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  • NyxValkoinenNyxValkoinen Posts: 15 Member
    Most of the time I make Don leave her at the alter, and basically make it so she'll never try her hand at love again. Usually I keep her and her younger brother together, and she basically becomes a live in nanny whenever he marries and has kids of his own.
  • FamilyFriendFamilyFriend Posts: 24 Member
    Goopy GilsCarbo (or name another Townie...)
    I always paired her with Remington Jitmakusol, the rich guy from Sims 2 Nightlife. Don't know why
  • LouisaSMLouisaSM Posts: 21 Member
    Darren Dreamer
    I let her get with Don and then when she's heartbroken Darren saves the day :)
  • CinebarCinebar Posts: 32,646 Member
    edited August 2020
    Goopy GilsCarbo (or name another Townie...)
    I had to choose Goopy to be able to name another townie. Casandra deserves a romantic who will adore her. Go downtown, find Mr. Big, he's rich, considered good looking by most Sims in the game, has a lot of nice stuff in his inventory. Move her to downtown out of the family home. She and 'Mr. Big' can eventually buy up most of downtown and Bluewater. Start her own dynasty. He is great for running businesses, makes a great husband and a great father. He has all the features mixed into one, such as a fortune Sim, a romantic, a family Sim, the hidden Power Sim, etc. etc. Just never delete downtown, lol. Also, he is like a much better Don, than Don, lol, and would be his rival if you think about it. It would be like ok, Don, you left me at the altar, but look who I wound up with. :p
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  • Sunflowergal227Sunflowergal227 Posts: 190 Member
    Don Lothario
    i always pair don with Cassandra. However, pleasantview is fun in the sense that don likes nina, dina and cassandra. with Don, i had him have kids with Cassandra, Dina, and Nina. Dina married mortimer, and last i played they expected a baby together, and had one. Nina also married and has kids plus a dog! Finally Cassandra married don, although they went on vacation together and they got mad at each other because don kissed dina. i saved my game as they repaired the relationship thank goodness.
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  • DevSims91DevSims91 Posts: 399 Member
    edited March 12
    Darren Dreamer
    Darren, she’s a family/knowledge sim and he comes with a kid already.

    Though I always make her have a male baby with Don first (he’s adorable)!
  • garapoesgarapoes Posts: 361 Member
    Don Lothario
    Single or with Don.
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  • OliwkaWidmoOliwkaWidmo Posts: 45 Member
    Darren Dreamer
    I usually have her marry Don (sometimes they do get married, other times he leaves her in the altar), they have 1-3 kids, then eventually she learns Don cheats on her, they divorce and she marries Darren Dreamer and has a few more kids. I think it's the most plausible story arc for her.
  • OldeseadoggeOldeseadogge Posts: 3,247 Member
    You forgot to add 'other'. I regularly pair her off with one of my own sims once the wedding fiasco happens. Once recovered, she's one of the best sims in the game and a fine wife.
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