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Gameplay Discussion: What does Knitting in The Sims mean to YOU?


  • Mariefoxprice83Mariefoxprice83 Posts: 6,739 Member
    I want it to be the knitting version of the Sims 2's sewing machine, where the higher levels of knitting allow you to create customised clothing.
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  • PeralPeral Posts: 72 Member
    Since I am one of them who HATE the idea of knitting gp, I perhaps should not add to this thread. The only reason I can Think of for buying this is that I would like tio continue having a complete set, but knitting?! What could sweaten the deal would be if the pack came with some very good multiusable interactions something that could add to the game itself
  • BabykittyjadeBabykittyjade Posts: 948 Member
    I'm all for teaching children to knit!! What I was thinking of was the kids being able to sit in the parents/grandparents lap as they teach them. That would be sooooooo sweet. That's how I learned from my mom. Still some of my best memories🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🥰🥰🥰🥰
  • TynkTynk Posts: 1,316 Member
    Being able to knit clothing, toys, and household items is obviously a must, but what else are you looking for with knitting in The Sims 4?
    Gift giving? Profitable Crafting? Funny failures?

    Yes to all listed. Them being available for donating and such too. Theft of yarn by sneaky animals and chasing dropped balls of yarn that roll across the floor. Speaking of sneaky animals, it'd be great if balls of yarn could be used as a cat toy as well.

    I learned to knit and crochet by making hats, blankets, and sweaters as a child, while sitting in rocking chairs on our front porch, and my grandmother showing me how she does each row. Then laughing when the sweater ends up with one sleeve twice as long as the other. And her scolding our cat while it tries to steal her yarn ball for the 8000th time that day. We would donate items we made throughout the month (not including stretch arm sweaters) to churches and hospitals for new mothers.

    What kind of interactive knitting gameplay objects would you like to see?
    Yarn basket? Rocking chair? Craft Table? Something else?

    Yes. Yes. Yes, but please don't tie knitting to a craft table. Being able to knit anywhere is what makes it a great hobby. Grab a bag of your yarn and you're good.

    We've seen "teaching other Sims to knit" come up a lot. How do you imagine this would work? Are you familiar with our existing "Mentoring" system that let's Sims with high skill levels teach other Sims those skills?
    Yes, mentoring system is great, but most of the time when teaching someone needlework type skills, its done when the teacher is also doing the project and its a step-by-step instructional video live. Its not someone standing there talking to you. (Like mentoring does)

    Knit some together, student looks towards teacher's project, looks back at theirs, rips out a line, glances back, teacher points and tells where they went wrong, they redo the line. Teacher does some more to show how-to. That sort of thing.
  • ernesdoernesdo Posts: 1,471 Member
    I think many of us would be very pleased with rocking chairs being added as a minor gameplay item (a la the windchimes, drinks tray, or windmills of Backyard Stuff - not the main focus but fitting with the theme). These would be particularly useful for elder Sims gamplay!

    Another gameplay item could be a sort of multipurpose crafts table where knitting could be completed alongside woodworking and similar crafty activities already in the game (flower arranging maybe?). Knitting would also be able to be completed away from the table with knitting needles/yarn ball in the Sims inventory.

    I would love the idea of certain colours of yarn being purchasable but then "rarer" colours could be implemented using dyes from harvestables (i.e. flowers, berries). These harvested based knitted items could be sold for more, and also provide special moodlets?

    EDIT: This may belong moreso in the "what should we be able to knit" thread, but I think it'd be more resource-efficient for the devs if some of the knittable items were instead new swatches for previously designed items (i.e. new bedspreads for existing frames, new couch cushions for existing couches, new curtain swatches, new children's toy swatches). This would increase the amount of knittable items, but not take away from other resource-intensive object creation.

    ^^^^ This comment really nailed what I would love from this pack. :) The two biggest things I was eyeing from the previous voting was the rocking chair and that large table! I would want for the rocking chair to be used by everyone though - not just those who are knitting.
  • SquixelSquixel Posts: 2 New Member
    I crochet, but it's essentially the same thing; just with a different tool. Yarnwork is something I challenged myself to learn as a hobby outside of videogames, something to reignite my creativity. It was also important for me to find something productive I could do with my hands during periods of anxiety and restlessness.

    Being able to create something that family and friends can wear and use all the time is a great boost for my self-esteem, and I feel like there's greater value held to gifts that are hand-made/home-made.

    It's meditative, for the most part. There are absolutely times where I get frustrated about not understanding a stitch or pattern; I get frustrated when I run the crochet hook THROUGH the yarn and goof up the threading of it. So, I put it down and then return to it later, and there's a sense of accomplishment when I overcome it.

    The best thing about crochet/yarn work for me is the sense of accomplishment when I complete something.
  • dizzydee_kdizzydee_k Posts: 468 Member
    Knitting is creative, relaxing and relieves tension. Knitting and crochet are both very soothing activities.

    I like the idea of dying yarn with garden flowers and produce.

    So many good idea in this thread.
  • mustenimusteni Posts: 3,745 Member
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    I don't really care about crafts table or teaching someone how to knit, for me it's most important that sims can take their knitting with them anywhere they want - park, vacation etc. I know this has been already mentioned several times and while I may not have anything in-depth add to it, it just means much to me :)

    I also like the idea of being able to give knitted gifts and the rocking chair! It would be nice if sims could nap on the rocking chair. If yarn basket was a gameplay item then there should be an option for someone to do mischievous actions with the yarns, mess them up for example.
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  • KataleaKatalea Posts: 8 New Member
    Rocking chair, hanging chair and things that we can use at home or as a gift: pillows, tablecloths, napkins, blankets, toys, clothes for pets.
  • professorlilithprofessorlilith Posts: 372 Member
    edited January 15
    1) I would love a rocking chair, especially if my pets' tails were potentially at risk. 2) For #mentoring, I would like my adult and teen sims to teach children to knit sort of the way they can read to toddlers or "help with homework." Teaching knitting is awfully hands on, so ideally there would be animations that go with it. But maybe that's too much for a stuff pack. 3) Progression of skill and unlockable access to better projects 4) several people have mentioned knitting as gifts and for volunteering. Crafting, especially textiles, is important for a lot of faith groups in the United States. In my own church one of our most active volunteer groups makes individualized crochet blankets to give to people who are in the hospital, sick, being transferred or deployed far away, etc. I was also part of an interfaith group (Muslim, Unitarian, Christian, Jewish) that made blankets.
  • leelee77leelee77 Posts: 340 Member
    Stitch& 🌺🌺🌺🌺 using clubs in Get Together. Gift gifting, selling your makes at the farmers market. Knitting fails. Knitworthy moodlet when you gift a friend a knitted object and they love it. Knitting and Netflix.
  • Elspeth73Elspeth73 Posts: 2 New Member
    A rocking chair would be amazing but one of the things I love about knitting is that I can do it anywhere, so I'd love to have sims take their knitting to the park, or sit by the side of the swimming pool while their kids play as well as at home in a cosy chair.

    I'd really like pregnant sims to be able to knit for their forthcoming baby, or indeed any of the household to be able to knit for them and then gift it to the parents when the baby is born.

    I'd also add my voice to those who have said knitting is relaxing, I would definitely like to see sims be able to use it to reduce stress, or sadness. It also makes you focus, which is one of the things that so relaxing, concentrating on it to the exclusion of other things.

    In terms of items to knit then blankets and toys are the obvious but I'd also like to see some things only available to advanced knitters like socks, or fair-isle.
  • Hallie22Hallie22 Posts: 22 Member
    Beginner mistakes like knitting too tight or too loose. Or dropping stitches.
  • annaliese39annaliese39 Posts: 1,834 Member
    I picture my sim knitting by the fire in his rocking chair while his cat plays with the yarn on the floor. I would love it if our sims could knit gifts for their loved ones and mentor other sims to improve their knitting skill. I would also love the option to create knitting clubs and craft shops.
  • ListentoToppDoggListentoToppDogg Posts: 1,986 Member
    I think knitting should also contribute to the scouting system for kids and teens.
    Knitting something could count for for arts and crafts badge
    Teaching others to knit could also count for the sociability badge.
    Knitting something for someone could add to the good deeds badge.
    Donating knitted items could contribute to the give back badge.
  • SarahTheRedSarahTheRed Posts: 341 Member
    edited January 15
    I will definitely want to be able to open a shop to sell my knitted crafts, maybe they could also be sold on some sort of Sim Etsy? I love for my Sims to be able to chill (they are constantly doing yoga) so a rocking chair (with a toddler on lap interaction) would be lovely. I would equate that to my excitement over lounge chairs! That was awesome.

    Also, some sort of historical crafting style would be cool. Could Sims take raw yarn and use a spinning wheel to make their own yarn? Or use a hand loom to make tapestries?

    I second everyone's suggestion of crocheted plant hangers. I'm all for knitted toys and sweaters, but crafting decor is also very important!

    PS Please have pride rainbow options!
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  • krystalgamer1krystalgamer1 Posts: 3 New Member
    Profitable crafting for sure. I'd like to be able to open a store where I can sell both knitting supplies (different types of yarn (wool, cotton, silk, alpaca, mohair, angora) in a variety of colors, knitting baskets, needles, storage cabinets, etc) and also one where my sim can put the stuff they knit up for sale as well. Being able gift give or donate knitted items to charity would be great too.

    Don't know if this has been mentioned, but how about handspinning for an additional new skill? If this were a new skill, this could make selling different types of yarn into a very cool thing because the sims could spin the yarn they want to sell themselves. And there's some skill involved. When you're new to spinning, it's best to spin with certain types and lengths of fibers. Once skilled, that changes. This could also add several different looms to the game as an interactive object that could also be wonderful decor for everything from castles to medieval huts all the way to some modern homes. Yarn dying could be another new skill or maybe an interactive object as well. Note that natural fabric dyes include things like strawberries, plumbs, and coffee beans; things that could tie into gardening or possibly collecting.

    I like the idea many have mentioned of a rocking chair that actually rocks. Wonder if you guys could include a porch swing in this mix too? That'd be a good knitting location as well.

    I'd like sims to be able to talk while they knit, or to be able to knit while watching TV or listening to the radio. In general, I like multi-tasking and want the TV to combine with many other activities, though that covers more than just this pack. For this pack, if we can make knitting so that it can be done in combination with other things, that'd be great.

    Thank you for asking and considering our input.
  • sweetliljasweetlilja Posts: 31 Member
    Knitting I feel, together with other crafting without any tech involved, is a way to relax, meditate, and get some self-esteem seeing you can actually create something nice with your hands. It's also about being creative, inspired, calm and stubborn. It's about softness and stay calm in a rushing world. But it can also be about making friends sharing same interests and learning new things from each other.

    It's not exactly knitting but it may be only pack it makes sense because of the yarn. I would like to see a real big loom. Also one smaller version for kids.

    Rocking chair is a must have.

    And the yarn balls should be interactive for cats, kittens and toddlers, besides from being like in the recipes for different knitting objects. The yarn balls could also be a new thing in collections. To be able to buy them or create them ecologically with colors from different flowers (more options with more packs having more harvestables). If a knitted object are made from ecologically yarn it could have a positive buff connected to it.

    And if we ever get a farming pack it should be good to be able to create the basic uncolored yarn as well.

    Yarn and knitted objects should also be able to sell in own stores.

    I think we need some different yarn storages where we could keep our yarn, that the whole family could use, like the fridge and bookshelves. They should be in some different shapes and styles. Baskets could be one of these, but larger furniture would be great in addition.

    If we could actually use our knitted pillows in sofas or beds, and blankets and other things we knit to improve other furniture, that would be awesome.

    I want knitted objects to be a thing we could gift to other Sims also. Winterfest gift if having Seasons.

    If our Sims could join a knitting club if we have get together also would be good.

    Knitting could get a small thing in University if we have that, to learn if going to that one time learning session rabbit hole.

    About crafts table, yes can be great for grown ups, we kind of have something like that for kids. Could be fun to be able to create some nice things on it, but I don't think it should be only place to be able to knit, they need to be able to knit on any chair and sofa. It could work as a storage as well, so you don't need to have also a separate storage if having a crafts table. But maybe then it could store also papers and things like that, if they want to create more things than just yarn things.

    I would like a spinning wheel, as others say, but I didn't know they could create yarn. I thought they created threads. But I am not skilled in these things. I mostly would like them because they are beautiful, if not useable, it would be a nice decoration.

    A crafting TV channel can be fun and could add inspired buffs. Especially if it's a creative sim watching. Maybe some Sims this it's boring thought.

    If having island living pack, it could be a great addition to add some odd jobs with challenges to knit things and post before a time, like the ones like finding treasures or seashells and post them. Because odd jobs is only in island living, or was that a base game update?

    With get Famous - Possibility to add fame points if sending crafted items to collectors or donations, just as other creative things.

    With laundry day - small chance getting a smaller version of your wool shirt when laundry is done. (Sad buff)

    And I still really like the idea with a created large doll that comes to life for kids playing a lot with it, a little like the scare crow. (Mentioned as imaginary friend in other thread).
  • dragonamazondragonamazon Posts: 2 New Member
    I talked about this in the other thread, but I think this would be more suited to this one!

    A child+ knitter would be able to craft a "teddy bear type" toy and either keep it or gift it to a toddler or child. There could be a special animation of the toddler/child Sim cuddling the toy while they sleep if the toy is in their inventory. Depending on the interactions the Sim has with the teddy bear (which doesn't necessarily have to be a bear), a relationship meter will start existing in their Relationships tab until the Sim with that relationship becomes an adult, at which point it will disappear, but depending on how high that relationship was, the now young adult Sim can look back on that teddy bear and gain a "Cozy Feelings" sort of Happy moodlet.

    While the Sim is a child or teen, and they are in an Angry moodor have the Mean trait (and if Parenthood is installed and they are in a rebellious phase) they would be able to destroy the teddy bear. That would lead to a sad "What Have I Done" moodlet or a "Yeah! Take that!" moodlet, which could be randomized. If they have enough knitting skill they could knit it back to health or give it to someone else to knit it back to health!

    The toy could also be a blankie, crafted by Sims with less knitting skill, but it wouldn't have all the gameplay the teddy bear does. So, say, it would have the cuddle while sleeping animation, but the child wouldn't pull it out of the inventory and talk to it. They could still play with the blankie by tying it around their neck like a cape and goofing around, but that might be a big ask in terms of animation.

    Also-- I still stand by the idea of making more than cutesy teddy bears! I mean, imagine Alexander Goth with a little goth teddy bear.

    As for what else I'd like to see, I would like gift giving and funny failures!! Gifting a hole-less sweater, or an infinity scarf which is, in fact, accidentally finite, or something like hat would be cool!! Selling is something a lot of people want, but I think gift giving in general especially is what people need right now, especially if you have Seasons.

    When it comes to other interactive gameplay objects (aside from say, knitted toys), I think a yarn basket so you could knit anywhere would be ideal. You could place it in your Sim's inevntory and they'd be able to knit anywhere, but it could also be possible to place it in front of the TV and that's your knitting spot wherey ou knit while watching TV. Knitting could be a de-stress activity and you'd do it twice as fast since both TV and knitting could take away the Tense moodlet and give fun! (and, with knitting, if you also have Parenthood, could give kids and teens more Emtoional Control) Also a rocking chair really is a must. I think most people would expect it when hearing of knitting. Yarn balls that could be interacted with by kids, toddlers, cats and dogs would be fun too, as a lot of people have mentioned! They could come out of the yarn basket, too!

    And, when it comes to mentoring, I do think Sims with 5+ knitting skill should be able to mentor other Sims with lower ability than them. I think it makes the most sense, and animation wise could work like "Help with Homework" does, or have both Sims sit at the sofa or a dinner table.

    As an add-on, I'm all for being able to dye the yarn ourselves!! Maybe Sims could either find/buy material to dye the yarn themselves (flowers, fruits, maybe crystal and metals?), buy the already extracted dye from the internet, or buy the dyed yarn themselves. Each transaction could have a higher and higher price for an added challenge. You either shell out a bunch of money or you DYI it babey!!! And yes, that does make room for more funny failures! Dyed hands? Splotches on clothes and decreased Hygiene? "Oh no this Dye is actually kinda acid and my hands are itchy!?"

    For other gameplay, I'll just relist some of what I said in that other post in the other thread:

    - Odd Jobs! Maybe there could be a few that asked for a knit childhood toy to be fixed. Or a shirt or rug or something.

    - I saw someone mention the "sweater curse", where if you knit a partner a sweater at the beginning of a relationship, they'll leave you before you can complete it, and i think it could be fun to have something like that! Like a random event or something.

    - Donating your knits!! Good reputation is gained if Get Famous is installed, Empathy is gained if Parenthood is installed, and overall a happy moodlet is gained!
  • M1ss_PlumbumM1ss_Plumbum Posts: 136 Member
    Personally I don’t want the craft table to be too big and one should be able to knit with out it.

    I would rather have that you add the craft table to base game (like the kids’ craft table) so you can continue adding more activites for it in the future packs (like macrame, DIY-projects etc).
  • CreepWonderCreepWonder Posts: 2 New Member
    I knit and crochet A LOT so this pack is beyond awesome!

    I agree with several comments that knitting needs to be able to go with the Sim and not be tied to the crafting table only. Also, I don't know many people that sit there and just knit. I usually watch TV or lounge outside in the sun so I'd like my Sim to be able to multitask. Plus, it would give us something to do on the lounge chair other than just sunbathe or sit there staring off into space. Lol!

    Selling the items in a retail store from GTW or on the tables from JA and CL is great but most crafters sell their items on Etsy. Selling online or getting orders would be cool.

    Having several projects going at a time. I currently have 5 projects going right now and alternate between them. Each project could be a different ball of yarn with a name on it in the Sims inventory.

    Moodlets! Such as "Hand/Finger Cramps" being uncomfortable, "Staring Too Hard" or "Cross-Eyed from Small Stitches" being dazed, "On A Roll" being energized, "Lovingly Stitched" being happy, "Slipped Stitch" being sad, "Tangled Yarn" being angry.

    Displays would be awesome! Knitting something intricate and being able to hang it on the wall, making a doll for the shelf, being able to place a plant in a macrame pot holder, that sort of thing. If something is really high value or a collectible then it could have a special glass enclosed shelf like how some people have tea sets and porcelain dolls.

    Storage is HUGE for a crafter. I love how the elements look in the display shelf that we have in game and think it would be really cool to see yarn displayed similarly. For example, a large open shelving unit with empty baskets that you can drag different skeins to and it would fill the baskets so you can see what colors you have. A full shelf could also have an Inspired emotional aura.
  • M1ss_PlumbumM1ss_Plumbum Posts: 136 Member
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    I would LOVE some creative unique and stylish decor items in this pack - either in buy mode or something the sims can create themselves:

    - I wanna see the yarn wrapping on furniture. That style is soo unique and I would really love to see that in the final knitting pack as well.
    - Also I love the macrame hanging plants and macrame wall decor (both very fashionable at the moment btw).
    - Space saving objects are always nice to have.
    - Colourful items are so great but don’t forget always to add a neutral swatch.
    - I would like all the furnitures to have a wooden swatch so they can be used for different kinds of storytelling and that would please a bigger crowd.
  • ElliandreElliandre Posts: 271 Member
    I would definitely love to be able to gift knitted sweaters, scarves, hats, socks, mittens and blankets to other Sims during Winterfest, that would be so fun! Selling them at the flea market would be fun too.

    For funny failures, I would like Sims with a low knitting skill make things with giant holes in them. And I would also like child sims or toddler sims to rock backward and fall out of the rocking chair. Also, I would love mood buffs where they dropped their stitch and had to unravel or poked themselves with the needle or were proud of what they knitted.

    I'd really love a rocking chair for sure and a yarn basket. I'd also like to give an interactive ball of yarn to my kittens and toddlers. Ideally, I would like my child sims to actually lose their mittens and get a mood buff for lost mittens, but I also want to be able to find the dropped mittens in the snow on the lot to recover them.

    I would like my Sims to collect rare mittens and have a display for them. Or have a hat rack with a collection of hats. Or a rare sock collection.

    I would really, really, really love to be able to knit baby blankets and put them in the crib on the babies. Our baby Sims must be cold without any baby blankets.

    I'd also really like to be able to knit on the sofa while watching tv.
  • Sigzy05Sigzy05 Posts: 18,547 Member
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    We’ve seen lots of wonderful suggestions on the forums about Knitting gameplay. We’ve decided to make an official thread to gather these ideas in one place to make it easier for our design team to review your suggestions.

    Being able to knit clothing, toys, and household items is obviously a must, but what else are you looking for with knitting in The Sims 4?
    Gift giving? Profitable Crafting? Funny failures?

    What kind of interactive knitting gameplay objects would you like to see?
    Yarn basket? Rocking chair? Craft Table? Something else?

    We've seen "teaching other Sims to knit" come up a lot. How do you imagine this would work? Are you familiar with our existing "Mentoring" system that let's Sims with high skill levels teach other Sims those skills?

    Please share with us what is important to you :)

    PS – We have a separate thread for crafted clothing and object suggestions here:
    Please continue to post your thoughts on WHAT your Sims can knit on that thread.

    Profitable crafting is something I would especially want, but I'm a sucker for OFB type gameplay.

    Honestly would like if crafted clothing were "manifested" as objects that sims can click and choose "Wear knitted clothes" and this would either be a top or bottom or full outfit (pretty sure you have the tech since it's somewhat similar to the bowling shoes in how it's a temporary clothing item etc). The reason for this is that....first, we'd be able to sell the item in on itself on a retail store and secondly, making it not a CAS unlock would give a reasoning to keep knitting clothes. Instead doing it once and it's a done deal. For these clothing objects it would be cool if there was a new chest, but made to look like a dresser, where sims could store the knitted clothes, so that they don't flood the inventory.

    I'd also like if these clothes could give especial moodlets to sims, similar to the Life of the Party/Up All Night hats in the Deluxe Edition of TS4. It would be cool if you used the "itchy" animation from the poison ivy in GP1 when sims get an "itchy clothes/wool" moodlet.

    For the actual crafting I'd rather have a Yarn basket that needs restocking from time to time. Sims should be able to knit in a couch or chair.

    The knitting skill should obviously be boosted when a sim is inspired too and work with the perfectionist trait.

    And yes, I'm familiar with that system, it's why I think it's a bit redundant to ask for sims teaching others to knit when they can already do that, with that system.
  • ghost_boighost_boi Posts: 1 New Member
    I just know that while i dont personally have much to do with knitting, i do watch a bunch of sewing videos on youtube that are nice and calming. itd be cool to be able to use this pack combined with get famous or something to be able to make knitting internet videos. like profitable in more than one way, you know? also id LOVE sims knitting skill increasing faster if practicing while a video is on or increasing their skills by watching these kinds of videos. it also would be really cool to have knitted blanket items that can be placed on items like beds/couches, or put into storage chests. id love to see knitted blankets that you can sit under like a cocoon for everyday activities/ skills (movie watching, eating breakfast) and sims keeping blankets over themselves like a cape if theyre cold/ tired/ sad. thats me everyday, so i figured itd be interesting to add!.
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