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The Hot Sim Compendium


  • sdtfmsdtfm Posts: 331 Member
    I'm back to playing sims 3 finally! Here is a new sim I made.
    I still haven't named him. Any name ideas everyone?
  • Emily4331Emily4331 Posts: 10,253 Member
    @sdtfm Hi there! Glad you decided to share him in my thread! He is an awesome sim! And welcome back to the game! :smiley:

    Without knowing much about him, hmm...

    I think I'll go with the name Ivan! I think it suits him well, just based off his appearance. :smile:
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  • Emily4331Emily4331 Posts: 10,253 Member
    @thuggishsplicer 2 things, Biggest Fan:
    1.) You misspelled your blog name in the link in your signature. D: Forgot the S in Splicer!
    2.) I went ahead and check out Bryce! Wow! What a cutie!

    Bryce Younen
    Note: He is a Moonlight Falls Townie
    Age: Child
    Traits: computer whiz, couch potato, vegetarian
    Favorites: kids, grilled cheese, blue
    LTW: TBD
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  • thuggishsplicerthuggishsplicer Posts: 1,585 Member
    @Emily4331 Oh my! LOL I can't believe I've been with that misspelling for so much time! XD
    Lovely makeover! I need to get that hat for my sims. XD
  • Emily4331Emily4331 Posts: 10,253 Member
    Can you do Stiles, Cycl0n3, and\or Boyd? They're cute too.

    I am genuinely shocked at myself for not including at least Stiles and Cycl0n3 in this. :lol: For sure, I'll get on it next time I'm in game! :smile:
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  • Emily4331Emily4331 Posts: 10,253 Member
    At your request, @KaikoMikkusu I hope I did them justice. :tongue:

    Stiles McGraw
    Age: Young Adult
    Traits: loner, loves the outdoors, neat, frugal, light sleeper
    Favorites: electronica, mac & cheese, white
    LTW: swimming in cash
    DL link:

    Cycl0n3 Sw0rd
    Age: Young Adult
    Traits: Absent-minded, inappropriate, computer whiz, genius, couch potato
    Favorites: electronic, mac & cheese, black
    LTW: chess legend
    DL link:

    Boyd Wainwright
    Bonus pic just for you :tongue:
    Age: Adult (aged down in photos)
    Traits: computer whiz, genius, couch potato, neurotic, slob
    Favorites: electronica, fish & chips, black
    LTW: become a creature-robot cross breeder
    DL link:
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  • Emily4331Emily4331 Posts: 10,253 Member
    @KaikoMikkusu Boyd is for sure the cutest! You have opened my eyes! :lol: I'm glad you like the makeovers!
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  • Emily4331Emily4331 Posts: 10,253 Member
    @KaikoMikkusu You've put a lot of thought into this! I am impressed. You're right, they are quite the unique sims. Apollo might not have the exact same hair color, but one thing I like about him is the extreme variance between his skin color and his light hair. I think it looks awesome! Other than physical characteristics, the Wainwrights are also quite the "strange" family. Strange, in a good way of course. Different. They have interesting traits, clothing choices, and looks. So maybe you're on to something with them being descended right some supernatural beings! Man, this theory is making me feel very bad about purging every IF that enters my game. :lol: Of course, if my saves were more supernatural oriented, I'd keep them around. :tongue:

    Oh my gosh, that picture! Haha! Adorable! Mint green is fantastic color. Humorously enough, I have a bottle of this waiting for my hair to fade enough:
    (The site didn't want to load for me >.>)

    Hahaha! Yay! Happy to be apart of it. All this time I've been sleeping on this cutie! Now I am wondering how many other sims I'd love if I just bothered to age them down....hmmm... :tongue:

    By the way, I love your new avatar! It's adorable! What's it from? :3
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  • Emily4331Emily4331 Posts: 10,253 Member
    @KaikoMikkusu Holy! Hahah i will make sure to look at all of those. Thank you for the huge list! :smiley: Yeah, I know Apollo's is the default platinum blonde, but I think that color looks nice on him! :3

    I meant weird as in nerdish. Not the perfect normal people you find in so many premades. :3
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  • Emily4331Emily4331 Posts: 10,253 Member
    edited August 2017
    @KaikoMikkusu I have a few of the sims on your list, so I'm going to go ahead and link you to their sections! :smile:

    Here's my Bridgeport File:

    In there, I have from your list:
    Matthew Hamming
    I kept him as an adult, I love him. :3

    And Alexy Fresco:
    Always liked how he looked!

    I'll have to check the others again! :smile:

    Twinbrook file:

    I have already, DeAndre Wolfe:

    Lenny Smith-Jones:

    Oliver Greenwood:
    He reminds me of Cuba Gooding Jr. :smile:

    And Wei Keane:
    Always thought he was adorable! :3

    Here's the Starlight Shores file:

    In which I have already - Evan Best:

    Finnegan Sawyer:

    And Steve Cupp:

    I'll start on your list once I go in game, probably going to start with all of those people I'll have to resurrect. Thankfully, my Sunset Valley is broken and always starts with the ghosts alive and well on lots. Don't ask me how it happened. :lol: (Actually, I know how, the data got screwed up because I switched towns without exiting the game). So I should be able to find most of them fairly easily. :smiley:

    Oh to add, I noticed in your list there are some sims from towns I don't own (yet), namely Hidden Springs, Barnacle Bay, Dragon Valley, and Lunar Lakes. :(
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  • Emily4331Emily4331 Posts: 10,253 Member
    edited August 2017
    @KaikoMikkusu Alrighty, I got everyone from Sunset Valley from your list!

    So we'll call this Sunset Valley 2.0 :tongue:

    Shout out to Beau for taking a trip to the graveyard for me to resurrect some dead people. :tongue:

    Geoffrey Landgraab
    "A down-to-earth surgeon, Geoffrey fell into a pile of Simoleons when he fell in love with Nancy Landgraab and married into her ridiculously wealthy family."
    Age: Adult
    Traits: family-oriented, good sense of humor, charismatic, loves the outdoors, hopeless romantic
    Favorites: custom, ratatouille, red
    LTW: illustrious author

    Tragic Clown
    Age: Adult (deceased)
    Traits: easily impressed, bookworm, neat, clumsy, hydrophobic
    Favorites: ???
    LTW: world renowned surgeon

    Gobias Koffi
    "Gobias Koffi is a well-meaning single Sim who just hasn't met the right women. Is this because he actually prefers the company of his male friends?"
    Age: Adult
    Traits: Never nude, childish, loser, over-emotional, flirty
    Favorites: pop, fruit parfait, pink
    LTW: jack of all trades

    Gaylord Koffi
    Age: Adult (deceased)
    Traits: can't stand art, artistic, easily impress, technophobe, slob
    Favorites: latin, lobster thermidor, red
    LTW: jack of all trades

    Beau Andrews
    "Beau's dashed hopes of becoming a professional athlete manifest themselves in a slovenly appearance and general bitterness, but he does love his wife with all his heart."
    Age: Adult (aged down to YA)
    Traits: couch potato, can't stand art, inappropriate, good sense of humor, slob
    Favorites: pop, cookies, yellow
    LTW: gold digger

    Iqbal Alvi
    "The father of two boys, Iqbal's wife left unexpectedly one day, leaving him to raise his sons alone. He wants only the best for them, but one son is a rebel who tests his patience. Can he raise his sons and find love again?"
    Age: Adult (aged down to YA)
    Traits: absent minded, no sense of humor, neurotic, couch potato, angler
    Favorites: latin, cookies, blue
    LTW: presenting the perfect private aquarium

    Milton Bachelor
    Age: Elder (aged down to YA, deceased)
    Traits: no sense of humor, technophobe, inappropriate, kleptomaniac, hydrophobic
    Favorites: custom, hot dogs, green
    LTW: jack of all trades

    Chester Landgraab
    Age: Elder (Aged down to YA, deceased)
    Traits: evil, schmoozer, over emotional, commitment issues
    Favorites: classical, dim sum, lime
    LTW: world renowned surgeon

    Ransom Clavell
    Age: Adult (deceased)
    Traits: absent minded, flirty, hopeless romantic, loner, workaholic
    Favorites: ??, ??, blue
    LTW: dynamic dna profiler

    Vincent Skullfinder
    Age: Elder (aged to YA, deceased)
    Traits: artistic
    Favorites: indie, key lime pie, hot pink
    LTW: None

    หยาดฝนโปรยปรายลงมามานะ เธอลุกขึ้นมา :star:
  • Emily4331Emily4331 Posts: 10,253 Member
    @KaikoMikkusu Agreed! Their uniqueness is refreshing. It makes them seem more real! :smile:
    หยาดฝนโปรยปรายลงมามานะ เธอลุกขึ้นมา :star:
  • IomaiIomai Posts: 251 Member
    Ok I just happened to stumble across this thread but MY SWEET BABY JESUS!!! They all look so so so so so so sososososososososo much better and I'm replacing everyone in SV and Twinbrook... ok, everyone is getting replaced lol. They all look so good!!! Great work!
  • Emily4331Emily4331 Posts: 10,253 Member
    edited August 2017
    Who's your Dream Daddy? :3

    And yes, I know Robert doesn't have earrings. I forgot to remove them. >.>

    I plan on making a Dream Daddy a day. I was going to be ambitious and make all of them, but I'm afraid I would lose my mind if I did that. :lol: So for now, enjoy Robert.

    Since most of these sims will be made using a variety of CC and custom sliders, I will warn that they might not appear how they do exactly, but they will, at the very least, be usable bases for you to then customize them however you'd like within your game.

    With that said, here's the download link for Robert:
    หยาดฝนโปรยปรายลงมามานะ เธอลุกขึ้นมา :star:
  • Emily4331Emily4331 Posts: 10,253 Member
    Hello, friends.

    I don't mean to pat myself on the back, but I love my Jared Leto sim so here is a copious amount of pictures of him :lol:





    I wasn't happy with his old eyes, so I used some contacts which I think looked pretty nice. :smile:

    And I made sure to use him as a base to create Joker :lol:


    หยาดฝนโปรยปรายลงมามานะ เธอลุกขึ้นมา :star:
  • Teslachick2Teslachick2 Posts: 429 Member
    @Emily4331 *wipes drool from lips* Jared Leto Omg! Can I have him please? I promise to look after him and make him have lots of little sim babies he's so gorgeous!
    Seriously, can I have him? I know you probably used some cc I don't have, but if it's not too much trouble, could you list what you used Please?
  • Emily4331Emily4331 Posts: 10,253 Member
    @Teslachick2 I wanted to keep him to myself, selfishly. :3 But I can't say no to that hahaha! I can make a list of his cc and upload him to dropbox later. :smile:
    หยาดฝนโปรยปรายลงมามานะ เธอลุกขึ้นมา :star:
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