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S4 BuildnShare Winners Circle


  • gmcroziergmcrozier Posts: 1,025 Member
    I'm a little behind on the congrats, so I will just post a blanket congratulations to all of the winners.

    @SoulGal7 come on in the water is fine. I have seen your builds and they are certainly worthy of the expert category. I may not even have a build this challenge as I am already on my 7th attempt. Now I have 6 WIPs that I have to complete. *sigh* Maybe 7.....
  • kilra0kilra0 Posts: 612 Member
    edited July 2018
    Congrats to all winners and every bump up. Such beautiful gardens. :smiley:
    AIRIS6962 wrote: »
    @SoulGal7 Ah, and if you enter in the Established Category the next time, I will do too! :mrgreen: I don´t build better than you ;)

    definitely me too! ;) Welcome to the most uncomfortable level in this comp <3

  • masajomasajo Posts: 4,771 Member
    Many congrats to all the winners, outstanding parks :)
    @SoulGal7 your work is certainly Expert level and there's the benefit of learning lots more here :)
  • WrathofCathWrathofCath Posts: 4,361 Member
    Congratulations to all the winners on their gorgeous parks! :star:

    And Congrats to @SoulGal7 on your promotion! Your work speaks for itself. You are more than ready and I know you will do just awesome! :blush:
  • NinnsterNinnster Posts: 1,214 Member
    Oh my! Popping by just to say congrats to the winners! :heart: So much enjoying looking at all the beautiful parks!

    @SoulGal7 I can very much relate to your comment. I was terrified when I was promoted to Expert. It's a tough level with some really amazing creators, and it can for sure seem daunting.

    But a few things you should consider:

    -I normally find that when they promote someone it is not based on a single creation, but on your development over several creations. I am sure @BuildnShare has good reason for your promotion, and perhaps they see something you are not able to see yet.

    -I think we are all here to learn new things and improve. We want to get a little better with each creation. Staying in Established might feel safer, but I can assure you competing in Expert will really make you push yourself and get to that next level.

    I have been in Expert for a while now, and I still feel terrified when entering. Not sure I will ever get over that. Especially if I am silly enough to peek at the entries that have come in before me. But I am training myself to stop and think: "You know what, I am a darn good builder myself, and I am in Expert for a reason. I CAN compete on this level."

    Another thing I do that helps is to completely ignore the competition itself. I found I was putting so much pressure on myself to prove myself and win, that quite honestly I was overthinking things and not building at my best. Now I just ignore the competition and focus on creating something *I* am proud of, regardless of whether or not I win.

    You may not see it yourself right now, but you have the skill and the experience to compete in Expert :blush: Big congrats! hehe
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  • ZayvenZayven Posts: 67 Member
    @SoulGal7 I don't feel ready to be in the Established category either, but I know I'm not exactly starting out anymore either, and it'll nudge me to keep trying to learn so I don't just plateau in my comfort zone. And hey, if builders I really respect seem to all agree that I should be bumped up, then I'm going to give it a go! It's scary, but also warming.

    Thanks everyone for your kind words! <3
  • SoulGal7SoulGal7 Posts: 1,893 Member
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    @Ninnster, @WrathofCath, @Zayven @masajo, @kilra0, @gmcrozier, @AIRIS6962, @FidgetyAtom , @SimsIslandheart - I wanted to thank you all for your support and encouragement on my "promotion" lol I was literally in shock when I saw that under my build. Shell-shocked and terrified. I think we need a new category for the expert, expert builders, maybe uber expert! lol Going from established to expert is kind of scary, because I have seen some of the expert builds and I know that there is no way I can ever do anything close. Again, thank you for taking the time for your kind words. They are greatly appreciated.*Hugs to you all*
  • BuildnShareBuildnShare Posts: 3,499 Member
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    Established Results for #98 - The Four Seasons

    A Home In All Seasons is just lovely, you got that MCM vibe spot on with the exterior architecture, the columns and those Jungle Adventure dividers really add to the character of the build out front. The pool and BBQ area is just wonderful, I especially like the use of the Jungle Adventure windows again there, they really fit with the style of your build. The style of plants you have used out the front suit the style of the home as well. Your interiors are well thought out and laid out, the build has a real flow to it. You have made some great object choices to fit in with the MCM Stylings in here. The kids' rooms are great and you made great use of MOO, especially in Summer’s room. Great idea popping the dressing room on the entry to the master bedroom. I just love that fireplace in the master bedroom!! How on earth did you do that?? The shed looks wonderful,
    I’m not sure that the planting in the backyard fits fully with the MCM style of the build, the planting feels a bit more traditional to me. Personally, I’m not sold on the use of those striped awnings, I don’t feel they really fit with the MCM style of the rest of the exterior. The dining and living room seem a touch over cluttered with all those photos on the walls, especially over the doorway, perhaps just choosing one or two would have helped it fit more with the clean style of the MCM.

    Seasonal Cottage is such a gorgeous home! The slight modern cottage effect you have gone for works perfectly, and I love the white roof trims, they really add interest to the architecture. Your roofing is well thought out and executed as well. You made some great choices with the planting you chose, those hedges work really well as a barrier, and your outdoor living spaces are gorgeous, I especially like the outdoor dining porch.
    I feel the inside of the cottage is slightly confused about what it’s trying to be, modern or traditional, I don’t think you got the mix quite right. I wonder if the rooms would have felt more individual had you used a slightly different wall treatments, it feels very ‘samey’ throughout the home. When presenting your build, try to think of it as a virtual tour, I got a little confused as to where we were in places, I would always recommend putting the overheads together, either at the start or end of your showcase.

    Solstice Solace is a gorgeous family home! Your exterior really feels like the epitome of a rustic traditional home. Your roofing is generally excellent!! The curved piece under the chimney top is a lovely touch. Your landscaping is exceptional, your planting combinations work incredibly well and your use of terrain paints is wonderful, that winding pathway feels incredibly natural, not an easy thing to accomplish. And the frog fountain into the kiddy pool is a genius idea, that may be borrowed in the future :tongue: Your outdoor living areas are wonderful, such vibrant colours, but so natural at the same time, amazing work my dear! And the seating area with te logs and small stones is so pretty and calming, I really want to just sit there with a book for the whole of the afternoon. Your interiors are just as lovely as your exteriors, with great object choices and placement. Considering you went down the open plan route, the palettes do not clash which is quite an achievement. You have used just the right amount of clutter to make the home feel well loved, but not overwhelming. The conservatory is lovely, using those watermelons in the planter is such a neat idea.
    The roofing at the front feels a bit ‘off’ I don’t think you needed that second lower roofing section, or perhaps had you made the window on the upper floor more central it would have looked a little more natural. I’d be interested to know if Arthur could tend to all of those plants in the conservatory, I can’t help thinking that there could be some routing issues in there.

    The Four Seasons is a lovely family home, the stone siding you have used fits the style of the build and the landscaping well. The roofing for the main homework well and skylights are such a great idea. You have laid the home out with thought and I love that little dining nook, it fits in there a treat! You made some really great choices with the interior furnishings and your placement works well. I love that you gave them a family room as well as the living room, somewhere less formal for them to all gather and have family fun. Nicolas and Summers rooms are wonderful, as is Arthur and Janine's room and I love that little dressing area and also a great idea having a door to allow Arthur to come straight into the bathroom while he's all mucky from gardening.
    I wonder if just one row of bushes would have felt more natural and a little less overwhelming in the front yard, or perhaps you could have sized some of the bushes up to add some height to the landscaping. The rounded conservatory roof feels very out of place with the rest of the very traditional roofing, I wonder had you used a half gable and attached it to the main roof it would have felt more natural and in keeping. The flooring in the conservatory also feels a little bland in comparison to the rest of the build, especially as there are floor to ceiling windows all around, perhaps a stone tile would have added some interest? Be careful when taking your shots, some of your pictures have a touch of fishbowl lens about them try not to zoom out too much.

    Seasonal Sanctuary is a lovely modern style build from what we can see. The modern architecture fits well with the opulent modern furnishings you have chosen for the interior. Your exterior living areas are gorgeous, I especially like the area with the fire table, and the way you used that wooden parquet flooring out the back, it looks amazing! I love that little laundry area you created under the stairs. The whole of the interior feels incredibly cohesive, your palettes work incredibly well, and your use of wall treatments to accent different areas is amazing!
    I think it would help you to take a look at our Showcase Guide to get an idea as to what we expect in a media showcase. We expect your media to be ordered and labelled so that we can get a real feel for your build, it was very difficult to judge your build as you presented it. I feel your roofing doesn’t quite work, it makes the building look like three separate ones, perhaps a main hipped roof spanning all three towers, then the gabled roofs at the front and rear would have helped it feel more like one entity.

    Colourful Seasons is a really gorgeous home! The barn style you have gone for works well for the challenge brief, the roofing and wall treatments you have selected work incredibly well. You did a great job adding terrain paint underneath all the play area items, but I wonder if it might have been nice to have added some dirt terrain between them to mark where the Sims would have walked. Your exterior living spaces are wonderful, I especially like the front veranda areas. I love that there are lots and lots of plants all around the place, it really fits this brief. Your home is well laid out and you have made some great object choices. Your use of clutter in most of the living areas is lovely, the home feels lived in and well loved without the clutter being overwhelming. Your kitchen is awesome!! I just love the way you have coloured the walls and cabinets and how you placed the wall cabinets.

    Those dormer sections to the front look a little odd without windows in them?! Your landscaping could use some ‘height’, the repetition seems unnatural, perhaps adding some sized up bushes here or there might have helped make it feel and look more natural. Be careful with your door selections, the door out of the living room feels a little out of place being with the windows being such a dark wood and the white panelling, it doesn't feel like it ‘matches’. The only place that feels like it’s lacking that homely feel is the kitchen, there is no clutter in here at all, no kitchen utensils, kitchen towel etc. While I understand that you were trying to avoid the ‘fishbowl’ effect in your laundry room pictures, perhaps more of an overhead view would have been a food idea, instead of those almost random ones?!

    From what I can see of your exterior it looks like you have created the Climates a lovely traditional home, I do love that little peaked roof on the side of the veranda! Your landscaping looks great, you have certainly got an eye for plant placement, you also appear to have made some good use of the terrain painting tool. Your interiors look lovely from what you have shown, you appear to have made some good object choices and again your placement looks great!
    I found it really difficult to get a real sense of your build from the media you provided, you might find our Guide to Showcasing Your Lot helpful for future presentations, it lets you know exactly what we are looking for with your media showcases.

    Our Season in the Sun is such a gorgeous home!! Your roof lines are just wonderful, and the siding you chose really suits the style of the build. Your landscaping is fantastic, your use of terrain paint is fabulous!! I just love that you included the little gnomes in and around that planted area at the front of the home, they ad a real touch of fun to the exterior entryway. Your exterior living areas are wonderful, I love the shaded kiddie pool and the outside TV area! Your interiors are wonderful, such a calming palette throughout, and I like that you have given a space to ‘the tree’! Your kitchen and dining area is stunning, the leaves as blinds works really well, and you have used just the right amount of clutter. The individual bedroom really suit their owners! I especially like Summer’s room and bathroom, you did a great job of capturing a real summer vibe. The conservatory is great, that slightly rounded roof adds interest to what could otherwise have been quite a bland outbuilding.

    The flowers around the back of the build feel incredibly repetitive, perhaps a little height in the planting along the rear would have helped it fit with the rest of your stunning landscaping. For the dancing space, I wonder if a rug would have helped it feel a little less ‘empty’. The curtains in Nicolas’ room don’t seem to ‘fit’ with the rest of the interior furnishings, I get why you used them, but they seem to really stand out. Perhaps a slightly less traditional style of curtain would have blended in better? The robes in the master bath seem very high up on the wall, I wonder if they would have looked less out of place a little further down the wall?

    The Four Seasons is a lovely modern build! Your use of wall treatments, columns and trims on the exterior really add a huge amount of curb appeal. In the backyard, that little party area is outstanding, you even got an outside toilet in there, such a great idea!! Your family garden area is adorable, your use of those *buydebug* rocks is fantastic, you got some really natural looking curves with them, and I know from experience how hard that can be!! I love how you have the fruit trees in a separate area again, and the greenhouse is lovely! That master balcony is gorgeous, please can I sit up there with a book on a balmy summer evening?

    Can you only get to that party area by swimming?! I can’t see any other way, I’m not sure that this is a great idea, especially with a toddler in the house. Your interiors feel incredibly cluttered which is the antithesis of the clean modern exterior, it feels like two completely different builds inside and out. I think you might have got the balance between interior and exterior a little off with this build, the interiors feel very small and almost claustrophobic, you almost seem to have sacrificed living space for your landscaping.

    Climate Central is such a lovely traditional home! You have made some great plant choices considering the style of build, the whole lot feels very lush well tended. Your home is well laid out, I can tell you really put thought into how this place would play in game. The double staircase is a great touch and I really like that landing area. Your kitchen is gorgeous, you have used just the right amount of clutter to help the place feel loved and lived in without overwhelming. Your laundry room is lovely, again you have used just amount of clutter in there. The themed bedrooms are just gorgeous. I have to congratulate you on your inner courtyard area, it is fantastic!!

    That middle piece of roofing feels a little ‘off’ I wonder if not having that piece at all would have helped it feel more traditional. I’m guessing you had problems with roofs showing through into the upper floor rooms, which is why you used hipped instead of gable roofs on the lower floor roofing area?! If this happens, go through the exterior walls with a fine tooth comb, you can use the hand tool ‘h’ in build mode, to ensure that your areas register as actual ‘rooms’ t6hus allowing you to use roofs that intersect with the upper floors without showing through. I see you have used terrain paints for the footpaths, I think the planted areas could have used some dirt terrain underneath them to help them feel part of the build, rather than just placed. Don’t forget the clutter basics, I didn’t see any toilet paper in your downstairs bathroom. The curtains in the kitchen don’t quite fit with the palette you used in there. Your conservatory roof, with that slight curve feels more Asian inspired which doesn’t blend well with the traditional style of the rest of the home.

    From what I can see Four Seasons is a lovely rustic build. The architecture looks great, especially at the front of the home, your window and column placement really helps add interest to the home. The window choices in the pool room are a great choice gives fabulous fresh air to the area. Having a bar in the kitchen is a fantastic way to give extra cooking space also, the dining area looks very cosy and relaxing with the fireplace and the two trees.

    Your build seems to be lacking landscaping, some small bushes in front of the front veranda would have really helped add curb appeal to your build. Your room sizes feel really large in comparison to what you have within them, perhaps making the build a tad smaller would have helped with the landscaping as well? I can’t really see a glass-roofed greenhouse anywhere?! In fact, there is little to see from your media, we do not download your homes to judge them, we rely solely on the media you provide, in that, I found it really difficult to see a lot of the detail of your build. You might find our Guide to Showcasing Your Lot helpful for future presentations, it lets you know exactly what we are looking for with your media showcases.

    All Four Seasons Show is such a fabulously rustic looking home!! The rooflines work really and the ivy you have around and about the place looks great. The siding you chose for the exterior of the home fits the styling perfectly and your landscaping is so lush and vibrant and completely in keeping with the style of the build. Your interiors are just adorable, well thought out and arranged with gameplay in mind, that serving window is a great idea and I love how you have used the corbels to add interest. Summer’s room is just great, I love that you have those indoor tree planters, really adds to the feeling of the outdoors. The shared bathroom is lovely a great blend of the two tastes. That master bathroom you created for Arthur and Janine is amazing.

    The planting around the big cherry tree feels a little ‘forced’ to me, perhaps a little more variation in placement would have helped it feel a little more natural. Take care with your wall treatment in the back door shot there is some plain plaster on show. I know that we don’t DL the homes you create, but we do try and look for areas that would cause routing issues, I can’t help thinking some of those corner planters in the conservatory would not be accessible and again the bookcase in the living room. Try and be a little more careful with your object placement, the lit tree in the living room is poking through the ceiling there! Nicolas’ room feels a little overpowering to me, with that wall treatment on all the walls, I would have perhaps gone for a feature wall in that style.
    And the winner is...

    2nd place goes to @jhgkjhgkjh

    3rd place goes to @Pallystyle

  • jhgkjhgkjhjhgkjhgkjh Posts: 256 Member
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    Congrats to @FidgetyAtom and @Pallystyle! Great buildings! Very creative and beautiful, each in their own way!
    And thanks, @BuildnShare for placing me second - I am really happy with that place and your judging is so helpful. A lot of the MCM houses in my neighborhood have these awnings, but while reading your comment it dawned on me... they are probably later additions. ;)

    Oh, I loved this round - so many great entries from everyone and I really enjoyed brwosing through all slideshows. So congrats to everybody!
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  • FidgetyAtomFidgetyAtom Posts: 128 Member
    <3 Thank you for the review! I appreciate it.
    @BuildnShare Actually yes, all plants in the conservatory can be tended without issues, I made sure of that lol!

    Congrats for your placement @jhgkjhgkjh and @Pallystyle, wonderful work!! I loved all the builds here I'm know it was a tough round to judge!
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  • PallystylePallystyle Posts: 2,415 Member
    Congratulations on your builds placing @jhgkjhgkjh and @FidgetyAtom ! And thanks for the feedback BuildnShare :)
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  • 4Sanne4Sanne Posts: 45 Member
    Congrats for the winners!!
    Thanks @BuildnShare for the feedback, I'll keep it in mind on my next build :smiley:
  • JojoMOMSTERJojoMOMSTER Posts: 999 Member
    Congratulations @FidgetyAtom @jhgkjhgkjh @Pallystyle beautiful builds in a tough pool! The feedback is so well thought out and kindly presented there is so much to learn from reading this thread.
  • SimTresaSimTresa Posts: 2,693 Member
    Congrats to the winners. :)

  • jhgkjhgkjhjhgkjhgkjh Posts: 256 Member
    Congratulations @FidgetyAtom @jhgkjhgkjh @Pallystyle beautiful builds in a tough pool! The feedback is so well thought out and kindly presented there is so much to learn from reading this thread.

    Thanks! :)

    I love to read every feedback - I often do go back to the slide shows and analyze. Every time I learn something new. :)
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    Congratulations @FidgetyAtom @jhgkjhgkjh @Pallystyle excellent builds!
  • SoulGal7SoulGal7 Posts: 1,893 Member
    Congrats to @FidgetyAtom , @jhgkjhgkjh & @Pallystyle - excellent builds everyone. There were so many wonderful builds in the Established level this round and I enjoyed looking at them all. I also love reading all the result info from @BuildnShare. Fantastic job everyone!
  • abelhinha35abelhinha35 Posts: 2,151 Member
    Congratulations @FidgetyAtom @jhgkjhgkjh @Pallystyle. <3 All the build in this category was oustanding. :)
  • aussiekarimaaussiekarima Posts: 1,170 Member
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    ~ Congratulations to @FidgetyAtom @jhgkjhgkjh @Pallystyle. :) well done everyone, all the builds were amazing! <3o:)<3
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  • jacallonjacallon Posts: 38 Member
    Congrats @FidgetyAtom @jhgkjhgkjh and @Pallystyle on your wins. Great homes one and all. Great entries from everyone and I loved reading through the feedback for each home. I learn from each of them and can apply them to my builds. I am in such awe of some of the talent in these challenges. Well done everyone.
  • BuildnShareBuildnShare Posts: 3,499 Member
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    Starting Out Results for #BNS98-The Four Seasons

    Hollywood Hills Mansion is an impressive 3-level modern glass build. Surrounded by a high privacy fence with lots of trees on one-side, this house is sure to keep the paparazzi away so the Climates can enjoy their family time. The best feature is the rooftop patio and pool area. I love this area! The brick enclosed fire pit, and the use of the exposed filament lighting is very creative. The interior has all the colors of the seasons, which I am sure the Climates will enjoy. The kitchen area is large and very vibrant with autumn colors, the living room with fireplace is spacious and has a reading nook, and the rooftop greenhouse blends nicely with this modern build. Good job!

    A few suggestions for the slideshow is to take overhead layout photos of each floor, and a final top overhead view. The mass of trees was impressive, but don’t forget to use those terrain tools to provide “dirt” around them.The exterior of the build is very modern with lots of glass, but I was a bit disappointed with the front hallway, with the dark panelling and the ancient stone archway leading to the kitchen.The same look could have been achieved, but by using a lighter shade of panelling and a more modern archway.That way, the look and feel of the build would be as bright and airy inside as it is outside. Overall, a very nice build.

    Congratulations on entering your very first build to Build-N-Share. Rippling Flats is a fantastic modern 2-level build. Open on all sides, except for some stately cypress trees, it is a haven of whites, greys, water features and windows. The outdoor patio done in white flows so nicely with the exterior colors of the house. This is a really nice area. Inside, the living room with fireplace is one of my favorite features of this house. Everything is very nice and open, and I love all the touches you added, like the butterflies and plants in one corner of Summer’s room. The kitchen is beautifully done in fall colors, and the built-in cabinets are a great idea. Having the greenhouse off the kitchen is wonderful, as what better way to have your fresh-picked veggies than right next door. Good job!
    A few MOO issues with doors and a picture in Summer’s room is overhanging the door. Since you didn’t use all of your budget, a suggestion would be to add some pictures to the greenhouse wall, such as flower prints, or shelves with clutter, as that wall looked a bit bare. And even though the meditation area is nice, I felt that the meditation stool looked a bit lonely. Maybe a small table with some incense and plants could help focus this area a bit. Or, perhaps eliminate the stool and add a glass back door to the greenhouse. Overall, a very nice build.

    Congratulations on entering your first build to Build-n-Share. Home Sweet Home is a huge 2-level cape cod style home. The exterior has siding and natural stone, and the greenhouse is attached to the house. Year-round landscaping makes this house look great in every season. I love the thought behind why you did certain things, like the small living room area at the front as an interview area for their show, and the use of the private dwelling lot trait to suggest they have security guards. You really put a lot of thought into this build and there is a lot to do in this house. The open concept, living room, kitchen and dining areas are very well done. I really like that kitchen. I also love the idea of the kitchen pantry and storage room for holiday decor. Both of these ideas are very creative. The best features are the greenhouse and the backyard outdoor space. I especially like the wall of greenery with pots and planters outside on the patio. Nice touch. Good job!

    A few MOO issues with doors and a planter in the greenhouse is jutting outside. My only suggestions have to do with your slideshow. Some of the pictures were giving the “looking through a fishbowl” effect, so even if you have to take a few pics of a room from different sides, that would help. Also, take overhead layout photos of each floor, and a final top overhead with roof up view. Overall, a very nice build.

    Congratulations on entering your first build to Build-n-Share. The Climates build is a wonderful 2-storey house.The exterior has rustic wood and natural stone, and the greenhouse is attached to the house. Pretty landscaping and a small fenced yard are on the right of the property. The feature I like best is the eat-in kitchen with the adobe fireplace. What a gorgeous kitchen! When I saw the fireplace in the kitchen, it reminded me of a wood-fired pizza oven. Yum! The kitchen also has easy access to the patio and to the formal dining room. The living room is also beautiful in colors of blues and greys and I love the snowflake decals on the wall. The greenhouse is all glass and on the one wall, some gardening items are displayed. Good job!

    Several rooms were decorated really well, but other rooms were somewhat bare. I know that you were tight on budget, but in cases where you use a small picture on a large wall expanse, use the enlarge feature to make the picture bigger so it covers more space (example the sauna). Some of the slideshow pics had the “looking through a fishbowl” effect, so even if you take more pics from different angles, that would help. Also, some pics gave me a long narrow room look (the treadmill and bathroom pic), and from the pics I couldn’t figure out where the treadmill was located. When I downloaded the build, I discovered that the treadmill was part of an office. A final suggestion is to take a final overhead view with roof up and add labels to your photos. Overall, a very nice build.

    Seasonal Home is a gorgeous modern, 2-storey house with a glass roof. Exterior is done in shades of white, grey and black, and the greenhouse is separate from the house. There are several well-decorated rooms in this build, but the feature I like best is the living room. When I saw that picture, I was immediately transported to winter. Done in blue and white,with some touches of green from plants, this is absolutely breathtaking. Well done. The kitchen is large and decorated in warm colors and I love that scarecrow fixing a drink at the bar. Outside, the in-ground hot tub under the gazebo is very creative. The greenhouse is fabulous (so many plants), and Arthur is sure to spend lots of time there. Good use of terrain tools and debug free lighting. Slideshow is very good with well marked pictures. The EA gallery photos do not do this house justice. Good job!

    A few MOO issues where window drapes were on the outside of the house instead of inside the room and drapes in the bedrooms are in the middle of the window instead of at the top. Although they look colorful and I understand what you were aiming for colorwise, I would probably substitute some other plantings for the potted carefree succulents at the front of the house. With the proper plantings, this house would be a showstopper. Overall, a very nice build.

    Congratulations on entering your first build to Build-n-Share. Four Seasons Cottage is a very pretty 2-storey Old English style cottage. The exterior is stone with stone pathways, a combo white picket fence/hedge and a separate greenhouse. The best part of this build are the outside gardens, patio and greenhouse area. Attention even to the colors of flowers to reflect the seasons shows a lot of thought has been given to this build. Trellises add shade and form a walkway to the greenhouse and inside the greenhouse are all types of flowers, and also garden planters. There is a small table with some gardening tools on it and it looks like Arthur had just left for a moment to get some lunch. Nice touch. The eat-in kitchen has wonderful warm tones, and across the hall is the living room done in shades of blue. Creative use of drapes in the living room. Good job!

    I really liked this build, and it is so well done, I only have a few suggestions. There is one MOO item. The trellises going to the greenhouse do not fit together to form one trellis. Because you didn’t use all of your budget, possibly add 2 more chairs near the pool area and an umbrella for shade. A bench on the front porch would also be nice and flower planters on the 2nd floor window. Overall, a very nice build

    House for Climates is a charming 2-storey house. The exterior is siding, and a fence surrounds the backyard. There is also a separate greenhouse cottage. The kitchen is spacious and is very warm and welcoming. Seen from the front door, it is done in shades of orange, brown and green. The table and bench attached to the island is very creative, and there is a separate dining table as well. The living room is nice and cozy, done in shades of blues and browns. The fireplace is against a stone wall. A partial stone wall also separates the entryway, kitchen and living room areas. Heading to the backyard, the main focus is the pool. The backyard is nicely decorated and this is a true party place with a hot tub on the back deck, string lights, an adobe fireplace, plenty of seating, stereo, bar and bar-b-q. There are also flower plantings all around the house. This is a very nice looking backyard. Summer can invite lots of her friends over and it still won’t be crowded. The greenhouse is a very cute small garden cottage and it even has a sink. Good job!

    A few MOO problems, with windows sticking up through the roof. The chimney also seems to be sitting in front of a window on the 2nd floor (See back of house pic). The two paths leading from the backyard, one round circles and the other oblong squares, does not seem to be consistent. I would have liked to have seen this pathway all the same (the circles looked really nice). Because you didn’t use all of your budget, a few more shelves with clutter on the wall or pictures in the garden cottage greenhouse would have been nice. Overall, a very nice build.

    Climatisation is a fabulous modern, 3-level house with rooftop greenhouse. The exterior is done is shades of tan and brown to blend in with the desert landscape. There is a small garden and pond at the front of the house. On entering the house, you walk into the open concept kitchen, dining and living room areas which flank a wall of windows overlooking the backyard. What a spectacular view. To separate the two areas, there is a partial centered wall. This open concept area is the best feature in the house. The kitchen, with the brick back wall, gives it a focal point. The colors are “spot on” for fall. The comfy lounge room decorated in grey, blue and white really warm up when that fireplace is on. The entire layout is beautiful and I see that the mayor and his assistant have no problems navigating the different areas. The top level is Arthur’s greenhouse and what a wonderful open space it is. The outdoor pool zone is wonderful and Summer’s shaded area is very nice. Good job!

    Suggestions: I really liked this build, and it is so well done, I have only one suggestion and that is to add a picture or two in the hallway near the door in the upper hallway. Other than that, I really can’t think of anything I would improve upon. You used your budget wisely, your build is spectacular and has everything that the challenge is looking for, terrain paint was used, appropriate landscaping for a desert build, and your slideshow was very impressive. Overall, a very nice build.

    Congratulations on entering your first build to Build-n-Share. Tucker Bayou is a 2-level southern style house with a partial wrap-around porch and fenced backyard. The exterior is siding and the all glass greenhouse is connected to the house by a breezeway. The pastel colors used to decorate throughout the house (except for 2 areas), are very pleasing. The gorgeous dining room table to the right of the front door is beautifully decorated with pumpkins and candles. The eat-in kitchen is a modest size, and done in rich, fall colors. To the left of the front door is the comfy living room done in light blues with a marble fireplace at its center. The feature I like is the breezeway connecting the enclosed “screen” room to the greenhouse. This really is pretty. I also love the window seat in the master bedroom and the shelf with candles under the window near the soaker tub in the master en suite. These little touches really make the house special. Good job!

    I really liked this build, and it is so well done, I only have a few suggestions. One small issue at the front door, the color of the living room and the dining room/kitchen are different, and the colors just change on the same wall. If using 2 different colors on the same wall, a division needs to be done, so a suggestion would be to use a small piece of wall (1 square) on either side of the doorway to make these areas more separate. Then, another color (or wood trim perhaps) could be used above the front door, or just paint the entire wall the same color. Overall, a very nice build.
    1st Place goes to:
    2nd Place goes to:
    Thirs place is a tie between:
    @Hew310 & @1HappyMonkey

    You living room is wonderful and cozy and the chairs by the fireplace look so nice and inviting. I especially like that you picked the bear chair. Nicolas will love this room. Good job!

    And the winner is….
  • HEW310HEW310 Posts: 239 Member
    Congrats to @jacallon @sawdust and @1HappyMonkey ! All great houses <3
  • aussiekarimaaussiekarima Posts: 1,170 Member
    ~ Congrats to the winning circle of @jacallon First,@sawdust Second place (way to go for your first go!) & @Hew310 & @1HappyMonkey Tied in third place, amazing builds all of them,in fact there is so many amazing builds this go I am glad I am not a Judge!LOL! ;)

    QUOTE: A few MOO issues where window drapes were on the outside of the house instead of inside the room and drapes in the bedrooms are in the middle of the window instead of at the top. Although they look colorful and I understand what you were aiming for colorwise, I would probably substitute some other plantings for the potted carefree succulents at the front of the house. With the proper plantings, this house would be a showstopper. Overall, a very nice build.

    ~ The blinds on the outside of the build were not placed with MOO & were a privacy external blind (I am sure people use them other than Australia!, I guess I should have put them on all the windows,but prefer the light if it is not for privacy!)
    ~ The Drapes in the middle of the window were meant to be that way,for that look! I was not aware they have to be at the top of the window,then they would be too short for the window,this way they look right to me! I hate when curtains are not long enough,for the windows & we have to work with what EA gave us! ( If I put them higher then there is a big gap at the bottom of the window, & that is never done in RL,so looks weird to me,so I put them were they look right lengthwise! I rarely use the straight curtains as in RL they would not cover a window if drawn!)

    ~ Thank you for the feedback,the outside planting was re-thinked & re-done several times as budget was a question here! (I had none left! And was over budget so ornamental plantings were thinned down to bare bones!) Harvesting the plants was a bit of money back but it had to be done then saved, very tricky as I had so many they were ready to harvest again when my Sim had finished, the only reason I got it done under budget was with Patchy's help,as asking anouther Sim to help cancelled the first Sim doing it! (harvesting!)
    ~ Thank you again for the feed-back & suggestions!
    Gallery Link-aussiekarima

  • JojoMOMSTERJojoMOMSTER Posts: 999 Member
    @jacallon @sawdust @HEW310 @1HappyMonkey Well done all! Beautiful builds! Thank you @BuildnShare for the kind words regarding my living room.
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