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The Aria Chronicles Finale! - Final Update - updated 1-1-18



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    Irishsong wrote: »
    Well, the game pulled a 180 on me... made another unexpected pairing...

    Haha, ooo, exciting!
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    Chapter 27
    Accidentally in Love
    Adriel was cornered. Either he went to the silly party, or Cassandra wouldn’t help pay for his rent that month. His programming was coming along well, and he could afford a nice place, but it was hard to keep a steady income. It was more sporadic than he would have liked with some months being good for business, others not so much.


    This party Cassandra was co-hosting was her latest effort for him to network and get into a university. Thankfully he could invite whoever he wanted, so he invited all of his good friends from school of course. They hadn't all been in the same place in about a year, and them being there would lessen the pain of the ordeal. Besides, he had heard from Alec that he had fallen in love with a Von Wind girl, and was interested to meet the catch.

    Each Ourunning alumni got a Plus One option. If it's going to be a party, have a party, no? The only thing is, he couldn't recall what the theme was in its entirety. Something to do with weddings?

    “But dude, what do we wear to this fancy party? I need to know what to rent.” Darien urged over the phone.

    “Man, I wish I knew. All I know is that Cassandra said something about ‘mumble wedding’. She made it sound super interesting and dramatic, but I'm not sure what’s going on. I guess you wear what you would if you were getting married?” Adriel shrugged.

    “That's not a ton of help, Adriel. Ok, we'll see you then.”

    “What's up?” asked Aria.

    “We're going to a fancy party that Adriel's mom is co-hosting. I guess we're wearing what we would wear if we were getting married. Good practice for us, huh?”

    “You wish, buddy. You can’t see my wedding dress before the ceremony. I'll have to rent one.” she kissed Darien on the cheek.

    “Oh, and we get a plus one. I don’t know who I want to take, but I figured you'd want to take Tori?”

    “Yeah, she'd love a fancy party. How about you bring your mom? I'm sure she'd love a night out on the town.”

    Since the night of the incident, Aria and Sandy had become friends, with Sandy even hinting at grandchildren. Goodness, Aria and Darien were only 20! Slow down, Sandy!


    “Oh, a dramatic wedding theme party? I bet she meant red wedding. Wear red, Alec. I’ll wear a red gown. Good thing I look good in red. I seems I’m always wearing red.” Marina said into the phone.


    Tori decided to wear the most outrageous dress she could find, but she wore it well. Aria went with something more simple, a beautiful dress with Asian influences.

    Taking the train to the penthouse for the wedding, they saw that they had made a huge mistake in color.


    Everyone else was wearing red.


    Marina and Alec made their way through the crowd and raised their eyebrows at Aria, Tori, and Darien. Adriel was still making his rounds saying hello to everyone, so Aria couldn’t stomp on his foot for giving them bad information.


    “Why didn’t you tell me that we had to wear red, Marina!?” hissed Aria in a panic.


    “I figured you knew. You’ll really stand out though, good for you. You look angelic.”


    “That’s the opposite of what I wanted. You see Tori? She wanted to stand out. I wanted to just enjoy the food and music.”

    “Relax. You’ll be the talk of the party, at least for a little while. If you look embarrassed, it will make it worse. If you own it, they’ll think you meant to do it and that you’re confident.”

    Aria tried to force herself to relax. Where was Tori? There was someone she wanted her to meet… As Aria looked through the crowd, she saw that she had already encountered the person, and was doing just fine.


    “Hey, come dance with me!” Tori urged to Adriel, who looked a bit uncomfortable. He didn’t care much to dance right now, he was too high strung at the moment, but he followed her onto the dance floor anyway. She started moving her arms and hips, and Adriel had to admt, she was pretty good at dancing, but he just wasn’t interested. He trying to think of the easiest way to let her down easy.


    “You’re really good at that. I could never keep up.” he complimented her, inadvertently flirting with her. That’s when he was thankfully interupted.



    Justin saw from across the room, a girl in white and yellow with brown hair and fair skin. That was enough to get his heart a flutter, but the fact that she was dancing at such a formal party with no regard to those around her and the looks she was going to get made him like her even more. I must meet this girl. he thought. She seems like a fun person to know.

    So he walked over to where she had just pulled Adriel onto the dance floor and jumoed into the converstaion. “Hi, I’m Justin, Adriel’s friend. Mind if I jump in and grab your partner, Addy?”

    Adriel looked relieved. “Yeah, sure man. Go for it.” and he walked off to talk to his mother for the thousandth time. (Litterally, everytime I wanted him to have a whim about Tori, he just wanted to talk to his mom. Ugh, Adriel, such a mama’s boy!)

    Tori raised her eyebrows. “I’m Tori, Aria’s best friend and soul sister. I’ve heard you come up in converstaons before, but I didn’t know you were this handsom in reality.”

    Justin blushed at the compliment. “Same. I heard you named your cat Pizza, is that right? Do you cook? I love food and I actually co-own a restaraunt. Well, my family owns it.”

    I want to kiss him, so bad. Is this what Aria felt when she looks at Darien?”

    “I gotta say, pizza is still my favortie food, but if you saw Pizza, you would understand why I named her that. She looks like she was stepping in pizza sauce all day!”

    They both laughed at this. Both Justin and Tori looked at each other and found that they were comfortable, and that the conversation was easy to both of them.

    “Hey, I want some air. It’s a bit stuffy in here. Join me on the balcony?”

    “Of course.” Justin replied. At the notion of being alone together, he got nervous. Was this going to be it? Did he have a chance?


    They arrived outside and looked out over the city lights. It was a wonderful view, but he was more concerned with the girl he was sharing it with. He turned to look at her, and she planted one on him.


    He was shocked, but was happy. She thought he was good enough to kiss, and that made him feel good.

    Pulling back, she smiled. Justin thought for a moment, and then pulled out a rose from his pocket.


    “Where did you keep that?” Tori asked in astonishment.

    “Timelord pockets.” he summarized with a chuckle.

    “Oh my gosh, you watch that too? I love tht show!” Tori gushed.

    They continued this way for a while.

    “Dude, you gotta come back to my place and see my collection of seasons. I have most of them, even the newset season.”

    “What? I thought that didn’t come out until Christmas! How did you get your hands on it?” Justin looked at her incredulously.

    “Spoilers.” she teased, and they started walking back to the elevator to go back home. On the way though, they both got the same idea, and went straight to it once they got there.



    Waking up the next morning, Justin had a pit in the bottom of his stomach, but not from hunger. Last night had been magical, what if now Tori didn’t want a relationship? What if it was just a one night stand?

    She came into the room as if on cue.

    “Good morning, hotcakes. How’d you sleep?”

    “Like a rock, though your matress is a bit hard.”

    “Yeah, struggles of being poor, I guess.” She shrugged and sat down beside him.

    They sat this way for a few moments until Justin couldn’t stand the silence. “What happens now? Are we a fling? Are we a couple? Wha-”

    Tori cut him off. “I felt something for you last night that I’ve never felt for someone else. I don’t want to throw you out; if anything I want to keep you close. And I don’t know why. For right now, I S\suppose we can say we’re dating, if that’s ok with you.”

    “Yeah, I like that. Dating.”


    Oh gawh, they're going to make cute little mixed babies! Can't wait!

    As you may have caught, I wanted Tori to end up with Adriel, but neither of them were catching on. Adriel didn’t want Tori, Tori didn’t want Adriel, It was disappointing because I even had their clothes match and I was going to make a Shut Up and Dance music video, but it wasn’t meant to be. Oh well, Tori and Justin seem very happy and can’t stop thinking about each other.

    Next chapter is going to be a big one, sort of a season finale, but it may take a bit of time to make. I want to do it right, you know? Either way, it’ll be a long one. Peace out!

    Aria and Marina have a secret handshake tha doen't involve hands, just hip bumps and jumps for joy...


    Sorry about your man parts, Alec...

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    Oh, Adriel. So like you! Suave and gentlemanly, but a complete wreck around women your own age. Better luck next time, my son. :sweat_smile:
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    I loved the chapter! The theme was so cool. I really want to wear a brilliant red dress now...just saying and don't you love it when your sims have different ideas to you :wink: Price of story telling with sims who have their own minds I guess :joy:
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    Those two who knew? Loved it
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    Thanks guys!
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    edited December 2017
    Well, there's only one pairing left to try for Adriel. I'm trying to figure out housing for everyone and everyone's paired up but Adriel and Destiny. They both like Yoga, so maybe they'll catch? I'll see when i play next. Alec + Marina and Tori + Justin were natural matches right away, I can only hope these two will catch on. Do you guys think I should make them fall in love if they don't immediately catch on like the others?
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    I always think I comment when I don't... Oops lol
    Yasss Justin my boyyy <3

    I usually play my game with natural matches since I'm bad at getting my sims to woo each other--Plus it's always nicer to write haha. I hope Adriel will find love too :)
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    Mini Chapter
    Blind Date
    Destiny and Adriel went on a blind date. They brought some of the gang, Aria, Darien, Tori, Justin, and Stella the dog went to the lighthouse.

    Adriel kept rolling whims to talk to Aria and Destiny wanted to jog or talk/ flirt with Tori (which is weird? Like, no?)

    It took some proding, but here's what happened.

    Getting to know you...




    Start your engines...
    (I love this shot!^)


    Was that ok?



    Yeah it was!


    Are they a perfect match? No, but they'll make it. Until next time (which will be the big one, i hope,) stay creative!
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    That is a great shot!
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    Aaaaaw! That was waaaay too cute! I loved the kiss shot. The light house makes a super cute backdrop. All these romantic dates and falling in love make me all kinds of mushy. Haha! :heart:
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    I'm getting closer to a chapter update. Hopefully by this weekend... fingers crossed
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    Oh my gosh, i saw the new starwars yesterday and DARN! IT WAS GOOD! I have a huge crush on Adam Driver now.
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    Merry Christmas everyone!
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    Chapter 28
    Aria found something a bit better than the grind of going to a job everyday and decided to use that extra bedroom for something useful. She became an author. (Seriously, I took three tests online as ‘Aria’ and they all came out writer.)

    She sat at home all day and wrote, turning the bedroom into her little sanctuary. It was peaceful, and she enjoyed the quiet.


    Tori was winning hearts in her job as well, making World Unity a thing that was talked about on the television, and she even made a few appearances herself on the nightly news, spreading the ideals of the movement.


    “Good evening, people of Simtopia. Tonight I’m joined by an up and coming activist, Tori Grace. How are you, Tori?”

    “I’m doing fine, thank you.”


    “So what’s new in the world of World Unity?”


    “There are people who are barely making it in this world, from Oasis Springs to Brindleton Bay, which as you know just joined the union. If we could unite these regions and share resources, there would be far less needy people….” the broadcast continued, and Aria smiled to herself at Tori’s accomplishments. She was really getting head in the world, and Aria was so proud of that.


    Darien was achieving great things as well. He had proposed the next big thing in his company and his idea had been a big hit. He was spending more hours at work, sure, but he loved it. He kept a picture of Aria in his office and she reminded him to work harder, for their future and so that he could get home sooner. He was the youngest employee to have his own office, and that made him ambitious and feeling whole.


    “Wow, I’ve come a long way.” he murmured to himself. His birth parents had been terrible, and being bounced around in the foster system for three years until he found his parents now, it had been tough. Besides the emotional damage that his birth parents had put on him, being bounced around as a problem kid had made him feel that he wasn’t worth love. Aria had changed that, along with all of the people he had met at Ourunning. They made him feel whole, and had really changed his life for the better. He lived to make them proud.

    A large political campaign was underway, with Tori as the second in command. They were pushing for legislation to be pushed through for a new pipeline of water to go from Windenburg to go to Oasis Springs. The springs were drying up and to help slow the draining of the aquifers, water was going to be brought in from Windenburg, which always had plenty of water.

    After months of ironing out the logistics, it was going to be voted on, and a small group was going to have a party at the bar in the city to either soften the blow of a loss or to amplify the win.


    “You still won’t have a second child, just to spite me?” bellowed Mr. Grace. His wife sat stone faced on the sofa, not looking at him.


    “And I can’t divorce you without losing everything, you witch! Why, why are you doing this? All I want is a son, can’t you see that? Why do you withhold that from me?”


    Mrs. Grace stood and turned to face her husband and replied coldly: “I withhold a second child because of what you’ve done to this marriage. You don’t love me. You don’t love our daughter. You use her as a pawn in your corporate games because she’s making a name for herself and you're piggybacking off of it. How much money have you made since she started her political campaign? Unity isn’t what you want, you want chaos so more people buy your product. The very least that you do is pay for some rent, that’s all you do for her.”


    Mrs. Grace was very close to not being in child bearing years, and that made her husband very anxious. If he didn’t have a son, his company would go to Tori, a girl that he didn’t like whatsoever. She was too much like her mother, caring and moral.

    “Why don't you just divorce me then? We’re both unhappy. Surely it would be better to just move on with both of our lives.” he tried to go from another angle, pulling at her good side.

    “How naive do you think I am? Your last three wives and their daughters haven’t been seen or heard from since they divorced you, one after the other. This marriage is the only thing keeping me safe.”


    She defiantly stared at her husband, someone she knew wanted her to disappear, and wouldn’t have a hard time arranging it, if it wasn’t for their prenups. If she went missing or died from foul play, the company and everything that her father had would be Tori’s. It was living Hell, but it kept her daughter safe, and her alive.

    Mr. Grace took a sharp breath through his nose and straightened his jacket.


    “I have a party to attend at a shabby bar that Tori likes for her voting party. I don’t know when I’ll be home.” With that, he turned on his heel and stormed out of the room.



    “This place is fun, I suppose. Just don’t get me on the karaoke machine. I know Darien can sing, but I haven’t practiced in a long time.” Aria admitted. The colorful and bright lights of the bar and loud music wasn’t really her cup of tea. It was closer to a club than a bar, really, but it was what Tori liked. She and her work friends had put aside a reservation, just to be sure it was open for the event. Turns out, they didn’t need a reservation.


    The people in attendance were just those in the area, no out of towners. This meant that most of the friend group was invited, but some weren’t able to make it, namely Marina, Destiny, and Alec. Even Tori’s dad was showing up, which was unlike him, but hey, he did have a key to the apartment and he paid part of the rent still, so that was fine.

    Aria’s phone started buzzing. It was Darien.


    “Hey, I’m gonna be late. I just got some more paperwork that was apparently due yesterday-” his voice increased in volume. “- so I won’t be able to join you and Tori Grace at your important get together to help the poor people of Oasis Springs to get water. Thanks, Dave!” He sounded grumpy.


    Aria smiled. “Give him a break. It’s close to the holidays, I’m sure he has other things on his mind.”

    “You’re too kind, Aria. I’ll see you later. I love you.”

    “Love you too.” She hung up the phone and looked out at the party. Was growing up just about parties? Why was she always at a party these days?

    Tori broke her inner monologue, handing her a drink.

    “Drink up, my dad said he’d pay for them. Free drinks!” her words were a bit higher in pitch. Tori got higher in pitch when she was drunk.

    “How many of these have you had?” asked Aria with amazement. The party had started less than half an hour ago.

    “Three? Five? I don't know, They taste too good to stop. These things could make me an alcoholic.”

    “You know that alcoholism is a psychological dependence on alcohol and not just drinking because it tastes good, right?”

    “Yeah, yeah, Drink up!”

    Aria took a sip, and it tasted like a strawberry smoothie with flavor pumped into it. It was good.

    The evening went on, and everyone danced and had a good time. At 9 o'clock, when Aria and Tori were good and drunk, the news came on, hushing everyone in the crowd.


    “The motion to pipe in water from Windenburg has been approved by voters and will go into effect in the coming months. The plan schedules groundbreaking in the spring.”

    A cheer went around the bar. Jaclyn and Naomi embraced each other, Justin kissed Tori, and Aria took a sip of her drink. Darien sure was late…



    She looks so much like her mother, it makes me so angry… thought Mr. Grace in the corner, trying to stay away from the young people. She was so happy, he felt like strangling her. She was also very drunk, but so was her friend, Aria.


    Aria had really come into her own as she had grown up. He remembered her as a timid little thing, scared of rejection, but being in a caring environment had boosted her self confidence.

    He still boiled with rage over his wife. How dare she deny him what he wanted? Was a son so much to ask for? Never mind what science said about the Y chromosome coming from the father, all of his wives before had been somehow influencing the gender of the babies. He had heard that eating strawberries helped have girls, and that carrots helped have boys, and that sounded like better science to him than chromosomes. What were chromosomes anyway?

    For a moment, Mr. Grace saw his wife instead of Tori, chatting with a younger girl. They seemed happy, and that she was having fun. If she was happy and he wasn’t, then he had to take her happiness away. All he needed was the right time…


    It was ten o’clock, and Darien still hadn’t arrived at the party. People were starting to leave for the night, and Aria was slumped in a booth in a corner. Tori was still dancing, though she was stumbling more than she was dancing. Justin was still watching, and Adriel was outside trying not to hurl.

    Mr. Grace stood up from his seat in the back and made his way over to where Aria was.


    “Hey, come on, let’s get you home.” he coaxed. She stirred, and tried to go back to sleep.


    “No, no, this is not your bed, it’s not befitting of a lady to sleep in public, so up you come.” he tried again.

    Justin came over, his strong arms showing in his tight shirt. “What’s up, Mr. Grace? Can I help with something?”


    He was still sober. “I was just going to leave and I thought that I could give Aria a lift home. She looks like she’ll regret drinking so much in the morning, and I think she’ll be more comfortable at home.”

    “I could take her, it’s no trouble.” Justin stepped closer.

    “No, I’m fine, just gotta get her on her feet. You should stay anyway,” he lowered his tone. “Tori looks like she could get a bit frisky, and I’d like you to keep an eye on her.”


    “Yes sir.” Justin beamed. He was proud that Tori’s father trusted him with her safety, or so he thought.

    Mr. Grace hefted Aria out of the booth and held her arm over his shoulder. “We'll be fine, I’d just stay away from these two tomorrow, if you know what I mean. Good night.”

    “Good night.” said Justin, turning back to chit chat with the bartender.

    As they exited the building, Aria glimpsed Adriel hurling into the bay. Gross.


    They made it across the square to their apartment building, when Aria decided that her front door was a fine place to sleep. She didn’t need to get up, It was comfortable on the floor…

    Mr. Grace looked down at her, defenceless. Before, he would have pulled the “My wife died,” or “Want to see just how big my TV is? I have 400 channels to look through and every movie ever produced.” What he had in mind now was below him, and for a moment he thought better of it. But Tori’s mother wasn’t going to give him an heir, and the thought of his money going to Tori so that she could donate funds from it to charity made him physically sick.

    No, desperate times called for desperate measures, and that’s what he was, wasn't he? He was a desperate man, and this he could deal with.


    With a grunt and feeling his back come within an inch of popping, he hoisted Aria over his shoulder, and carried her inside the bedroom.


    The After

    Listen to this while looking:


    There's something I love about the Groomsmen and the bridesmaids being fairies and pirates. So fun but fantasy too.

    Thank you all so much for reading along with me. Tessa, Aria and Darien's little girl, is going to grow up an normal life now, but when she is a Young Adult, she'll have her own Selection Challenge! I got the inspiration form all the challenges I'm apart of, and my good friend @Kamio, who made the rules for the challenge. I'll either have 14 to 21 sims be able to apply, depending on the amount of applicants. It'll be fun, I hope.

    I have Wifi now! So no more having to go through my phone to upload EVERYTHING. Hopefully that means that I will be able to upload more consistently and have better quality. Typing sure will be easier.

    I'll add a link here when the challenge is live. It'll have it's own thread. Until then, have a happy new year, folks! See you on the other side!
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    Yay!!!! You finished!!!!! So excited for the next adventure :smiley:

    I love it! I hope that you have an amazing holiday seasons and one awesome start to the New Year!!!
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    An ending!! Hopefully I'll have a new computer by then, but I'm looking foward to the next story!
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    Thanks guys! I wanted Aria and Darien to have one more baby, but tgey had three! Too many kids, too many kids! Three babies that then turn into toddlers, so- much- work!
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    I love it!
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    Onwards and Upwards





    Join me for (Extra)Ordinary Tessa, a new story and selection challenge!

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