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Mother May I? (100 Baby Challenge) *NEW 7/11*


I was in the mood to torture myself with a 100 Baby Challenge.
There was only one problem: I couldn't decide which townie I wanted to use as my founding matriarch!
That's where you came in!
I had you all vote from a list of potential matriarchs, one candidate from each world.
Each candidate received a makeover and added their own unique challenges.
In the end, the winner was Leslie Holland!
Now Leslie must have as many babies as possible, all while dealing with being possessed by The Mother!

Generation One: Leslie Holland
Chapter 1.1 - The Story Begins
Chapter 1.2 - Sleepwalking
Chapter 1.3 - A Test
Chapter 1.4 - Romance
Chapter 1.5 - Finally
Chapter 1.6 - Adventure
Chapter 1.7 - Freedom Day
Chapter 1.8 - Toddler Time
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Mother May I? (100 Baby Challenge)


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