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Gameplay Discussion: What does Knitting in The Sims mean to YOU?



  • Zozotanarg13Zozotanarg13 Posts: 10 New Member
    I would love to see knitting be a fun skill that creates lots of new stuff for the game. I'd like Sims with that skill to be able to give their knitted goods to their friends/family as presents, whether it's a holiday, a birthday or they just feel like being generous. I'd love it if they were able to sell their knitted items to shops and receive part of the profit, or sell them in their own establishments. I also think it'd be a great gateway for a knitting club where fellow knitters get together and share their craft. I'd love for Sims with a higher knitting skill to be able to mentor others.

    As for items, my ideas are:

    Knitted cushions

    Bed scarves - the folded blankets that lie at the end of beds as decoration.

    Patchwork quilts that can be added to a bed

    Knitted blankets that have can be draped over the back of a sofa and a usable one that a chilly Sim could wrap themselves in

    A teapot with a knitted cosy available in different colours and patterns

    An interactive knitted baby blanket that parents can swaddle their little ones in or drape over them for sleeping in the crib. This idea is especially dear to me as babies are sorely lacking in things to do and are constantly confined to their cribs. This way, the parents could have an adorable new interaction.

    Definitely rocking chairs - and ones that move as well. I'd especially love if they were interactive, and any Sim aged Toddler to Child could clamber up onto the lap of whoever's sitting there (provided they are a parent, grandparent or Carer). It would be great as another place a baby could go - their parents could simply take them out of their crib and have a little sit-down in the rocking-chair. They could even use it to rock the little one to sleep!

    A portable item for Sims to store all their knitting essentials in, like a little bag with a ball of wool and a needle peeking out of the top. That way they can knit on the go, sitting down or standing, and they wouldn't be stuck with a massive station where they can only work on their skill in one place.

    Tiny cuddly animal toys that Sims with the skill can knit and give as presents. Parents could give them to their toddlers or children, or even tuck it in with their baby Sim in their cradle as little sleeping buddy. These toys could come as bunnies, teddy bears, squirrels, and lions, etc.
  • CelSimsCelSims Posts: 919 Member
    Knitting is completely pointless to me unless my sim can make items to decorate with AND pack cross compatibility should mean these items can be sold in store and on the sale tables. I don't need another activity that does nothing except give a buff that once again over rides the character traits my sim has.
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  • BriarBriar Posts: 3 New Member
    I know we voted to make knitting the main theme but I would really love it if other craft items could be included too. Personally I really want to see some sort of loom (table or floor) and maybe a spinning wheel. It would be amazing if they would also be interactive (weaving is such a cool craft and would be so fun in the Sims!) but at the very least there should be some acknowledgment that there are other crafts than just knitting. This can go hand and hand with some of the other ideas people are sharing about dyeing your own yarn, maybe if you want to dye wool you also should have the option to spin it into yarn yourself.
  • LuvMySimzLuvMySimz Posts: 544 Member
    I hope that cats can play with the wool 🧶 🐈 (wishful thinking)
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  • RamiSamiiRamiSamii Posts: 102 Member
    I think it definitely would be fun for the cliche answer, which is having a bunch of knitting grannies! lol But, I would love the knittable fashion and decor, for sure.
  • QueenOfSims4QueenOfSims4 Posts: 5 New Member
    i think it would be nice if thy added knitting; i think all the sims will be happy B)
  • SparklyBeccaSparklyBecca Posts: 106 Member
    I get all my knitting tutorials from YouTube, so there should be an option to learn to knit using videos on the computer.

    Simple things should be knitted first like scarves, the most simple of all items and I think the thing that everyone starts out with. And I mostly knit for myself or as gifts for others. Usually you get really good at knitting a certain item, before moving onto something more difficult. So my long scarves turned into circular scarves using circular needles. Then I thought about something like a hat which has to have increases in stitches, or even arm warmers where you can leave a hole for the thumb. Simple things first before you move onto things that are more complicated.

    I'd love to see blankets and throws being knitted, and what about arm knitting?! You can make amazing chunky blankets with arm knitting. Even poufs and household items can be knitted. Macrame would be good, for making plant hangers. Or being able to knit wall hangings. You should be able to go online to a knitting store and choose your thickness and type of yarn. Maybe you could buy a knitting project. So an arm knitted chunky blanket would be (for example) three balls of a chunky yarn, you choose the colour and you pay for that project. You would then have to have a certain knitting skill level to be able to achieve it. I still think you should be able to knit all things, but maybe your skill level dictates how well the project turns out. So say you want to knit a throw, and that's level 4 but you only have level 2, maybe you drop some stitches, so the throw turns out with some holes in it. Or it's not quite straight, or a bit wonky in shape.

    I love the idea of dying your own yarn using plants and flowers from the garden. What about knitting machines as well? A knitting machine would be good for sweaters and more complicated items.

    Definitely knitting groups as a social interaction, would work well with Get Together. Being able to form a group and hang out at each others houses. Invited Sims should come with food and drink for the social gathering. Should be able to carry your knitting in knitted bags and carriers. I'd love to see a tea set added into the mix, so everyone can sit around and knit and drink cups of tea from china cups and poured from a teapot. The ability to talk to other knitters about knitting and this improves your skill.

    I'd love it to be a aspiration, like a 'super knitter.'
  • Pinmat135Pinmat135 Posts: 346 Member
    @vincentvega8899 Ah, my apologies. The way you phrased it sounded kind of sarcastic, and I'm just tired of people appearing to complain, complain, complain.
    Lexaloo wrote: »
    I want to tie the KNOT in marriage ceremonies between sims if one or both have the knitting skill.

    YES. Y E S.
  • TheRepoManSamTheRepoManSam Posts: 16 Member
    In a fast paced world when information, music, movies, and games are available in an instant knitting is a way to learn patience and to take it slow. The faster you try to knit the wonkier your piece becomes. It's about the slow paced nature of it all that makes the end result so lovely.
  • KaronKaron Posts: 2,190 Member
    A new hobby for my sim to explore when they got nothing else to do in their spare time, maybe it could help them relax and focus too. Don't know.
  • SlusjuSlusju Posts: 3 New Member
    Honestly? I think it's a very useless feature. But since the community seems to be into it.. Giving knitted items as gifts and funny failures sound cool to me
  • goofycorinogoofycorino Posts: 7 New Member
    Rocking chairs are a MUST for me. It brings back so many memories of my family members and myself rocking and knitting or crocheting. I think it would be fun if people who have knitting needles in their hands could swat someone on the head with them when they are annoyed or mad. :) Having the ability to knit gifts such as blankets or dolls or sweaters makes the game a little more personal and family oriented. Also, creating a knitting contest for people to attend would be a good challenge factor. Your Sim could practice and practice until they feel they are good enough to enter, maybe have a required skill level before being able to enter would be fun. :)
  • heavenboo1928heavenboo1928 Posts: 10 New Member
    I would love to be able to knit things and be able to give them as gifts for say grandchildren.
  • DreamingInSimlishDreamingInSimlish Posts: 5 New Member
    Knitting is a good way to have elders and youngins bonding.
  • VicariousHumanVicariousHuman Posts: 19 Member
    > @candy8 said:
    > Personally I am not into knitting I think it is boring I only wear knitted gloves in real life if that. I wish EA would create something totally unique but they don't seem to have the creativeness nor do the Sim players who want this nonsense.

    I actually took up knitting in real life around the same time this pack was voted on. So It's ultra dear to my heart. I can understand why it may be boring for some people with it's slow paced "action", but I have a really hard time focusing on things.

    Knitting for me is like a fidget spinner, but at the end you get a uniquely crafted item!
    I'd love to see the crazy reactions sims have, especially, when crafting a botched creation.
  • JusKeepSimminJusKeepSimmin Posts: 27 Member
    Rocking chairs! Oh, how I wish we had rocking chairs. Being able to knit stockings to hang over the fireplace would be amazing. Other little items, like placemats, coasters, throw blankets and pillows, oven mitts, socks, mittens, etc. would make me really happy. I think it would be a great addition to elder gameplay which I usually stray from.
  • AdgurlAdgurl Posts: 2 New Member
    OMG I am a knitter and crocheter and I would love a yarn interaction and to be able to sell those items or gave away as a gift. :smiley:
  • EnkiSchmidtEnkiSchmidt Posts: 3,208 Member
    Gift giving? Profitable Crafting? Funny failures?
    Definitely profitable crafting. But not too easy, please. For example I love photography, but right now that is money out of thin air. Craft projects should have a monetary cost and the profit between skill level 1 and 5 should be very small. At the higher levels it should be on par with woodworking.
    What kind of interactive knitting gameplay objects would you like to see?
    That SP won't be complete for me without a means for cats to play with yarn/wool. At the very least a recolor of the cat toy in the form of a wool-ball <3
    We've seen "teaching other Sims to knit" come up a lot. How do you imagine this would work? Are you familiar with our existing "Mentoring" system that let's Sims with high skill levels teach other Sims those skills?
    Tbh I was excited when "teach to swim" and "teach dancing" were first introduced, but it got old fast. All the teacher does is stand/sit and talk to the trainee. For knitting it would be fun if the teacher sat across from the student and showed them the movements. Then the student tried to copy them, with a more clumys animation.
    Iirc the Mentor reward trait requires a sim to have maxed out the skill they are trying to teach. I only use that trait for sims that "should" have it according to their profession: teachers, instructors and caretakers. Due to it's limitedness it is more of a roleplay thing to me, whereas "teach to knit" should work between two sims of a different skill level.
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  • KeithiaKeithia Posts: 22 Member
    Knitting sounds great and fun! But it may not be an interesting thing to do for everyone. If it is a new hidden skill which comes with a premium set or expansion pack, maybe the concept would be feasible.
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  • LuvMySimzLuvMySimz Posts: 544 Member
    edited March 7
    Rocking chairs! Oh, how I wish we had rocking chairs. Being able to knit stockings to hang over the fireplace would be amazing. Other little items, like placemats, coasters, throw blankets and pillows, oven mitts, socks, mittens, etc. would make me really happy. I think it would be a great addition to elder gameplay which I usually stray from.

    We will get them. It was confirmed in the latest community vote.
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  • ScobreScobre Posts: 19,218 Member
    LuvMySimz wrote: »
    Rocking chairs! Oh, how I wish we had rocking chairs. Being able to knit stockings to hang over the fireplace would be amazing. Other little items, like placemats, coasters, throw blankets and pillows, oven mitts, socks, mittens, etc. would make me really happy. I think it would be a great addition to elder gameplay which I usually stray from.

    We will get them. It was confirmed in the latest community vote.
    I just wish babies were free so Sims could rock with their nooboo in the rocking chair. I really loved that interaction in the Sims 3.
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  • EA_MaiEA_Mai Posts: 1,800 EA Staff (retired)
    edited March 11
    Hi everyone, thanks for sharing your ideas and feedback!

    At this stage in the development process, the time to close this thread has arrived. That doesn't mean we are not interested in your feedback anymore - not at all! We continue checking your suggestions and feedback here on the forums, and @SimGuruConor has a lot of questions for you here!
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