear you aren't doing well. Hopefully, you will find the reason for your health issues, or even better, they just decide to disappear very soon!
    And thank you very much. Glad you liked this. I loved your last installments of your story, too. Alex seemed to be very well aware that he went wrong there. But, as they say, seeing the problem is half the way to solving the problem :smile: .

    @Silverofdreams30 Thank you, and have fun with Rune Factory 5 :smile: .

    When Stephen came back from university, he actually quit the music career and started as an art appraiser, which turned out to be quite interesting and very well suited to his skill set. Of course, this meant he had to keep his "rebel" score up at 10. Nevertheless, he had a few celebrity opportunities to do, and the first one led him to the gym. The people in the back were two of his half-siblings.
    This here is Ephraim Slayer, Elvira's oldest. Despite the name, he's not the Slayer, but a vampire.
    In the other corner, we find Danette Starr, Emmy's oldest. Although her name doesn't tell, she's the Slayer, not a vampire.
    She had inherited the position after Lisa King, or rather Bling after her marriage, had to step down on becoming a full adult. Danette had a hard time with keeping her fitness at the level her position required, giving those vampires were always a step ahead.

    Stephen was still looking for the girl of his life. I completely forgot Belisama Hemlock even existed, although she was a good fit regarding her age. Then again, Stephen wasn't that much into the crazy type.
    Deidre Littler was another option. She and Stephen got along well enough, but, well, she wasn't the easiest person to deal with, either.
    Kim Maloney, now actually Kim Belle, was still stalking Stephen. Here she tried to cuddle with him, spamming the action non-stop. Steven just ignored her.
    She's "brave", so that's a plus. She's also "evil" and "kleptomaniac". Oh, and "socially awkward" and "absent-minded" on top of that. One thing that had obviously slipped her mind was the fact that she was married to Stephen's brother Kelly at this point. Stephen just ignored her.

    Nevertheless, he was running into her constantly, here at Rafael Striker's Spooky Day party. It was the usual alternating bath of abuse and courtship.
    Not to forget she stunk up the place. Stephen decided to visit his dad instead.
    At least someone was appreciative of that duck :lol: .

    I don't think anyone would ever ask their parents to pose nude for a sketch, but it's the Sims after all, so all is well. The result was as hilarious as I expected.

    In the end, Stephen just spent some time partying on his own. Sugar Bijou was still around and still partying hard.
    Other than that, it was time for Stephen to move out to his own place. He left a little gift in the former room of Ace where he had spent the last weeks.
    One reason for the move was that I finally decided to get someone to live with for Barry. I tried with him to woo Jenni Bijou from my last post, but although they had actually 4 of 5 traits in common, he constantly failed in his romantic attempts. Well, what can you do. I had her move in, and then I could just use Jenni to woo Barry, which was much easier.
    They actually ended up as a harmonious couple and have two kids by now. Sometimes, you have to force sims to their luck :wink: .

    Stephen had his own pad now with a great view.
    As there weren't any "rebels" in Bridgeport, the game provided colleagues or rather "clients" for him with that trait. One of them became his friend with benefits for the moment (she was originally a pudding face, but I gave her one of her own).

    I had already my sights set on someone for Stephen, because I thought she'd be a good match, and that was Polly Maloney's fifth child Vivian. I made sure to "catch" her when she aged up, and not one moment too early, as SP obviously tried to match her with Russ Hemlock. Anyway, here she's playing the bass.
    I had to actually get her out of the Hemlock household, as SP took only minutes to move her. But all went well. Stephen and Vivian were getting along great, as expected.
    Well, that's it for today.
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    @emorrill - yes, my JAG Muse has been the most active of the two with my text story “Hail and Well Met”.
    Base Hospital, NAS Oceana, Virginia Beach, VA.

    “Something isn’t adding up.” Meg said to Bud. “I need to see the wreckage…”. She lifted her phone to her ear. “…and I need to make a call. The WSO on the F-5F says that the F-14 pilot was overly aggressive and that only corroborates partially with what was said by the RIO and pilot of the F-14.”

    “So how are we going to determine who’s lying, Ma’am?” Bud asked her.

    Meg grinned widely, her expression suffusing her face in a glow, “It’s lucky I married an F-14 naval aviator.” She stated smugly. Bud thought there was a devious look in her face as she beamed.

    “Are you going to drag him into this investigation? Ma’am?”

    “No, I’m just learning a few parameters about the F-14 from someone that won’t jeopardize this case.” If she’d gotten particulars about F-14 performance from Rabb, he’d know exactly what she was up to.


    “Yes, Lieutenant Roberts.”

    “You’re starting to sound more and more like Lieutenant Commander Rabb, ma’am.”

    Meg grinned, “Well, we gotta think like him to beat him.” Her smile was incandescent.

    Bud thought to himself, Commander Toshio “Animal” Nakamura was a very lucky man.

    Meg dialed a number on her phone. It rang twice and was picked up. “Commander Nakamura”.

    “Sir, I need a favor”. As much as she wanted to use an endearment to her husband, she, and he, were in uniform and as such were not able to do PDAs.

    “What is it, Meg?” Animal’s voice sounded curious.

    “Can you rustle me up a helo and I need you to come with me to the crash site.”

    “You mean the one that happened with the Checkmates.”

    “I need your assessment on the site, sir… and access to the TACTS info on the engagement.”

    “Alright, let me see if I can get Commander Renquist on the line and see if he can second an SH-60 for us and a pilot. You have coordinates for the crash-site?”

    “Yes, I’ll meet you at your hangar, Lieutenant Roberts is with me.” She turned to Bud, “With me, Lieutenant, we’re making a visit to the Black Aces.”

    “Aye, Ma’am!”

    VF-211 Hangar.

    Harm could see Meg and Bud make a beeline towards the Black Aces hangar across the way. “Wonder what Meg’s up to? Is she going to see her husband?”

    Mac shrugged.

    Harm heard a whop-whop of a SH-60F coming into land by the Black Aces hangar. And he slapped his thigh. “I knew it!”

    “What?” Mac asked.

    “She’s going out to the crash site. She thinks there’s something fishy going on!”


    “We need to get a bead on a helo too and inspect the crash-site before the Navy brings their tractors in to remove stuff.”

    The Crash-Site; TACTS Range 29

    Animal and Meg looked in lock-step according to Bud as he watched the two officers assess the crash site.

    “Do you think it was a high impact crash?” Meg asked her husband.

    Animal wiped his brow shaking his head. “If the F-5F WSO said the pilot was diving, he’d have gone in nose first; wing ripped off or no. What I see is a low angle of attack, which meant he spun in, not indicative of a high speed impact nose-first at near 90 degrees, Mach 0.98. Wing to wing impact at high speed is like a hot knife through butter, your wings gonna get sheared off, cut straight through and it’ll disintegrate from the impact. Hardly any lateral movement ‘cause the speed’s too great. He’d have gone in nose first. The F-5’s nose cone would be buried in the ground so deep we wouldn’t be able to get it out without an excavator. These guys could get this out with a pick and shovel in a couple hours.”

    “So he was lying.” Meg said a grim look on her face. She was going to baste the three crew and fry them over a char grill.

    “I don’t think he was telling the truth. I think they were in a rolling scissors, got too close and traded paint, that and high AOA during maneuvering would impart enough lateral movement to initiate a spin. High speed dive would have ripped the wings off both aircraft and they both would have gone in.” Animal looked at his wife grimly “Gut hunch?” He asked.

    Meg nodded, “The explanation they gave came off a bit too contrived.” She said, looking up to see another SH-60 approaching the site. “Oh, look…guess who finally arrived.”

    Animal looked where she was pointing. Harm and Mac were looking out the open door strapped into the helo. Meg waved at them with a beatific grin on her face.

    When they landed and walked up, Meg smirked at Harm. “I’ll see you in court. It looks as though you got three defendants.” She said as she, Animal and Bud headed back towards their helo.

    “Wait? What?” Harm looked like he’d been blindsided.

    “Go look at the evidence.” She gestured to the grisly tableau of broken Tiger II parts scattered around the impact hole. “See you back at base, Lieutenant Commander!” Meg replied as she, Animal and Bud got buckled and the helo wound up its rotors in prep to take-off.

    Harm and Mac looked at each other. Harm said to Mac, “I dunno, Mac. Methinks we just got outmaneuvered.”

    Mac rolled her eyes. She had a gut feeling that Meg was going to be a tough competitor in the legal arena and it was playing out that way. Harm was going to have to pull a rabbit out of his hat in order to be able to get a mark in the win column with this case. The lie told by the naval aviators as to the circumstances in which they made contact was going to put them all behind bars for a considerable length of time. She sighed, taking in the whole crash scene, “it’s not going to be pretty, is it?”

    “All I know is that the WSO got out, the aviator up front didn’t and the F-14 made it back in one piece. Those are the facts. Let’s take a good hard look at the evidence that Meg said she found. I knew she was going to find a way to ask her husband for his take on what happened.”

    Right now Meg, Harm and Mac are on an investigation into the crash of a Navy F-5F after a mid-air. And Meg and her partner Lieutenant Bud Roberts are prosecuting, Harm and Mac are on defense. So… Meg got the idea to drag her husband out to the crash site to get an aviator’s take on what might have happened to cause the crash.

    Can you imagine what trying to get screencaps for a scene like this would be like trying to do this in Sims 3? My muse doesn’t make this game-friendly, unfortunately since all the scene wreckage, I’d have to mesh myself.
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  • texanskytexansky Posts: 1,222 Member

    It looks like your new world is coming together.
    Grace is doing well in Martial Arts.
    I hope Pearl Yang says yes to Link's proposal.

    Stephen can't go wrong with the guitar skill. I'm glad he moved back in with his "dad", Barry.
    He can't seem to catch a break with the gals. Hopefully, he will meet someone special soon.
    I love that he tagged the walls in the dorm room, rather than risk getting caught in public.
    There doesn't seem to be anything there with Milly Grubb.
    Congratulations on graduating with high marks.
    I can't wait to see what he gets into when he arrives home.

    I'm glad to hear you are happy with your twins. My mouth dropped open when I saw the notification that Emmaline and Mark had twins. I wonder if they will get married now?
    Thank you for your comments.

    I'll have to check out your Studio on the Exchange and look them up.

    I built my own gaming desktop PC, so the gaming laptop I purchased recently cost a lot more. But I couldn't be happier with the laptop. It gives me more flexibility on where I can play Sims 3. My old laptop had low graphics capability, and I couldn't even play my Legacy game on it, because I couldn't play all of the expansion packs at once.
    I haven't been to either Disneyland or Disneyworld, so, like you, I have no comparison, but can also appreciate the love and care that has gone into each of the lots. The builders are very talented.

    Lisa Dawnlight has been staying under the radar in the game. I keep hoping that she will connect with someone, but so far, no luck. She just seems to hang out at home and write. And talk to the neighbors about her writing.
    I hope things go well preparing your mother's house. I hope she is doing well.
  • texanskytexansky Posts: 1,222 Member

    Hemera Fin is the Simself of @Hemera123
    I don't know how many of the Simself creators are still active. I started trying to tag the creators in each post. I got Cami Kat from @mailin32 and I gather that she is the same person as @mycami21
    Sam wouldn't even be in my game if I wasn't a huge Scott Bakula fan. Quantum Leap had to be my favorite show. And then I binge-watched all of Star Trek: Enterprise. So, yeah, I get it. :tongue:

    I gather that Ephraim Slayer and Danette Starr are Ethan's children?
    Stephen is striking out with all of the available females.
    The nude of his "dad"! Love the plumbob above his head!
    I wonder if Barry appreciated his artwork gift or got mad and washed it off or painted over it?
    At least Barry wasn't alone after Stephen moved out. And two kids already!
    Great view from Stephen's balcony.
    His client has a very beautiful face. Better than pudding.
    Vivian Maloney seems to be a good fit. Russ Hemlock wasted no time in moving her into his household. I'm glad you were able to correct that SP error. :smiley:

    You weave a great story. I can't wait to hear more of this case between Meg and Mac.

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