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The Aria Chronicles Finale! - Final Update - updated 1-1-18


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    I'm currently working on learning to use some new photo editing software, so bare with me (i hope that's the correct 'bare/ bear')
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    Chapter 13
    Two Roads Diverge
    The girls wore their special dresses, the ones that Maggy had made for them before she left. They wore touches of makeup here and there, giving each other pointers and it was a great bonding experience for the girls. Mia was locked out of the bathroom; they didn’t need any of her makeup advice.


    A knock was heard from the front door and the girls went quiet. They all listened for the voices, wanting to hear what was being said. It was a man’s voice, elderly, but held an air of pretension. He will probably a hard grader then, thought Aria. She started sweating again.

    She would be ok. She wasn’t a master of the violin, but she was proficient for a person her age. She would just have to be very careful.

    It was Tori she was worried about. Jaclyn and Naomi had untuned the piano downstairs in the sitting room, but it was still a risky thing they were doing. Could she pull off the acting and convince them that she was a good as she was about to fake she was?

    It was drawing time to begin, so Aria pinned up her hair and exited the room in line with the other girls. When they arrived at the classroom, the chairs had been drawn to the outer edges of the room, leaving room for the performer to have space. While the girl’s chairs were on the sides of the room, making them have to look at the performer from the side, there were two chairs in the middle that had a straight on view of the girl in question. One was for the headmistress, the other was for the evaluator.


    Aria took her seat. They sat in order, starting with Destiny, then Marina, then Tori, Naomi and Jaclyn together, and then Aria. Why was she last? It doesn’t mean anything, she thought. It won’t affect my grade. I’ll be fine.

    Mrs. Motto walked to the front of the room with the guest, a grey-haired man with a stern-because-I-have-to-be face. “Girls, this is Mr. Pinefall. He will evaluating the presentations today.” She stepped aside as the man centered himself in the room.


    “Thank you, for the introduction,” he bowed his head. “I’m sure that as the bright future of the good ladies of this great nation, you are well on your ways to having truly great skills. I look forward to seeing what you have accomplished.”

    They walked together to the back of the room and took their seats. Destiny, wearing some exercise clothes instead of a dress for obvious reasons, stood up and rolled out her yoga mat on the floor. She looked so graceful just doing that, with her arms outstretched and long muscles stretched in extension, Aria couldn’t imagine what she would be like once she actually started.

    She centered herself on the mat, took a deep, even breath, and showed no sign of fear. She even smiled.


    Marina was next. a lectern was placed by Mia Kohl for her to speak from and rest her manuscript. Her voice shook at the beginning, but it gained power as she spoke. The writing wasn’t that good, but it was alright. She wrote fiction, a short story, but it ended sweetly and with feeling, so the overall sense of it was pleasing.


    Tori stood up with wobbly legs and nearly fell into Marina’s lap. Aria looked at her friend and tried to look as encouraging and brave as she could to help her best friend.

    “Ah, now it is time to go down to the sitting room to play on the piano there. Everyone, please come along.” issued Mrs. Motto.

    Everyone stood up, filing down the stairs and into the sitting room. There wasn’t a whole lot of room for everyone, so a few girls resigned to standing. It seemed that Mia had neglected to turn the sofa to observe the performance.

    Tori sat on the bench and put her hands on the keys. They had rehearsed the act several times just to make sure that they had it down right, but Tori’s heart was still fluttering like a little bird.

    She played a scale, a mock warm up, but it was horribly out of tune.


    “What?” Mrs. Motto leaned over to see what had made the terrible noise. “Play that again.”

    Tori did as requested, but it sounded the same, no matter if Mrs. Motto was staring at her hands or not.

    “Why didn’t you tell me about this, Mr. Grace? You can play an out of tune piano!”

    “I didn’t want to act selfish by requesting something be fixed that only I play. It would be rude of me…” Tori played the ashamed girl part very well, though Aria suspected that it was her true emotions showing through. Ashamed and panicked aren't that far apart.

    “Well, how are you going to present your accomplishments?” Mrs. Motto looked very sternly at her, not taking her eyes off of Tori. Tori started to squirm.

    “Well, ma’am, I have an electric piano in my room. I think I could manage on that…”

    Feeling rather flustered that her subjects were not prepared and embarrassed that they weren’t ready, she said “Yes, yes, go and get it. We’ll meet you up in the classroom.”

    Tori scurried out of the room while the others filed back up the stairs. Mr. Pinefall was looking like he wasn't having fun, but that he would only stand a one or two more mistakes.

    Everyone had sat down when Tori came in and put her keyboard in the dead center of the room, facing the people of authority. She pulled up her little bench and sat down on it. She looked up, waiting for a nod that she should begin. Receiving such a nod, she placed her hands on the keys. As long as she pressed keys at the correct tempo, the piano would play the song correctly.


    The song went on with agonizing length, Tori moving like a champ. She would pick up her fingers and put them in the general region of the keyboard that they should be, and it was a convincing performance overall. Tori finished and Aria stood up and applauded. No one else stood up however, and she sat down in embarrassment. Mrs. Motto and Mr. Pinefall both looked at her like she was out of her mind.


    Naomi and Jaclyn presented a very steady case on how they had been spending their time. They had bred over 200 frogs in two years, bringing good numbers back to a frog that had been near extinction. They stood with determination in their eyes, and they were quite proud of their work. Mr. Pinefall looked equally pleased as he wrote in his notebook.


    Aria was last. She lifted her violin out of it’s stand, and walked to the middle of the room. She had selected the folk song Lagan Love for it’s haunting phrases and soloability. It was a difficult piece for her, but if she pulled it off, it would be a great success.


    (Listen please)


    The song includes several flats, sharps, naturals and accidentals, but Aria felt like she did remarkably well for herself once it was finally done.


    Mr. Pinefall looked far less pleased than Aria felt.


    The girls had a brief recess while Mr. Pinefall made final assessments and discussed with Mrs. Motto. The girls all sat in the sitting room, not really taking to each other, only sitting 🌺🌺🌺🌺 straight from nerves and lest the two of their elders walk in on them.

    Mrs. Motto finally entered the room, and the girls all quickly turned around. “It’s time. Please come upstairs.” She said solemnly.

    Mr. Pinefall was standing in the front of the room, looking at his notes. He waited for the girls to all be seated before he spoke.

    “I must say, girls, I’m rather impressed by your work. Working to better yourselves, and the planet, he nodded to Jaclyn and Naomi, “is a valiant thing indeed. There are a few things to discuss though.”

    He flipped a page of notes. “First, Ms. Lake, I must commend you on your new found ability. I hear that you only just started to practice yoga. Is that true? “

    “Yes, sir. I was originally working toward general fitness, but I found yoga to be very relaxing and graceful.”

    “Yes, indeed. Now, Ms. Gibbs, I thought that your writing was quite good, but as an author myself I suggest reading a few more books and getting some more experience from others about writing style. Your sentence structure bounced around and it seemed like there were different people talking at once, different sources of thoughts. Pick one and try to stick to it.” he said with a smile of encouragement.


    Marina gave a nod and looked embarrassed at the need of direction.

    “Ms. Grace, while it is unfortunate that the piano in the sitting room was out of commision, you did a wonderful job at adjusting to the circumstances and I must commend you for that. It didn’t affect your performance at all, and you did a splendid job. Perhaps take the bridge a bit slower next time, it felt rushed.”

    Red as a cherry, Tori blushed with relief. “Oh, thank you, sir. I’ll remember that.”

    “Ms. Waters and Beifong, The effort that you have put towards restoring the frog population is exquisite. I’m sure that I speak for the whole of Windenburg when I say, well done. You have surely been a great asset to the ecological community for some time. You have made this school proud.”

    Naomi and Jaclynn beamed at Mr. Pinefall, happy for such praise.

    “Ms. Stone,” he paused and turned some pages, his approving smile disappearing and his face turned stern again. “I’m afraid your performance left much to be desired. You were haisty, your notes fell flat, and the overall performance was not what I had expected from someone who had been playing as long as you have. It would also have been better if you had chosen a classical song rather than a folk one as a good young lady should.”

    Aria looked down at her hands, tears forming in her eyes. It couldn't be true. Her playing had been near perfect. There must be a mistake...

    He stepped out from behind the lectern held his hands onfront of him. “I hear that there have been rumors about the school losing money, and I am here to clear up that rumor. It is true. The school is losing funding, and because of that, the school can no longer be a part of the scholarship program. I understand that most of you had no idea that the school offered a scholarship program. Ms. Stone has been on a scholarship here since she arrived. Her family couldn't support themselves, so she was enrolled here and the family was helped along.”

    Aria’s reality was falling apart around her. It was shattering before her very eyes. She felt the glares of those around her, but when Naomi grabbed her hand, she saw only concern and not disgust in her eyes. Aria looked up and saw the other girls. BEsides Tori who was alarmed that her best friend was being tron apart, they were confused and concerned, not angry or dismayed.


    “As the school is losing money, we can’t affors to suport someone who is not contributing to the funds. The Directors of Girl’s Boarding Schools have all agread that Aria Stone is to be expelled to make room for a girl who offers income.” he looked at Aria. “We are deeply sorry.”

    “You’re sorry? How could you do this? Her grades were fanominal! Don’t you get a write off for her enrollment-” Tori started arguing.

    “Ms. Stone has a record of being in detention thirty times over the past two years. That is grounds enough for expulsion. Not only that, but her performance today showed me for certain that she is not improving while being here. She doesn’t belong here among the finer ladies.”


    “Her performance was amazing! You’re just saying that it was bad so you can justify expelling her!” Tori stood up from her seat.

    “Ms. Grace, be happy it isn’t you/ Your profile states that you have had several scrapes with detention as well. If not for your father’s substantial donation each year, you would be considered a dark mark on this establishment.”


    Tori stared at him enraged for a moment, then sat down in defeat, knowing when she was beat.

    “However, this is not the end of your education, Ms. stone. There was a new boy’s school opened in the city. A spot has been secured for you. We have arranged for your things to be moved and for you to be enrolled. Classes start in two weeks.”

    He looked at Mrs. Motto, and she said with a gravely voice: “Class dismissed!”

    Aria ran to her room, closing the door, and went to lock it but Tori slipped in before she could. THe other girls all waited outside the door, wanting to hear what was being said.

    Aria sobbed. Tori wrapped her into a hug, letting her clothes get damp in the process. “I tried.” she said quietly, “I tired. Please forgive me.”


    “Oh, Tori. I could never blame you.”

    They stood that way for a while until they pulled apart.

    “How could I possibly pass for a boy? I have a girl’s figure. This will never work. If I’m found out then they’ll tease me and I’ll be an outcast.”

    “I know just who to call for this.” assured Tori.

    “Really? Who?”


    Aria no longer had to attend classes or wear the uniform since she was no longer a student at the school, and all Tori had to do was give Mrs. Motto a glare and was dismissed for the day while they walked out the door. A car was waiting for them to take them to get Aria set up, and it took about an hour to get where they needed to be.

    They walked up the walkway, and Tori knocked on the door. Maggy opened the door, obviously pregnant once again. Little Amber was on her hip, and it seemed like a happy picture indeed. Maggy put down Amber, who promptly ran off and looked for a toy and to get away from the strangers. Maggy wrapped Aria in a hug, lasting there for a while. She smelled of shampoo and clean laundry, a very Maggy thing to smell like.


    “I’m so sorry to hear what happened. Come inside and I’ll see what I can do.”

    “Where’s Deon?” asked Tori.

    “He’s at the restaurant. It’s actually just down the street, which is nice. We’ll have to go and see him. You guys are staying over night, right?”

    “Um-” began Aria.

    “Heck yes!” Finished Tori. “I’ll let the headmistress know.”

    Maggy lifted an eyebrow, but said nothing more.

    “Alright, first thing we should do is make you look like a boy. We need to cut your hair, and I have some things you can bind yourself with to hide the fact that you’re a girl. It should work, but let’s try it first.”

    Maggy rumaged aroudn for something, and pulled out a tanktop. “Try this on. The bathroom’s over there.”

    Aria did as she was told, and it was rather restricting. When she came out, Tori’s eyes nearly poped out of her head.


    “Where did they go?! You’re so flat now!”

    “I know, right? Maybe this could actually work.”

    “Ok,” continued Maggy. “Next, your hair. Are you ready?”

    Aria took a deep breath. “I think so. Time to cut off my hair.”


    The girls were all sad to see Aria leave. Who would play the violin in the sitting room? What would the new girl be like? Aria had been special because she could get along with anyone, and did. She wasn’t selfish, she didn’t like trouble. What sort of changes was her absence going to cause? With only two years left to go before they graduated, were they even ever going to see Aria again?

    (I'm missing two or three pictures I took but didn't get onto my phone so I'll just have to post them tomorrow. )

    Oh, hey! Extras!
    Just some funny pictures when I paused at just the right time.

    They aren't getting fresh, they're freshening up in mirrors! My bathroom is just the right distance that they over lap, and their animations lined up. A hilarious snapshot!

    Aria looks like you just insulted her book and she's going to hit you over the head with it. She's really in a fine mood, not angry, just one of those funny expressions you sometimes catch them making.
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    Ah poor Aria meh the stuck up types are the worst 'she doesn't belong here among the finer ladies' I wonder what will happen next I personally hope that awful man goes missing.
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    Aw poor Aria and poor Tori as well :( Aria still looks so pretty with short hair! :) I agree with @RedDestiny92, what an awful awful man! Adventures in a boy's school, oooh I'm excited to see Darian :) I hope she can get along with the boys... and maybe some romance here and there? hehe xo
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    Ready to meet the new students? Chapter 14 is coming in a few hours.
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    Ooh yes please! So very excited :)
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    First, a floor plan of the school
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    Chapter 14
    Aria stood at the entrance of the building that would house for the foreseeable future. It looked like a repurposed gym.

    “It’s a repurposed gym.” came a voice from behind her. Aria spun around.


    An impeccably dressed man in his mid fifties stood there, looking very proper. “Not that anyone can tell. It’s a fully functioning school now, complete with anything a young man would want or need for his education. Mr. Stone, I assume?”

    “Er, yes”. Aria said. She had been practicing using her lower voice, but she was still getting used to it. It wasn’t easy. She had been trained to have a nearly musical voice, not a deep and manly one.

    “Welcome to the school. We’re still working on a name for the school since it is under new managment, and were not sure it we’re going to keep the name, so I won’t tell it to you. Please, follow me.”

    Aria picked up her personal belongings. The school had given her a budget to buy herself things for her room and her uniform, and they were already in her room. All she had with her were pictures and things she had forgotten to put in with her boxes.

    Entering the lobby, they turned to the left, entering a large room with a podium and six chairs; a classroom. There was an indoor balcony overlooking a swimming pool. There was a magazine stand, a couch, and a modern fireplace. There were stairs going up, and the man proceeded to ascend them. Aria hurried after him. The second floor smelled much more lived in. Hints of cologne and food hung in the air, tinting it with excitement. There were bags and boxes in places; it seemed that Aria wasn’t the only one moving in.


    “The boys are just getting back from a break, so they’re moving in again. Settling, as I like to call it.” Aria started to wonder if the man had mind reading abilities.

    Dodging boxes, they walked to the back wall, passing two doors, a bathroom, and a tv with a couch, chair, and video gaming system that hadn’t been plugged in yet. A boy with red hair walked past, nodded, and walked through a set of double doors into a red room. Aria unconsciously shied away, trying to smile.

    A blonde boy was seen through a door, working in a notebook.

    Reaching the back wall, they turned to the right, walked down a little hallway, and Aria couldn’t help but stare at the view. She had known that the school had a great view of the bay, but it was amazing. With the sun setting over the water, it was breathtaking. The man hadn’t stopped and now stood at the end of the hall, standing before a glass door.


    “This is your room, Mr. Stone. I hope that your things are in order. The rooms are rather sound-proof, just try not to play loud music late into the night. You will notice that there isn’t much privacy here, but the idea is that there isn’t much to hide. Now, as most of the young men have arrived and not had an evening meal, I will go and make one in the kitchen. Please join us at your earliest convenience.”

    Aria stepped into her room, which was very square in shape. It was smaller than the room she shared at her last school, but it was her own room. She put down her little bag on her bed, which was as close to gender neutral as she could stand, and sat down. She immediately called Tori.

    “Oh my gosh, I’m so happy to hear your voice!” Tori gushed when she answered.

    “I know, right? It was literally two days ago, but it feels like forever. How’s the new girl?”


    “Stingy. She acts like she’s a gift from God, but she’s stuck up and doesn’t talk to me. Does she think she’s below me? Ugh.”

    “I hope I don’t get that here. But you know what? Just do the same thing to her. I realise that it won’t make the situation better, but I’m sure it will make you feel better.”


    “You bet it will. So what’s It like there? Tell me everything.”

    “It’s super modern. I’ve already seen a swimming pool, a video game console, and a bunch of bamboo. The butler seems nice, I think he reads minds.”

    “No, really? Spooky.”

    “I mean, I guess he’s just experienced with how people think. By the way, if anyone asks, you're my girlfriend, ok?”

    “You mean I’m actually going to have a boyfriend at some time in my life? Amazing!” Tori joked. “Why do I need to be your girlfriend?”

    “Well, I have a picture of you in my room, and I’m going to call you a lot, it will keep me from being pressured by the guys I haven’t met yet to talk to girls, that sort of thing.”


    “Makes total sense. And hey, you’re not that far away from Maggy, you could go and live with her on the weekends.”

    “Yeah, We’ve talked about it. I basicly have an open invitation to her house on the weekends.” Aria looked out of her window at the golden sunset. Becoming solem, she said “I can see the island from here. It makes me feel homesick. I wonder if It would be easier if I had a clean break.”

    “You don’t need to forget us like you had to forget your family. We’re your family, don’t forget to visit.”

    “I will as soon as I can. I gotta go, talk to you latter.”

    “Yeah, meet some cute guys for me”

    Aria hung up and looked out her window at the setting sun. She smoothed her hair and walked out of her room. She appreciated that it was the farthest away from anything. Maybe she wouldn't be bothered as much.

    Exiting her hallway, she bumped into the red-haired boy again.

    “Oh, hey. You’re Aaron, right? I’m your new next door neighbor.” He stuck out his hand and winked. Immediately Aria felt a flutter in her chest of panic. Had this guy, who just met her, already figured out that she was a girl ad was hitting on her? She felt herself pale.


    “Oh, I didn’t mean to make you uncomfortable!” The boy switched to concern immediately. “I flirt with everyone, girl or boy. Don’t take it personally. Oh, no, I’ve gone and ruined everything, haven’t I?

    Aria shook her head. “No,-man” she added. “It’s all cool. I just don’t- swing that way.” Goodness, speaking like a guy was tough. How do they come up with these phrases?

    “Ah kay. Hey, I’m Darian, strikingly handsome from every angle.” He winked and smiled like a silly cartoon character, and Aria nearly broke out laughing. Instead, she just smirked.

    “Nice, man.”

    “Have you met anyone else? There are four other guys here.”

    “No, I haven’t, but I heard that there was food somewhere. Where’s that?” Another tip she’d learned from the girls. Men prioritize their stomachs over anything else.


    “Yeah, I was headed there myself. It’s right over there.” He pointed with is chin in the direction of the double doors and the red room. There were four other figures in the room already, plus the butler.

    “Hey, I didn’t catch the butler’s name.”

    “Really? He must be slipping. It’s Mr. Merriweather. A wicked cook and rumored mind reader.”

    “You too? I thought that I was just really predictable.”

    “No, he reads everyone’s mind. Well, shall we?” Darian almost bowed.

    “Sure, man, let’s go”

    The boys just looked at Aria once when she walked in, then went back to talking. The blond haired boy was there, including a guy with dark skin, and a guy with nearly flamboyant hair. They all talked like old friends.

    Mr. Merriweather was behind the counter. He looked out of place with his three piece suit in the modern surroundings.

    Darian pulled up two chairs next to the three guys. “Hey, guys. I met him first! This guy's name is Aaron. He's in Bill's old room.”


    “Really? Does he smoke as much as Bill used to?” asked the blond boy snidely.


    “Iago, cool it. I'm sure little Aaron here's as wholesome as can be.” defended Darian.


    “Incense, man, I mean incense. Stunk up the whole floor. Adriel burns some every now and then, for his girly yoga, but it isn't bad. In fact, he's on the other side of the floor than Bill's room, you'll probably not even notice."


    “Hey, yoga isn't girly!” combated the guy with flamboyant hair. “It helps me relieve stress!” obviously this was Adriel.


    “You stress like a woman.” jabbed Iago. The rest of the boys just rolled their eyes in disagreement, giving little shakes of their heads.



    Aria hadn't met the last boy, Alec, so she decided on visiting him before she turned in for the night. He was rummaging around when she knocked.

    “Huh? I'm sorry, have I met you? It's ask a bit of a blur. “

    “You're new too?” Aria asked.


    “Oh, you're new? I must not have met you. I'm Alec, the son of the Headmaster.”

    “Aaron. Is it tough being the Headmaster’s son? “

    Seeming to hit a nerve. “If you don't mind, I have some unpacking to do and I'm very tired.”

    Taken a back, Aria replied “Sure, see you later.”

    Say hello to Amayra Briggs! I didn't influence the name or sex of the baby (this time ;) ) Amber is super jealous, especially when she wakes her up at night.

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    The view is absolutely stunning! Great job on the school, everything's so proper it looks so nice :) I would love to go there! (Roof roof) Haha Aria and Tori fake-going out is so cute :) And helllllo Darian he's so sweet ;) Aria trying to speak like a boy is the cuttest thing ever ahaha I just tried doing it and it is so hard! Loved this chapter and is excited to see moreeee :) xoxo
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    I just went back to read the backstories of the boys again and re-read this chapter! You've really done a good job and portraying there characters :) (And I love how Darian immediately defended Aria even though he just met her hehe <3) And yes, I agree with Adriel Yoga is much harder than it looks, it's not girly at all (Here's three months ago me trying to do yoga but failing) I assume Lago is the new character you've added? Couldn't find his info on the other page hehe he's such a bad boy with his tatoos! Hello to little Amayra Briggs <3
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    Iago (spelt with an I (i, not L) darn font) is the character I made. His name comes from my favotite Shakespeare play, Othello. Way better than Romeo and Juliet.
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    If anyone wants to write a chapter, or give me plot points they want me to do, go for it. Most of my commentors have submitted a character, and even if you haven't, that's fine too. I'm open to suggestions as these characters are pretty brand new and not that developed. New car smell and all.

    Also, I need a name for the boy's school.
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    Oh interesting start, I like the boys, I could see her becoming fast friends with Alec parents issues as it were, maybe he'll be the first to find out she's a girl.
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    I think the headmaster would make Darian 'mentor' the new students (Alec and Aria) for a while - probably because he has a reputation of being friendly (My school had a buddy-system where if you're new, you get paired up with another student to help you around for a while).

    I can also see a bit of bullying happening to the new kids, but mostly to Aria because Alec is the teachers kid... but probably subtle enough that she can't really tell the teachers or ask Darian for help (like things getting inconveniently *misplaced* or an *accidental* push during gym).

    I can see Darian being protective over little Aaron (Aria) and finds out that he's a she eventually when they have gym together and Dari gives Aria extra basketball lessons and she goes to the locker room to change (*gasp*) but he pretends that he didn't see and keeps her secret. Although I feel like she'll be a bit scared that he might say something and tries to avoid confrontation at all costs... and he'll be like everybody has something they want to hide.

    Will Tori come and visit? Maybe Aria sneaks out in the middle of the night to meet Tori but spots Darian outside playing the guitar/singing sounding a bit sad ("Beartooth - Sick Of Me" made me think of this plot bunny hehe this is the song I've listen to while writing Darian's backstory as well) so she wonders what happened to him and what stories he might have.

    And maybe Iago sneaks the boys out to go clubbing and trying to hook up with girls but Aria feeling so out of place... maybe getting a bit drunk because of that? hehe I love trouble making :D

    Just some things that I thought might happen? Gym classes, cooking classes, gardening extracurricular activities, scary story of a graveyard on the school grounds etc. Oooh so excited! xo

    P.S. For the name of the school... hmmm... I'm really bad at naming... so I'll leave that up to somebody else!
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    Thanks a bunch! In the future though, maybe we could talk about this stuff in messaging. Don't want all the plot points out in the open, right? :wink: I should have said something.
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    Haha you're right! Should've thought it through yikes...! I can't even edit my post since I'm still a new member for some reason (and probably can't send messages as well... very inconvenient) :D Here's the song I've mentioned btw just in case you'd like a listen (Beartooth - Sick Of Me (Acoustic): :) Have a nice day you xo
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    No, no, you can send messages. Everyone can.
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    Irishsong wrote: »
    If anyone wants to write a chapter, or give me plot points they want me to do, go for it. Most of my commentors have submitted a character, and even if you haven't, that's fine too. I'm open to suggestions as these characters are pretty brand new and not that developed. New car smell and all.

    Also, I need a name for the boy's school.

    Ouran Academy :D
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    Irishsong wrote: »
    If anyone wants to write a chapter, or give me plot points they want me to do, go for it. Most of my commentors have submitted a character, and even if you haven't, that's fine too. I'm open to suggestions as these characters are pretty brand new and not that developed. New car smell and all.

    Also, I need a name for the boy's school.

    Ouran Academy :D

    Funny. Haven’t seen it, but I hear it's good.

    How about Ourunning School for Boys?
  • minjee_kangminjee_kang Posts: 285 Member
    Ourunning School for Boys haha I like that! :)
  • MINEZMINEZ Posts: 770 Member
    edited June 2017
    The Widenburg Academy for Gifted Young Men
  • MINEZMINEZ Posts: 770 Member
    Or The Alexander Preparatory for Young Men
  • mintycupcakemintycupcake Posts: 11,626 Member
    Or what about something like Charles Von Windenburg Academy, which the kids​ shorten to Wind Academy?
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  • IrishsongIrishsong Posts: 1,411 Member
    I think Ourunning School for Boys is good. They can joke about it.
  • minjee_kangminjee_kang Posts: 285 Member
    > @Irishsong said:
    > I think Ourunning School for Boys is good. They can joke about it.

    Yes, and also I believe in the 'Ouran High School Host Club' they also have a female student who's mistaken for a boy! Very coincidental :)
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