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Gameplay Discussion: What does Knitting in The Sims mean to YOU?


  • james64468james64468 Posts: 1,269 Member
    Just thought about some moodlets names: Wellmade - I really love it. NextGen- Object passed from family member to another family member. Excellentmade- This will last for generations.
  • anidupanidup Posts: 9 New Member
    There are some great ideas already. I cannot add to that, except for saying that I am really looking forward to this pack. It is right up my alley, and I hope that our sims will be able to have the best interactions ever!
  • Mariefoxprice83Mariefoxprice83 Posts: 7,191 Member
    Being able to knit clothing, toys, and household items is obviously a must, but what else are you looking for with knitting in The Sims 4?
    Gift giving? Profitable Crafting? Funny failures?

    All of this would be good. I want to be able to customise items like you could with the Sims 2's highest level clothing items. The ability to sell clothing in stores with GTW would be handy.

    What kind of interactive knitting gameplay objects would you like to see?
    Yarn basket? Rocking chair? Craft Table? Something else?

    Definitely the yarn basket. I don't want the knitting gameplay item to take up masses of space. There was talk at the beginning that we might get more than one gameplay object so if we can have 2 it would be fun to get embroidery or (even better) pottery, seeing as that received the 2nd highest number of votes among the objects.

    We've seen "teaching other Sims to knit" come up a lot. How do you imagine this would work? Are you familiar with our existing "Mentoring" system that let's Sims with high skill levels teach other Sims those skills?

    As long as kids can learn, I'm not concerned with how it works. Although perhaps we could have multiple sims learning via the yarn basket, like when kids do their school projects.
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  • SilentVixenYTSilentVixenYT Posts: 17 Member
    Id like to be able to do knitting as a social gathering, like maybe a knitting club, especially for elder sims
  • KatsKatsKatsKats Posts: 950 Member
    Id like to be able to do knitting as a social gathering, like maybe a knitting club, especially for elder sims

    I absolutely love this idea. A thousand thumbs up.
  • MsPuffMsPuff Posts: 32 Member

    I know a lot of this has already been said, but here's what I'd personally love to see:
    • Rocking chairs are a definite yes! It would be nice to have at least two options, one modern and one traditional.
    • However, sims should be able to knit in ANY chair or seat! Or at least any dining chair, living chair or sofa. Benches too, I'd like to visit the park and see sims knitting while watching their kids/grandkids or something.
    • Knitting baskets would be great! Like the rocking chairs, it would be nice to have like a classic wicker basket and another, more modern bag with different style swatches.
    • I DON'T like the idea of a crafting table for knitting, you don't really knit at tables, and we already have a craft table for kids. I want my sims to knit in front of a fireplace, not in front a table, please!
    • Speaking of kids, they should definitely be able to knit, I remember my grandma teaching me how to knit when I was a kid and would love to recreate that scenario with kids in game.
    • When I think of mentoring knitting I think of two sims sitting side by side on a couch, or on nearby chairs. They can both be knitting, or only the learner knitting, and it can just look like them chatting while knitting, or if you want to get fancy there could be special animations with the teacher pointing and giving tips, or the learner holding up their result for inspection. I'd personally be fine with just re-using various animations that probably already exist in game, it doesn't have to be fancy, but I would really prefer they are both sitting down near each other, as long as there are seats available at least.
    • Sims should be able to multitask while knitting, mainly talking with any other sims in the room, but also watching TV while knitting might be nice, but maybe only if the sims has a high skill?
    • Knitting activity for Get Together groups so sims can meet up and have a knitting circle.
    • Funny failure animations for sims with low skill would be great, like getting tangled up in their yarn, or maybe knitting their socks together.
    • Be able to sell knitted goods through Get to Work definitely!
    • Be able to knit blankets/clothes for charity too, maybe sims can send them through the mail box.
    • Be able to give items you knit as gifts to other sims, of course!
    • Look up knitting patterns online.
    • A crafting/DIY channel on TV would be nice, could boost skill like the cooking channel.
    • Books of knitting patterns (skill books)
    • Socials for talking about knitting with other knitters, like "Share knitting tips", etc.
    • Cats (and maybe toddlers if you can) should be able to play with and get tangled in yarn.
    • Knitting balls and skeins with needles for deco.
    • Crafting cabinet deco filled with different yarns and notions.
  • LquinnLquinn Posts: 352 Member
    I am hoping that the color yarn used, directly translates to what is made.
  • annalephantannalephant Posts: 65 Member
    I am a keen knitter and have been since i learnt 10 years ago at the age of 22.

    Items i would like my sims to be able to knit:

    for me these would fall in to 3 categories
    * Clothing/accessories- I want to be able to knit a variety of cardigans, jumpers, hats, mittens, scarves/cowls, head bands, and most of all, SOCKS because i am almost solely a knitter of socks, more than anything else. I am not too fussed on knitting lots of little accessories and having items that can be worn through the different seasons, if the basic clothing items are done well and with good detail. At the very core i want there to be a matching set of jumpers for all the family to wear, and a set of hats for all the family to wear, from toddler to elder and even the pets, so that everyone can wear matching outfits. Perhaps there could be a boost of some kind that occurs when multiple sims on the same lot don their matching knitted items. I want them to be unlockable items in CAS, that can be gifted to friends of family. I want them to either create a sense of satisfaction from wearing your own handiwork, or to evoke a cosy and loved emotion if it is a gift that is being worn. I want knitters to start with simpler projects and work up to creating more complex garments, with perhaps the ultimate matching set being the reward for maxing out the knitting skill
    * Toys- i would like to be able to create a small selection of toys which my toddlers and children can play with
    * Household furnishings. Cushions, blankets, pouffees, rugs, possibly a couple of knitted decorations, but i dont want heaps of decorative "fluff items" to be the core focus of the pack content, because realistically that is not what most knitters make as their main stay of items. Blankets need to be a project that takes a long long time to knit. Perhaps 10 sessions of knitting. The same with larger garments of clothing too.

    I want knitting to be realistic for people who knit, not a novelty act that bares little resemblance to the skill of knitting which is indepth and takes time to learn multiple skills.

    So, my thoughts on making knitting feel authentic as a craft:

    *the items you make need to reflect your level of skill and effort. I think that what can be knitted should increase over time and that regardless of how you gain your skill levels, you should have to purchase and have in your inventory a knitting pattern book, volumes one to three minimum but ideally 5 volumes, covering 2 levels of skill in each pattern book, unlocking new patterns with each book purchased/level reached. The first level of pattern should be small items that use chunky yarn, single colours. If a sim has traits that would make them neat, creative or a perfectionist then that should positively affect their quality of knitting, if they have low moodlets when knitting, or traits that make them a slob etc it would negatively effect quality. The resultant items should all come in 3 levels of quality minimum. With low quality items looking visually poor but also potentially causing discomfort if worn, breaking if they are a toy etc. As skill level develops the items should become finer, using thinner yarn, more complex techniques such as cables and other textures and start to bring in blocks of different colours. High end skill patterns is where you bring in the really complex skills such as knitting socks with a complex construction, jumpers/cardigans with fair isle or intarsia colourwork featured on them to make them really stand out from the crowd.

    *The amount of time a project takes to complete should be realistic, there should be a little variety at each skill level between smaller fast projects and as time goes on bigger and bigger projects, or more complex ones, that take a lot longer to knit. For example, a blanket can take 100 hours to knit, a pair of socks 20 hours to knit, but you can knit a headband in 1 hour with chunky yarn and you can knit a chunky hat in 2-3 hours.

    *you should be able to wear your own work, gift it to friends and family or sell it. Sold items should not evoke the same emotions as a gifted item.

    *We should have project bags to store our ongoing projects in our inventories/craft rooms, along side the pattern books/skill books.

    * I personally feel that it would become increadibly complex trying to introduce selection of needle type/size and perhaps even yarn type. I dont think purchasing and then storing yarn in your inventory is a necessary thing to make knitting work in the game (unless you are planning a farming pack so we can make our own wool!)

    * Instead i think a "create a project" panel would be the best way to access and create projects. When clicking on your project bag you could either continue your existing project or click to start a new project (it would be nice to be able to have more than one project on the go at a time... very few knitters are monogomus knitters lol!), this would open up a panel where you can browse the patterns in your pattern library, select the pattern type (garments, accessories, house decorations or toys) then pick the pattern for the item you want to knit, if clothing the age you want to knit it for and then you should be able to choose your yarn/colourways. if you wanted you could then offer up different types of yarn - different types of fibre if you want to give people the opportunity to knit in something other than wool, such as "vegan-friendly" yarn blends of cotton or bamboo, or cheaper acrylic yarn. this could/would effect the end quality/value of the finished product, but would also be reflected in the cost of materials. Then it would create that project and your sim can then work on it for the set number of knitting sessions/time it will require (which could also be displayed on the pattern page when picking your pattern).

    *Your choice of project and choice of materials could influence and affect profitability when it comes to selling your hand made items. I want the game to be realistic in the fact that it isnt easy to make a living from crafting, you have to be savvy in your choices of materials and saleability of the item you make, so certain combinations should sell for a better profit than others, and heirloom items like fairisle jumpers and blankets should be impossible to make a profit from and thus only worth making as a labour of love for gifting to special people in your life or keeping for yourself, heirloom pieces should be master pieces that come with some kind of buff or bonus and should be able to be handed down to family or friends.

    I really worry that the knitting element of the pack will end up being unrealistic and dissapointing and that it will just be a novelty thing that plays on stereotypes and is not based on a factual background of knitting. Im based in the uk but im more than willing to give the developers information on the progression of knitting skill types, and what garments would be like in terms of difficulty, skill level and time required to make them so that you can reflect the full spectrum of the knitting world with this pack, and it not be based on a non-knitters thoughts impression of knitting. Knitting is a really skilled craft, just like any of the careers are i suppose, and i feel that it needs to be done justice if it is going to feature in the game as the core element of a stuff pack

  • annalephantannalephant Posts: 65 Member
    SunnyGrrrl wrote: »
    > @BarefootedMama said:
    > ‪All 3. For me it’s relaxing and a great stress relief, I enjoy seeing someone get something I’ve made and their eyes light up that I went through the trouble of making them something like that. I’ve sold a few items but I really don’t get much pleasure out of that as gifting it.‬


    I've only been knitting for about a year and crocheting for about 6 months, but for all the trouble and time and cost that goes into knitting something, you can't really sell the finished product for what it's worth. That's why knitted or crocheted items I've made are always gifted to special people who I know will appreciate them and look after them for the rest of their lives. The joy people have when they receive something handmade is much more valuable than the price you would have to sell the same item for in order to break even on your time and materials. That's why I'd like to see knitted or crocheted "heirloom items" that can be gifted to the next generation and maybe gain sentimental value over time.

    Knitting is very meditative for me and relieves anxiety, so I think Sims should be able to relieve tense moodlets via knitting and gain a zen moodlet of some sort if they've been knitting for a certain length of time. Sims should also be able to knit and watch TV at the same time because every knitter I know does that. Cats should be able to play with yarn balls and tangle yarn and have to be taught to stay out of it via lectures.

    An item I would love to see in the game is crocheted plant hangers and some specific plants to go in them, like a spider plant, which is very traditional and I grew up with. Crocheted hacky sacks were super popular when I was in high school and teenagers would play hacky sac with each other all the time. Maybe have hacky sack as a group activity that builds friendship and fitness?

    I liked the idea that's been floated about using gardening items to dye wool for yarn. I think that'd be pretty cool. There's not enough uses for fresh produce and flowers, imo.

    I have to agree about being able to make and sell for a profit not being easy - i really want to be able to sell my wares in the game, but i think it should need to be the right combination of yarn quality vs type of object being sold vs being quick and easy to make to find the few items which will sell for a workable profit. Hierloom items which take a large amount of time and/or skill should not be profitable and need to take a long time to produce, but then come with the emotional boost that such items evoke.

    I totally agree about knitting being a relaxing craft that relieves tension and putting you in to a zen-like state after a certain amount of time. Definitely think that multitasking is important when knitting- in particular watching tv/listening to music/talking to other sims. It definitely needs to be added to the groups system so that a knitting group can be set up and operate. You could even go further by adding a craft selling table to the game, which allows you to sell any hand made item in the game, and then allowing a group to be created where selling crafts from the craft table is a group activity- thus creating your own craft market on a community lot, such as at the library or in the park.

    It is essential that cats be able to play with yarn. it just has to be done! I too like the idea for dying yarn but i feel it needs to be something that originates from a farming pack IF one is too be created. As a stuff pack i would rather the resources be put in to really fleshing out the knitting process fully rather than trying to spread themselves across too many concepts.
  • MyTrueLoveTS1MyTrueLoveTS1 Posts: 32 Member
    How about Gift Giving as a minor aspect with the foccus on Funny Failures (This is going to add so much fun!).
    Profitable Crafting feels wrong to me. Knitting is a unique and personal way to let family and friends know you care. Although for those of you who need that to make their dream work, having to wait until Tier 4.

    Gift Giving- The color palette can be 1 to up to a mix of 7 colors. The colors available for selection will be based on the category of gift. Receiving sim's mood will change accordingly (or maybe not so much if you give a romantic gift to an uninterested sim).

    Type: Romantic. color palette: Red, Hot Pink, Pink, White.
    Type: Friendly. c palette: (rainbow & then some) Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue, Purple, Violet, Black & White.
    Type: Family. c palette: Black, Grey, White, Brown, Yellow Ochre, Green Olive, Princeton Orange, Crimson, Plum, Royal Blue.
    Type: Baby. c palette: Baby Blue, Pink, Pastel Yellow & Green.

    Funny Failures- There should be a high chance of knitting failed projects. Your mess-ups can still be displayed as a keepsake by wallhanging. *ONLY family members and lovers will receive your failed gifts positively.

    Tiers of quality of items:
    1. Awful- It can't function. You could choose to gift, display or toss the unidentifiable item.
    2. Not great- It's a solid one colored functioning craft, but doesn't really look right.
    3. Pretty good- Success! You've mastered the art of knitting patterns in one solid color.
    4. Quality- It's in demand. Your items now have a market for profit. You can now use multiple colors for an item along with pattern.
    5. Spectacular- Sims are now willing to pay top dollar for the joy of having your sim's creations. After unlocking tier 5 you can add flair with the Craft Table. Sim gains xp faster than using Knitting Needles.

    Interective Gameplay Objects-
    Craft Armoire/storage Decor: To store your skeins of yarn and supplies if space is too limiting for a Craft Table. (Prepare the skeins of yarn by wrapping them into Yarn Balls.

    Yarn Ball: Used for knitting, but can also be used as toy by toddlers and cats.
    Fail- Has chance of making mess on floor by unraveling after 10 attempts.

    Knitting Needles: Used to Craft Knitted items. *Don't forget the Yarn Ball!
    Fail- poke self with needle, fumble Yarn Ball or get tangled at low levels.

    Yarn Basket: To store Yarn Balls for upcoming crafts. Acts like storage/toy chest for yarn.
    Fail- Toddlers and cats may knock over Yarn Basket and scatter Yarn Balls. Your sim will have to retreive them and put them back.

    Rocking Chair: Are you ready to ROCK?!

    Craft Table: Utilize all the bells and whistles at tier 5. Add flair to your crafts with Tinsel Yarn, Tassels, Decorative Poofs, and Decorative Buttons. Be able to tie gift up like a cakebox shape & attatch tag before presenting.

    Blanket: That can be worn by drapping around shoulders. Can be similar to the mechanics of using an umbrella. If your sim has a blanket in their inventory they will take it out automatically to use as a buffer from the cold. Sims can use them on camping trips and inside the home if no thermostat.
    Use as single sim or as a cuddling couple (2 animations for cuddling; #1 friend & family are the same, #2 lovers.
    Fail- Using Blanket in Blizzard will cause it to fly off in the wind. *Don't worry, it should just show up in your family inventory if you really want it back.
  • ChampandGirlieChampandGirlie Posts: 1,837 Member
    Due to being busy, I haven't read this whole thread so I'll just say what I want.

    - Cats playing with yarn
    - Funny fails
    - Ability to make really unique items
    - Contests for sims to enter to win a blue ribbon or some prize for the best item; maybe 1st, 2nd and 3rd place? This could pair well with country fairs if we get a farming EP.
    - Ability to knit different patterns
    - Ugly holiday sweater parties
    - Knitting for all generations
    - Knitting circles or groups with Get Together's club system

    I don't knit myself but I'd be looking for rainy day or indoor activities for a lot of different sims. I might also want the ability to be artistic and creative. More of my female sims will knit but I have a few artsy male sims who would as well if there is a style for them.

    I play with a lot of different sims, so I just wouldn't want it to be repetitive and no, I'm not really wanting "Barbie's dream house" for myself. I would have some knitting YAs though.
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  • Aaron1995Aaron1995 Posts: 16 Member
    These are some things I would love to see/do:
    -Gift knitted items
    -Toddlers/Children/Pets playing with yarn
    -Adults teaching kids how to knit
    -Selling knitted items like you can with paintings
    -Maybe unlockable knitted clothing items
  • crocobauracrocobaura Posts: 2,124 Member
    I would like for the sims to be able to knit items that they could give away as gifts, or for themselves. Highly skilled sims should be able to take knitting orders and craft items for a fee. Toddlers and pets should be able to play with yarn balls, and children and up can help each other to wrap hanks of yarn into balls or use a chair to do it. Sims should be able to order knitting supplies on the internet, or buy them in a store, maybe even create their own knitting needles on the woodworking table. Each skill level should have 3-5 patterns associated to it and sims could share/exchange patterns or buy/research them online. Other sims could teach your sim to knit at beginner level. Poor quality knitted items could be either too small, with too short sleeves, or to tight, or coming apart at the seams, or they could unravel over time.
    As an extra maybe sims could plant cotton plants and harvest the cotton to make it into yarn they could dye and sell. Cotton clothes could be very popular with vegan sims. Sims who knit should get a calm, focused or happy moodlet, and sims who wear items crafted by family or friends could get a relationship boost or some positive moodlets. Exceptional quality items could give sims the option to show off their new item and maybe receive compliments on it. If the crafted item is made of wool, it could give an itchy moodlet. Sims should be able to knit sweaters, bobble hats, toys, baby blankets that can be added to the baby cribs or beds for extra comfort or to prevent the monsters under the bed, pet jumpers and blankets, gloves and socks. Sims could store their knitting kit in a wicker basket or a fancy bag like Mrs. Crumplebottom, or a plastic box for more modern sims. A rocking chair would be nice to have and the possibility for sims to knit while sitting anywhere, be it at the park, at home, an a chair, or on the ground. Children could have one of those knitting kits for children where they learn to knit a scarf or something.

  • SmokyQuartz29SmokyQuartz29 Posts: 1 New Member
    I think a cool thing to add, in addition to everything already stated, would be the ability to yarn bomb for mischievous or evil sims. Sims would be able to yarn bomb objects of other Sims which would render the object unusable until yarn is removed.

    Also the ability to gift badly knitted things on purpose. So if your Sim has an enemy they would purposely knit a bad object to give them.

    Also the ability to buy and keep sheep or alpaca to get wool and have wool gathering and yarn spinning as separate skills.
  • EccoAllieEccoAllie Posts: 26 Member
    When I think about knitting, I think about someone alone in a cabin, during winter. Sitting on a rocking chair, by the fire, kitting hats and scarves. A hot chocolate on the table by the chair, rosy cheeks, a smile on the knitting's person face. To me knitting just feels warm and comforting.
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  • Valkyrie040Valkyrie040 Posts: 42 Member
    Gift-giving, profitable crafting, and funny failures - yes to all three! We need more gift items in the game. Would be great if Sims could also craft jewelry and stuff, but I digress.

    Rocking chair? Of course! I would love to see that in the game.

    Knitting skirts, not just sweaters, would also be nice. Anyway, back to the main topic. Knitting while grandma tells stories to the little Sims would be nice while they sit near the fireplace (or just on the couch would be good, too). It could also be a form of relaxation for Sims, too, when they're either stressed or tense.
  • ravynwolvfravynwolvf Posts: 898 Member
    One thing that would help gameplay overall would be to tweak the yard sale tables so you could set one up in your yard (or anywhere, for that matter) and actually have sims stop and buy things (like knitted items). They really don't do much of anything as they are now (why they don't do anything is another question). There's a gap between just dropping items from your inventory onto the sell icon and opening a full blown store. I think a lot of people would like to have a way to make small amounts of money somewhat realistically.
  • gwennygwenny Posts: 8 New Member
    I would like classes where you can go to learn how to knit or create a knitting group, tbh. I'd like to be able to discover knitting patterns, kind of like you can discover food recipes. I would also like an aspiration for like knitting, or perhaps crafting, where your goal is to become the best and find all the yarns and knitting patters. Finally, I'd love to have knitting challenges. Like, remember in, I think it was the TS3, where you had chess matches or hot dog eating contests? Well, I'd love for their to be those kind of challenges with crafts.
  • HeadSimHeadSim Posts: 3 New Member
    Knitting doesn’t really do it for me but perhaps the Elders could knit clothes for their grandchildren. I don’t knit it RL and wouldn’t want my sims to do it either. Way too dated.
  • 83bienchen83bienchen Posts: 1,011 Member
    My personal choice would be a rocking chair. Pretty please with an option to rock toddlers and maybe children on your knees while sitting in it.

    I'd also like to bring up my suggestion for functional hand dolles here. We already had them in TS1 hot date.
    Thank you, EA, for patching toddlers in.

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  • ObaniMoonObaniMoon Posts: 18 Member
    Knitting seems like it would mostly be used for making baby clothes and blankets. I'm hoping I can knit socks for adult sims
  • RickycanajaRickycanaja Posts: 3 New Member
    I like all your ideas but you are the one WHAT KNITTING IN THE SIMS MEANS TO YOU, I think that perhaps the grandparents of the gurusims are the age of the gold rush, with the rocking chairs bla bla bla, but the sim players they have grandparents who knitted everywhere, my grandfather made rope baskets to hang plants on the windows ... for example for me it means a type of girl who works in yoga position ... with her friends
  • RickycanajaRickycanaja Posts: 3 New Member
    I think our grandparents are the TS1players and they would like to see their grandparents in the next stuff ...
  • SarahSoda9SarahSoda9 Posts: 19 Member
    > @SimGuruSarah said:
    > We’ve seen lots of wonderful suggestions on the forums about Knitting gameplay. We’ve decided to make an official thread to gather these ideas in one place to make it easier for our design team to review your suggestions.
    > Being able to knit clothing, toys, and household items is obviously a must, but what else are you looking for with knitting in The Sims 4?
    > Gift giving? Profitable Crafting? Funny failures?
    > What kind of interactive knitting gameplay objects would you like to see?
    > Yarn basket? Rocking chair? Craft Table? Something else?
    > We've seen "teaching other Sims to knit" come up a lot. How do you imagine this would work? Are you familiar with our existing "Mentoring" system that let's Sims with high skill levels teach other Sims those skills?
    > Please share with us what is important to you :)
    > PS – We have a separate thread for crafted clothing and object suggestions here:
    > Please continue to post your thoughts on WHAT your Sims can knit on that thread.

    To add onto the ideas you suggested, I think it should be a skill... and if you try to knit something without a high enough skill that the object (Sweater or toy whatever) comes out with holes and pulls in the finished product.
  • TigMagickTigMagick Posts: 1,660 Member
    OK since you asked I have thoughts on What kind of interactive knitting gameplay objects would you like to see? Please keep in mind that I personally crochet not knit but they are similar.

    ----On object failures ---
    So Yarn baskets/ balls are a necessity to knit. Lets be honest you have to yarn.
    - So Funny failures 1. if you don't have a basket take care to place your yarn most beginners get terrible tangles (can also happen if you
    happen to buy really cheap yarn)
    2. I hear beginning knitters can stab themselves if the needle is sharp ...
    3. Losing work because the stitches fall off the end ( they have caps to stop it so make it a low level, sloppy or clumby trait issuse)
    4. I would love to see cat interaction that attack the yarn balls!!! Even if its only kitten! Please it would be so cute!
    5. Extreme fail- try themselves or another up! Hilarious looking I'm sure. Be a perfect prank or evil sim whim. ;}

    - Scarfs getting snagged on stuff and a sim getting choked could be tied to a death?

    - Uneven arm length common mistake for clothing.
    - lumpy bumpy type stuff (looking misshapen )
    - Made a different item then what they started doing.

    On to interactive knitting gameplay objects and object failures if you look here you can see a few objects:
    - "Puff Daddy" A nice fluffy strong cushion/ chair/ stool like object. A failures could make a more bean bag looking item or for the funny it
    looks fine but when someone sits on it, they sink in. Clumsy sims could fall off and/or if sims sleep failure on it could fall off.

    - Cocoon Hanging Seat- SO may options, (low quality) it falls apart on sitting on, Sims can sit and it spins around and around making them dizzy (child could play on it like that or use it like a swing?), could always fail out. Other wise looks like a nice nap spot.

    Blankets - add a "crafted with love" or "loved by someone" or "cozy" moodlet
    fails- obvious errors in the color/ pattern or holes. Cats could shred it, dogs chew on it. If they lay on it you would be a stinky moodle and need to clean it. ( Landry stuff interaction )

    - rocking chairs, can scare pets, ever seen a cat or do jump on one not knowing it would moves and then bolt because it rocket?
    - The trope about cats tails getting pinched under the chair another reason to be scared of them!
    Maybe we can rock children/ toddlers/ baby to sleep? please?
    - Very unlucky or over active sims could rock "wrong" and end up going to far forward- sent flying out either forward or backward with
    the chance of the chair landing on them.
    For just interactive knitting gameplay objects---
    A craft table that at lest teens-Elders could use -please let it at lest one have 2 sim interaction so that work goes faster even if one needs the mentoring trait so we can roll play the teaching to knit. Maybe also have one for the kids or an add on so they can work of crafts (even if its just the drawing table interactions they have now. Or maybe they could make simple squares that (others or once they age up) can use to make larger items like string together to make scarfs, vest, coat, blanket
    It would be nice/ cute to have several generations working together or in the same area. If you have parenting it sure help with responsibility, Emotional Control, maybe Conflict Resolution or Empathy when gifting to lift / help another mood.

    Knit the ribbon & bow and or the "wrapping paper" for highly skilled or perfectionist sims.

    I know its been said but /activate begging eyes Please let us make imaginary friends for kids.... even if its not fully unlocked in this stuff pack..... Also again begging most toddlers / kids have a favorite blankie they drag around everywhere. Let us be able to make blankets for their beds, and toddlers/ children go though a phase (may be tied to Parenthood) where they have to have it all the time. It could impact eating since they need to hold or tie it on. Have to sneak it away to clean (Landry tie in)

    I had been thinking about the clothing and the way to implement it into game play

    ___You will need to add accessory slots.___
    - While scarfs could go into neckless slot I do hope it becomes its own slot as you can layer fashion scarfs, and neckless.
    -- - Kids can tie on blankets or coats to make capes! (again could be just for Parenthood spooky stuff and/or Season tie in)

    Add a vest slot? for more layered look.

    Also remember they leg warmers from the 80 workout videos? Yeah lets make the abominations. You know you want the townies to start wearing them.

    Maybe let us dye the yarn with harvestables/ collectibles to make custom colors/ items even if its just from a preset so would need a dying vat/bucket.
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