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The Aria Chronicles Finale! - Final Update - updated 1-1-18


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    Hello @irishsong, whatever became of this? It's pretty good.
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    I want to get a new laptop to play on. That and i need a boy's boarding school to continue and I'm not that good at building. But i do want to do it again.
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    That and I didn't get much feed back on it. No one commented.
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    What!!! I saw that people are still viewing it. You should post that you need someone to build a school for you. And simultaneously Do a casting for creation of some young men for the school. Create a link to this thread in your plea post...I'm sure some builders will step foward!!! Positive thoughts!! :)
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    I finally got my brand new laptop! I just gotta set it up and then i should be back in business. Yeehaw! (I usually don't use that word. Too southern for me)
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    I'm sooo happy for you!!! Happy simming!!
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    I will. Man, I'm stoked. I'll probably do a brief "while we were gone" bit so I can get on with it. Starts tomorrow hopefully.
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    Ok, here's what I have so far. I'll include pictures in ones I have, but that'll happen tomorrow (or 12 hours from this posting)

    ☆Music for your reading experience:

    Chapter 7
    After breakfast, Tori’s mom had something she wanted to do.

    “What? You fish?” Tori said, looking at her mother in disbelief.

    “Of course I fish, honey. I like the outdoors. Did you think I just liked the flowers? I like roughing it.”

    “That’s what she said…” remarked Tori’s father. Mrs. Grace shot him a disgruntled look. “Yeah, so I’m going to go to the pond. Do you girls want to try fishing?”

    The two girls just stood there for a few minutes, not sure of what they wanted to do. After a while, Aria said very quietly “I’m up for trying new things.”

    Mrs. Grace smiled, but Mr. Grace, who had just grabbed a juice from the cooler, asked “What did you say, sweet cakes? I can’t hear you! Speak up!”

    Aria flushed deeply and looked at the ground.

    “She said she wants to learn to fish, dear! We’re going to the pond. Enjoy yourself today, ok?”

    “Will do!”

    On their way to the pond, they passed what appeared to be a natural spring, murky, but clean enough to swim in. There were a few people near it, having fun by swimming, splashing, and talking.

    “What do you girls say we take a dip after dinner. Eh?” Mrs. suggested.

    Arai spoke again in her quiet, shy way. “I don’t have a swim suit…”

    “Oh, don’t worry, you can my extra. Good thing I have two!” Tori reassured her friend.

    “Hey Girls!”...

    *giggles* “I bet he’s rich.”

    “I wonder what he does for a living.”

    “What the hell are you doing?!” Tori’s mother shouted.
    “What, You’re married? You told me your wife died!”

    Mr. Grace looked franticly between his wife and the girl coming out of their tent. “Oh, girls-” he stammered. “I didn’t expect you home so soon! Were the fish not catching?”

    “This girl is young enough to be your daughter! Go home, honey, and warn your friends. This man in a 🌺🌺🌺🌺.”

    If looks could kill, the Grim Reaper would be making a house call. Mrs. Grace was writhing with anger.

    Tori and Aria looked at each other with confusion. What was going on? Why was Tori’s mother so upset?

    Suddenly Mrs. Grace ran off into the woods sobbing.

    “Girls, just go to your tent. It’ll get better.”

    ☆Music refresher
    Chapter 8
    Maggy was in her room, reading before going to bed. She was in her night clothes, but in true Maggy fashion they were conservative and functional incase one of the girls needed something.

    That’s when there was a knock on the front door.

    How odd that someone would be knocking at this time of night. I might as well see who it is…

    Maggy made her way to the front door. She opened it without looking who was there.

    Thankfully, It wasn’t anyone who would do anyone harm. Deon stood out in the dark, flushed from the cold, and looking sheepish.

    Maggy was surprised to see him and stood in the doorway for a minute, not quite believing what she saw. Maggy shivered.

    “Oh, you’re going to catch a chill standing out there. Come in!”

    “Oh, ok.” he responded. He shuffled into the entrance, which had lost a good deal of it’s heat out the front door while it was open.

    “What are you doing here? How did you get here?”

    “Two weeks is too long to not see you again, Maggy. I needed to see you. I feel so at unrest while I don’t, but I’ve been developing butterflies since I saw you a few minutes ago. I had to see you.”

    “But the school is so far away from Newcrest. You must have been on the road for two hours!”

    “Was it really that long? It went past me in a blur.”

    “When did you eat last?”

    “I got food from the restaurant. Come on, put on something warmer. I want to show you something.”

    Maggy looked at Deon with suspicion. “Since when did you get so creative? Ok, wait here while I go and get my jacket.”

    After a few minutes, Maggy emerged from her small room and rejoined Deon in the main room.

    His eyes were gleaming with excitement. “Ya ready?” Maggy nodded in response. “Ok, let’s go.”

    He lead her down to the waterfront. There was a large tarp spread out on the ground, a bonfire, and the promised food Deon had got from the restaurant where he worked.

    “I’m sorry that the food is probably cold by now, I hadn’t figured in that it would be so cold tonight and that it would take so long to get here…”

    “I’m sure it’ll be lovely.” smiled Maggy. She went ahead of him and added some more wood onto the fire. Then she layed down on the ground, looking up at the stars.

    Deon joined her a small distance away.

    After some relaxed silence, Maggy piped up.

    “How many kids do you want?”

    Taken aback at the bluntness of the question, Deon faltered. “What?”

    “In a perfect world, how many kids do you think you’d want? I personally think I’d like at least two. At least one daughter. Boys are fine, but as a girl I want a daughter that can be all mine, one who I can go shopping with, or do other girl things with. I could teach her to cook!”

    “You could do that to boys too you know. Teach them to cook.”

    ‘Yeah, I guess.”

    “I always wanted a big family. Lots of kids running around, a big hug when I get home from work and they all jump on me because their papa was home. But I put that behind me now since I feel like I’ve gotten past the age to have children.”

    “No, you can still have kids!” Maggy said in agast. “If you really got up there in the years, I-” she stopped suddenly.

    “You what?”

    “Nothing. Nope, not saying.”

    “Ok then…” Deon said amusedly. Finally, Maggy was the one uncomfortable for once. At least she was human.

    They laid that way for a while, eventually moving closer to each other. After a while, they got up, ate the food (which was still delicious even though it was cold. Who knew that cold cheese burgers could be so good?), and looked at the fire together.


    “Yes, Maggy?”

    She turned and kissed him.

    ☆Last music reel

    Chapter 9
    “So where are these files that you were talking about?” asked Tori. They had snuck out of bed, with no trouble at all, though the halls, and down into the basement.

    “They were right over here… I think maybe it’s this door.” Aria groped along the wall and found a door handle. She opened it and the smell of paper and slight rust blew greeted them. The inside was completely dark.

    “You got the lantern?” asked Aria.

    “Yeah, right here. I took it from our short lived camping trip.”

    The light was turned on and they saw a few rows of file cabinets.

    Tori was shaking with anticipation.

    “If you use any of this information, won’t they know how you learned it? This must all be pretty secret stuff…”

    “I’ll just keep it to myself. Come on, let’s start digging!”

    Tori started across the room and scanned the labels on the drawers. “It seems to be alphabetical. I can’t believe so many girls have gone here! We only have a class of six, imagine how many years this school must have been here for this many people to come through here.”

    “The school could probably handle more girls at some point. The school was built only two hundred years ago.”

    “How do you know that?”

    “It’s on the outside of the building, silly.”

    “How have I never noticed that? Weird.

    “So, who do we start with first? I know, how about we start with each other’s files,”

    Aria knew that her file would mention that she was only here because she was in a program. That reminded her of her parents so far away and she felt a twinge of sadness, but overwhelmingly anxious. Things with Tori were going so well. They were best friends at this point and she wasn’t sure that this wouldn’t break their friendship.

    “Ok, but only if we act as if we never saw them. We can’t react at all.”

    “Odd, but deal.”

    They rummaged around for a few minutes looking through the many files until they found each other’s. Then they sat down next to the lantern and read in silence.

    Tori Grace
    Age: 11

    Father is a CEO of a mining industry. He has had several wives in his time, he has divorced each one after no son is born, only daughters. Assumably, he is looking for an heir.

    Mother is a stay at home wife but takes part in the community to get out of the house. Has one daughter and wants more children but has had no more.

    Daughter removed from the family due to safety concerns for the child.

    Aria Stone
    Age: 11
    Father is a labor worker and tinkers on his free time to make extra money. Is in the New Chance program.

    Mother had cancer but recovered. However, the cancer and the treatment made it hard to have a child. Was only successful after five years of trying. They could not afford fertility treatment. The mother now works in farming tomatoes. Is in the New Chance program.

    Daughter brought to the school as a part of the New Chance program. She is not to communicate or see her parents until she is finished with her schooling so as to not distract them from their work.

    The two girls remembered their promises and looked at each other with smiles instead of big eyes, but on the inside they were questioning so much about the other.

    They continued their browsing and found the other girl’s files.

    Naomi Waters
    Age 12

    Father is a biologist and heir to a large fortune, added to the already sizable amount of money he has developed himself.

    Mother is a beautician and runs her own business. She also comes from money.

    Jaclyn Beifong
    Age 12

    Father is an inventor and rocket scientist. Has designed and built space faring rockets and stations.

    Mother is a surgical Chief at Cut Me Open Memorial. Comes from a large family.

    Marina Gibbs
    Age 11

    Father was rumored to be having an affair and thus ruined his million dollar matchmaking business. After the truth finally came out that he was indeed not having an affair, the damage had been done. It has been slow going to get the business going again and instead they are using the mother as the face of the business.

    The mother has stood by the father’s side through thick and thin. They married originally as a merger, but have fell in love and have a very deep connection.

    Destiny Lake
    Age 12

    Father is a diabetic billionaire. As of this record, he has only a few years to live before it becomes fatal.

    The mother is a world renowned artist. Her paintings sell for $50,000 dollars each.

    As they were looking through the files, they weren’t afraid to make noise. Until they heard someone coming down the hallway.
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    Chapter Catch Up

    Maggy and Deon got married! I had pictures of this when the girls were still children, but i didn't feel like hunting for it. I made such a pretty venue for it.


    And the girls grew up.

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    Cool I like where this is going
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    Chapter 10: First Comes Love, Then Comes Marriage, Then Comes a…

    Maggy looked at her swelling middle section. She had to tell the headmistress about this before it became too evident. Already she was getting more and more tired, sickness would make her run for the nearest toilet, and she could hardly fit into her uniforms. She’d have to alter them. Thankfully her apron hid a lot of what was growing.


    Deon was away in Newcrest. Since the wedding, and after the honeymoon, Maggy and Deon had agreed that they were in no position to change their living position. Maggy brought in a considerable amount of income, and Deon wanted to start his own restaurant, which was taking a lot of time and money to accomplish.

    Maggy knocked on the headmistress’s office door, and waited to be asked in.

    “Come in!” Mrs. Motto shouted.

    Maggy entered the door to find the headmistress fully paying attention to her computer screen and typing a few words here and there. Maggy awkwardly sat down in the stool across from the desk. She hadn’t done this since she was being interviewed for the job, and that was a good ten years ago.


    Mrs. Motto eventually looked up at Maggy with a smile. While she held resentment for trouble makers like Tori and assumably Aria, she had only respect for Maggy.

    “Maggy, my dear, what’s on your mind? How can I be of assistance?”

    “Well, Ma’am, I have something I need to tell you. You see,” she paused a moment, trying to get her words in order. “Well- I-”

    “Ms. David, out with it.” Mrs. Motto said with gentle force.

    Maggy looked at the headmistress in the eyes and said “I’m expecting a baby in six months.”


    Taken aback, she replied: “How is this going to affect your performance?” Mrs. Motto looked a bit stunned. Leave it to Mrs. Motto to worry about the job rather than the person performing it…

    “Oh, it shouldn’t effect my job at all.” Maggy quickly assured. “I may take more breaks, go a little slower, but other than that, I can be a maid all the same.”

    “What about when the baby arrives? What will you do then? Will you stay at the school, or will you leave us?”

    Maggy looked at her hands in her lap. “To be honest, I’m not sure yet. I love the girls as if they were my own little sisters. I would miss them dearly. I’m just not sure yet.”

    “Talk to your husband about this. For now,” Mrs. Motto straightened her back and squared her shoulders. “You may stay here and continue your duties. If that is all, I will see you later around the campus.”

    “Yes, Ma’am.” Maggy stood up and walked out of the office.

    Destiny has taken up a Yoga routine.

    Marina is writing her first children’s book.

    Aria bursts out her violin anywhere she can.

    Tori likes to tell jokes.

    And Jaclyn and Naomi like to stay up late into the night talking.
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    I'm working on the next few chapters. I have the next two chapters written, just gotta take the pictures. I think that I'll get to the boy's boarding school in the next three chapters, maybe on chapter 14. If anyone has anything they'd like to add to a character, esspecially their character, that'd be great. I'm very open to it.You can private message me if so.
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    Chapter 11: Amber in Darkness
    As we end this lesson, Mrs. Briggs has something to say to the class.” Mrs. Motto raised her voice to a louder decibel. “Mrs. Briggs! We’re ready for you!”


    Tori leaned over to Aria. “I heard that since she got married, she really let her figure go. I wonder if it’s all the good pastries she’s making finally affecting her perfect figure.”


    Maggy walked up the aisle to the podium, She felt butterflies in her stomach and wondered how Mrs. Motto did this nearly everyday.

    She Turned to face the class and folded her hands in front of herself.

    “As you all know, I’ve been married for a few years now. Mr. Briggs and I have decided that we would like children. I am here to announce…” She paused to look sad, an acting ploy to make the girls think that it was going to be a sad verdict.




    The girls cheered and smiled, all happy for Maggy.

    “Yah gonna name the baby after me?” Tori asked in jest

    “Tori! Proper English, please!” Mrs. Motto scolded.

    “Sorry. Are you going to name your offspring in my namesake?” The class laughed once again.


    Maggy and Deon changed their living arrangement. He couldn't leave Newcrest for the whole week, his restaurant was brand new and he was not only the owner but the main chef as well. He visited Maggy on the weekends, even helping out with the grounds keeping and the keeping the appliances in working order. Things Maggy would have done had she not been very pregnant.

    A little cottage was built for the little family on the grounds, just two rooms really. It wasn't really appropriate to shove a whole family in Maggy's little room.

    The room still smelled of paint when Maggy switched on the light.

    “Honey, Deon, it hurts.”


    “What?” he mumbled, rolling over to look at her.

    Maggy stood up and clenched her stomach. “I, I think it's time. The baby is coming. Deon- Deon!” She buckled over and turned pale.

    No longer sleepy, Deon bolted out of bed. “What- what do I do? Holy cats, what do I do?”

    “Go and get the headmistress.” she said through gritted teeth. “She's the only one in several miles who can help me.”

    Deon ran from the little house still in his underwear.


    Arriving at the school, he ran to the office where he saw there was still light coming from under the door. He knocked, and tried the door knob. It was locked.

    “Read the sign!” shouted the head mistress. Sure enough, the sign said to wait to be called before entering, so he paced around outside of the door, creaking the floorboards.

    “SIT!” commanded the voice. Deon did as he was told, not even daring to bounce his leg. Was Maggy alright?

    “Enter!” Deon opened the door and quickly closed it behind him. He opened his mouth to speak, but the headmistress pointed at the stool and raised an eyebrow, demanding he sit before speaking. He did as commanded.

    “I assume there's a reason you are underdressed and bothering me at such a late time?”

    “Yes, Ma’am. Maggy's in pain. She thinks it's the baby. She sent me to come and get you. Please help her.”


    “Of course I'll help the girl. Do you think I'm cruel? Lead the way.”

    They arrived at the little house to find Maggy on her side, curled in a ball on the bed.

    “Maggy, you need to get on your back. Come now, do as you're told.”


    May I introduce, Amber Briggs, the newest addition to the Briggs family!


    Tori got an electric keyboard for her birthday and may be taking a liking to it.


    Destiny is reading up on vampire lore.
    (Forgot picture)

    Marina is deleted and remade (Turns out if you leave the game with over eight people in your lot it overloads deletes some. It also deleted Deon… But he has been restored!)


    Aria is staring at her family photos and missing her family more often.


    Jaclyn and Naomi are breeding more frogs than ever now. You'd think they're rabbits, not frogs. They celebrate with a long overdue embrace at their success.


    The Stone’s have other things to think about than Aria...

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    0mg!! :) I truly wasn't expecting that ending!!
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    Ahahaha "Are you going to name your offspring in my namesake?" this bit made me laugh
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    Oh really good story interesting to see how it moved along, just imagine Aria coming home to three new siblings staying at home when she was sent away.
    Reddestiny921 on the gallery...still not sure if I capitalized the second
    Hundred baby reached ten

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    Chapter 12
    (In spoiler to help with loading)
    It should have been raining. Why wasn’t it raining? Aria watched as the last of Maggy’s things were loaded onto the truck to leave. She didn’t have much, just a bed, some clothes, and the few knickknacks that she had as keepsakes.

    Maggy was leaving. Amber was a to be more of a handful and needing even more time from Maggy. Deon had bought a rundown restaurant in Windenburg and they were building it up and refurbishing it. It was time for Maggy to move on with her life, but Aria didn’t want her to leave. She didn’t want things to change.


    Maggy’s replacement was a terrible choice, but there were rumors that the school was losing money so they couldn’t afford a good maid. The new maid was very gothic, wore a half apron and wore pants. Only the headmistress wore pants, everyone else wore skirts while at the school. It was scandalous. The new girl was covered in tatoos, had late night phone calls, and played loud music late into the night. Aria had had peanut butter and jelly sandwiches four times in the past three days, and it was getting really annoying.

    Class hadn’t changed much though. They were still getting a good education, learning the basics of history, good writing, mathematics, brief science, and then were turned loose for the afternoons to their own projects.

    There was one catch. Something new came their way.


    “You all have been tasked with a hobby. A way to better yourself. In a month, we are going to be evaluating what you have to show for the time that has been given to you. We’re going to have a visitor to evaluate your progress, so it is out of my hands as to how you’re graded.” Mrs. Motto looked over the class, looking each of them in the eye. Marina looked a bit pale, Destiny was calm and collected, Naomi and Jaclyn looked at each other with glee, and Aria looked into space, hoping that she would be able to perform when the time came.


    Tori was internally panicking. She had puttered at the piano for a few half hour sessions now that she had an instrument that she appreciated and could sound like a robot, but she was no master like she should have been. Her hands were cold as she grabbed Aria’s hand. While she smiled, there was panic in her eyes.

    After class, Tori dragged Aria to their room. Jaclyn and Naomi were fast on their heels, running into their room and quickly closing the door, giggling as they went. That's odd behavior for them… Aria thought.


    Tori closed and locked the door behind them, removing the facade of certainty. She plopped down on her bed.

    Aria pulled over the cooler Tori had brought from home and sat on it across from Tori.


    “What am I going to do? I'll be found out for sure. I'll be in detention for months. They'll fail me, I won't be able to get a good career, people will think I'm a slacker.-”

    “Well, not that you've ever worked hard on anything…”

    “I've worked hard on not working hard.”

    “Ok,” Aria said with a calming tone. “Let's think about what we can do to convince everyone that you're better than you really are. How can we do that?”


    Tori took a shaky breath. “Well, my new keyboard has an option to make it sound like you’re really good. It plays the music and you can just sit there while it plays, but I’m certain that whoever’s grading this will want me to use the piano in the sitting room.”


    “So all we have to do is make it not work the day that we’re presenting. Hey, this could work!”


    “But I don’t want to break a piano. And I don’t know how to put one out of commission.”

    “I bet one of the other girls knows something about it. Come on, Let’s ask them.”

    Aria stood up with confidence, and Tori stood up in embarrassment, their rolls oddly mixed for once. Striding across the hall, Aria knocked on their doors. There were little gasps from behind it, and a “Just minute!” from someone on the other side. Aria and Tori waited in the hall until a flushed looking Jaclyn opened the door.


    “Are you ok? You look like you’re out of breath. Both of you do!” Aria noticed.

    “Oh- we- we were just doing some exercise.”

    “In your tiny room? Shouldn’t that be done in the dining hall or outside? It looks like you’ll crack your head on that huge aquarium of yours.”

    “What we do and where we do it is our concern, not yours.” Said Naomi, always one to get to the point. “Now, how can we help you?”

    “We need the piano to be in not working order on the day of presentation. We were hoping one of you knew how to pull it off.”

    “What’s in it for us?” Jaclyn sat down next to Naomi, motioning for them to sit down on the opposite bed.

    “I don’t know,” admitted Tori. “What do you want?

    Jaclyn and Naomi whispered to each other and came up with something. “We want the batteries to go missing from Ms. Kohl’s radio and to have her cell phone battery in our hand by tomorrow night at midnight,” claimed Jaclyn.

    “That’s it? Please-”


    “No, wait.” stopped Aria, This is going to be much harder. Ms. Kohl is glued to her phone 24/7, and she’s up at night, making it hard to just sneak in and steal the batteries. We would want to go during the day while she’s napping, but the room is usually locked and it’s right down the hallway from the headmistress. It's incredibly risky.”


    “Huh, I hadn’t thought of that.” Tori said.

    They sat in silence for a while, consumed in thought.

    “I’ll be the scapegoat.” said Aria quietly.

    “What are you talking about?” inquired Tori. Jaclyn and Naomi leaned forward in interest.

    “Here’s what I’m thinking-”


    Aria peaked her head out of the sitting room and strained to hear what was going on in the kitchen. Sure enough, she could hear Mia Kohl in the kitchen. The door was cracked open and she was muttering to herself trying to get a spaghetti dinner put together.

    This was her cue, and she pulled out a bobby pin from her pocket and made a loud attempt to open the maid’s bedroom door, throwing in some swear words for effect.
    Used to a usually quiet day, Mrs. Motto stuck her head out of her office door. Seeing the headmistress, she swore again in feigned panic and tried to open the door faster, failing on purpose.


    “Ms. Stone! What in God’s name are you doing? Stop what you’re attempting at once!”

    Aria, seeing that she had been caught, took the bobby pin out of the lock and stepped away from the door.

    “I can’t believe that you would pull something like this! You’re being a terrible influence on the school You’ll be disciplined for this for sure. In fact-” Ms. Kohl swore from the kitchen as a pan hit the floor. Mrs. Motto flinched at the sound and language. “You’re first act of penance is to help Ms. Kohl in the kitchen, Surely you've had enough practice with your detention with Mrs. Briggs (Maggy) to get yourself through a spaghetti dinner.”


    “Yes Ma’am.” Ari ducked her head and headed off to the kitchen. Getting there, she tied up her hair, something that Ms. Kohl had neglected to do.


    “Oh, what do you want?” snapped Mia Kohl.

    “I was told to help you in the kitchen. I got in trouble and this is my punishment.” Aria looked at the floor. While she was no stranger to punishment, it had never actually been her fault and she didn’t like it when authority looked down on her.

    “A trouble maker, huh?” grinned Mia Kohl. “Ok, do you know how to boil noodles?”


    “Yes ma’am.”

    “Cool. Boil them for me.”

    Aria stepped up to the stove. The woman had put started the wrong burner. Aria fixed the problem and waited for the water to start to boil. The maid was glued to her phone. She laughed suddenly and went back to watching her phone.

    “What’s so funny?” Aria asked.

    “Oh, it’s noth- actually, I suppose I could share it with a fellow trouble maker. Here,” she said, handing the phone over.

    Aria looked at it, watching as a man dressed as a gorilla jumped out from behind corners to scare people. It was tasteless.


    “I guess that’s sorta funny. I more into videos of cats.”

    “Cats? No, cats aren’t that funny anymore. It isn’t 2012 anymore.”

    “Really? I think it’s especially funny-” Aria motioned with big gestures “when they have funny voices. Like there was one video I saw where-"
    the phone flung out of Aria’s hand, into the water that was starting to boil.

    “What the hell?!” Mia Kohl rushed towards the stove, Aria grabbed for the ladle and tried to scoop the phone out of the water, taking a few purposeful attempts to make sure that it was fully saturated. She finally got it out and put it into a towel held by a very anxious Mia Kohl.


    “I’m sorry!I’m sorry!I’m sorry! Here’s get the battery out of it quickly! We can still save it!”

    Ms.Kohl expertly fetched the battery out of the back of the phone,handing it to Aria. “What do we do? What do We do?”

    “I know just what to do about this. I’m going to go and put it on the roof where it can dry out in the sun and the breeze.”

    “The roof? I don’t know…”

    “Believe me, I’ve done this same thing with my own phone several times and it always comes out the other end just fine.”

    Mia looked sceptical, but then shrugged it off. “Whatever. Just make sure it works again, ok?”

    “Of course Ma’am.”

    Aria pocketed the battery and mentally checked off the item on their short list. The battery would be fixed; but not on the roof. Tori screwed up her phone enough that they had a bag of dry rice they put her phone in when it took impromptu swimming lessons.


    While Aria had been collecting the phone battery, Mrs. Motto felt accomplished and went back to her office, not noticing the commotion in the kitchen, and not noticing a much stealthier and more experienced Tori sneak into Mia’s room, removing all of the batteries from the room, even the ones in the underwear drawer. Everyone always kept their batteries in their underwear drawer.

    And for once, dinner was actually pretty good.

    Destiny has been practicing her yoga to be the most impressive it can be.


    Marina is polishing a chapter of hers to be the best it can be.

    Jaclyn and Naomi are...involved.


    Maggy and Deon have fixed up their little restaurant. It's small, but it’s darling.
    (Not my build, here’s the link!:

  • MINEZMINEZ Posts: 753 Member
    I hope we'll see the Briggs still...
  • minjee_kangminjee_kang Posts: 285 Member
    Ooooh Aria is so sneaky, I love it! I liked Maggy and am sad to see her go :( Hope the restaurant goes well xo
  • RedDestiny92RedDestiny92 Posts: 5,639 Member
    edited June 2017
    I hope their plan works to go through all that I wonder if Maggy will visit them.
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  • IrishsongIrishsong Posts: 1,359 Member
    Don't worry, guys. They're along for the ride.
  • IrishsongIrishsong Posts: 1,359 Member
    Whew, just finished writing the next chapter. It's long and a Rollercoaster
  • mintycupcakemintycupcake Posts: 11,534 Member
    Exited to read it!
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