Pirate EP! Smuggling, dueling, live on ship (or build own) and more!

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This would probably be as big as Willow Creek (surrounding water excluded). It is a biggish island surrounded by ocean and a few small islands. The island is mostly covered by trees (a thick jungle), mountains that stretch irregularly across the island and beaches and bays.

GORGEOUS map by @Noirsims requested by kind @suzyl3 :heart:
Ugly map by me:

Note: the hidden pirate ship lots become visible on the map when a sim enters the pirate career. These pirate ship lots are editable (obviously), so they aren't traditional hidden lots like the hospital and police station that are fixed. Sims can also own all 5 pirate ships, if they are power-hungry enough, thus the player can transform all the pirate ships into what they want them to be.
Another note: at least one of the opulent mansion lots should be 64x64.

Scroll down comments on first page for details about seasons.


To the left of the island, the sea flows into a river that leads to a small lagoon surrounded by a thick palm jungle with a tavern on the lagoon. The tavern is on a wooden pole platform, consists of two storeys, is made entirely out of wood and looks *very* unstable. There are small holes in the wooden floor to illustrate the condition of the building.
Lanterns are strung around and about the outside, as well as the inside of the tavern. It has comfortable red booth cubicles (that are easy to place next to each other in small rooms [not the Dine Out booths: they are way to big and can't form squares]), round wooden tables everywhere, a stage, dancing area, bar area and a VIP section upstairs. The upstair section consists of two booths that are curtained for privacy on a loft that overlooks the dancing area and stage.
A tavern is basically a combination between a bar and a lounge, but has serving ladies and men that bring drinks to the table (like waiters), requires the stage object and a dancing area.

The stage object is a platform on which sims preform by dancing individual pirate dances (or the duet dance) and singing sea shanties (functions like campfire songs) for entertainment to others. The pirate dances (a new type of dance that becomes available when the new "Pirate" music genre is playing) have about 6 dances, 3 of which are individual dances (sims dance it on their own) and the other 3 of which are group dances:

1) A "duet" dance that involves two sims dancing together (choreographed).
2) A dance that involves four to six dancers. They stand in two rows, facing each other (each sim is facing one partner) then they dance with each other in set moves and switch partners.
3) A dance that involves four to eight  dancers. The sims dance with arms locked with each other to form a circle and they dance around, rotating the circle, then two sims move to the middle of the circle and form an arc with their arms. The other sims line up and then they run through the arc.

Sea shanties can be sung on the stage. There would probably be about 6 shanties. These shanties tell stories about old legends, heroic pirates, the joys of bounty and sad tales of pirate lovers. Sims who are listening, will thus get an appropriate emotional buff, ranging from sad, to happy to playful etc. It would be cool if the buff includes a short description of the story of the shanty, thus providing an interesting read.
Sims with the "Pirate" career get a bonus interaction where they can sing sea shanties at any time, anywhere without a stage when they click on themselves.

There are cool outfits for the serving girls and men at the tavern: long, rough fabric dresses with revealing chests and sleeves that fall loosely on their arms to expose the shoulders; tight leather pants and rough fabric shirts - overall, the clothes look quite medieval, so the fabric is VERY far from silky, smooth or even very clean. These outfits are available in CAS and can be used in restaurants for assigned staff wear, so you can also create a similar experience.
Players are free to build their own taverns, but the tavern in this world is a special lot with special tools (the holes in the floor, the pole platform on the water etc). Staff can be assigned when creating a tavern (the serving sims and bartender), but an entertainer will be at the tavern by default. When clicking on the stage, though, a sim can hire an entertainer similarly to hiring a caterer.


The docks is a smuggling hotspot. It consists of large caves where the waves meet the mountain that forms the ledge of that side of the island. Rotting wooden platforms on poles in the water around rocks protrude from the ocean.
Little stands selling fish and vegetables pop up here every now and again, but the main trade is behind the scenes.
In this sleazy neighbourhood, you can find a bar/tavern and a "nightclub" - let's call it Dirty 🐲🐲🐲🐲's Dancing Dock: where the locals come to shake their pirate 🐲🐲🐲🐲 (pun intended).


The world has a "library" lot (but it is called an archive because that sounds more pirate-y). The building is on wooden poles because the ground underneath is very irregular.
The archive is also a very unsteady mostly-wooden building which looks like it is going to topple over any moment. The inside of the archive is very disorganized and untidy: it is strewn with bookshelves, piles of stackable scrolls, globes, maps, piles of leather-bound books etc. and an occasional leather chair and desk buried under piles of paper and scrolls.
As you can imagine, this pack comes with a LOT of untidy decór, especially things like wall maps, desk maps, rolled-up maps etc, heaps of scrolls, scrolls held down by weights, leather-bound books, piles of leather-bound books with papers sticking out etc. Many decorative bottles are also included, such as "nectar" bottles (full, empty and half-full for atmosphere), pretty glass bottles of different colours, heights and shapes, ships in bottles (as a new type of collectable) and messages-in-bottles (also a new type of collectable). Treasure chests and chests filled with scrolls go without saying :)

The archive also has special scrolls (there are some at the museum, too) that are hidden between the decorative scrolls. These scrolls are the diary of Princess Cordelia! They contain little stories about her life, and can be collected and displayed. Collecting them all, unlocks an achievement.



The museum is an unsturdy wooden building on the mountains that contains a bunch of ship models, old maps, ancient scrolls, pirate portrait paintings, paintings of the ocean etc., mounted fish, belongings of Princess Cordelia and statues of the most famous pirates in Sim History, as well as a big statue of the Mayor who "wiped out" the villainous pirate plague that hindered the peace of the island. Pirates have a special interaction to toiletpaper the statue of the mayor, but they can be caught and get kicked out of the museum.
Some of Princess Cordelia's dairy scrolls are hidden around the museum as well.


There are various beautiful cliff-backed beaches where sims can enjoy themselves tanning, swimming in the ocean and playing in the sand.


A smuggling point is specially for the Pirate career. To a normal sim, a smuggling point appears as a normal lot, but when a sim joins the Pirate career, the hidden "smuggling point" lot tags appear. Be warned, though: some smuggling points are infamous and known to be a place of smuggling. If a pirate smuggles here, they have a good chance of being caught for not being careful enough.

A smuggling point is meant to look like a normal lot, but is a secret trading place for pirates. The only requirement for this tag, is a smuggling crate or smuggling desk. These objects function as sort of "stands" where pirates will go during the day or night to look for jobs or trade things.
Smuggling boxes are used outdoors, but smuggling desks are used indoors.
Note that smuggling desks are rare and will only be found at the archive, one or two smugglers' houses and is a special unlockable item in the higher ranks of the Pirate career. Smuggling desks are thus not public, so need no skulking to deal.

The following interaction is available for normal sims on the box:
-play cards
(The smuggling box doubles as a card-playing table. The reason for this, is to make smuggling more difficult: potential customers will start playing cards at the box and then code words must be dropped, but normal sims can also play cards and thus it is more difficult to figure out who is an actual customer and who is a normal sim. If a code word is said to a normal sim, they will either be confused and think you're a weirdo, get offended and fight, or catch onto you and call the police, which may result in your sim getting arrested and sent to jail.)

The following interactions are available to sims with the Pirate career:
- loiter
(This makes the sim hang out near the object to look for customers. Customers will walk up to the box and start playing cards, then you can join the game. You can join the game without loitering, but loitering hightens the chance of an actual customer arriving at the box instead of a normal sim and immediately makes the sim aware that someone has approached the box via a notification [notifications don't appear when a sim is not loitering])
-play cards
(Your sim will play cards. Normal sims or potential customers may join the game. You will have to converse with them to find out what their intentions are.)
-drop code word
(This interaction appears in the conversation panel after conversing for a while. If the sim is normal, they may react according to what I previously explained. After a "drop code word" interaction, a notification will appear that states the sim's reply.

Ex. of a confused sim's reaction: "My middle ear? It is fine, I guess..."
Ex. of a offended sim's reaction: "My middle ear is fine. What, do you think I'm deaf?!" [sim gets up and fights pirate]
Ex. of a suspicious sim's reply: "Middle ear? Is that a code word for something? Hey, you're a pirate!" [sim calls police and police arrests pirate]
Ex. of a customer's response: "My middle ear is fine. How's your appendix?"

In the above examples, the code words were "middle ear" and "appendix."
After code words are exchanged, the "suggest business proposal" interaction becomes available)

-suggest business proposal
(Opens up a panel with the particular case's information that the pirate has to do).


There are a few very rich families living in opulent mansions on the island and the surrounding small islands, many of which who are involved in piracy. Some of the rich pirate families are Big Bosses of smuggling and have smuggling desks in their homes. They will often be involved in special jobs. The Blackbeard Family is the most notorious.
There are also a few poorer people who live in wooden bungalows on the beach and in the jungle.

Scroll down comments on first page for details about residents.


The Pirate career is an interesting active career that does not have business hours because you are permanently on the clock as opportunities and events happen at any time.
The career does not have an "activities list" that must be completed by the end of the day like GTW, but rather certain criteria like skills, jobs completed and certain sims that must be befriended in the job panel that must be met to get a promotion.


When you start the pirate career, you have to choose one of the three pre-made Pirate organizations. You will be adopted into the crew and be assigned a cabin (With NPC crewmate roomies!) You are not required to be on the ship all the time, but you are required to sleep there often, especially in the lower levels when your sim needs to take watch at a post.
As you get promoted, you get better cabins.

Each ship has the following set population:

- 5 NPC crewmates of interesting personalities
(Your choice of organization determines a "type": one org is mostly slobs, the other is mostly evil and the other is mostly goofball) (btw: crew roomies snore)
- 1 NPC captain
(Eventually gets replaced by you IF you achieve level 10 ["retires" and moves out of ship])
- 1 NPC lieutenant
(Eventually gets replaced by you at level 7 [the lieutenant will be promoted to deputy captain])
- 1 NPC deputy captain
(Gets replaced by you at level 9 [gets demoted to lieutenant; will become your enemy if you are not friends])
- 1 NPC caterer
(Cooks for the crew)

Every sim on a pirate ship except your controlled sim is non-playable, thus creating a frustrating horde of sims that do what they want, no matter what you want. Fun, no? :wink:

Level 1-4 is a small cabin with 3-4 NPC roommates. The cabins have small, uncomfortable beds close to each other, a shared clothes drawer cupboard and a shared washing sink. The washing sink has a "wash face" interaction and is a pirate's idea of a shower. Yep, there aren't any showers or baths on the ship, except for in the captain's cabin :P

Level 5-9 is a more comfortable cabin with only 1-2 roomies. It has a desk, a bookshelf and two storage chests, as well as comfortable single beds.

Level 10 is a very luxorious captain's cabin with no roommates. It has a luxorious double bed, large closet, bookcases, sofas, a fireplace, a smuggling desk, treasure and maps everywhere, a small room with large windows with the steering wheel and a small en suite with (gasp) a bath, toilet and washing sink.

The bathroom for level 1-9 is communal and aptly horrifying. Only includes one raggedy wooden bathtub for everyone to share.

The dining hall is also communal and pirates line up to get their plate of slop at the caterer's counter. There is a stage in the dining hall, so pirates can show off their pirate dances and sea shanties.

On the deck of the ship, there are "post" objects on the floor where crew members must sometimes take shifts to watch. There are also "duel platforms" where sims have sword duels and practice sword fighting!

Sword fighting is a 5-level skill that determines a sim's success in duels and allows them to show off tricks.
Winning a duel grants a pirate a fearsome reputation (more on reputations later) and leaves the other sim dazed.
Losing duels have a negative effect on reputation.

Pirate ships do not display on the map for normal sims, but when a sim becomes a pirate, their home ship is displayed on the map and the sim can freely travel to and from it. The ships are usually moored behind a small island, and sims can swim and skinny dip in the shallow water around the small islands, as well as chill on the islands. These islands have hammocks where sims can nap, a special trap door in the sand from which a sim can grab a bottle of nectar to drink on the beach (the sim will simply open the trap door, swipe their hand in the dark opening of the door and their hand will come out of the door with a bottle of nectar [no rooms because we don't want loading screens to go to the island from the ship and vice versa]) and sims can sit on the sand.

Sitting on the sand brings up the following interactions:

-Imagine sailing away into the sunset
(Makes a sim daydream and get a buff)
-Imagine fighting sea monsters
(Daydream; gives a buff)
-Play in sand
(The sim will build a sandcastle)

If two sims are sitting on the sand together, they can socialize, cuddle lying down on the sand and kiss while cuddling on the sand.
The animation is similar to sims stargazing or watching the clouds, but in each other's arms and on the sand instead of on a blanket.


Once a pirate reaches level 5 of the pirate career, they may start their own Pirate Org.
They will have to build their own ship, hire a crew, hire a cook and set ranks. The sim will be the captain of that organisation.
When hiring a crew for your ship, a panel appears with available NPC sims AS WELL AS sims your sim knows, thus you can create a crew of strangers or a crew of your friends and even your household. Any sims that are part of your household when hired, will remain playable on your ship, but those that were not playable when hired will remain NPC.

When building your own ship, you may build it exactly like you want, as long as all the required objects are there and it has enough beds for 9 sims, so you may choose to create a luxurious ship for your rich pirate legacy (with en suites for everyone!) or an even more unpleasant ship than the originals :trollface: You will have to assign beds for all sims, so you can control who shares rooms and who has their own cabin etc.
You can also set a menu for your ship, so feel free to serve only the fanciest lobster, salmon and angel food cake, make a vegetarian crew who fights against evil meat-eating sims, or just force your sims to eat gruel. (This is fun :naughty: )

Also, when you have your own ship, you control who gets promoted/demoted on your ship through your Captain sim. This avoids sims getting shuffled around confusingly when you control more than one sim on your ship, so you can choose not to promote sims even if their work experience if maxed for that level, or demote a sim for no reason, just because you can. (Either of these won't make the sim very happy, though.)
Your Captain can also "retire" at any time and choose a successor who will be the next Captain. If you retire, though, you can still keep on living on the ship and visit it at any time for the rest of your sim's life.

Scroll down comments on first page for details on fleets.


In the Pirate career, you will often get special jobs/missions. These involve sims and have specific tasks that must be followed in order to finish the job. They do not nessecarily have to be finished in an exact order, but certain tasks rely on a former. To better explain this, I'll give an example of a special job.

Special Job "Carmen":
-Befriend Augustus Blackbeard
-Influence Augustus Blackbeard to throw a party
-Go to party
-Kidnap Carmen Blackbeard
-Ask Blackbeard Family for ransom
-Time limit: 2 weeks

The pirate will have to do all this in 2 weeks. If the job is not completed by then, or is he/she is busted, an immediate demotion will follow. Pirating is very strict and can be difficult. The risk of arrest is also always there, since Pirates can be caught out if they are not careful or smuggle in daylight in front of a normal sim.


Pirates will have to deliver and collect packages around any world that the player has, as long as the world is connected to the ocean.
Smuggling jobs have short time limits.

Example: Smuggling job "Thorn":
-Collect package from Alister Thorn at Archive, 12am
-Deliver package at docks to Magnolia Reed, 10pm

The pirate will have to find Alister Thorn at the Archive, drop code words and take the package, travel to the docks and search for Magnolia Reed, drop code words and then deliver the package, all keeping timing in mind. Timing is very important. Some pirates may leave if you haven't approached them directly by the appointed time, while some might leave earlier and some may even arrive late, stay for a short while and go. It is thus the responsibility of the pirate to be early and alert, for no notifications help you find the target sims and if they leave the lot without having delivered/collected the package, it's mission failed and you get a big performance hit.


Pirates will have to raid other houses or boats from time to time. The raid will have a specific goal, like to steal the Captain of the opposing organisation's ruby gem, or to steal Augustus Blackbeard's golden sink.
The opposing crew will fight with your crew via the dueling platforms. If your sim loses the duel, he/she will be dazed for the remaining duration of the raid. If he/she wins, you may press on and search for the raid goal object. The moment that 4 sims total on one crew team lose duels, the other crew surrenders and the raid is successful or unsuccessful. This relies on the sword fighting abilities of the crew, so you will have to practice and encourage your crew to practice often.


Duels are important during raids and for building reputation. Pirates are required to duel or practice dueling often and build up their sword fighting skill.


Pirates have shifts for standing at posts to stand watch at night, as other pirates may attack randomly and try to raid your ship. Standing watch alerts your sim about a sim hour before attack and thus gives the crew time to take position. If the sim on watch is slacking, asleep or not at their post, the crew may only realize that they are under attack after the opposing crew has already entered the ship, which loses time for the defending crew.
If your sim is caught to be not at their post, they get a very big performance hit.


There is a 5-level reputation system for pirates, ranging from laughable to feared and famous.
Pirates build up their reputation by dueling, successful raids, successful smuggling, successful special jobs and a rank of "captain." A higher reputation makes other pirates less likely to attack your ship and makes other pirates respect and fear you. If you reach the highest pirate reputation, a new sea shanty will be unlocked that honours your pirate's most famous accomplishments. This shanty will be sung to honour you if you go to a community lot with a stage. It results in a confident buff.

Comment your ideas!
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  • CinderellimouseCinderellimouse Posts: 19,380 Member
    Wow! What a detailed post!

    I think this is the pack I never knew I needed! I'd love a new tropical world, and I would definitely make use of the museum/archive type features. I really need some more features for my lecturer/historian/archaeologist characters.

    The pirate theme sounds like a lot of fun, and I did like learning sea shanties from the ghost captain in TS2, and climbing the rigging and exploring the ship and all that good stuff. I'd love digging for treasure and artefacts, and shell collecting too.

    My only reservation is that I think a lot of people would love to be able to go on a traditional family vacation, or on a relaxed honeymoon. So I think the devs would have to make sure they cater for those people as well, and that the pirate theme isn't too overwhelming. There should be areas where there are less pirates and with plenty of empty lots for players to add spas, resorts, pools, and bars. So people can have that more traditional vacation experience if they want too. If they got the balance right I think this pack would appeal to more people.

    A tiki/tribal theme would also be interesting.
  • Louise_G0325Louise_G0325 Posts: 1,008 Member
    @cinderellimouse Thanks for the comment! :smile:

    Hehe I'm glad you like it! Took my very long to type :lol:

    This could double as a nice vacation world! The world is not very big so the team could afford to make it very pretty, thus creating a nice place for both pirate adventure and a relaxing vacation :)

    The majority of the beaches would be pretty and relaxing, so to be honest, a non-pirate sim would hardly ever notice that pirates exist. The moment a sim chooses a Pirate career, the pirate portal opens, thus only players who want the pirate experience, will be bombarded with it lol. Otherwise, players can build what they like here and create their own little holiday houses.

    The theme is pirates however, so the main focus is on pirating and not on vacations, but another Island Paradise type EP will probably be made that focuses specifically on vacations, then it could combine very nicely with this pack. And for now, Outdoor Retreat will work very nicely in co-ordination with it as well, if the player wants it purely as a tropical holiday spot :)

    Happy simming! :)
  • HarrisonHarrison Posts: 315 Member
    Yes! Yes! Yes! This would be the idea that would make the sims 4 stand out from the other games! I would love this! And im going to bookmark this post, I cant let it die! I havent even finished reading the post yet and it already sounds soooooo good!

  • Louise_G0325Louise_G0325 Posts: 1,008 Member
    :lol: LOL love the enthusiasm thank you hahah!! I'm very pleased that you like it :blush: Do you have any suggestions or addisional ideas that you'd like to add? Would love to hear them, if you do! :smiley:

    Happy simming! :smile:
  • HarrisonHarrison Posts: 315 Member
    :lol: LOL love the enthusiasm thank you hahah!! I'm very pleased that you like it :blush: Do you have any suggestions or addisional ideas that you'd like to add? Would love to hear them, if you do! :smiley:

    Happy simming! :smile:

    Hmm, well its a minor one, but I think this world should be accessed by a time machine, so you don't see pirates in willow creek. Also, I think that so you can receive messages from your boss, you would need to get a message in a bottle to text conversion machine. Oh and, maybe there could be a chance of seeing a sim from the present appear in the world, wearing futuristic clothes.
  • comicsforlifecomicsforlife Posts: 8,901 Member
    yes this would be so cool
    the sims 4 isn't getting new whims right now and I think they have dropped them all together if we want new whims in sims 4 we need to tweet the gurus and tell them we like whims
  • MovottiMovotti Posts: 7,774 Member
    This is the only beach type vacation world idea that I've liked so far.
    Pirates make everything better! Arrr!

    10 points for keeping it in theme with TS4, and including Princess Cordelia, and her piratey love live.
  • Louise_G0325Louise_G0325 Posts: 1,008 Member
    Hahaha it must be good if I got your approval on a beach type pack! :lol: Thanks haha :awesome:
  • Louise_G0325Louise_G0325 Posts: 1,008 Member
    edited October 2018
    @SimGuruGraham @SimGuruGrant
    I thought I should tag you because this could be a very interesting pack. I really hope the team considers this! Thank you so much for your time :)
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  • luthienrisingluthienrising Posts: 35,134 Member
    What a cool idea! I just read the other day that MIT students can get a Phys Ed Pirate Certificate if they take athletics classes in archery, fencing, shooting, and sailing. Those would be awesome skills in a Pirate GP :) (There was much discussion about "Why Archery?" My favorite answer was "Burning Arrows".)
  • mikamika Posts: 1,687 Member
    edited December 2016
    I'm onboard. Pun intended ;)
  • Louise_G0325Louise_G0325 Posts: 1,008 Member
    edited September 2020
    Ah I just had a thought: with the rumored Vampire pack, I would absolutely go crazy for the ability to make a Vampirate!! :smiley: (From the Vampirate book series)
    I can already see myself building a big ship with the feasting hall and donor quarters etc, filling it up with vampires and ahhh exciting :smiley:
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    edited September 2020

    Scrub the deck, scrape sea life from ship bottom, wash windows, polish swords, peel potatoes in kitchen, wash dishes, clean up after crew mates etc. These are all tasks that have to be done from level 1-3 of the Pirate career. Everyone has to start somewhere.
    Level 1 would be exclusively these, level 2 these plus standing watch, level 3 you still have to clean sometimes but you mostly stand watch and finally start with small smuggling jobs. In level 1-3, you may not join raids and have to stay behind.
    In level 4, you may join in on raids.
    Level 5: you start with easy special missions (or start your own org).

    In the next levels (6-10), the smuggling jobs, special missions and raids increase in difficulty and reputation becomes important. Special agents, detectives and criminals begin to intervene and cause problems or form partnerships with the pirating world. It gets easier to get busted when out on the job.

    Pirate wars may break out.
    Pirate orgs may "proclaim war" on another org. This will cause the orgs to raid each other a lot, make opposing crew members fight when they see each other etc. Wars act much like clubs that hate each other, but with cool pirate gameplay.
    Truces may be suggested if a war is in progress. This may be rejected or accepted. If accepted, the war ends.
    Pirate orgs can also form alliances. This creates an agreement to not raid each other, and allied orgs' crews and captains will often go out pirate partying, dining and meeting at ships and taverns. Allied orgs will fight together if a war breaks out.
    If one of the orgs, however, betrays the agreement by raiding the other, the alliance is broken and the orgs will become enemies.
    Alliances, paired with rotational play, can also be used to create fleets.

    A Pirate Conference social event can be held on any pirate ship, residential lot or in a tavern. It basically allows pirates to hang out, create bonds or foes, smuggle etc. It also allows your sims to visit other Pirate Org's ships if you're curious about what they look like, if you want to cause trouble etc.

    When playing more than one generation on a pirate ship, most people would probably want to raise the kids on the ship. This would mean that offspring of crew members should be able to be born on the ship and live there as if it's a residential lot (eg. enable bassinets on the ship etc.)
    Of course, it would be relatively boring to wait for the kids to age up to young adult before you can do anything pirate-ey with them, thus the following pirate things should be added to younger life stages to keep us entertained until then:

    -Pirate career can be started as a teen.
    -Sword dueling skill can be obtained from the age of teen.

    -Knot-tying skill (5 levels). Fun activity that brings a variety of knots that can be displayed as decoration. A maxed knot-tying skill gives sims a boost to preformance levels during the first three pirate career levels upon starting.
    -Wooden sword dueling with other children and older. Increases motor skill.
    -Playing on pirate equipment like rigging and steering wheel etc.
    -"Look for treasure" self-interaction that makes child explore ship and look for inventory-sized objects to take. It doesn't have to be valuable - they might find a feather and think it's worth a lot, then they'll grow attached to the object for a while and want to "look at" and "daydream about" on it, as well as always have it in their inventory for the duration of the phase or they'll get sad.
    -"Daydream about being a pirate" self-interaction.
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    Here are a few pirate outfits! :smiley:


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  • RangerlucyRangerlucy Posts: 36 Member
    I'm all for a pirate pack. Ships especially Tall ships are one of my favorite things at the moment and there so many different hings that could occur maybe a detective or secret agent sim gets missions to intercept smuggling and territory wars between pirates and criminals. A fencing skill or even just a fencing activity within the fitness skill would be interesting, maybe a sailing skill as well.
  • Louise_G0325Louise_G0325 Posts: 1,008 Member
    @Rangerlucy Oh wow that's an absolutely awesome idea!! :open_mouth: Having criminals, special agents and pirates work together/interfere/fight would really be so much fun and a genius way to tie the Pirate pack with other game aspects to make it feel more like a unity. Ah I'm all for this!! :smiley:

    And yes I also love tall ships with beautiful flowing sails :blush: Would be amazing if there are large, medium and small sail objects for our ships and mast objects with rigging that sims can climb etc. Would be even more fun if the sails can be customized like Dine Out signs, then we can choose the colour and emblem :blush: (I think that's the right word...)
  • Louise_G0325Louise_G0325 Posts: 1,008 Member
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    And some more pirate outfits :smiley:


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  • Louise_G0325Louise_G0325 Posts: 1,008 Member
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    If seasons is installed, the weather might be like this:

    Nice and beautiful, like a tropical island. Can be hot and humid though.

    Best time to visit. Pleasantly warm with flowers blooming and a refreshing ocean breeze.

    Very misty and cloudy. Mysterious vibe to the whole world.

    Misty, cloudy and rains often with very strong winds.
    (Snow in a tropical world wouldn't make sense.)

    If Seasons isn't installed:

    The world has a mysterious atmosphere to it, but without being Forgotten Hollow-y. The docks is the misty and gloomy neighbourhood, and the Lagoon Tavern is misty at night. However, the rest of the world looks pleasant and would be a nice place to lounge around and enjoy the ocean/jungle.
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  • v12creatorv12creator Posts: 3,626 Member
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    My signature agrees with your idea.

  • Meme0004Meme0004 Posts: 13 New Member
    16th century Pirates? now thats a bit different, bit odd since the sims is set in modern times but then again we have medieval vampires coming up although theres a reason for that. Maybe your sims could go through a time machine back to the pirate times i guess. Still sounds like an interesting idea though for a time travel EP although ancient rome would be a more interesting setting imo.
  • Louise_G0325Louise_G0325 Posts: 1,008 Member
    Even though the Pirates are old-fashioned, I don't think a time machine should be involved. The pack is set in today's time: the museum exhibits Pirate History from the past and there is a statue of the Mayor Sim who made a movement to destroy all Pirates and cleanse the world of their ways, but the Pirates have lived on to modern times and are still in action. The pirates are actually modern, but all the delightful old-fashioned stuff are in there because the pack wouldn't be complete without them.
    Besides that, I want to be able to live in this world and play Pirate legacies, but if you had to go through time travel, we would be restricted to only this world as long as we are pirates and it is rather small, so it would be tedious, and there would probably be time limits in how long we can visit, which is not ideal. A lot of coding would also have to go into making it a believable 16th century world with no technology or cellphones etc. and that would take resources away from what could be used to make the pack more exciting in other aspects.

    Anyway, it will be fun to create these pirates in modern times! Then you have more options for building your ship, clothing and life styles, and if you want a historical-type save where all modern influences are gone in your pirates' lives, you have the power to not put them there, as you build your ship and the defaults are traditional already! This would thus be more catering to all simmers as they can then choose in what time their Pirates live :smile:

    Thanks for the comment though! And your Ancient Rome idea would be amazing as a vacation destination! :smiley: That would be beautiful. Happy Simming! :smile:
  • Louise_G0325Louise_G0325 Posts: 1,008 Member
    Hey Simmers! :smiley: Would you guys like to create Pirate legacies with this pack? Tell me about your ideas and story lines or how you would build your ship in the comments! I'd love to hear them :smile:
  • Louise_G0325Louise_G0325 Posts: 1,008 Member
    edited May 2020

    Pirate bosses:

    The Blackbeard Family
    Lives in biggest opulent mansion on hill.
    Consists of:
    Comes from a long line of blood-thirsty, powerful pirates. He is currently the most notorious and most wealthy pirate to sail the seven seas. His father died mysteriously many years ago, leaving Augustus a massive fortune that he used to pay for an immaculate figurehead of his own design. They say that anyone who sees it is so entranced by its majestic beauty that they simply stand there stunned until it is too late for them to defend their ship.
    Important trait: materialistic

    The daughter of Augustus. Like her father, she is strong-willed and determined to get what she wants. Unlike her father, she does not like the pirating industry and would prefer to pursue a more honest lifestyle. That does not mean that she isn't a master of fencing and other pirate-related skills, though. Carmen is Augustus's one weak spot. He loves her fiercely and would do anything for her. No-one really knows who Carmen's mother is, but they say that she was a bewitchingly beautiful tavern girl that Augustus met along the Emerald Isles.
    Important traits: self-assured, stubborn

    Lives in opulent mansion.
    Consists of:
    Allister Thorne
    A self-made pirate. In order to get to his position, he had to be absolutely ruthless towards anyone who defied him. This secured his fearsome reputation. He is known to fight anyone on the spot if they dare to even look at him in a way that displeases him. Thorne is an orphan, thus having no family and seemingly not caring about obtaining a wife to create an heir for his legacy. There are rumours that he has been sighted buying lavish female gowns and taking them to his cabin. What could he be doing with all those garments?
    A feud between Throne and Blackbeard has existed for over a decade. Thorne spread rumours about Blackbeard to lower his reputation so as to boost his own. These two often raid each other's ships, sabotage each other's missions and bad-mouth each other loudly in taverns. Since both live on the same hill, they often upgrade their homes to be even more opulent than the other to show off their superiority.
    Important trait: hot-headed


    Cutlass family
    Lives in beach bungalow.
    Cutlass Cate
    The most talented sim with a cutlass in all of the world. She has worked hard to get to her rank, and no man will tell her otherwise. She is the proud deputy captain of Blackbeard's crew. She spends almost all of her earnings on caring for her little brother, Matthew. Their parents died of a preventable illness because they were too poor to afford medication. This poverty made Cate determined to escape from her conditions.
    Important traits: ambitious, sword savvy

    A gentle soul, he spends most of his days collecting seashells and sea creatures to display and study in his airy wooden room. He feels very blessed for waking up every day to the sounds of the ocean, and for having such a fiercely loving sister that takes after him. He was young when his parents died, so Cate is all family he knows. He hopes to be as good to someone one day as his sister is to him.
    Important traits: good, shy, collector

    Lives in Jungle Bungalow.
    Consists of:
    Lisa Lee
    Lisa grew up in a loving, peaceful environment. Her father raised her on his own to be strong but kind. The aroma of his clam chowder could make any sim in a mile's radius mouth water - it became a traditional and symbolic dish for Lisa, and as such her father taught her how to make it. Her father also taught her how to master the katanas. On one fateful evening, a pirate tried to steal his valuable jade pendant. Her father took off the pirate's leg before he could snatch it, but not before suffering a fatal wound. Lisa now has an intense hatred for all pirates and wears her father's pendant at all times, determined to avenge her father by slaying a pirate with a wooden leg.
    Important traits: perfectionist, stoic
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    I agree on this 100% but I doubt that we will get something like this... The majority of people want pets/seasons and those things are definitely on the work. People like simple stuff and pirates theme in sims is not that popular I guess...
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