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One Month One World One Year Challenge 2022


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    November - Day 21: "Back to business..."


    Colt asked Cale to play some chess with him and then promptly cheated in hopes of winning the match.

    There was only one problem. He wasn't quite sure yet where each piece could travel on the board. Hopefully he had guessed right and wouldn't get caught.

    He lost the match and learned a valuable lesson in the process.

    Cheating was bad enough, but cheating when you don't know what you're doing is even worse. Daddy didn't call him out for cheating, but Colt could tell he knew anyway.

    "Hmm, maybe you should've asked that ghost you saw for advice. Oh well, maybe next time, eh?"

    "Uh, yeah, maybe next time I'll ask her."

    Cale read a werewolf story to Colt and then they both went outside.

    Marley was out there checking out the dollhouse again.

    Colt joined her to play together while Cale took care of his garden plants and the animals.

    Finished with his farm chores for the morning, Cale sat down on a hay bale to read more about Rocket Science.

    A bit later Marley went inside to write another song on the guitar and Colt took the opportunity to get creative with some paints on the driveway.

    He got caught by Daddy though, who wasn't too pleased to see the mess his Son had made.

    "Why would you do that Colt? You should know better by now. Explain yourself."

    "I wasn't trying to make a mess Daddy, honest! I just wanted a bigger place to paint. I can't use an easel yet and my drawing table is too small to get REALLY creative."

    "Alright, fair enough. I can understand that. But the driveway isn't a good place to paint. It's toxic to the animals and they could get into it very easily. We'll figure out some place else for you. Clean up your mess and I won't punish you. Does that sound fair to you?"

    "Yes Daddy, that's fair. I'll clean it up. I'm sorry, it won't happen again. I promise."

    "Thank you Colt. I hope it wasn't a masterpiece or anything."
    "Nah, I was just experimenting with a technique I saw online."

    Not long after, it was time for Colt to leave for school. The gloomy gray skies threatening rain all morning finally manifested as it had every day for at least a week now.

    (Ugh, when will it stop? I'm so sick of rain Watcher.)

    I don't know, calendar says perhaps tomorrow. We'll see...

    Cale and Marley spent the rest of the morning and early afternoon working on various projects until Colt returned from school.

    Colt had been assigned a homework project to make a model of all the known planets. He asked Daddy to help him. He'd been given all the supplies he'd supposedly need, but wasn't sure how to proceed.

    "Don't worry, we'll figure it out, together. I know a thing or two about the planets."
    "Okay, thanks. Glad you do, because I'm not sure what to do with all this stuff."

    "It says here I'm supposed to use clay to make the planets."
    "Clay? I don't see any clay."

    Apparently the supply of clay had been accidentally left out of the project kit Colt had received. He panicked a little until Daddy said he had an idea and returned with a large supply of lumps of the material they needed.

    "Where did you get all this Daddy? Did you buy it to make your own model or something?"
    "No, some of my fans have been mailing me lumps of clay for years. I was going to throw it away, but never got around to it. Glad I kept it now."
    "Oh boy, me too!"

    "Wow! It looks great Daddy! Betcha I get an A+ for this. Yay! Thanks!"
    "You're welcome! I've no doubt you'll get a top grade for it, We're a great team, am I right?"

    "Ohhh Yeahhh! You're the bestest Daddy in the whole wor- No, wait, the whole universe!"

    "Aww, you're so sweet Colt. It was fun."

    Colt carefully packed up his project and took it to his room to take to school tomorrow and then played an arithmetic game on his laptop before bed. Cale went outside to tend to Celeste and became the best of friends with her. I wish the cow fair was coming up, Cale would be sure to win. However, it was over a month away yet.

    Back inside Cale finally reached the pinnacle in Rocket Science skills. Congrats Cale! :)

    Later that evening after he fertilized the oversized crops, they all grew into one giant plant. Except the aubergine. However, it too later morphed into one big plant. Here's his giant pumpkin he'll eventually enter into the Finchwick Fair gardening category.

    It's the last Wednesday of Fall in a 14 day season. The next fair is for llamas and wool. A week later it's the Chicken and eggs fair. He's not very good friends with the chickens though, he spent all his time befriending Celeste and tending to his crops.

    Cale could work on his friendship with the chickens I suppose and try to enter that. But what he really wants to do is enter the oversized crop fair which would be a week after that on the last Saturday of Winter.

    I have some decisions to make now with a few options. He could work on befriending one of the chickens, or just wait until the gardening fair. Both will take some time to play out though. Which is time he just doesn't have right now really. It could probably be done, but it'll be a very close race to do it before the end of November. Especially with Thanksgiving coming up.

    The last option, which I'll probably end up doing is to age up Colt to a teen and have the family hibernate through the rest of Fall to the end of Winter and the gardening fair. I'd put the 'normal' crops in household inventory leaving just the oversized crops. They won't die since they grow in all seasons. I'll have to cheat Colt's grades, but that's not a problem since he's not the challenge Sim.
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    One Month, One World, One Year Challenge: The Adventures of Dash Joseph Faireborn
    Table of Contents

    October 22: Making Plans!

    Special Appearances By: Aaron Winterson & Hunter Mulligan ( @afai1261 )
    The next day, D.J. arrives at Aaron and Hunter's place. He wants to tell them what he has found out.

    "You found out more than we did." Hunter says.
    "And you think it's the same one who bullied you as a teenager and then sent you to Glimmerbrook to trap you there?" Aaron chimes in with a question.
    "I do." D.J. replies. "I need to tell Prue and Piper. Maybe the five of us can take him on."
    "He was too strong for Phoebe." Hunter reminds D.J. "We don't know how strong his pack is."
    Directing his attention to Hunter, Aaron says, "I might have an idea. If this guy has his own pack, maybe D.J. needs to form his own coven. He learned what it takes to be a vampire pretty quickly."
    "That requires him to turn other Sims into vampires." Hunter replies.
    "It does."
    Hunter looks over at D.J. "Well?"
    I could ask some friends from when we went to the University and during my military days." D.J. responds.
    "Keep in mind there isn't a known cure." Aaron says. "Those you turn will be vampires from now on."
    "I'll make sure to point that out."
    "You have our support as well." Hunter acknowledges.
    "Yes, we will be here for you, D.J.!" Aaron exclaims.


    D.J. calls anyone and everyone he can think of for a meeting in a couple days. He tells them it's sort of an emergency and would explain when he meets up with them.


    As a spellcaster he could transportalate or use a broom to travel, now he can fly as a bat. He has really enjoyed these types of travel lately. He remembers having to walk or take a bus when he first moved out of his parents' home and started his adventures on his own.

    He flies to Glimmerbrook and ends up at the Halliwell Manor. It's been a long time since he's seen them. Inside he tells them everything that has gone down since the death of Phoebe. He shares his plans with them that he thinks it's the bully he encountered back when he was in Mt. Komorebi and then dueled in the Magic Realm.

    "After you left and he thawed out from us freezing him, we stripped him of his spellcaster powers. We put our own spell on him not allowing him to practice any more magic." Prue states.
    "That probably got him real angry." Piper responds.
    "Now he's a werewolf. A very strong one." D.J. interjects.
    "He must have found a way to defeat an alpha. Maybe even more than one." Prue says.
    "How did he know Anton was my son, though?" D.J. asks.
    "That, you'll have to ask him when you confront him." Piper replies. "We'll do what we can to rally some spellcasters. We'll be stronger with Paige there now that we know she is our sister and third Sage. We our more powerful with the three of us together."


    After their conversation, D.J. calls up Paige and gives her the updates. That she will need to talk to her newfound sisters soon to help.

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    *Updated my November 21st post above! I intended to do comments/replies tonight too, but they'll have to wait until tomorrow now. I apologize for it. Vacation was great, but our grandkids were very sick and unfortunately, Hubby and I caught what they had. I need to get some rest, if I can. I hope y'all understand and had a great day/night! <3
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    Thanks, we did for the most part except for the sick grandchildren. My DIL never should've brought them up. But I won't get into that here.

    Oh, bummer she didn't get to eat. Lou! Okay, I should've recognized him.

    Oona looks so beautiful in your daily post pic. Looking forward to seeing her at Prom (with Jon, of course). ;) I love how close the Hunter brothers are in your game like they are in mine. Bob and Eliza are so freakin' cute! I don't blame the Hunter boys for giving them some attention.

    Of course they went fishing, they love fishing for some reason. hehe Love Oona's thrift outfits she created, especially the last one. So funny seeing Jon splashing around in the pond. Of course Josh is doing gardening, that's another thing he loves.

    Hi Adam and Johanna! Love how you styled their Merfolk look. Very romantic shot with them kissing in the water. Great to see Oona joining them fishing. Johanna's got a bun in the oven! Yay! Can't wait to see their baby(ies).

    Josiah! Great seeing what he's been up to as well. Cool he's married now with a baby on the way, but hilarious about the four adopted black cats! HAHA! Of course they're black, his favorite color! So appropriate for a vampire eh? At least the game gets it right now and then eh? ;)

    Absolutely adore the update to Oona's house for when she lives in Glimmerbrook! Great job on that, it's so pretty and looks very magical. :)

    Great idea with the blood soaked gauze and DNA testing.

    Yes, Marley has sun resistance too. Colt is not affected in any way with his vampire heritage until he ages up to a teen, so the sun doesn't affect him except he can get overheated like normal Sims. Thanks, I hope he does well too. He needs to win for the aspiration.

    Nope, it's actually a werewolf cap that came with the pack. I agree though, it's adorable! Yeah Cale took a chance because he loves gardening and he actually loves storms. You could be right about how he's happy and confident after getting struck by lightening.

    I like to think he's hoping I had a good vacation too. We did have fun hunting, good food, hanging out around the fireplace, playing some games, etc. The cabin/cottage was gorgeous, chalet style with a loft. However, the sick kids and the drive back in a blizzard wasn't so fun. o.O

    Yup, knew this was coming about the DNA results. Finally DJ will know Anton is his Son.

    Novella aged up so cute! She looks a lot like her Mom. :)

    Glad Aaron and Hunter gave DJ the news about his Son in person, I figured they would. Glad DJ explained everything to Caitlin and finally has confirmation Anton is his Son. DJ handled it very well without ratting out Anton being a werewolf.

    So Anton was told DJ was a bad man by the gang he's been hanging out with. No wonder he was so hostile to him when they first met. Good idea DJ pulling Anton aside to talk in private. I don't blame DJ for being cautious about meeting Anton at the gym, I would've thought the same thing, that it might be a trap.

    Glad Anton is finally trusting DJ a little because his Mom does. Wow, Anton's Grandfather is a real piece of work. I have a feeling he's a snob and thought DJ wasn't good enough for his precious daughter.

    Quite a story Anton has to tell about how he became a werewolf and the lie the white one told him about DJ. Okay judging by DJ's convo with Anton at the gym, I'm convinced more than ever the white werewolf is DJ's prior bully out for revenge. I hope Anton heeds DJ's warning about not letting him or the rest of the Wildfangs pack know he's been in contact with DJ.

    Ohhh, very nice how you worked in DJ's need to turn Sims for the aspiration into part of the storyline. Smart how the Halliwell sisters put a spell on the bully so he could never use magic again. Too bad he found a way to gain occult powers again though through being a werewolf. Sad that Phoebe is gone now, but happy that Paige is there to step up and be a Sage to help them all defeat this monster of a bully. It's all coming together very nicely now. :)
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    November 22nd: An eventful New Year's Eve in Sulani

    Tonight was New Year's Eve and in celebration of Mira's graduation we packed up to celebrate in Sulani for a few days.

    We decided to stay in a rental in town this time, as it was nearer to where Mira's friend Nalani lived.


    As soon as we arrived, everyone ran off in different directions to take in the sun and surf.

    Mira and Pax jumped into the beautiful blue waters of the lagoon while Gael and Rusty played a game of fetch in the shallows.


    Kaori and I went inside to check out the rental and ended up relaxing on a couple of loungers overlooking the bay.


    A little while later Mira, Pax and I went to go get some ice-cream from a nearby vendor.


    Since the beach was right there, we decided to camp out and enjoy it's amenities for the afternoon.

    Kaori and Gael followed us over, and all of us adults kicked back to take in a little sun while Gael and Pax played on the pirate ship together.


    Soon after, Nalani showed up and Mira ran over to give her a hug...


    and a surprise kiss.


    The feeling seemed to be mutual, because when Mira confessed her feelings, Nalani agreed to become her girlfriend.


    Mira brought her over to introduce us, and Kaori hugged her and welcomed her to the family.


    I suggested we give them some space, so we all wandered off in different directions to give the girls some privacy.

    Whatever they discussed while we were out of earshot must have been powerful, because just as I was coming out of the restroom I saw Nalani get down on one knee and propose. (Must be a mod because I didn't direct this at all!)


    Mira was shocked but took the ring and leapt into Nalani's arms.


    I'm guessing that was a yes.

    The two lovebirds ran off towards the water together to do a little kissing...


    and it looked like so much fun I had to grab Kaori to do a little smooching of my own.


    By now the sun was starting to set, so we got dried off and headed over to the bar to ring in the new year.


    There was dancing...


    the making of resolutions...


    and of course the final countdown to midnight.


    Which was only slightly ruined by the fact that there was a full moon that night.


    Gael did manage to clear out the room a little bit, which was kind of nice.


    When midnight arrived we hugged, kissed, and celebrated the new year.


    Who knows what it might bring?

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    November - Day 22: "Respond intelligently even to unintelligent treatment..."


    Happy Birthday Colt! He now has the Romantic trait and Painter Extraordinaire aspiration. He was given an easel, a tripod and brand new camera as gifts from his parents. Let's go see how he turned out as a teen...

    Wow, first time I've ever had a Sim age up to actually look mostly like the child version of themselves. The only things I changed were to give him eyelashes, body hair, the Ooh Smooth skin overlay, a Parenthood mustache, CC transparent lipstick and...

    ...a new wardrobe. Dark mode is exactly the same except he has fangs.

    Not your average gardening plot.

    Some time passed and now it's the last day of Winter. The Conrad family is in town this afternoon for the Finchwich Gardening Fair. They arrived a little early and had a drink while waiting for the fairgrounds to be set-up.

    This is extremely disappointing. Cale kept his garden watered, weeded and waited until just before they left for the fair to harvest his oversized crops so whichever plant he picked to enter would be the freshest it could be. Well, it wasn't the same as last time. He couldn't enter the perfect, large watermelon he'd brought. Only 'normal' plants were being accepted today. Great... Luckily, Cale had a perfect Death flower he'd grown to enter instead.

    His competition is a normal Holly.

    And a normal Dahlia. Pfft, no competition at all if you ask me.

    For the Pies competition, he again entered an excellent Apple Pie made with perfect quality apples.

    His competition in this category was a normal raspberry pie and another Cowplant Essence pie, also normal quality. Looks like Cale could very well win first place in both categories. If both were fairly judged anyway and if there are no glitches this time.

    Marley and Colt were over by the speakers dancing and chatting with locals, so Cale wandered over there himself. He ran into an old friend there, Acacia! She is @afai1261's Simself. They had a chat while dancing together.

    Looks like Acacia said something embarrassing to Cale, or perhaps he embarrassed her?

    Cale did an impression hoping it would make Acacia laugh and forget about being embarrassed over...whatever was said.

    I think it worked! Good job Cale!

    Across the way I noticed Chris Roarke, one of Cale's Sons with another of your Sims afai, Clarissa. I can't imagine why the Mayor looks so smug and Chris looks annoyed about it.

    Marley is having a great time dancing and telling jokes with Colt.

    Cale asked Marley if she'd like to do a little cloud gazing which she of course agreed to do.

    While they were doing that, Chris walked over and said something to Acacia she did not like, not one bit. o.O

    She frowns at Chris as he walks away. Colt does a double take and smiles at Acacia as he walks by on his way to the bar to watch a movie. I think he might like her. She's a bit old for you Colt. At least for now...

    Cale has a suggestion for another fun thing the two of them can do together while they wait for judging results.

    Oh, it looks like he's found a very pretty bush behind the bar he wanted her to see. Love the pink heart-shaped flowers.

    I'm sure y'all have guessed by now what Cale really had in mind.


    Well that's one way to pass the time, a very enjoyable way judging by those smiles.

    I'll admit at first seeing these pop-ups made me very upset. There is no way Cale came in second place to either of those other plants. No Way! As the saying goes, something is rotten in the state of Denmark. Just as last time, there was no results given for the Pie competition and no participation ribbon either.

    However, I calmed down upon seeing Cale's face in the daily post pic. He doesn't care if he won or not. He's just happy to be there with his family. So why should I get upset? Plus, there might be time for one more shot at this at next weekend's Cow fair. I'll have Cale take Celeste and see what happens. If it glitches again, I'll simply cheat that part of the aspiration for him. Three times and you're out as that saying goes. ;)
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    One Month, One World, One Year Challenge: The Adventures of Dash Joseph Faireborn
    Table of Contents

    October 23: Fishing For Plasma!

    Side Note:
    No storytelling for this daily image. I had D.J. work on some aspiration goals that don't really fit to put in a story. One is collecting frogs or fish to create plasma packs. D.J. hasn't fished in a long time (since Mt. Komorebi), so it was good to get him out fishing again.
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    November 20th Comments:

    I'm sure there would be more tension between Anton and D.J., but Anton is being nice for his mom. :grimace:

    Those pets make me smile and laugh. Hope Adam had a lot of fun painting. Takes his mind off of things I am sure.

    November 21st Comments:

    Since it was Mira's graduation party, I was most entertained with her facial expressions from the last few screenshots of her in them.

    Aww, like father like son. I bet Cale remembers trying to cheat at chess and failing. Failing for different reasons, but still failing. :lol: Too bad Cale wasn't facing the other way in celebrating becoming good friends with Celeste. Did she make a happy expression, too? Dang, that is a huge pumpkin. Great for Thanksgiving/Harvestfest! I'm sure Colt would have become an A student anyway. You'll just speed it along.
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    *Updated my November 22nd post above! I hope ya'll had a wonderful day/night! <3
  • Karababy52Karababy52 Posts: 5,783 Member
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    Great seeing DJ fishing again, he looks happy doing it. :)

    Yes, I'm sure he does remember. Colt is a chip off the old block, that's for sure. hehe I know! Gah! So frustrating! I sent Celeste back to the shed a couple times hoping she'd come out in a different spot, but she wouldn't. Oh well, I'm just happy it happened. Yes, Celeste was happy about it too! It was a big pumpkin yes, but the watermelon ended up being even bigger. Cale wanted to enter it at the fair, but, well you'll see in today's update. You're right and I did! ;)
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    @Karababy52 ,
    lol Colt, I bet lesson NOT learned, at least in my game, those who cheat in chess , like Melody, always do that, no matter how it ended up :P But Colt will end up the best moneymaker in Batuu, again like Melody, cheating in Sabacc is so much easier, in Batuu. Dont try to cheat in regular pub ;)

    He looks great as teen.. I spot one outfit there you must eally like as Josh as least has it, also Cale at some point :P
    Love the coffin pic !!

    Dont worry about the fair, they say its random but its NOT. See, winner is the one who bribed the mayor the best, in this case it would be Chris Roarke with the Holly, he must of just promised all christmas flowers to Mayors house for free.. why he looks so tense (afraid of getting caught) and Mayor looks so happy! Thats how it goes in small villages :P You see, answer is right there in your own picture :p

    Is that Dylan in one of the pics? :p

    @LegacySims2017 ,
    Yes, I figured that must be it :) Fishing yes, vampires favourite hobby , lol. or those of them who dont want to drink on sims. Im really curious about how he solves current werebeast dilemma!

    @RememberJoy ,
    glad that whole party was not ruined cause of full moon :) lovely new year at Sulani, congrats to Mira and Nalani!!

    Hi all, my cousin is staying over fornext 2 days, and im still not really found all mods i need after I patched, but i try to get prom in at some point and will be putting Sean and Oona to gallery. IF anyone has still interest to them, I understand if not, as it is so late of the year :P

    I have already decided my next year's challenge sim, she is one Maxis sim aged down, so everyone can have her right away :D Tiny makeover, only lashes as cc.. I saved her and might be wondering later why :D
    Teen Babs L'Amour

    My love, my love, my fearless love, I will not say goodbye..
    Sea may rise, sky may fall, My love will never die..
    My heart, my heart, My drowning heart, Oh all the tears I've cried
    Oh I may weep forevermore, My love will never die..
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    November 23rd: Pax ages up!

    So I finally aged Pax up...


    and he looked a bit goofy, so I changed his mouth, hair, and eyebrows and now he looks a lot like Adam when he was a teen! I gave him some purple vampire eyes (of course), and he looks pretty good.



    I gave him purple shades with all of his outfits to help him disguise his purple peepers, and because in my head canon vampires are more sensitive to light.

    Anyway, here are the rest of the pictures from today.

    (I added this one because the way she's looking at the cake cracks me up)
    (Adam and Kaori are trying to lose weight as their new year's resolotion, but I think Adam really wants a piece of cake, lol)
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    November - Day 23: "Early morning on the first day of Spring..."



    No story mode today since I'm still sick and there's not much going on, Cale is playing the waiting game again. In the meanwhile, he's working on The Lord of the Knits aspiration. I just loved the lighting in this screenshot. Comments/replies coming up next, I hope y'all had a great day/night! <3
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    Yeah I'm sure he'll do it again, both his parents did it more than once too. hehe Hmm, you might have something there with Colt possibly doing well in Batuu. I can so see him playing Hondo there and running around with Smugglers. :)

    Thanks and yeah, I'm sure I've doubled up on outfits for my guys more than once. There are just a few outfits that I really like. Most of the others are just 'meh' to me. Oh well...

    I love that pic too! It's so untypical. hehe :D

    Love your story for why Cale lost at the fair, very clever and makes perfect sense, yup! :p

    Oh, well hey, you could be right, I didn't check out everyone that was there. :)

    Have fun hanging out with your cousin and good luck finding all the mods you need! I for one would LOVE a copy of Oona and Sean whenever you get a chance to upload them. :)

    Oh! Babs looks wonderful! So happy to hear you'll be trying out the challenge again next year! Wow, never thought this challenge would last this long, makes me happy so many others have tried it along with me. I still haven't decided if I'll be doing this again myself. If I do, I certainly have a wide variety of Sims to choose from and I too would be playing with a female. We shall see... <3
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    November 22nd Comments:

    Glad most of your vacation time was fun. Just a not so fun on the way back. Hope you didn't catch too much of what the kids had.

    I wanted Caitlin to be more grown up than her teenage times now. So, I made her a little more forgiving for D.J. I did want to keep her dad the "snob" type as you put it. Novella does definitely look like her mom, Paige. Can't wait to see what she and Hero look like as Teenagers. That might not happen by the end of the year. I might age them up tho towards the end just to see how they turn out. I figured I could use the bully one final time and have a dramatic ending and then use my November for wrap up his fame story arc from StrangerVille and onward. Then finish off with December as a retirement and focus on family (including Anton).
    Colt is looking good as a teen. Fun to know the game gave him a hairstyle matching his child stage, so you didn't need to find one. Definitely not your average gardening plot of land. :joy: Cale had to show the purpose of those heart-shaped flowers to Marley. :heart: I honestly think these competitions are random. Even with Karaoke competitions. In a previous gameplay, one of my Sims had a level 10 singing skill. He lost, which was okay. But the winner I ended up looking via MCCC at their skills. They only had a level 2 singing skill. No way a level 2 should have beaten out a level 10. Darn pie competition. The game doesn't want to admit Cale has the best pies around. :grimace:
    While you were on vacation, I also continued work on my next year's gameplay for this. Created a graphic for it. @SoulGal7 's story wants me to see if I can complete the 100 Bae Challenge as well. Except I'm not going to have it gender exclusive. I figured a half angel/demon Sim and half human Sim can explore. Thinking Dante will be Bi for it.


    What a fun little New Year's vacation. Loved seeing Gael play ball with the doggo in the water. Then the unplanned proposal. The game will get what the game wants. :lol: Then Gael howling in the new year. :joy: Lots of fun. Hopefully the newlyweds will get married by the end of next month.
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    November 24th: Thankful for family

    Just some random pictures from the Strong family's last day of vacation.

    Pax researching vampires.

    Mira got a job as a Marine Biologist, so Adam's helping her increase her Logic, as she needs 8 skill points to move up.

    Pax was curious about what plasma tasted like, so Adam let him drink from his wrist.

    Adam must be fairly tasty, because he didn't want to stop.

    Kaori taking a bubble bath overlooking the bay. I'm honestly jealous.

    The two teen boys bonding over a video game.

    One last night out in the bay.

    Happy Thanksgiving to everyone who's celebrating!
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    One Month, One World, One Year Challenge: The Adventures of Dash Joseph Faireborn
    Table of Contents

    October 24: The Gathering!

    Special Appearances By: Adam Strong ( @RememberJoy ), Cale Conrad ( @Karababy52 ), Aaron Winterson & Hunter Mulligan ( @afai1261 ), Dylan Healy ( @SoulGal7 ), Aldo Holloway ( @Llandros2012 ), Selena Lilly ( @lilypadmeulin ), Velma Pagan ( @Shadami )
    Many of D.J.'s friends he called shows up. He catches them all up on what's been happening.

    "I need your help." D.J. says with a concerned tone. "To defeat this bully of mine from time ago, I'll need to form my own coven and draw off them. I'll also need help in case his friends who might back him up."
    "What do you want us to do?" Velma asks.
    "I'd like you guys to become vampires like me. I don't have many vampire friends. Just Aaron and Hunter."
    "There is a catch." Hunter interrupts. "There's no known cure, so you'll be a vampire from here on out."
    "I read all the vampire occult encyclopedias, though. There might be a way." D.J. immediately says after.
    "You read them all?" Aaron says astonished.
    "I did."
    "As a scientist, I believe there's a cure for everything. One just needs to find it." Alessandra chimes in.
    "That's my babe!" Cale retorts.
    Adam looks over at D.J. "We've been best buds for a while now. I'm in."
    "I've always wondered what it was like to be a vampire. What do you say, Sandy?" Cale says looking over at Alessandra.
    "You go right ahead. I think I'm going to pass on being one. But I will help D.J. in finding this cure." Alessandra replies.

    D.J. looks expectantly around the room. Aldo, Velma, and Dylan agree to be vampires. Selena wasn't positive she wanted to take part as a vampire but offers to help Alessandra in putting together a cure so they all can change back from being vampires.


    It is decided to turn those who are to be a part of D.J.'s coven now so they can begin their training once they fully turn in a couple days.

    (Twitter Me: LSims2017)
  • LegacySims2017LegacySims2017 Posts: 5,107 Member
    November 23rd Comments:

    D.J. caught a lot of fish that evening, I was surprised. He's got a lot of plasma packs from them now.

    In a past gameplay, I loved my llama. I'm planning on having D.J. retire with Cottage Living. Maybe I'll try and have him grow a huge farm. :lol: Celeste and Cale's chicks seem like a happy family.
    I always love your outdoorsy daily images. That's a pretty wintry scene of the cottage. It is his cottage, right?

    The end of my October month, it'll come to a climatic end. Still building it up. :grimace:

    Pax looks like a cool teen in purple! I cracked up at Mira's expression. Maybe she should have tossed the cake so Adam doesn't get any urges to take a piece. She's helping his resolution for the new year that way. :joy:
    (Twitter Me: LSims2017)
  • Karababy52Karababy52 Posts: 5,783 Member
    November - Day 24: "Happy Thanksgiving...*gobble gobble*"



    Just another scenic screenshot I love. Hubby and I are both still sick. We tried our best to celebrate Thanksgiving without our family and managed to have an okay day. Watched some football, had leftover prime rib, etc. Really missed spending time with our kids though. Anyway, the daily post pic will be it for today again. Perhaps tomorrow I'll have more of a story post. We'll see how we're both feeling. Comments/replies coming up next. I hope y'all had a fantastic day/night! <3
  • Karababy52Karababy52 Posts: 5,783 Member
    Thanks, we did mostly have fun, but unfortunately we both did catch the sickness our Grandchildren had and so did everyone else. As a result, we didn't get together this year for the first time in...well, I can't remember when. Ah well, it's for the best. So far our daughters haven't caught it and I'm hoping it stays that way.

    Ah, yes, that makes sense she'd have matured and is more forgiving and understanding now. I hope both Hero and Novella stay as cute as they are now when they age up to teenagers. Sounds like a great plan to wrap up your year in the challenge. I'm looking forward to Cale, Marley and Colt just relaxing in Sulani and having some fun since the aspiration is so easy to complete.

    Yep, I was very surprised the game kept Colt's hairstyle when he aged up, that usually doesn't happen. I'm almost positive the competitions are random, which is just ridiculous. I'll give the game one more try to get it right, but if it doesn't, again, UI Cheats to rescue. It's only fair.

    Ah yes, DJ's friends all arrive ready and willing to help him out, even if not as vampires, but in helping to find the cure at least. So good to see Cale and Sandy together again, love their cute dialogue together. <3

    I love our Sims can do that with fish if they know the skill from reading the vampire encyclopedias. It can be quite the money maker too! ;)

    I loved Essa's Llama, Teddy, from last year too. He had such a fun personality. hehe Yep, all the farm animals are doing well, all happy and healthy. Cale is maxed out with Celeste in friendship, so we shall see how it goes at the Fair on Saturday.

    Thank you and yes, that's Cale's cottage in yesterday's and today's daily post pics. :)
  • RememberJoyRememberJoy Posts: 1,032 Member
    November 25th: Time for family


    I've got family over so I don't have time to play or post, so here's a picture of Rusty enjoying a Sulani sunset.
  • Karababy52Karababy52 Posts: 5,783 Member
    November - Day 25: "When the world says give up, hope whispers try it one more time..."


    The Conrad family did a mini hibernation this time, just four days instead of 19. Cale stopped hibernating before Marley and Colt so he could work on his relationship with Celeste. He wanted to make sure she was happy, healthy, clean, content and full.

    However, when I queued up a list of actions for him to do with Celeste, she disappeared! o.O Cale dutifully kept doing the interactions, even though he was obviously glitched too.





    You're a little off there Buddy, the bucket is a bit to your right.

    A few loving pats for Celeste in thanks for the milk.

    Awkwardly getting up...

    Thankfully, as soon as everything was completed in Cale's queue, Celeste reappeared!

    Cale knitted Celeste a sweater/cap combo for the cold Winter/early Spring days/nights which she'd not tried on yet. He smoothed it down on her back and stepped back to see how it looked on her.

    "You look so cute Celeste!"

    Not sure how she feels about it. o.O

    Speaking of knitting, Cale knitted a sweater to gift Marley, and ended up with this scared moodlet for 7 DAYS! o.O What? I thought this was only supposed to happen with the cursed sweater, not EVERY sweater you gift to a romantic interest? Great...

    In lieu of Cale's current moodlet hanging over his head and the fact he and Marley do romantic actions with each other constantly, only Celeste went with him to the Fair this time. It's not going to be easy keeping these two apart for an entire week. Perhaps Marley will go visit her Mom for awhile. ;)

    Cale did some cloudgazing as he waited for the Fair to be set-up.

    He gave Celeste's coat one more good brushing to make it smooth and shiny until it gleamed in the afternoon sunshine. He wanted her to look her very best for the competition.

    "You're beautiful Celeste. You'll always be the best cow in the world to me no matter what happens."
    *Mooooo!* <3

    Cale waited purposely to milk Celeste until they were at the fair to get a bottle of the freshest possible enriched milk to enter as well. It ended up being excellent quality too. Celeste looks confused eh? hehe

    He next carefully put the sweater and cap he'd knitted on her. Hey, maybe she likes it afterall! Look at that sweet bovine smile. hehe

    As the afternoon slowly moved into nightfall, Cale realized he was thirsty. Thankfully he was never without plasma packs. He snuck around to the other side of Celeste's shed to drink a couple. He hadn't exactly hidden the fact he was a vampire, but nobody around here knew he was one. Since he wasn't sure how the Mayor would handle that fact, he didn't want to take the risk it might hurt Celeste's chances so sought a little privacy for his meal.

    Cale wanted to win very badly, but he wasn't going to resort to outright bribing the Mayor. However, he decided giving her a gift of a bottle of Celeste's finest certainly wouldn't hurt anything.

    "Thank you for the gift young man, I'm sure it will taste delicious, but if you were trying to bribe me for a better result in the competition, it's a pretty poor way to do it. I've seen more bottles of ordinary milk than you'll ever see in your lifetime. Next time, be a bit more creative with something more unique or rare."

    "I wasn't trying to bribe you Lavinia, not really. However, I'll say this, sometimes the simplest, purest, natural form of something makes it better than one with unnatural additives."

    "Hmm, you make a good point dear. Touché! Anyway, I'll thank you again and wish you good luck."

    Cale wasn't sure at all if he'd just sabotaged Celeste's chances or helped them.

    In the end though, Celeste won First Place, which is all that matters to me! Yay! He has now completed the Country Caretaker aspiration! Congratulations Cale & Celeste! Her bottle of excellent enriched milk came in third and I'm now more certain than ever judging is totally random. How? The other two milk entries were a bottle of normal Fire milk, not rare, but uncommon and the other was a bottle of ordinary, normal milk.

    I hope y'all had a wonderful day/night! <3
  • EllupelluelluEllupelluellu Posts: 3,909 Member
    @Karababy52 ,
    giggled to invisible Celeste :D
    maybe indeed send Marley to meet mom and dad.. her dad has new job in mine, he hates it, and its not permanent job. He got it cause he once again told wrong joke at wrong time :P He tried a bit tioo long how much his dad in law will handle ;)

    -yes tha contest results are purely random, i inform you if i find a mod for that, please do the same, if i may ask <3
    I just wanted to have some order in chaos , why i made up the reason back then why his pie did not win.. and hey it did fit to that picture with mayor too :P

    congrats Celeste! now it does not feel as random result..

    My love, my love, my fearless love, I will not say goodbye..
    Sea may rise, sky may fall, My love will never die..
    My heart, my heart, My drowning heart, Oh all the tears I've cried
    Oh I may weep forevermore, My love will never die..
  • lilypadmeulinlilypadmeulin Posts: 1,485 Member
    Can't wait to be back into this next year!
  • RememberJoyRememberJoy Posts: 1,032 Member
    November 26th: Mira moves out

    Mira saying goodbye to Bitey. Pax will be taking care of him.

    Nalani came over to help Mira pack.

    Going for a run.

    Gathering to say goodbye.

    Accompanying Mira and Nalani to their new place.

    Saying goodbye.
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