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    Chapter 21
    Joke's On You
    “You did what?!” squaked Tori.


    “I’m sorry, I’m sorry! I couldn’t help it. It was you now or her later and we may still be able to help her. I didn’t know what to do.” Marina looked down at her hands in disgrace, tears welling in her eyes.



    “Stop crying,” Tori said. The girls were all in Marina and Destiny’s room, sitting on the beds and chairs. “What we need now is an action plan. We need to pull the rug out from under Desdemona. I think we should do exactly what she threatened to do to me. We tell the Headmistress about her relationship. That would get her thrown out for sure.”


    “But Desdemona has an alibi everytime she leaves with Ms. Kohl. She’s going to help Ms. Kohl’s grandmother. How can we crack that?” questioned Jaclyn.


    “Desdemona’s phone would have the messages that she sends to Iago. Does anyone know how to get passed a phone password?” Tori mediated.

    “That’s easy enough. Some software easy software is all we would need, but how would we get the phone from her? She is never without it. And I highly doubt that she woud fall for the phone in water trick.” Naomi added.


    “That’s where you come in, Destiny. It’s apparent that she has girl crush on you, so you act like you want to spend some time with her. What sort of an activity do you think would get her phone away from her?"


    “We could try meditation, or maybe yoga. If we do meditation, she would have her eyes closed, and if we use a noise machine it would mask the footsteps of the girl getting the phone. But you’d have fifteen, maybe twenty minutes at most. After that a person gets agitated. Or they fall asleep. Hey, this is fun. Is this what it feels like to be mischievous?”

    “Yes, Destiny, it is, and I would love to give you a course on michif only we're trying to save Aria’s skin. Ok?” Tori was short on patience right now, and didn’t have time for Destiny’s purity. “With that, we each have our roles. Jaclyn, Naomi, you guys whip up the coding to break into her phone. Destiny, warm up out of the role of ice queen. I’ll get the phone while they meditate, and Marina, don’t tell about what we’re doing. Keep your mouth shut.”



    “Hey, Desdemona, I was thinking of doing some Yoga and meditation in the classroom if you’d like to join me.” Destiny invited as she poked her head in the unlocked door. Tori had left it unlocked for her specially as part of the plan.


    “Really? You’d let me join you?”

    “Of course. Besides, what’s the point in doing this stuff if you don’t have someone else to look good with someone else while doing it. Us beauties need to stick together.”

    “Oh, ok, give me a minute to get changed!” Desdemona shouted as Destiny left the room.

    After a few minutes, Desdemona joined Destiny in the main room, dressed in flirty workout clothes. She looked like someone was going to be taking pictures for InstaSims.

    “We’re going to start with some meditation. Would you like to lay on the yoga mat or sit on the little seat?

    “I’ll take the little seat.” she put her seat a bit close to Destiny’s considering the size of the room, but she shrugged it off. She switched on the noise machine and took her seat.


    “Listen to the noise and clear your mind. Breath with the waves, and imagine that the wind is in your hair. You have no cares…” she trailed off, breathing deep and letting her muscles relax. Desdemona looked over at her, and followed suit, setting her phone down on the counter. It was unfortunately not near the door of the room.

    Tori waited for a solid minute, and then entered. She wore her slippers and hoped that by shuffling across the floor she would blend with the noises better. She slowly made her way across the room, Jaclyn and Naomi waiting at the door with anxious faces.


    Tori grabbed the phone and walked back across the room, very slowly.


    She handed the phone to Naomi, and together they made their way to Marina and Destiny’s room, the only room besides the Headmistress’s office that had a computer.

    Waiting with jitters, Tori walked back and forth in the room. Jaclyn stood near to Naomi, and Marina looked out the window, embarrassed at her lack of helpfulness.


    “I’m in.” Naomi said, looking at the phone in her hand. “I’ll just take a few screenshots of the messages. Oh, there’s more than just messages on here. There are pictures too. Ugh, distasteful. I’ll just get this finished…” She plugged in a the phone with a USB cable and took the screenshots off and onto the computer. Sure enough, there was plenty of messages here to get Desdemona into trouble.


    “She is in some deep trouble.” commented Jaclyn.


    It was Friday once again, and that meant that Aria was leaving for the weekend to go to Maggy’s. At this point, with Maggy’s three little girls, it was more of a kindness to Maggy that she came to visit for two days than it was to Aria because the girls absolutely loved Aria, and she helped take care of them.


    “Are we doing that thing again tonight?” Aria asked Darien. Vague as the question was, he knew exactly what she meant. Every Friday they took the walk, and every Friday he got the butterflies in his stomach. He loved her company, he loved to make her laugh, and he had a great deal of comfort around her that he never felt around other girls, not even his adoptive mother.



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    Whoa, that song was quite the flashback.
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    Yikes, I don't think things will be smooth with Desdemona out of the picture since Iago knows :/ still time for havoc wreaking I think :open_mouth:
    I totally agree, that song really was quite the flashback! Nice job timing the screenshots well with the song :)
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    The plot thickens...
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    I heard the song from my Pandora station. I didn’t know it was 18 years old. I was 2 when it came out. :flushed:
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    Irishsong wrote: »
    I heard the song from my Pandora station. I didn’t know it was 18 years old. I was 2 when it came out. :flushed:

    I, uh... I was a bit older than 2. :D
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    I've eritten the next chapter. It deals with adult things, fyi. Then again, i don't know when it'll be all done, but this one doesn't include a music video I have to figure out how to work. But it is a long chapter... 2,270 words... all in one afternoon!
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    I know who Adriel is going to marry. Ugh, if only i wasn’t so busy all the time! My costume is nearly done, for now anyway, so after that i can start putting more time aside for sims, but then I'm also more busy because if school and work with everything coming to a climax... so busy... :fearful:
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    My costume is finally done! I'll include pictures in a few days. I'm going to a party at my college tomorrow, so I'll get some there.
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    What did yiu guys think about the video? Should I do it again in the future?
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    Chapter 22
    Good and the Bad
    (Caution! This chapter deals with potentialy triggering matirial. If you are sensitive to abuse, skip the sectioned off part. I will summarize briefly in the continuing section.)

    Chapter 22

    “You did what?!” squealed Tori. She realised at that moment that she had to stop bursting out with that phrase, and should probably be less predictable.

    “I kissed Darien.” Aria whispered into the phone. She flopped back on the bed in her dorm, back from Maggy’s.

    “But- how? No, not how- why?” sputtered Tori. She was in her room, which was back to being mostly empty instead of crowded.

    “I just, did it. He walked me to Maggy’s house, as he usually does, and he had been getting really comfortable with me lately. He had let his walls down, and I guess I did too. We were at the back door, and I just leaned in… Oh, Tori! It was the most nerve wracking thing I’ve ever done! You should try it sometime.”


    “I don’t have many options here, Ari. So, how has it affected you at school?”

    “Not much. We’re keeping it pretty low profile. At night I hear him playing his guitar, and It makes me so happy and calm.” Aria smiled to herself.

    “Lucky ducky. So, Desdemona was expelled after we showed the Headmistress what was on her phone. Apparently it’s not what a young lady should have on her phone, much less the fact that she had a boyfriend. I have the room to myself again.” She looked around the sparse room and signed. “I miss you.”


    “I miss you too.”

    “Do you think that now that there's a spot open that they’ll take you back?”

    Aria rolled over. “I don’t see why they would. Nothing has changed. I still can’t provide any funds, and while I’ve gotten better at the violin, we both know that it was never about my ability to play. I just feel that they don’t want me.”

    “Well, screw them then.”

    “Yeah. Hey, I’ll talk to you later, k?”

    “Yep, see yah.”

    Aria hung up the phone and changed into her pajamas. Her hair had grown out a bit, and now she had to tie it back most of the time. She let her hair down, and and sat on her couch with a book in hand, not really reading it. It was almost the start of the third term of the school year, and it was nearly time for break again. She’d be heading to Maggy’s for break, and the other boys would be going to their families.

    What was her family doing? Were they alright? Why hadn’t she heard from them?


    Iago hadn’t heard from Desdemona in a week since the message she sent him.
    They hacked my phone and I’ve been found out. Will message soon.

    He had tried to message her back, but she hadn’t responded. He’d called, but not gotten an answer. Who had hacked her phone? Why hadn’t she responded? When the was he going to get some tail again?

    He had been in a mood since the message. Grumpier than usual, he was frustrated. Usually Desdemona talked him down from his frustrations, but now she wasn’t here. He didn’t know where she was.


    The night day before break, there was going to be a social at the school. The parents were all going to come, visit and chat with the other parents, help pack the vehicles with their child’s stuff for the break, and then leave. The time frame was a bit fuzzy, and Aria wasn't sure if it was going to be a dinner party or a brunch, but both Mr. Rhys ad Mr. Merriwether were so busy that they didn’t have the time to be asked.

    It didn’t matter much to Aria since Maggy and Deon couldn’t make it anyway. They had a restaurant to run and three little girls under the age of three. They had no time, no matter how much they wanted to come and see Aria at her school. Darien was going to walk her to their house like always, and then return to the school to go with his parents.

    The day arrived and everyone was polished as they could be by Mr. Merriwether and Mr. Rhys as if they were trophies. Aria wished she could wear a dress again, instead of pants and a suit jacket. Iago looked like a cow had licked him in the head, and he seemed just as sour in attitude. Aira wondered why he was so disgruntled.

    They were paraded down the stairs into the main room. The podium was gone, as were the chairs. The magazine wrack was gone and the couch in front of the fireplace was turned around. There were loveseats placed here and there, and the overall appeal of the room was quite nice.

    Evening off the pier was beautifully falling through the windows. A dinner party then thought Aria. This should be interesting…

    Iago’s platinum blonde hair was obvious, Justin’s dark skinned parents equally so. Darien’s family was more elderly than Aria had imagined, until she remembered that they had indeed adopted him. Alec’s father already ran the school, and Adriel’s mother and father were at opposite sides of the room giving each other death glares. There were four sets of parents in attendance, and Aria already felt overloaded. She hadn’t even said hello yet.

    “Oh, you must be Darien’s friend he won’t stop talking about!” proclaimed an older gentleman. “Alec, is it?”

    Aria opened her mouth for moment, but Darien appeared and clarified. “This is Aaron, Mike. I’m happy you me her-m. Him. Aaron, this is Mike, my adoptive dad, and this lovely lady is Sandy, my adoptive mom.”

    “How do you do?” Aria tried in her fake low voice, extending a hand.

    “Is there something wrong with your voice dear? Need a cough drop?” asked Sandy.

    “No, no, it’s nothing…’ countered Aria.

    “But for such a fine young lady to have such a deep voice…”

    “Oh, Aaron isn’t a girl. He’s a boy.” Darien paled and interjected.

    “Ah,” Mike leaned in close to Aria, a concerned look on his face. “Got the trans, son?”


    “No, perfectly natural boy with just girlish aspects, I’m afraid.” Aria said without fear in a matched tone.

    “Well, I’m sorry we misjudged you, dear.” admitted Sandy.

    “Don’t worry, it happens all the time.”

    It was now time for dinner, and what a wonderful spread it was. Roast chicken, casseroles, salads, the whole works.

    As soon as everyone had been served, Cassandra Goth spoke up. “So, Headmaster, in your opinion, should Adriel go to college? How are his grades?”


    Mr. Rhys, sensing the tension in the question answered as openly as possible. “I think that Adriel would be a wonderful candidate for college if he wanted to go. However, I don’t think that he should be forced to go to college.” this was sad with great care and kindness in his voice.

    “But if he wants to be a programer, he needs a good education, does he not? A good school under his belt would be good for his appearance to employers, and thus give him a leg up in the working world.”

    “Ms. Goth, I don’t disagree, but Adriel is the type of boy who will do what he wants to and will not do it half heartedly. If he wants to go to college, he will tell you, but if not, he can do just fine on his own. Besides, with the name Landgraab-Goth, it’s hard to imagine anyone turning him away for a job.”



    Cassandra Goth pouted for a moment, then continued eating her dinner as if she hadn’t even opened her mouth.

    “He’s like me, Cassy. He’ll be more than fine.” Malcolm Landgraab boasted.


    “Fine? You’re living on your girlfriend’s couch! You can’t hold a girlfriend or job, and your parents have cut you off from the money, bridging it to Adriel. Do you think I want a son just like you?”


    They both went back to eating aggressively. Justin’s parents took this opportunity to pipe up.

    “How’s bout that fishing, eh? Ne’er seen fish a’ bg as yeh got in that bay der.” Justin’s dad spoke in a strong accent. Aria thought it sounded like a Canadien? She couldn’t recall where Canada was. Earth?


    “Indeed, the fishing is quite good in the area. Justin enjoys getting fresh fish every now and then, and he helps Mr. Merriwether now and then in the kitchen. He’s really adding to the knowledge that you already gave him.” commented Mr. Rhys.

    “Quite right. The boy has quite the senses for the food and always makes a great culinary experience.” quipped Mr, Merriwether in crisp words.

    “Dat’s good to hear. Ain’t it, sweety?” Mr. Hastings asked his wife. She was sprightly, cheerful, and chirpy. She seemed like she would be a wonderful mother.

    “Absolutely wonderful.”

    Iago’s family stayed by themselves over at the end of the table, but after hearing the positive things about the other boys, they wanted to hear how their boy was progressing.

    “And how’s Iago doing? Staying out of trouble, I hope, eh?” Iago’s father gave him a nudge in the ribs.


    Mr. Rhys hesitated. He had planned what he was going to say about Iago to his parents, but he wanted to be delicate about it so as not to offend.

    “Iago is… Not doing the best he could. WOuld you join me in my office after dinner to speak to me about it?”

    “Why don’t you tell us now? We can handle it.” Iago’s father said indignantly.


    “I don’t want our dinner to be weighed down by negativity. So many good things have happened, why don’t we go over those things? This year I taught a bit differently, letting the boys teach each other. I feel like it taught them patience and planning…”

    The conversation kept going, with the boys even sharing stories and funny things that had happened. The occupants of the table laughed, and the dinner was a success.



    Justin and Adriel left shortly after dinner. Justin had a long ways to go back to Oasis Springs, and Adiel had to back to Willow Creek with his mom for half of the three weeks, then to wherever his dad was living for the other half.

    Alec went down to the library until his dad was done speaking to Iago’s parents. Darien waited in the main room for Aria to get her things to go to Maggy’s while his parents took a walk around the neighborhood, and Iago was wandering the halls while he waited for the other shoe to fall.
    The sensitive part

    The following is possibly triggering. If you have had abuse, read at your own risk. I will separate the tough section out.

    Aria went up to her room, closing the door behind her, dropping the curtain over her door. She changed out of her nice clothes into some jeans, a shirt, and a cardigan to be more comfortable.She turned her back to the door, getting a few last things from her dresser when she heard the door open.

    “I’m not ready yet, Darien…” she said with a smile. She imagined turning around a kissing him, but as she turned around from her dresser, it wasn’t Darien.


    Iago stood in her door. He took a step forwards.

    “Hello Aria.” he said in a clam mask.

    Aria was taken aback. So, Desdemona had told Iago about her secret. That didn't mean that she was going to let him know she knew he knew.

    “Dude, what are you doing in my room? I’m leaving soon. Get out.”


    “I know that you’re a girl, Aria. Desdemona told me before she stopped communicating with me. I haven’t heard from her in a while. Do you know why that is?” he tilted his head.

    Aria didn’t know if she should keep in character or if her cover was so blown that she should throw it away. One thing was for sure, she didn’t feel safe.

    “No idea, dude. Maybe you got her pregnant, eh?”


    "You'll pay for taking Desdemona away from me!'


    At that moment, he threw a punch at her, making contact. As she was stunned, he grabbed her and put a hand over her mouth. “Just you wait and see...” he said with effort.


    Aria screamed, and he threw her to the ground, posing over her, her cardigan had come off in the struggle. He hit her in the face, and she pushed against him as much at she could, but it was no use. He was winning the fight. He hit her again, and the dazed her enough for him to get in easier punches.


    She smacked him, and rolled over onto her side, when Darien burst into the room.

    He had been below them in the main room, and while the rooms are pretty much sound proof from the hallway, he could still hear the thumping from under them.

    He wrenched Iago off of Aria, and he pinned him against the wall, snarling.

    Safe again
    (Iago atracked Aria and Darien burst in and saved her. )

    Mr. Rhys pulled him back and yelled over Darien’s swears and curses.


    The room was both very loud and very quiet at the same time, and Aria felt dizzy, so she closed her eyes.

    Iago’s father is yelling in the corner, not yet entering the room because it’s small. Mr. Rhys takes Iago by the arm and forces him into his room and locks the door. He sits on his bed, indignant.


    Darien picked up Aria with great care, and she is happy for his warmth.

    “Wha... what’s going on?” she gets out.


    “Shh, we’re going to take you to the hospital. You’ll be fine, ok? You just be ok.”

    He was shaking.

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    Any comments?
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    Chapter 23
    Lost things

    Skye looked at the crowded waiting room, full of oddly patient patients while she took a deep breath after a busy day. The peace didn’t last long though, and she straightened her back again as she heard sirens coming down the runway.

    She jogged out to the ambulance where a red-haired boy was holding a red-haired girl, even though it was customary to have the injured person on the gurney. She shrugged it off though. He was obviously quite attached.


    “Come with me, let’s get her inside!” Skye urged. The boy kept his face rigid, and he followed her inside and down the hallway. He refused the wheelchair that was offered for the girl, and instead just kept carrying her. He must not want to let her go. His arms must be getting tired.

    A man rushed up from behind, and Skye turned to see who was in such a hurry in the hospital. It was near midnight, and no one was in dire need of attention. Skye new of every case in the small hospital, and no one needed any immediate aid, spare the two youths with her now.

    “Darien, wait for me! Ma’am, please, I need your help. There has been an incident and this bo-girl needs some help. Could you help us?”

    “Of course. I was just taking- Darien, is it?- to a room where he can put down the girl. What’s her name?”

    “Ugh, let me think…” Mr. Rhys felt slightly ashamed and embarrassed he couldn't immediately remember her name. “We all call her Aaron, but I believe her name is Aria. Aria Stone.”


    Skye stopped from her walking and stared at him, shock on her face.

    “I- I- nurse, would you get these fine people situated? A nice room, please. I need- I need to talk to admissions…”

    She hurried away and down the hall. The nurse, who seemed nice enough, had a confused look on her face.

    “I’m not part of admitions, but I’ll take you to a room. Then I really need to get back to my rounds.”

    “Of course, miss. However you usually do things here.”


    Skye went to the bathroom where she could be alone. She stared at herself in the mirror, then, unable to look herself in the eye, she turned around and sat on the counter. She’s here. My little girl has come back to me.

    She pulled out her phone and called Partick.

    “Honey, I found her. Or she found me. I don’t know why she’s here- oh my, she’s hurt and I just ran away from her like that! What does that say about me as a-”

    “Skye, Skye! What are you talking about? Who’s there?”

    “I’ve been trying to tell you. Aria’s here. She’s at the hospital.”


    Darien sat next to Aria’s bed. She seemed so small and frail when she wasn’t battling the hardships of the day. Darien’s parents would be wondering where he was soon. They were probably on their way to the hospital thinking that he was the one who had been hurt.


    He should call his parents, but he just stared at Aria. Who could he call to help her? Who would want to know that she was here? He thought of the girl, Tori, that Aria mentioned once in awhile. The had been fake-dating, hadn’t they? They must be pretty close. Or Maggy? Aria Stayed with her on the weekends, wasn’t that the closest thing to family she had right now?

    I’m the closest thing she has to family, right here, but where do I fit into this? Am I needed? He took out Aria’s phone from her personal belongings on the table, and called Maggy. Maggy had a car and could grab Tori from where ever she was.

    “Hey, Aria. Where are you? I thought you were going to be here a half hour ago! If your boyfriend's that hot, maybe you should pitch a tent in the backyard.” She sounded annoyed, but understanding of young love. Did Aria love him? Boyfriend?

    Darien was also a bit surprised that she didn’t sound tired. Didn’t Maggy go to bed before Aria got there?

    “Uh, this is Darien, Aria’s… friend. She was attacked by a classmate and she’s in the hospital now…”


    “What? What happened? Darien, tell me what happened!” she sounded furious.

    Darien felt his facade of professionalism fail. His face started to wrinkle, and he tried to imagine his tear ducts reabsorbing his tears.

    “She, she was attacked by Iago, I did my best to stop him, but I wasn’t there early enough. He got some good hits on her, oh God-” he choked up.”What have I done?”

    “You haven’t done anything, Darien. Listen to me. This is not your fault. It’s Iago’s. Not yours. I’m going to come as soon as I can. You're at the hospital here in Windenburg, right?”

    “Yeah, yeah I think so. But could you get Tori too? I think Aria would like to see her when she wakes up.”

    “But Tori’s a- yes, I’ll get her. We’ll be there as soon as we can be. Darien, this isn’t your fault.”

    He didn’t know what to say. He couldn’t agree with her, but he didn’t feel it was proper to disagree either. “See you when you get here.”

    He hung up the phone, and put it on the table again. After a few beats, the doctor from before came in and closed the door behind her. Mr. Rhys was doing paperwork, so Darien was the only one in the room.

    “Mr. Rhys isn’t here right now. Are you looking for him?” Darien said roughly from a sore throat.

    “Not really.” She settled herself into a chair on the other side of Aria. Next to each other, they looked somewhat similar, but Darien wrote it off to being tired. “How do you know Ms. Stone here, Darien?”

    “We attend the same school, Ourrunning Academy for Boys.”

    “But Ms. Stone isn’t a boy, so what was she doing there?”

    Darien looked at the woman with scepticism. “Is it usual for a trainee doctor to ask such personal questions?”

    “It is if the patient is the doctor’s daughter.” she said boldly.

    “Daughter? You’re Aria’s mother? You left her at Von Wind and never looked back! How dare you come in here asking questions? She owes you nothing!” Darien stood up, outraged.



    “It is true, she owes me no answers, but let me tell you something, young man. My husband, her father, and I thought long and hard on out decision, and at first it seemed like the best thing for our daughter, She would be raised in high standing. She would make connections that she never would have been able to make if we had been selfish and kept her to ourselves. So we sent her. We were unable to contact or have contact from her until she graduated, so we were content on knowing that she was safe and being looked after in a good school.

    “Then we started to miss her, and we tried to pull her out of the school, saying that no benefit to us was worth the loss of our daughter. She wouldn’t even know us if she saw us, at this point. We were expecting our three daughters at this time, but they wouldn’t let us have her back. They said that it was an open and shut case, so Patrick and I were sad for a while, but then we got busy with our three new baby girls. It’s easy to forget things when you have three pairs of hand pulling on your leg for 16 hours a day.

    "Eventually, we got a letter in the mail saying that Aria had been expelled from Von Wind Boarding school, and we were hopeful that we would finally get custody of her again, but then we heard nothing. We sent so many letters, emails, and we called so many times, but we heard nothing. We feared the worst.

    "To have found Aria here, healthy and in one piece brings me unimaginable joy. So when I ask you what she was doing at an all boy’s school, I really want to know.”

    Darien stared at her, open mouthed. He told her everything, about how Aria had been expelled from Von WInd because of bias, and how she loved the violin and was good at it too, and how she had come to be very special to him, omitting the details, though Skye got the idea.

    Maggy and Tori burst into the room, and Tori immediately runs to Aria’s side. Maggy looks at the doctor. “What’s the damage?”

    “A concussion, bruising, swelling, probably soreness. But otherwise she’s unharmed. Darien here was a big help and probably saved her from much more harm than she got.”


    “You’re Darien?” gawked Tori. “You’re- It’s good to put a name to a face. I really can’t thank you enough for everything you’ve done for her.” she pulled him in for a hug.

    “Uh, you too. You faked a relationship for her, and you were her best friend for so many years, so I thought I may as well take care of her for you while you were gone.”

    “Cheeky.” Tori replied, turning back to Aria. As if on cue, she stirred and looked around with barely open eyes.


    “Mom?” she croaked. “What are you doing here?”


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    This was Good!! I wasn't expecting that...
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    Chapter 24
    Soon, So Soon
    Skye didn't get custody of Aria. In fact, she didn’t get to talk to her daughter much at all until she had to leave the room. Not only was it a breach of policy for a doctor to treat their family, but she was also asked out of the room by none other than Mrs. Motto. Surprised to see her, Aria sat a little higher in her bed, making sure she looked ok. Of course she didn’t; she was bruised, tired, and rumpled.

    Skye did get her answers though.


    “Aria is less than a year away from graduating her program; if you communicate with her now, you will be throwing that all away. You don't want that, do you?” Mrs. Motto said in a stern voice. Skye could see where she would be good at keeping students in their place, and felt a bit reprimanded herself.


    She looked her hands. Her little girl was so close to being hers. Did this program have any legal right to Aria's custody? She seemed to be doing fine for herself, making friends, being smart and good, what was a few more months? Grudgingly, Skye nodded, and stayed seated while Mrs. Motto walked back to Aria's room.

    Entering, the room fell quiet as they saw her firm and common frown.

    “You didn't see your mother. Your mother didn’t admit you, she didn’t treat you, and what you think you saw of her was a delusion brought on by the concussion. Am I clear?”


    “Yes, Ma’am.” Aria said and Tori mouthed. Darien was oddly… impressed? In all his time with Aria, she wasn't the duck and be quiet type. Mrs. Motto must run a tight ship.


    “Now then, Aria will be returning with Tori and I to Von Wind. Ourunning seemed to be a bad choice for her, and since a spot at Von Wind has become available, she is to take it. She will graduate with her class, where she belongs, in three months. Let's hope she still knows how to be a lady.”

    Tori looked ecstatic to have her best friend back, and Darien looked devastated.

    “Von Wind? But that's so far! How will we see each other?” he grabbed Aria's hand and stared defiantly at Mrs. Motto.

    “I would have you remove your hand from my charge, Mr. Ruff. Relationships are strictly prohibited at Von Wind. Proof of one will lead to expulsion, and as it seems Ms. Stone has a hard enough time staying in the school, I suggest you don’t bring up the matter again.”

    He felt like saying Yes ma’am.

    Mrs. Motto left the room, and the occupants dispersed. Aria would be leaving the hospital tomorrow afternoon, and while Mr. Rhys wasn't thrilled about the idea, he let Darien stay the night at the hospital. Mrs. Motto made Tori accompany her and take up a hotel room until tomorrow. Maggy drove home, and Skye called Patrick telling him that their little girl had slipped through their fingers again.

    Darien got into the bed alongside Aria. She didn’t move well, but they made it work. Darien just hold her close, wanting to remember her warmth and slightly nutty smell. Aria was happy to just be warm and with Darien that she drifted off into a happy sleep.



    By the time she woke up again on the morning, Darien was gone but Mrs. Motto hadn't arrived yet. She felt awful and sore all over, held together by the knowledge that she would get better over time.

    Mr. Rhys popped his head in the door. Noticing that no one was currently there besides Aria, he came into the room and shut the door behind him, ask in little gestures like he was scared of getting caught. He made his way over to Aria’s bed and sat in a chair.


    “I'm very sorry about what happened. I feel responsible for the incident somehow. I should have seen this coming. I should have understood what Iago was going through and had him channel his frustrations elsewhere, but I didn't even know that he had stopped getting messages from Desdemona. I hear from Mrs. Motto that she was expelled because of her relationship, along with the maid.

    "Aria, I just want you to know that you will be missed. By everyone at Ouruning. I have to go now; I'm not supposed to be in here as I'm no longer your guardian. Get better, and I'll see you around.” With that, he got up, ducked his head outside, and seeing the way was clear, walked briskly down the hall.

    Aria went back to Von Wind that afternoon with Mrs. Motto and Tori. The three months until graduation were long and short at the same time. The work load was grueling, sometimes the girls stayed up late finishing work for class, sometimes skipping dinner to get it done on time.




    (Jaclyn set fire to the food, and the running out looks like a dance. It's hilarious! Mrs. Motto took care of the fire right away without me telling her to. I wanted Aria to take care of it, but she panicked and Mrs. Motto jumped in instead.)

    Aria didn't get too comfortable in her room with Tori. She didn't see the reason. She wasn't going to be there long, but they did bring her old bed out of storage. It fit her like a glove.

    The day finally came that they would all be free from the school. Rooms were boxed up, the new roster for girls was already filled, but Mrs. Motto was going to retire. These girls would be her last, and she was ready to live a quiet life without six girls to look after.

    The dresses were another issue.

    “I have no idea who thought this was a good idea…” grumbled Tori. The dresses were specially made for each girl in the original style, if that style was from over a hundred years ago.


    “Let's just be happy they weren't nudists. I'd never invite anyone to the ceremony if it was.” replied Aria.

    “At least we get to wear our own dresses and not something that had been worn before by dozens of girls.” commented Marina.

    “But it's the bridesmaids effect all over again. I'm never going to wear this again. What's the point? It's a one time dress.” complained Tori.

    “I'll remember that when we're planning our wedding…” mentioned Jaclyn.

    The room went quiet and stared at Jaclyn and Naomi.

    “Wedding?” repeated Destiny.

    “I know we're young, but we agreed to get married. It'll be small, just family and close friends, but we want you guys to be brides maids. You guys up to it?” Naomi had taken over the conversation.

    The room erupted into cheers of excitement and giggles.

    “It won't be for a year or two, but we can't help be start planning.”

    The girls walked over to the graduation hall floating on air. Aria felt elated. Jaclyn and Naomi were perfect for each other, and she wished them only happiness.

    Then they walked in the door of the hall, and it was packed. Most girls at the school didn't have other friends, so they only invited their families. Aria on the other hand…

    Darien, Alec, Mr. Rhys, Mr. Merriwether, Justin, and Maggy showed up. In the very back of the crowd, Aria saw her mother and father. The other girl’s families were oddly missing… [I wanted them to come, but I just couldn’t fit them in the household. The game literally wouldn’t let me spawn them when playing the huge household, so I had to prioritize.]

    Destiny was first to the podium with Mrs. Motto.


    “Destiny had been a star pupil at Von Wind. Getting fantastic grades on all of her projects, she never gloats, never is boastful, and is a bright mark on this school's reputation. It is with great honour I give her her certificate. Good luck, my girl.”


    Marina was next. “Marina is a skilled author and a seeker if the truth. She is resourceful, kind, and a beautiful young woman. Go forth, my dear, and may the wind be always at your back.”

    Aria was after Marina, and her legs felt like jelly. Making it up the stairs, she took her place next to Mrs Motto.


    “Aria Stone, who knew that the day would come where I have you a certificate? We've had our ups and downs, but it is with pride that I announce you have graduated this program. As a bright young woman, you are skilled with a violin, and you know your way around a kitchen. You have a great kindness for living things, and I wish you only the best in your endeavors. Congratulations.”

    Aria felt like her ribs would shake loose at any moment. “Thank you, ma'am.” She walked down the stairs and took a conveniently empty seat next to Darien. He took her hand in his, and she felt better feeling his strong warmth.


    Tori looked like she was trying to strut across the stage, but Aria could tell that she was actually very humble at this moment.


    “Tori Grace, you have a last name that holds a virtue I never thought I'd see in you. You are rebellious, strong willed, and a troublemaker, but you are fiercely loyal to those you deem worthy. Don't let an old woman dim your light, child. Shine so that others may see you.”

    Tori was awe struck. She had not been expecting praise.


    “Our last two girls are barely separable, so I'll acknowledge them both at the same time. Jaclyn and Naomi are responsible for hijinks, but also restoring a breed of frog that hadn't barely graced the shores of Windenburg in twenty years. They are lovely, immensely smart, and are likely going to be noble peace prize winners dinner day. Celebrate, my dears, for this is your day!”

    The two of them walked off the stage, and sat in the crowd.


    “I hereby announce that the girls of Von Wind have passed their program. Congratulations!”

    “Where’s Adriel?” she asked Darien as she leaned over and whispered in his ear.

    “His mom is making him go on a university tour. He sends his love, which I said couldn’t exceed mine.” he gave Aria a little kiss.

    She smiled. “I was hoping to see him. I have someone I want him to meet… eh, it’ll happen later.”

    “We have food and music, please enjoy yourself.” with that, Mrs. Motto turned away from the podium, and people got up from their seats.

    “Darien, my family is here.”

    “I know, it’s hard to miss them.” he said with a smile.

    “I know I need to go and talk to them, but I don’t know what to say. I haven’t seen them in twelve years, and I have siblings now. What do I do?”

    “What you do best, lamb. You stand up to the wolf.”

    With that, he turned her towards her family, and urged her forward.

    “Are you coming home, sweetie?” asked Skye.

    Pictures from the party:

    Eyes off Darien, Destiny! Just kidding, I like to think that she's happy for Aria's happiness.


    Also, there was a match made in Heaven formed at the party, But I'll get to that in the next chapter. Seriously, how hadn't I seen it coming? They both wanted to get to know each other right away, it's so sweet, really.
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    That outfit though! :joy: Excited to see who matched up!
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    Loved this!!!! <3<3<3<3 Hopefully this is not the end. Who did she have in mind for adriel I wonder.....
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    Oh no, this is not the end, though the next few chapters are going to be a bit jumpy. But I really want to do a Selection Challenge for the next generation, so that'll be coming up soon. I am planning on taking a break for the next gen to age up normally, but once it's ready to go I'll open up submitions. I may throw a chapter or two of childhood in there, I'm not sure yet.
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    I am finally caught up! Oh my goodness! What an adventure! I can't believe how pretty Aria seriously. She is insane. I love the undercover story line at the boys school and was kind of bummed to see it end - I was enjoying it waaaay too much :lol:

    I can't wait to see where this goes and I'm very excited for the next part!
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    I like to try new and weird things with my sims. The Ourunning School was just one of the things I've thought of. Being abandoned on an island, having to surivive on what you can grow (which isn't that hard, I just wish that they would auto eat the fruit instead of me constantly having to make them eat.) If anyone has anything they'd like me to try, I'll see if I can do it. After What I have planned for the next generation happens, I'm out of ideas, sorta. But let me know! I'll see what I can do.
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    Chapter 25
    Homecoming, Homegoing
    *sorry, not many pictures in this chapter.

    Aria stood outside of her once home. She was early, so no one was out to see her yet, but she couldn’t help but marvel at how it had changed. There was a second floor for goodness sake. That wasn’t there the last time she was here. Why did they add a second floor?


    The answer soon made itself clear. Aria’s father, Patrick, came out of the front door, followed by three very inquisitive girls, a little boy, and a little girl. I have siblings?

    “I- I-” she stammederd.

    “Welcome home, Aria. We are so happy to have you here.” her father pulled her into a hug, but it felt strange. If she had grown up in his arms, it would have felt completely normal, but he felt like a stranger. Did he always smell like wood and dirt? And who were these munchkins? They looked like her siblings, but beyond that she had no idea who they were.

    “And who are these?” she asked, pulling away from her father.

    “Ah well, you got Willow, Lilly, and Belle. They’re triplets, nine years old, soon ten. Then we’ve got Elliot, and the youngest is Aileen. Five girls, only one son. The odds weren’t in my favor it seems.”

    “Five other siblings…” Aria muttered.

    “Can we bring your bags in?” asked the girl with shoulder length hair. Willow, was her name?

    “Sure. I don’t have much. Once I had the opportunity to buy my own stuff, I was parading to be a boy, so I donated most of it to the thrift store, shopping while I was there.”

    “We’re taking this to the guest bedroom, right?” asked the girl with long red hair. Lilly?

    “Yep. Off you go.” They trotted off to the house. So that’s why they needed the second floor.

    “Guest bedroom?” Aria arched her eyebrow.

    “We tried to keep your room your room, but after three girls, and then two toddlers, we needed the space. but we’ve got a spare bedroom for you. You can make it your own.” he said as he walked towards the house.

    “Dad-” Patrick spun around with a smile on his face, which quickly went back to neutral. “How long do you expect me to stay here?”

    He paused. “You live here. You can stay as long as you like.”

    They walked in the front door, and it was just the same as she remembered. Tiny living room, kitchen, and hallway off to the left. Only now there was the sound of children running and playing upstairs.

    “Your mother’s at work right now, but she wanted to see your when you got here so badly.”

    Aria looked at the clock, getting close to half past five. “Need some help with dinner?”

    Patrick looked relieved. “That would be lovely.”


    After dinner was cleared, and the kids were settled into bed, Aria came downstairs and sat down with her parents outside. The stars were so bright out here without the light pollution, it was inspiring.

    After sitting in silence for a while, Aria spoke.

    “What took you so long? Why do I have siblings? I thought that you had trouble having kids, but that seems contrary to the evidence. They seem happy, with good parents. Why didn’t you come for me?”

    Skye and Patrick looked at each other. Skye turned back to Aria.

    “At first we missed you, but we knew that it was best for you. You know all of the reasons we sent you, but after a while the missing didn’t go away. We tried to contact the program, but all they wanted to do was redirect us to ‘our own problems’. We tried to back out of the program, but it would work. We heard that you had a break at Von Wind, and we didn’t know what you were doing then, but then school started back up again, so you were out of our grasp again.”

    “When we heard that you had been expelled from Von Wind, we thought that you would come home, and when you didn’t we fear the worst. Had you been turned out homeless? Abducted? We didn’t know. But then your mother found you on her doorstep at the hospital, and we were elated. There was light at the end of the tunnel. And now we have you back. We couldn’t be happier.”

    Aria paused, processing. “I can’t stay here long. I want to get on with my life. I have a boyfriend. I want to get an apartment with my best friend. I want to get a job. I didn’t plan you into my life.”

    Skye looked hurt, and she looked away. Patrick’s face hardened a bit.

    “We understand, and we want you to be happy. But try it here first, ok? See how you like it.”

    Aria started to get attacked to her new family, but she also didn’t like it. She had to change diapers, lecture her sisters, help them with homework, clean up messes, and rock children back to sleep. She felt like a mother, and while she liked the idea of her being a mother, she didn’t want that right now. Not yet. She wanted to live her life.

    “I need to get out of here.” she said to Tori on the phone. “I’m going mad. I have no privacy. Please, do you have any information on a place to live?”

    “I finally do! My dad found a place in San Myshuno. It’s a bit pricey, but he said that he’ll float us by paying half. I guess my music choices are driving him crazy. He doesn’t like alternative music.”

    Aria was awe struck. “How many bedrooms? Can Darien move in with us?”

    “If he shares your room, he can join us. I have no quib.

    “When can we move in?”

    “The end of this month. Does that work for you?”

    “You bet it does. I’ll let my parents know.”

    Racing down the stairs, Aria burst into the living room. The girls were working on homework outside, and Skye was in the kitchen making dinner. Patrick was on his way home.

    Aria slowed down at the bottom of the stairs and made her way to the kitchen. “I’m moving out. At the end of this month.”

    Skye was shocked for a moment. “But you’ve barely been here for a month. We were really appreciating your help with the kids.

    “They’ll be old enough soon to take care of themselves. Besides, You guys could use the extra room. Three girls in that little room isn’t good. They’ll be tearing hair out if you don’t separate them by thirteen.”

    “Oh, and how do you know that?”

    “We had two girls to a room at Von Wind, and that got catty at times, and the rooms were bigger. Let Lily and Willow have my room, Belle and Aileen can share a room, and Elliot can have his own. You don't’ need me.”

    Skye sighed. “I guess you’re right. Do you need any help with payments?”

    “Oh, no. Tori’s dad is helping us out. Darien’s going to live with us too, so that’ll keep us going just fine.”

    “Well, look at my little girl. All grown up.” she brought Aria in for a big hug. “Stay safe, my dear, and visit us often.”

    Extra picture:

    I know, i know, i was going to post the match, but i forgot that was the next chapter! I have a few screens to shoot and then I'll post, promise!
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    Chapter 26
    Confused to Surprised
    The apartment was a bit out of the budget. Aria looked around the quaint apartment, but she saw where it would become home. Some paint here, a couch there, it would be great. It was her first taste of freedom.

    “Before we get too involved with moving in and getting on with our lives, I have a special present for you. Consider it an early meeting anniversary gift. Hopefully it will keep you safe.” Darien said bashfully.

    Aria was confused, until Darien pulled out a dog from the unused bedroom.


    “What! You got me a dog?” Aria couldn’t believe it. She had always wanted a furry pet of her own, and this was it. It was big, fluffy, and looked kind. Like a dog teddy bear.

    “Her name is Stella. She was free, and I thought of you, as always. Can we keep her?”


    “Of course!” Aria nuzzled the dog, then looked back up to Darien. “But what about Tori? We’re starting a mini family over here, and she’s all by herself.”

    “Oh, don’t worry about her, I’ve got something for her too. Hey, Tori, Come over here!”


    “Huh? Oh a dog! Is it ours? You got it for Aria, didn’t you? It looks like a dog for Aria. You’re the best boyfriend, are there doubles of you? Oh-”

    She was cut short by Darien ushering out a cat with orange paws.


    Tori was awestruck for a moment. “Is that for me?” She eeked out.

    “Yep. A nice girl kitty just for you.”

    “PIZZA!” She declared.

    “Pizza? Not Flame, Ember, or Blaze? You want to call her Pizza?” inquire Aria.

    “It looks like she stepped in pizza sauce, so yes, she is going to be called Pizza.”

    Tori went on to get her a pizza sweater.



    The trio settled into their new life and got into a rhythm. Tori started up as a mini politician, feeling passionate about world unity. A major business firm had and opening, and Darien jumped at the chance to get a good start on his career, bringing laughter to the office as well. Aria was uncertain as to what she wanted to do with her life, so she stayed home and looked after the animals and street performed with her violin. It didn’t bring in much income, and the bills were starting to get scary, so she knew that she would have to do something about it soon.


    Darien came home from work on a wednesday evening, tired and rumpled, but it blazing spirits.

    “Aria, I want to take you out on a date. Would you come with me?”

    “Uh, sure. Where are we going?”

    “It’s a surprise, but wear a jacket because it’s chilly outside.”

    They ended up at the pier near where it all began. Just on the hill over to the left, Aria had met Darien, new and scared but brave faced.

    “Hey, let’s look at the stars. I’ve been missing your company lately.” Aria insisted. They laid down on the wood and looked up at the stars.


    Darien remembered that it was looking up at the stars with Aria that he first felt that swell for her. They stayed that way for a while, looking up at the galaxy.


    Then they got up, and walked over to the water wall with Aria going ahead and Darien hanging back.

    “I love you so much, I don’t think I could ever leave your side.” Darien muttered under his breath.


    Aria turned, in good spirits from the beautiful sight. “Now, where did this come from?” laughed Aria.

    “I’m not kidding.” gleamed Darien. “I can’t see us apart. You brighten my day with your smile, you cook great meals, you laugh at my jokes. You’re perfect.”


    “Careful, you’ll start sounding like a stalker if you keep going.” giggled Aria, turning around to look at the water falling.

    When she turned around, Darien was on his knee.


    “Aria, I have loved you ever since the night we spent under the stars and you couldn’t sleep. Since then, there have been many nights that I couldn’t sleep, and you’re to blame. I’m crazy about you, will you marry me and keep me crazy my whole life?”


    He pulled out the ring, and Aria looked at as if it was the most beautiful thing she’d seen in her whole life.


    She tried it on, and Darien’s heart lept. “Yes.” she squeaked. “Yes, I’ll marry you!”


    They kissed, and Aria jumped into his arms, looking up at the sky and thanking the heavens that it contained. “The stars are brighter when I’m with you, Darien.”


    Bloopers: Poor Tori, all the animals sleep in Aria and Darien’s room.

    Naomi and Jaclyn's Wedding
    I love this shot^
    Maggy wanted to look at the clouds... blocked my a roof...
    Darien didn’t mingle much... he hung out with his buddy... who got the girl...

    Alec! @MINEZ and Marina, sitting in a tree...

    Really, Pizza? Sleep anywhere? It looks like you drank yoou much and passed out!
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    Omg, Pizza is so cute!
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    Lol!! Alec finding love :o<3<3<3<3 This update!
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    Well, the game pulled a 180 on me... made another unexpected pairing...
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