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MysticOstrich08MysticOstrich08 Posts: 701 Member
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Hello and welcome to my New Year Lottery! I’ve been away from the forums for a while but now I’m back I’d like to host a lotto to say thank you to all the kind and generous people on here :)

All you have to do is fill out the entry from below that says your username, who you’re entering, wishlist link, and a picture of anything to do with New Year e.g. food, parties etc…

Anyone can enter
• You can only enter yourself once unless, but others can nominate you as well
• You can either enter yourself or yourself and two other people or three other people
• Please follow the entry form otherwise entries won’t be counted
• Please make sure you enter before January 1st at 10am GMT
• Don’t forget to post a picture relating to New Year
• Don’t be mean to other people or ask people to nominate you
• Make sure you have a wishlist
• Have fun!

Entry Form
Please use this entry form to enter yourself and/or others:
Wishlist Link:

Please use a separate entry from for each nominee

1st – 500 SP worth of wishlist items AND A venue or 2000 SP if all the venues are owned
2nd – 400 SP worth of wishlist items
3rd – 350 SP worth of wishlist items
4th – 200 SP worth of wishlist items

Total = 1250 SP
*Prizes may increase and places added if more sponsors are available*

@MysticOstrich08 (myself) - 300 SimPoints
@FoxyLovesKitty - 500 SimPoints
@jg2342ar - 500 SimPoints
@ApparentlyAwesome - a venue for 1st place
@StephSteb - 250 SimPoints

*Sponsors are most welcome but not necessary*

Deadline is January 1st @ 10am GMT
Entries after this won't be counted
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