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The Hot Sim Compendium

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Download links:

Appaloosa Plains Sims

Aurora Skies Sims

Bridgeport Sims

Isla Paradiso Sims

Midnight Hollow Sims

Monte Vista Sims

Moonlight Falls Sims

Riverview Sims

Roaring Heights Sims

Starlight Shores Sims

My Vampire Sims

Sunset Valley Sims:

Twinbrook Sims

Ambitions Poster Boys

Daria Watson

Andrea Browlin

Odin Crosby:

Sunlit Tides Sims:

Sunset Valley Sims Part 2

Dream Daddy Sims

To install:
-Click the link under the subject you want to install a sim from. It will take your to a folder on dropbox showing all of its contents.
-When here, you have 2 choices:
Click the file of only the sims you want, one by one, and downloaded them on the next page.
Or, you can click "download" in the upper right of the screen and choose "direct download." This will download the entire folder. You will need to extract the contents with a program like 7zip.
-Place the .sim files in your "SavedSims" folder and you will find them with any other SavedSims in CAS!

****if CC is missing I might be able to aid you in finding it.

Hello all. I took it upon myself to find the most appealing premade sims I could find! For now, I am focusing on male sims, but I'll probably do women afterwards! I did tweak some of them, but not much at all. There are also plenty of sims who I changed nothing about their faces and just gave them new hairs styles and facial hair along with makeup such as nose masks. (so I guess this doubles as a premade makeovers thread!) Anyway! Without further ado:

Towns completed: Appaloosa Plains, Aurora Skies, Bridgeport, Isla Paradiso
Appaloosa Plains:
A personal new favorite of mine - Gavin Pinkerton
"Stressed out and spurned by the very celebs Gavin used to rub shoulders with, he's escaped to the country where life moves at a slower pace. There's no room for error in the high stakes world of plastic surgery, and one malpractice lawsuit later left him disgraced and out of work. Wolfson's Hospital lept at the opportunity to bring a big city doctor on staff though, and he's working his way back up from the bottom."
Age: Adult
Traits: Can't stand art, hydrophobic, clumsy, charismatic, easily impressed
Favorites: Classical, cookies, aqua
LTW: World Renowned Surgeon

Calvin Riffin
"Calvin is a young adult, but there's no doubt he's mature beyond his age. He wasn't always this way, but responsibility was forced to him as a teen when he became the head of the family following his parents farming accident. Now that it's fallen on him to guide Cornell and Chantrelle through life, he's learning all sorts of skills he never knew he had."
Age: Young Adult
Traits: Good sense of humor, natural cook, good, family-oriented, coward
Favorites: Pop, cookies, aqua
LTW: Surrounded by family
The perfect family man!
Aurora Skies
Pedro Herrerra
*The men of Aurora Skies, unfortunately, do not have backstories written in their bio. :(
Age: Young Adult
Traits: good sense of humor, virtuoso, coward, lucky, angler
Favorites: Pop, hamburger, aqua
LTW: Heartbreaker

Jessie Clark
Age: Young Adult
Traits: unflirty, brave, vegetarian, bookworm, athletic
Favorites: classical, goopy carbonara, turquoise
LTW: The Perfect Garden
Forgive me, I love me some Bridgeport! :lol:
Vladimir Schlick
"Vladimir has benefitted greatly over the years from his long lasting relationship with Elvira Slayer. But if a reckoning between old and new vampires in the city comes, whose side will he take?"
Age: Adult
Traits: Workaholic, technophobe, coward, athletic, evil
Favorites: Indie, O positive, black
LTW: The Emperor of Evil

Beau Merrick
"Despite his semi-introverted personality, Beau is the center of attention in his household. This is of course is all part of Beau's master plan. How will his roommates react when they find out that he's a vampire?"
Age: Young Adult
Traits: hates the outdoors, loner, genius, frugal, evil, pyromaniac
Favorites: electronica, O positive, black
LTW: Master Romancer

Kai Leiko
"Kai's always been a lucky guy, but this lucky - dating a superstar - is even beyond his wildest dreams. Many people attribute it to his great looks, but he's starting to wonder whether they'll be enough to get him by with Lola's new motherly responsibilities."
Age: Young Adult
Traits: no sense of humor, absent minded, unlucky, family oriented, can't stand art
Favorites: latin, key lime pie, irish green
LTW: gold digger

Richie Striker
"Richie met his wife Stella long before he came to fame for his professional athletics, so he knows she's not out for his wealth. His biggest concern now is whether he'll have the time to raise his son the way he wants."
Age: Young Adult
Traits: loves the outdoors, family oriented, athletic, ambitious, angler
Favorites: latin, grilled salmon, irish green
LTW: become a superstar athlete

Matthew Hamming
"Matthew knows he’s got everything he wants, except for one thing: love. With the everyday trappings of being a major celebrity, finding someone has been a major challenge. Maybe someone that’s a little more adverse to the limelight, or just light in general, might make a good match for him?"
Age: Adult
Traits: flirty, great kisser, commitment issues, charismatic
Favorites: classical, tri-tip steak, orange
LTW: superstar actor

Bear with me on this one: :lol:Lenny Shutter
"Lenny loves photographing celebrities but without source of income, it is difficult to Lenny survive in the city. Maybe a strong relationship with another Sim can help support him?"
Age: Young Adult
Traits: brave, hot headed, handy, excitable, artistic
Favorites: electronic, french toast, yellow
LTW: master romancer

One of my favorite Bridgeport denizens! Rafael Striker
"Rafael has reinvented himself since moving to the big city. The aspiring owner of a hip new club in downtown, he can often be found socializing with A-list celebrities. Will his social connections finally lead him to the details of Jessica's nightlife?"
Age: Young Adult
Traits: technophobe, great kisser, party animal, charismatic, ambitious
Favorites: electronica, cobbler, purple
LTW: master mixologist

Ace Wilde
"Ace's clothes cause people to often accuse him for being color blind. What they don't see is that his strange and peculiar fashion sense is the inspiration for many of the city's cutting edge clothing trends."
Age: Young Adult
Traits: insane, virtuoso, daredevil, computer whiz, grumpy
Favorites: electronica, key lime pie, lime
LTW: become a creature-robot cross-breeder

Barry Tenderlove
"Barry has dreams of making it big in the restaurant scene downtown. He's got the skill, but will his slacker roommates hold him back?"
Age: Young Adult
Traits: schmoozer, green thumb, artistic, angler, computer whiz
Favorites: electronica, hamburger, aqua
LTW: master mixologist

Romeo Rake
"Romeo's double life has its challenges, the biggest one being relationships with other Sims. Will Romeo ever be able to find love living the life that he does?"
Age: Adult
Traits: flirty, vehicle enthusiast, party animal, charismatic, schmoozer
Favorites: classical, mac and cheese, blue
LTW: international super spy

Matty Crewe
"Continually being ahead of mainstream social trends is the focal point of Matty's existence. Despite being smart and witty, he rarely gets along with his roommates."
Age: young adult
Traits: technophobe, absent minded, bookworm, artistic, frugal
Favorites: indie, tri-tip steak, irish green
LTW: living in the lap of luxury

William Fangmann
"William uses his gift for reading minds to manipulate his simple minded roommates. Life is on easy street when everything always goes your way."
Age: young adult
Traits: loner, brave, unlucky, athletic, inappropriate, can apprehend burglar
Favorites: classical, o positive, black
LTW: forensic specialist - dynamic dna profiler

Apollo Bloom
"Apollo is an egotistical male model who cares only about himself. His cover shoot for Sim Quarterly Magazine is attracting major buzz from the local media… and paparazzi."
Age: young adult
Traits: couch potato, hotheaded, bookworm, coward, frugal
Favorites: classical, lobster thermidor, pink
LTW: super popular

Mick Situp
"Mick grew up with a great passion for mixing chemicals to generate crazy reactions, but he found that prepare drinks is a lot more fun."
Age: young adult
Traits: good sense of humor, great kisser, party animal, schmoozer, vegetarian
Favorites: indie, pancakes, spice brown
LTW: master mixologist

Alexy Fresco
"When searching for roommates, Alexy interviewed over a hundred applicants before finally deciding on moving in with Harry and Matilda. Will he be happy with them, despite his peculiar habits?"
Age: adult
Traits: great kisser, perfectionist, hopeless romantic, artistic, charismatic
Favorites: classical, hot dogs, lime
LTW: master of the arts

Of course, beauty is subjective! Feel free to post some of your favorite premades here! I will post more as I got through the towns that I own! Happy Simming! :smiley:
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  • KelvinKelvin Posts: 6,545 Member

    THESE :O They literally stuck my heart when I saw their new makeover XD

    You did a marvellous job!! :blush:
  • Odonata68Odonata68 Posts: 1,075 Member
    Awesome makeovers! Will you be making over DV? I can't wait to see more. :)
  • Emily4331Emily4331 Posts: 10,286 Member
    Odonata68 wrote: »
    Awesome makeovers! Will you be making over DV? I can't wait to see more. :)

    I do really want to, I would have to buy it so those might not be done until a bit later!

    @ChocoCub hahaha thank you! I myself am just a tad obsessed with Vlad and Beau. :heart:
    หยาดฝนโปรยปรายลงมามานะ เธอลุกขึ้นมา :star:
  • emorrillemorrill Posts: 6,635 Member
    Gavin Pinkerton!!!! :love: Ohhh yes.
    Richie Striker! :love:
    Matthew Hamming! <3
    I always thought Ace was good looking, but he looks HOT in that pose! :love:
    Mick Situp has the dreamy eyes. <3

    I know SO many people love Vladimir and Beau but.....they honestly don't do it for me. I know, I'm a weirdo! :p

    GREAT JOB! :star:

    @Emily4331 Do you mind if I share pics of the hottie premade guys (imo) from Hidden Springs? :)

  • Emily4331Emily4331 Posts: 10,286 Member
    @emorrill Go for it! :smiley: I don't have Hidden Springs yet, so that would actually be super helpful!
    หยาดฝนโปรยปรายลงมามานะ เธอลุกขึ้นมา :star:
  • emorrillemorrill Posts: 6,635 Member

    My pictures are certainly not as lovely as yours @Emily4331 but yeah, here they go in order of attractiveness. ;)

    ***Hidden Springs***

    Bruce Chesterfield
    (Ohhhh yeah. :lol: He even has the dreamy eyes! <3)

    Traits: Flirty, Good Sense of Humor, Loves the Outdoors, Athletic & Light Sleeper.
    Bruce is into sustainable living and responsible Architecture. He's actually quite passionate about it! Can he pass on his knowledge and appreciation of the Earth to his sons?

    Pierce Shawkti
    (Forgot to grab a pic of him in my game so...)

    Traits: Brave, Loves the Outdoors, Commitment Issues, Athletic & Friendly
    After the death of his wife years ago, Pierce Shawkti left behind his life as a master Ski champion to focus 100% on his family and making sure his daughter has the best childhood possible. Now that she's a teenager and adulthood is right around the corner, he's at a loss as far as what he's going to do next...

    Nicholas Riverhawk

    Traits: Good Sense of Humor, Loves the Outdoors, Natural Cook, Vegetarian & Green Thumb
    Nicholas has a love for all things outdoors. In fact, he'd be quite content if he never saw the inside of another supermarket. That's why he's growing a sustainable garden.

    Han Chang

    Traits: Over-Emotional, Handy, Natural Cook & Bookworm.
    No description because he is an NPC.

    Carl Abbot
    (I DID snag a pic of him, but redid his hair and facial hair.)
    Here's what he normally looks like:
    (Not too bad ;) ).

    Traits: Perfectionist, Great Kisser, Grumpy, Brave & Family-Oriented.
    Carl Abbot is used to being in the thick of the action. He built his Military career out of being a brave and courageous leader. So when his superiors told him his skills were needed in these secluded mountains he was a little taken aback. What kind of threat could these serene mountains possibly offer that his specific skills would be required to address?

    My version:
    (Darn, he blinked!)

    And that is my contribution to the hottie premade men of the Sims 3 list. :mrgreen:
  • Emily4331Emily4331 Posts: 10,286 Member
    @emorrill Dannnnng I need to get Hidden Springs! :lol:
    หยาดฝนโปรยปรายลงมามานะ เธอลุกขึ้นมา :star:
  • SunnyyesjamsSunnyyesjams Posts: 524 Member
    Vladimir holy shet :OOOOOOOOOOOOO I'm slain

  • Odonata68Odonata68 Posts: 1,075 Member
    Vladimir holy shet :OOOOOOOOOOOOO I'm slain

    I know!!!! RAWR! >:)

    @Emily4331 I hope you get the chance to get DV. That's where I'm playing my main game right now and I really like it. :) I look forward to your townie makeovers if you do.
    Just a little sample, I saw this townie, Dinny Kelly, and thought he was interesting. He usually fills the bartender role in my game.
    He's cute but either his mouth is too high or his chin is too long. I didn't want to change it though. :D
  • Emily4331Emily4331 Posts: 10,286 Member
    @Sunnyyesjams Right???? I would let him my blood! :lol:

    @Odonata68 Ooooh I will for sure pick that up this weekend!
    หยาดฝนโปรยปรายลงมามานะ เธอลุกขึ้นมา :star:
  • donnabaileydonnabailey Posts: 683 Member
    Here's my version of Gavin Pinkerton done ages ago. I tweaked him only a little, mostly by narrowing his jaw. I think the rest is just a CC skin and different hair, etc.
    Appaloosa Plains Townie Makeover Project!

    The Claw Machine Diaries Challenge

    Though nothing can bring back the hour
    Of splendour in the grass, of glory in the flower;
    We will grieve not, rather find
    Strength in what remains behind
  • Emily4331Emily4331 Posts: 10,286 Member
    @donnabailey Gavin is clearly hot no matter what you do to him! :love: Wowzers! Great makeover!
    หยาดฝนโปรยปรายลงมามานะ เธอลุกขึ้นมา :star:
  • donnabaileydonnabailey Posts: 683 Member
    Emily4331 wrote: »
    @donnabailey Gavin is clearly hot no matter what you do to him! :love: Wowzers! Great makeover!

    Thank you! And yeah you're so right, Gaven's a hottie straight out of the box! :smiley:
    Appaloosa Plains Townie Makeover Project!

    The Claw Machine Diaries Challenge

    Though nothing can bring back the hour
    Of splendour in the grass, of glory in the flower;
    We will grieve not, rather find
    Strength in what remains behind
  • Emily4331Emily4331 Posts: 10,286 Member
    Have some more hotties for ya!
    Isla Paradiso

    Edward Dregg
    Don't count the dead out!
    "Edward dreams of visiting Twikkii Island, which he is sure lies just over the horizon..."
    Age: Young Adult
    Traits: brave, lucky, slob, sailor, ambitious
    Favorites: classical, fruit parfait, green
    LTW: grand explorer

    Teodor Medina
    "Teodor is too trusting, which is why Alfonso was able to take advantage of him."
    Age: Young Adult
    Traits: over emotional, neat, good, natural cook, computer whiz
    Favorites: latin, vegetarian fish and chips, white
    LTW: deep sea diver

    Rubisel Ichtaca
    "Rubisel is an expert scuba diver who once saw a mermaid..."
    Age: Adult
    Traits: sailor, brave, perfectionist, commitment issues, charismatic
    Favorites: latin, tri-tip steak, blue
    LTW: living in the lap of luxury

    Masao Hamada
    "Masao and Honey were brought together by their love for gardening."
    Age: Young Adult
    Traits: loves the outdoors, clumsy, family oriented, green thumb, angler
    Favorites: latin, sushi, red
    LTW: presenting the perfect private aquarium

    Christopher Collins
    "Christopher has a good disposition and people like him."
    Age: Adult
    Traits: brave, absent minded, great kisser, good, friendly
    Favorites: latin, hamburger, aqua
    LTW: deep sea diver

    Doug Rodel
    "A former investment banker, Doug still dresses sharp and has a stern manner."
    Age: Adult
    Traits: workaholic, neat, hopeless romantic, frugal, ambitious
    Favorites: classical, sushi, orange
    LTW: grand explorer

    Matteo Torres
    "As a child Matteo loved to go fishing and would count the boats as they drifted by..."
    Age: Young Adult
    Traits: easily impressed, loser, handy, schmoozer, angler
    Favorites: latin, grilled cheese, turquoise
    LTW: swimming in cash

    Lincoln Porter
    Yes! An Elder! Because I clicked on this age-defying man's house 100% sure he was a young adult! :astonished:
    "'Lincoln trained his daughter, Honey, to follow in his footsteps.'"
    Age: Elder
    Traits: loves to swim, sailor, handy, good, family oriented
    Favorites: electronica, mac and cheese, green
    LTW: presenting the perfect private aquarium

    Matthew Mango
    "Sometimes Matthew is afraid of gnomes."
    Age: Adult
    Traits: good sense of human, insane, inappropriate, natural cook, angler
    Favorites: indie, grilled salmon, grey
    LTW: the culinary librarian

    Guillermo Ichtaca
    "Guillermo is handsome, like his brother."
    Age: Young Adult
    Traits: absent minded, good sense of humor, family oriented, easily impressed, friendly
    Favorites: latin, key lime pie, orange
    LTW: super popular

    Harley Greenwood
    "Harley isn't gonna stop till he's caught all the fish!"
    Age: Young Adult
    Traits: loves the outdoors, party animal, daredevil, heavy sleeper, angler
    Favorites: indie, hamburger, turquoise
    LTW: presenting the perfect private aquarium

    Rajan Patel
    "Rajan has a winning personality and a winning body."
    Age: Young Adult
    Traits: loves to swim, handy, schmoozer, charismatic, athletic
    Favorites: electronica, grilled salmon, aqua
    LTW: deep sea diver
    หยาดฝนโปรยปรายลงมามานะ เธอลุกขึ้นมา :star:
  • SunnyyesjamsSunnyyesjams Posts: 524 Member
    Emily4331 wrote: »
    @Sunnyyesjams Right???? I would let him my blood! :lol:

    @Odonata68 Ooooh I will for sure pick that up this weekend!

    So would I! With no hesitation :D

    I like the new guys. Esp Edward, Teodor and Masao. Vlad is still my baby though... trying so hard to. stay. loyal.
  • Emily4331Emily4331 Posts: 10,286 Member
    We go a bit dark with this next bunch...
    Midnight Hollow

    Hyun-Moon Jun
    (As someone who went through a "🌺🌺🌺🌺 goth" phase, I dig that hair!)
    *Unforunately, EA was not creative enough to come up with unique bios for any of the Midnight Hollow residents. :(
    Age: Adult
    Traits: handy, virtuoso, artistic, friendly, angler
    Favorites: pop, cobbler, lilac
    LTW: hit movie composer

    Lucien Hyde
    Yes, yes, I know what you're thinking. But this Marilyn Manson look alike isn't so bad with a fixed mouth and eyebrows! :lol:
    Age: Adult
    Traits: unflirty, unlucky, vegetarian, genius, artistic
    Favorites: indie, autumn salad, black
    LTW: illustrious author

    Cedrick Winchester
    Be still my heart!
    Age: Young Adult
    Traits: insane, coward, grumpy, ambitious, mean spirited
    Favorites: kids, spaghetti, white
    LTW: become a master thief

    Fausto Alvarado Vasquez
    What art thou, Fausto, but a man condemned to die? :lol:
    Age: Adult
    Traits: good sense of humor, flirty, great kisser, mooch, charismatic
    Favorites: latin, tri-tip steak, irish green
    LTW: heartbreaker

    Edmund Flynn/Jackson Bishop
    Age: Adult
    Traits: inappropriate, commitment issues, dislikes children, grumpy, evil
    Favorites: classical, lobster thermidor, green
    LTW: living in the lap of luxury

    Karl Simon
    Age: Young Adult
    Traits: unlucky, bookworm, genius, ambitious, computer whiz
    Favorites: latin, key lime pie, irish green
    LTW: living in the lap of luxury

    Todd Landgraab
    No offense to The Goths...but the Landgraabs are my favorite Sims family!
    Age: Young Adult
    Traits: workaholic, couch potato, inappropriate, snob, ambitious
    Favorites: indie, grilled cheese, hot pink
    LTW: swimming in cash

    Jack Limb
    Aww he is too cute!
    Age: Young Adult
    Traits: workaholic, brave, loves the outdoors, green thumb, childish
    Favorites: classical, fish and chips, blue
    LTW: perfect mind, perfect body

    Nathan Watts
    Mortimer-esque gentleman!
    Age: Adult
    Traits: neurotic, perfectionist, handy, genius, neat
    Favorites: indie, tri-tip steak, black
    LTW: the tinkerer

    Jay Salas
    Friendly reminder to not count the dead out!
    Age: Adult
    Traits: great kisser, good, neat, hopeless romantic, computer whiz
    Favorites: pop, hamburger, aqua
    LTW: presenting the perfect private aquarium

    Morgan Yates
    Skeletal? Yes. Intriguing? Also yes!
    Age: Adult
    Traits: over emotional, natural cook, loser, athletic, friendly
    Favorites: classical, fruit parfait, spice brown
    LTW: chess legend

    Jules Wheeler
    Would normal have never taken a second look!
    Age: Adult
    Traits: workaholic, loves the outdoors, handy, mooch, frugal
    Favorites: classical, peanut butter and jelly, grey
    LTW: swimming in cash
    หยาดฝนโปรยปรายลงมามานะ เธอลุกขึ้นมา :star:
  • Odonata68Odonata68 Posts: 1,075 Member
    Love it! Such interesting sims. <3 I gotta say, I'm so happy to see the males get some love. :D
  • pastelcyberpunkpastelcyberpunk Posts: 16 New Member
    Wowie! :open_mouth: I especially love your Calvin Riffen, Rafael Striker, and Apollo Bloom! And Masao!! What skin/makeup did you use on him? Lucien, Cedrick, and Morgan... *sweats* And Carl, Todd, and Jack are just adorable! I might have to try this with Twinbrook or Monte Vista.
  • Emily4331Emily4331 Posts: 10,286 Member
    I use Kurasoberina's Ultra HD skin and the nose masks that I use are Burnt Waffles

    I think she has another set too, but it should be easy to find on her tumblr.

    Otherwise I mainly use EA makeup and just mess with colors and the opacity slider to achieve a bit of dimension.

    Thank you for your comments! :smile:
    หยาดฝนโปรยปรายลงมามานะ เธอลุกขึ้นมา :star:
  • Teslachick2Teslachick2 Posts: 429 Member
    Be still my heart! So much eyecandy for one girl to handle. I'm currently on a mission to visit all the worlds I own and kidnap...I mean "extract" these gorgeous men to my library.
  • MizoreYukiiMizoreYukii Posts: 6,262 Member
    Is it possible you could please upload them for us? I'm dying to place the updated ones into my game. :love:
  • Emily4331Emily4331 Posts: 10,286 Member
    @MizoreYukii I suppose if the total size of all of them is small enough I can put them on my dropbox or something and I'll share the links here if I end up doing that! :smile:

    The main reason I don't want to upload them to the exchange is that it is so seldom used anymore that they probably wouldn't get enough downloads and would be removed. And, in that case, I don't want to have a bunch of broken links here and find months/years/etc from now someone commenting on this thread begging me to re-upload them. :lol:

    But when this is all said and done I will see the size of every sim. If it is too large, perhaps I could do a voting or something and see which makeovers are most wanted and I can just upload maybe the top 15/20 whatever equals an appropriate number of gigs to fit into my dropbox for sharing. :smile:
    หยาดฝนโปรยปรายลงมามานะ เธอลุกขึ้นมา :star:
  • MizoreYukiiMizoreYukii Posts: 6,262 Member
    You could always try Mediafire, Google, or maybe 4shared (though I don't remember how much space they offer) if size is too much of a problem. I hope you do though!

    I've never heard of the exchange deleting downloads though. Does that really happen? O_O
    And a few days ago when I checked the Exchange for builds, there were still plenty of uploads. Not sure about downloads, but I was actually impressed at the number of builds uploaded for just that one day, was a nice surprise.
  • Emily4331Emily4331 Posts: 10,286 Member
    edited May 2017
    @MizoreYukii Yep. I've had it happen. If your uploads don't get downloaded enough, they get removed to, I guess, free up space? I'm not sure.
    My Google Drive is full of actual backups. I hate Mediafire and I don't want to put anyone else through trying to downloading something from their site. :lol: I also don't really want to have to sign up for an entirely new site for the sole purpose.

    Honestly, I would probably just try to upload them to exchange at that point, but you'd better just get them fast. :tongue:

    EDIT: because it's too late and my brain gets the most insane words confused with each other when I'm tired. :lol: literally typed "action" instead of "actual." What are you doing, brain?
    หยาดฝนโปรยปรายลงมามานะ เธอลุกขึ้นมา :star:
  • Emily4331Emily4331 Posts: 10,286 Member
    edited May 2017
    Actually, just as a little update, the total number of sims thus far is 45 and they are currently the only sims I have in my SavedSims folder and it only equals a little over 18 MB right now. So there is a very, very good chance they will all fit on my dropbox. :smile:
    หยาดฝนโปรยปรายลงมามานะ เธอลุกขึ้นมา :star:
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