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S4 BuildnShare Winners Circle


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    Congrats @mannanna !
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    Congratulations @mannanna well done. :)
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    Congrats to @mannanna!!!!YAY!!
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    Thank you @StangMix2 @abelhinha35 and @Ainsleyf! Yay for me :D Nice surprise
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    Avarice Acres is a lovely lot. The almost gothic architecture is perfect for a graveyard. Your exterior is really well laid out and your pathway is lovely.  The fencing you chose really blends well with the overall style of the lot.  Providing each grave with a light and a bench is such a thoughtful touch. Another lovely touch is the chapel of rest and office room.  From what I can see, the groundskeeper's cottage is lovely, your object choices and placement are well thought out.

    Suggestions:  Try to provide us pictures with ‘walls up’, this can be achieved By taking the pictures in live mode with the ‘tab’ button, so in free camera mode.  This means that we get to see the whole of a room, also some sort of labelling, to let us know what you are showing us is useful.  Your roofing feels a little disjointed, as mentioned in previous critiques, try and make them more of one entity than separate roofs. Also, really think about using more of the terrain painting tool, some ‘dirt’ underneath plants works to help them feel more part of the build.

    Grave Keeper's Paradise is such a gorgeous little lot. The cottage oozes country charm. Your rooflines work really well. You did a great job with the layout of the lot in general, and the pathway is lovely. I really like how you made the cottage part of the fence line, it really helps it feel part of the lot. The freshly dug graves look great, your use of terrain paint there is awesome. The interior of the cottage feels homely and well tended for, your object choices work well and the palette is cohesive throughout.

    Suggestions:  I would liked to have seen more of the cottage, we primarily use your media to judge, and as such, we would normally expect to see at least one or two shots of each area from different angles. Also, there was no close up of the interior of the mausoleum. I would liked to have seen some outdoor seating, so that Sims could be comfortable while spending some time with their dearly departed. Some of the rooms feel a little cramped, for example in the bookcase area, I wonder if one seat between them would have felt more open.

    Willow Graveyard is just lovely! The layout works really well with that fountain in the centre and those terrain painted pathways work brilliantly. Popping the rest room in was a fab idea!  That tower! Wow, I can just see Rapunzel up there!  The terrain painted graveyards are perfect.  Your cottage interiors are beautiful, I especially liked the mat with the dog bowls, great idea! Your wall treatments inside really help the place feel cohesive. The desk facing the large stained glass window is such inspired placement, it means Erisa has can check on her charges whilst she works.

    Suggestions:  The mausoleum roof feels a little too imposing for me, that one large block of roof just doesn't fit the delicate touch that you have shown with the rest of the lot. All the foliage on the cottage exterior feels a little overwhelming, perhaps choosing one or two areas to focus that on might have felt more natural. Also, although you did an amazing job with the terrain paint, the pond area was a little left out in that respect, a small dirt pathway leading to it and some terrain paint around it would have helped it feel more part of the lot.

    And The winner is.....


    @StangMix2 - congrats on your first BuildnShare win!!
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    Congratulation @StangMix2, well done :)
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    Congrats @StangMix2 <3 That is super awesome, well done!
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    Congrats @Stangmix!!! Yay!
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    Woot @StangMix2 Congratulation! :)
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    Many congratulations @StangMix2 :)
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    Congrats to all the winners! I am really enjoying these challenges!
  • StangMix2StangMix2 Posts: 234 Member
    Thank you so much @BuildnShare ! Can't believe I actually won!

    And thank you so much for the congrats guys <3
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    Rest in Peace is a gorgeous cemetery! The landscaping makes the lot inviting to the visitor with natural groups of flowers, plants and trees. The fishing pond was a thoughtful touch too. And you made superb use of terrain paint. The stone buildings are perfectly in keeping with overall atmosphere, as is your choice of fencing, windows and doors. The simple layout of the cottage is just what the caretaker would want, and I love the rustic interior. The mausoleum and restroom buildings are in keeping with the rest of the build. I love all the little details inside the mausoleum! But my favorite part is the doggie beds in the cottage. Well done! :smiley:

    Suggestions: I might have used smaller windows in the kitchen area. I’m not crazy about the upper cabinets blocking the larger windows. Also, a sign outside the main entrance might have been nice.


    You have gone for a spookier approach to the cemetery and carried it out very well! The Caretaker’s Cottage is full of fascinating details like the steam rising around the grounds, the fishing pond, the chapel and the viewing room. I like how Erisa’s apartment is above the chapel and office, and of course, I love the play area for the dogs! Overall, the Gothic architecture, wall textures, and choices of doors, windows and fencing work well together. You also made wonderful use of terrain paint. The details inside the apartment, chapel and mausoleum are spot on. Even the little restroom building fits in perfectly! Nice job! :smiley:

    Suggestions: My only critique is that the cemetery seems a little forbidding rather than welcoming to the living.

    Sim challenge: I loved your slideshow of Erisa! She is so glamorous! Her dark form is very romantic, too. She has quite a lot to do to keep up the cemetery!


    There is something very magical about your Fairy Cemetery! It must be the combination of pastel colors, alien mushrooms and architecture. I like that you have used different styles of fencing and the cottage itself to enclose the graveyard. There are so many other magical details like the little bunnies, the bathroom door and your choice of interior wall textures. I like that you’ve created a basement room for the mausoleum; that works well. And the graves are nicely laid out, too; I like that you’ve enclosed some of them with short fencing. Great work! :smiley:

    Suggestions: The only critique I have is that the lot might not be suitable for Erisa, who doesn’t seem like a pink and pastel sort of “woman”. But I do understand what you were trying to create for yourself and your game play!


    Sim challenge: There is definitely something unearthly about your Erisa Bonekeeper! You have captured her stark features and somber expression. I wish you had included some sort of slideshow to give us a better idea of her personality.


    The drive-up circle for Graveyard Boulevard is an inspired touch. Your use of terrain paint and the small debug stones is wonderful! I also like how you’ve created a more intimate cemetery by fencing in a smaller area of the lot instead of the whole thing. The graveyard itself has just the right amount of open space and landscaping which makes the little gardens seem special. The architectural style of the buildings is welcoming; nice contrast of exterior wall textures. The interiors of the mausoleum and cottage are harmonious: the mausoleum seems very grand while the cottage has a nice country feeling to it. I really appreciated the small details like the clutter items in the bedroom and the shed attached to the public bathroom facilities. Really wonderful job overall! :smiley:

    Suggestions: Both the exterior and interior of the mausoleum make it seem more like a chapel for burial ceremonies rather than a mausoleum for “housing” the remains. Perhaps using a different but related style of architecture might have distinguished the building.


    You have let your imagination run wild with Crossroads Cemetery ! I enjoyed reading the details of “life” in the cemetery. You’ve created all sorts of lovely details. I like the four different corners and their meanings. The mausoleum is nicely done; I love the roof! The cottage is appropriately “witchy” too. I like the mismatched colors on the exterior walls and how you’ve brought the outdoors inside by having vines and thorns “extend” through the walls. Lots of nice clutter details inside as well, and you’ve left a nice space for the puppies! Wonderful! :smiley:

    Suggestions: The placement of the pan rack over the dining table seems a little odd to me, although I like how the plants are creeping over it.

    Sims challenge: Your slideshow was great—very entertaining! It was great to see her attending to the cemetery, especially defending it from a rival demon. I also loved that she likes to wear her formal clothes around the house, because…why not? Great job!


    One of the best features of Magnolia Cemetery is the variety of gravestones, especially the ones you created yourself—very imaginative! The landscaping of the cemetery is beautiful and well thought out—great use of terrain paint. The fountain, too, is a very attractive feature and creates a restful atmosphere on the lot. I like the simple, rustic nature of the caretaker’s cottage with its humble furnishings—perfect for Erisa and her three dogs. You’ve included so many wonderful clutter details inside, but my favorites are the piles of clothes for the dogs to lie on! Wonderful work! :smiley:

    Suggestions: With the caretaker’s cottage at the front of the lot, the cemetery looks more like a home with a large yard rather than what it’s supposed to be. Also, most mausoleums do not have porches; the porch makes the building look like a chapel or some other kind of community building. I did like, however, how the two different styles of building (cottage and mausoleum) coordinated with each other.

    Great work, everyone! You each had a unique vision of Erisa and her cemetery and realized that vision expertly!

    And The winner is.....


    And the Sim Challenge winner is:

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    Congratulations @abelhinha35 what a beautiful graveyard :)
    Thank you very much @BuildnShare for your wonderful feedback, all taken on board :)
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    Congrats @abelhina35!!! And thanks @BuildnShare for another really awesome challenge and review!!
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    Congrats @abelhinha35 on the win!

    Thank you for the feedback @BuildnShare !
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    Congrats to everyone, as always I'm blown away by the creativity and talent on display here!
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    Congrats yay @abelhinha35!! :)
  • abelhinha35abelhinha35 Posts: 1,770 Member
    Wow, thanks everyone for the congrats with all the fantastic builds this round I really feel honored. <3 <3 Thanks @BuildnShare for my win and the generous feedback. <3
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    Congratz to the winners of the cemetery challenge! :#

    Thanks for the feedback @BuildnShare :)
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    Congrats everyone! Every entry was amazing this go around :smiley:

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    Yoska's Dream is a wonderful bright and vibrant creation that speaks of energy and life. Exploring the camp I can almost feel the carefree Romany atmosphere. The gypsy wagons are traditional and colourfully decorated both inside and out and ooze cheeriness. Lovely to see you've given each one an outdoor space of their own and provided electrical hook up. Great choice with the red picket fence and the outdoor lights, these all add to the magic. The large open space in the middle is a good place for everyone to gather, there are certainly plenty of activities here, you've thought of just about everything! I was quite amazed to see how spacious you'd made the wagons feel inside and the curtains separating the bedroom areas look perfect. The lodge is quite a contrast to the wagons with the cool colour scheme which gives a wonderful sense of calmness to the building.

    Suggestions: Regarding the central 'playground' I would have separated the different areas somewhat by using plants/flower beds/hedges for example. This would add more interest to the area and given each space a little privacy. Also we do like to see overhead shots of the whole site with the roof up in order to see the roof structures and also of the whole ground floor area so we get a good view of the layout.


    Wow, you certainly went for the largest lot to create Sandy Shores which means lots of space to move around and very typical of the countryside. The camp is very well laid out and it's good to see you've used terrain paint to create many pathways to the various areas. There is a wonderful variety of trees and greenery which, combined with the rocks and fishing ponds, fill in the space really well and provide a great rustic atmosphere. The RVs are fabulous and I love how you've connected the trailers to the trucks and also provided electrical hook up. The soothing green of Cooper's is very earthy and relaxing and you were wise to use the free debug items to fill the shelves. The Dugan's RV looks bright and lively decorated in sunny yellow and the bookcase door in Bohar's is great for saving space. The lodge itself looks very warm and cosy and has lots of activities to relax and unwind, perfect for the colder weather.

    Suggestions: The terrain painted pathways are great but I think would look more interesting if they were edged with soil, this would give more definition. I also think the camp would benefit from wildflowers placed here and there as that would be very natural in this environment.


    Gypsy Caravan Park is a fabulous bright and cheerful camp with lots of interesting little areas, for which the trees provide a great backdrop. I love the lantern tree and it is perfect for the bohemian style. I can almost imagine the members fire dancing around the bonfire or sitting on the rugs listening to the guitar player. The fishing pond makes a good centrepiece as well as providing activity and you have made good use of terrain paint to create winding pathways to the different areas. The fortune telling area looks magical and mystical with the crystal ball placed in the middle. Each caravan is unique and has it's own character. The first is bright and colourful but also calming and restful, the second has a bold red colour scheme suitable for family life and the third has a very happy feel with it's sunny yellow shades. Really like your take on the washroom design and the lodge looks warm and cosy with the fire and dark, yet bright, colours.

    Suggestions: Compared to the gypsy caravans the landscaping seems a little dull. I would have added lots of wildflowers here and there to give it more colour and interest yet still in keeping with the natural look of the site.


    My first impression of Mr Willow Lodge was how well kept and beautiful this place is. The fishing pond is a wonderful centrepiece and is perfectly placed in front of the camp entrance. You have made great use of terrain paint to create pathways and have provided just the right amount of greenery. I always love a combination of walls/fences and hedging as this always provides interest and a good division of different areas. Wonderful outdoor areas, the firepit looks great under the shade of the large tree and I absolutely love the bin area with the outdoor necessities, very tidy! The electric hook ups are a fabulous idea and very necessary. It's good to see your take on the RVs. The first is very luxurious and sleek in shades of red and black and I love the cabin design and the front. The 'lower end' RVs have great layouts with the washroom dividing the areas. My favourite place is the lodge itself. Wow, I can't express how realistic this place is, I can almost smell the wood of the cabin. It was very thoughtful of you to provide a place for the father to stay while having treatment.

    Suggestions: The only suggestion I would make is regarding the bbq area. I think the paving would look more defined if this were edged with soil, plants or the little debug stones. This would also provide a little decor to the area.

    The Winner of this challenge is ....


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    Many congratulations @Laebeth a very well deserved win :)
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    Yay for @Laebeth's Lodgy-lodge!!! Congrats!!
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    Contratulations @ Laebeth on winning #81, well done. :)
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