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The vacation travel should be a different experience than an usual travel.

Edit 1 :

For example the sims could choose their vacation outfits like we can do in Star Wars Journey to Batuu.

What is the point to go in vacation in a home world if the gameplay is same as visiting it ?

I would like to add some things specific to a vacation gameplay :
  • Bite by mosquitoes in Sulani : the tourists are always the favorite food of the insects
  • Lost luggage : your sims need to buy new clothes (pay for replacement)
  • Learn about the local culture and history
  • Food intoxication/Travelers' diarrhea : The stomach of the tourist isn't ready to eat the local homemade food yet.
  • Everything is more expensive : the tourists always pay a more expensive price than the residents.
  • NPC Charlatan return : Some people tries to sell fake local souvenirs or just steal the money of the tourist
  • Neighborhood postcards : Collect them or send a postcard to somebody
  • Lost IDs : Bad luck, it's rare but it happens. It's the end of the travel, the sims must go back home. No vacation until the new IDs are received.
  • Jet lag : It's noon, it's time to sleep ? The sims are tired or dazed for 24 hour.
  • Tourist Market : This market sell souvenirs, local products and postcards

Vacation festivals/Local social events would be welcome.

Themed vacation will help your sims to find the proper activities to do :
  • Knowledge : Culture & history
  • Athletic : Snowboard, jet sky, ..
  • Family : Activities for all ages
  • Animal : Pet activities
  • Popularity : Parties, bar, nightclub
  • Love : Honeymoon
  • Nature : Cleaning beaches, hiking, ...
  • Wellness : Sunbathing, Onsen, Spa,
  • Fortune : Luxury vacation (Rental lot with butler service), meet famous sims
  • Free time : No theme

Of course the theme depends on the destination, for example San Myshuno can't provide a "Nature" themed vacation.
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