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Ask a Guru - Game Development Edition


  • catloverplayercatloverplayer Posts: 85,840 Member
    Sigzy05 wrote: »
    At this point I'm glad we at least have aquariums at this stage. In TS3 we had to wait longer to get them.

    No you didn't, you had a fish bowl in the BG and a fish tank in the very first Stuff Pack.

    My bad.

  • Mikado-chanMikado-chan Posts: 107 Member
    I love hot coco (with just two marshmellows) --I actually don't drink coffee and I'm trying to find a tea flavor that works for me.
    I LOVE a tasty Mocha but the espresso makes my stomach hurt so I'm trying to start loving Green Tea.

    Have you guys tried Genmaicha? It's delicious :3
  • MeTime85MeTime85 Posts: 119 Member
    How do you choose which EP's, GP's and SP's to add next, from all the available suggestions and ideas? What goes into the decision-making process? Is it possible to give an example from already released content?

    Is it possible to add onto previous packs? Do you use ideas/suggestions from us simmers? if so, would you say so?

  • Damienf519Damienf519 Posts: 6,578 Member
    Tarruvi wrote: »
    Are there discussions within the team regarding to the addition of more Life States in The Sims 4?

    I would be surprised if there wasn't. The playable fantasy creatures are very popular, and a lot of people, including myself were disappointed that one wasn't included in "Get Together."
  • AlistuAlistu Posts: 735 Member
    Regarding already released content, how difficult or easy is it to go back in and change how something works? What is easiest to work on altering? I remember when Newcrest was released with the random pillars in the middle of the pavement (sidewalk) and the wrongly rotated Lots and they were corrected pretty quickly, but in other worlds there are levitating objects such as bins and rocks, and holes in objects that have been around for a long time, possibly since release, that have never been corrected.

    Is there a cut-off point at which cosmetic and coding alterations are no longer considered worth while after the original release has been brought out? This time, I'll be honest, I'm thinking about the retail system from GTW. With what was added with Dine Out I would love to see the ability to set objects for sale and set retail worker uniforms from build mode without having to have a Sim own the business in order to get it set up just to then sell it off.
    There are also quite a few more alterations to the retail system that I would like to see but I feel those go outside the scope of this thread so I will leave it here.
    a.k.a. Menaceman44 on MTS.
    Thoughts on a new wall mode?
  • Ozryel249Ozryel249 Posts: 5 New Member
    Can we please have the 'speed forward to end of task' option back from the Sims 3? In the Sims 3 I use this almost exclusively and miss it dearly in the Sims 4.
  • Sigzy05Sigzy05 Posts: 18,489 Member
    Sigzy05 wrote: »
    Talking about renders though, @SimGuruKimmi I know we have a similar style in the BG but...it's not the same...could we have this male's (the one with the red shirt) hair "back" please?


    It's so much cuter than the one we have.

    I can pass your suggestion along to the art director. :)
    Hmm...Do the staff every dress up for halloween?

    Yes! Well, some of us do! I love to make my own costumes and dress up for Halloween. Two years ago a group of us dressed up as Adventure Time characters! (I'm Jake the dog)


    Thank you! Only saw this now. :p
  • HowGreatThouArtHowGreatThouArt Posts: 1,602 Member
    KahZ wrote: »
    Hi, Gurus!

    I want to ask just a few questions that I think it's more relevant to me, here they go:

    1. What do you think about the chemistry system (turn on/turn off) in Sims 2? Have some kind of issue to bring that system back to Sims 4? I think Sims can be even smarter with it.
    2. I don't know if any of you guys will feel comfortable answering it, but... We know that nowadays people is claiming loudly for laws that and rights that didn't exist or they weren't that important lately. Knowing that internet brought a lot of power to people voice, the TSS fear do stuff for toddlers/child/teen because it might hurt people values? Or is it just about technical issues? Or even lack of interest?
    3. That one can be simple answered, I think: Why furniture in townie household lots is prerendered if you can't go to the house next door without a loading screen? (I could observe it by using the camera feature and flying around my neighborhood)

    Hope I could be comprehensive! Have a nice day for all you. :smiley:

    Agreed on chemistry and attraction and with multitasking why isn't it possible for Sims to hold hands while walking or wrap their arms around each other while walking?

    That was actually answered in the Technical Answers thread that's probably buried now. Basically the guru said that routing is the main issue, such as entering through doors or confined spaces.

  • SimGuruLyndsaySimGuruLyndsay Posts: 339 SimGuru
    Arletta wrote: »
    In broad strokes, how does a pack come into being, from concept to announcement?

    Is there a method for deciding what becomes free content and what becomes paid content? If so, in broad strokes, can you describe?

    How do you decide which object goes in which pack?

    What is the other 95% of SimGuruDrake's job? Answered

    Will Simgurugraham say hi to me if I ask really nicely?

    1) What becomes free v what becomes paid. There isn't a precise "method" in that we don't have a flowchart to follow that ends with "free" or "Paid". We want to provide something new in the game for you whether you come back the next day, the next month or even the next year and that means finding a balance of free stuff and paid stuff.

    2) The objects that end up in a pack are decided based upon the overall theme of the pack. When we decided we wanted to create Get To Work, we then picked the careers to follow up on and figured out the objects you might need/use in those careers. Sometimes we make an object because it's solving a problem for us - in Get Together we wanted you to be able to hang out on really cool, different types of lots like the Bluffs or Ruins but we didn't want to make them look too built out with mini bathrooms or anything so we added the Bush. (that's a silly example, but true). That's a fairly high level way to look at it but describes what we do.

    3) @SimGuruGraham is super nice, I'm sure he'd say hi.
  • SimGuruLyndsaySimGuruLyndsay Posts: 339 SimGuru
    How do you come up with the story lines for premades?

    Our design team works with the world team, producers and other creative teams to come up with fun Sims to put in our worlds. We try to use the premades to help show off the new content or experiences in a particular pack.
  • SimGuruLyndsaySimGuruLyndsay Posts: 339 SimGuru
    uzumo wrote: »
    How many people are part of the development team? 10? 15? 25? Lower? (Give me a number.)

    It takes an army to make a game. Just take a gander at the credits to get a sense of it. Definitely more than 25.
  • SimGuruLyndsaySimGuruLyndsay Posts: 339 SimGuru
    NZsimm3r wrote: »
    Who makes the pre-made sims that come with the worlds? Is there a team or just one person?
    How did you come up with the ideas for the dance moves in Get Together? They are super cute!
    Are there fx deer in Windenburg? This has seriously been plaguing me for ages!
    Who wrote all the relationship descriptors? Some of them are a hoot! "Sometimes your gut tells you it's all wrong. And then you tell that gut to be quiet." and Things started out friendly, but then it got weird..." in particular crack me up. :D
    *edited, opps sorry forgot the future content rule so deleted a question.

    I talked about premades Here

    Our animators are excellent and find or act out reference for stuff like Dance Moves. It's really fun to watch them come up with new stuff.

    I don't think there are FX deer, but now you are making me doubt my memory!

    Our producers and designers write most of the text, glad you think it's funny!
  • SimGuruLyndsaySimGuruLyndsay Posts: 339 SimGuru
    FlpAmaral wrote: »
    Hi Gurus! So my question is really simple (I think hahaha). How many people are in the "Patch" team? And do they have a "limited budget" to produce new things to the game for free? Thank you for this thread, it's really good to see that you guys want to increase the relationship with the players. :)<3

    This is a good question but not actually a simple answer. We don't have team members solely dedicated to the "patch team". We do have a "Live Team" that helps sort out patch issues but also works on updates, gallery, website, origin and more. And we have multiple producers who spend part of their time on patches or updates based on what we need to do for any given patch or update, SimGuruGnome for example is the one writing patch notes and tracking fixes. However, the engineers or artists across the team all chip in to fix issues from time to time. Sometimes the best person to fix an issue is the person who built the feature in the first place rather than a separate team that only fixes issues.
  • SimGuruLyndsaySimGuruLyndsay Posts: 339 SimGuru
    uzumo wrote: »
    Did you meet Ilan Eshkeri?

    Yep, we had lunch once. He's a really cool person!
  • SimGuruLyndsaySimGuruLyndsay Posts: 339 SimGuru
    edited August 2016
    Roff wrote: »
    Roff wrote: »

    1. Is there any difficulty in creating worlds in TS4? Producers use a similar tool to The Sims 3 Create-a-World?

    2. Is there any reason for updates doesn't focus on improving expansions content? I see the uniform system for employees of the Dine Out and I wish it to be extended to other community lots. Taking the opportunity to say that the work in Dine Out was amazing. <3

    1. Creating worlds is quite complicated (probably worth a blog!) and we have a very different tool than the Create-A-World for TS3; it's tied really closely with a lot of our internal pipelines.

    2. We do fix content from all packs with our updates and there are often improvements we make to the game overall that touch on pack content too. Glad you liked Dine out!
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  • SimGuruLyndsaySimGuruLyndsay Posts: 339 SimGuru
    mirta000 wrote: »

    rating question, any reason The Sims Medieval still passed for the rating T while calling things their real name (AKA Alcohol was not Nectar and it had gambling in it) (and for that matter lady dancer cake from The Sims, even though that one also had a rating of T) and any way that you could introduce more mature themes into your games again?

    The Sims Medieval was indeed a T rating but had an additional disclaimer, Use of Alcohol, because of exactly what you say. It does matter in other countries though. The Sims Medieval PEGI rating is 14+ while The Sims 4 PEGI rating is 12+.
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