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Gameplay Discussion: What does Knitting in The Sims mean to YOU?


  • SimmingalSimmingal Posts: 1,472 Member
    edited January 16
    okay please just add that yarn basket

    im going mad

    i was shopping today and i was browsing some stuff and i saw basket and i lowkey almost bought it because my brain was like "my sims need this" but then i realized that bruh im buying for myself not browsing sims catalog leave it be greedy human

    (let's just see how many baskets i end up buying before we got this pack)
  • CatmribCatmrib Posts: 1 New Member
    I want to have knitting parties, where you plan an event that's a knitting party or something and your friends come over and you all knit and the goals are like, socialize ten times, finish knitting an object, have three sims knitting at once, etc
  • DarkxArtemisDarkxArtemis Posts: 2 New Member
    I think rocking chairs would be a great addition to the pack. I saw someone in the previous comments talk about using plants or flowers to dye wool and I think that would be an amazing idea too. The idea of a pregnant Sim in a rocking chair knitting baby clothes just sounds too cute to me! Gift giving, profitable crafting, etc. Would be a great idea too. Maybe you could add something to where you could make your own yarn? Like, you could purchase wool from a secondary place and use a loom and dye station to make your own yarn. Maybe you could use the ufo plant to make a rainbow dye?
  • simfriend1968simfriend1968 Posts: 387 Member
    I agree with all those who've written that we should have gift giving as part of knitting (accompanied by appropriate moodlets for both sims as well as relationship boosts -- or subtractions if the knitting is bad or ugly). Some of the best gifts I have ever received have been knitted items (baby clothes and blankets, cardigans and sweaters, shawls, and especially toys), so I think if well made sims should be happy to receive a knitted item.

    However, I also think sims should have the ability to sell their knitted craftables both directly from the inventory and using the GTW retail system. For people who want to do an industrial-amount of knitting for commercial purposes, there could be a knitting machine or craft table (requiring a high degree of skill of course). And I do feel that fail states for every knitted object would be a necessity at almost every level of the skill, although these don't have to (in every case) require new meshes. The fail state for certain CAS items could be ugly or garish or mismatched colours and patterns, or dropped stitches creating a messy appearance.

    Please also let the skill/ activity of knitting be enabled for multi-tasking. Knitting sims should be able to listen to music, watch television, and talk to other sims while sitting and knitting. If they get a playful moodlet (from any of these activities), though, they should be prone to making more errors, while focussed sims should be able to avoid errors. Tense, tired or unhappy sims should also make mistakes while knitting. Someone suggested that knitting should create a calming moodlet and stress reduction: I agree, but only for proficient sims. Knitting can be very frustrating if you don't know what you're doing and have to unravel rows to fix a mistake. So sims above a specific skill level should be relaxed and calmed by knitting, while achieving a zen state, and sims who are new to the skill or not very proficient could get more tense and frustrated to the point where they would refuse to (or be unable to) knit.

    For gameplay objects, a knitting basket or bag is essential because I agree that knitting should be a portable skill and activity that sims can do anywhere. A rocking chair would be nice, but only to enhance knitting (and for cuddling with toddlers). If there is a knitting basket it should have a wide range of activities associated with it. One sim could use it while knitting, but so could a group, working on a group project (a bigger project that would just get finished more quickly), kids could do their own simple projects, while simmers of all skill levels would have their own different options for things that they could knit. It could even have an inventory in which could be placed a variety of yarn balls and special or different types of knitting needles. Toddlers could also access the knitting basket if it is left on the ground, but only to play with the yarn, unrolling and tangling the yarn. Cats (and maybe dogs as well) could also play with the yarn, batting it around, treating it like a toy ball and sometimes unravelling and tangling it, but not as badly as toddlers.

    I would like to see several new toys with their own unique animations and gameplay. A stuffed animal or soft doll the size of sims 2 teddies could have its own hugging, squeezing, playing and talking to animations, and should also be able to be put into the inventories of toddlers and kids so that they can sleep with it and get a nice moodlet and mood/ relationship boost from sleeping with a homemade or crafted friend. Knitting toys, especially if they are small, is actually pretty difficult so this should not be an easy object to unlock -- it should be a five in skill level or higher. Perhaps there could be simpler toys at level 5 and a more difficult or special or pretty one, with unique and different animations, at a higher level, like level 8.

    Useable knitted blankets for couches and beds, as well as useable tablecloths for any table would be lovely, and I think any CAS items should be unlockable. I love the idea of a hammock and of macrame plant holders, etc. In general, I hope the knitted items are not all decor, but that some of them (like toys and blankets etc) have gameplay of their own associated with them.

    Other gameplay objects could include buyable or unlockable knitting patterns (these could also be given as gifts or traded). Knitting patterns could even be a collection, and when a sim has collected and made them all, this sim could unlock a special (more valuable, difficult and time consuming, but unique) pattern. I would also like to see different kinds of needles for different and more advanced projects, yarns of all colours, some dyeable by sims, storage units for yarns (holding a greater quantity than the small portable knitting basket). I like the idea of online knitting tutorials, but these should have more basic patterns than the rarer collectible or unlockable ones.

    I think it would be great if sims could teach other sims, but children must be included in this activity. It would be less fun if children couldn't do it. I learned to knit as a small child with simple projects that my mother showed me, and I was extremely proud of the activity. Mentoring would be one way, but sims could also knit together in groups, with less skilled ones skilling up more quickly while knitting with experienced knitters. By the way, knitting would be a great club activity, with activities such as knit (both alone or together), share tips and patterns (with the option of any sim learning a new pattern up to their skill level), wear knitted items, and give knitted items.
  • CarmiinaaCarmiinaa Posts: 2 New Member
    Knitting has always had a special place in my heart so I'm very excited to see it be brought to The Sims 4.

    I love the idea of gift giving, profitable crafting and funny failures. In terms of gift giving, I'd like to see knitting have a way to give back to Charity. I used to run a Knitting club in high school that donated knitted goods to certain charities. Some examples would be gloves, blankets, and socks. Maybe this donation gifting could appeal to teens as well! It could tie into the Parenthood Stuff pack. I hope children can learn to knit as well since that's when I was taught. I hope it'll appeal to most ages in The Sims 4 and not just young adults to elders. It's such a fun hobby for everyone to enjoy that I really hope it's not restricted to certain age ranges in the game.

    For interactive objects, I'd love to the yarn basket as a way to store yarn or knitted goods - kind of like the flower arrangement table from Seasons or the new chest from Discover University. I think the Rocking Chair is an alright addition to add. I know everyone really wants this pack to be geared towards elders because of knitting, but not all elders knit. I'd actually prefer to see that rocking chair idea as a base game update. I think the craft table would be an awesome interactive object to have sims work on anything art related - not just knitting. I hope knitting can happen anywhere in the world and not strictly to one area or object.

    Interactive Object Ideas:
    Knitting Pattern Books can help the Sim gain skill in knitting and I hope they can learn a new pattern or two after reading!
    - Knitting Tutorial on the Computer
    Have your Sim interact with a computer to gain skill on knitting
    - DIY Craft Channel
    Have your Sim interact with the TV to gain skill on knitting
    - Knitting Craft Table (For kids!)
    I love the drawing craft tables for kids and it'd be really awesome to see the kids be able to pick up knitting at a young age as well. They could use the table to learn how to knit, improve their skill, and be taught by an existing sim that can mentor them.

    Other Ideas:
    - Needle colors/Needle Material
    In knitting, there are all sorts of different colored needles as well as material. Some needles are metal while others are wood. It'd be fun to see that as an option even though it's small animation
    - Yarn colors
    I hope there will be a good selection of yarn colors. I saw someone mention this in the thread, but I'd like to see how flowers can help influence different yarn colors if that's possible.
    - Knitting Club
    This can be tied to Get Together and the club system.
    - Knitting Tradition
    Apply Knitting as a tradition for Seasons.
    - Knitting for Charity
    This can be tied to Parenthood and apply buffs for donating.
    - Add "Make a Video about Arts & Craft" to Get Famous
    When recording videos, I'd like to see an option added to record about Arts & Crafts

    Knittable Objects:
    - Blankets
    - Sweaters
    - Scarves
    - Hats
    - Pants
    - Socks
    - Pet Wear
    - Tablecloths
    - Coasters
    - Stockings
    - Plant Holders
  • starwingcoronastarwingcorona Posts: 110 Member
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    Gift giving and Etsy-style knitting sales are certainly a good start. Maybe a knitting club. For funny failures, maybe rookie Sims poke their hands with knitting needles occasionally or get their fingers tied up in knots? At the very least you've GOT to have the "picks it up proudly only for it to fall apart the moment it's hanging in front of them, turning their prideful smile into a look of unbelieving disappointment" reaction when a failed knit is "done".

    For interactive objects, I'm totally on-board with the rocking chair, yarn basket and crafting table. Maybe have loose yarn balls with an easter egg where C&D cats or Toddlers can play with them and leave an unwound mess behind? Having "work in progress" knitting projects you can leave and resume later would be nice, too. Maybe add a Dye Station for changing the color of yarn balls or existing knits?

    My guess is that teaching other Sims to knit would probably be based in mentoring and entail both Sims each making something, with the teacher showing techniques and the student trying to replicate them with either a hearty congratulations for a success or a disapproving head-shake if they screw it up before trying again. In addition, learning from books or the internet or maybe add some kind of Learning Annex-type class for learning to knit? If you need a venue I'm sure the Universities could probably offer one...
  • songbird19songbird19 Posts: 8 New Member
    I would love a sewing machine for making clothes. Also, i do want to be able to gift to other sims (we need more options for gifting in general). Knitting clubs would be great (knitting emblems, knitting as club activity, etc). Mentoring other sims would be great, and i would love rocking chairs (added comfort buff for elder sims lol)
  • nightvyxennightvyxen Posts: 53 Member
    Knitting and the one thing that sticks out that my own Mother actually did for me when I started to have babies was a Full Baby Layette set, I Think It be really good to see your sim work on such a Item then use it on a new born with teh blankets used on toddlers would be cool. Having that set being passed down in generations to the first born would would be rocking!
  • ladyterukiladyteruki Posts: 24 Member
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    We’ve seen lots of wonderful suggestions on the forums about Knitting gameplay. We’ve decided to make an official thread to gather these ideas in one place to make it easier for our design team to review your suggestions.
    Being able to knit clothing, toys, and household items is obviously a must, but what else are you looking for with knitting in The Sims 4?
    Gift giving? Profitable Crafting? Funny failures?
    Selling knit objects seems to be a no brainer for me. I can't imagine a pack that would not make use of that, and especially, a pack not compatible with Get to Work. Anything you craft should have the ability to be sold. Gift giving doesn't have as much value because TS4 doesn't really make Sims care about objects, only I do. It usually ends up just giving me messy inventories for no particular gameplay benefit.
    A classic funny failure for me would be to end up entangled in yarn. Bonus points if someone else has to help, but obviously it'd be complicated for Sims that live alone !
    What kind of interactive knitting gameplay objects would you like to see?
    Yarn basket? Rocking chair? Craft Table? Something else?
    Yarn basket sounds nice. Overall I really liked the concept art for the various cupboards & cabinets with the yarn sorted by color and I want aaaaaaaall of them shown during the voting round !. I'd imagine them to work like storage for yarn, so that you don't have to carry it on you all the time. I don't really want a crafting table though, I'd prefer the Sim to be able to sit wherever they want to knit, so yeah, a couple of rocking chairs would be nice. Overall I don't want ONE gameplay object with a few swatches, I want several versions of a gameplay object. I want an old rocking chair and a more modern one, for instance. I hate it when all you get is ONE gameplay item, you build one house where it fits, and then you build other houses and it never fits with other styles ever again, and the gameplay item never gets a new version because it's a pack exclusivity, and there is no replayability. That's why I want ALL the cabinets shown during the voting round. Not one with 5 swatches.
  • SoulGal7SoulGal7 Posts: 1,773 Member
    Love the rocking chair idea. Also, that knitting should be portable, in a basket. Wouldn't it be great if besides knitting, there was a loom that you could use and a spinning wheel. I also like the idea of making quilts. Usable objects that your sims can sell and use. And also dying the wool different colors. Teaching others to knit would be great.

    Also, the ability to accept knitting challenges that are pop-ups, like they need you to knit something for a shelter, or animals, etc. in a certain time limit.
    A knitting fair - like a new festival where there are prizes for the best-knit goods for different age groups.
  • MelFoxMelFox Posts: 44 Member
    edited January 16
    ‪All 3. For me it’s relaxing and a great stress relief, I enjoy seeing someone get something I’ve made and their eyes light up that I went through the trouble of making them something like that. I’ve sold a few items but I really don’t get much pleasure out of that as gifting it.‬

    Relationship boosting! Even if it is a jumper that doesn't fit or is "ugly". depending on the sim's traits, they might love it and feel closer to the gifter.

    Has anyone mentioned that knitting is relaxing in RL and should be beneficial in game too? [edit - of course they have, right above me and I didn't see it!]

    Yarn storage.. I just googled "yarn storage craft room" and that gives a good idea of some serious hobbyists or perhaps professional knitters.
  • Buttstuff124Buttstuff124 Posts: 20 Member
    I NEED the ability to use knitting to decorate. And not just in the general doilies and framed knits way. I would LOVE to see us be able to click on a couch or bed and say “make quilt/pillow”, or click on a table and use “make tablecloth/doily” and have options of 4-5 different patterns in a few colors each, and sometimes it would turn out 🌺🌺🌺🌺 and sometimes it would look amazing. You could click “remove quilt/doily/etc” and have it chucked into your inventory so later you could put it back onto the table, or make a new one (and some seasonal ones). Of course we’d have all these options in a knitting basket or something similar, but it would be very beneficial to also have these options on the items you’re making it for so the knitting basket doesn’t make it hard to use the feature. I would also love to be able to sell them on a selling table, and have it all just come in its pattern/color and then have it folded in different sizes according to what the item is (a doily could take up the base game succulent tile size, while a tablecloth could take up the size of the base game towel decoration). I need depth, I wasn’t initially on board with knitting as the new stuff pack, but with the right amount of depth I would 100% still buy it and likely really enjoy it.
  • PhoenixFox9PhoenixFox9 Posts: 3 New Member
    I would love to see knitting implemented as a way to relieve a tense moodlet! As well as maybe a freelancer job for knitting. I personally run a small etsy store and take knitting commissions as my job so being able to have my sim do that would be amazing! Please simgurus give us a freelance career with knitting!!!
  • SimalleyaileSimalleyaile Posts: 762 Member
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    Just want to leave a link to this thread where people have given some great suggestions for gameplay they'd like to see . Gameplay suggestions for our knitting pack :)
  • SimMommaSimMomma Posts: 2 New Member
    Oh, my gravy! I love all of the suggestions and I don't think I could add anything else that hasn't already been said. I think it would be cool to get pattern books or be able to watch videos (like youtube) to learn how to knit. The idea of being able to be a "knitting influencer" would be fun too!
  • ladyterukiladyteruki Posts: 24 Member
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    ...Came back to add that I don't know where the yarn would come from, and obviously we can't breed sheep in TS4 at the moment ( the moment), but I would SO LOVE to be able to have silkworms...
    I think it's not really different from what we already have with beehives, a few tweaks aside. Honestly I could really go for an object with the exact same mechanisms, but a different appearance and that would give you silk instead of honey. And then that silk could be used as extra quality yarn.

    (Beehive courtesy of Carl's Sims Guide)
  • CASTALYACASTALYA Posts: 19 Member
    for gameplay knitting i think rocking chairs would be nice, yarn baskets (i have 4 in my house... a few are larger and stay where they are placed but one moves with me so portable and large place-able would be neat.), knitting needles display (there are SO many options on needles! metal, wood, plain, decorative, straight, circulate, interchangeable. they could be like the wands and brooms held in inventory and also usable as decor), winding yarn into a ball from a hank or skein could be fun, having to "fix" tangled yarn is just asking for moodlets, if you get it untangled you feel awesome, but you get upset when it doesnt want to untangle. crafting tables are a good idea so useful for blocking and seaming things together. yarn shopping (some neat ways for it to be placed on shelves would be good for working w/ get to work) pattern shopping, some patterns you could know from the leveling and books but others could be sold. being able to take yarn and knit on the go would be cool.
  • SimmingalSimmingal Posts: 1,472 Member
    sims could also get tired /achy hands from knitting too much since it happens
  • Hallie22Hallie22 Posts: 22 Member
    Left over yarn. With left over yarn projects.
  • BabykittyjadeBabykittyjade Posts: 945 Member
    The rocking chair is a must. I would love to sell what I make. And rather than failure animations I would love for sims to be able to wrap the knitted blanket around themselves to get cozy by the fireplace or watching tv.
  • Becka28Becka28 Posts: 1,056 Member
    edited January 17
    Being able to knit clothing, toys, and household items is obviously a must, but what else are you looking for with knitting in The Sims 4?
    Gift giving? Profitable Crafting? Funny failures?

    I would really like things to sell plus being able to sell yarn. I would lijke knitting to be part of multitasking eg. watch TV and knit (this is my knitting family members all over)
    Gifts and decorative items are something I would like to make (which can then be purchased or sold at retail store)

    I would love to see the club system have a knitting group

    also my dream would be some sort of knitting bee party where each invited sim can knit a square or two and the end result is a knitted quilt - (plus party eating drinking)

    if you have cats and dogs - I would like to see cats play with the yarn and unravel it or bat it around like a ball.

    I think some funny failures at low skill levels (not above level 3) might be realistic eg. jumpers with three arms or items way too big or small. The first time I tried to knit a band with a mix of stitches I got the tension wrong and my beanie looked like a skirt not a hat it turned out so big. Or dropping stitches causing it all to unravel in a heap - we all have had these little mishaps when we learn.

    What kind of interactive knitting gameplay objects would you like to see?
    Yarn basket? Rocking chair? Craft Table? Something else?

    Rocking chair is my number one desire from this pack (reading as well as knitting being allowed in the chair)

    A yarn basket would be great as would the craft table (one of the major reasons people picked the art style they did I think

    I would like sims to carry a knitting bag so they can knit at work or at the park or at a cafe/ restaurant etc - my aunt carries her bag full of knitting everywhere

    A spinning wheel may be too much to hope for from a stuff pack but I would love one so sims can craft their own yarn to knit with. This would be my dream interactive object. It would be something very different from anything in the game. (perhaps with a cursed swatch that sends the user to sleep)

    We've seen "teaching other Sims to knit" come up a lot. How do you imagine this would work? Are you familiar with our existing "Mentoring" system that let's Sims with high skill levels teach other Sims those skills?

    There isn't that many skills shared by children and adults. If children can knit - please, please,please. I would love to see knitting be a skill you can mentor in. After all in real life you mostly learn knitting from a mentor not through books etc.
  • tinacolada00tinacolada00 Posts: 409 Member
    Im looking for more clutter items for the house. Knitted decorative pillows, knitted stuffed animals for the kids (hoping relatives will be able to mail them to your children as gifts!), baskets, table runners, blanket for the end of the bed
  • DaWaterRatDaWaterRat Posts: 915 Member
    Okay, having just watched the livestream where @SimGuruNinja explained the gameplay object selection ... My key object want is a live drag Knitting bag/basket/backpack that can go in the sim's inventory and allows knitting wherever. (and can be set on the floor or on a table, etc)

    Ideally, there will be 4 variations - Vintage Knitting Basket, Quirky (with some plan styles) Knitting Project Bag (something tote bag or messenger bag sized), Modern Crafting Backpack, and Colorful Kid's Craft Bag

    Ideally, the "knit project" interaction will not actually require the bag to be placed in world to work.

    and ... KNITTING SHOULD BE FUN. (all the creative stuff should be fun for creative sims, but that's a different rant.)
  • LizzyTish13LizzyTish13 Posts: 5 New Member
    Definitely want to be able to give knitted gifts & make a profit. Saw someone mention the idea of hacky sack which sounds freaking awesome! Knitting club should absolutely be an option - you get together & knit, gossip, maybe have snacks.
  • shakerellashakerella Posts: 269 Member
    Gift giving would be awesome. Different reactions to the gifts.

    Ability to sell the items on a table.

    *Pets interacting with the yarn would be priceless.

    If you are pregnant you could knit baby booties.

    Yarn baskets, yes. Craft table, yes. You cannot woodwork without the table/Paint without easel, so you must have the yarn to knit. Maybe you must have the craft table, a yarn basket, or storage shelves with yarn as seen in the workup pics to knit.

    Knitting here don't care. If you were at a friends house, a bar, gym and just whip out your knitting.

    Books to learn and Mentoring, yes.

    Different levels of quality depending on skill level. Eventually unravel if low quality. Holes or lopsided. Too small/big clothes.

    Should some items they emit emotions? Knitting is usually always made with love. If item is gifted it will make the receiver happy whenever they see it.

    A new club for knitters. Logo could be yarn with knitting needles in it.

    My Current Challenge: Drifter House Challenge
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