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  • NyxValkoinenNyxValkoinen Posts: 15 Member
    Most of the time I make Don leave her at the alter, and basically make it so she'll never try her hand at love again. Usually I keep her and her younger brother together, and she basically becomes a live in nanny whenever he marries and has kids of his own.
  • FamilyFriendFamilyFriend Posts: 24 Member
    Goopy GilsCarbo (or name another Townie...)
    I always paired her with Remington Jitmakusol, the rich guy from Sims 2 Nightlife. Don't know why
  • LouisaSMLouisaSM Posts: 21 Member
    Darren Dreamer
    I let her get with Don and then when she's heartbroken Darren saves the day :)
  • CinebarCinebar Posts: 33,438 Member
    edited August 2020
    Goopy GilsCarbo (or name another Townie...)
    I had to choose Goopy to be able to name another townie. Casandra deserves a romantic who will adore her. Go downtown, find Mr. Big, he's rich, considered good looking by most Sims in the game, has a lot of nice stuff in his inventory. Move her to downtown out of the family home. She and 'Mr. Big' can eventually buy up most of downtown and Bluewater. Start her own dynasty. He is great for running businesses, makes a great husband and a great father. He has all the features mixed into one, such as a fortune Sim, a romantic, a family Sim, the hidden Power Sim, etc. etc. Just never delete downtown, lol. Also, he is like a much better Don, than Don, lol, and would be his rival if you think about it. It would be like ok, Don, you left me at the altar, but look who I wound up with. :p
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  • Sunflowergal227Sunflowergal227 Posts: 275 Member
    Don Lothario
    i always pair don with Cassandra. However, pleasantview is fun in the sense that don likes nina, dina and cassandra. with Don, i had him have kids with Cassandra, Dina, and Nina. Dina married mortimer, and last i played they expected a baby together, and had one. Nina also married and has kids plus a dog! Finally Cassandra married don, although they went on vacation together and they got mad at each other because don kissed dina. i saved my game as they repaired the relationship thank goodness.
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  • DevSims91DevSims91 Posts: 440 Member
    edited March 2021
    Darren Dreamer
    Darren, she’s a family/knowledge sim and he comes with a kid already.

    Though I always make her have a male baby with Don first (he’s adorable)!
  • garapoesgarapoes Posts: 396 Member
    Don Lothario
    Single or with Don.
    English is not my first language so sorry if I make any mistakes!
  • OliwkaWidmoOliwkaWidmo Posts: 45 Member
    Darren Dreamer
    I usually have her marry Don (sometimes they do get married, other times he leaves her in the altar), they have 1-3 kids, then eventually she learns Don cheats on her, they divorce and she marries Darren Dreamer and has a few more kids. I think it's the most plausible story arc for her.
  • OldeseadoggeOldeseadogge Posts: 3,927 Member
    You forgot to add 'other'. I regularly pair her off with one of my own sims once the wedding fiasco happens. Once recovered, she's one of the best sims in the game and a fine wife.
  • GamecubeLover26GamecubeLover26 Posts: 34 Member
    Darren Dreamer
    When I play I tend to be very predictable when it comes to Cassandra. :D

    Don and her end up getting married despite Mortimer's wishes. In my game Cassandra is a very impulsive person when it comes to love. She believes that Don has nothing to do with her mother's disappearance and believes the rumors about him sleeping around are just that, rumors. They end up trying for a baby on their wedding night and usually after that their rotation ends.

    When I get around to playing the Dreamer's, I always lock in Darren's wish to flirt/kiss Cassandra. (Having a brain fart here! Can't remember which one it is. 🤔) I take this as him finally having the courage to confess his love for her. After hiding a crush on her all these years because he was afraid of their friendship being destroyed, he wanted to confess his love for her before/during the wedding but sadly couldn't as Cassandra had a private ceremony with Don. So I have him call her up, confess his love (she always responds well!), and then she breaks it off with Don, believing Darren to be her true love.

    Normally, just like clockwork, she'll end up showing her pregnancy after she breaks up with Don which adds a bit of spice into the whole thing. 😏 I don't think Darren is the type of man to reject Cassandra's baby so he's always okay with raising it in my games, but Don's reaction always changes. Sometimes I have him fight for custody, upset that another man is raising his son (and to get back at Cassandra for breaking up with him and humiliating him) or I have him completely neglect the child, causing the kid to eventually discover who their biological father is.
  • KaronKaron Posts: 2,332 Member
    edited September 2021
    Don Lothario
    @GamecubeLover26 I like to add the "riverview" lore from Sims 3 into my gameplay lately. I have Cassandra marry Don, she's now Cassandra Lothario. They had a male heir named Juan (Don Juan, haha) that will carry the family name and Don's legacy... meanwhile his lovers hate that he married Cassandra and left them one by one overtime, but one day they all figure out he was cheating them with eachother and get super angry (specially Nina and Dina, cuz they are sisters and thats disgusting haha). Cassandra seems to have a blind eye for all of this until her husband disappears without any explanation creating a second "Where's Bella?" situation 25 years after Pleasantview.
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  • NesoiancitizenNesoiancitizen Posts: 4,344 Member
    Where's the Mary Sue option? :p
    I had them end up together after both caught their respective husbands cheating (not with each other lol). It just seemed so perfect since they already had a high relationship and good chemistry. Cassandra became stepmother to the Pleasant twins and good friends with Lilith, although Angela wasn't too keen on her. She also adopted a son and daughter with Mary Sue named Dorian and Lenora, as well as two adorable black cats when the kids aged up and roll the wants for kittens.
    Now they're the most sweet and wholesome family in the entire hood, I love playing with them when I need a break from everyone else's soap opera drama. :D
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  • beathappeningbeathappening Posts: 11 New Member
    Don Lothario
    Don, mostly because I like following the original storyline.
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