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The Aria Chronicles Finale! - Final Update - updated 1-1-18


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    Happy 100th post! <3 Love the 4th of July picture from Tori and Aria <3 Super cute!
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    Chapter 17
    Firewall Comes Down
    A day of normal classes had come and gone with little incident. It was now Thursday, and it was a day for a student to teach. Having Justin teach everyone how to make decent macaroni and cheese just two days ago, it now fell on Adriel’s shoulders to teach a skill.

    He had been in his room planning for the occasion for the past three days. Aria guessed he just really wanted to get it right.

    “What do you think we’re going to learn from him?” Darian picked Aria’s brain.


    “Well-” she started.

    “I bet we’re all going to lose a ball learning yoga.” jumped in Iago. He weaseled his way in between the two of them.

    (I love this picture)

    “Iago, the only reason you would lose a ball is because you don’t stretch and you would tear it off. There’s nothing wrong with yoga.” Aria replied, not wanting to give into his negativity. “And if all you're going to do is be negative, I’m leaving the area.”


    “Oh, hey, I peeked in your room the other day. Who’s that little girl with the tan-er lady? They’re wearing black and red matching dresses? She looks an awful lot like you.” Iago was testing the waters. He wanted to see how Aria would react to the question, and Aria knew she had to reply carefully.


    “Oh, that’s my little sister, Aria. She’s still back home with my parents. That’s my mother you saw in the picture.” Aria said casually.

    “Your mom’s hot. Is she single?”


    “Did you see the picture near it with a red headed man? That’s my dad. They’re very happy together.And he’d beat your a*s and leave you on the curb if you tried anything.”


    At least I hope they’re happy.

    “Psh, yeah right.” Iago blew it off.

    “Ok, everyone, time to go to the library.” Mr. Rhys announced. “Adriel had told me that he would like us to have class there. Please don’t run.”

    “Well, at least we won’t be losing any balls today.” muttered Iago.

    They filed down to the library. Aria hadn’t actually seen the library yet. She didn’t have a library at Von Wind, just some book cases and the internet when they were doing projects. She must have read every work of fiction in the school twice.

    This library was different. While it was a bit small, and resembled the basement that it was housed in, it was top of the line as far as materials. Aria glimpsed a brand new dictionary set, a whole fiction area, and several (in her opinion) futuristic computers.

    I bet they run really fast. I took forever to load a website on the old laptops at Von Wind.

    “Oh, while were all assembled, other than Mr. Merriwether who couldn't make it due to illness, I would like to announce the new name of the school. It is Ourunning School for Boys. I particularly liked the name and got it from a valued source on a television show. I found it fitting as we are now up and running in full swing.” Mr. Rhys looked proud, even though it was a hilarious name. So many jokes could be made from it.

    Ourunning, like we are running from something that hurt us? Thought Aria with a giggle.

    Ourunning, like, ‘Look, we’re up and running? pondered Alec.

    Ourunnng, like the anime show? thought a puzzled Justin.

    “Without further ado, I will had the class over to Adriel. Adriel?”


    “Yes, thanks. So, as some of you may not know, I like electronics. I have designed several softwares on my spare time, One is an app to connect people together for friendships, I invented Tinder before it was cool, but it was named Flaming Pile of Matches. You can’t really blame me, I was thirteen at the time and it is a bit of a mouthful. When I was ten, my parents wouldn’t let me have a dog, so I made an app that had a picture of a dog that made a barking noise whenever you touched the picture. It didn’t move or anything, but I had made it do a thing, and so I was proud. I should have just gotten Nintendogs.”

    The class laughed at this. Adriel was really good at breaking the tension, and he was rolling with this like a star.

    (I really like this one too. It has almost the whole cast of the boys' school)

    “Yeah, but then you would have been gay.” heckled Iago.


    “One column of dictionary assigned to Mr. Wolfe. Please continue,

    A bit fazed, Adriel took a sharp breath through his nose, and moved on. “I want everyone to get onto a computer and get onto the software. Today, we’re going to be learning some programing. We’ll be making some different clock widgets for your phones today.”

    “Why don’t we just get out popsicle sticks and glue while we’re at it…” grumbled Iago. Mr. Rhys shot him a warning glance, but while it wasn’t a direct insult he said nothing.


    Aria successfully made a mint colored clock that she was happy with, and the lesson went off without a hitch. No one fought, no one swore, it was humane.

    The day after, and it was Friday night. The guys were going out to the club, to play darts or see if they could snag a date. Iago was going to see his new girlfriend there too and probably rub the fact that he had a girlfriend in their faces,

    Aria was going to Maggy’s for the weekend. She was finishing packing when she heard a knock at the door.

    She spun around, seeing Darian there. She calmed down almost immediately, and let him in.


    “Going somewhere?” he asked.

    “Yeah. a friend of the family’s house. THey live in the next neighborhood over. It’s a good walk there, but it's worth it. I'd rather not just stay around here all weekend.”


    “You should come with us to the club. Have you ever been there?”

    “If Iago likes to go there, I’m not sure I would. Besides, I have a girlfriend. Isn’t clubbing for the single and desperate?” She gave Darian a playful light sock in the arm.


    “Well, you would like you go if I like to go wouldn’t you? Come on, it's fun Surely your friend can wait a bit more for you, And when we're done, I’ll walk you to wherever you’re going.”


    It did sound like a nice idea. She did want to get to know the guys better, to be more like one of them. To make friend with them. The conversations she’d had with Darian and Justin had left them on good terms. but she hadn’t had a single quality conversation with Alec or Adriel. She had seen both of them, worked with them in class, but not really just talked with them.

    The boys were dragging Alec along with them. He hadn’t wanted to come along at first, saying he wanted to stay home and read, but Darian had threatened to heave him over his shoulder if he didn’t comply. Needless to say, he agreed to come.

    Dressed in more impressive clothes than normal casual ones, they all walked over to the club. Neither Mr. Merriwether or Mr. Rhys were going with them, Mr. Merriwether was happy he could blare loud opera music without bothering any of the students while swimming, and Mr. Rhys was settling into bed with a good book and a cup of tea. Justin had the keys to the front door, and they were all set to have fun on the town.

    Exiting the front door, they made their way to the club. Aria walked next to Darian, Iago walked ahead of the group, looking for someone, and Adriel and Alec walked together, Adriel being more confident than Alec. He was excited to get out of his head for a while and let loose.


    Iago eased up and ran a short ways off as a blonde girl stood up from a bench. She wore revealing clothing, much more mature than she should have been wearing for her age, though Aria.

    The couple embraced and let go. “Guys, look at my great girlfriend! Ain’t she hot? You’re all jealous, admit it.” Iago teased. Aria had to hand it to him. Her eyes did sparkle, She had great curves, and her hair was platinum blonde. She was like the female version of Iago. Let’s just hope her personality is better.


    “Iago, I told you I don’t want any labels yet. Hi, I’m Desdemona. Pleasure to meet all of you. Let’s se if I can name all of you… Justin?” He nodded. He calls you bacon grease thought Desdemona.


    “Adriel?” nutless, “Alec?’ mouse, “Darian?” Flirt “Aaron?” Bambi. “Oh, good I got it right. Well, Let’s get going. I only have a few hours before I need to be back. And I don’t want to waste any time” She looked at Iago as she said this, making me think that Aria should stay away from any closets for a while.

    They entered the club and It was already very loud. Unpleasant as the volume was, Aria found that it was easy to dance to. The DJ had good taste.

    Iago and Desdemona became scarce quickly, leaving the others to hangout on the dance floor. None of them could really dance, but they tried anyway, and they had a good time.


    Eventually, it was time for Aria to leave, and she got Darian’s attention. He didn’t seem disappointed that he had to leave. He seemed happy to be spending time with just Aria.

    They walked in silence for a while. It was about a half hour walk to Maggy’s house, but it was a nice night. The air was clear, and the bright stars could be seen through the glare of the city lights.


    “Darian, if I told you something that was unbelieveable, would you believe it?”


    “Like what? What are you talking about?”

    “It’s just, i have this secret and it’s eating me up inside. I want to tell someone. I want to tell you, I just don't know how. I don't know if you would accept me after I told you, and what we have as far as friendship right now is really good. I wouldn’t want to change it or have it get worse…” Aria traied off, entering the little what if area of her mind, digging herself into a deeper hole of doubt.

    “I wasn’t always this way,” Darian said suddenly and quickly, but quietly, as if it had slipped out of his mouth unchecked. “My first parents were terrible. They fought, forgot about me, then remembered and that wasn’t any better. I was out on the street for several months because it was better than being at home, no matter how hungry I got. I was eventually taken into a fostering system and then landed in a great house with great parents. I didn't trust it though. I was lie an abused animal, not trusting anyone, but once I did, I loved them so fiercely that I wouldn’t let anything hurt them. If I ever disappointed them…” He trailed off, sinking into his own thoughts.


    Aria turned to him and pulled him into a hug while his eyes dripped small tears. They stood that way for a while, then started moving again on their path.


    “Did you want to tell me your secret?” while Darian respected her privacy, the suspense was burning inside of him.

    Aria took a deep breath. She trusted Darian. She really thought that she could trust any of the guys at the school besides Iago, but Darian was the one that she had really clicked with. They were like hand in glove. Aria felt her walls fall away when she was with him and he had such an easy presence that she had few worries around him.

    “What I tell you now you can never tell anyone else. Period, got it? Not a soul.”


    “You got it. My lips are sealed. They would eat fish too only I’m not too much into seafood.”


    Aria looked at him with a what look on her face.


    “Sealed? Like a seal that swims in the water? Forget it, I try to be funny even when it isn’t funny. Continue.”

    They were in sight of Maggy’s house by now, off in the distance down the street.


    “I’m a girl.”

    “Oh, really? That’s cool, bro. I’m all good with transgender.”

    “What? No, no, I’m an actual girl dressed as a boy.” her fake voice fell away now.

    “Oh, that’s… different.” He sorta shrugged it off and it was sorta irritating Aria that he wasn’t making a big deal out of it. She had thought that he would have made a bigger deal out of the news.

    “Wha- why are you not making a bigger deal out of this? I just told you I was a girl!”


    “I guess that now that you mention it, I should have seen this coming. Your scream, the cooking, the room decoration, your lack of a masculine frame, your forced bro-ness and Yes it was forced and I could tell. We all can.”


    “Is there anything you want to know about it or me?”

    Darian thought for a moment. They had stopped by now, and they were looking at each other. Darian and Aria were nearly eye to eye. HIs cherry red hair was dark in in the night air, making it almost a maroon.

    “What’s your real name?”

    “Aria. Aaron was the closest thing we could think of to call me.”

    “So yesterday when you mentioned how the little girl in the picture was named Aria, that was really you?”

    Aria nodded.

    “You were cute as a kid.”

    “Jee, thanks.” she said in a snarky way. They had started walking again, and Maggy’s house was getting closer. The porch light was on, but the other lights were off, and no wonder either. It was two in the morning. Thankfully Aria had a key to the back door.

    “Why are you here at Ourunning? Shouldn’t you be going to whatever school for girls?”

    “I was replaced by someone who could pay the school more money. I was originally put there on a scholarship because my parents were going through a program to help them back onto their feet. I haven’t seen my parents in seven years, nearly half my life.”

    “Wow, that’s pretty crazy. One last question, that girl that you said is your girlfriend, is she really your girlfriend?”

    “No, she’s my best friend. I don’t have a significant other.”

    They had arrived at the back door now, being very careful to speak in hushed tones so they didn’t attract any attention.

    “I guess that this is where I leave you. Good night, Darian.”

    “Good night, Aar- Aria. Gosh, That’s a pretty name.”

    “Don’t wear it out.”

    She unlocked the door, and hesitating, turned and gave Darian a hug goodbye.


    “It feels nice to not have to hide the fact that I’m a hugger any more all the time.”

    “Yeah, I think so too.” Darian said, breathing in the scent of her hair.

    She entered the house took off her shoes, and the day bed was already out and ready for her, so she walked over and fell asleep in her clothes.


    Darian walked a bit away, turned and looked at the house that contained Aria. For some reason, his heart was beating faster than it had on his walk here, and he put a hand on it. He was blushing, and his knees wobbled a bit.


    She’s a hugger. She’s a she. Aria- is Stone even her last name? Or did she change that too? I thought I knew so much about her, but now I realise that I know nothing about her. What will I learn next about her, the person dropped from heaven?

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    Ooooh I sense somebody has a little crush hehe :) I like how feisty Iago is and am curious how drama is going to unfold with Desdemona! Glad that Aria feel safe with Darian but also slightly worried because this chapter sort of feels like the eye of the storm, the peace before everything starts blowing up! I didn't know Adriel liked electronics, glad the class went smoothly :) I liked the picture where the boys (and Aria) are trying to dance, adorbs! Lovely chapter! Aria is really coming out of her shell and I'm happy to see she's feelimg safe enough to open up! Looking forward to the next chapter :)
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    And also well done for Adriel for making the prototype of Tinder! Flaming pile of matches! Lolz xo
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    <3 this!
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    I will never get tired of toddler sims. I was just playing with the Stones household and their three little girls Lily, Willow, and Belle. They're so cute but such a handful! Poor Skye had to run around taking care of them all day on her day off. I grew them up now, but it got late so no pictures yet.
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    I am taking pictures for 17.5 written by @mintycupcake . Look forward to it today or tomorrow. :smiley::cookie:
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    Chapter 17.5
    Written by @mintycupcake (and well done miss!)
    Kneel upright, with your knees slightly narrower than hip width apart and your hips, shoulders, and head stacked directly above your knees. With your hands, press down against the back of your pelvis. 

    Adriel inhaled deeply, lower his chin toward his sternum. Before he could leans his head back, his phone vibrated. Adriel sighed and gave up up attempting the King Pigeon pose. He was glad he did when a few moments later, his phone buzzed again. Angrily, if it was possible to affix an emotion to a phone vibration. He checked his phone, it vibrated a few more times in his hand.

    Yup, Cassandra and Malcolm are at it again, Adriel sighed.

    He flopped down on his yoga mat and stared at the the ceiling.

    It's not lying down, it's corpse pose, he told himself.

    It wasn't corpse pose. The buzzing continued as his parents engaged in one of their infamous verbal sparring matches.



    “Malcolm brings up how Cassandra wouldn't give up her career to raise me and she's deficient as a mother.”

    Buzz Buzz

    “Cassandra calls him a sexist pig for implying it's the woman's job to stay home and raise kids, with a scathing remark about Malcolm's current girlfriend – probably something to do with her bra size being larger than her IQ.”


    Ordinarily, satire about his parents would be enough to lift Adriel's spirits, but not tonight. The stress continued to gnaw at the pit of his stomach until he couldn't take it anymore. He jumped up and strode purposefully toward the library.

    “I'd like to take whoever invented group texts into a dark alley sometime,” he muttered.

    As per usual, the library was empty. Adriel's classmates only read what was assigned to them, and research was all conducted on-line. He headed straight for the non-fiction section.



    Much to Adriel's surprise, he wasn't alone in the library after all. Aria was curled in a chair, nose in a book. Her bespectacled eyes peered up at Adriel over the top of The Point of Pointilism, but she didn't say anything.

    “Wh-what are you doing here,” Adriel stammered.

    “What does it look like I'm doing,” Aria said haughtily, waving the book at him.


    Adriel smiled, in spite of himself.

    “Forgive me, Aaron. I'm just not used to my classmates engaging in self-improvement. At least, not of this nature.”

    Aria made a face.

    “So, are we otherwise alone?” Adriel looked around the library.

    “Yeahhh.” Aaron was puzzled as to why Adriel cared if they were alone or not.


    “Excellent.” Adriel lifted a book of the shelf. Aria recognized it to be one of those decoy books. She sat up quickly.


    “Whoa, Adriel, wait! I don't think we should be drinking -”

    Adriel flipped back the cover.


    “Relax, Aaron. I enjoy a fine whiskey as much as the next guy, but even I'm not so crazy as to tempt being caught drinking and subsequently expelled. It would ruin my future – Cassandra and Malcolm wouldn't stand for it.”

    He showed the inside of the decoy book to Aria. Nestled where one might expect to see a flask was a box of Pocky.

    “This is just the tip on he iceburg.” Adriel confessed. “I also have gummi bears, Swedish Fish, Tootsie Rolls, Lemonheads, Nut Rolls...” As he listed all of his stashed confections, the decoy books on the shelf start to jump out, suddenly becoming obvious.


    “Adriel, there's enough candy here to start a sweet shop.”

    “Not really, each book only has a little...”

    Aria stared at him.

    “Ok, I have a bit of a sweet tooth,” Adriel finally admitted.

    “I'll say.”

    “It's just whenever I get stressed, I have a tendency to binge on sugary treats. And do you know who my parents are?”

    “Cassandra Goth and Malcolm Landgraab, right?” Aria thought it best to just admit she knew who he – or rather, his parents were.

    “Yes. So you can see the problem.” Adriel tore open the bag and began mainlining the chocolate dipped biscuits. As an after thought, he offered another bag to Aria. She took it hesitantly.

    “If I had parents like yours, I'd be a lot fatter,” Aria said bluntly. Adriel barked out a laugh.

    “Hence why I keep my stash hidden here and not in my room.”

    They chewed in silence for a few moments.

    “So what seems to be the problem tonight,” Aria finally asked.


    “They're fighting over what I'm going to do for my next vacation.”

    “Aren't you just going to travel like always?”

    “That was the plan. But now they're both trying to get me to intern at their companies instead. They're saying it will look good on my university applications.”

    “They're not wrong.”

    Adriel stuck his fingers into his Pocky bag, but came up empty. He reached for another one of the decoy books. This one had candy buttons in it. Adriel skillfully peeled the buttons, so none of them had paper clinging to their backs.

    Of course he knows how to do that, thought Aria as she watched him pop them into his mouth. Out loud she said “That tough of a choice, huh? Well, if it helps you any, I'd be more that happy to take whatever internship you don't end up doing.”

    Adriel smiled at her ruefully.

    “It's not that. Teaching that class the other day, it made me remember how much I used to love making apps. I don't want to go to university.”


    “Why can't you do both.” Aria would never understand someone rich and pampered like Adriel.

    “You sound like Cassandra.”

    Aria chewed on her lip. “Look, Adriel. I do agree with your mom. But I can't tell you what career path to take. That's for you to decide. But I've gotta ask, have you even considered just telling them what you want to do?”


    Adriel rolled his eyes. “They'd never allow it.”

    “Adriel, I have a feeling you're not good at confrontation.”

    “What ever gave you that idea,” Adriel replied sarcastically, grabbing a Pocky from Aria's bag.

    “Well, here's the thing. When we graduate from Ourunning Academy, we will be adults. Your parents won't be able to dictate your life anymore. So instead of asking, why don't you tell them what you plan on doing.”


    “Tell them?”

    “Yeah, think about it. By asking them, you're letting them push you around and tell you want to do. But if you tell them what you are going to do, that doesn't leave any room for argument.”

    Adriel frantic chewing slowed.

    “Huh. That's an interesting thought, in its own way.” Adriel looked up and grinned at Aria. “Well, I can at least try it. Thanks for the advice Aria Aaron!”

    Aria smiled in return. “No problem. Hey, Adriel?”

    “Yes, Aaron?”

    “Can I ask you something? Are you gay?” Aria ducked her head, embarrassed by her own boldness.


    Adriel plum his head, then gave a wolfish grin. He stepped closer to Aria, until she was backed against the wall. He murmured in her ear, his warm breath tickling her neck.

    (Also, appreciate this picture! I couldn't get them to interact close enough to the wall so i had to start the interaction, draw the wall and place a book case, then make it look cozy. Not easy. Thankyou for your consideration :wink: )

    “Why? Would you like it if I was?”

    He titled her face up so she was forced to look him in the eyes. His lips were just a hair's breadth from her own.

    “You know, I've seen you Aaron. You gaze always lingering just a little to long when we change for P.E.”

    Aria's mind began to race, trying to think back over the last few weeks. But her heart was racing equally fast, making it hard to think.

    plum! Really? No, this can't be happening! I have to be more careful. 

    Suddenly, Adriel burst out laughing and stepped back.

    “Oh man, you should see your face!”

    “Ha-ha,” grumbled Aria.

    “Is it the hair?” Adriel ran his finger through the waves. “It's the hair, isn't it?”


    “Well, it's certainly...unique,” said Aria, trying to be tactful.

    “Well, then I'd say it fits me perfectly, wouldn't you? In case you haven't noticed, I'm not like the other guys here,” Adriel winked. “Besides, what's wrong with a young man taking pride in his appearance. Improvement of appearance are just as important as improving one's self.”

    Aria smiled indulgently. “Ok, so if it's not that, then what? Surely it's not just because you do yoga?”

    “Well, I'd say the hair and the yoga certainly don't help things. But there is something far worse in Iago's eyes, and tantamount to admitting I'm gay.”


    Aria screwed up her face, confused. “What?” Barring actually seeing a guy kiss another guy, she couldn't imagine what would make her automatically assume someone was gay.

    Adriel closed his eyes and huffed.

    “I've never had a girlfriend, ok? I've never even kissed a girl.”

    Aria gaped at him. “Never?”



    It was hard to believe someone who oozed confidence and charm like Adriel had never even kissed a girl.


    “I just haven't found the right girl,” Adriel continued. “I mean, my prospects are pretty dim. There are the girls who gather at the bar, like the lovely Desmonda. Then there are the girls of wealthy clients my parents thrust at me, hoping to further strengthen our dynasty. But these daughters of privilege seem to rarely have a thought beyond shopping and the latest gossip or “charity benefit”. But none of them have actually preformed any charity work personally. I want someone smart and kind; like you.”

    (*in brain*)

    Aria choked at that. She could feel a blush creeping up her face. Before she was able to reply, Mr. Merriweather poked his head in to the library and caught them.

    “Lights out was ten minutes ago! Let's go, Mr. Stone, Mr. Landgraab-Goth.”

    As the headed back to the dorms under Mr. Merriweather's watchful eye, Adriel leaned down.


    “Ok Aaron, you know my secret. Next time you have to tell me yours,” he whispered.

    Aria looked at him in alarm, but Adriel just smiled playfully.


    Fat chance of that.

    (By editor)
    They grow fast. :blush:
    (Man I love this shot)
    Skye wanted another kid, what can I say?
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    Aw, thank you, I'm glad you liked it :blush:
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    I just noticed that photo bucket is no longer working, so now i need to fix all of my really old pictures. Sounds like a job for saturday... i no longer use photobucket, i use imgur. This just ticks me off...

    Edit: Good Gravy! I saved them in google docs by chapter! Who knew that would come in handy? Not me!
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    Sorry I've been a bit absent lately, I've been stressing about going away for college in a year, thinking about how to be ready for it. I've never been away from home before in that magnitude. I also need to fix my bike, do this that and the other thing, you get the idea. I have a day off tomorrow, maybe I'll post the new chapter then. Hopefully.
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    Understandable.Take all the time u need :):):)
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    Hey guys, i just wanted to pop in and say that this is going on the back burner for a bit. I realized that i haven't played sims as sims in a while, and i want to play sims for sims right now. I am not leaving the story, just putting it on hold. I hope you understand.
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    That's fine! Take all the time you need :)
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    Irishsong wrote: »
    Hey guys, i just wanted to pop in and say that this is going on the back burner for a bit. I realized that i haven't played sims as sims in a while, and i want to play sims for sims right now. I am not leaving the story, just putting it on hold. I hope you understand.

    I totally know what you mean! I should be working in my update for Saturday, but I haven't had time to actually play for myself in forever, and last night I really wanted to, so I did :D
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    I'm feeling the stirrings of inspiration. I should hop onto this. (Curse my busy schedule this evening and tomorrow!)

    I want to skip forward so much, but it wouldn't make sence of i did.
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    Adriel is totally going to get a dog. Shhh. Don't tell him!
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    @Irishsong Oooh I haven't seen the last post you've posted! Hehe I won't tell him anything! I can't wait for Dogs and Cats <3
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    Chapter 18

    Aria had butterflies in her stomach. It was her first day back since she told Darian about being a girl, and she wasn’t sure how she would look at him.

    She was glad, really, that she had told Darian. it was a weight off her shoulders, and it while at school, it wasn’t likely that anything would change. She still had to keep up appearances, forced and obvious as they may be. But Darian was a good friend of her’s now. Would things change? Did she want things to change? Aria felt that is was a huge turning point in their relationship, but the way forward was foggy. Tori didn't have any advice for her, only support, but that wasn’t much help.

    To put a cherry on top of the cake, it was Aria's turn to teach. Why did she have to teach on a Monday? It made her feel like her hair was falling out. She just couldn’t calm down.

    She got up and paced the tiny floor. She stopped to look in her mirror, and took a steady breath. You are good at what you do. You will be amazing. Show them what you’re made of and make your parents proud.

    Her parents. Where were they? Were they happy? Did they still live in the same house? Were they ok? Would they be proud?

    Darian didn’t come to the door. Aria wanted someone to hold her, but she also wanted to be left alone. She felt confident and terrified. She felt relieved and anxious.

    She stepped out of her room with her violin, She was the only one who knew how to play the violin, so it was the obvious choice to teach. For location in the school to play, she chose the main room where Mr. Rhys usually taught. It had high ceilings, good space so as to not bump into each other while moving, and enough space to not be deafened by the volume. It also had a calming atmosphere, which she thought that she would need.

    Everyone was already there, sitting at an end of the room in the chairs that had been moved for space. Violins were at the other side of the room, an equal number to the students (plus Mr. Rhys and Mr. Merriwether).



    Aria took the middle of the room, pulled up her violin and played a few bars of soulful and beautiful music. She finished, and everyone was amazed by the sound. It reverberated off the walls and mixed with the earthy scent of the growing bamboo.


    Aria smiled. “Music isn’t just math. It isn’t just a cool party trick. The violin can be an extension of yourself. I don't just mean an extension of your arm, but an extension of your spirit. It can give wings to something that was previously caged and ground-bound.

    “Now, you've all seen Harry Potter. Pick a violin like you would pick a wand. Let it pick you, and you pick it. Don’t worry if you don’t get along at first, you’ll learn to get along if you respect it.”

    The men all got up as if transfixed and slowly chose their instruments. Besides Iago that is. He just trudged along and grabbed a violin, going back to his seat.


    “Spread out, give yourselves space. Iago, we’re not going to play sitting down, Stand up and play with your whole body. No, Alec, we’re not playing yet, I need to tell you how.”

    Darian barely took his eyes off of Aria the whole day. He had a bit of a rosey glow to his cheeks. I hope he didn’t catch a cold on the walk we had. thought Aria.

    Aria taught them violin like ballet. One, two, three. One, two, three. Over and over and over. Iago surprisingly kept his mouth shut for the majority of the lesson, only grubling here and there about not getting it right and saying how it was stupid. The boys were embarrassed that they were so bad at something, but Aria encouraged them at every turn.


    Desdemona noticed a picture on Tori’s wall. Desdemona had done everything in her power to shield herself from the other half of the room, making it very close quarters indeed, but she didn’t mind so long as she didn’t have to talk to anyone. The girl’s down the hall seemed the most likely to be worth a friendship, but Destiny acted like a cat towards her, tolerating her presence but not really giving her any mind. They hadn’t had an actual conversation besides Desdemona asking questions to start conversation and Destiny giving polite grunts or single word answers. Infuriating as it was, Desdemona had an instant girl crush.

    The girls across the hall kept to themselves, and didn’t want anything to do with her. Desdemona assumed that they were lovers, but she couldn’t be sure. It’s a fine line between girlfriend and bestfriend behaviour.

    So Desdemona spent a lot of time in her half of the room. This particular afternoon, while she was alone in the room, and Tori was out hanging out on the beach with the rest of the girls, she popped her head out of her side of the room and looked at Tori’s half. Tori had a lot of posters pasted to her wall, but she didn’t have a lot of sentimental memorabilia. She had no pictures of her parents, pets, or other people, besides one. She had a little picture near her headboard of her and someone else who looked rather familiar. It took a bit to figure out where she had seen the other person before, but she finally figured it out. It was Bambi, or Aaron. How curious.


    This wasn’t just Aaron. He was wearing girl’s clothing, with a touch of makeup. He cleaned up rather well, and made a very good girl.

    That’s when she remembered what Iago had told her about Aaron. He was feminine, knew how to cook, and had a feminine room, though technically gender neutral. Then it dawned on Desdemona: Aaron was a girl. Or at least trans. There was definitely something going on that wasn’t being said, and that meant drama. And if anyone loved drama, it was Desdemona.

    But who would tell me about this? It’s a small school, surely someone would know something, but who would be willing to tell me? I can’t even find out if my neighbors across the hall are doing the horizontal bogey, how could I find out who this mystery Aaron is and the story behind it?


    When Tori came to bed that night, freshly showered, Desdemona thought that she would test the water and gauge her reaction. “So, who’s that person in the picture? They look familiar.”


    “Oh, that’s my boyfriend, Aaron. He goes to the boy’s school. I haven’t really seen him in forever, the picture was taken over break, about three months ago.” she didn’t follow up with a question to further the conversation, much to Desdemona’s annoyance.

    “Oh, but he’s wearing girl’s clothes and makeup…”


    “It was for a laugh. We thought it would be funny and took a picture. Since when were you so nosey? Keep your nose out of my half of the room.” Tori became annoyed. She was getting ready for bed and turning on little lights for atmosphere to calm down. It also annoyed Desdemona because it was beautiful, but she couldn’t use it now because it would be seen as copying someone she supposedly thought was beneath her.

    She went back to her side of the room and turned off her light. Tori had a sound reason for the picture, but it just didn’t satisfy Desdemona. The girls here were so against her that She couldn't trust anything that they said, so why would this be any different? No, Desdemona decided that she wouldn’t believe Tori about this, so more digging would have to be done.


    The next day, after the lesson, Desdemona whispered to Marina. “I want some information on someone…”


    Marina was known to have the dirt on anyone; her parents were impressive journalists and knew of sources that other people had no clue about. Marina also had this information, and would do work for a high price.

    Marina smiled at the idea of a new project. It had been a while since she had used her talents and she was excited as a vampire around plasma.

    “Let’s go somewhere a bit more private. My room is a good idea. Come on.”

    On the way there, they passed Mia Kohl, and Desdemona and her shared a small nod. Mia had been covering for Desdemona when she went off to see Iago. She liked the rebellious nature of the action, so she was happy to oblige. To cover, Mia said that Desdemona was helping her with Mia’s elderly grandmother. Mia didn’t have a grandmother.


    Marina noticed the nod and remembered who she was dealing with. This girl was the coyest person she had ever met, was the girlfriend of the guy who was terrible at Aria’a school, and looked down on everyone. Did she really want to help her?

    The answer was yes. Marina was addicted to secrets. She craved them. Without secrets, Marina felt like she was normal and ordinary, with them she felt powerful.


    Marina opened her door and entered, ushering Desdemona. Desdemona closed and locked the door, an oddly aggressive move. Marina wasn’t sure that she felt safe in her own room, but pushed the feeling of uneasiness aside.

    “What can I do for you?” asked Marina cautiously.


    “I want to know about Aaron, Tori’s boyfriend. I fear that he’s not good for her and may be cheating.”

    Marina nearly said something, but didn’t and closed her mouth.

    “So you know something. Tell me.”

    “What? I don’t know anything about him. I would have to look into it. Now, onto the price of the information-”

    “Please, I’m twice as rich as you. Price is nothing. But your information is priceless.” she moved a bit closer. “Tell me what you know about Aaron. If you don’t tell me everything you know about him, I’ll be forced to tell the headmistress about Tori’s relationship and that would get her expelled. Surely after you lost the last girl, you’d have learned to live by the rules.”


    Desdemona was pulling out all the stops. She was being confident, speaking in low and seductive tones, like one does to an animal before a kill. Marina was sweating.

    “Why do you think I know anything about Aaron? Tori doesn’t share with anyone much, you know that.”

    “I think she shares more than any of you let on. Now, does Tori get the boot or are you going to tell me what you know?”


    One major disadvantage that Marina had was that she was a terrible liar. Dealing in secrets was to deal in truths, not spread lies. A good secret is only as good as it’s validity, so she never had to lie. Not only that, but Desdemona looked like she was good a telling if you’re lying.

    Marina was stuck. Would she turn her back on one friend to save another? Who was to say that Desdemona wouldn’t tell on Tori anyway, and what would happen to Aria if she told Desdemona? Marina decided to focus on the immediate threat. If she he didn’t tell, Tori was in trouble fast. If she did tell, Aria wouldn’t have any immediate repercussions.

    Shakey, Marina caved.”You don’t have to worry about Aaron cheating. They aren’t lovers.”


    “But what’s his story? There’s a story there and I will find it out. Tell me everything.”

    “First, payment.” Marina said with determination. If this was going to be such a burden, she was going to make sure the payment was worth it.

    “Sure, sure, anything you want, just tell me his secrets.”

    “Anything, Ok.”


    Welcome little Eliot Stone, the newest addition to the Stone family!


    And Maggy is expecting again, and Amara aged up. ♡


    Darian's imagination is getting away from him...


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